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Publlalmrs and Proprietors
C. C.Carlln, Editor
OFFICE 218 South Main 8trt
Gtltce Plume No. 11.
Published weekly Fridays $1.50 per
year in advance.
TH'3 IHIMOCltAT will feel obligated to
nny nulmcrllKir who fulU to receive- hi
paper regularly and promptly. If coin
plulnt bo mailt) to till oltlco.
FRIDAY, September -7, 1918
Of tht ownership. niaiiat:rmtnt, Ac, required
bytheirtnf Aui;iut .'. t"tJ. of THKCbLINA
UKMOi.'KAT. iiubluheil wcrkln at Cclii.a. Ohio,
fur Uttober 1, Mt.
Publiuheri Carlin A Carlin, Cplina, Ohio.
K.litor Chio. C Curliu. Velum, Uhiu.
Huainri, ManatfiT-O. C. Cariin.
Owner. t'h. C. Carl i n. Cclina, O.; Jame
K. Carlin. CoiuiiiLu-., O.
tSigncd; CIIAS. C. CAKLIN. Editor.
Sworn to and lubicribcd before me tliil L'lh day
of September. I'M. rKANK V. SllOIiT.
ISealJ Notary I'ublic. Mvtcer County. Ohio.
The New Liberty
Loan Honor Flag
All Together Now!
Win Ono For
All persons that will use wood (or fuel
the cumuiK winter will eotiier a patriotic j
favor by reporting to their xiwnMiipcinii
niitteeiiiau, who will turuaid the infor
mation to your county chairman lor reg
istration. The state seeks this informa
tion, so pass it along.
Chairman Cramptou, of the County
Fuel Commission, has been notilied of
the appointment of the following mem
bers of the 1'. S. Fuel Administration
(wood division) to serve in their respect
ive townships:
John Now , Celina.
Robert Steinbruuiicr, Victoria.
Geo. Hill, Rocklonl.
F. Springer, Rocklonl.
A. I). Winkler, Rockfonl.
K. lj. Baker, Celina.
Chas. Nebenling, Coldwater.
Orau1 Newcomb, Celma.
S. K. Copclaiul, Celina.
Chas. HallhiU, Mercer.
Walter Lewis, Rocklonl.
J. A. Slorrow, Monteuni.
Otis Monroe, MouU'uuat.
John 11. ('.els, M. Hem v.
Frank Romer, St. Henry.
W. K. Wilson, Ft. Recovery.
Delphos Mott, Ft. Recovery.
(.'.rover Nmhiig, Meiiiloii.
W. K. Kiikpatrick, Celina.
lieiij. Dock, Celina.
Robert Riley, Celma.
A. J. lioise, Celina.
W. F.. Rodger, Celina.
lienj. Kvcrs, M iria Stein.
John Kleinhcii., Maria Stein.
John Lamm, Ft. Recovery.
Leo Sclicnking, ll. Recovery.
A. C. I're.dio, Meiidon.
J. A. Tingley, Meinlon.
Hert Holilreii, ColihvaUr.
C. G. l'owell, Celina.
'Buy Liberty Bonos.
Designed to Raise $8,000,000,000 by
t Taxation.
Washington, Sept. 21. The house
passed the war revenue bill, designed
to raise by taxation approximately
$S,1S2,0U0,00U of the $24,000,000,000
or more needed by the nation for the
current year. The measure now goes
to the senate.
Passage of the bill by the house
was unanimous. A rormai rou can.
demanded by Majority Leader Kiteh
in recorded 350 yeas and no noes,
which, when announced by Speaker
Clark, was greeted by a roar of
cheers and applause.
Desire for the bill's enactment be
fore the November elections has
been expressed by loaders of both
houses, but this is considered doubt
ful. Prisoners Conference Meets.
ISenie. Sept. 23. American and
German delegates to the prisoners of
war conference met here under the
chairmanship of President Calondcr.
The Ausl.ro-italian war prisoners con
ference has just closed after a
month's session. It concluded a con
vention dealing with the different
questions relative to the treatment
of pri. oners, the exchange of sick
car lives and the repatriation of in
terned civilians. '
Railway Strike Spreads.
