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Girls Like the Work of Operating Elevators
NEW YOItK. "ITuve you a now elevator operatoress In your apartment
house?" This is the question of tho hour between cliff dwellers. Women
elevator oiiorntors lire tlio latest apartment house moderulty nnd, according
to the best leasing circles, they have
come to stay: mule elevator chauffeurs
from now on being imsse. More than
2')0 clrls and women hnvo found em
ployment In npartment houses as ele
vator operators, and the movement is
Kiireadlni; rapidly.
Despite the tips and downs of the
Job, the Rlrls declure that the work Is
Jimt too lovely for anything. At first
they were timid and couldn't make the
'old thing," as they cnlled the lift,
behave, but they soon got over their
1 rfltvl Ur
t tbUKUIl
Modern Dwellings Have Very
Little Waste Room to
Catch the Dust.
1L s2
Try a Rose Hedge Next Season,
What about the winter window gar
flon? Now Is the time for much work that
cannot be delayed.
One of the best winter blooming
gi'ranluma Is the Mrs. E. G. Hill.
Many old plants should be discarded
and new ones started.
Do not let the geraniums get leggy.
I'inch Into shape.
I'lnch otit all buds from plants In
tended for the window garden.
Late started plants are not sutlsfac
tory. Begin now.
Get your soil, sand, manures and
potting materials together.
Clean, scour, sun and put In plnce
the puts for winter. Have every veS'
Bel clean.
Use charcoal In your drainage.
.Dead coals from wood ashes are as
lirood as any.
Itepot ijl plants needing It, cutting
back severely. Don't try to keep
Try to have your plants nt their
best when It Is time to tuke them in
doors. Pinch and prune Into good
Drops of water must not stand on
;lenves of the gloxinia, us water will
jrot it.
Get seedling primroses from the
florist now. Keep them growing and
'thrifty for winter blooming.
The peristmplie vnriegata Is a good
tracket plant and a free bl.uimer.
For winter blooming get .lormant tu-berous-rooted
begonias. Jive each tu
Iber a pot by Itself.
If one has no plants, and cannot af
ford to buy, the seedlings of many gar
den plants are easily cared for. Many
are very satisfactory.
The Zanzibar balsaru-lmpatiens sul
tana Is always in bloom, always beau
tiful, easily cared for. A fine wiudow
Sii"psof fuchsias, heliotropes, petu
nias, coleus and other soft-wooded
plants root rendily in moist sand. Slip
In our opinion, In the spring; and we
see no reason why fall planting should
be resorted to unless through neces-slty.
nervousness and enn make Just as accurate stops as the men manipulators.
Since the women have iiindo a success of their new vocation they have
been beset by envious friends who want to follow suit. The only thing thnt
stands In the way is the conservatism of many npartment house owners, but
superintendents, large real estate linns, and the women themselves are ready
and enger for the innovation.
Most of the girls secured their positions through the clenrlng house of
federated Aon-Comnierelnl Agencies, which is managed by Mrs. P. J. O Cou
ncil. "The apartment house superintendents are not waiting for the draft
to employ girls in the work," said Mrs. O'Connell. "The negroes who were
employed to operate elevators are nearly all working In munition factories
now. And the girls have learned their new work quickly and seem to be
making good at it. Most of the elevator operators have to manage the tele
phone switchboard. We "want to arrange for an elght-and-one-hnlf-hour day
if possible, though there is no law to regulate the hours of elevator operators.
"Our clearing house makes sure of the place before it sends a girl to
ncoep't a position. We have an investigating committee to attend to this
before we send an employer an operator. The average wage of girl elevator
vperators is $10 a month."
Spokane Woman Has Memento of Lafayette
SPOKANE, WASH. A memento of the second visit of Lafayette to America,
after the close of the Revolutionary war is in the possession of Mrs. Alfred
T. Anderson, wife of County Auditor Anderson of Spokane, and a descendant
of a colonial family in whose home
General Washington was a guest many
times during the war.
It is a blue and white water pitch
pr, bearing a picture of Lafayette and
decorated with American eagles and
other patriotic emblems.
