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What Came From Reading
a Pinkham Adver
tisement p?ter, V:, 3,-r"1 Uiank yon '
the Lydia E. I'inkham remedies at ther
I nave made me well
and healthy. Some-
timo ago I felt so
run down, had pains
in my back and aide,
wai very irregular,
tired, nervous, had
such bad dreams.
did not feel llkeeat
inff and bad short
breath. I read your
advertisement in
the newspapers and
decided to try a bottle of Lydia E. Fink
ham's Vegetable Compound. It worked
from the first bottle, so I took a second
and a third, also a bottle of Lydia E.
Pinkhara'a Blood Purifier, and now I am
just as well as any other woman. I ad
vise every woman, single or married,
Who is troubled with any of the afore
said ailments, to try your wonderful
Vegetable Compound and Blood Purifier
and I am aure they will help her to get
rid of her troublea aa they did me."
Mrs. Elsie J. Van her Sande, 86 No.
York St, Paterson, N. J.
Write the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine
Co., (confidential) Lynn, Mass, if you
Deed special advi :e.
Pi ill!
if. sra
vh Ill
Artificial Leg, Invented by Danlih Doc
tor, Enables Wearer to Walk 6oon
After Amputation.
A PiiiiIhIi doctor at li hoNiiltnl lu
I'lirU bus liivinicd u curUlMiurU li'ii
wlilch omililca the weuriT to go about
without criitclicM two (in j after III
IIiiiIi litis been uiuputated.
The muti-rlula unutl are two nli'tK
of cardboard ubout tlireo-fdxU'vnth of
tin hull thick, mid handajjfH soaked In
a march solution. After careful mean
iirciiientM have been taken the card
hoard In cut Into what look llko two
peK-tops, which after belntf aouked in
llio buih fold round each other uud are
Hecured with liaiidaKi'4.
The principle m that of an puis In a
cup, and the patient can wear tlio lejt
long before tho wound In completely
healed. Il, ran Hium j;et nlr and cxer
cixe, which It In uniiiiII.v ImpoHtdlilo to
olilaln at tills pIiiinc of IiIn coiivhIok
I'ence; also he Iiiin to milTer none of
the liK'onvenleiiceN of criltrheM, a sties'
Niiilirlnj; for IiIn need. The ley, prop
erly treated, InstH from nIx montliN tu
u year, by which time n permanent
ai'tlllclal limb In ready to be fitted.
Soja Beans.
Never uaed much In this country
until the packers of Alice Pork and
Beans discovered how to put them up.
Now everybody wants them. Adv.
China's one mutual life liiHiirance
co'iipiiny Inst year paid ifSliO.OOO In
ArrT ify)
Feed the Fighters ! Win the War ! !
Harvest the Crops Save the Yields
On the battle fields of France and Flanders, the United States boys and the
Canadian boys are fighting side by side to win for the World the freedom that Prus
sianism would destroy. While doing this they must be fed and every ounce of
muscle that can be requisitioned must go into use to save this year's crop. A short
harvest period requires the combined forces of the two countries in team work, such
as the soldier boys in France and Flanders are demonstrating.
Thi Combined Fighters In Francs and Flandirs and Ihi Combined
Harvesters In America WILL Bring the Allied Victory Nearer.
A reciprocal arrangement for the use of farm worker hu been perfected between the Depart
ment of the Interior of Canada and the Department of Labor and Agriculture of the United Slates,
under which it ia proposed to permit the harvester that are now engaged in the wheat held of Okla
homa. Kansas. Iowa, North Dakota. South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin to aiove
?,ver ,n,. cnada- w',n th Privilege of later returning to the United States, when the crops in ths
United States have been conserved, and help to save the enormous cropa in Canada which by that
time will be ready for harvesting.
Canada Wants 40,000 Harvest Hands to Take Cara of Its
13,000,000 ACRE WHEAT FIELD.
One cent a mile railway fare from the International boundary line to destination and the asm
(at returning to the International Boundary,
High Wages, Good Board, Comfortable Lodgings.
An Identification Card issued at the boundary by a Canadian Immigration Officer will aruaran
tee no trouble in returning to the United States,
AS SOON AS YOUR OWN HARVEST IS SAVED, move northward and assist your Canadian
neighbour in harvesting his-.m this way do your bit in helping "Win the War'". For particulars as to
routes, identification cards and place where employment may be bad, apply to Superintendent
of Immigration, Ottawa, Canada, or to
W.iNeuVrT.RoaaoZbffVwaSUuff BU , iWUjuptus, las.
