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jt-fe f'v lij ''riV
With no thought of bursting shrap
nel and poisonous gases into which
they plunge with every muscle tense,
with every faculty of mind alert,
with one thought only TO FIGHT
That is the way our men are going
into battle. When the shrill wnistle
sounds the advance, out they go their
whole heart in the task before them.
No power on earth can hold them back.
The same sharp challenge to battle
is sounding for us. We must answer
in the same proud waythe way of
our fighting men the American way.
JFe must lend the way they fight.
We must show the war-maddened
Hun a united American people mov
ing forward shoulder to shoulder,
irresistibly, to Victory.
Our task is to supply the money,
the ships, the guns, the shells that we
must have to win. It is a tremendous
task. We must do it as our fighting
men do theirs with the indomitable
spirit of Victory.
We must work, and save, and lend
with one thought only TO FIGHT
Get into the fight with your whole
heart. Buy Bonds to the utmost!
This Space Contributed by
Swift & Company
of Gold'
comine to farmers from the rich wheat fields'
Western Canada. Where you can buy good farm land
at $ IS to $33 per acre and raise from 20 to 45 bnstaels
of $2 wheat to the acre it's easy to make money. Canada
offers in her provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
160 Acre Hcmssteads Free to Settlers
and other land at very low prices. Thousands of
farmers from the U. S. or their sons are yearly taking
advantage of this great opportunity. Wonderful yields
also of Oats, Barley and Flax. Mixed Farming is
fully as profitable an industry as grain raising. Good
schools; markets convenient; climate excellent
Write for literature and particulars as to reduced
railway rates to bupt. immigration, uttawa,
Canada, or to
W. S. Netherr, Room 82, Intenarban Station
Bldg., Columbus, O l J. M. MacLachlan, 21 S
Traction-Tswsninal Bids., Indiana polU, Ind.
Canadian Government Agents
A man Is never ridiculous, for what
he is, but for assuming to be what he
The gossip is never so happy
when she Is relating n tale of love.
In order to get the best of nn argu
ment, all you have to do Is to stats
your side and walk away.
Siberians are 90 per cent of Russian
The first sign of stomach misery
usually comes alter over-eating,
Tkn A..na ..nil it- "onnANIliiflit
The people say "sour stomach".
Millions of people who have lost
their ambition, energy, courage,
vitality and strength who are
weak, pale and listless who go
through life just dragging one foot
after another tired and worn out
nearly all the time nervous, irri
table, subject to
severe headache,
insomnia, and a
lone train of nhvsi
cal ills would be
surprised, yes,
dumbfounded, to
learn that it is just
an acid-stomach that
is causing them all their
misery, let in nearly
nine cases out or. ten mat is
just where the trouble starts.
Now a sour, acid-stomach, or "sap
eracidity", of course, simply means
too much acid in the stomach. You
can now quickly rid your stomach of
its excess acid. A wonderful modern
remedy called EATON1G literally
wines ittw H does tho work easily.
Suickly and thoroughly. It makes
le stomach pure, sweet, cool and
ft helps you to getf ull strength
out ot every mouthful of food :ra eat: and
unless you do fret full strength from your
food you canntrt enjoy robust, vigorous
EATONIC is in tablet form. They arc
pleasant tasting jont like a bit of candy
and are absolutely harmleai. Take
EATONIC and find out for yourself how
. wonderfully different you will feol. See
Sggj-i. how quickly EATOn'lC banishes, the
' .''"Zrs. ..'---t immediate nfrnrta of anid. atom
chingr. xbod repeating, in
digestion, etc. Bee, too.
how quick lr your gen
eral health Improves
how much yon relish
your food bow much
mora eaailv voui food
isdiirested how soundly
you aleeD how nervous
ness and irritability disan.
iWtr Iear. And all simply because.
- oy tatting- CAiuiNiu. you nave
rid your atomach of a lot of exceaa
acid that haa been boHina" back and
fPflflng your life miserable.
