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11. II. I!(lll. Kl.lT.m.
I). G. FITCH. Assistant F.wtok.
I ;vtcm, Ohio,
Monday, - - November 27, 1865.
The Democratic Party.
. - ., ... . .
Tin- result in t tip .ie PIP.-U01I-S .,., ......
MU l...tt..i.stt.o4ll.l.atl.altl.Pl.
rulic party i t .lead, nor even aleeplnj'.
We know that it Is tin- huhil of the Ueput.-
lin.il paperi t. eak of lb.- 1 Vmncntli.'
party, alter temporary defeat, as tl.ni.,,.
i, ba,l t.-..,. utterly annihilated, ami w..nl 1
pi, e its ..,,x..,,H no trouble lu the f.i.ur,.
I bis may b.-. a .oinloitinjt r.-H.'ctloii to
tl....... but tbev will Hnl ill nil eoinins
ele.-tloni. ai they lii.Vf ever foiin.l 111 the
past, that thi (trauil ol.l organiatiuii uii
.lyinx ami liny iel.liiii; to the lust will lie
lva.ly to lve them battle arain when tin'
time eoine-i. nil.) cause them to exert all
their powers. si'n.I all their spare monej
.l , se all their manifold ai.nlianccs to
hold even such states and counties as they I
have been accustomed to call their own.
Kor a dead party, the I lemocrat ic Is the
hardest one to conquer that the Republi
cans ever came in contact w ith. Though
defeated to-day. it Is as formidable as ever
to-uiorrow ; and this in the face of the iin
nimise amount of money, the overw helm
ing jM.Mcr of political patronage, and the
Herculean efforts of a proud and dellant
While the Republican party has been
held together by the "cohesive siwer of
public plunder." the Ih-mocratle party, for
the past live years, has been firmly united
on firinripti', nnd not all the storms of Insane
passion, dlgniliedby the name of "patriot
ism;" nut all the Influence of official pat
ronage; not all the power of millions of
money put forth to corrupt and control the
masses of the party ; not arbitrary arrests
ii ti l Imprisonment, nor mob law and brute
violence, backed by a tyrannical and des
iotlc administration of the general Unv
crnini'iit, have been found sufficient to dis
solve, or even discourage the old Demo
cratic parly the party of the Constitution
and the icoilc.
II null lirm! and though In the mlnor'ty
In the Northern States, it was neve-, lu
all the essential elements of its organiz
ation, stronger or more hopeful Han It
is to-day. It stands In solid phalinx lu
every State, united, determined, a'eiiant
the same every where animated by the
same spirit and Inspired by Hip same un
dying principles. The principles of the
Constitution as our fathers made It, are its
principles, and while they live the Demo
cratic party will live, united In sentiment,
action and spirit every here. The storm
and trials through which it has passed dur
ing the last live years, have purified it from
the dross and relieved It frotu the weight
of a class of men who only acted w ith it
from contempt aud venal impulse!. They
have taken reni In the txxoni of the Re
publican party, and the Democracy may
congratulate themselves that they are at
last free from :'.! incubus that was alw ays
imbuing and destructive lu its itiHuence.
Royal Horse Stealing.
Many horses Were taken finm Southern
plantation (luring the. war by, raider and
iiidivldiinU, anil brought Xorth. These
h. irss haveuever been law hilly eontis.ated.
but Hre held without unthorltr. The
l'resideut has glvuu orders that all such
property mny Is- tukeu by the owners
wbertver found. And more rerentlv,
(Quartermaster General Meljrs lias issued
orders directing officers on duty In the
various, military departments to seize and
turn (Her all animal, which have lkiiged
to the United State, and all those Impressed
in loyal ordiloj)il district ; Hll mnttired
by the PMi-niy trout the V. A. uuU- tliu
(s rsiiiis holding them can show a legal
right to them; and a reward of $15 will be
paid for information that leads to the re
covery of such horM's; but pei'tonx holding
them cannot receive this reward. The iV.
1'. Commefi-iiil' Afh'ertiser says :
The trnlh 'l-1 horse-stealing from the
(iovern.neut was carried on by the w hole
sale during ,tl.e onitluuauee of the war;
nor w as'tnls spisies of theft contined to
the disloyal. Olncers and soldiers alike in
our osvn armies cuuie. in a very short time,
to look upon Horses as common nrouertv
and whoever could get the best animal out
ot toe "UBrt..Tina.-ter or anynody else, wa
too eommoulv regarded as the eleven's
fellow, from general to private down.
iiearly: every fine may be said to bave be
come demoralized on the snldect of horse
flesh.' As a result of this faxness, very
many Wi re the expedients resorted to for
km li.Uimg the tioveriiuieiit. Attnched to
every body of men, of any considerable
number, wa a nmtil or inelosure of fresh
horses to supply the wants of the ridei-s.
