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Special Notices.
Htkick( HIIMHi
In lent," aa-d a M- ntiemnn 1 1 hit friend h0 re.
marked that "Hraenkaeka are ft-aest kat
Itakarke tri ketter." '
A (Jonah. ()il.l. or Ho Thnml,
Haatuam dit avreaTioa, Ann eiionin aa
OHMMtB. I AUXiWatijTO OOIttintl,
Irritatlaa at tfce I.o, av trectaa.
arable L Dleeaura
it on mi luni. '
HAviif 4 aiaeor lemmace to tag rT, ami
maimtn aatiar.
rur Bronchitis,, Asthma, rtrrt, Co..
iimptlT d Throat DlMe,
TftuoriM iu e wits im aoen soocaaa.
will An.l TrtxSu tiaaful in clearing Hi Toloa whan
ekea before Sieging or Hoiking, and relieving the
throat after no nnnaual eierilnn of the voeal orftaee.
The TVoeAa are raoaommanded nnd praenrlbed ly
rhyalniena, asd'.hava had tnaiiinoniele from eminent
mea lhronhoul the eounlry. Ileiagntt article of IrtM
merit, nil bar ing prowl their etaoaoy by taal ef
many ynere, eaoh year llnd. llirm In new loaaliues
n nnnil parte of the world, nl Ilia TVonAiu Ml
umvar-ttlly prooounoed hatter Mian ether nr Idea.
Obtain only "Tlnown't BaoatmiAi Taooana," nnd
do not take any of the WirikUt l,itUiUiou that may
bo offered.
Bold everywhere ' the li ailed Statee, and in For
eign Countries atM oanta par box. notM Smdaw
Special Notices. Hestetter's Bitters on the Battle-
It la sail .factory ti know that our Said hoapitale
art- no longer nainppliel with tliia life-anving praua-
ration. Holdlere who, a privet oltleena.had booms
acquainted wi'h it. properties, have In many In.tno
OM mail a apitile rennet that HOSTKTTeV '8
HTOMAOIf BITT (HI mi.fhl In added ,to the medical
atoroa ef their regiment, and their wlahea have not
boon unheeded. Aa a nam of auitalnlng wounded .
mat on tho battU Bald, and or enabling troopa to1
hoar fatiguing marohan under Maaing aua, ti til
baoa atraouoiialy recommended by diattngoiehed ;
Bnadioal man, nodMie proepeot la that it will eTentu-
ally aupamadaalt Ilia ediillereled tinctures, liquor
and dmtgtrmu 7lna4 that have heretofore baaa
considered medicinal a'aplee. Thn Tent that a amoll
quantity of tho Dlttnre mixed with water from any
of tho Southern or fjoutb-weetern riverewUI proven (
t from affeu'lng the bowela or the hrer, ahould be
borne In mind by Army Phyaioiana, aoldiera, and all i
who haro oooaaioa to Tiait tlioae portlona of our .
eountry. The man who uaaa HOSTETTER'f BIT- I
TKR8 In toaformity with the direolione, may aet at
doneooe Intermltiaal Fever and all other dleaaee
Knrated by t-m notion u ao nnwho'.aaome. atmoe-
phare upon an ovorulke 1 frame. i '
Dr. K. CONK miy ba ooniultad aa follow :
In XKNIA at the Depot Katinx Houaa, on Thura
daya Mot, 13, IMu. V, K.i. 1, Unroll a, Apr! It.
In PttTON at the Phlllipe lionao, on frldaya
Mor.M, l.au. ta, rh. 1. March , April 19.
In TROT at the Mnrrle Houaa, on Saturdaya Hot.
6, Ieo. .Kl, Kab. 3, March HI, April 14.
In gPRlNiiVIBIiDaJ theWlllia Houee, on Thura
daya, Nov. DO, Jan. 4, Feb., March 1(1, April 1.
Dr. 001 haa had oftloea la each of the above
pleoee, that he haa refluUrly Tiaitad for the paat aev
a yara,ed aa he ha traatad and cured many Pa.
tinnt4, in aaeh of the above plocea, he can Kve lb
beat of rafamncea in each place, aa 10 hia aalll.
l)r. CONR Traaia.and Uurae, all varlottae ofChrnnlo
dlaaaaaa, inuiudmg thoaa of Uia leva and Eur; inakpe
nn eharue for oonaultalion ; but If thoae who aonault
him da ra treatment, he chariiaa Oaah lor hia M ad
oinee. Mmllmnaa that will lnt a j'iant rnim tour to aim
monlha, ooat from Viva to Thirty ilollara, in t.'aah.
Addrrnn: Ur.JC.0OK a,
novttt Uly OoLnaaua, Ohio.
The agent of Iliimphrry'g Iloineop.ith
lc Sprelllcs haa reerlved a very iinportant
addition to his list of lluinplirey'a Shx1IIo
llmneopathlr. Itenicilles In the shaM! of
8xvllic No. 34, which cure dlptheria and
ulcerated sore throat. These specifics have
obtained a wide celebrity among tho medi
cal practitioners and are very largely used
by them, being prompt, elllclcnt, reliable
and convenient. Au extended ndvrrtlse
nieut In unotber column gives a list of the
different species, the dlseaoea which they
remedy, and the prices. The cases for fami
ly use are ewpeclidly worthy of attention,
and also the new department of vek-ntary
sieclflea. The headquarters of Humphrey's
Hpeelfic Homeopathic Medicine Co., Is at
Sti'l Brordway, New York.
"Oanst tkou not minfaler to a mtnil dfaaaaed.
