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the Gdfemfcni'j r KaUcjaalBiii!c
riiif fttti.-newcr ftecdpntJa cure
for pifea enefat rcleaf e of
The First National Bank of Celina
"The Home for Savings."
Member of Federal Reserve System
Teacher II. H. Leugers could not
teach the Dwenger school last week, as
he was sick with acute bronchitis.
John J. I-ortkauip, wife and children
and grandmother Anna Bruening were
New Bremen visitors last baturday.
Quite a number from this parish at
tended the luneral ot tue deceased j'rv
Fred Overman at Maria Stein, who died
at Camp Sherman last Thursday night.
Mrs. J. W. Kleinhenz and Frank Fort-
camp were on the sick list a few days
last week.
We are glad to report that Jos. Ho
tuan, who bad been sick for a few weeks,
has completely recovered and is able to
be about again.
The farmers are busy busking corn.
It is good both in quantity and quality.
Henry Moellers was a Maria Stein vis
itor last Saturday.
A few from here attended the golden
jubilee celebration of the Holy Trinity
congregation at Cud water last week.
Urban Goettemoeller, Leamler Bom
holt and Carl Lochtefeld, students at the
St. losetih's Colleire. at Lollegeville.
Ind. , are at home now because of the
influenza was at the college already, two
cases being reported, and the authorities
thought best to give the boys a tew
weeks' vacation.
Henry Goettemoeller received word
from the war department at Washington,
D.C., last Saturday that his son Emil
had been seriously wounded in action on
Sept. 14. He was with the American
expeditionary force in France.
600 Machinists Walk Out.
Toledo, Oct. 16. Five hundred
machinists In the plant of the Dock
Bearing company struck for 80 cents
n hour. The company Is working
on government contracts.
Flndlay Man Lands.
Columbus, Oct. 1Q. George Duna
than of Flndlay was appointed an In
spector in the state dairy and food
Banker Mayers Dead.
Columbus, Oct. 16. Charles It.
Mayers, president of the New First
National bank, died at his home here.
Stoves for Sale
Two, one a heating stove, for either
coal or wood, and one range, for coal or
wood. Both in good condition. Inquire
at this office.
It's Easy If You Know Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets
The secret of keeping young is to feel
young to do this you must watch your
liver and bowels there's no need of
having a sallow complexion dark iing9
under your eyes pimples a bilious
look in your face dull eyes with no
sparkle. Your doctor will tell you ninety
per cent of all sickness come3 from in
active bowels and liver.
Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician
in Ohio, perfected a vegetable com
pound mixed with olive oil to act on
the liver and bowels, which he gave to
his patients for years.
Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets, the substi
tute for calomel, are gentle in their action
yet always effective. They bring about
that exuberance of spirit, that natural
buoyancy which should be enjoyed by
everyone, by toning up the liver and clear
ing the system of impurities.
You will know Dr. Edwards' Olive Tab
lets by their olive color. 10c and 25c pel
box. All druggists.
For sale at Baker's Drugstore
V Attention,
We always carry a fresh line of staple apd fancy
groceries. There is nothing in the grocery line that
we can't furnish you, and it is always the best. The
prices are always as low, or a little lower than any place
in town. Always keep that in mind.
We pay top prices for country produce.
Remember, this is also a W. O. Creamery Station
John Morrow's Star Grocery
Lininger Building, CELINA, O.
Buy MUK. Bonds
STAND AT 65,000
Crest of Epidemic In Ohio May
Be Reached Next Week.
Columbus, Oct 16. State health
officials are not alarmed over the
daily Increasing number of cases of
Influenza in Ohio. Dr. E. J. Schwartz,
head of the division of communicable
diseases, said he does not expect the
crest to be reached until next week
The number of reported cases was
approximately 65,000. Nearly 50 new
municipalities reported outbreaks.
Dr. Schwartz advises communities
not to wait for too many cases before
they declare it an outbreak and begin
to put the ban on meetings and as
semblages, in accordance with orders
of the state health department. It is
being demonstrated every day, he
said, that cities the quickest to close
up are best off in the end.