"During the Revolution, General
Washington and his staff were enter
tained nt the home of Mrs. Anderson's
No flower in all the garden series Is
more beloved than the star-eyed daisy,
or marguerite. And, perhaps no flower
hns undergone a more decided im
provement than this same flower, which
fills the meadow spates with Its nod
ding white and In better soli looks
stntely from the garden path.
The daisy should have a place in the
garden. They make delightful bor
ders to beds of taller growing annuals
and can be used very effectively la
beds of spring blooming bulbs.
Daisies may be sown In March, nnd
later for succession, In shallow boxes
or light, rn n sou. i over uie seen 10 Creat-gnindfather near Trenton, N. J.,
about three times their own thickness j severnl times," said Mr. Anderson. "On
and press the soil firmly over theia j (lf ti,S(J occasions It is related that
Keep the bos In a warm window, I le general was presented with two pigs, which he placed In one of his wagons
greenhouse or hotbed. j and took to camp for the purpose of giving some of his officers a taste of food.
Transplant to new boxes and set out "The visit of Lafayette to America, of which the pitcher is a relic, was
In the open ground when danger from j miie in iSL4, on invitation of President Monroe, when the French marshal
frost Is past. Daisies can be sown in j ii,i the cornerstone of the Bunker Hill monument. lie hud paid an earlier
beds oulside in August or September, vjsit to America in 1784.
They must be protected with straw or "Hetween ids two visits he had participated in the French revolution,
litter through the winter and trans- j had been made commander of- tho National Guard and had been made a
planted to their permanent position in j prisoner by Austria when he fled the country. Napoleon had secured his
the spring. ; release In 170S and wanted to make him n peer of France, but this he refused
The South African orange daisy has j anj ncc,.pt(..a instead a seat in the chamber o deputies,
become a great favorite. It was Intro-, .jt Vas as a hero of two continents that he was hailed upon his second
duced a few years ago and has been , vIsIt t0 Amerfen, and Mrs. Anderson prizes very highly the quaint blue
made much of at the flower shows and Ditcher which has come down to her from that time."
Is used largely on tug estutea.
excellent for borders and as
plant. .
Design Described Here an Example of
Architectural Ingenuity Stucco
and Brick Blend Well In
Mr . Wllllum A. Radford will answer
qutatlons and give advice KKliB OF
COST on all subjects pertaining to the
subject of buildlnif, for the rrudert of this
papur. On account of hln wide experience
as Editor, Author and Manufacturer, he
Is, without doubt, the highest authority
on all these subjects. Adilrcxs all Inquiries
to William A. Kadford, No. 1827 Prairie
avenue. Chicago, III., and only enclose
two-cent stamp for reply.
There nre two methods of designing
a house so thnt it will have sulllclent
capacity to meet the needs for which
It is required. One method Is to pro
portion the size of and number of
rooms to the special requirements of
the case. The other Is to utilize certain
of the space for two or more purposes
and thus obtain the same results with
a lesser actual floor area. Home equip
ment designed for the purpose of sav
ing space has been and is being devel
oped with success because of the fuct
that its need Is urgent, calling forth
the efforts of exceptionally ingenious
men to meet the need.
Suppose, for Instance, we consider
how it may be possible to realize the
same utility out of a house of three
rooms which might be expected of a
house of five rooms. Naturally, this
requires that two of the rooms in our
three-room house be so constructed
and equipped that each will success
fully provide every useful quality of
the corresponding room which hns
built Into the attic floor, has a nm( ap
pearance from tho floor below, Is
strong, substantial and serviceable and
Is very easy to operate. All that can
be seen from the floor below, when tho
atnlr Is folded up, is a carefully fin
ished panel of wood, which is llnlshed
to match the trim In tho room where
it is located.
We havo mentioned only a very
small house In connection with these
space-saving articles of homo equip
ment, because the results obtained by
their use in a very small house Is very
striking. Their application to the lar-
BMMMMHI zWff " "!3!?rE3HHssnBsVI
toM i'1 BedRm.
win KrN
hi mm i !
