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American Boat Sunk; 64 Missing.
t'orunnu, Spain, Sept. 23. Three
oilicern and 1!7 men of the crew of j
the American steamer lliiena Veil
tura have arrived here. The vessel I
was torpedoed last. Monday. Three i
Officers Are Defied and 20,000
Deserters Are Said, to
Be In Berlin.
The U. S. Government wants
Five Hundred Thousand
Tons of
Complete Readiness Here!
bouts with 64 of the crew are iiiIhs
Iiik. The lluena Ventura was pro
reeding from llordeaux, where she
had unloaded a cargo of petroleum
from Philadelphia.
s & mm
IV 522
V take a groat deal of pride in our showing of
Women's and Misses' Coats and Suits fur Autumn, for
it is the result of months of searching for the best in
the market.
You can luy here with confidence that you are re
ceiving the best obtainable.
Women's and Misses'
Cloth Coats juiced
Women's and Misses'
Suits priced
Plush Coats
$18.50 to $65.00
$18.50 to $67.50
$30.00 to $75.00
los & mmmm
North Main Street, CKLINA, OHIO
German Doctor Urges a New Law to
Give Single Women a
Amsterdam, Ilollnnd. Enactment of
a law In Germany to prevent widows
from remarrying so us to leave the
few available men for single women Is
urged In a letter to the Tag by u Mu
nich doctor, Hans von llertlg. He
points out that the widows, through
remarrying after the war, would have
a detrimental effect on the birth rate,
ns most of them are mothers already.
"On December 1, 1010," he writes,
"there were In Germany about "00.0(H)
widows between the ages of eighteen
and forty-five. At a very modest esti
mate there are now 800,000."
Joyful Welcome Given M.'s. Kan
ing at the Front.
"Godmother of the Polish Army"
Greeted With Cheers by Offi
cers and Men.
Paris. A woman alighted from the
train at what remains of a little rail
road station very close to the front,
lhr hair was a trille gray but her
clucks were pink, and she seemed to
be very happy to be arriving in that
Very soon the reason became ap
parent. A military policeman was cm
The Owners of
"Swift & Company"
(Now Over 22,000)
Perhaps it has not occurred to
you that you can participate in
Swift & Company's profits, and
also share its risks, by becom
ing a co-partner in the business?
It is not a close corporation.
You can do this by buying Swift &
Company shares, which are bought
and sold on the Chicago and Boston
stock exchanges.
There are now over 22,000 share
holders of Swift & Company, 3,500 of
whom are employes of the Company.
These 22,000 shareholders include
7,800 women.
Cash dividends have been paid reg
ularly for thirty years. The rate at
present is 8 per cent.
The capital stock is all of one kind,
namely, common stock there is no
preferred stock, and this common stock
represents actual values. There is no
"water," nor have good will, trade
marks, or patents been capitalized.
This statement is made solely for your
information and not for the puipose of
booming Swift & Company stock.
We welcome, however, live stock
producers, retailers, and consumers as
We particularly like to have for
shareholders the people with whom
we do business.
duty in the station, lie stared and
gave a shout, "Mrs. Ilarlng."
"I got here at last," she said as
she shook hands u handshake such
as is exchanged between friends long
"You're going to be with us?"
"As long as they let me."
Mrs. llaring went out and up the
street, searching for the dally shift
ing headquarters of the Y. M. C. A.
for the war was moving with great
rapidity since the new offensive be
gan. An automobile containing a cap
tain and three lieutenants stopped
with a screaming of the brakes.
Young men boiled out of the car to
surround Mrs. llaring as If she were
the belle of the season.
Another car stopped. More offi
cers. Around the edge privates lined
up waiting their chance. From that
moment hers was a triumphal prog
ress up the street. It seemed as If
the whole American army wanted to
follow her.
It was a happy party, a laughing,
handshaking, congratulating party
that surrounded the little Y. M. C. A.
woman. She was back, back with
the troops she had served and left
for a time. They were doing their
best to show her how glad they were
to see her and were succeeding won
derfully. The record of Mrs. Augusta Earing
of New York city is enviable. She
is a musician. It was she who, with
Miss Myrtle Stinson of Greenfield, O.,
organized the Y. M. C. A. work in
the new Polish army, most of which
was recruited in the United States.
