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Difference in Business Ethics Caused Trouble
NRW YORK. IT tlm notions of two old clothes 'men are to be accepted, the
first vltnl effect tlx- world wiir had upon the United States is to produce
tin unheard of scarcity of second-hand garments. Until men inndo It clear
recently lifter u wild forenoon tlmt the
brend lines of Germany uro presently
to bo duplicated In this country by
Clothes lines, wesklt showers and other
activities calculated to keep the wenr
ers of Docoiid-lmnd clothing from open,
to Ptiy nothing of nude, revolt.
All of these facts and about n
carload of language wus brought forth
when n flat dweller lu an uptown
street honrd the cry of "oP clothes,
cash," bellowed beneath his boudoir
window oud bet koued onco, nr.d a mo
ment later there developed what Rounded Uko the advance of a Roman mob
on the lloor below where the beckoner lived. Doora were opened, slammed
und locked, windows raised and the roars of alarmed tenunu presently
brought the police.
They found the two oP clothes men rolling over and over and hither and
thither and elsewhere on the second floor. When separated they Immediately
accused each other of everything and made It clear that from henceforth
until the day they roll Into their mausoleums they will sue each other In
every available American court on every possible charge attending the sale
of old clothes and allied Industries.
In the Harlem court each man Insisted that the other hnd attempted to cut
him out of business and that the flat dweller had never even considered the
other when he beckoned. They declared that nowadays a suit of second-hand
clothes Is a clothing Kohlnoor and that for another clothing dealer to crash
Into a house and steal a beckon Is "positive the worst as can he In such busi
ness like this." Each Insisted that he had bought nothing n'l day and had
Intended to break his luck not his head, upon entering the flat house. They
sang foreign hymns while paying fines of $2 each.
Proved Herself Worthy Member of the D. A. R.
KANSAS CITY. The flag was a very old one and ragged and dirty. It hnd
served its time and earned repose In the treasure chest of the police
station No. 6. For flags may . not be placed In waste boxes. Police station
No. 6 Is not at best ornamental, and
f t tr&W-iffiS 1 of fcwscy
"Are you the captain?" she tact
fully Inquired. Then, without waiting for an answer, she told her errand,
the words tumbling over one another in the haste of their delivery.
"I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. We pro
tect flngs. The one you have flying out there Is In a condition that makes It
a disgrace and R legal offense, for a federal'law forbids any public office flying
a flag that Is either torn or soiled. Tlease take It down. It has been soiled
and torn a long time."
The officer looked very much surprised. lie gazed earnestly at the bright
eyed woman, exquisite in appearance and a little bit frightened.
Then he turned to a' policeman seated In the office. "Go out there," he
thundered, "and take down that flag."
The Incident was closed. The lady departed. But the next morning,
when she passed that way, taking her surgeon husband to St. Luke's hospital,
a fine new flag was flying from station No. 6.
Doorkeeper Succumbed to' High-Sounding Title
WASniNGTON. At a night session up on Capitol mil not long ago a large
person from the West, with considerable nerve and no modesty, en
deavored to get into one of the public galleries. Because of the fear on the
part of a certain employee that he will
be kidded, to death by this narrative,
,et us not ask whether It was the
house or senate gallery. However, the
large person had a fine set of mus
taches, upturned and diplomatic In
their general aspect. With him trailed
three women dressed to kill In the
3nest stuff you ever saw In all your
Well, all the galleries were filled,
except the executive gallery and the
aiplomatic gallery. The large nervy
person didn't think he could bluff his way Into the president's own reserva
tion, but he waltzed up to the diplomatic gallery, and it was just his luck that
the regular veteran doorkeeper was not on the Job at that moment.
The substitute, though, looked him over, and decided he must be some
thing or other with all that mustache and that fleet of females.
"It is necessary to have your card, though," said the doorkeeper, "because
I have to know who you are."
"I have no cards with me," responded Nervo. "But I am the Ahkoond of
Swat and these are three of my wives."
And with that the doors swung open and the quartet of four-flushers went
In, sat down, gazed upon the session below ad later retired.
The next day someone told the substitute doorkeeper that Nervo had put
one over on him.