Twenty-five deaths occurred in the
24 hour period at Camp Sherman, the
lowest in more than a week. Among
the deaths were those of two officers,
Captain Charles Welntz, medical of
ficer, Cincinnati, and Lieutenant Mor
ris Neiman, who was transferred to
the Ohio cantonment from Camp
Dr. E. J. Bauman, acting state
health commissioner, agreed with the
commandant at Camp Sherman that
there will be no danger in permitting
men who have recovered from the
disease to take 10-day furloughs, as
previously announced.
Check the Swindler.
Columbus. Oct. 14. Only minor
changes are recommended in the
"blue sky" law by the report of the
department administering It, which
is headed by Securities Commissioner
P. A. Berry. The operation of the
law has been very successful during
the past year, satisfying promoters of
legitimate enterprises and putting a
stop to promotion of millions of dol
lars of swindling schemes.
Winner In Stamp Contest,
Columbus, Oct. 14. Through her
sale of $138,509.74 in war savings
stamps between May 1 and Sept. 10,
Florence Tanner, Canton school girl,
becomes winner of the first prize,
$1,000, in the vacation thrift contest
under the direction of the educational
division, Ohio war savings commit
tee. May Huston, Bellefontaine, won
the second prize, an automobile.
German Quarter Raided.
Toledo, Oct. 15. A picture of the
kaiser, an immense Iron eross, photo
graphs of German national leaders,
much German literature and a llat of
200 names, purporting to be those of
members of a German secret service
society here, were confiscated by the
police in a downtown lodge room. No
arrests were made.
Woman's rnend is a Large Trial
Untile of Sanol Prescription. Fine
for black heads. Eczema and all
rough skin and clear complexion. A
real skin Tonic. Get a 35c Trial Bot
tie at the drug store, adv.
And Everybfldy Else
buy MUKli bonds
U. S. Public Health Service Issues
, Official Health Bulletin
I on Influenza.
Epldemle Probably Not 8panlsh In
Origin derm Still Unknown Peo
pie Should Guard Against "Droplet
J Infection" Surgeon General Blue
! Make Authoritative Statement.
Washington, D. C. (Special.) Al
though King Alphonso of Spain was
one of the victims of the Influenza epi
demic In 1893 and again this summer,
Spanish authorities repudiate any
claim to lnfluenia as a "Spanish" dis
ease, If the people of this country do
not take care the epidemic will be
come so widespread throughout the
United States that soon we shall hear
the disease called "American" Influ
enza. In response to a request for definite
Information concerning Spanish Influ
enza, Surgeon General Rupert Blue of
the U. S. Public Health Service has
authorized the following official Inter
view :
What I Spanish Influenza? I It
omething new? Doe It come from
"The disease now occurring In this
country and called 'Spanish Influen
zu' resembles a very contagious kind
of 'cold' accompanied by fever, pains
Coughs and Sneezes
Spread Diseases
As Dangerous as Poison Gas Shells
In the head, eyes, ears, back or other
purls of the body and a feeling of se
vere sickness. In most of the cases the
symptoms disappear after three or four
d:iys, the patient then rapidly recover
ing. Some of the patients, however,
develop pneumonia, or inflammation
of the ear, or meningitis, and many of
these complicated cases die. Whether
this so-called 'Spanish' Influenza Is
Identical with the epidemics of influen
za of earlier years is not yet known.
"Kpldemlcs of Influenza have visited
this country since 1647. It Is Interest
ing to know that this first epidemic
whs brought here from Valencia,
Spain. Since that time there have
been numerous epidemics of the dls
ense. In 1889 and 1800 an epidemic
of Influenza, starting somewhere in the
Orient, spread first to Russia and
thence over practically the entire civ
ilized world. Three years later there
v:is another flare-up of the disease.
Both times the epidemic spread wide
ly over the United States.
"Although the present epidemic Is
called 'Spanish influenza,' there is no
reason to believe that It originated in
Spain. Some writers who have studied
the question believe that the epidemic
cuttie from the Orient and they call at
tention to the fact that the Germans
mention the disease as occurring along
the eastern front in the summer and
full of 1917."