Canadian Government Agents.
Increase in United States Revealed by
Census Taken by National Com
mittee for Mental Hygiene.
Insanity in the United States Is de
cidedly on the lnrrease. This fact is
revealed by reti.son of a census taken
of the Insane, feelile-nilniled, epileptics.
Inebriates and drug addicts by the
JVutiouiil Committee for Mental Hy
giene. Analysis of this census l.s found
In the Mental Hygiene. It was com
piled by Horatio M. Pollack, stntlstii I
nn of lie New York State Hospital
commission, and Klith M. Furhush,
statistician of the National Committee
for Mental Hygiene.
The fafleral census bureau estimates
that the increase of population from
April 15, 1910, to January 1, 1017, wns
11.80 per cent. The same government
agency found in 1910 that the number
of Insane In institutions was 187,791.
The census taken In the present year
revealed 234,0.r5 Insane persons In In
stitutions. Thus the increose In the
Insane In Institutions during the corre
sponding period was 21.84 per cent, a
growth more than double that of the
general population.
Moreover, the rate of Increase of the
Insane In Institutions was relatively
greater than that of the general popu
lation In every state except Arizona,
Kunsas, Mississippi, Nevadn and South
Carolina. Illinois Is one of the states
In which the disparity between growth
of population and Increase In Insanity
has been greatest. In this state the
population increase wits 9.84 per
cent, as compared with a percentage
of Increase of insane in Institutions of
27.38. The neighboring state of Indi
ana shows an even greater disparity,
with percentages of 4.C4 und 27.44 respectively.
Crops on Wheels,
Kuniper crops In New Jersey are
being put on wheels and rolled
right Into .the city markets, fresher
and faster this year than ever before,
and for the first time since the grow
ing of perishable products became nn
extensive Industry In the state the
farmers feel themselves to some de
gree Independent of railroad schdules
and freight rates.
Motor trucks have solved the prob
lem of fast delivery for Jersey farm
ers. Hundreds of big cars, some of
them with a currying capacity of sev
eral tons, have been put on the roads
between the farms and markets this
season. Many of these auto trucks
are owned by the farmers themselves
having been purchased to replace
horses and market wugons.
Human Automaton Hypnotized Fellow Passeng
CHICAGO. Home from the country by cor choo-choo: On a front "eat, a
couple of tobaceo-nuld farmers arguing potatoes. IVhlnd them a tllsiua!
man In a duster exposing the shallow trickeries of a prlise package of figs.
Kitting around In spots, Job-lot human
ity that Included ribbon-bow young'
Hters and fat-Jowled babies with uioth- II
era attached, and off to herself a I
wuiiiun in a mourning snnwi and crepo
veil both rusty who sat up with
ramroddy stiffness, wagging a fan be
tween shabby kidded fingers nnd slow
ly shaking her head, right-left, right
left Just like that right-left. right
Hack of everybody a plain, do
serving soul who hud skidded off for a
week-rmd In the bright hope thut a
patch of plney woods with the bay In front and truly clabber-and-cgg pone,
would eiutblo a certain, person to keep on digging dime-value intelligence out
orm in uruins wiinout having to use a pickax. And tdi3 was
on her way home, etlll snllllng briny breezes plced with cones, when alio
noticed the womun with a head.
Then she tried to read her magazine. Then she gnzed out of the window.
Then alio looked again at the woman who was. Blinking her head: right-left,
right-left; on and on, and on
You have curious and entirely foolish and likewise Impertinent wonder
lngs at sight of a head like thut:
Had It been ewajlig with How relentlessness nil the vnnn thn t.i t.ir
wns changing from the brown of girlhood to tho gray wisps of uge? Did it
roll restlessly on her pillow the night long? And would It stop when she was
You can't eny one word against Mr. Mcsmerl The psychic somothlng-or-other
that ho gave his name to so hypnotized the womun that when a com
rade welcomed her at the station the first word she said waa:
"Hello, Ann I What are you shaking your head for?"
Pat Wasn't Exactly Poor, but Had His "Wants"
MACON, GA. Word came to .some charitably disposed persons that the
high cost of living had hit Uncle Totsy Rutherford, a negro man, and his
aged wife, Aunt Jane, so hard that the wolf was right at the door of their
little cabin on the Charlton bottoms,
near Macon, Ga. So they got a big
cur nnd went out as a relief party.
