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Drop Freezone on a touchy
corn, then lift that corn
off with fingers
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a little
Freezone on on nehing corn, lnstuntly
that corn stops hurting, then you lift
It right out. Yes, magic! No humbug!
Try It! Make thli lemon lotion
to Vtfhlten your tanned or
freckled akin..
Squeeze the Juice of two lemons In
to n bottle containing three ounces of
Orchard White, sliti ke well, nnd you
hnvo a quarter pint of the best freckle.
sunburn und tuu lotion, and complex
Ion whltcner, nt very, very smull cost.
Your grocer has the lemons nnd nny
drug store or toilet counter will supply
three ounces of Orehnrd White for a
few cents. Massage this sweetly fra
grant lotion Into the face, neck, arms
and hands and see how quickly the
freckles, sunbnrn, wlndhurn and tan
disappear nnd how clear, soft and
white the skin becomes. Yes I It la
harmless. Adv. -
Wear Sealskins,
Latest Request
A tiny bottle of Freezone costs but a
few cents at any drug store, but Is suf
ficient to remove every hard corn, soft
corn, or corn between the toes, and the
calluses, without soreness or Irritation.
Freezone is the sensational discov
ery Of a Cincinnati genius. It Is won
derful. Adv.
Beyond Their Understanding.
It is worse than useless to attempt
to create in the minds of the young
unnatural Ideals in which sclf-sacrillee
and self-repression are the chief at
tributes of goodness. Klht Flagg
Shyloek would huve an awful time
getting away Willi that "pound of
flesh" stuff nowadays.
r.irmlnghain brass factories are get
ting ready for post war business.
New Jersey farmers feed milk to
A scholar has no ennui. hogs to save it.
I Meat Must Be Sold I
Fresh meat is perishable. It
must be sold within about two
weeks for whatever it will bring.
A certain amount of
beef is frozen for foreign
shipment, but domestic
markets demand fresh,
chilled, unfrozen beef.
Swift & Company can
not increase prices by
withholding meat, be
cause it will not keep fresh
and salable for more than
a few days after it reaches
the market.
Swift & Company cannot tell
at the time of purchasing cattle,
what price fresh meat will bring
when put on sale. If between
purchase and sale, market con
ditions change, the price of meat
must also change.
The Food Administration
limits our profit to 9 per cent on
capital invested in the meat
departments. This is about 2
cents per dollar of sales. No
profit is guaranteed, and the
risk of loss is not eliminated.
As a matter of fact, meat is
often sold at a loss because of
the need of selling it before it
Swift & Company, U.S. A.
.-xew xorK. jno American govern'
meat Is interested in the exploitation
of sealskin. That Is a sentence preg
nant with significance. It means one
thing: to Hooverlze on the other furs
and use the kind which the Pacific
coast produces, writes a leading fush
Ion correspondent.
It Is said that the dyes and the pre
paration of fur for costume usage are
exceptionally good. The story goes
that quite a degree of sharp Irritation
has been caused umong certain groups
of Individuals concerning the dyeing
knowledge that St. Louis has made her
own. Whatever the outcome of the
Irritation, the fact remains that the
fur people say that women have noth
ing to fear from the grade, the quality
or the coloration of the fur that will
bear the American label.
Kveryone does not know the extra
ordinary situation which wus develop
ed In the fur trade before the war
broke. The simplest piece of Ameri
can peltry that an American girl wore
had probably made a little Journey hulf
around the world and was far more
traveled than Its possessor. You could
catch a 'coon In Georgia, send it to
London for preparation, across the
English channel to France to have
style and finish put into it, then, from
n port in France to an Atlantic port,
and finally Journey It across the con
tinent, drop It Into various places, well
known and unknown, nnd sell It to an
American woman.
Such was the fate of a piece of fur.
Today our peltry stays at home. Wo
can catch a 'coon In Georgia, an opos
sum In Alabama, trap a mink In New
England, get together all the cats and
rats the nation does not need, and turn
them out between St. Louis, New York,
Chicago nnd San Francisco into a mot
ley array of admirable furs.
Will Push Native Sealskins.