I.i:ndo!i. Sept. 25. Parts of the
London district served by the Great
Nor'h railway were afl'e.ied by he
spread of the railway strike. Few
tr.i'i.s arrived at the Pad lin-'ton
station. Passengers on local lines
had to seek transportation on tram
it's and electric trains to get into
the city. The service on the Nulh
Loudon railway was suspended in
consequence of the strike of drivers.
Thore Is mrrp Catarrh In this r.eotlen
of the country tlinn all other diseases
put together, and for years lt was sup
posed to be incut able. Doctors prescribed
local remedies, and by constantly failinc;
to cure with local treatment, pronounced
It incurable. Catarrh is a local disease,
greatly Influenced by constitutional ron
Httii.no (ia , t...r..i ..... ...... ...,o, op
tional treatment. Hull's Cutarrli Modi- j"1-
Miu, nmiiu laci ui l'u i y . d. uenpy oc
Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is a constitutional
remedy, Is taken internally vv m :s
thru the Ulood on the Mucous Surfaces
of the System. One Hundred lJollai's re
ward la offered for any ease tluit Hall's
Catarrh Mcdl Ine fulls b cure. Send for
uirculur end tcntiinouhila.
F. J. C"- KKV CD., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by - IKK'"'".
Uall'i Family I'lll for constipation.
lv!cAdoo Blares It Will Tak
Bi iiajais to Win the War.
Sum of $0,000,000,000 the Minimum
Amount the People Are Aked to
Subscribe For the Fourth Liberty
Loan and the Secretary Expects the
Rich to Do Their Share Would
Protect All Bond Buyer.
New York, Sopt. 25. Six billion
dollars l.s the minimum umount
which the people of the United States
are asked to subscribe for ths fourth
liberty loan, according to tn an
nouncement by William G. McAdoo, i
.... . .. , I
secretary or tno treasury, in an aa-
dress outlining the government's
plan for the campaign, which starts ,
The t-hare allotted to New York
I'cdcral reserve district is J 1,81)0,000,
000, or u0 per cent of the greatest
loan yet offered,
will bear 4'.4 per
The loan, which
cent Interest, will
run lor 20 years, maturing Oct. 10,
1SO.S, unless the government should
exercise Us reserved right to redeem
the bonds on or after Oct. la, lii33.
Asserting that, without this vast
sum, "we can not lick the kuiser,"
the secretary made a special appeal
for the subscriptions of corporations.
He stated that wealthy corporations
and persons of large means had not
responded "couitnensurately with
their abilities to help." He pointed
out that of the is.ouo.000 Americans
who subscribed for the last loan, only
-..r.l'U, including corporations, bought
bonds in excess of 10,U0O each to
lie preposterous," he said, "to Say
that there are only L'2,500 men. wr. "Ti
en and corporations in America able
lend more than $10,000
each to
their government in liberty bonus.
Mr. McAdoo a!so condemned the
practice of "swindlers and unscrupu
lous and unpatriotic people who, con
trary to the urgent request of the
treasury department, had induced
holders of liberty bonds to exchange
them for stocks or investments of
doubtful value." He pointed out that
these operations forced the treasury
to buy the bonds thus thrown upon
the market, in order to protect the
market and the credit of the govern
ment. "Thus the treasury's available re
sources from the loan," he declared,
"are depleted and forced to unworthy
channels, oftentimes in wild-cat en
terprises, to the injury of the Amer
ican people and to the detriment of
the war. We must create a healthy
public opinion, which will reprehend
such practices. We must provide the
through '
machinery and the means
which those who may have to sell
their bonds may do so and get the
highest possible price for them, while
at the same time protecting the inno
cent investor."
War Savings Stamp Sales
Month of August.
Columbus, Sept. 23. According to
the latest sales bulletin of the United
States treasury department, these
amounts of war savings stamps were
sold in the five leading states during
August: Ohio, f U,37,b66.52, per cap
ita $2.16; New York city and state
combined $8,680,901. per capita 80
cents; Illinois $7,562,718, per capita
$1.20; Pennsylvania (east and went
districts combined) $6,297,993, per
capita 70 cents; Missouri $5,312,900,
per capita $1.49. Ohio leads all states
not only in aggregate sales for the
month but in per capita sales as
well, and at this time is leading all
states in the amount of money de
posited in the treasury since the be
ginning of the war savings stamp
Now "trie" Proving Grounds.