"Yes, m," Aunt Jane said as she
came out from her shanty to receive
her guests, "Patsy's been complalnin'
awful 'bout these ha'd times. Ole man
most frets hisself to death, he docs."
"Where is Uncle Pat, today?"
asked a member of the party as he
lifted a well-filled bosket from the car.
"Down on the river fishln'; never
seed such a man to fish. He caught
a ten-pound buffalo ylst'day, an' lot o small fries more'n we needed an' we
divided with the neighbors." She looked as though she felt generous.
"Fish are good eating," remarked a Samaritan wistfully.
. "Yes," admitted Aunt Jane, "an' so's young rabbits and squirrels there's
a heap of 'era in the woods now, an' when the ole man ain't flshln he's
huntln'. I looks after the garden. We got onions an lettuces an 'taters nn'
cabbages 'nuff to sen' to the army. Would you folks like to take some home
wld yo'?" and she started to show where her garden treasures were staked
"Look here, Aunt June," said the puzzled emissary to the down-and-
outers, "we heard you folks were hard up and we came to help you out, but
It "
"It's Pat dat's hard up," the old woman explained. "Never seed a man
complain so."
"Complain I And you giving food to the neighbors?"
"Yes, gah, he's always complnlnin', Pat is; suys since the legal auction
'lection he can't get no mo' beer an' is you-all goln'? Well, I's bilged to yo'
for callln'. I'll tell Pat yo was heah. Good mawnin'."
Americans Should Eat Fruit and
Vegetables So Meat and
Wheat May Be Sent
Hone Chcitnuti as Food,
An ell'ori Is ln'iiiif iniide to adiiit the
: horse clirMnuix In ill.- Iiiiiiiiio tlietiuy.
The ii tit h iir more than, half suin-li
mid sugar, with mhiic proU'lo und fat,
, nnd lire nutritious. Their value rhlrtly
depends oil the flliiilliutlon of the blt-
tor elements and the Irritutlng stipoul
ilke glucosldcM.
Such Is Fame.
Many years ago Wilbur D. Nesbit,
the author of "Your Flag and My
Flag," was known to the little village
of Cedarvllle, O., his native home, as
only one of the neighborhood. Re
cently he returned to Cedarvllle after
a long absence. Of course, his coming
was heralded by the local newspaper,
so he was expected. When he wns
walking, quietly through the town (he
tells the tale himself), he overheard
this conversation between two old vil
lagers :
"I understand by the paper that Will
Nesbit Is back In town today."
ho they sny. I wonder what he
looks like now?"
"Oh, he didn't ever amount to ran A.
He went off to college and that 1
about the last good he ever did."
"And to think what he Is doln' now.
Of all the easy things, writln' poetry I
You say to the drug store man,
"Give me a small bottle of freezone."
This will cost very little but will
positively remove every hard or soft
corn or callus from one's feet
A few drops of this new ether com
pound applied directly upon a tender,
aching corn relieves the soreness In
stantly, and soon the entire corn or
callus, root and all, dries up and can
be lifted off with the fingers.
This new way to rid one's feet of
corns wns introduced by a Cincinnati
man, who says that freezone dries in
a moment, and simply shrivels up the
corn or callus without Irritating the
surrounding skin.
If your druggist hasn't any freezone
tell him to order a small bottle from
his wholesale drug house for you. adv.
Governed by Impulse.
"Any questions?" asked the Instruc
tor of the Second battery of the Ninth
division, after the completion of a
morning period which the men had
spent on horseback at Fort Harrison.
"Cnptain." answered Ralph Lockwood
of Indianapolis, "wouldn't It be possi
ble to develop artillery horses that
would start and stop like automobiles,
and vould guide with a steering
wheel? This horse I have seems to be
governed by Impulses over which I
have no control." Indianapolis News.
His Occupation Was "Chatting With Mermaid"
INDIANAPOLIS. He eat on a rock and talked to a mermaid. That was the
regular Job of Axel Thraln, alias Walter Mnrlow, according to his wife,'
who lives at 729 Rochester avenue. Thraln gave up this ideal summer voca
tion recently, however, largely because
his wife objected nnd the story cropped
out in Juvenile court
"What does your husband do?"
Judge I.nhr asked the wife when she
had detailed a list of alleged wrongs.
"He sits on, a rock and talks to a
merry maid "
"Talks to what?" the court de
manded, while a broad grin overspread
the face of the husband.