How can "Spanish Influenza" be rec
ognized? "There Is as yet no certain way In
which a single case of 'Spanish lnflu
enzn' can be recognized. On the o h
er hand, recognition Is easy where
there Is a group of cases. In contrast
to the outbreaks of ordinary coughs
and colds, which usually occur In the
cold months, epidemics of Influenza
may occur at an; season of the year.
Thus the present epidemic raged most
intensely in Europe in May, June and
July. Moreover, In the case of ordi
nary colds, the general symptoms
(fever, pain, depression) are by no
means as severe or as sudden in their
onset as they are In influenza. Final
ly, ordinary colds do not spread
through the community so rapidly or
so extensively as does Influenza.
"In most cases a person taken sick
with influents feels sick rather sud
denly. He feels weak, has pains in the
eyes, ears, head or back, and may be
sore all over. Many patients feel
dizzy, some vomit. Most of the pa
tients complain of feeling chilly, and
with this comes a fever in which the
temperature rises to 100 to 104. In
most cases the pulae remains relative
ly slow.
"In appearance one Is struck by the
fact that the patient looks sick. His
eyes and the Inner side of bis eyelids
may be slightly 'bloodshot,' or 'con-,
gested, as the doctors say. There
niny he running from the nose, or
there may be some cough. These sign
of a cold may not be marked ; never
theless the patient looks and feels very
"In addition to the appearance and
the symptoms as already described,
examination of the patient's blood may
aid the physician In recognizing 'Span-
Lm1 li.nnutt..a f.tr It hna hj4n fmiiiri
Mall Steamer Sank Quickly
When Terpedoed.
London, Oct. 12. Four hundred
and eighty persons are believed to
have been lost when the Irish mail
steamer Leinster was torpedoed and
sunk oft the Irish coast. The ship
was torpedoed and disappeared with
in a short time. The Leinster, which
was proceeding from Dublin to Holy
head, was a packet, the property of
Dublin Steam Packet company, and
was registered at, Dublin. Bite was
mSraa v.
that In this disease the number ef
white corpuscle show little or no
crease above the normal. It la possi
ble that the laboratory Invent I jfu dons
now being maito through Uie National
Research Council and the United
States Hygienic Laboratory wlU fur
nish a more certain way In which Indi
vidual case of this disease can be
What I th oouree of the disease?
Do people die of It?
"Ordinarily, the fever lost from
three to four days and the patient re
covers. But while the proportion of
dtaths In the present epidemic has
fenerally been low, In some places the
outbreak has been severe and deuths
have been numerous. When duuth oc
cur It Is usually the result of a com
plication." What caueea th dleae and how I
It spread?
"Bacteriologist who have studied In
fluenza epidemics in the past have
found In many of the cases a very
small rod-shaped germ cnlled, after its
discoverer, Pfelffer's bacillus. In other
case of apparently the same kind of
diseaso there were found pneumococcal,
the germs of lobar pneumonia. Still
others have been caused by strepto
cocci, and by others gor.n with loug
"No matter what particular kind of
germ causes the epidemic, It Is now
believed that Influenza Is always
spread from person to person, the
germs being carried with the air along
with the very small droplets of mucus,
expelled by coughing or sneezing,
forceful talking, and the like by one
who already has th germs of the dis
ease. They may also be carried about
In the air In the form of dust coming
from dried mucus, from coughing and
sneezing, or from careless people who
spit on the floor and on the sidewalk.
As In most other catching diseases, a
person who has only a mild attack of
the disease himself may give a very
severe attack to others."
What should be done by those who
catch the disease?
"It Is very Important that every per
son who becomes sick with Influenza
should go home at once and go to bed.
This will help keep away dangerous
complications and will, at the same
time, keep the patient from scattering
the disease far and wide. It Is highly
desirable that no one be allowed to
sleep In the same room with the pa
tient. In fact, no one but the nurse
should be allowed In the room.
"If there is cough and sputum or
running of the eyes and nose, care
should be taken that all such dis
charges are collected on bits of gauze
or rug. or paper napkins and burned.