For four months she worked among
these men this army which will be
without a country until the war Is
over and victory conies to the allies.
Her proudest moment was when the
commander of the Poles, In a public
manner, bestowed on her the title
of Godmother of the Polish Army.
Four Torpedo Boat Are Seired, and
Attempt Is Made to Escape,
but Two Are Sunk by Pur.
tuing Battleship.
London. General demoralization of
i icriniiny's population and widespread
end growing disinfection in Hie Herman
army, accompanied by mutiny and de
sertions, are described la a dispatch
lo the Daily Telegraph from Us Renter
ilaui correspondent.
The correspondent says- that Infor
mation reaching him Is so seusutlonnl
an to inspire skepticism, but declares
he has received undoubted corrobora
tion from authoritative sources.
He asserts that the Ucrinnny army
is lilted Willi despondency and sceth
ing witli mutinous spirit, and that
alarming outbreaks huve occurred In
several units, priuelpany liuvariuu and
.Silt Man.
One incident on the Arras front
tci'uiuuled in a whole Bavarian divl
sic a being disarmed and transported
to ltavaria, where It was placed In a
prison camp, and the mutiny of one of
lli sUlesiau regiments resulted in ueur
ly 100 of Us wen being executed.
Desertions Are Heavy.
a. huge number of desertions are
occurring, the correspondent says, and
It Is estimated that there are more
t -in O.OUO deserters in Iierlln alone.
Large numbers are scattered
throughout the country and the author
ises arc! having the greatest ditllculty
In trailing deserters owing to the con
nivance of the working classes. Never
theless hundreds have been arrested
and generally these have been sen
tenced to 15 years' Imprisonment. A
great number of Imprisoned deserters,
broken by solitary couliuement, have
been released and sent back to the
Disobedience and deliauce of otlicerSj
English women foresters are taking
the- place of the men ut tli front.
Here are two of the land workers en
gaged In putting a sharp edge on
their ax for tomorrow's toll. These
women are showing themselves to bo
worthy successors of Britain's lum
bermen. The felled trees In the back
are a proof of that.
Poet-Airman of Italy Raids Pola
in Reprisal.
Austrian Having Attacked His Quar
ters, He Drops Bombs on Their
Naval Arsenal.
Italian Headquarters at the Front.
Maj. Gabriele d'Annunzlo, Ituly's
poet-alrmnn, who led the raid on
is common 'at the front, according to j Vienna, has carried out an adven-
MfllfiF MEll 0
Help us to collect them
Thoy will bo turned over to the Local Red Cross, and
they will tin n be forwarded to the great Federal Chemical
Plant, where the carbon will be extracted for use in Gas
Masks for the United States Army.
SAVE EVERY single Teach and Date Seed, Apricot,
Plum, Prune, Cherry nnd Olive Pits, Hickory Nut, Walnut,
Butternut, Hazelnut Shells.
Clean and dry them thoroughly and take them to
Remaklus & Beckman 's
Store .
And put them in the .
Red, White and Blue Barrel
One of the many ways in which you can help aid
our Boys across seas to victory
the correspondent's information, and a
similar spirit is shown in the munition
factories, where the workers deliber
ately are slowing up, with the result
that the output' has been seriously de
creased. Heavy Cannonading Heard.
"It was reported from various places
ou the Danish and Norgeglau coasts
three weeks ago that heavy cannonad
ing was heard from the North sea,"
says a dispatch from Chiistianiu to the
Times. "A few clays latcrr the bodies
of German marines were washed up,
most of them on the coast of Jutland,
but no fighting was reported on either
the P.ritish or German side.
.So there was much speculation about
these floating corpses, which bore life
belts with the figures and initials ot
two different German torpedo boats.
An explanation is now given by the
Aftenpost's correspondent at Copen
hagen, who says a report was received
yesterday from across the German
frontier of a recent mutiny. Gemma
navy crews refused to go aboard the
U-boats to which they belong, and
seizing four torpedo bouts set a course
for Norway.