"Talks to a merry maid or mere
maid, or something like that," was the
reply. You see, Judge, my husband Is an actor and that was his part iu
the show. ' The court cocked Its head owl fashion and voiced a deep "Ahem !":
"Oh, I begin to understand," the court replied.
Then tho Wife went on to explain she was not Jealous of her husband
nor did she begrudge him his tete-a-tetes with the sea-gblng creature, since
that was. his part in the show with which he traveled. She declared, how
ever, ne apparently was so engrossed In his conversation with the nainted
duughter of Neptune that he forgot to provide for his wife and child.
it was disclosed also that Thraln registered for conscrlntion under his
stage name of Marlow, but his attorney Insisted there had been no intent to
evade the call for military service.
When he was permitted to talk, the husband said he had broken off rhn
chat with the mermaid and was working for a patent belt company. He was
released on nis promise to pay $5 a week for the support of his child and
provide a home for his wife, and the case was taken under advisement for
60 days.
The Reason.
"Let that man down easv."
"Why should I?"
"Because he's so hard up."
"No bowl is too
big when it holds
TTl aa
They Satisfy Hungry Folks.
Alice Pork and Beans are part Navy
and part Soja Beuns. Try them and
see how much better they are than or
dinary tinned brand. Your grocer can
supply you. Adv.
Good Policy.
"I never Interfere with other peo
ple's affairs."
"No, I stopped that years ago, when
I checked up and found that all the
money I had ever made came from
minding my own business."
Cool Bath Not Appreciated by New Yorkers
NEW YORK. Two street cleaners with a fire hose were the unwitting cause
of thrusting Broadway and Wall street into a particular brand of fame,
and stenographer coming out of the surrounding office buildings added the
touch of art and color as well. The
street cleaners were In the act of
flushing Broadway.
Suddenly the street cleaner hold
ing the nozzle lost control of It and it
flopped out of his hands. For three
minutes Broadway and Wall street
had the liveliest and funniest session
that busy section has seen in many
The hose wriggled about on the
pavement like a great serpent and the
heavy brass nozzle, snnntinir a torrent-
of water, switched Impartially from one side of Broadway to the other. The
hundreds of pedestrians ran into' office buildings, bank doorways and down
Into the subway. The nozzle, lashing the pavement in every direction, sent
water over the monuments In Trinity churchyard, against the windows of
oanks, and wet the clothes of those who were slow In finding refuge.
Ihe street cleaners became confused and forgot to turn off the water at
the hydrant, but, with the crowd, sought safety. The excitement continued
for three minutes, until someone dared the torrent and ran to the hydrant,
shutting off tho stream. The hose ceased to wriggle, and among the hundreds
who returned to the sidewalks there were scores who had been wet through
to the skin. Many of them were girls.
Our allies In war 'against the kulser
are very much In need of meat and
wheat. If they. are to pull through the
fall and winter successfully, we must
semi them all of these staples we can.
It will be necessary for Ainerleiins at
home to cut more perishable food ar-
tlrles like fruit nnd vegetables -thut
cannot well be sent abroad,
ror this reason I'nele Sum's food
administration In taking the keenest
Interest lu this year's apple crop. The
government wants us to eat more nip
ples than ever before so that the
wheat ami meat supplies may go Jo
help win the wur. A campaign of ed
ucation along this line Is soon to start.
This year's apple crop calls for In
telligent handling. The latest govern
ment reports Indicate a crop of about
UHMMKl.IKH) bushels. That is u little
below normal. Good prices are assured
for ull honestly packed, first quality
apples, and also for honestly packed,
selected second grades, which govern
ment experts say can be put Into stor
age. When the crop Is big It does not
pay to store second grades, but this
year, despite the fact that we cannot
ship our usuul 2.WM),000 barrels of ap
ples abroad, because shipping space Is
precious, we should lie able to get fair
prices for nil good apples at home.
Careless packing of poor quality
fruit has always been one of the chief
causes of market Instability mid un
satisfactory prices to the growers.
This year the whole apple Industry Is
co-operating to remove this market
handicap. There has never been an
apple year such as this one Is going to
be. Growers have never been able to
get together and engage and finance
n national educational campaign
among consumers to Increase apple
consumption. This year the situation
makes It necessary for the United
States government, through the food
administration, to conduct n consum
er's campaign of publicity on behalf of
the apple. This campaign will begin
while the crop Is being sent to market,
and will probably continue until the
lust apple Is eaten up late next spring.