Port Clinton, O., Sept. 23. The gov
ernment has adopted a new name for
the Camp Perry proving grounds, and
iu the future it will be known as the
Erie proving grounds. This is donj
to eliminate confusion in the han
dling of mails, freight and express
Crushed to Death.
Athens, O., Sept. 25. James Sharp,
:;o, engineer at Athens waterworks
plant, was caught in the machinery
and crushed to death. His body was
found later by fellow workmen. A
widow and three small children are
Foul Play Suspected.
Kenton, O., Sept. 23. James Cous
ins, aged 60, was found dead in .in
abandoned waterworks reservoir.
Foul play is suspected. He had
been in the water three weeks. His
only son is in France.
Live Wire Kills Two.
Canton, O., Sept. 23. Frank Mede
iey, 29, and Calvin Dobbs, 48, died
from burns received when high ten
sion wires were short circuited iu a
i local pow;er plant.
Falls Out of Tree.
Sidney, O., Sept. 24. Ralph Waltz,
7, was instantly killed when he fell
out of a tree in the Beechwood school
yard, west of here.
Killed In Runaway.
Millersburg, O., Sept. 25. Ford P.
Fry, 19, a farmer, while hauling saw
logs, was 'instantly killed in a run-
(let work in sugar factory, an essential
industry. Season starts about Sept. 25.
Secure your place now. Se.' or write T.
II. Turn! nil, Columbia Sugar Compa
ny, Paulding, O.
If He Is a Liberty
Bond Salesman He
Wears This Badge
T"VEaiY Liberty llnd salesman la
the Toledo urea outside of Lcas
I County will wear this badge.
Whon you are asked to buy Liberty
DondB ask to see the badge. When
i you 8pe badjf0 buy m lt hurt8.
' iPnd a.s the boys over there fight.
Every subscription will be filled in
on a form, the original copy of which
will be left with the subscriber. The
subscriber will take this to the bank
every time he makes a payment.
The Toledo area outside Lucas
county takes in those counties: Allen,
Auglaize, Defiance, ruiton, nancocK,
Hardin, Henry, Logan, Mercer, uiia
wa, Paulding, Putuani, Sandusky,
Seneca, Shelby, Van Wert, William,
Wood, Wyandot.
A peddler, apparently a foreigner,
attacked Mrs. Bryant Taylor, wife of
a tobacco grower of .Mercer county.
Ky., beat her into Insensibility an 1
clipped the hair from her head.
Directors of the Pacific mills at
; Doson notilied the New England lib
i erty loan committee that that corpo-
ration had voted to take 1,j00,0oO
in fourth liberty loan bonds.
1 President Wilson cast his vote at
Princeton in the New Jersey pri
maries. ! Thirty-one persons were killed
I when an express train from llerlin
for Vienna collided with another train
i at the Dresden station. Fifty-nine
persons were injured.
Daniel H. Tolman of New York,
! known as "king of the loan sharks,"
left an estate of $7,25J,344.
Seedy Reeves, a 17-year-old negro,
charged with assaulting a 3-year-old
girl near Blackshear, Ga., was taken
' from the arresting officers and hanged
to a tree.
Major Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., has
I been made lieutenant colonel.
Edward J. Cummins of Littleton,
N. H., Democratic candidate for con
gress in the Second New Hampshire
district, died at his home. He had
been ill of influenza.
Complete returns received by Pro-
vost )Iarsllal General Crowder -show
draft registration in Kentucky of
' 207,905, as compared with an esti
1 mate of 254,108, and in Oregon 106,-
9S6, against an estimate of !4.404.
! Navy will take 15,000 men a month
and marines 5uo a month for four
months and 1.500 monthly thereafter.
under the new draft program.
Captain Hammond, British air man,
and C. Kinder of Greenlield, Ind.
were killed at Indianapolis in an air
plane accident.
War service committee of the
American Liurary association an
nounces the shipment of 1,030,458
books overseas and placing of 3,000,
000 In training camps.
Two soldiers, members of the bal
loon schopl at Arcadia, near Los An
geles, Cal., were instantly killed and
three others were injured, one seri
ously, when a quantity of flash pow
der exploded. The dead: Privates
Guy Weyland of Nebraska and Bailey
Thompson of New York.