LI n'te I RctvTlfi 1
Lam Y
I Tnor Boiit wilt, M MrTUMi) by yntiT lniiilM
I WlUmutuny qnfhiion If this rtDidf not tic tit til
1 ftTtM-r uhns of Amtifiifc, iironcliirtl Anlima mt tli
. AiiliuiBtluivmitutiiiHttt otiiiinnTii)ic llur Kt-vvr. NO
; potttlT1r lva 1NHTANT KHMNK In at pry cm!
wid hit pnriimnHnily vurod ihoiituiidt ittiu hud hHin
otiKidrrtd lneuruhj, fit)r tmvinti trleti (iirr oilier
niun t rl!ff lu VHkn. Anthiuiiilc fclntuld aviill
, ttiauislT0t of thlHtfUHrmnUtpnitor Uimutih iholrowa
, driiKvUt. Hny a W-wnt tmciiHwe nd (m-nt tbli
i riiiounMtuffiit U ymir driitftdit, Voti will be th
! Hold jnrttf" at to whfMhrr you ara btitltiJ and tli
drug i si will giv on back your tuimuy If you ar
not. 'Ae d i not know uf vny fairer propositi in
, which w ouiild luaktt, lb
& Schiflmann Co., Proprietor!, 81. Paul, Minn.
t'ntaon R.C'olfiinaiifWaah"
tfUtnJf.C. Houa frtir. Unb
ent reiereatMn. Hei remit
Old He Get the Handout?
Housewife Shall I have to ask my
husband to come?
Hobo Lady, If I was married to a
peach like you, you'd havo to ask me
to stay away. Judge.
Second-Floor Plan.
ger houses Is Just as effective. If not
so striking. Any house might have
one or more disappearing beds In
stalled as a substitute for the extra
bedrooms. Houses having sun parlors
are not yielding the fullest return on
the Investment unless the sun parlor
Is also serving as a sleeping porch.
The type of building which Is se
lected will determine largely to what
degree economy of space can be car
ried Into the design of the house Itself.
It is;
a pot J
The best time to plnnt evergreens is
early in the spring Just when the new
season's growth is starting. It Is a
mistake to plant too early; but if the
planting Is delayed until June, the
trees are not apt to do well unless fre
quently watered and mulched during
the summer months.
Some planting Is done in August, but
I do not believe an Inexperienced per
son can make bis trees grow when
planted so late.
Nurseries frequently put out their
evergreens in July and August, but
more from necessity than choice, be
cause they are too busy during the
spring months to do the work.
' When evergreens are planted late
they should be thoroughly watered and
a dnst mulch maintained around the
roots until winter sets In.
It Is difficult to tell by the looks of
the trees whether, they survive during
the late summer or not, as very often
they retain their verdure some time
after they nre dead.
In the spring, however, trees that die
turn brown within two or three weeks.
The better time to plant evergreens, Is,
If the garden has been thoroughly
cultivated early In the season, there
Is little weeding to be done. Yet, a
few late weeds will strive for suprem
acy if not conquered.
One of the most persistent now, as
earlier, is the chlckweed, which grows
in such dense masses as to choke ont
everything else. Keep It donned out.
If thrown Into a pile it will be decom
posed in a few weeks Into a light soli
rich In humus.
If the cabbages are slow about head
ing, or the heads lack firmness,
sprinkle with salt and water. This
will also tend to kep the worms down.
Because you have plenty of land,
do not think It Is of no value. Have
you used your garden to the utmost
capacity? Intensive gardening has al
ready come where there Is most profit
in the occupation. If you have not np.
plied tills principle, see how you cad
?et more out of the ground.
Dandelions are coming Into general
favor in America for salads. The fla
vor Is greatly improved by blanching
the leaves. To do this, place an In
verted flower plot' over each plant for
awhile before the leaves are gathered.
This salad Is a favorite among connois
seurs. Before applying liquid manure to
plants, the soil should be moistened
by watering with clear water, unless
the soil Is already moist. Apply the
liquid manure to the soil without
sprinkling it over t!ie plants.