It was very irequeutly the custom of
uoiinled men to procure by purchase or
"coiinscatiou a poor unlmal, and theu
turning II Into the "corral receive a good
horse in exchange, hi this manner (Jov
eminent was tlcfnuidud out of thouiiauds
of dollars every year. Animals so obtained
were taken home by otllcers at the ex
piration of their term of services, and are
now scattered all through the country.
Almost everybody came in time to regard
this species of stealing as merely sha
practice. ,
The rigus are hopeful and encouraging
that the IX'iuocrutic party will aoou again
lie In the ascendant, and be called upon by
the great majority of the American people
to direct aud control public affairs to
bring prucu, system and order out of the
chaos produced by Republican misrule.
The lresideiit has been com)elled to adopt
its principle, lu the very beginning of bis
attempts ut reconstruction and restoration,
and the people of the whole country will
yet be compellud to plant themselves upou
the principle of the Democratic party, If
they ever hope to aee and rejolc In a re
stored aud peaceful Union of the States.
If It I- hIIV tn HllviK'Utf tllP tllXB-
tinn of Nutl.mul SwiirltirA, then tlie !!-
rtni.liran .,.KUlnt.m- of Vermont ..in first ,
be put upon trial.
That ondv. after an nnl-
unite.) iIImmIs'Ioh.
lu both liriiwhee. btu :
J..,t ,m..Hlll...lMVl.llltol.vyHtl.xolijs
tin Inroim's r.f clll.ens th rived frcnil I . !s.
IhuiiIs h well mi tin' miv.lt of Xiitl.inul !
Ii:inks m I thin lt 1111111". In what direi'lion !
.1.-11 1. ....!.:..... ...... 1 - - I
....... " I " " " y I
nm the if :u. working . m- .
Jority of the Ohio I,Kitat..re. when that .
laxly otivw, hrtr the h:ir.MlH,.l to H-j
low the example f ;
I.. tl. ..lc...-e of any ,xl.t on tin Ke-
pub Iran bnm. I. of t he M.i.v.tlo.u Pr.K.My (
it ill not be rcxai ded as entirely ..., boh-
some to bear bow it is reffunlert mi.l .lis-
i'H"e.l out Here III tlie 11 e-i. r or in nailer.
cm the iieu.ocr.itii! shle, the Iiiliaiiaolis
JlTtild, e-'tiiiiatinj'
wlth s.iinetbiiig
. I ..-til l.u iKw.u
... . ..
. . ..,, , .. v .... .. . .. ...... - ... - - .
thonian.l millions nt Government bon.ls in I
existeiie.!. oi wnw n one iiuii.ueu iminous
Will probably be held l.v lnilianaeHpltuli.ts
holds that according to republican notions
of Constitutional obligations, these bonds
ouiht to lie r-iiiillated. unless the holil.-i-i
will rrtf to their belli taxe.l.
. i. ...... ,i i,... ,,..tm. ti. I......1
An.l we now anil here notify the boinl-
holilen that one of three things luift take
hi ace:
1. Thif bonds must be sold to )mtsoiis
. .. i o. . i.i . i e ..
out of this State, bihI the prorecds of them
become taxable property In the State; or.
j. The holders must agree to their taxa-
t ion. iiinl Ifn'y miiHt he luted for State and
municipal purposes; or.
i. They must and will be repudiated, be
cause they can not aud will not be paid by
taxing the property of other people alone
to tiny theiu.
We do not state these propositions as our
Individual sentiments, hut as the sentiment
of the masses. They reason thus: If it
was right to provoke the South Into relxd-
lion by refusing to fulfil Constitutional
faith to her, it is right to drive others into
rebellion by refusing to keep unjust legal
faith with them. It is Idle to talk about
the matter. It is idle to conceal the fact
IVii.ii the liond-holdcrs. Jt ih Idle on this
subject, to be evasive by a circumlocution
of words, nnd phrases. Kvery man ho
hears the conversation on this subject
among tiie masses of the people, knows
that It Is upon all their tongues, these bomla
ahull le luxeil or vml itited. aud we know
tbe Republicans have taught the people,
tn cue lust tew years, mat compacts and
Oiiistituttons are not to stand lu the way of
what they see fit to do.