Fostering this condition Is the Amer
ican government. Our nntive seal
skin will be pushed to the limit of ex
ploitation as a fashionable fur, and
there is no renson for women to linger
far behind tthe government In its de
sire to have these skins sold In a steady
The reason for the enthusiasm on
the part of the majority of women for
this soft nnd pliable fur, is its effect
upon the human face and figure. It is
singularly attractive to flesh and bone.
It falls into supple folds; it brings out
the best in a complexion. Raccoon,
opossum, skunk and all the other long
haired furs are stylish, one admits, but
they are not becoming. Silver foxes
are graceful enough in their undula
tions and the hairs arc soft enough to
keep a woman's face gentle and fem
inine, but when a stitf-haired fur is put
against the chin, the features are hard
ened as though a cold wind had passed
over them.
Paris is augmenting the use of seal
skin. Capes are made with 18 and 20
lnch borders of It; skirts are made
with floating panels of it lined with
chiffon; medieval cuirasses of heavy
embroidered satin that show a glint of
siik and metal in the design have long,
medieval sleeves of American sealskin
which flare over the knuckles.
The sealskin sacque will come back
with the ostrich feather. These have
always been associated in the minds
of those who remember the days of old,
when the height of bliss to a fashion
able woman wns a summer in Snm.
toga, a pair of drop solitaire earrings,
a short, untrimmed seaJskin sacque
and a hat ornamented with two or
more long, floating ostrich plumes.
The diamond earrings will not re
turn to fashion, but the ostrich feather
and the sealskin coat will come out on
the primrose path of fashion in the
early autumn.
The women of England and France
have led the way. The ostrich plume
was first demanded by those who made
money In munitions and had to spend
it on the symbols of luxury; but soon
tlie French women took It up for Its
beauty and again we have soft felt hats
with blue and rose pink, black and
brown thickly curled ostrich plumes
floating around the crown and drop
ping down on the shoulder.
One of the new bits of millinery
shows a hat that ban a Joffre bluo
plume pulled around over the left
shoulder like a curl, and one gets a
quick, flashing backward glimpse of
those women of royal France who
hunted through the forests with a
plume down their hack and a falcon in
their hand.
New Suit Show Peltry.
The American designers, as well as
those in France, are taking time by
the forelock and exhibiting autumn
gowns that may be bought at the pros-
ent moment and worn at summer re
sorts cool enough to make fur endur-
To the outsider, the very thought of
peltry in our hot, humid climate dur
ing July and August, is depressing: but
there arc thousands who are not so
easily depressed by a circumstance
Instead I took Lydia E. Pink,
ham's Vegetable Compound
and Was Cured.
Tnltimore, Md. "Nearly four year
I suffered from organic troubles, ner
11 ri
"" :
The village coifcert was in progress
and, although all the local talent was
mustered, little Johnny, the squire's
son nnd heir, was bored, badly bored.
His mother grew quite anxious about
him, but when a small girl started pip
ing "The Minstrel Hoy" and reached
the line: "Ills father's sword he has
girded on," Johnny fairly pricked up
his ears In excxltement.
"You like tills, Johnny?" said his
fond mother. "It is"
"Pe quiet, mother, do." said Johnny
Impatiently. "I want to hear what hap
pens when his father gets to know!"
Value of Circumlocution.
"Did lie charge you with mendac
ity?" "No." replied the man who had been
In a light. "If he had done that I
might have been compelled to go to
the dictionary to make sure of his ex
act meaning. It was his contemptuous
manner that angered me. He wouldn't
even waste a word of four syllables on
t&t MM
- 7Jsa. I "Mi! c 1
vousness and head
aches and every
month would have to
stay in bed most of
the time. Treat
ments would relieve
me for a time but
my doctor was al
ways urging me to
ave an operation.
My sister asked me
Too Much Rapidity.
"You don't seem to have a very high
regard for Zeh Splcer's piety."
"Mebbe I haven't." replied FurnMr
Comtossel, cautiously.
"Zeb says he has read the ISIble
through more than a hundred times."
"Yes. Put in order to do that he
must have gone so fast he couldn't stop
to think much about what he was
readln.' "
Success Has Followed All Their
On the train f rom Edmonton to Win
nipeg the writer took a seat beside a
soldier who had returned from the
front. On his breast he wore the
beautiful distinguished service medal.