If the patient complain of fever and
headache, he should be given water to
drink, a cold compress to the forehead
and a light sponge. Only such medi
cine should he given as is prescribed
by the doctor. It is foolish to ask the
druggist to prescribe and may be dan
gerous to take the so-called 'safe, sure
and harmless' remedies advertised by
patent medicine mapufacturers.
"If the patient Is so situated that be
can be attended only by some one who
must also look after others In the fam
ily, it is advisable that such attendant
wear a wrapper, apron or gown over
the ordinary house clothes while In the
sick room and slip this off when leav
ing to look after the othe-s.
"Nurses and attendants will do well
to guard against breathing In danger
ous disease germs by wearing a simple
fold of gauze or mask while near the
Will a person who ha had influenza
before catch the disease again?
"It Is well known that an attack of
measles or scarlet fever or smallpox
usually protects a person against an
other attack of the same disease. This
appears not to be true of 'Spanish In
fluenza.' According to newspaper re
ports the King of Spain suffered an
attack of Influenza .during the epi
demic thirty years ago, and was again
stricken during the recent outbreak In
How can one guard against influ
enza? "In guarding against disease of all
kinds, It Is Important that the body be
kept strong and able to fight off dis
ease germs. This can be done by hav
ing a proper proportion of work, play
and rest, by keeping the body well
clothed, and by eating sufficient whole
some and properly selected food. In
connection with diet, It Is well to re
member that milk Is one of the best
all-around foods obtainable for adults
as well as children. So far as a dis
ease like influenza is concerned, health
authorities everywhere recognize the
very close relation between its spread
and overcrowded home. While It Is
not always possible, especially In
times like the present, to avoid such
overcrowding, people should consider
the health danger and make every
effort to reduce the home overcrowd
ing to a minimum. The value of fresh
air through open windows cannot be
over emphasized.
"When crowding Is unavoidable, as
In street cars, care should be taken to
keep the face so turned as not to In
hale directly the air breathed out by
another person.
"It Is especially Important to be
ware of the -person who coughs or
sneezes without covering his mouth
and nose. It also follows that one
should keep out of crowds and stuff
places as much as possible, keep
homes, offices and workshops well air
ed, spend some time out of doors eacl
day, walk to work If at all practicable
In short, make every possible effort
to breathe as much pure air as pos
sible. "In all health matters follow the ad
vice of your doctor and obey the regu
latlons of your local and state hcaht
"Cover up each cough and sneei-
W yen don't you'll spread disca
Train S-msshee Automobile.
Marion, O., Oct. 16. J. Henry Rajpb,
former county commissioner and
wealthy farmer, was struck by a pas
senger train when en route home
from Marlon in his automobile. His
skull wa crushed. He died an hour
later in a local hospital.
Limits Business Hour.
Toledo, Oct. 16. Quarantine or
der closing schools, churches, sa
loons, and limiting retail business
hour on account ot th Influenza epi
demic, were put into afreet her by
health authjorttiMv .
Noah Stafford and family ami Mi
Bertha JWills spent Sunday with Mrs.
Mary Stafford,
The Montezuma base ball team played
Chickasaw Sunday, losing out to the lat
ter by score of 5 to 3.
Mrs, C. P. Heavlin, who has been
spending few days with her mother
and sister, Mesdanies Martha Collins and
Hen Palmer, l.M returned to her home at
Leonard Cochrun nd wife anil two
little sons, John Hy song and Joe Crow
spent a few days at the reservoir this
Mr. and Mrs. George Monroe and ba
by and Mr. and Mrs. Shaw, of Dayton,
spent Sunday with Mrs. lien Palmer.
Pred Grube, wife and little boy spent
Sunday with Win. Colson and family.
Ira and Russell Benson, of l'iqua, spent
Sunday with their mother, Mrs. K. K,
Garnet Hanns and family, of New
Weston, visited the former's mother at
this place Sunday.
Town Lota
T. P. Lemunvon to Gust Steler.
Lot 3, Lemunion add., Mendon. $50
Gilbert Woous to C. O. Ilartzog,
Lot9 4 and 23. Godfrey Heights.