The Election of United States Senator.
The Columbus corresjKiiulent of the C'uim
mrn ial expresses the opiniou that the elec
tion of I'nited States Senator, to succeed
John Siiehman, will be postponed by the
Legislature until the next session. He
"There is a quite general dlaiiositioii lilan
lAuc.l ti oustpoue action UuMi Uie adjourn
ed session, as was djn in the last casv
wl.cu Mr. Wad w. re-leted. As, the
term of thn present iucumlwiU does not
expire until March, 14(17, it k thought to
be unw ise to ru.li into an election of tils
successor one year lu advance, wlieu that
year mu oe n nnuu "ran wnten
would have great Influence upon thechohw 1
member. Inasmuch as there will !. :
ample time for the election at the second J
session, it is thought that a majority will
vote to postpone it till then." I
, - i -i
It is none of our fuueral, therefore ,, we
nay lie iiitnullng if we inggef t tliat those
Illustrious rivals for the posltloti, Messrs.
Sc'HK-sck aud Shkhua.n, will hot exactly
like so much delay a delay that may ; be
productive of bringing other royal contest
ants into the Held, and possibly to animate
the contest as to Indefinitely pospoue the
claims of both; for, although they, just
now, aeein to claim the Held as exclusively
their own, it is not lobe disputed that there
is any uua.utiry.of patriots lu the State, just;
as "ardent to achieva honor and utuolu
inents as they, who would not "put away
the crown" more than half a dozen times,
if offered them.
A Good Move.
a -
New York. Its views and objects are thus
set forth: ,
Tlie league holds that men should have
the light to exercise their industry, to dis
pose of its fruits in any market which to
them shall seem besU aud with the proceeds
to buy whatever and wherever they please.
"It protests agaiust the 'paternal' luter-fcrcni-e
of government with private pur
suits, being convinced that the less govern
ment is f.it and seen the better fur nil
it believes that protection' to the pro
ducer is robbery of the consumer, w ith the
added hvpocrisy of pretending to look alter
the latter a iutcivst.
William una Hbvanc, the editor of
the New York Krrminij a lending
Republican paMT, Is one of the vice-presidents
of the league,
Thk Tkst Votic. A bill will be Intro-
duced Into the House, at the opening of
(.'ougress, to test the policy of reconstruc
tion. It is expected by the Republican
leaders to alienate, during the progress of
this bill, all the shaky material of their
lutrty, and to force the Presideut to show
his hand. Mr. Johnson will probably take
the wind nut of the sails of these agitators
by compelling them either to support or
oppose what he w ill recommend, and it is
not improbable that the men who propose
to themselves to rftn the Congress oil their
own account, and lu their own way, will
find themsolvc not only lu the opposition,
but before long lu the minority.
The TlmtJ I.lveruool letter savs the Shen
andoah wua in a verv tllthv condition when
surrendered, and ludicaled that the officers
hud no control over the crew. There was
a large quantity of flags of all nut loin ou
board, and the crew said many more had
beeu torn up for cleaning guns.
Rise of the Negroes.
liWe.,. .. ...... ....... ......
Very M'rin alarm prevail In nome of tlie
f milul.iii.i HA 1-1 .lltlU 1MIMnlll..r imuii
' . , , ... ' ,
iH-ttrrthHii Hi'tvRhim' Induced hnmlrpiWor
th'Htl in holtot-ntlxlt a iniluiml illctaliitt fkflniiil
(7,r1,nH .,, ,,f
them n 111 be converted hy the Freeitinnii'ft
Uuivnii Into Arst-t liiM planter. Tlie Im-til
i!iM'D n'Kirt tliat Ihtku umubcra, through
soiiip mvstKrkMi moou ro l.o10l.it ix,-
JjlHmt k,mU uf WU(U1
wl)jlp . lHt. (,(lf(,nsr
H ,.vrrv.whl.rr ni.n.V,t. We
luye n() auU Umt ...j Jllllla,.a
rror n Jip
w,,lt4,r B1, ,lttMir(l ,, ..,,.,,,
S(w ud woiM wu miU
A letter from Sherveport to the Jiew Or-
iioii na.u iii.ijim in ...ni , i.:i.ilv ;
Thprt. not 811 holr of l4, ul hu from
(Uirk jtt Ufnt, la wb.,., ) 0u cn not
near tii.'iniiiiiieliig. qimrreiliigf anil .arous-
" X- """K i1ir Kiis "'i pwiois 111
' ... V.'"'" T".'."
around tlie back dmirs, kitchens and cabins
of the uriTiita resiileneeur steulinic isjuILtt
Htealiii( hojfs. stealing w.khI and axes, and
,-ver) tiling else they can lav their hands on.