So ret a big box of EATONIC from yoog
druggist today. He ia authorized to guarantee;
EATONIC topleaae you and you can trust him to
make this guarantee pood. It EATON IC fall
in any way, take it back he will refund you
money. If your drug-gist does not keep
EATONIC write to us direct and we will send
you a hist We boxand you can send ua the 60c after
El receive it. Address: B. L. Kramer, Prest.
tonic Kcmody Co. low Wabash Ave, Chicago,
"Aren't you tdeepy?" asked (lie llttlo
leaves of the wind.
"No," mild the wind, "I nm not
sleepy, but I know some little leave,
which lire sleepy." And the wind wills
(led merrily lis lie wild IIiIh nnd
lunched. Am he whistled iiml Innnhcd
the lllllt) leaves mild, "(Hi, dear, we
are more sleepy lliun we were even u
moment ago. We must full down to
I he beautiful earth when- we can rest,
sleep and rest,"
"Oh, how blissful It U. to sleep,"
wild Hie leaves from the ground. "We
have been ben- for n little while now.
We were so sleepy a few days ago, but
now we find we like to wake up for u
little while, every now and ngnin. We
like to swamper smd piny, to frolic and
run and dunce mid have n final Jollifi
cation before it is bed-time for the
"It's funny," said the wind.
"What Is funny'" asked the leaves.
"It Is funny to ihinlc that you all
get so sleepy when you are no glorious
Inside Information as to End of the World
WASHINGTON. Knowledge ha no fixed notch. It Is on n movable scale
Hint cIIiiiIin up and reaches around and discs down, like Hint crane
thing flint scooped out the I'lumiim ciinal. We want more knowledge, as a
ships wunts a swifter record, Hie alr-
3a ES&Sff
MY 80ND '
lilaui! a (.Tenter altitude, as mini, gen
erally, demands a higher development
Hum his forbears ever dreiiineil of.
We will always want to know more
and more ami more. Self-satisfied at
tainment menus rust, and rust menus
failure. And we know no such word
as fall. Km It isn't a good idea to
know more than our share.
Tor one case, a woman In a car
was providing thrills for the woman
noTt. She had learned through some
Insenitnhle source unknown to man ei rtainly not to any
tlinf ! .-i.i,i um,u ,.imiii. in mi end two weeks from that
woman bad her doubts.
The prophet-lndv was so sure of her I'.ible signs that she was going to
cash her bond and take her money out of the bank and pin It Inside her dress
for safekeeping.
The oilier woman, naturally, Inquired as to the sense of tnHntf money
Into the next world, especially as It was earning interest In the b.mlt. This
phase of the situation hud Its weight.
"That's so. There'll be Sd.J." coming to me In January nlinosr "tiougli
to pny the taxes on my lot. I guess I'll let the money be und Just cash the
bond. No, I won't, either. I read In the paper the other day that tby are
Rolng to be worth a whole lot more after the war. It's awful hard to halter
dl(( without knowing how the war ends and see the boys come home, but we
getter go all of us. There'll come a rain of tin; and after our bodies are
burnt to nshes some of us will be saved and the others will be weepin' and
wallln' and gmisliln' of teeth,"
"You've got It down pretty fine, haven't you? Hut, say, Maine, if we
get burnt to ashes what will we do for lungs to weep and wall with, and teeth
to do our gnashing?"
newspaper nam
date. The other
For centuries nil over the world
GOLD MKDAL Haarlem Oil hus af
forded relief in thousands upon thou
sands of rases of lame buck, lumbago,
sclntlcn, rheumatism, gallstones, grav
el sud all other affections of tie kid
neys, liver, stomach, bladder and al
lied organs, it acts ipilekly. It does
the work. It cleanses your kidney:
nod purines the blood, It makes u
new man, a new woman, of you. It
frequently wards off attacks of the
dread and fatal diseases of the kid
neys. It often completely cures Hie
distressing discuses of the organs of
the body allied with the bladder and
kidneys, liioody or cloudy urine, sed
iment, or "hrli kdust" indicate an un
healthy condition.
Do not delay n minute If your hack
nehes or you are sore across the loins
or have dlllieulty when urinating. Co
to your druggist at once and get u
box of Imported GOLD MEDAL Ilaaf
lem Oil Capsules. They are pleajtaot
and easy to take. Kuch capsule eoo
tains about one dose 6t five dropat.