"Aw, shucks," replied the substitute, "that ain't nothing. Freaks like that
butt In here every day." 1
Allege That "Millionaire Miser" Stole Potatoes
CHICAGO. John H. Hewitt, known as "the millionaire miser of Rogers
Park," appeared at the Sheffield avenue police station to face T. V. Rege
'n, who swore out a warrant for him on the charge of stealing potatoes from
a garden plot cultivated by Regelln,
the potatoes and replanting the vines to cover up all truces of the thef (.
"I decided I'd find out," said Regelln. "So I lay down In the grass near
the patch. Along comes Hewitt with a lard pall and a trowel and goes to
digging. Then he'd fillip the hole and straighten the vines.
"I talked It over with my partners and. we decided we had lost about
$30 worth, and if he (Hewitt) wouldn't come across we'd have him arrested.
He refused, so we took him to the station." '
Hewitt, who is eighty-four, was brought Into court four year ago by his
daughter,. Mrs. Jessie M. Wynne, who tried to have him declared insnne. He
testified thnt he keeps a record of every
lived on $55.85. . , , :
About 10,000 New Zealand farmers
keep bees, their apiaries being sub
ject to government inspection.
' Glass paving blocks, used in an ex
perimental way in a French city street,
lasted less than two years.
1 A novel revolving tooth brush Is
driven by a water motor that can be
connected to almost any faucet.
Japanese naval constructors have
built a cantilever crane that can lift
20") tons 105 feet from Its center
the flag hnd worn Itself out rippling
patriotism In the breezes half under
a viaduct at Twentieth street and
Flora avenue. Undoubtedly, it would
still be doing Its soiled and pitiful
best had It not won a champion. No
knight In armor or soldier In khaki
came to Its rescue. Cut a bright-eyed
lady stopped her car In front of the
station. She walked bravely In and
up to the police sergeant In charge. 1
George Smith and Matt Smith.
According to the complaint, the
three obtained permission from James
Cardwell to use a patch of ground, 160
by 159 feet. All during the summer
evenings they would spend their time
In the potato field. Then came the
fall with the new large potatoes.
The amateur gardeners noticed
that for some time they found no po
tatoes In many hills, and they got
the Idea that someone was removing
cent he spends and that one year ho
Spiral grooves that are Intended to
return a wire that has slipped back
Into a central groove feature a Cali
fornia Inventor's trolley wheel.
Operated by electricity obtained
from a lighting circuit, a new ma
chine wets, sweeps, scrubs and dries
a floor over which It Is propelled bj
human power.
To the chnmber of commerce at Tor
rcon falls the distinction of being th
first chamber to be organized in Coa
bulla since the beginning of the Mexi
can revolution.
Crffirs and bbvi-f
VLy?v Tlveir Care and OjJ fivatiorv. V-
h'f A fit
When the hanging basket looks
shnbby, or Is nt a standstill. It Is very
likely It has been neglected as regards
watering. Remember It Is wholly sur
rounded by air, and requires more
water than the potted plants.
Hants will not flourish If they
must breathe gas generated by coal or
wood In stove or furnace, or escaping
Illuminating gas. Stop the leaking
gas, and give ventilation by raising
and lowering a window at some dis
tance from the plants so that the cold
air may get warm before It strikes
the plants.
Liquid manure Is valuable when
nsed with caution and good common
sense. Do not make it too strong,
and thus Injure the plnnts, and do
not give It to plants that are not grow
ing, or that are taking their annual
Turn the window plnnts often
enough to prevent them getting one
sided. It Is a good Idea to wnter the plnnts
In the evening so that the moisture
will penetrate 'thoroughly before the
sun dries It up.
Fuehlas like some shade, and plenty
of moisture Just lilte the pansy. ,
If the plant appears sick, examine
its roots. Perhaps you will find thnt
It needs repotting. If dend or rotten
leaves nre found, remove them. If
for any cnuse live roots nre removed
through design or accident, be sure to
cut bnck the top to correspond. Then
give a smaller pot thnn the plnnt pre
viously hnd.
Give fresh air liberally. Keep the
nlr moist. See thnt the plnnts nre
kept clenn.