Where manure Is available, a spade
ful or more tied up In coarse sacking,
suspended In a tub of wnter affords a
good way to make the liquid.
Tramp's Nervy Bluff Almost Deserved to Win
CTIICAGO. The game of bluff don't always go, especially with a cop, al
though there ar many here who live on sheer nerve. The other afternoon
a policeman noticed a number of persons loitering along the street and
among them was a seedy-looking indi
vidual. "Move on," ordered tqe police
man, emphasizing the mandate with a
Flight tap upon the seat of the tattered
rompers of the man. To say that the
ragged person was indignant is falling
utterly to describe the sentiments of
the hoarse objector. He Informed the
officer that he would report the mat
ter at once to the police commissioner,
made It clear that he had Just stepped
from a nearby cafe after visiting it for
the purpose of selling goods, and then,
impressed by his own v nt., nnd the offect they seemed to be having on the
policeman, deliberately walked across the sidewalk and plumped down into
an automobile stand!')? there. As the cop admitted later, he feared that he
had made a mistake, w.iU as the seedy one admitted even later, once he got
into the automobile L.- ;iad no idea what to do to keep up the bluff. How
ever, he took some tattered papers out of his pocket and began to look over
them hastily. TJnfortri y, the cop did not go away.nd even as the man
continued to shuffle the papers and make imaginary notes with an imaginary
pencil the real owner came upon the scene. He registered surprise upon
observing the preoccupied individual, and when the policeman asked if the
tramp owned the car the tramp lost his temper and announced that he would
behead the policeman. So at the end of an almost perfect bluff he went from
there to the station house.
S , ,V;l a ,,-4 s2 fr"4 U ! Vv ' ' ---,rv
I i
r. l --X- : l
. :'! . I CM" . . t.'W.
v?-t x jilt t nwey-' " '
American Bsauty,
Observing Gambler Won His Sure-Thing Bets
DETROIT. Two men were walking up Woodward avenue. As they passed
a shoe shop one remarked that white boots were getting so high priced
he could not understand how working girls could afford to wear them. The
other answered that working girls
didn't wear them and offered to bet
that if they went into the next restau
rnnt they passed and looked at all the
shoes worn by the girls that waited on
customers there would not be more
than one pair of white shoes in the
lot, the loser to pay for the two glasses
of milk they drank during their obser
vations. He won that bet and offered to
Klve his friend a chance on double or
fn.lia of tha nfi-rf- rotinirnnf nf the
same class. He won that bet also. Then he offered to give odds, but after
the third glass of milk he felt unable to hold any more and proposed to bet
all ho had won, double or quits, that there would be Just one pair of white
shoes among all the waitresses in the next restaurant, no more, no less.
After winning that bet he disappeared down the subway steps.
Feeling he had been done In some way or other, the loser went back into
the restaurant, called the waitress with the solitary pair of white boots to his
table and unfolded his tale of woe, at which she smiled broadly, at the same
time calling another girl to take his order. .
"Only the floor managers are allowed to wear white shoes,' she explained.
"If ony of the other girls came to work in white shoes they would have W
take them off or get them blacked, or go home. I guess your friend had
noticed that and was betting on a sure thing."
been eliminated from the live-room de
sign la addition to Its ordinary Use,
which must not be interfered with.
Of all the rooms In the average
house, the bedrooms are actually used
fewer hours than any other rooms.
Consequently, If the bedrooms can be
eliminated, a maximum saving of space
Is accomplished. How may the living
room anj the dining room of our three
room house also be used to serve as
two bedrooms? The problem has
been solved in the disappearing bed.
During the daytime, the living room
nnd the dining room of our three-room
house Will occupy their ordinary ca
pacity In the house. At night their
lsefulness In tills capacity dwindles
ind, by an easy rearrangement of the
Pining Rm. Kitchen, j
P Living Rm: MIe
J Living Rm' Porch
Jjl J II Jf
Wireless telegraph was discovered
la 1800.