One coat sleeve was armless, and on
his left cheek he bore a scar that he
would curry to his grave. He had
served bis country faithfully and well.
At the first call for soldiers in August,
J014, be hastened to the recruiting
office, leaving his ,'!L0-acre farm, with
its crop ready for harvest, a full
equipment of farm Implements, plenty
of horses, and a wife. The wife should
not he last on the list for she proved
the master of the situation, and loy
ally took hold of the question of pro
duction, while her husband was on his
way to fight the Hun. And she suc
ceeded. In 1915 she succeeded, and
again In PUG, and when her husband
returned in 1917 she was able to show
some contemplated farm buildings
completed, the Indebtedness of the farm
paid off, a considerable addition to the
stock, and the hind ready for a J!U7
crop. This was the story told by the
soldier, and wasn't he a proud man !
He was now ready to do what he could ! such ailments to consider trying it be
to keep up the period of prosperity j fre submitting to such a trying ordeal.
and provide food for the allies. The
women of Cnnudu have done noblv
during the struggle. i
Among the most successful farmers !
of the Oak Lake district, Manitoba,
tryLvdiaE. Pink-
h a in's Vegetable)
Compound bef or
consenting to an
fl .operation. I took
five bottles of it and
it has completely
cured me nnd mw
work is a pleasure. I tell all my friends
who have any trouble of this kind what
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound has done for me. Nellie B.
Brittingham, 609 Calverton Rd., Balti
more, Md.
It is only natural for any woman to
dread the thought of an operation. So
many women have been restored to
health by this famous remedy, Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, after
an operation has been advised that it
will pay any woman who suffers from
This frock is in medieval effect and
is built of green cloth and black satin,
which is embroidered with white An
gora wool. There is a band of white
fox on the skirt, and a collar of this
fox at the back of the blouse.
over which they have full control.
They want fur; they like to wear It,
and it pleases them to make a piquant
contrast between their costume and the
Therefore, the designers will let
them have their way. They not only
give them separate pieces of fur, but
gowns trimmed with it, capes bordered
with it nnd blouses heaped with it.
Mind you, they are not stingy about
fur on these new clothes. There is not
a tiny fringe of it on a chiffon ruffle,
as in other days, but it is used in a
bold and lavish manner, such ns 20
inch bands, medieval sleeves nnd huge
girdles with bows at the hack.
It does not take superfine reckoning
to realize that the American sealskin is
about the only fur that can he used in
this generous fashion. The stiff-haired
pelts cannot be manipulated Into pieces
of a garment; they must remain as
separate entities used as accessories.
(Copyright, 19tS, by the McClure Newspa
per Syndicate.)
Miss Sweet It must be glorious to
be able to write as you do.
Novelist Yes; I have got so that I
can tip back in my chair, with my feet
on the dvsk, and dictate by the hour.
are the Misses Clara and Heatrice For
ward, who. for the past fourteen yeurs,
have farmed their own land, doing nil
the regular work on the farm, such as
plowing, seeding, summer fallowing
nnd reaping. They have been espe
cially successful with stock, and have
a splendid herd of shorthorns, both
purebred and grade. At the recent
Brandon sale they purchased a new
purebred stock bull for $700. Their
herd was last year increased by 2a
Miss It. M. Hillman of Keeler, Sas
katchewan, Is another successful
woman farmer. She has gone In ex
tensively for grain growing, and farms
1,120 acres. She also owns some of ,
the finest Percheron horses in Sas
The prairie now boasts of many
women who have had more or less suc
cess, though few are farming on the
same large scale as Miss Hillman nnd
uie musses rorwaru. niese women
have demonstrated, and are still dem
onstrating, that a versatile woman
may be just as good end successful a
farmer as her brother.
There are other women, too, on the
Canadian prairies, who, though they
have not had thrown upon them the re
sponsibilities of "run-lug n farm,"
have been decided factors in making
the farm a success. They assist their
husbands by keeping the farm ac
counts, reducing the grocer's bills by
their management of the poultry and
butter, taking care of the house, and,
v.ry often, proving good advisers in
il.c economic management of the men
and general conduct of the farm work.