1)lll i'11J t,, day (every storV is closed here
at dark) four or Ave' of them will filters.
store, and while some are pailevlnir with
and engaijing the elerks. another will walk
" w th a bolt of goods, n coat, hat, pair of
, ,.,,, ,i,i ..." i ,k '
.generally n can conveniently carry away
Such is the blessings of ' Liberty " Sambo
is now enjoying in that portion of the
South, and yet, every morning nearly, the
" t'reeilinau's Bureau " "ends us over the
w ires th most exalted praises of their im
proved physical and moral condition !
Crime in Boston.
The riovial Science Assoelulion held. a.
meeting at Uostou last Friday evening.
The chairman, J. H. Stevenson, stated that
from I. Milt .to 1,WK children were aunually
sent to prison in that city for crime.' The
Hou. Kdtt in W right said that in the years
IHC.-2 and IMI there were brought to the
city prison each year l.&U) children, under
the uic of fourteen venrs : and be asserted
that there were now AOOtl children in that
city treading the paths of crime. ,
Xow, we submit. In all sincerity, whether
this same Dost on is not one of the widest
ticlds that can tie found In any country
Africa, Asia, Oceauica. and "t.'hoesedom"--
now demanding the urgent attention of
christian benevolence! Where are heath
ens so In need of spiritual food as the Bos
ton heathen. We call the Immediate
attention of all home missionary enter
prises to this deplorable picture of the
"Hub of the Universe." Let the Hotten
tots wuit a little longer for, the moral
pocket handkerchiefs, attend to the pagans
of Boston. Let the Keejee's postpone for a
period their favorite feast of white inlsslon
aty .u BuhIuhI
- -
iYorL l,r urte.l a..tliiilii... Unit .i
1 ork u,""""w aolunlu. e that aeer
of tain Cohwel, a brother of a pertain Major
UenaMll in th service of tits United Slilei
ho hiul been dowa South for about alx
, . . , . . ,..
v. ...
The 1'kohis or a Dtricnv. An ex
tcunir iot whlnt. irtu m ,7osrsfcr-
mouth is being built in Lansing, Michigan,
bv uu officer iirouiineitt lu the Uoveruuient
detective service, wbo was not worth tulol
lar before the commencement of the w ar.
Jjcchangt. j 1
X liftMi' rfsH'tftble infnilM.r hf ttiA Ynb
uiiiihho) now U'.M.t lW HV 1IUIIV.IU.I.IIII1
lllii,M..V.r,i.,ii i vil.. n
first went Into the service, he wan reported
as belii)r worth scarcely the. epaulets tliat
he sported.
Wreck of a Vessel—Terrible Scene.
. Vew ini ro ferribly" thrilling nforc-krtf
wrtohw liavtruoutei before the public th is
that of the wreck of the lun an Dtiubsr
on the coast of Brazil; tt was at V I. U,
aud Ah oa of ' Breuknr nheiKl.',nraTSl
awered only by the horrible crash of (bo
keel on the coral u-eet Through Ui loin?,
iilau'k, wild night of October Z, tint auia.
reeliuK to and fro, aud tlie pwenywrt tiesud
not eveu tee winnher any part of the rrf
was atiove water but kuqw aureiy that tV)
hip must ko to peices before moruliur.'
The men anu women behaved well. " ltlz J
iniposhiblc," says the report, "to speak too j
highly of the couduct of the ladies at the 4
time tlie .vessel struck, and during the
seremn was , heard, aud w ith perfect resig
nation aud 411 lei ness they awaited the ter
mination of that trying state of things,
w hether it should result In their preserva
tion, or their being swept into the dark ami
l.orriil uteri around."
Hope' beamed, w ith the morning;' 'fVro
little Mind heaps euierged from the waters
to which all were transported. There the
ladies ate raw meat and biscuit, and the
men slept among laud-crabs and ear-wigs,
but all were cbeerfnl. The captalu and
seven men went tttf In tker, life-bout on a
stormy seatotlud help; were piektsl iipjy
miles distant: and (he Hleaut-sbio went
with him and sared all.