They were overtaken by a German
warship and a regular light ensued,
I with the result that at least two tor-
pedo boats were sunk and the crews
! drowned ot killed.
turous personal reprisal for an Aus
trian night ulr raid during which one
of the enemy machines dropped a
; bomb literally within yards of his
j sleeping quarters. Tho bomb did not
I explode, but Its Impact knocked over
and broke a glass from which d'An
uuuzio had drunk an hour before. The
soldier-poet gayly started off In the
afternoon with his pilot In a new type j
of a fast, weight-carrying land ma
chine, flew about one lindred miles
straight across the Adriatic sea to
Pola, the Austrian naval base, dropped
14 bombs on the arsenal and re
turned safely to his aerodrome.
I was waiting there when he ar
rived amid a round of cheers from
his squadron.
"There was a heavy barrage fire,"
he told us, "and once I thought our
trail had been struck. But not a
single one of the Austrian chaser ma
chines got up after us. The Austrlans
were very keen to get me, but they
missed a good chance this afternoon."
D'Annunzlo will wear henceforth In
his flights an ivory-hllted dagger.
Thrs weapon is the distinctive mark
of the Italian storm troops, and all
the eight airmen who took part In
the raid on Vienna have been named
by their comrades "The Storm Troops
of the Air."
This leads to
a better mutual
Year Book of interesting and
instructive facts sent on request.
Address Swift & Company,
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Illinois
Doukhobors' Objection to Working An
imals Gets Them Six Months'
i Grand Forks, I!. C. Because they
' do not believe in working animals,
nine Iioukhobors are spending six
j mouths in jail here. The Doukhobors
were convicted of having entered a
j barn, turned loose the horses, stolen
j the harness and then set fire to the
! building.
At the trial the men refused to give
their names, saying they are "sons of
God." One of them recently burned
1 his title deeds to his property, suggest
! ing it was ills Intention to "give it to
I Jesus."
i Recently the Doukhobors held a big
parade, sans clothing. The party was
I sent to jail and their fellows surround
ed the building, chanting weird songs.
Oklahoma Official Turns Down
Chance to Become Public
Oklahoma City, Okla. -Chester West
fail, assistant secretary of the Okla
homa state council of defense, passed
Yank Takes Woman's Flowers, Col
lects $40 for Her and Sends
Her Home in Taxi.
New York. A certain white-tiled
rendezvous, famed for Its batter-cake
acrobats, was filled to overflowing
., -"., ""J; ley jlnkle-jumble of night birds, semi-
a public benefactor by securing a good ., . b . ,,,,
soaking rain for the state. All on ac-
i count ot a small lee ot .-,uuu ior me
Swift & Company
lutf C President
Out After Hours According to Guard
Doing Night Duty at Van
couver. Vancouver Barracks, Wash. Thai
J old favorite of military jokesmiths,
i "the officer of the night," Is again busj
j at this cantonment. Recruits, accus-
i tomed to hearing of the "officer of the
j day," and not knowing that the "offlcei
of the day" works regardless of sun
light or darkness, continue, when on
guard after sunset, to call for the oth
er and equally noted character.
The officer of the day, making his
rounds the other night, was challenged
by a sentry. "Halt, who goes there?"
"Officer of the day."
"Advance and be put under arrest,'
replied the sentry. "You are out aftei
hours; the officer of the night Is In
charge now."
$60,000 For Red Cross.
rrbana, O., Sept. 18. Over $60,000
has been reached from 15 sales of
contributed articles for tho Hed Cross
in Champaign county, according to
official figures just made public here
An Oklahoma City woman walked
into the office of the council of defense
and announced to Mr. Westfall that
she possessed the secret of making
rain. Slit; demanded a fee of $11,000
for the job. Mr. Westfall endeavored
to get her to part with the secret, but
she refused.