Celina 500
H. P. Graves to R. G. Iluker, Lot
176. Celina 2000
Seth McCain to Charle9 Drown,
Lots 25. 39 and 53. Lester add..
Gibson. 400
F. V. Short to K. V. Beougl er,
Lot 67, Godfrey Heights, Celina. 50
F. V. Short to K. Williams, Lot
10, Ilrookside add. .Celina 2655
Nora Ward Graham toF.V. Short,
Lot 51, Brookside add., Celina. . 1
Farm Transfers
T. B. Fisher to Solomon Boroff,
part land in Center 6000
Mary Morthorst to Frank Mort
horst, part land in Granville . . 1
Frank Ungruhn to Anthony Un
gruhn, part of land in Marion
township 1
Solonian Boroff to T. B. Snyder,
part of land in Union . . 5010
Edwin Leininger to James Keifer,
part land in Blackcreek 6820
Joseph Crook o Karl Crook, part
land in Union 5125
James Smith to Mary McDonald,
part laud in liutler
Chicago, Oct. 16.
Cattle Eeeves, t'J io&l 40; butcher
lock $713 20; stockers and feeder,
lib 2:.r13 JB; cows, $71 20; oalvea.
16 25 it 17.
Hogn Butcheri, tit 40&18 76: light,
117 75&1? 65- packing, 16 S5-J18 10; plg.
$115 6'Hfi6 '5. roughs, $1S 50,16 75.
Sheep and LamLi iwes, (t 60&ld;
wool larate, JSii18.
Receipts Cattle, J0.000; hoge, X7.00S;
nheop and lambs, 31,000.
Cincinnati, O., Oct 14.
Cattle Sloerj, M 76t16; heifers, 10
tyl2 SO; cows. H'jjilO 50; calves, 5(&lf.
HogK Packers and butchers, $1(0
17 70; common to choice, 412feli fc; vltn
end lischtB, iUQlt 50; stass, $116 H 50.
Sheep and Lambs Sheep, i'-H&fi 50;
lambB, 8 ttOH.
Keceipte Cattle, 1,000; hogs, 4,800,
sheep and lambfl, 400.
Cleveland, O., Oct. 18.
Calves 117I&18.
Yorkers and lights, $1 E 45; me
diunis and heavies, $IS 40; pigs, $17 75;
l-oimhK. $16 60; stafis, $13.
Sheep and Lamhs Sheep, $910; lambs.
!1B oOffi'16.
Receipts Cattle too; hops, 1,500; sheep
and lambs, 600: calves, 150.
Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 16.
- Cattle Steers, 1G 50617; heifers, $9 50
fill 2 SO; cows, S8 .';&' 10 50; calves $19.
H'ss-Hav1cs SIS 40iflS 50; heavy
Yorkers. IS 0; light Yorkers, $17 25
fll7 if; piK $17i'li 60.
Sho p :md 1. an i hs Tap sheep, $11 50
ton limits, $17.
llecolpts H!,s, 2,200; sheep and lambs,
600; calves, 2uo.
Baltimore, Md., Oct. 16
Butter Westi-rn separator, SsSlc;
store packed, i4j.3c.
Egacs Nearby and western firsts. 52c.
I'oiiltiv Younit chickens. VlfiiMc; old
hens, 300 2. 'c; old roosters, .'2&24c
Boston, Oct. 16.
Wool Ohio and Pennsylvania rlceces,
Dcl-iirie wsshe.1, SSf9c; one-half blood
enmhinK, 7576c; three-eighths blood
coioth ?. 75fi 7te; delaine unwashed, 74c.
Toledo, O., Oct. 16.
Corn, 51 10; cuts, 72'.c; rye, $1 M; clo
ver aead. Vic. Hi n.
Jo yo" net up at night? Sanol la
surely the best for all kidney or blad
der irt,Luies. Sanol gives relief In
H hour from all backache and blad
der trouble. Sand Is a guaranteed
remedy. 3Sc and $1 00 a bottle l
th drutr store .d-
Times for Holding Court of
Appeals, A.D. 1919
State of Ohio, Third Judicial District.
It Is ordered that the terms of the Court
of Appeals of the aeveral counties of said
district for the year 1010, be ftxed as follows,
Allen County, on the 6th day of January
and the 8th day of September.