An Assassin Arrested.
One of the tleeporadneei wtte wbbmi -erne!
terribly beat Col. llKa.KMAM a tew day
since at Nashville, winaiTcytod oa the )Mtli.
He v. as to' lie tried liy ilruui-hcad Voitrt
Inurtiul, which means, as he has been
recoguliei! iix or eight ,-? of rvllablv
roiK', ,
'' ' ' 'iv-.''
The "mysterious prisoner" whom Stanton
hue got lu the bastHe at Washington, i
Major tjoc, w ho had charge of the Salisbury
1'iIkiu. We presume his death has been
resolved umiu by the magnates of power,
and that he will be turned over to Lew
alluce aud his compeers 10 dWpatch,
- : -. -. I t
-S ,
Au uilifle kn UlmkuHHttr $ ittiuaziue states
that It is no two rot that Lord r'aluicr.-toiij
1 ,1... L' ....... I. L. u
,..e u i-.iiiimtiiii nno lor nrn.i
with the United Htates after the 'Iti'ii
anair, but were prevented by au opposition
iu the Kngllsb Cabinet, '
A building occupied for the Comtnlsaarv
and kjuartcamaatur'a iM parUneut, at t a.im
xseisoiu rteiiiucky, wee uuniw v rew-iuti
j lie los by tue uoveriiiueni, in store, w
Two white men, named John M. Brown
aud Christopher C. 1 Cease, having been con
victed by a military cominlasiii of the
murder of a ncgresa iiAuks! Nellie West. In
Talilerro Countv. Georgia, were sentenoed
to be linngnd. The President has approved
the sentence, aud ordered the execution to
take place on the tirst vl-'rlday in January
tJovemor lloldeu. of North Carol Inn, Is
beaten for Oovernor by Worth by about
luow) majority. . . - . ' ; t
The rebel ram Stonewall has arrived In
Washington, where she w ill be lusiectsl
by the court-martial which Is trying Coin
luuudcr Craven fur not capturing her.
1 A novel official document has been re
ceived at the Indian HureHii.' From It it
appears that the cost of killing an Indian
has been alwut l,UUI.oiKi a head, aud for a
sijuaw lUUU.OW). Tills mI.oits the ecouoiny
ot the Uovernineut.
: A Cuban has boen arrestisl lu New York
upon suspicion of being engaged in the
nurder of Uttero. ile was on board of a
shim about to sail for Havana. The cir
cumstantial evidence against Ii kin is said to
ue very strong.
The Matamoras Itani'hero of 'the ' 16th
says, despite the reports to the contrary,
there is not the sligntest apprehension of
another attack on the city. No 1. literals
have been seen or heard from for three
days, within a circuit of five miles. The
only reason for supposing them near is the
reported presence of Cortiuas.
A terrible tornado on the lstth swept
over a large portion ot tlie eastern part ot
Central America. Immense destruction of
life and property resulted. The entire
town of lliueiielu, with the exception of
tlie King's residence and the missionary
building, was completely demolished, and
many jmtsoiis kill.il lor miles along the
coast. All the houses disappeared before
the storm. The plantations were covered
with live feet of water, and all the grass
crops destroyed.
In the forelgu tiles by the China, from
Loudon, the New York jMnlj Aems of the
:44th suys that the order concerning tlie
crew ot the Shenandoah stipulated that all
who were not British subjects should be
lils rsted. 'Ihe inen on being called up
claimed to be residents of Soutncru States
or Spain and Ki-ancc. None acknowledge!
to be British subjects, though many nad
Scotish uud orkstilre accent of the liroad
est character. All were released. Their
baggage was noticed to be particularly
Peter Thompson, un old citizen of Cin
cinnati, a liquor merchant, and a native of
Scotland died in that city on Friday. He
wae OH yearn of age.
Thail. Stevens Chairman of the Commit
tee of Ways uud Means Is now lu Wash
ington, talking out loud. He denounces
the policy of tue 1'rcsideiit without stint,
and will take an curly opportunity ou the
assembling of Congress, to enunciate Ills
ow n views, mere is considerable pressure
to prevent his re-appointiueut to tlie . Iialr
luuushlp of the Coiuiultfce.
