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You Will Not Be Confined to
Gems and Jewelry
When Making your Christmas
Purchase Here.
ilumC Irrontohlo Fancy China, Cut GUsa, Table Silverware,
Alndjfd HltCpWUIC'"rancy ciocka, Umbrellas, Canea, Smoker's
Requisites, Military Brushes. Sets of Mirrors, Brushes, and Couibs in
Cases for ladies.
Mrs. H. I. Scliunck Jvelry Store '
Jewelers and Opticians
"The Gift
111 W.Fayette St.
Christmas Presents
Can you think of a more beautiful or more appro
priate Christmas Present than a nice Bible? We are
headquarters for Bibles, and no advance in price. We
want you to see our splendid line of Books for Children,
Boys and Girls and Grown-ups.
We can show you a lot of Manicure Sets, Shaving
Mirrors, Perfume and Toilet Water, Fountain Pens,
Brushes, Combs and Mirrors, Fine Box Candy, Fancy
Stationery, &c. If you are from Missouri, let us
show you.
Nndell's Drug Store
All Ladles', Misses' and Children's
COATS, 25 per cent or 1-4 off.
All Wool DRESS SKIRTS, 20 per
cent, or 1-5 off regular price.
Warren Trenary and 'family called on
Wm. McGee and family.'Sunday.
Miss Louise Andrews is boarding with
Taylor Jeffries and wife this week.
Mrs. Flora Quarton, of Alton, Illinois,
visited the past week with W. T. And
rews and family. '
Thomas MeGee and family spent Sun
day with Joe McGee and family.
F. P. Andrews and soa called on Joe
Andrews Thursday.
A number of the young people in this
. vicinity were disappointed Sunday even
ing. Frank Fetters was at Celina Monday.
Wm. McGee delivered hogs to market
The Democrat prints more sale bills
than all the printing offices In Celina
Cincinnati Dally Post and The Demo
crat, both one year, $3.60.
Our Christmas
Begins To-Morrow!
It will be worth your time to see what the
values are. When you figure 40 per cent off the
regular price of the Suits it is like this:
$50.00 Suits are
$45.00 Suits are
$40.00 Suits are
$30.00 Suits are
The COATS are all ONE-FOURTH less.
Bring us your CHRISTMAS CHECKS. We
will gladly cash them for you. Your Liberty
Bonds are as good as cash to us in payment of a
purchase in our store.
0. Rentzsch
Main Street, Celina, O.
fried to Mar' Woman's Beauty
Bellefontaine, O., Dec. 12. Mrs
Grace Krahr, 30, was slashed with a
razor in her home here by a woman
whom she admitted as a canvasser.
The woman escaped, but was later hi-
rested. She told the police lhat her
name was Mrs. Lola Horner of Lima,
and that s'fle cut Mrs. Krahr with the
Intention of marring her beauty. Mrs.
Horner said letters bearing her vie
tim's name had been found In her
husband's pockets,
Miss Glenn's Wedding Day.
Chlllicothe, Dec. 12. Announce
ment was made hera that Miss Ed
wlna Glenn, daughter of Major Gen
eral Edwin F. Glenn, commander of
the Eighty-third national army divl
sion, and Captain James R. Garfield
will be married Dec. 31 tn the Red
Cross community house at Camp
Sherman. Captain Garfield is a grand'
son of former President James A,
Saving Sale
A Heal Christmas
ItS. GOULD smiled us
she wrapped her furs
around her and tele
phoned for her uutoino
hlle. She turned to her
cousin who was going
to acco in uany her
downtown and suld: "I think it's
a good Idea to get one's Christinas
xhopping ull done several weeks in ud
viinoc. You get much butter uttontlou
In the shops, and you muke it uusler
for the poor tired salesgirls."
"Hut," asked the cousin, "do you
know what you want so fur uheud of
the holiday?"
"Ves, here's my list. Look at It while
I button my cloves."
"Handkerchiefs, dresses, waists,
gloves, veil whew, for whom are all
these things?"
"My maids," answered Mrs. Gould.
"A horn, three dolls, a drum, pulr of
skates surely the muids cun't use
thi'sc?" asked the cousin.
"The toys are for my washerwom
an's children and their little friends.
I always give them presents, since God
hasn't blessed me with children of my
own. Come, the car is at the door."
Outside a shop window In the busiest
street of the city stood little Lena
Swift. Around her shoulders she wore
a tattered shawl, aud her hands were
snuggled under it to prevent them
from freezing. She stood with her
face pressed close to the glass.