The man who moves to Canada car
ries with him a wonderful asset In a
good manning wife. Advertisement
i -
I i i
a big knee like this, but your horte
may have a bunch or bruise on his
ankle, hoclc, tifle, knee or throat.
will clean it oil without laying up
the horse. No blister, no hair
zone. Concentrated nnlv a f-
dropt required at an application. 12.50 per
bottle deliTtreit. Dncrlbe rour cir (or special Inilnictlom.
nd Book 8 R free. ABSORBING, JR.. the o
eptle liuimrm lor minlund. reduce, Piinful Swelling
Enltried Clandh Went, BruiKi, Viricoie Veini; lly
Plln ind infcimmitton. Price 1.2S a botlle a( druclMU or
dellrered. Liberal trial bottle ponpaid for 10c
W. F. YOUNG, P. D. F.,310 Tingle St.. Sprinofield. Matt.
Save Your Hair
With Cuticura
Hoap, Oint., 'I.tlmtn
sc. eaoo. M.implti
each of "Cattcuxa,
Dept. I, Bofton."
Wton E.Colemnn.WMb-
luirton.Ii.U Mouth f roe. Hlco.
eut references. Best re&uTba,
DAISY FLY KILLER ?iceian".f.r?!
phi auiD onu mi i
all fl,eB. Neat.eleaa,
ornmDUI, envniant
ctrup. Lute til MHIL
Mavd of mttftl, can't spill
or tip ow; will not wit
or injur anything. Qn"
tntoed jfTwtiTt. SoM by
dealan, or 0 tent bj t
prM, prsjptid, (or II. UQ.
W. N. U.t FORT WAYNE. NO. 29-1 91 i
"It srems to s;ml the almost
riliilosophcr, "thin o fellow who Is
constantly losing his tt'iuper would
have souse enough to quit hunting It
up every time.'
Beaded Motifs Are Used
Would you paint the Illy?
Senseless thing- to do. '
And to rouge the twd-llps.
That is foolish, too.
On the Defensive.
"Whure did you get that chicken,
"Sure, sorr, it enine for me vicious
like, and I hud to kill It in self-defense,
sorr!" Passing Show.
When the Soul Is Hurt.
The most terriiit- thins in the world i Signature cf
is nn. a 1 11 j 1 11 is never Hurt until his
soul is hurt, nnd the only thins tlint
can hurt his soul is sin. Plnmer.
F i"'-rifi,imr-Liriiiii, niiim wiMiir
Where in Western Canada you can buy at from
w vav per acre gooa iarm land that will raise
20 to 45 bushels to the acre of S2 wheat its
. . easy to figure the profits. Many Western Canadian
farmers (scores of them from the U. S.) have paid for their land from a
single crop. Such an opportunity for 100 profit on labor and investment
is worth investigation.
Canada extends to you a hearty invitation to settle on her
Free Heoesfead Lands of IGO Acres Each
or secure some of the low priced lands in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or
Alberta. Think what yon can tnalte with wheat at $2 a bushel and land so
easy to Ret. Wonderful yields also of Oats. Barlev and
Flax. Mixed farming and cattle raising. ,
v ......it..... V..V4 wgi venule;, 1 mil WflJT !
cllities excellent; good schools and churches convenient V-
wnte lor literature and particulars as to reduced railway
rates to SupL Immisration. Ottawa. Canada, or tn 11
W. S. Nathwr, Raon (3, InUnwfoa Station
gidl.. CalumbiH. O l J. M, M.cLachlu. 2 1
Trutla.Twnial Bid., ludiuMpoU. tad.
Canadian Government Aeenti
The fashion for black evening nnd
dinner gowns, now that dancing is los
ing some of its popularity, has led to
corresponding changes In other details
of dress. Many women wishing to be
properly gowned for various occasions,
without much effort on their part have
adopted rather elaborate dark dresses,
Dark accessories nre the natural se
quence to this almost universal epi
demic of somber frocks. Iridescent
beads, spangles and sequins are used
to relieve the monotony and a flash of
liht is the effect of a waving fan of
Iridescent spangles. A frock recently
displayed was of black taffeta, dull
enough by itself, but iridescent beads,
applied in fan-shaped motif on the
npron transformed it.