Rubbei-s got into the First National Bunk,
at Charleston, Greene Co. ou Wednesday
night, gut partly into the sale and theu sus
peudeu operations. ,
HJTiLE Ou Monday nomiogMof U7th, Caki
Mir. fuuugM daVUKtitsf ul lv.d T. ud M. J.
Funfftl naroe at to'ciotilr '" dv afatirBOO.
New Advertisements.
Boa tun n a wamiuj-by a kupc taiilk
uUii.ae, in n irvMiA fnnly uttHi Umr.. r l'w
or ew b BfOar. Would like It within imtr or tin siU-rt
u. uu rvii uak'i. .arei.( "iHliilLi k.i.ipirtf
oiBi-e. ' no7U
IB, UuOK,llt,Be.rMI,(aUj IflltUWIWIU IH-
re.vi.iM lakes ror lsc, ,lnnn ofHoe bo.ua, ml
thTri:Uw URU. if youoouauii y.urcwa coe
vt.ieuci, j ou will call bror lha ruxh, whi .'h roudwra
it far unulHiaaaL duruiu ut laat lw v.'Ua ot the
tiaita .iMeiacd l lw. H0.iiemlM.r Hint uu hntflhe
aalirelaslor ls6, ioKe l.nr with all dell .quem-iea,
end a it alret .n.mveiaeut uiea, uiual be psiu
oe oa hvfore Uih -JOth -tuv el D-on.b r, Ude, er the
l.Ballr will be Mlduda sullioria- d by law
liAjaibLj ri.AL.ei,
TreaBUMr Mortomery Co , O.
Treteurer'aOtOae.Moi. 1, IS64. . ov3-dwtf
ef horBiber, leu .tbe uederelijavd wea aip-
iWDUd and qilaltaw ednuail.rau.r ot IDA eata.e al
veei ilaWa, late 0 MuuiKOuerf eouei, Objo,
Uree-eed. . .
AiK.B Waamiivii KTa. NoTitm la
al uerebf kivod, tnel the under.-lH.Qed be Una day
twron auuu ot' d euniieiaLr.lora of tlie e.lale el Jae .L
AVa,briMnt, lale el elou'iioii ery county, Uhie, eV
aard, by the Probate Court et aaid county.
Nov Jl, lUtiA. , JjliHM W. V eKIOHT.
'Sovl6Mt , JAi.'OB WaYbRlUMT-
duly apuoiatvd aAreuina of the lioil wdl and
leatin-ent o( Uuory alleer la e ot iloutHoniery
eeuely. In... deovef d
aovi.dllawJl rKKtiKltll'A QALMHKR.
Attorney and Notary,
ii 10 I11U. will. d.lli;UL', nrouielnea.
eed oare.
utnua oe bird ate-et, ever LebeeebiirKera' CIoiIiibh
titorr. novJAdewlr
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. omwtur" will be heid at Hie vthec U Ilia UomraDy,
oe lee VUi.dar or pacaaieet, i4i. i tea evtuek
A. At.
b. K. BOYICIt, Prsaidanl.
T. O. lsiwi, Becreury. nov7dawu
-A. ttornev at Law,
At. K, C-ie-. Malia Xtelral tat.,
kulrauoaou Third eireel, , ,
oo.sXaeln. , frro, Oa.o.
mm An A(;iK Ai hulls.
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this dlaeoee. M ., t , Y
New Advertisements.
Real 'Estate and Loan Agent,
IM. K.vmr. Main Ttalrel am.,
Vntnvre on Milrd Ftrr,
noT2Ms3m ParroN Chio.
Attorney and Counsellor at law,
llli li r,: Tiraiii'iOfira Unn,
Rxm Vo s, Pwonit Floor,
..fL L) A YTO N. O H I O.
(F.rmttfy l.afaittt ttoM)
Third t , North i.t, Jnxl BmI of Jt ft ro rt,
1 A Y T ( N , OHIO,
iOHH A.NUIKIi ... Prtrltr,
(Httintly of th Fame- and Mechanics, 8 eond
St Hit, no b,tr a UoUl )
VAifiD, .lid r.ftimniifj, m4 will tim ttfi4 kh k
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tbemal, Uv, wr wtt t U wd -tiri;n th piniiMM
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now, dim
.'(.UK w. MUCK.
Attorneys at Lawj
1) A Y TON, OHIO. . j
Orr.i , Mo. 3M4 Third Hlraet, Eaat ot Main
el. U SMITH.