Antiseptic surgery has been prac
ticed since 1S65.
There are said to be 7,000,000 cats In
the United Kingdom.
The annual sootfall of Pittsburgh Is
laid to he 1,031 tons a square mile.
The honey bee Is probably of Asiatic
origin. W:ld bees are abundant In
India and In the Islands of the Malay
The report of a gun a mile away
takes a full five seconds to reach the
Knoxville (Tenn.) girl makes clever
character dolls with beads carved of
dried apples.
A refrigerator made of concrete cools
by the action of water flowing over the
sides of the device.
The antoped, which Is a motor on
which the operator stands as It glides
along the street, has been tried by the
Washington post office and has been
found to do good service.
First-Floor Plan.
furniture nnd the addition of a disap
pearing bed, they come into new usefulness.
But where is the bed during the day
time? It is tucked away out of sight
In a closet, folded back into a wall re
cess or drawn up into a ceiling recep
tacle. Closet space is required, no
matter what type of bed is used, but
the net result will show a good saving
of space in favor of the scheme, even
if these closets are made fairly large.
This three-room house will not have
space on the main floor which can be
used for storage purposes. The base
ment is not a suitable place for the
storage of certain articles, and so' the
attic space must be utilized. It hardly
seems like good design, when space
economy Is the object, to tuke up quite
a considerable amount of floor space
with a stairway to the attic which, it
Is probable, will not be used a great
deal. There is a solution to this prob
lem also. The movable stair Is being
manufactured for Just such use. It Is
1'erhaps the greatest capacity per
squure foot of ground wlihlu the foun
dation walls is possible with the so
called "square" type of house. A
house of this type is very easily di
vided up into rooms without necessary
loss of useful .space. Furthermore,
the appearance of the square house is
altogether pleasing, ns may be seen
from a study of the accompanying per
spective view.
In the design illustrated, the walls
of the house proper are finished with
stucco, while the sun parlor, porch,
clilmney and foundation wall above
the grade are built of brick. In a house
of this size the combination of stucco
nnd brick is striking. The color and
texture of the brick surfaces may be
selected with the object of producing
the effect which is most pleasing to
the owner, and the stucco Is capable of
various treatments to bring out tho
desired effect.
The rooms are arranged In a very
pleasing manner. In the large recep
tion hall an open staircase is built.
Double doors lead off to the living
rooms. In the main living room a
brick fireplace and two bookcases are
the most attractive features. Glass
doors having an ornamental window on
each side are placed between the main
living room and the sun parlor. These
two rooms give the house a splendid
basts upon which a model home may
be founded.
The dining room nnd kitchen nre
connected by a pantry built out from
the rear wall of the house between
these two rooms. The arrangement
is very convenient.
Four bedrooms and a bath are pro
vided on the second floor. Every room
Is well lighted, of good size and full
height. There is a balcony above the
porch, the roof being covered with
deck cloth and waterproofed.
Went to the Ant
"Go to the ant, thou sluggard," said
the Wise Man. "Consider her ways,
and be wise !" Once there was a slug
gard, and when he read these ringing
words he determined to take the Ec
cleslast's advice. So he went to the
ant and started in to consider her
ways, says the Cleveland I'luin Deal
er. But, unfortunately, he picked a
day In which the nnteater was also
getting busy. And as the sluggard
considered, the anteater ate ants, as
was his nature. In fact, he didn't
cease eating until the supply was ex
hausted. Then the sluggard went
back home and resumed his ancient
occupation of slugging. Having con
sidered the ways of the ant, he wa
wise. 4
And Filed on Western Canada
Land. Now Worth $50,000.