"Tho Bible says that he who won't
provide for his own household Is worse
than an Infidel, and I have a family to
look after," was her' parting shot as
she left the office crestfallen at her
When you Duve the back ache the
ItvM' or kidneys are sure to be out of
gear. Try Sanol It does wonde.a for
the liver, kidneys and bladder. A
trlf.l 3Sc bottle of Sanol will convince
you. (Jet It at the drug store, adtr.
Mansfield, O. Although he
was a member of a German ship
tied up at an American dock
when the war broke out and was
interned with the rest of his fel
lows. Max Froom Is now not only
a patriotic soldier of the United
States but has already taken
part in several battles against
the country of his nativity.
Serves In Army for
Years and Intends to
Camp Kearney, Cal. Soldiering has
become such a habit with Frank S.
Trump, quartermaster sergeant, senior
grade;, at the remount stutlon here that
he Intends to re-enllst as a mere mat
ter of form when his thirtieth year of
army service expires August 25.
"Retire? Not for even a minute
certainly not while there's a chunco
of getting Into a real fight after wait
ing 80 years," ho said when anked If
he didn't feel like "doing a hitch" lo
civilian life. "No, I'm surely going to
stay la until the war li over,"
j respectables und the curious. The
' place is all that Is left of the pre-war
night life of Gotham. A little white
faced woman eddied Into the place
with just a few bouquets, soiled by an
evening of handling, which she shyly
tried to sell. On her black blouse was
a service pin with three stars. An
officer of the National army alone at
a corner table washing down a sand
wich with a glass of milk saw her.
He did not hesitate. "Come," he
said, taking her gently by the arm.
"Selling flowers Is no occupation for
the mother of soldiers. Let me have
them." She gave them over with a
look of wonderment. lie went among
the crowds and collected $40 for her
for the flowers, then he put her in a
taxicab, paying the fare himself, and
she rolled away, leaving the officer at
the curb with his head bared.
if " 'J?,'t. v I
jhv, 1 li
bO ?,c III i
F4- - ti
m. w ' jjb Wc.frn Newtpupr llnlon.
The canteen uniform of the Ameri
can Red Cross consists of an all en
veloping apron of Liberty blue linen
with collar and cuffs of white lawn,
and n veil and cap of Liberty blue
lawn with a narrow edge of white
pique at the edge. From Nurses'
Outfitting Association.
Take Place
of Men Called to War
In Oregon Highway
Salem, Ore. Women are replacing
men called to war service in the state
highway department of Oregon. They
are driving water carts used in wet
ting down macadam roads before they
are rolled, nnd are employed as check
ers and weighers at the various gravel
pits and rock bunkers. State Highway
Engineer Nunn has Issued orderssthat
wherever practical they are to replace
men, who will be discharged with or
ders to get Into more essential forms
of labor.
Strike Big Gas Flow.
Warren, I'a. A gas well making 15,
000,000 cubic feet a day was drilled in
by the Pennsylvania Gas company at
Itear Creek In Klk county. It Is the
biggest well drilled In northwestern
1'ennsylvanla in tho last three years.
IU rour could be heard for two miles.
Have you en I In ted In the army of savers
for your country and yourkuirr uuy ws
I Savings Stamps. ,
Canada Goes Limit to Help Win
Ts wearing his old clothes.
"Why should we buy luxuries and
music when our defenders need bread
and the Red Cross is begging for mercy
funds?" the Canadian reasons.
Travel is falling off. The summer
tourist Is becoming rare. One of the
largest resorts In the Canadian Rock
ies has an, average of only SO guests,
with more than twice as many flerv
ants nnd 500 rooms.
A street sweeper would be put In the
zoo. He's nearly an extinct animal.
You'll find him unloading ships and
working In mines. And a water wagon
It's In the has-been class.
Canadians are chiefly concerned with
getting enough to eat and wear.
War's influence is everywhere. Three
of the buffalo kept by the government
at Kunff Springs broke off diplomatic
relations and destroyed each other In
a vicious battle of horns.
Washington Centenarian Declares
Irish Potatoes Secret of
Long Life.
Seattle, Wash. Eat lots of Irish pc
tatnes; thnt's the secret of long life,
according to Mrs. Penelope Thomas of
tills city, who has just celebrated her
one hundredth birthday anniversary.