American steam trawler Kingfisher
was torpedoed and sunk S5 miles off
the North Atlantic coast. Captain
Kiley and his crew of 26 were res
cued and reached shore.
H. D. Norvell of Cleveland was
chosen president of the National As
sociation of Ice Industries at the
closing session of its annual conven
tion at Cincinnati.
Christmas packages for the 2,500,
000 or more American soldiers who
will be in France during the holiday
season this year will be delivered by
the Ked Cross.
William D. Haywood, head of the
I. W. W., now serving a 20 year term
in the federal penitentiary at Leav
enworth, Kan., was named with 21
others in the examination of 28 I. W.
W. prisoners indicted by the federal
grand jury at Omaha, Neb.
James R. Mann, 28, son of Con
gressman James H. Mann of Illinois,
committed suicide at his home in Chi
cago by shooting himself. He turned
the gun on himself after he had shot
and killed his pet Airedale terrier.
Young Mann had been ill.
Mrs. James Amelia, 32, and her
mother, Mrs. Ferdinand Jacobs, 65,
were shot and killed by an unknown
man at WUkesbarre, Pa.
Provost Marshal General Crowder
ruled that employes of press associa-'
lions engaged in the collection and
transmission of news are entitled to
Hie claims for deferred classification
under the selective service act.
Lieutenant Ming of Austin, Tex.,
was injured and his mechanic, Wal
ter Hilton, was killed when an air
plane in which they were flying fell
uoar Dawson, Ga.
Berthe Courtmanche, an attendant,
has . confessed causing a fire at a
nunnery last February at Montreal
iu which 65 children were burned to
Oue hundred members of the
French Foreign Legion will tour the
east and the south in the liberty loan
F. W. Howe, Immigration commis
sioner, flatly denies Senator Lodge's
charge that he wag the author of i ro
German writing.
Additional pilots, observers and
mechanics are needed In the air ory-
of Regional
The Esclervtl Reserve Sysienx if
made up of a number of Regional
Bankr. Ikese Regional Bahlur
do noi deal ike puUic.Tlig
accepi commercial pciper" from.'
National Bank: vq-Ji5ccunlin li.
TKuy -ike Nalional Banks are aCwx?
ecviv& acccmnioJalionr foe
4heir cws omen7
Dank. wiikaNdUonAl
B ank. our Bank
T!ie First National Bank of Celina
"Tim Home for Savings."
V Mi'b.-r of 1'1. lit! Ke.-erve System
ice, and enlistment rolls are reopened
to men of draft age.
Consolidated express companies ap
plied to the railway administration
for a 10 per cent increase iu rates.
National Federation of Postal Em
ployes asked an investigation of
overwork in postal service.
William Bromley, express driver,
cut the throats of his five children at
his home in Moose Jaw, Saskatch
ewan, Canada.
Cadet Henry Saunders was burned
to death at Toronto when his air
plane took lire 10,0110 feet in the air.
Lieutenant General Jan Smuts,
member of the British war cabinet
and former Boer leader, is coming to
the l iiited States for a conference.
Charles K. Clmpin. runner news
paper man, is charged w ith murder in
the livst degree in connection with
the killing of his wiie at New York.
Three hundred and thirteen thou
sand American troops embarked for
F.urope during August. Of thee ISO,
000 were carried on British .ships.
Federal land banks loaned $7,685.
000 to 2,297 farmers in August.
Lieutenant K. S. Gillett of Hart
ford, Conn., and Lieutenant E. C.
Davidson of Elizabeth, N. J., were
killed iu an airplane smash at For
Worth, Tex.
Springfield Motonr.en and Conductors
Call Off Strike.
Springfield. O., Sept. 24. Motor
mi n and conductors of the Spring
i (hi liailway company, who went on
Hike yesterday, voted to take the
car out of the barns today following
a n.oe'iug of the car men. Federal
Commissioner of Conciliation Charles
Hetuiheim participated in the confer
eiK e, v. ILch ended in victory for the
men. iiin:.!oj es charged that six
men were discharged a week ago for
promoting the organization of a
union. The men will he reinstated if
they apply to the superintendent
within 48 hours. Matters of w age ad
justments and hours of labor will be
settled within 30 days.