Snve the hen manure carefully. If
your soli is heavy, add wood ashes to
the hen manure, but If the soil is light
and sandy, use leaf-mold or rich loam.
Ornamental trees and shrubs may
be pruned any time during the win
ter if they need it. Bear in mind thnt
pruning should not destroy the char
acteristics of growth peculiar to the
tree or shrub. Cut back the too
prominent branches, remove those that
grow too closely together. If bloom
ing shrubs are continually cut at the
ends of the branches they will in time
cense to produce flowers.
Watch the aphis and fight It from
the start, else It will destroy your win
ter garden. He assumes several guises,
but all yield to tobacco or ten. smoke
or dust. Whnle-oll soap und kerosene
emulsion also destroy the pest.
If blight attacks your begonias, cut
off all the leaves having a burnt ap
pearance and burn them. Sift sul
phur on the plants. It will kill the
Plan now for next summer's work.
Go Into the garden, notebook in hand,
and decide just what assortment of
flowers you wish In each bed and bor
der then order accordingly.
The genuine night blooming cereus
Is a snaky-looking plant, but from the
time the buds appear In the early
spring, looking like tiny tufts of cot
ton, until the wondrous blossoms are
perfected, the plant is always an ob
ject of Interest.
The opening of a cereus blossom
can never be appreciated until seen.
There Is the quivering of the petuls,
ti v';i;::imi(f , :i:!:::::J::;:vi
The Wax Plant It Rare, Thourjh Not Difficult to Grow
the gradual disclosing of the creamy
Interiors, within which Is a most mar'
velous mechanism of stamens sur
rounded by the star-like pistil. Only
the white pond lily gives u suggestion
of the wondrous purity of the ee
reus and even this the ceretis far trans
cends. Yet It Is easily grown.
If Insects attack, spray or wash off
with kerosene emulsion, a wing being
excellent for cleaning this plant. The
scide and ,aphis are Its chief enemies.
Some plants are slow in attaining
blooming size, yet when this Is once
reached they nre faithful each yeur.
The bumming bird and the rat-tail are
notable for exceptions, blooming nicely
when but a few months or a year old.
We made a walk the other day en
tirely out of rougli "nigger head" (slli
sclous) stones. These rocks were gath
ered out of the field where they were
In the way, and thus two purposes
were served by their utilization.
The method of building was as sim
ple as the material used. A trench
was dug along each side of the walk
and stones put Into It, so that they
projected about an Inch above the sur
face of the ground.
The earth was packed back around
them to keep them firm. Then the
space between was covered with small
er stones, the middle of the walk be
ing made higher, a very little, than
the edges.
These stones were beaten down with
n sledge, so that one could walk over
them without too much Injury to the
shoe leather, and the whole then cov
ered with sawdust and cinders.
This fills up the crevices and holds
the rocks steady until they settle into
place, and makes the walk smooth and
There Is nlmost always a need for
more walks on a fnrm. Sometimes
there is a very pressing need. A few
hours work may save a wonderful
amount of mud-wadlDg.
Materials for walks Is not hard to
find. Beside the standard brick and
concrete, there are shells, rough stones
of all kinds, gravel from creeks or
beds, cinders, sawdust and tan bark.
All these mnke good walks, although
the latter ones require frequent re-
Neither Is construction a hard Job.
The main essentials nre good side lines
that will not be torn loose or heaved
out and that are straight nnd smooth,
and some provision for drainage.
The center of a walk should be made
higher in practically all enses; nnd
where wnter Is likely to stand on one
side, means should be provided to car
ry It off.
In the barnyard nnd other places
where a walk could not be very well
kept up, stepping stones, well placed,
will answer the purpose, nnd not only
snve lots of muddy walking, but also
help to get rid of any useless rocks you
may have scattered about In the way.
If a plant appears sick, examine Its
roots. Perhaps you will find that It
needs repotting. If dead or rotten
leaves are found remove them. If for
any cnuse live roots nre removed
through design or accident be sure to
cut back the top to correspond. Then
give a smaller pot than the plant previ
ously bad.