So the grower lias three great Incen
tives for grading, packing and storing
this crop with especial care.
1. It Is a good crop and calls for
2. The government will encourage
apple eating and apple storage aud
will discourage speculation that raises
the price abnormally.
3. We must eat up nt home more
than two million barrels of apples,
which would ordinarily be exported.
To get the best of the crop to the
market In prime condition it must be
picked carefully at the time of ma
turity und promptly cooled In tem
porary storage, and then f-killfully
graded and packed. Second-grade
fruit should not go Into barrels or
boxes. If It cannot be marketed in
hulk in near-by consuming centers,
then It should he worked up Into by
products along with the culls.
There has been a gratifying Im
provement in apple marketing the past
two or three years. Western apples
are boxed to strictly honest standards,
by the great co-operative growers' or
ganizations In Washington, Oregon,
California, Idaho and Colorado. The
eastern barrel apple has also been
wonderfully Improved hi New York
nnd other states. Because apples are
honestly packed and give the best pos
sible value for the money, there Is an
Increase In tho consumer demand. Re
tail merchants who were formerly al
most afraid to buy apples iu barrels,
because they were notr sure of getting
marketable values for their money,
are now buying freely and in confi
dence. This good work makes It pos
sible for the government to go further
and encourage the use of apples as a
war-time food measure.
Because the bulk of the crop will be
picked by volunteer workers this year,
and put into common storage until tn$
grower can find time to grade and
pack, there wiil be an opportunity to
give closer personal attention to the
grading and packing than might be the
case if the crop were handled as In
pence times. For the grower who de
sires Instructions in apple packing, the
department of agriculture at Wash
ington has information In bulletin
form. These bulletins enn be secured
free by writing to the department
Growers will do well to obtain a few
copies for their pickers and puckers.
Just So.
".Mrs. .Tones told lue those new furs
of hers came from the urctlc re
gions. '
"What a farfetched story!"
.lapiin bus 1..'t'H knitting mills.
Borne folHs like Vtn better cold end
some folks like 'em bolter hoi - Mint's
a uunter of faste. But ever.vl t like
Alice 1'ork ud Hcunn one wuy or the
other. Adv.
Slight Mia;ak.
"I must hs.v this khaki
skirt is ii Iron fit."
"You're In wrong, autle,
the boy's tent oU huve on."
That is
tiie cuts pluy the mice get
If a iiinn intends solely to Ills own
r.uslncsn he has u good steady job.
A tV-essage to Pothers
YOU know the real human doctors right around in your neighborhood X
the doctors made of flesh and blood just like you : the doctors with
souls and hearts : those men who are responding to your call in the
dead of night at readily as in the broad daylight; they are ready
to tell you the good thut Fletcher's Castoria has done, ia doing and
will do, from their experience and tbeir love for children.
Fletcher's Castoria is nothing new. We are not asking you to
try an experiment. We just want to impress upon you tie importance
of buying Fletcher's.
Your physician will tell you this, as he knows there are a num
ber of imitations on the market, and be is particularly interested in
the welfare of your baby.
Genuine Castoria always bear the signature of
f -
s Liberal Mter of
Wheat Land to Settlers
aam .w r rtrr.
is open to you to every farmer or farmer's son
wno is anxious to estaousn ior
himself a happy home and
prosperity. Canada's hearty
invitation this year is more attractive
than ever. Wheat is much higher but
her fertile farm land just as cheap, and
in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskat
chewan and Alberta
1 60 Aot BsatttMsi Ait Acraillr Fnt to Settltn
us Otto Una SslJ at fran $15 to $20 serAat
Ths great demand for Canadian Wheat will
keep up the price. Where a farmer can get
near K for wheat and raise 20 to tb bushels to
the acre he is bound to males money that's
what you can expect in Western Canada. Won
derful yields also of Oats, Barley and Flas.
Mised Farmine in Western Canada ia iuiiy as
profitable an industry as grain raising.
Trie excellent g ramies, fntl of nutrition, are tlw only
fcxHl required eltbtr tor beef or dairy purpmeB
Good sr huols. churches, market convonienl. climate
ei'-ellent. Tb re Is an aniuual demand for farm
latior to replace the mac? voting oieo wbo have
volunteered for the war. Write for literature and
rartlctiltiro as to reduced railway rales to Hnpuof
uiuiit'i&uoa, cttawa. Can., or to
W. S. Nethery. Room 82, Interurbaa 6tatioa
Bldg.. Columbus, O I J. M. MacLachlan, 215
Traction-Terminal Bids., Indiana. polu, lad.