Long Chase Ended.
Panama, Sept. 24. Although they
lied from Culiiuniiu through Central
America to Venezuela to evade the
draft. Robert and Benjamin Living
stone of Los Angeles have been ap
prehended by adepts of the American
government. The men were travel
ing under assumed names with their
mother. They were arrested while
traveling in Venezuela and had pass
I ci ts issued in San Salvador. The
Li- ing itoves will be returned to Cal
i i: ' ia.
Visited by Cumbers.
Marion, O., Sept. 25. A gang of
German bombers visited Marion last
week, according to an announcement
made by the police, who kept the af
fair under cover in the hope of round
ing them up. An effort was made
to get Erie negro laborers, police
say, to use the bombs to destroy
property. The plotters escaped.
Cleveland Priest Called.
Cleveland, Sept. 25. Rev. Francis
J. Haley, for seven years pastor of
the church of the Holy Rosary of
"Little Italy" here, died in Atlantic
City, N. J., where he had gone to re
cuperate from a recent operation for
appendicitis. His first parochial as
signment was at St. Columba's
church, Youngstown.
Need More T. B. Hospitals.
Columbus, Sept. 23. An increase in
tuberculosis death total in this state
from G.82S in PH6 to 7,450 iu 1017.
according to figures
compiled by the
bureau of vital
tatistics. was pointed
to by the state department of health
as giving further evidence of need
for establishment of more tubercu
losis hospitals in the state.
Hangs Himself.
Newark, O., Sept. 25. Thomas
Barr, living near Newark, was found
dead in his room by relatives, who
told the sheriff of Knox county that
Barr had hanged himself. Hi had
been despondent and worried over
the draft, the sheriff was told.
Roosevelt to Visit Columbus.
Columbus, Sept. 23. A' memorial
shaft erected in honor of the first 42
local boys who gave their lives in
the war with Germany will be dedi
cated Sept. 30 by Theodore Roose
velt. The shaft is sponsored by the
Franklin county liberty loan com
mittee. When you nave ine back ache the
llvir or kidneys are sure to be out of
ear. Try Sanol it doos wondo.-s for
tho liver, kidneys and bladder. A
trlrtl 35c bottle of Sanol will convince
you. Cct lt at the drug store, adv.
Oiiio Health Board Wants Aid of
All Lccal Cfflcsrs.
Columbus, Sept. 23. The state
health department has called on all
health officials in the state to co
operate with it in collecting in
formation and in restricting spread of
iullucuza, which has made its ap
pearance in the east and threatens to
become epidemic over the country
unless thorough preventive efforts are
made at once.
A federal inquiry for information
as to possible outbreaks of the disease
came in a telegram from Surgeon
General Rupert Blue of the United
States public health service, who also
called attention to the serious inter
ference with war production which
would be caused by epidemics in in
dustrial centers.
State health officials notilied all
local officers of the federal request
and asked assistance of them and
physicians in their communities.
These measures to be employed in
controlling influenza were recom
mended: "As influenza is spread directly
from person to person and ia most
contagious in early stages, a patient
should stay away from public gath
erings and off public conveyances,
and should avoid contact with well
persons. For his own good, as well
as for the protection of others, he
would do well to remain in bed dur
ing the feverish period. A well per
son can guard against the disease by
avoiding crowds and persons having
catarrhal symptoms."'
Wounded at Front.
Fostoiia, O., Sept. 25. Nelson
Poo, 34, of this city, a Y. M. C. A.
worker in France, has been wounded.
Chicago, Sept.
Cattl r.e. ves, JlOtyl!) B'J; butcher
stoek. ,7 u''i 13 "5; Ktoekers and feeders,
-iili: eows, $7 t5Ca!3 75; calves, $18 50
il:i :t.i.
"ileus- llutcbei-s. Jl'j -biiiilS 90; lisrht.
flit r, i'iiM, p.n-lilllK. tlS ,'i."i(f(19 15; piss.
Slsf1. 75; rcculi.' $17 7.". ft IS 25.
Shi 1' and 1-anibs Ev.is, 4I2 2r,;
wool l:iinl.s. f !'' IS .'5
He"eipt? --Cattle, Is. 000; hogs, 19,000;
uheep .oid lambs, 37.000.