Take them just like you would an?
pill. Take a small swallow of watar
if you want to. They dissolve In tha
stomach, and the kidneys soak up the
oil like u sponge docs water. The
thoroughly demise and wash out tha
blander and kidneys ami throw off fh
I ri tin iriiiui t W hi which Is the cause of
the trouble. They will quickly relieva
those stiffened JoInIii, that backache,
rheumatism, lumbago, KilntlcH, pnll
slones, gravel, "brlekdiwt," etc. The?
tire an eftVelivo remedy for nil tl
eases of the bladder, kidney, Ilrer.
stomach and allied organ". Yonr
druggist will cheerfully refund your
money If yon are not satisfied after a
few days' live. Accept only the pun,
original OdI.Ii MKli.W. Haarlem Oil
Capsules. None other genuine. Adr.
Boy s Sense of Chivalry Wouldn't Let Him "Squeal"
of -WWjfYY-ii I
& 1
n m
"We Love to Make Children Happy."
In color. The leaves ull over are the,
same now. They are so golden, red,
orange, crimson or scarlet. They are.
so gay and (lushing looking that it
seems to me as if they were ull dressed
up in their party clothes for u party
which would never end."
"Ha, ha," rustled tho leaves, "ha,
"What's the matter?" asked tho
"Ah, for years and years you've
seen us turn these beautiful colors In
the fall. You've seen tis turn red, gold
en, crimson, orange, scarlet and beauti
ful shades of brown and still you don't
know the reason why we dress up like
this before we take our long, long
"I've never been able to understand
It," said tho wind.
"Would you like to have us explain
It to you?" asked the leaves.
"Oh, if you would be so kind," the
wind answered.
"We will be so kind," the leaves an
swered. iind as the wind rustled as he sighen:
or laughed or pmiled or looked sur
prised at what the leaves said, they
told him the secret, of their coloring
before they went to sleep for the win
ter. "You see," said the loaves, "we have
such a long, long nap. We sleep for
the whole winter through and then
when spring comes wp have been
asleep so long and we are so young nnd
fresh and new that we" haven't the
strength to become so dashing as we
are now. Rut even so, we wouldn't
become that wny as we know that
folks like us tills way and we love to
please them.
"It's so nice to hear them say, day
after day, in (ho fall, 'The leaves aro
more glorious than ever today! Did
you see that tree over yonder? Isn't
it magnificent ! The colors seem more
brilliant this year tiian ever before.'
"We hear them say such things and
we love It ! We know we are giving
them pleasure, and when we fall off
the children love to make houses out
of us, to make bonfires, to jump in
great piles made out of us. And we
love to make children happy too. Why
shouldn't we? Somehow, if it weren't
for children, we'd feel we were nwful
ly useless after we fell to the ground.
"But tho secret really Is mndo up of
many secrets. We like to he bright in
the autumn becairse children and
grown-ups like to see us that way. In
the spring they like to see us delicate
and fresh and new after our long win
ter's sleep.
"But the reason we are sa glorious
and sleepy at the same time is because
before we go to sleep for the winter
we want to leave behind us n memory
of beauty and loveliness which it would
be hard to forget.
"Yes, we want to leave for our win
ter's sleep because we do get sleepy,
but we want to say a wonderful good
by, to make a beautiful going-away
bow, and so we are like this. That
is our big secret. But there Is just
one more. We have a dear old friend,
or a dear young friend, for he Is both
old and young and that is Jack Frost.
Ho helps us, and you, Mr. Wind, help
us fall to the ground.
"We do whnt we can nnd we are
helped too. Ah, we'd have bad dreams
if we left the tree in a dingy, cross,
horrid fashion. Ah no, our dreams
are sweet for we think that we are ad
mired and cared for right up to tho
time we say our good-by."