If W04AM4H.
AVholesnle CJrooers,
Ho 28, Main Street, Opera Building
1 pompl?tt Inok of ftrocarn, N(iun. K'fh, To
baitco, nnd avrr othfr Mrik-lf ml -d for In Ui whnla
ta ii ur i r.j rv Inula Hnv nn nffiit y n-rnovfd t.ur
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try lal r to our n w otock f Kroc.uicii, uti pitied
intatwt'nn gift inem n iik'I inrtin iny can
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rf'81. tN 'tHUrVnU Y I.AlT, AHtlvr N(MN,
i 'itharoD LutllaWfOr Vn Burnu trtefa, a L-uly's
fcll'K . ot tin fur, midd'trK color ahv ona r turn-
t' h th Bttm. to ib imu o- l Hoti t, or u tbn t r. or
j. a. nnt-i4iry u, will biiiiMmtiy rfwurdcii.
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O Irom h tubti rilr r'rf prnnn a. nr Yitllow
-pnnxa, Notrmbfrvt, n B wk uart, two yetr old
ihri pr'nij;, RiHJin n .p?n iiRiinn rdu one uicii ninn,
with itUr iit br lor had, he ty man nnd loretft
and bHre f.iotf d. a iftwatd of f.'rf) in oftird for har
r.-of.ry. AOaU HAMUA.
Xbma, Not . 14, IWifi. nov'Swll
New Advertisements. Dry Goods.
m Third Suert,
HA .4 jurt rwivcid, ai.d ta oprn.D tla larrt,
tinet. anri hast huU clad Block ol Faoc- aod
PIhio i ItY OUliS. Drt.- ' "odi, BatmoMl-, fn-ib
41 otd- fur yfi' and ho' Wear, which iocluda I ha
Plelaa Hilk.ln ll t'olora.
F lKnrxl "Ilka. In e'l Color..
Hlack Plain wllha, oi.ta.l Kepi,
ttlaeaet Parla Velvaie,
rlak P. Ilxa. Plain ei. I'leld.
Krenoli Popllxe, fUiuaud f.ai.l.
Kreaeli Mcrlaine, ell tala.i,
PIbIm, Unpad Klgwrea Alfee.
. ' eil Oolor..
AH Wool Plelrle,
Will ! Lelaaa.
Anaerleeei Ue tLialaa.
Am-rioan Bleaeh Mntlia
Eogluh Bleach Muslim, very fine
Brown Mnalint
Can Flannel.
Cltreka, Ttckr, and Strip-l.
Linen and C.ittoo 8bbetmti 10 4
Blraeb & Brown 5 4 Pillow Gate
Alexkiader'e u,aela) iAI4 ulevia
Cklldrea'. Ulevee
Buck, Meal aatl Ceeetaaera OleiveeaV
Mllktaaal Clelk Glevee.
I.adlva ClklH((i MpUa.aia.
; Havrt frtf fltta
macw Htmrera
i. Ik liner Biavin
4 flaiR Black C'lotha
s Tary Hu
tf ni rh HUick or Ulolba for MaaaaJ - Wr,
Kb giut Ol ib, 'or fi-rv!otn; 4ifnml Htook
of Notion, biU aal ttlortk-i Wbita
, Uoo-ia, I-tk HHkt L-mj Oollamaud
kinbtoidi rla-i Balm tral. a rj
larHa bua; Hradty'n ci-f.
kratat Hoop hkiitu,
Ao.( AO , u.
Foreigi anl Domes ic.
Oarelork ef Oeedeia lite beat loll em. 1,1 Le ee '
leoledia Eeetera efarkau, end le not eaoeiled le ear
" . , .. 7. .
, The Public ere eerdiellj latUed to call and etn-
lue fcir maneeiree.
DOT 10411"
u::(i's iiai.i-
Monday, Nov. 27, 18U.1,
nrwiTA nia frnm t lu 5, and from 7 to ll.
Aau.isNioii Ml cSH.IAc'hjiares Si ceuli.
Client and Kng,
The World-renowned Siamese Twins, and
'll.f ..nd r:ul WILD Al'iTRttttR I'fllLHREN.