Aunlal.e County, on the nth day of Janu
ary and the Ktu day of September.
Orawford County, on the 6th day of Janu
ary and the Nth day of September.
Dellance County, on the flth day of Janu
ary and the 8th tfay of September.
Hancock County, on the 6th day of Janu
ary and the 8th day of September.
Hardin County. on thetlth day of January
and the 8th dBy of September.
Henry County, on the th day of January
and the 8th day of September.
Lntran County, on the 6th day of January
and theSthdayof September.
Marlon County, on the th day of Janu
ary and the8th day of September.
Mercer County, on the 6th day
of January and the 8th day of
Pauldlne County, on the Ath day of Janu
ary and the 8th day of September.
Putnam County, on the Ath day of Janu
ary aud the 8th day of September.
Senuon County, on tiieoin aay oi January
and the 8th day of September.
Union County, on the Ath day of January
and the 8th day of September.
Van Wert County, on the 0th day of Janu
ary and the 8th day of September.
Wyandot County, on toe ntu uayui Janu
ary and the 8th day of September,
Said terms to beg-in at v o'clock a.m.
September 17. 1018.
W. H. KIN DKR, Jud
The State of Ohio, Mercer County, ss.:
I, J. B. Hasllniter, tnera or iub conn m
Appeals within and for said County, and In
whfianimtndv the Files, Journals and Rec
ords of said Court, are required to be kept,
hereby certify that the times for holding
Court ot Appeala. 1010. Third Judicial Dis
trict, la a true and correct oopy of the origi
nal now on Hie In the said Oerk'e office
In Testimony Whereof. I have hereunto
mat mrliind and affixed the seal of said
Court at Celina, Ohio, this 16th day of Octo
ber, A. I). IVIN. J.B, HASIilSHKR,
Seal Clerk or the court oi a ppeais or
ot Mercer County, Ohio.
Win. Hoover and family (pent several
days last week with Win. llastiall and
Mr. SudliofT is repairing the pikes here
with crushed stone.
Coe Wilson and wife, J. L. MenchofTer
and fatnilv spent Sunday with John Davis
and family.
Roy Jenkiue, of Wapakoneta, spent
several days here with his brother Clelle
and family.
Chester Fast anil family took supper
with Steve Wilson and family Wednes
day evening.
Win. Miller and family, of Celina,
spent Saturday and Sunday with B. B.
Wilson a:;d family.
John Davis and wife spent Tuesday
with Dr. S. R. Wilson and wife at Ce
lina. B. B. Wilson went to Virginia Monday
to visit his sister, Mrs. B. Tenueut, who
is seriously ill at that place.
It lias been some cooler the last few
Mrs. Mary Irelan, of I'auldinif, visited
her sister, Mrs. Laura Smith, a few days
last week.
James Denney, who is home on a 30
ray furlough from Camp Sherman, vis
ited at the C. Florence home Thursday.
Ralph McMillan is on the sick list
with intluena.
Henry Gaus anil family and Ed Smith
Smith and family visited Laura Smith
Robert ami Mellie Kuhn visited Otis
and Lillian Shively Sunday.
Dale and Kenneth Jamieson visited
Rowland and Walter Moore Sunday.
B. Gaus, Millie Kuhn and Lillian
Shively made a short call on Bertha
Florence Sunday afternoon.
Glen Adams, Rowland and Walter
Moore, Dale and Kenn th Jamieson
called on James Kantzer Sunday after
noon. Clem Adams hauled a load of coal for
Dennis Dixon Tuesday.
Transport Otranto Sinks In Collision
Off Scottish Coast.
London, Oct 12. The transport
Otranto, carrying a large number of
American troops, was sunk in col
lision with the steamer Kashmir be
tween the Irish and Scottish coasts.
The Otranto after the collision was
dashed to pieces on the rocks off the
south Scottish coast, with a probable
loss of 872 American soldiers. There
Three hundred men were taken to
Belfast by the British destroyer
Mounsey, the only vessel which made
an attempt at rescue In the terrific
gale when the Kashmir, another ves
sel in the convoy with the Otranto,
rammed the Otranto amidships. Sev
sateen men were picked up alive on
,the Soottlsh coast.