Canadian Government Agents
.1 ' 'Z
e ,v if r t,
SMfoiiMn 7
With HEXINE VEGETABLE COMPOUND, acknowledged wherever uned to be the very beat
remedy for Indigestion, Constipation and all Stomach and Bowel troubles. Samples make cus
tomers they are our mont elluctlve advertiHliifr. Pure, wholesome Roots aud Burku; sent la
dry ponder form for convenience In mailing;. Just mix lu a half pint of water and take ao
cording; to directions. A letter or post card brings yon a half pint sample by return maLU
Buudreds of testimonials. Write today. THK EX1NK CO., Box K, Camden, Maine.
Alert for ths Future.
"You've got a lot of weeds in your
'Trotty fine weeds, too, don't you
think?" rejoined Mr. Crosslots.
"Surely you are not nursing them
"Yes, sir. I've heen finding out that
so many new things are edible thut
I'm holding out to see whether sci
ence won't discover some wuy of fry
ing the Jimpson or stewing the burdock."
Prepare for next washday by taking
home Red Cross Ball Blue. A sic any
good grocer. Red Cross Ball Blue im
parts a clear white; makes you smile
when you see the basket of beautiful,
snowy white clothes. Red Cross, the
blue that's true blue. Adv.
' Idleness Makes a Fortune.
"If you sit Idly you will lose money
every minute," is a liberal paraphrase
of a well-known Jxpanese proverb ami
serves (is a protest ugulnst Idleness,
hut the Tokyo Iloehl cites the case of
the great Buddha at Nara, which,
despite Inaction, is reaping n fortunes
During the year ending June ' the
Buddha received .1.1.(KK visitors, who.
paid admission fees aggregating JS0,3"K.
The exaction of a fee to visit the his
Buddha began in mil, since which,
time .$127,r00 gate money has been re--celved.
A Wise Provision.
The wity journalist was conversing
with a friend about raising carp In
ponds for food. The friend remarked
that Mich a food supply would not.be
much In demand here, but that the
Germans liked carp.
"Germans will eat anything," re
marked the witty Journalist, but im
mediately qualified his remark. "That
is, when they can get anything to
Tllle dinger snys that the reason
stie thinks her new boss' wife is Keep
ing cool through the hot weather is lie-
cause her telephone voice sounds as if
it were rig.it off the Ice. alveston
To Itching, Burning Skins It Not Only
Soothes, but Heals Trial Free.
Something for Jones.
Drill Sergeant (sarcastically to little
Jones, who is continually out of step)
Company, all except Private Jones,
change step I I really 'aven't the
'eart to trouble 'Im again ! Passing
A man caters to a woman's vanltv
when he thinks It will further his own
The Familiar Face.
"I suppose prohibition mude a great
difference In Crimson Gulch."
"Not as much as you'd think," re-
piled Broncho Bob. "The man who
used to be boss bartender has gotten
a job us teller In the bank and is takln'
In all the tuoney, Just the same."
Treatment: Bathe the affected sur
face with Cuticura Soap and hot wa
ter, dry gently and apply Cuticura
Ointment. Repeat morning and night.
This method affords Immediate relief,
and points to speedy healment. They
are Ideal for every-day toilet uses.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. h,
Boston. Sold everywhere. Adv.
Yonr OKBY WILL BE EBOTfDRD by your dmpdlRt
Wtthoatany qnpHtion if this remedy do nott'pnertt
every case of AMhiua. Brnocbtal As'boia and ih
Asthmatic aympuiniHat'coajpanylnir Hav Fr . No
matter bow violent the attack! 01 obstinate tie ca
posttivelr gives INSTANT RBI.IHF in lTnr cans
and has permanently cured thotraands who had been
considered Incurable, after having tried ererr other
means of relief in vain, Asthmutlcs should avail
themselvefl of this guarantee ofTtir thronyh their own
druggist. Bny a 60-uent package and present tfaia
announcement U) your druggist. Vnn will be the
sole judge as to whether you are benefitted and tbs
druggist will give you back your money If vou ars
not. We do not know of any fairer probosiUoa
which we oould make. &j
R. Schillmann Co., Proprietors, SI. Paul, Mian.
Delays In Congress.