Lawrence Bros, of Vera, Saskatche
wan, nre looked upon as being amongst
the most progressive farmers In West
ern Canada. They have bad their
"ups-and-downs," and know what It
Is to be In tight pinches. They perse
vered, and nre now In an excellent
financial position. Their story is an
interesting one. Coming In from the
states they traveled overland from
Oalgnry across the Battle river, the
Red Deer river, through the Eagle
Hills and on to Battleford. On the
way their horses were stolen, but this
did not dishearten them. They had
some money, with which they bought
more horses, and some provisions,
When they reached Battleford they
had only money enough to pay their
ferriage over the Saskatchewan river,
nnd this they had to borrow. It was
In 1900 that they filed on homesteads,
having to sell a shotgun for ten dol
lars in order to get sufficient money to
do so. Frank Lawrence says:
"Since that time we have acquired
altogether a section nnd a half of
land, In addition to renting another
three quarters of a section. If we
had to sell out now we could probably
realize about S50,000, nnd have made
all this since wo came here. We get
crnps in tliis district of from 30 to
3" bushels of wheat to the acre nnd
oats from 40 to 80 bushels to the ncre.
j Stock here pays well. We have 1.700
sheep, 70 cattle and (10 horses, of which
j a number are registered Clydes."
Similar successes misfit be given of
the experiences of hundreds of farm
! ers throughout Western Canada, who
! have done comparatively ns well. Wl y
, Fh'iuld they not dress well, live well,
j have comfortable homes, with all mod-
em equipments, electric light, steam
S heat, pure ventllntlon, and automo
j biles. Speaking of automobiles It will
j be a revelation to the render to learn
I thafduriog the first half of 1917, J6
000 automobile licenses were issued In
j Alberta, twice as many as In the whole
! of 1910. In Saskatchewan, 21,000 li
censes were Issued up to the first of
May, 1917. In its monthly bulletin for
June the Canadian Bank of Commerce
makes special reference to this phase
and to the general prosperity of the
West In the following:
"Generally speaking the western
farmer is, In many respects, in a much
better position ' than hitherto to in
crease his production. Two years of
high prices for his products have en
abled him, even with a normal crop,
to liquidate a substantial proportion
of his liabilities and at the same time
to buy Improved farm machinery. His
prosperity is reflected in the demand
for buljdlng materials motor cars
and other equipment. It Is no doubt
true that some extravagance is evi
denced by the astonishing demand for
motor cars, but it must be remembered
thnt many of these cars will make for
efficiency on the farm and economize
both time and labor." Advertisement,
Lost in the Shuffle.
"I was Just wondering."
"About what?"
"Wondering what had become of the
patriotic notion I had last April that
I'd spend my vacation this summer
helping some farmer to hoe."
Pork and Beans.
A good, wholesome, sustaining low
priced food. Alice Beans are part
Soja and part Navy. A splendid com
bination. Try them. Adv.
, The First Crop.
"How's your garden coming along?"
"Fine," replied Mr. Crosslots. "I
have already got enough fishing worms
out of it to represent the makings of
severnl breakfasts."
"Busted Out Again."
The late Father Benson had the
habit of preaching long sermons. On
one occasion, after a 50 minutes' dis
course, he went to the altar to give the
blessing, when be remembered then
was a notice he had been asked to an
nounce. He turned back to do so,
"BlesS me," grumbled the verger, "11
he ain't busted out again I"
The Cause of Dry, Thin and Falling
Hair and Does It Quickly Trial Free.
Anoint spots of dandruff, Itching and
Irritation with Cutlcura Ointment. Fol
low at once by a hot shampoo with
Cutlcura Soap, if a man, and next
morning If a woman. When Dandruff
goes the hair comes. Use Cutlcura
. Soap dally for the toilet.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cutlcura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere. Adv.
"IXd you have any luck fishing?"
"Well, I didn't catch any fjsh. But
I mnde the snme piece of bait last a
remarkably long time."
Attftr hs"""""""""""""l,"",,"'"ms
RufrMhm- BmiUihw. Mnrluo It Cmcrlt
B TtmDt for Mr M tliM tl dry nd lurt
s ! rout u mtu-h of your lrtn oi
6 s ,nnr Tmith ass w'lh tha n num'trlM.
I ,HI" -a ?"' im " tmu
Sold at Drug nnd Optical NUirN or by Mall
j ! Marat In RtiMtf Co, Clluit,! frat soak

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