Gaudy Underwear.
When underclothes set out to be dif
ferent these days they take to chiffon
nnd all sorts and conditions of bright
nnd outer shades. Judged from a
standard of some years past, they look
The Collar That Ties.
That long bins fold of satin or mus
lin that rolls at the back of the neck
Into a colinr and ties at the end of
the V-line in front into a loose knot
Is decidedly becoming to most women,
nnd therefore it Is in for much favor.
It is easy to make dimply fold a bias
strip anywhere from eight to fourteen
nehes wide, and anywhere from a
yard to a yard and a half long, length
wise through the center, and stitch the
raw edges in n seam, leaving an open
ing large enough to turn the collar
right side out. Then turn it and press
It, and sew up the little opening and
the collar Is done.
like anything but underclothes, but
once the mind becomes attuned to the
idea they grow more and more fascin
ating. For Instance, there is a com
bination of camisole nnd petticoat
made of orchid georgette frilled all
round its edges with tiny plaitlngs of
the same material. Then, by way of
diversion, there are old blue ribbons
put on in sort of garlands, looped here
and there in unexpected places, and
knotted in beautiful little rosettes.
Black and deep purple for nightgowns
and combinations are lovely to look
upon. There are many cases when
white is not the most becoming color
In the world and pink has hud its
day. Women will forever love pink,
but they have loved It too well for un
derclothes, and It hns grown monotonous.
The Usual Way.
"What is that string around yo(r
finger for?"
"That is to remind me that I forgot
something my wife tied it there for
me to remember."
Full Measure.
Hobby "Uncle, couldn't a fellow
have a nice Sunday dinner if lie was
;is hungry s me and rnomv as you?"
lioy's Life.
Important to Mothers
Examiue carefully every bottle of
C'ASTORIA. that famous old remedy
for Infants and children, and see that it
Bears the .
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
AVhat animals require, and what It
is our duty to accord them, is plain,
elementary "Justice." Jack London.
California is working
women on farms. I
hundreds of
Plain Evidence.
"The young writer we met the
other day told me he looks into his
heart and writes."
"Yes, it is evident he does not
look into his head."
"They say Blinks, the humorist, sel
dom smiles."
"Yes, Blinks seldmm sees one of his
own jokes in the pikers."
Organdie Blouse.
Organdie printed in little colored
hcks and also ornamented with lines
of colored stitching, making an ull-over
design, Is being used for some of the
most attractive new blouses. Colored
hemstitching nlso is n feature much
Good Shopping Bag.
Thty crctun-io knitting bag dooms to
be In great favor ns n shopping bag.
Edging for Veils.
Faris favors ribbou of a contrasting
hue as an edging on even the most deli
cate tulle veils.
' Indian Bead Fringe.
Indian bead fringe has been ad
vanced y Paris nnd exploited by
America. Strange to say, the two
countries brought out half a dozen fea
tures of dress at the same time, and
fringe is one of them. It is made of
colored wooden heads and hangs in
panels over evening skirts or is from
six to twenty inches deep nt ends of
girdles or dropping from middle of
waist, back and front. Red and black
beads, blue and yellow beads and
greu and gray beads are used.
Far Worse.
Mary I suppose he eventually brbke
your henrt?
Anne Worse than that. lie played
poker with papa and broke him.
Signs of It.
"That woman is n great fault
finder, I understand."
"Yes, she even had n knocker put
on her door."
For centuries GOLD MEDAL Haarlem
Oil has been a standard household remedy
iur Kiuney, iiver, Diaaaer and stomach
trouble, and all diseases connected with
the urinary organs. The kidneys and blad
der are the most important organs of the
body. They are the niters, the purifiers of
your blood. If the poisons which enter
your system through the blood and stom
ach are not entirely thrown out by the
kidneys ana bladder, you are doomed.
Weariness, sleeplessness, nervousness,
despondency, backache, stomach trouble,
headache, pain in loins and lower abdo
men, gall stones, gravel, difficulty when
urinating, cloudy and bloody urine, rheu
matism, sciatica and lumbago, ail warn vou
to look after your kidneys and bladder.