"How will you explain to your con
stituents," we chldlngly asked, "your
action In delaying the business of this
great nation by Indulging lu long-winded
oratory while matters of tremen
dous Importance wait?" "Of tremen
dous Importance?" naively answered
Senator Slush. "Why, what can possi
bly be of more Importance than my
speech?" Kansas City Star.
A competent method for keeping ac
counts and money, combined with a
writing desk, has been invented that Is
contained In a case that Is fireproof
when closed.
The royal commission on sugar sup
plies has saved Britain's bees by allot
ting 60 tons of sugar, which they are
to have In the form of pink candy, for
their winter consumption. This candy
is so Inoculated as to be unfit for hu
man consumption,
Telephone lines are to be extended
to Tromsoe, Norway, 200 miles north
of the Arctic circle.
It has been found that the ferment
ing power of yeast is increased by
brief exposure to ozone.
The top of an English Inventor's
crutch Is made of a piece of heavy
rubber tubing and the sides are made
parallel and Inserted into a rocker.
For relnklng typewriter ribbons an
Inventor has patented a tubular con
tainer for ink which Is distributed by
a roller as a ribbon Is passed over It
Avoid the Hypocrite.
"A bud man Is worse when be pre
tnd to hp a saint," Bacon.
Not What He Said.
A recently, commissioned second lieu
tenant was drilling his command in an
Indianapolis street.
Something went wrong nnd the sol
diers found themselves trying to march
over a six-foot fence.
The lieutenant halted the company
and said :
, "Men, why don't you do what I want
you to do instead of what I tell you
to do?" Indianapolis News.
Lessons in Manners.
Little Girl (who has just lost a
tooth, pointing to dentist's showcase)
Oh, niummle, I would like that oue 1
Mother Hush, dear! How often
have I told you it Is very bad man
ners to pick your teeth in public?"
London Tit-Bits.
No Objection.
"Jibbs says he is ready to shed the
last drop of blood to defend his coun
try." "So he Is, If It only happens to be
somebody else's blood."
No matter how much you suffer or
how long you have suffered PEPS
AID will relieve you. Get some today.
Sold by druggists in 25 cent, 50 cent,
and dollar boxes. TEPS-AID Com-
pany, Goshen, Ind U. S. A. Adv.
A Helpful Hint
"Do you thln't It really necessary 10
go to the trouble of having the support
ed courtplnster analyzed !iy a bacte
riologist?" asked J. Fuller Gloom.
"Haven't jou a u'other-In-law that you
can try It on?" Kansas City Star.
that make a horse Wheeze,
Roar, have Thick Wind
or Choke-down, can be
reduced with
also other Bunches or Swellinps. No blister,
no hair gone, and horse kept at work. Eco
nomical only a few drops required at an ap
plication. $2 per bottle delivered. BmHSMItM.
ABSORBIME, JRM the antiseptic liniment foi
mankind, reduces Cysts, Wens, Painful,
Swollen Veins and Ulcers.$l and $2abottleat
dealers or delivered. Book "Evidence" free.
W.F.YOUNG, P. D. F 310 Temjl. it., Springfield. Mass.
Watson R.Ooleman.Wanb-
Inaton.O.O. Uookifr. e. U:uh
esi fereuos. Ussi results.
University of Notre Dame
Offers Complete Course In Agriculture)
Full courses also lu Letters, Journalism,
Library Science, Chemistry, Puannacv, Medi
cine, Architecture, Commerce and Law
77 JRINE Granulated Eyelids,
MM w Tw ? 2or !. Ey Inflam
Mt A O J-S"". Cm and ttWq
fW? !-relieved hv Murine. Tr
r . . - . .... - -
H I r LvL V i-ywaiKi in Baby fiyes,
VMR LI CO Ne Wtiif, Jarf Ev. Csaoft
SoraEves. EvetTnA
i -VS Carfsnd Wind quickly
I At" relieved by Murine. Trv ft in
Ask Uurln Ey Binily Q- CU$cmmm 4
--,-- awn -wit' mug"
livery W oman Wants
I Evan rtfivrtA.. mmmmi
Dissolved In wmter for dooches stops
pelvie ca.ta.rrh, ulceration ami infUm-
iJ.at.osw Hemmemded ky Lfdim ,
Pinkham Mod. (V
A healiiur wondar tar . l.
or throat and aors) ayea. Economical
"rnrte, parrel M
W. N. U, FORT WAYNE. NO, 35-Wtl.

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