Washington boy, a
Have meanf a
KKE is Hie story of a war worker. When you see that term 'war worker
you usually mean "girl," but not this time. The phrase means Just one
vout'g fellow who got himself a job for the summer in one
of the newly established wartime bu
reaus, lie is a bright, ambitious boy,
and thought that he might, as well be
helping I'ncle Sam and earning a lit
tle money at the same lime as "play
ing" all summer long like the thought
less butterlly you study about in
The way the story comes to t ie, he !
had not been on the Job long until j
one day a packet of letters was miss- !
ing. The letters had I n intended j
for a filing case, and now they were I
goiiw. A man was working on the files while the boy happened to be In the j
After search had been made for the letters, with no results, the boy ws (
called in by the chief and asked if he had seen the letters. He replied that j
he had not, ns he had not. The next day the boy was dismissed.
"If you did not take the letters, son and J know yon didn't," his father
said to him, "why didn't you tell the chief about the man being in the room?"
"Well, it was like this, dad," the boy replied. "I only wanted to work j
for the summer, and that nam hus a steady job. It doesn't mean very much
for me to lose the job, but I guess It would mean a whole lot for him to have
lost his. So "
And the father is proud of his son, and you can't blame him, although
you may think that the boy made a big mistake In so calmly allowing himself
to be "fired'' without protest.
Wounded Soldiers Want Help, Not Sympathy
DO NOT lavish too much sympathy upon the convalescent soldier back from
France, warns Major lialdwin. chief of the educational service, in a state
ment explaining the reconstruction work done at Walter Heed hospital.
"A great many persons have un
consciously tried to spoil these men by
misdirected sympathy," said Major
Baldwin. "That is why there are cer
tain restrictions in regard to visitors
at the hospital.
"The patient is not u child, neither
is lie a sick man, but a new type of
man that has mot with u physical dis
ability, with the accompanying mental
shocks. He must be returned to society
ns a normal member.
"The important problem is lo help
him to develop the proper mental attitude
outlook and toward others, or he permanently becomes a dependent or a
' The reconstruction work at Walter Keed hospital, which has assumed
such national Importance, and which is becoming a demonstration and training
school for other hospitals, began In a small way, with a few instructors and
a limited number of returned soldiers.
There are at present under construction four large shop buildings one
for lathes and heavy machine work, another for electrical work, including
telegraphy and radio; another for woodwork, including cabinet making and
carpentry, and the other for printing, photography and classes in drafting.
1 U Sells for atligfwr Price
More for Cream Jl
How Much Money Did
You Lose
On Your Cream Laci Manth?
The time has come for the dairy farmer to check
up on the returns of his dciry cows, his separator,
and his labor.
It requires more money now to feed his herd,
to pay taxes, grocery and meat bills, to rcr.d his
children to school. And every penny counts.
Therrfore. It is imperative that every fanner pet thp !.;!
est possible price fur h:s butter-fat. Even a cer.t r.-it.rt- pe r
pound amounts to a bin sum (inured by the mur.h or
year. Very oiten this amount serves to add another tow lo
the herd, to buy a new separator, to pay tlx taxes.
So, don't take less monfy for your cream than we pay. We
puarantce to pay lusher prices for butter-fat than paid by the
local cream stations and it is ju-.t as irrportitr.t to Ki t this
higher price as it istOKcttheex'.racr nton a fcushrlcf grain,
on a pound of beef or pork, or any other farm product.
1CJ.0OO farmers in the Middle Western States tell ns their
cream and make tlie'ait-a profits we p:y. Those who
don't, lose this money.
How much did you lose last month? Write us and we'll
Rive you facts that will prove you can make dairyir.g snov
profitable by doinff business direct with the liliie Vailry
Creamery Co. instead of with a local cream buyer. Under our
system we el iminate middlemen, cream wagon haulers, rent al
expense, cast of horses, waiTons, testing eqmpm-nt, etc
No such commissions or expenses come out ol your cream
check. You get it alt.
Don't postpone a profitable action. Write us at once.
Ask lot Bulle;.n No. 1 1 S Address our nearest creamery.
(Orisiaators of Uw Traly Co-opcratm Crcaaery Syitea- Est. 18 Tort)
Chicatro, I'l. Indianapolis-, Ind. Cilumlms, O'..to IJutinirs, NcJ
fcpnr.gtWiti'.ni. GriiJ iUpiuat, Mich. Cedar Kapidr, la. bt. Joacpb.Mu.
That onr check fn Davment for each and
can or cream you unci us win aaimry yog.