"My," she said "half aloud, "ain't It
cold for the end of November, and
oh, ain't thut a beautiful doll. I won
der whether Suuta will think of me
this yeurl"
Leuu shivered with cold, and big
tears came to her eyes as she went on
musing. "He ain't never come sine
mother died. Aunt Itosie says she has
no money for nonsense and such, and
she says there ain't no Santa Claus
"Move on little one," said a police
man coming up to Lena and tapping
her shoulder with his club. Lena ran
off half fearfully, half reluctantly, and
at that moment spied a large Santa
Clnus who stood on the opposite cor
ner ringing a bell and asking the pas
sersby to drop a coin In the bowl for
a Christmas dinner that would be giv
en on the twenty-fifth of December at
the Wayfarers' lodge.
The child made a dash across the
street to tell Santa Claus what she
wanted him to put In her stocking,
when she received a terrific blow from
behind. Then it seemed as though she
were falling falling down down.
Then a pair of strong arms lifted her
and she heard a soft voice which
seemed to come from a great distance
say "Smith, Is she much hurt? Poor
little puss."
Lena awoke next morning and found
herself in a soft white bed in a room
so beautiful that her first thought
was "I must be dead and this sure is
heaven." A white-capped nurse bent
over her.
She tried to glance about, but the
pain shot through her head and made
her close her eyes.
Then Lena experienced something
that she hud not felt since her mother
had died a caressing touch and a
Lena had been badly hurt and it
took several weeks for her to get even
well enough to sit up In bed. Christ
mas morning dawned cold and clear,
and the child was allowed to see what
Santa had brought her.
At the foot of her bed stood a gor
geous Christmas tree, such as she had
often seen in the great toyshops, but
never In the wildest flights of hei
fancy dreamed of possessing. On the
floor beside the tree, In a tiny little
wicker chair, sat the big doll with
the "shutting eyes" that she had seen
in the shop window. Then the beau
tiful lady came over to her bed and,
putting her arms around Lena, said
T)on't you think Santa Claus has been
good to you?"
'Are they all for me? What would
Aunt Rosle say? She thinks there
ain't no Santa Claus."
"Tour Aunt Rosle knows you are
with me and she says It's all right.
Yes, they are. all for you. There are
no other children here. This Is the
first time the real Santa Claus has vis
ited me, and this is the happiest Christ
mas I have had since I was a child,
"What did Santa bring you?" asked
Lena, returning Mrs. Gould's embrace.
The happy woman took a mirror
from the table and held it in front of
the child. Lena looked into it and
saw a face so clean and white that
she scarcely recognised it, framed by
a mass .pf brown curls, and a pair of
large blue eyes that returned her gase
"It's me," she said.
"Yes; it's you. Santa Clans baa
brought me you, and Aunt Boal Mid
may keep you." .
Do von net ud at nljtht? Sanol Is
surely the best for all kidney or blad
der troubles. Sanol gives relief In
24 hours from all backache and blad
der trouble. Sanol is a guaranteed
remedy. 35c and $1.00 a bottle at
the drug store. o.
The undersigned hereby give notice that
they will not allow any hunting; or tres
passing1 on their premises. All violators
will be prosecuted under tae law.
Isaac Hainline, Celina, R. D. No. 4.
C. L. Hainline, Celina, R. D. No. 4.
Moline Universal Tractor
The Tractor they are all talking about. For sale by
A. E. Kanorr & Son, Durbin,0.
George Hinet called upon Gill Long
Mrs. John Stoll called upon Mrs. Geo.
Hines Tuesday.
The Die social at the school here last
Friday evening was well attended.
Nancie and Ollie Stoll called upon
Nancy Stoll Saturday afternoon.
Reuben Stoll and sisters visited Noah
Black and family Monday afternoon.
George Hines and daughter Mary were
at Celina Friday.
Marie Davis spent a few days last
week with her grandmother, Mrs. Deitsch
Rev. Eddineton was the guest of Chas.
Weill Friday and Saturday.
When you have the back ache the
liver or kidneys are sure to be out of
gear. Try Sanol it does wonders for
the liver, kidneys and bladder. A
trial J 5c bottle of Sanol will convince
you. Cet It at th drug store, adv.