&:ve nty-Two-Year-Old Man Is Now
Somewhere In France 8ervlng
Uncle Sam at Cook.
Ago feems to be no barrier for serv
ice in the nriny.
. For Instance, says the Indlannpollx
News, -there Is ('hurley June. All the
old-timers remember June, who years
ago supplied tin- fish und game for
hundreds of Indianapolis tables. Ills
place of liuxIncMH was opposite the
fraction terminal station, and It was
h's boast that he could furnish any
thing that could fly or swim.
June Is a veteran of Ihe Civil war
and when war wiih Germany was de
clared his olI lighting spirit was re
vived. I!ecaii!e of bis age, seventy
two years, be did not feel qualified o
shoulder a musket and go forth to
slay, yet ho wished to do h's bit for
I'ncle Sum, so he went out to Kort
Harrison as a cook,
lie served during the first officer'
training camp and made good with a
vengeance. Then an entirely unexpect
ed honor was thrust upon him. lie
was Invlled to go to I'lunce and cook
for the boys In the trenches. The
proposition nearly took his breath,
but It did not take him long to make
up bis mind.
"During the Civil war I carried a
gun nnd fought with the boys," said
Mr. June, "and why shouldn't I cook
for them now? I realize it Is no Sun
day picnic over there, but I do not
fenr the outcome. I run healthy and
strong for n man of my years, nnd I
guess I can stand It. At any rate, I
am willing to take a chance for 'Old
Glory.' "
Mr. June is now "somewhere In
will oulet your cough, soothe the in
flammation of u sore throat and lungs,
stop Irritation in the bronchial tubes,
inspiring a good night's rest, free from
coughing and with easy expectoration
in the morning. Made and sold In
America for fifty-two years. A won
derful prescription, assisting Nature In
building up your general health and
throwing off the disease. Especially j
useful In lung trouble, asthma, croup,
bronchitis, etc. For sule in ull civil-.
lzed countries. Adv.
A Superior Place.
"I was driving through southern In
diana last week," relates a friend, "and
1 stopped for refreshment nt a little
town which has not yet felt the effects
of prohibition. There was a regular
saloon In the place only the sign on
the window rend 'Sample Itoom.' And
I entered to get a sample.
"There was quite a bunch of men
In the place, leaning up against the
bar. I'.ut there were no tables, and
not even a chair. As I ordered my
light refreshment, I spoke to the bar
tender, whom I .bulged to be the pro
prietor. I told him that I thought I'd
come In and take a sip and maybe a
bite, but that I didn't see any place to
sit down. And I asked him why he
didn't have any chairs. He said:
"'Young feller, this here is a first
class place. An' we don't have no
chairs because we don't aim to let one
man drink any longer'n he kin stand.'
"Properly rebuked. I went away."
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
$100 Reward, $100
Catarrh is a local disease (neatly Influ
enced by constitutional conditions. It.
therefore requires constitutional treat
is taken internully and acts through the
Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the Sys
destroys the foundation of the disease,
Kives the patient strength by Improving
the general health and assists nature in
dolntf Its work. JIOU.OO fur any case of !
Catarrh that HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE falls to cure.
Druggists 75c. Testimonials free.
V. J. Cheney St Co., Toledo, Ohio. j
Ferrets Will Aid Soldiers.
A corps of ferrets has been mobi
lized from nil parts of England and
Wales for service at the front. They
are to be sent to the trenches to fight
the rats which have become excep
tionally fierce nnd bold, and have been
known to attack a man for right of
way in a narrow passage.
Fat; the Body's Fuel Supply.
Potatoes contain 1-10 fat; wheat
flour 1; milk 4.4 ; lean beef 7.9 ;
eggs 10.5 ; Xavy Beans 1.8 and
Soja Reans (the kind used in Alice
Pork and Beans) 16.8 fat. Adv.
Pittsburgh has a bank consolidation
which now lias 90.000.000 capital.