He anis-arence of the Far-annul
Aft r -iHlnv.),n i thfrtten ynr from puttiir lie,
the M miiihsa. T tHK nfi KA. reupm-tfbll
nuuf I.) tn -. ubho tn th7 imw Hbotic lo
inati ttrrwtH Tour ol th i nitd HU'm, nn
tU j tiuttt irwt ittA m ma I bnl pHircnnu bt ttowad
on iriifir H m 'Vkftinii toar will b MvuorUHl inm oa
ihre, tt.f-ir
Grand Farewell . Entertaiaments.
CHBMU ant KNO i 1 aconip .ntei by (hair
ChildrfiH vho Iimv b an bru Oct inr lint mm
ye tDt ti 'nb iu
Rn unibpr, 'hi ii your l nt .-lux om offl-e nitha
AraaTidatlv ofCnibl raia. ludeiiiir from thai r
natural prooMviiiea, th-ir lout? harp tteth, Ac.; pr-
nM ine ooiy inea irom inni cnuotrv no l Ting.
Thrtr head ara lha mi m hth! mot curl ou sly
dtmd fvar aaan on human biom in ihta ooootry.
Lfstafa A Manger B. FRKhRRWIH
diaKtj iHanar w UtiAH. HILL
Firat Night of tha Hrillianl n I I'MhlnOommadion
And tha Favorite Talented Arb ,
Folix A, "Vlxxooxxt-i
Monday Kveuinyr, Nov. 27, 1805,
H ill bn tiHeiitd the rxcit ng Dram i, eutttlad.
! inaralta Mi'a Mi llie William.
Hairicli.m thuDit.H t-eht A, V-au.ut
locaocltide wltb Itie beeutiftil Inah Drama ol Q
Ix'olcvrxca. sua It Was!
JudyU'Trut M , tt ll tenia
Jtajtiiail Pet Mr. Vloirnt
Admiasion H n 00 oeata
Ullerv MOeuta
TuieeU f.ir Bale al J. 'I'. If . 0 .fy'a Mnalo Blora.
Poor. opfnet7i o'wloiik. Ovt-rture coinrae'Hie
alTliAU clonk. '
On Thurstlity ami Friday Kvenina,
Novcinlier 30. and Deot'inlier 1, 1S05,
Thej taka plenaurp e ean ?ucing the engagement of
V TIip Knilni'iit Tenor and BulladUt;
J. K. RICKKY, Hettond Tenor;
J. G. PARKIIURST, Baritone; i
TllOH. CORWIN, Busso Profundo.
Doors opea tt T oa! al; To conim-ec at S-
AdiniiUiont 50 0. nil.
Xo litre chargi for Heianr. d Beets.
11 Ul ot Hal lo be sean et Kinneva Muaie fltere.
where Tick, teoen be secured.
acesoe l.aeeoe.
joesra lanqdob.
PRE I CT 3M. .
MANuracTDsus or
fHeroN.H. v . .
tea., Ac, A.
Nog. ll.lt; A HO If lADTFOUKTa STiRET, DAJ
. i i uniu.
HapAinng done promptly end In tbebeel etjle.
ALSO, - , ' ...
Aud aneiiia for
- BIKBOI.lt, BtBi!l
fire nnd Burglar Proof Snfrs,
ilillll.CI4 "
Uerrlci r.lort aart tecrr Bcr (ouleri,
11IHHONH ii-VI- Tf Pft iP TT ro
aala, would di H m etl, aa 1 hara quit a Bum-'
tr of app tcHiioaa hr hc.unf and I intnacty.
havt ""tri vitrr Ttlnthia hnte and lota in t'atar-''
aoo and Hi tint Our thai IM h d 1 (Map. ' tava
atro aoii a of tha bact impro d turn in Mwti in 1
aijr 40iniy f'r aa on laaaoDablw tarina. aiu a
ta mora hou in tlta city. .
JaM-m kit. i.Y, Ural rUta At ,
Northaataor. Ma u and yd Hir-(a.
ntMlaliu I ay tan. Ulna.
T0"ft pmu'VU tye-tj A,e4n, TtlB tikt DAT
of Norfinb r 165. thn uii'tciaiaurd wa au-
Jomt d aud ihliliad adin mtia'ir of -hn -uta of
'tm Kudny, Uta ct .Aeontoi'i ijr u unt, Ouii
do aj d
"ITiii hTZ.'Ua . .iK'it I- h.-ibAllMllai' M iL.'
LKkth-at tM-aapwojiCad Admimctia or of baa
.ol Milter, deceanau, Ibim ol Van Burn I awns hip,
Monigowaijr County. Ohio. novUw4t

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