Public Sale
I will offer atr public tale at my resi
dence, 6 miles west of Rockford and 3
miles east of Wiltshire, on the St. Marys
road, 3-4 mile north of Winkler church,
and 3-4 mile sonth of Plank church, be
ginning at 12:30 p.m., on FRIDAY, De
cember 21, 1917, the following property,
Horses, 4 head Team of 3-year-old
sorrel horses, light mane and tale; one
weighs 1500 and 1545. This team is sound
well broke and hat good action. Black
mare, 4 years old, weight 1400, will work
in all harness. Bay mare, smooth mouth,
good worker, weight 1350. Coming 3-year-old
horse, sound.
Cattle, 24 Head Jersey cow, 4 years
old, fresh by day of tale. Half Jersey
and half Guernsey cow 5 years old, fresh
by day of sale. Jersey cow, 5 years old,
fresh in January. Jersey cow, 5 years
old, fresh January lit. Jersey cow, 6
years old, fresh in January. Half Jersey
and half Holstein, 3 yeari old, fresh in
spring. Jersey cow, 6 years old, with
calf by side. Black cow, 6 years old,
with calf by side. Half jersey cow, 5
yearsjold, fresh by day of sale. Durham
cow, 6 years old, close up springer. Dor
ham cow, 4 years old, with calf by side.
Jersey cow, eligible to registry, 4 years
old, fresh January 1. Jersey cow, 5
years old, fresh.by day' of sale. Half
Jersey cow, 4 years old, fresh in January
Nine yearling Lalves Yearling full
blooded Guensey heifer. Yearling Jer
sey heifer. Two yearling steer calves
Three yearling bulls. Two yearling
Hogs 20 head shoats, weighing about
100 lbs each.
Machinery Two-horse 3 1-4 in wagon,
set of dump boards, Oliver riding plow,
good as new; Hoosier grain drill, 3 bar
rels of oil, 3-burner gasoline stove, Col
lie dog, twine, 100 shocks of corn and
other articles.
Terms of Sale All sums J5 and under
cash in hand. On sums over $5 a credit
of 9 months will be given, purchaser
giving bankable note. 4 per cent off for
E. E. Bevington and G. R. Hileman,
Marion Pond, Clerk.
Raudabaugh & Thomas
FIRE ! ! Lightning, Wind Storm, and Plate Glass Insurance.
Live Stock Insured Against Death from Any Cars?
Automobiles Insured Against Fire Anywhere, Subject to 09 As
sessments. Will furnish Surety Bonds.
Opposite Conrt House - - CELINA, OHIO
Loans on Real Estate
We have an unlimited amount of Money to loan on Real Estate. We
make you a loan for 20 years, which you have the privilege of paying off
at any time. You can pay it off the next day after you make the loan it
you see fit.
Any amount you pay in advance is discounted to you, thereby saving
a great deal of interest which you are compelled to pay in any other
company or agency.
Our company is the only one that will make you a loan, so that if you
have a failure of crops you will have nothing to pay. Ton pay no com
mission at any time when yon make a loan with ns. If you
have a loan in some other company, or if you are buying a farm you had
better take a 20-year loan with us before the rate of interest goes up,
which is sure to come very soon.
The Wagner Loan Company
Clyde E. Thomas, Agent
I. O. O. Temple,
for Farm and City property. Best Indemnity. Lowest
cost. See or write us before placing your insurance.
Brookhart & Hare
Richardson Building, CELINA, OHIO
We are sure having some winter at
this writing.
Herbert Smith and wife are the happy
parents of a baby girl, born last Monday
Edward Freewalt and family spent
Sunday with Geo. J. Smith and family.
Misses Lidie and Ada Smith and Mrs.
Edward Freewalt called on Mrs. Herbert.
Geo. Freewalt and family, of Lima, are
speuding this week with friends at this
Mrs. Clarence Fetters and daughter,
of near Wabash, are spending this week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J.
Mias Lidie Smith, of Celina, spent
Sunday at horn.
Geo. J., Herman and Ira Smith deliv
ered some cattle to Celina Saturday for
W. H. Freeman, while Mr. Frenian de
livered a load of hogs.
The following assisted Geo. J. Smith
and wife in butchering Tuesday: Mr.
Edward Freewalt and family, Clyde Kin-
caid and family, Cleve Smith and wife,
Andy Smith, junior and senior.
Mrs. Geo. J. Smith and daughter Ada
spent Friday evening with Mrs. Herbert
Give Furniture for Christmas
Puf vnnr cri ft- mnnv into nreflnlfl
that will brighten the home. Give fur
niture lor .nristnias. nvery nome neeas
some new niere of furniture a new
rnrlcinoi rhiiir lihrnrv tAhlt flunn Ra
tional bookcase, bed Davenport, din
ing table, dining chairs, buffet, ladies'
writinor rlpclr anil manv nthfr nirf thai
are useful every day of the year. These
are the gifts that count. Call and see
ns for your furniture gifts. At W. A. J,
Mcuaniel s.