Cleveland, O., Sept.
Citth--St kts. $: 16 50: Mfers, $ 75
Hi pi 5-; bells, fjfi 10; cows. $5&S; calves,
.; 50 '.( is .vi.
i 1' e - - Mix. ,
17 25; Mass,
Sh-ep .oil
luniln. Sb'tfi is
it. eelpts-'"..
ei'd i.iml'S, 51
Jin 05; piSs, S19; rough,
1.1 5'..
Lambs Sheep, J10ttl2:
tl", 250; liosjs, 1,500; sheep
calves, 250.
Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept
('at tie -Si. ei.-. 17 50: heifers,
12 ;., -cws, i't'nll j"; calves, SID.
J logs- H ivies. $2'ii 20 10; heavy York
iis 'l "ti .ii 25; Ui'ht Yorkers and pigs,
.19 -'.'-. 19 '.0.
;-:i.ee:, ai d l.anbst Top sheep, $12 75;
tup 1.1 m I is. tl.S 25
Ke,vjus--Cattle, 3,700; hCRS, 2,600;
slieep and lambs, SO i; i'alvts, BOO.
Cincinnati, O., Sept. 25.
Cattle Steers,. $! r.ni 111 00; .letters,
S7i: 12 50; cows, $0 75i 11 50; Calves, $6 50
tii 7 ro.
' ogz-ruckers and butchers, $19 25ii
19 tin. ecinnein to choice, $12tfil7 25; pins
cad lights, f l,"fi 19 25.
Sheep liiirt Lambs Sliefp, $31(11'
lambs, SI ii(i) Is 75.
Baltimore. Mcf., Sept. S3.
Iluti'T Fancy creamer', 5t((i5!'c; siore
I'al-.erl, 121-c
Eg-;s Nearby and western firsts, 4GQ
1 'null ry Snriim ehi'-kei:.'. 35Sf3tc; old
bens 30c; old roosters. 2425c.
Boston, Sept. 25.
Weill Jliin and Pennsylvania fleeces
1 elaino wa-h.-il. SSiifWc; map-half blood
eoiiitiiiivv 75'li7i;e;' ihree-eiKhths nlood
Kc, 'P laice unwashed, 74c.
Toiedi, 0., Sejit. 25.
; oats, 75e. rye. tl 59; clover
ieid. V
Have you enlisted in the army of savers
fur your country and yourself Buy Wa
Snvincs Stamps.
Raudabaugh I Thomas
FIRK I ! Lightning, Wind Storm, and Plate Glass Insurance.
Live Stock Insured Against Death from Any Cauff .
Automobiles Insured Against Fire Anywhere, Subject to no As
sessments. Will furnish Surety Bonds. ;
Opposite Court House - CELINA, OHIO
A Attention,
If Farmers!
And Everybody Else
Wn always carry a fresh lino of staple and fancy
groceries. Tliero is nothing in the grocery lino that
we can't furnish you, and it is always the best. The
priccs'are always as low, or a little, lower than any place
in town. Always keep that in mind.
Wo pay top ju ices lor country produce.
Remember, this is also a W. O. Creamery Station
John Morrow's Star Grocery
Liningcr JSuilding, CELINA, O.
Those suffering from eyestrain or defective
conditions need to wear the kind of lens that will
give you perfect comfort; also destroy tho harmful
rays of light from the eye which is irritable and
harmful to the eye. Let Dr. Younger prescribe
for you makes of high grade lenses which can be
guaranteed perfect satisfaction to the wearer.
Trainmen Killed.
Alliance, O., Sept. 23 Two l.K.n
wore instantly killed and a third
probably fatally injured when an en
gine on which they were riding on
the Alliance division of the New York
Central railroad was derailed and
rolled down a steep embankment near
Amsterdam. The dead: Fireman II.
E. Long, 35, and Brakeman H. F.
Elliott, 30, both of Bergholz. Engi
neer Wincenreid was terribly injured.
Beardsley, 7
age county,
Beaten to Death.
O., Sept. 24. John
5, of Garrettsville, Port
died at the Massillon
state hospital from injuries which
Coroner Douds says were received
when he was beaten with a heavy iron
pipe by a guard following a quarrel.