Ten officers and 106 enlisted men
of the American steamer Tlconder
oga, sunk by an enemy submarine
8ept. 80, are officially reported miss
ing. Lieutenants Frank L. Miller,
Oakland, Cal., and Julius U. Fulcher,
Frisco, N. C, were taken prisoner by
;the U-boat crew.
Three officers and five enlisted men
. were announced as the only known
survivors of the Ticonderoga. Sur
vivors landed at an Atlantic port, re
ported as numbering 25, are believed
to include members of a detachment
' of soldiers detailed to care for horses
vhlch were being transported.
Sanol Eczema Prescription Is a fa
mous old remedy for all forma of Ec
zema and skin diseases. Sanol la a
guaranteed remedy. Get a 35c. large
trial bottle at the dr"2 Bt re. adv.
Times for Holding Common
Pleas Court, A.D. 1919
It Is ordered that the terms of the Com
mon Pleas Court In the County of Mercer
for the yeHr mm be fixed ai follows, to-lt:
On the t!t h day of January, and t lie 7th
day of April, and the Ath day of October,
and the said terms of Huld court to bev In at
II) o'clock a.m. H.A.MILI.EK.
Judiieof the Common Pleas Court, Mercer
County, Ohio.
TheStateof Ohio. Mercer County, ss.:
I. J.B. Haslimrer, Clerk of the Court of
Common Pleas within and for said County,
aud whose custody the Files. Journals and
Records of said Court are required by the
laws of the State of Ohio to be kept, hereby
certify that the foregoing is taken and
copied from the Journals of the proceed
ings of the said Court within and for said
county, and that said foregoing copy has
been compared by me with the original en
try on said Journal, and that the tame Is a
correct transcrlDt thereof.
In Testimony Whereof. I have hereunto
subscribed my name otllclally, ana attixeu
the Seal of said Court at the Court-house In
Celina, In said county, this 14th day of Octo
ber. A.I). 1118.
Seal J. B. HASI.INtiER, Clerk.
Where you get it
When you need it
Notice Is hereby given that the work on
the construction of the Dudgeon Ditch,
in Mercer couuty and Van Wert county.
Ohio, petitioned for by C. A. Imditeon,
will be sold by the uuderslgned. at public
outcry, to the lowest responsible bidders,
on Tuesday, the S'.'ud day of October,
A.l. HUM.
Place of sale at the Commlssloners'ofNce.
Oellna, Ohio. Sale to commence at 1 o'clock
p.m. Forfeit, tionu,
Tile Work Engineer's estimate
40 lineal ft. Ill loch at tl.M; total tile.
iloft.nO; total labor, ItU.en.
t47 lineal fr. 1ft inch at $8.16; total tile.
iKXil.OO; toiBl labor, tiVi 70.
Two oaten miainsat iiiieacn.tBi.ini.
Two catch basing, rebuilt, 6.n0.
ll4 cubic vards concrete In retaining wall
at IIS fTf.Oi'.
tiraed total estimate, II oiB.r.7.
pr dllennd speclhcatlons of work will be
.in ale at the Auditor's oftlce and at the
County surveyor's olllce five days before
late of sale.
Hy order of the Commissioners of Mercer
County, Ohio.
H. a. MUiirusu:, county surveyor.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
cannot reach th mat of the disease.
Catarrh Is a haul iliseuae, Kreatly In
flueneed by cmiHtitutioiiul conditions, and
In er.ler to cms i you must taite an
Internal remedy. II. ill's Catarrh Medi
cine Is taken Intern. i v and arts thru
the blood on the inurmid surfaces of the
system. Halls C.it inl, Medicine was
prescribed by one of Die la st physicians
In this country for yarn. It is com
posed of nome of the best tonics known,
combined with some of the best blood
Iurlllers. The perfect combination of
the IriKredlenls In Hall's Catarrh Medi
cine is what produces such wonderful
results in catarrhal conditions. Bend for
testimonials, free.