Public Sale
I will offer at public sole on the Lafe
Myers farm, two miles east of Rockford.
on Concrete road, beginning- at 12:39 p
m., on
the following property, to-wlt:
HORSES Black mare IS yean eld
weight 1600. Gray mare 11 years old in
foal, weight 1600. Bay mare I years old,
weight ISO. Sorrel horse 2 years old, is
broke to work. Colt coming 2 years old.
Spring colt.
CATTLE Heifer will be fresh by day
of sale, will be second calf and a good
milker. Four spring calves.
SHEEP Eighteen head of breeding
ewes will lamb the last of February and
Turkeys Bronze gobbler and two hens.
FARM MACHINERY Case sulky plow
good as new; Deere riding cultivatlr and
one walking cultivator, both in good
shape; John Deere corn planter good as
new; set of hay ladders; one wagon; two
new ground breaking plows; Disc gang
plaw; wagon box, two sets work harness.
Six hundred bushels corn; three tons
of hay, and many other artlclM.
TERMS All sums of $5 and under cash;
over S5 a credit of 9 months, purchaser
giving a bankable note. 4 per cent off for
E. E. Bevington, auctioneer.
W. B. Tlngley, clerk.
The Most Up-to-Date Grocery in Celina Is ,
John Morrow's
Star Grocery
The Quality the Best ! The Prices the Lowest !
Notice Our Prices
Coffee fancy Java, whole bean, per lb 15c
Kidney Beans A No. 2 can tender eating Iteans,
per can 10c
Pork and Ueans A No. 2 can I'ork and Beans; a 15c
value; per can 10c
Oysters Fresh fancy Osters.per pint 25c
Corn A No. 2 can fancy Sweet Corn; 2 cans 25c
Mustard A quart jar fane table mustard, a 25c value;
Our pries 25c
Corn Flakes Quaker Corn Flakes, a 10c value; per
box 8c
Cocoa l ib can fine baking or cup quality. Our
price 25c
Big Soap Special for Saturday
Take advantage of this. Lr.y in a supply. This will
be your last chance to buy soap at this price.
Lennox Soap, per bar 5c; 10 bars 40c
Grandma's Soap, a full bar white laundry soap,
equal to any good soap; 6 bars, 25c; 12 bars 49c
Christmas Goodies
A full line of Candies, Mixed Nuts, Pea Nuts, Salted
and Roasted; Oranges, Bananas, fancy Grapes, Pine
Apples. Special prices for treats. See us before you
Wa on III Fated Desfoyer.
Newark, O., Dec. 10. Arch Leedy
of this city was a machinist on the
destroyer Jacob Jonea. His name ha?
not yet been announced among the
survivors. Leedy, who was only 17
when he enlisted, has been in the
United States navy for two years.
8elzers of Coal Fined.
Toledo, Dec. 11. Fifteen Henry
county residents accused In federal
court of confiscating coal in transit,
must pay 28 a ton for ths coal taken
recently and pay fines at the rate of
$8 and cost per ton. They pleaded
"dire necessity.''
Twenty Person Hurt
Lorain, O., Dec. 10. Twenty per
sons were Injured when a Lake Shore
electric limited, eastbound, crashed
into an Avon Beach and Southern car
near here. Both cars were destroyed
by a fire which followed ths collision.
Drops Newspaper.
Port Clinton, O., Dec. 12. The Oak
Harbor Press, published at Oak Har
bor since 1S73, has suspended publi
cation. The owner of tie paper, Wil
liam Guerno, will devote all of his
time to Job printing work.
Woman Shoots Herself.
Springfield, O., Dec. 13. Mrs. Wil
liam S. Mackenzie, 34, wife ot the
former president of the Builders' ex
change, committed suicide by shoot
ing herself In the breast 111 health
is given as the cause.
Loses Life at Front
Gallon, O., Dec. 12. Ralph Crew,
7.2, has been killed while fieliting with
the British in France, according to a
message received iieiv by li;s ijarents.
! Ie crJ!.' t.v y rs a ::.'.'. hi'
Sanol Ecxema Prescription is a fa
mous old remedy for all forms of Ec
zema and skin diseases. Sanol Is a
guaranteed remedy. Get a 35c. large
trial bottle at the drus st-re. adv.