Qii mu mihu, mum 11 m.m ii inn umi i, iiw w iwmwiiiimihui, iyii.mmmrmmmmmmmiimimKmm. mvum wniwyw
mM. m Mr m9nlfMlk
s the OTMst
f ' cM' S I. f . X. J n-
) Net Contents lSTluid Dranhir
- 5"l S.
j AVctc!ablcfrcparationfcrAs-,
f llnfJIiicStontachsandBcrweU''
t is
! nicrcbyFromounpifcsttoiii
Cheerfulness ana uesuumu.
: neimcx Opium, Morphine nf
,1V :
Ham Si
I Remedy ft
, I n.nd Fcvcrisnnc"-
j resulting therefroraMIljnnlJ,
facsimile Sinalu ot
lit Cemxn Compw
It.1: si
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
iMIWrfcliMI ill tin dh
Habitual Constipation Relieved
If you wake in the morning with bad taste in the mouth, coated tongue,
perhaps headache, your liver is torpid. A torpid liver deranges the whole
system, produces sick headache, dyspepsia, costiveness and pilrs. There is no
better remedy for these disorders than DR. TUTT'S LIVER PILLS. Try
them just once and bo eternally convinced. For sale by all druggists.
lr. Toft's
Aimost Perfect.
Neighbor How is your boy getting
along in the army?
Veteran Well, he attracted the at
tention of the general, and made quite
a hit with the colonel, and is very pop
ular with the captain but he is find
ing It awful hard to please the ser
geant and the corporal. .ludgc.
Many sentimentalists forget 'tis a
soldier's business to make war un
The first test a man Is put thru for
either war or life insurance Is an exami
nation of his water. This is most essen
tial because the kidneys play a most Im
portant part in causing premature old age
and death. The more injurious the pois
ons passing thru the kidneys the sooner
comes decay so says Dr. Pierce of Sur
gical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., who further
advirfes all people who are past thirty to
preserve the vitality of the kidneys and
free the blood from poisonous elements,
such as uric acid drink plenty of water
sweat some daily and take Anuric, double
strength, before meals. 60c a package.
This An-u-ric Is a late discovery of Dr.
Tierce nnd Is put up In tablet form, and
can be obtained at almost any drug store,
For that backache, lumbago, rheumatism,
"rusty" Joints, swollen feet or hand3, due
to uric acid In the blood, Anuric quickly
dissolves the uric acid as hot water does
sugar. Take a little Anuric before meals
and prolong life. Send 10 cents to Dr.
Pierce for trial package of Anuric.
Eat What
You Like
Always Relieves
Your druggist has it
For Infants an.i Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
ra i i r
, mwvtM rrr.
Fall Kun of Distemper
QDA1ISIQ' A small outlay of money bruins very
JrJ ill J great results. It is a sure curv and a
Iri.vtntive If you use It as per directions. Simple, eafa
and sure. The $1 size is twice the quantity and an ounce
more than the 50c size. Get your horses in best condition
for lute fall and winter. All druggists, harness deal
ers or mnnufnrttirers.
Sl'Oll.V MKDICAL. CO., Manufacturers, Goshen, lad.
A Near-Membership.
"Does he come under the head of
organized labor?"
"Well, he plays for a church choir."
Alice Pork and Beans.
Contain more protein and more fat
than other foods. They go farther and
cost less. Try them. All grocers. Adv.
Successful men seldom hand their
friends the brand of advice they us
Fort Wayne, Ind. "I have been
made most comfortable by the use of
Anuric. When I started to take this
medicine my right kidney pained me
each time I had a passage, and my
back ached all the time and was so
stiff I could scarcely get up after ly
ing down. The first bottle I took of
Anuric completely cured me of these
conditions, and the rheumatism in my
shoulders, h;mds and feet Is diminish
ing so rapidly I can scarcely believe
that Anuric has done so much for me
In so short a time. I feel extremely
grateful for this relief and am only too1
glad to recommend It." MRS. S. J.
KOHEKTS, f'17 Cottage Ave.
Every package of Anuric is sure to
be Dr. Pierce's. You will find the fig
nnture on the package just as you do
on Favorite Prescription, the fai.iotis
friend of ailing women, and G Iden
Medical Discovery, proven by years to
be the greatest general tonic. Adv.
Eat When
Stomach Trouble
or can get it for you.
ills hmmm
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