V. i. CHKNICY CO., Trops., Toledo, O.
All Iirut'KiBis, 7f.c
Hull's i-uiuily rills for constipation.
For Sale at Baker's Drugstore
Public Sale
The undurals"ued will sell, at public isle,
at hM residence, 11 miles west of Celina,
4 1-1! mi leu noutb of Chattanooga, and one
half mile eat of Skeela X Koadu, on FKI
liAY. oi'toher IN, Iflx, commencing at 10
o'clock a.m., uliarp, the follow lug personal
prupert y.
HOHHKH-I head, conslittug of one sor
rel brood mare, wulglft H(KJ pounds, aud out
gray home, welKbt loot! pounds.
CATI'I.K ConalHtlng of one Jersey cow.
years old, giving milk, will lie freh In Jan
uary; one coming f-year-old heifer, good
good, will be fresh In June,
Due Hrod How with pigs by her side;
goorl onev.
of one Milwaukee mower, I John lieere rid
ing cultivator, new; one all-teel land roll
er; one Hlaclc Hawk corn planter; I David
Hradley dine, 1 breaking plow, 1 harrow. 1
douhl-hovel plow, 1 large slngle-abovel
plow, 1 good wavon, with bed ; 1 set good
work haruexa.one hay rake, and many other
artli'lea too niiinerou to mention.
Alioone ;ollle Engine and pump, one
gas tank, new; between 400 and H shocks
of corn in the field, and liny In the mow.
TK, KMS All siiinn of H and undercash.
Over that amount, V niont lis' time will be
given, purchaier giving a bankable note.
A.J. Fischer, Auctioneer.
Farm Loans
Do you need money for your
new buildings; to tile your lands;
to pay off jour present loan; to bjy more
land to enable you to increase your earn
ing power?
Call on The Wagner Loan Com
pany of Celina. We make you a loan
for twenty years at a low rate of in
terest. No commission charged and
privilege of paying off at any time and
stop interest.
J. C. Bowser, Agent
H I). 8SYKKK. Phone 14-e, Ft.Rf covery, O
H.F.B1CXNEK, Phoue 115, Ltghtsvllle.O
Snyder & Benner
Ft. Recovery, Ohio
The result of your sale depends largely
upon your auctlonneer. Our sales have
been successful and we can help you.
Ieave your dates at Celina with the Wag
new Loan and Real Estate office, I.O.O. F.
Building. 17-lzt-
160 Acres Good Farm Land
for Sale
In Tones county, South Dakota, 3 miles
from Oakton and 10 miles from Murdo,
the county seat. Some now under culti
vation, fenced, good weN. Described as
southwest quarter Section 20, Town 5
south. Good reasons for selling. Cheap
if sold soon. For further information
address Ole Swanson, 2450 Indiana
ave., Chicago, 111.
Farms and Town
Property for Sale
80 acres, 3 miles from Celina, on the
Mendon pike.
160 acres, 4 miles from Celina, 1-2
mile north of Center church, on new
stone pike; pike paid out.
Two houses and lot; one house modern
in every way; on northeast corner Cher
ry and Fulton streets, Celina, O.
These properties must be sold to settle
up estate.
If interested, phone or write J. W.
RAUDABAUGH, Mendon, O., R D.
Xo. 1. Mutual Phone. 17-tf
Farm Loans
5 per cent
Pay back any time; stop interest.
The records will show you no other com
pany writes a Mortgage with this priv
ilege. This is why this office loans
more money than all other agencies
Ed L. Bryson
The Cincinnati Daily
Post is now $4.00
per year. The Democrat and
Post, both one year, now
Dr. MrTlollKD uwrmncsM to th prafewton ml tha
public timi he nitkN ft iwoisUt of WtM fliinin
fiii (I hu tisul 'JO year eon flank u. parent-. Ho pl
ami no Ititontion fron bunntjM. rl ladder, Kidiwjf,
Hhnwl anil Skin Dimum and Dltoam of Vwid,
.uid UitlurMUieuM ot yaUaut ourad. sViiihUlhtil KM).
Outlook Building.
44 East Brostf street
Columbus, Q.

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