We sruarantee the safe return of your empty cana.
If, for any reason whatever you are cot aaUalk,
we expect to hear f mm you.
Wa guarantee to satisfy you perfectly.
It mrana dollar
and euota toyus.
Mtrf nroflta
from your cowi. Write for blue VaiieyBuUeiion.
lr. si. u. ravin s iw a on
uairyinsr and Block fnrrrmir.
alM further farts about thu
toward his dlsnliility, his futuru
Small Pill
Small Dose
Small Price
have stood the test of time.
Purely vegetable. Wonderfully
quick to banish biliousness,
headache, indigestion and to
clear up a bad complexion.
Genuine bears signature
"Don't borrow trouble nor give your
own to others."
An Accident.
Johnny was a typical boy, and full of
excuses for any wrongdoing. One day
he whistled aloud in school and his
teacher asked how he happened to
do It.
Johnny said: "I I didn't mean to.
I had a little air In my mouth and I
wanted to push it out. I didn't know
It was going to make a noise."
"Some" Town.
Teacher (to little boy in geography
class) Name a town la France.
Student Somewhere.
Successful War Waged on Flies and Mosquitoes
THE campaign waged here since early In the spring on disease-bearing flies
and mosquitoes by a force of l.r0 soldiers under Lieut. E. H. Gibson, for
merly of the department of agriculture, has been most effective In ridding
the camp of insect pests which for
merly claimed this section of the coun
try as a favorite slumping ground.
Figures given out by Mn.f. I. V.
Brewer, camp surgeon, show that
from a record catch of 128,000 flies
In traps which were set in various
barracks, mess halls and other build
ings July 2, the number caught grad
ually decreased to one-fourth that fig
ure on August 30, the season of the
year when they are most prevalent.
There are approximately 10,700
flies to the quart. The figurer, show that 12 quarts were caught on July 2;
five quarts August 12, nnd three and one-half quarts August 30.
Nearly every one of the 100 or more commissioned officers who were sent
back from the front to give engineer troops in the United States the benefit
of their special training and experience In battle have been assigned to
regiments at Humphreys by Brig. Gen. Charles W. Kutz, camp commander.
And Woman Had Just Said, "Men Are So Careless"
ACUOWP had swarmed. Passers-by had gone out of tbeir way to see what
had happened; drivers of vehicles had halted; newsboys darted up from
every direction, and a flock of nurses had brought their go-carts and babies
from the park. Of the fringe of wom
en staring rrom tne opposite sine or
the street only one seemed to have
any Idea of what had happened. She
was a pleusant-faced woman with a
sympathetic voice, and she carried a
clump of goldenrod.
"I heard somebody say somebody
had fallen off a car and they have
sent for an ambulance."
"Men are so careless." The obser
vation was made by a woman who
carried a knitting bag. "You hardly
ever hoar of women getting hurt. Women look where they are going, but a
man skips alt a moving car or sprints In front of an auto. And the first thing
he know ha is in the hospital," finished up the woman of the bag.
"I suppose It's because women are more timid than men are, and for that
reason are less venturesome."
"It Isn't timidity; It's common sense. Women keep their wits about them,
and the consequence is Unit they never get hurt. There comes the ambu
lanceoh, Isn't thut grocery wogou mean I Right where I can't see a thing I"
The ambulance door was opened and two men pulled out a utretcher
covered with a gray blanket. Then they shooed away the crowd and lifted
a jTostrnte figure from the bricks.
It was a woman.
Generally Indicate a luck
of Iron in the Blood
Carter's Iron Pills
Hi maniai I I iU aauiaalll ' iM'aaiaaiiaai
Do" YOU want
Clothes thai Dazzle ?
Old Darky in No Sort of Doubt as ta
the Disposition of His
.lunge Milton r. Elliott of Virginia,
coiii:s( I of I lie fodT;il rosi rve board.
;oid a story last week which qim-kly
spread over nil ofM -inl Washington.
It appears, says- tin- judge, that an
old darky recently applied for a Jots
at Iii'li wage at the lu 1'ont pow
der plant lit Hopewell. Vn.