She continues to eat potatoes three
times a day.
Mrs. Thomas was born In Nova Sco
tia in 1818 of Quaker parentage from
Connecticut, and her family re
turned to Boston when she was young,
She came to Seattle ten yearn ago.
Kaiser's Face on Egg.
Connellsvilie, Pa. An egg bearing
on the shell a striking likeness of the
kaiser was laid by a hen here. The
face is at one end of the egg and
ehows plainly the helmet, the long
nose and pointed chin of the Gernuui
Takes Over Moline Company.
Toledo, Sept. 24. John N. Willys,
president of the Willys-Overland com
pany, announced the acquisition of
control by his firm of the Moline
Plow company, tractor manufac
turers, with plants at Moline, Chi
cago, Rock Island and Freeport, 111.;
Stoughton, Wis.; Minneapolis and
People Refuse to Spend Money for
Anything Except Patri
otic Funds.
Vancouver, B. C. Here are a few
signs showing what Canada Is doing
to help win the war by conservation
in civilian life.
The biggest result has been prohibl
tion. The Dominion Is dry as the Sa
The consumption of candy hns been
cut 50 per cent.
Picture shows and theaters have
shrunk in number to a marked de
You can travel from the Atlnntic to
the Pacific and neves see a "piano, a
phonograph, violin or other musical in-
strumcnt offered for sale. Everyone
Notice Is berf by given that 1 hi' work on
tnu construction or the. ivicorniun Hitch,
No. (162, la Hutliir township, Wt'ie-T CIoiui
ty, Ohio, petitioned Tor by Fred Moormnn,
will bo note! by the undersigned, ut public
outcry, to the lowe-t rextioiiHllile hidden,
on Friday, the 4th clay of October,
A.I). HUM.
I'licce of sate at the ('oi;iiiHnslonei 'o(Tlpo.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock p.m. For
feit, $2(1 .11.
Tile Work Knulneer'n estimate
175N lineal ft. Slnoh at0.0): total tile.
.J IftM.jtiS : total labor, JaiUHfl.
Hill UnelH ft. ID Inch at 1100. no: total tile.
fUM.im; total labor, Ilium.
ai lineal it. In o. 1. pi pe ; total, iim.uu; total
In bin', ( i Oh.
Two catch lumlnv tjft.lio,
Three ciililo 1 1 1- I u concrete 111 ictrtlnl.il
wall, f in no.
Oral"! tnlal estimate, I,'I0.1H,
I'rolllu and ulicclllenlloni" of work Will lie
on Ille at the A mil I or' otllce nnd at the
liomitv Hurveyor'n ulllee flv cla.vi before
date of Hale,
II y order of the ('tiiiuiilinilciiieri ot Mercer
H, U, MUIUUHON, County Hurvejror,
Escape Serious Injury.
Marlon, O., Sept. 25. A touring
car with six passengers plunged a
distance of 20 feet off a bridge abut
ment into the Little Scioto river
here. All escaped serious Injury. The
party Included V. J. Wagner of Kirby
and Misses Mary Vermillion, Gene
vieve Durkln and Georgia Foos, all
of Kenton.
Farmer Loses Life.
Findlay, O., Sept. 25.--Fred Crates,
35, was instantly killed on his farm,
near Arlington, when his horses ran
away. He was drilling in wheat,
driving a spirited pair of horses. Tho
drill stopped and, when he attempted
to fix it, the horses ran off.
The following were the quotations
for grain, livestock, poultry and pro
duce in the Celina markets yesterday
(Furnished by Palmer & Miller)
Wheat, per bush $2 10
Corn 2 10
Oats Black 55c White 63c
Rye, per bush 1 40
Alsac 14 00
Little Red 15 00
(Furnished by Frank Fisher)
$14 00 to 19 00
Cattle 8 00 to 11 00
Veal Calves 8 00 to 13 00
(Furnished by Laudahn & Mesarvey)
Hutter 30cto40e
Hggs, per iloa as.-
Lnrd, per lb 25e
l'otntoe 1 25

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