All these indicate some weakness of the
kidneys or other organs or that the eneinv
microbes which are always present in your
system have attacked your weak spots.
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules are
what you need.
have been a standard household remedy.
They are the pure, original imported Haar
lem Oil your great-grandmother used, and
are perfectly harmless. The healing, sooth
ing oil soaks into the cells and lining of
the kidneys and through the bladder, driv
ing out the poisonous germs. New life
fresh strength and health will come as yon
continue the treatment. When complete
ly restored to your usual vigor, continue
taking a capsule or two cad; day; they will
keep you in condition and prevent a re
turn of the disease.
Do not delay a minute. PM.nv. a
pecially dangerous in kidnev and bladder
trouble. All druggists sell GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules. They will refund
the monev if not. as rnnrpwntprl (ic T
MEDAL Haarlem Oil Cansules are im
ported direct from the laboratories in Hol
and. Thev are prepared in enrrnef mun.
tity and convenient form, are easy to take
and are positively guaranteed to giye
prompt relief. In three sizes, sealed pack-
Btrea Aalr fem n . : I ." . 1
TTiey are not a "patent medicine," nor GOLD MEDAL. Accept no substitutes.
"new discovery." For 200 years they ' Adv.
"Do you believe in luck?"
"Of course, I do," replied Senator
Sorghum. "And I have a great respect
for it. The only trouble about luck Is
the wny some people use it for a cam
ouflage when they're dealing off the
bottom of the deck."
for foiir StoitiaefD
Saving the Linen.
When towels are wearing thin join
two together, and make ono strong
towel. They should be ns nearly alike
as passible, of course. Corresponding
threads on under and upper towels ure
not always equally worn, nnd by darn
ing over worn parts they may be made
to last a long time.
The Difference.
"What's the difference betweeh a
drama and n melodrama?"
"In a drama the heroine merely
throws the villain over. In n melo
drama she throws him over a cliff."
How to Avoid the Digestive Miseries
That Hot Weather. Brings
Wash-Silk Suits.
Wash suits this summer will often
mean shantung, pongee, rajah and
habutal silks, for they lone iione of
their newness In a trip to the laundry.
The Style Has Changed.
"Your daughter isn't much help to
"No. She won't do n thing about
tho house. The time was when she
used to sweep the floor with her
skirts occasionally, but now I don't
get even that much assistance from
Among the Debutantes.
Jane Hess is Just tho right girl for
Hello Then there's not oue clianes
In a milium of his getting her.
Cold drinks in hot weather are bad
enough for any stomach but doubly so,
in fact, dangerous when the stomach
is out of fix and yon suffer from indi
gestion , acidity, food-repeating, heart
burn, sour stomach, and that awful
puffed-up, bloated condition after eat
ing. In fact, all stomach and bowel
miseries are greatly aggravated in hot
weather. You can't be too careful.
SunBtrokecan be traced in many cases
to poor digestion. Everyone should
watch their stomach in hot weather.
Keep it sweet and cool. Here is an
easy and pleasant way to correct stom
ach ills. A compound has been dis
covered whioh surely takes up the
harmful Juices and gases from the stom
mach, leaving it sweet, clean, cool and
comfortable. Yoa won't know you
nvs stomach If you utt ons or two
KATONIC tablets after your meal, so
light and pain-free you will feel.
Tilere is not a harmful thine in
ATONIC tablets. They taste fine?
J list like eating candy. Druggists will
tell yon that KATONIC users say they
never dreamed anything couldeivo
such quick and wonderful results- vou
can insure yourself a good, cool, sweet
,v"J7ui y v eao wnat you like
mv tovfnh-BTe.Uie. RPl)0ti to eat it.
KAIOMO is absolutely eunratiteetL
lift a box Irani
V11,V ,ll,i.,....
TO w get nU ot and pievent the
stomach aud bowel troubles that Bra
w"-rlV?ma in hot weather. If
EArOMO fuils, return to your drug,
gist and get your lift v cent back. If
you cannot obtain D-atovi. , V. :
vou li ive drop a card to Katonio Kumsdy

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