He was ushered into the euiplnyim-nt
bureau and plied ulih Ibe iisiui! unns-tieiis-
put to nil new baixls taken on at
Ibe works.
"And who would you like to be noti
fied in ease of a serious aeident?"
I was asked.
I'nele .fake afler a Utile while
1 1 1 -light of two persons who might !ifc
to know of his misfortune.
"And, last of all." said one of (be
examiners, "where would you like your
remains shipped?"
"Where would I
shipped?" repeated
groggy sort of voice,
to take 'cm away
now '."
like my remain
I'ikIc .lake n si
"I'.oss. I se gwiiM
from here riqht
lis SO easy!
A single trial package of
Red Cross Ball Bice
will convince you that never be.
fore have you known true happi
ness at the end of tha day.
White? why it gives yonr
clothes a whiteness that even the
fleeciest clouds cuuuot rival.
Don't Walt, Don't Doubt
Get iiVse it and KNOW
5 Cents. Al GOOD Grocery Slores
That Ocean Voyage.
Henry Clay Siuiih feels Die same
way about that oce an voyage as a lot
of the rest of us
"When dis wall is ovah," he say,
"you'll nevali see nie p. in' back arrows
dat: oeetin. Ahm not goin' back to de
I'nited States dat way. Ainu goiri t
return by ilc way of New Orleans."
I'aris Stars ami Stripes.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle oC
CASTOKIA, that famous old remrjj;
for Infants and children, and see tmu!?
Signature rtfitf&jkt
In Use for Over 3() Years.
Children Cry for Floteher's Castoria
No Enthusiasm.
"I don't like that lellow."
'Why not?"
"When I told hi:n my wife made me
what I nm lie shook his bead sadly und
said, 'I'm sure that -excellent voma
did the best she could.' I'irminfhsnt
Reduces Strained, Puffy Ankles.
Lymphangitis, Poll Evil, Fistula,
Boils, Swellings; Stops Lamenes
and allays pain. Heals Sorea, Cuts,
onuses, boor, males. It is a
Does not hitter tr remnv fht
hairand horse can be worked. Pleasant to use.
$2. SO a bottle, delivered. Describe yonr case
ror special instructions and Uook 5 R free.
ABSORBINE, JR., sntlKptie liniment for mankind, r.
duces Strains, Palnlul. Knotted. Swollen Velni. Concen
trated only s tew drops required Stan appUcauon, Pries
81 25 per bottle at dealen or delivered.
W.F.YOUNG, P. 0. F.. 31 OTeir.jlc St., Springfield. Mass.
Carlsted's Liver Powder
ror habitual cormtipiiiion, blliouBncss, dyspep
sia, dizziness and kidney and bladder tro'ub.es.
Hundreds of textimonlals from thou whom we
have hilued. Two sizes, 2ISe nnd fl.UO. If vour
dealer hasn't It, order direct from ua. 31 til. by
Wi.lam, B.Colnmsm.Wash-
omtun.Il.O. Hooks trim. Hlirb
est rvlarenuua. gM,i results.
Cuticura Kills Dandruff.
Anoint spots of dandruff with CofJ-
cura Ointment. Follow at once by a.
hot shampoo with Cutictiru Soap, If si
man; nest morning if n woman. For
free samples address, "Cuticora, Dent
X, Hoston." At dniKRistts and by mall.
Soap 25, Ointtiictu 'S and !"i0. AdT.
Seemed So.
"There are a f.'ood many tips nnd
downs in this war." "Are you refer
rilij.: to airplanes or submarines?"
Her Status.
"She Is a mere butterlly of society,
isn't she?" "Well, not exaelly. I
should rather call her a butter-In."
Indigestion produces disagreeable ni4
snmetimea alnrminR symptoma- Wrlarbt'B
Indifn VfRrtahle Pills simulate tha iIIktw
tlve processes to function naturally. A.
Whnt is one man's
other's jutrci'iniiut.
intomobile is art-
W. N. U., FT. WAYNE, NO. 41.-19ia
When Your Eves Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy
No HmnrtlnK Just l:r Cetuforu 60 cents at
DriiiitrlM or niali. Writ tor Kraa Iy Moos.

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