Cincinnati Daily Post and The Demo
crat, both one year. $3.80.
Furs Bought as Canght
118 W. Fayette St. Phone 347
Write for Price Lists and Shipping Taos
Sure Death to
Sold in the Bulk
Baker's Drug Store
Rooms 1 and 2, Commercial
Bank Building
5 per
5 per
New Fund Just secured. Tou can have
this money for 10 years Pay back AT
ANT TIME and stop interest.
This office loans more Money man au
other agencies In the county combined.
Ed L. Bryson
5 per
5 per
Hon. John W. Loree gave a very in
teresting talk at Grange Friday evening
on the Y. M. C. A. This was the first
time the people of Neptune had of the
work being done by this organization.
The High School is preparing to give
a cantata Christmas under the direction
of Rev. Turner.
Joseph Van Fleet, who has been ill
for several months it not improving and
his recovery it doubtful.
Harry Hall has been out of school for
several days on account of some throat.
The new home of Prof. Garwick it
nearing completion, but work it now
suspended because of cold weather.
There was no meeting of the Red Cross
Monday evening because of the unusual
cold weather.
Jonas Thomas, wife and children are
visiting with Mrs. Thomas' people at
Zanetville, O.
Farm for Sale
The 91-acre farm for sale; known as
the J. P. C. Stachler farm, located 3
miles south of Celina, Ohio, one-half
mile from the cement reservoir road.
Good well, drained land, plenty water,
2-story, 8-room frame house, with cellar;
convenient barn and outbuildings on the
place. For particulars write to HENRY
STACHLER, R.D. No. 1, Burkettsville,
Ohio; or see him at Cranberry Prairie,
Ohio. 33-tf
Public Sale
The undersigned will offer for sale, at
public auction, at his residence SB the
Cora Schroyer farm ,one-half mile south
and 1 mile west of Wabash; 2 miles
north of St Anthony; 7 miles south of
Chattanooga, 11 miles west and one-halt
south If Celina, on
commencing at 10 o'clock a. m.. the fol
lowing personal property:
FIVE HEAD HORSES Consisting of
roan mare, 9 years old, weight ItOt ; one
sorrel gelding, 9 years old, weight 15M;
one bay driving mare, weight 1200; this
mare will work in any work and will road
12 miles a nhour; 1 coming 2 year eld
black mare colt; one coming 2 year old
bay horse colt. These colts are from
good sires and will make heavy horses.
FOUR CATTLE Consisting of one rata
shorthorn cow, 8 years old, weight about
1500. will be fresh March 1st; one cow,
4 years old; one spring calf. These tw
Just mentioned are the roan cow's obJtss,
and are well bred. Also one Jersey oow,
10 years old. These three cows are all
giving a good flow of milk.
FARM IMPLEMENTS Consisting of 1
Osborne binder, 7 foot cut; 1 Osborne
mower, 6 ft. cut; one American 12-dlsc
drill, with2 aid 3 horse hlteh; 1 Johnson
8-fork hay tedder, good as new; 1 John
Deere corn planter, 1 Dane hay loader, 1
13-inch disc, with tandem attachments;
1 Tiger cultivator, 1 Brown-Manly walk
ing cultivator, 1 14-inch Ollcer walking
plow, with rolling cutter, 1 lnoh Oliver
walking plow, 1 11-ft wood frams har
row, one 11 ft. iron frame harrow; 2 sets
of single driving harness, 2 sets double
breeching work harness, 1 BirdseU 814
inch scain wagon, good as new; one est
of hay ladders, grain bed and hog rack
combined; one narrow tire wagon, with
wagon box; 1 carriage, one buggy, 1 De
Laval cream separator, No. 10, in first
class condition; 100 bushel oorn in the
crib, 260 shicks of fodder, about 5 tons of
mixed hay in the mow, mostly dover;
100 head of chickens, steel and wood hog
troughs and self-feeder; 80 rod roU new
barb wire, a few articles of household
goods and many other articles not men
TERMS of SALE All sums of $f and
under cash; over this amount a credit of
9 months will be given, purchaser giving
a bankable note.
Lunch stand on ground.
P. C. Knox, Auctioneer.
G. C. Thatcher, Clerk.
Money to Lotus, on Horses, Cattle,
Farm Implements and Growing Crops
at a low rate.
Tou can pay back at any time asd
stop Interest. Business strictly eon
OdentiaL For particulars ean
Jk Ceilnacrtpge im Co.
Wyekoff Block
Main and Market Its C KLIN A, C

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