According to Douds, the guard was
intoxicated. He was arrested and
placed in jail here.
Wants Increased Fare.
Columbus, Sept. 24. Offering to
prove that rates now charged by the
streetcar company are necessary to
the operation of cars, a request from
President McMeen of the Columbus
Railway, Power and Light company
for "new and increased" rates above
those fixed in the franchise was
presented to the city council.
Sanol Eczema rresenption Is a fa
mous old remedy for all forms of Ec
zema and skin diseases. Sanol is a
guaranteed remedy. Get a 30c. large
trial bottle at the di z st re. adv.
The complete Electric Light and
Power Plant
firings city convenien
ces and modern benefits
to the farm home.
Crown Auto Co
Celina, Ohio
Dr. McClcUan announces to the profession and tli
jiuHic timt he tutiies a specialty of luv disease
and hrtfi ha.l 10 year constant ejerioni e. tin pain
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44 East Broad Street Columbus, 0.
BSRa ...
Chas. Younger
Dr. of Optics
Corner .Market and Wal
nut Streets
Phone 249
Proposine an amendment to section 2, article
Xllot the Constitution of the State of Ohio,
as adopted Sept. i, 1V12, relative to the taxa
tion of property.
filths of the members elected to both houses con
curring therein:
That there shall be submitted to the electors of
the state, in the manner provided by law. on the
first Tuesday alter the first Monday in Novem
ber. lWtt, a proposal to amend section 2. of article
XII of the constitution of the state of Ohio, to
read as follows:
Section 2. Laws shall be passed, taxing by a
unifoim rule, all moneys, credits, investments in
bunds, stocks, joint stock companies, or otherwise,
and also all real and personal property according
to its true value in money, excepting ail bonds out
standing on the first day oi January, 1913, of the
state ot Ohio or of any city, village, hamlet, coun
ty, or township in this state or which have been
issued in behalf of the public schools in Ohio and
by the means of instruction in connection there
with, which bonds outstanding on the first day of
January, VJii, shall be exempt from taxation but
burying grounds, public school houses, houses used
exclusively tor public worship; inttitutions used
exclusively for charitable purposes, public proper
ty used exclusively for any public purpose, and
personal property, to an amount not exceeding in
value five hundred dollars, for each individual,
may, by general laws be exempted from taxation;
and laws may be passed to provide against the
duuble taxation that results from the taxation of
both the real estate and the mortgage or the debt
secured thereby, or other lien upon it, but all such
shall be subject to alteration or repeal; and the
value of all property, so exempted, shall, from
time to time, be ascertained and published as may
be directed by law.
election herein provided for the submission of this
amendment to the electors of the state, this propo
sition shall be placed on the official ballot in the
manner prescribed by law.
If the votes for the proposal shall exceed those
against it, the amendment shall take effect on the
first day of January, and said original section
2 of article XII of the Constitution of the state of
Ohio shall be repealed and annulled.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
President of the Senate.
Adopted March 21, 1917.
United States of America,
State of Ohio
Office of the Secretary of State.
I, WILLIAM D. FULTON. Secretary of State
of the State of Ohio, do hereby certiry that the
foregoing is an exemplified copy, carefully com
pared by me with the original rolls now on file in
this office and in my official custody a Secretary
of State and found to be true and correct, of a joint
resolution, adopted by the General Assembly of
the State of Ohio, on the 21st day of March, A.D.
IV17, and filed in this office on the 30th day of
March. A.D. 1917, entitled "Joint Kerolution pro
posing an amendment to section 2, article XII of
the Constitution of the State of Ohio, as adopted
September 3, 1912, relative to the taxation of
property "
unto subscribed my name, and affixed my official
seal at the City of Columbus, Ohio, this 10th day
of September. A.D. 1918.
SEAL! Secretary of State.
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Farms and Town
Property for Sale
80 acres, 3 miles from Celina, on the
Mention pike.
160 acres, 4 miles from Celina, 1-2
mile north of Center church, on new
stone pike; pike paid out.
Two houses and lot; one house modern
in every way; on northeast corner Cher
ry and Fulton streets, Celina, O.
These properties must be sold to settle
up estate.
If interested, phone or write J. W.
RAUDABAUGH, Mendon, O., R.D.
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