And, with tome aweat, oblirioua antidote,
Oleanee the foul boaoin of the penloua atull
That waigha npoa the heart V
Certainly; 1'i.antanioi Bittkhs will do
It wheu notliliig viae will., Melancholy,
Depreaaion, Hyocliondrla. Insanity, all
spring, more or leas, from a diseased stom
ach, and tills 1'i.antation BiTTKus Is a sure
cure for. There la no uiistaku about It;
Dyspepsia, Headache, Dullness, Ague,
and lxw Spirits must yield to the health
giving and genial inrtiitnco of the Plan ta
tio Uittkks. If you are in doubt, make
one trial and be convinced.
MT Consumption Is a disease which Is
carrying its victims to the tombs by the
thousands, without being arrested In Its
progress. But a brighter day Is coining and
has come to successfully arrest this disease.
' Allen's Lung Balsam la making truly re
markable cures of what was considered by
l'hyslclaiis as incurable Consumption.
For sale by the Ilealcm In Family Medi
cine gcnerully.
1ST An In Valiums Umkdt None,
except those who have lud'ercd all the hor
rors of threatened Consumption, ran fully
appreciate the value and efficacy of Du
Haix's B A I.HAM a sovereign rrmrdy In
all the various stages of this much dreaded
(If Take lliokrwne and defy Fever and
Ague. This glorious vegetable tonic fortl
fles the system against intermittent, cures
a)yaH'p,Ia, puts tho nerves In order, clears
the brain, aiisulua the constitution, and
restored tle lost vigor of any and evsry
rgan. D.-s.tIXy aU, K. V. tSold by
all Druggists.
Dayton, Ohio,
Thursday,' 'December 21, 1863.
Local Matters.
Hkautikhi, Bluijrhi mill CiiIUts nt Lung
doii's, 11, 13 uml IS Fourth slruot. dlw
Ciikii Wantkd. Attlm I'lici'iilx Hotel
Mi Htli'iid III Dining Kiuiiii. hlx or novvn
(firls rnn (ret jtimmI hi ttiat Ioiih liy applying
it tlic olllce of the rhn'iilx I lotj'l iimiio
t imiHToriiKU khihh khincii.k. u now
hero. To-iluy will lie ohtkmI a lurn vitrlcly
of Toy mill Clirlxlniua iireHrnU. Cull at
the col lier of JeH'ernon mill Miirket for lmr-
jthIiih all bought thin aennoii ere the rush
Waktkd. A dwelling limine., with from
hIx to 'right rooniH, In n pleaxnnt loratlon,
KuipilnMit th'iB oilier.
. a- -.
Aoition Sai.ks. The galo of bliuikets'
prliitA. miiKlliiK. mattraxwK, plllow-caNlnir
ami HlieetH, all new, Ix continued to-day.
Halo for the Indira, tbla nOrrnooii, and In
thn eveiilnjr for nentleinen, at our new
Auction Knom, No. 313 Third Htrrrt, next
door to Tioomla & ltitrnntt'H hardware store,
by (Itrlstoplirr & Hplrlnmn, Aiictioneem.
IloAiiD Wantrd. For it gentleman and
his wife In n resrotiille private family.
Reference given mid rnpilred. Apply in
perxon,' or nddrexa "Foreman," Kmi'ikk
Hkvkn 1)oi. i.ah Ovkhcoath. Cavalry
overroatM at unven dollnin. lined Willi flnn
nel, at 11. Me.hwitrx'it Eftgle (')otlilng Store,
108 Main Htrrrt, adjoining Kmiiuk office.
Pay no attention to any other ahowa, but
come right to the place and hoc and wlect
for yoiirHelvoav
Si.kiih, ('abb, Cahth, and Tov ( iiaiiih.
For an Iiiiiimuihu stock of KIuiIh, Toy Cults,
Boys Carts, WheellHirrows, Toy Oiullra,
Chairs, Bureaus, Tables, etc. Go to !. I'.
HulMir & Hon. delMfit.
: Maonikh knt Dihci.ay of thk "KwKrrrg
ok Iikk." Mr. Jacob Kemper, Si-coud
Htrect, near Main, has now on hand for the
holidays, thn finest Block of fresh, pure, and
delicious confections cvcrotlcred In Dayton.
Thn great popularity his unoiiualled ran
dies have acquired, make it unnecessary to
say more than that his stock is now com
plete, and all who wish to celebrate the
holidays in a prner manner will 11 nd it
hard to do so without some of Kcmpur's
delicacies. )e has also a large stock of su
gar toys, Christmas boxes, fruits of all
klnjls, such as Italsins, Almonds, WalnuUi
An. - .;- , . . . doclim
i.i '
Inkoiimation Wantkii. The Columbus
Journal mentions the sudden and mysterious
disappearance of ( 'htra Hull, from her room
in Central College, at Columbus, Monday
night (lllh liistjuit). She Is of medium
bight, fair complexion, light brow n hair,
lias blue eyes, Is quite near-sighted, and has
a slight sear on each rye-brow. She Is
siipMiscd to have worn a black silk turban,
with bine feather. Information of her
whereabouts is solicited by .1. l. Hull, J. O.
171, Coliiinbim.
I -mine, having purchased the Interest of
his former partner, 11. Hhriltcl, In the Opera
House ltestaurant and llillinrd Booms, Is
now sole proprietor of the same. Fred, in
tends to spare no ell'ort to makn this popu
lar and well conducted establishment all
that his numerous friends and patrons can
desire; and as he Is an old hand at this
busiieas, we have no doubt that ho will
succeed to the entire satisfaction of all.
The Xeuia Torchlight dcwcrlliea the ad
ventures of a Dutchman who went from
that place to Dayton and lioujfht $2 AO
worth of produce In the market la-fore the
lawful hour for the opening of trade. Au
officer ovurhuuldrd him, and gave Mm his
choice, to pay ten dollars line or go to jail.
Tlio Teuton remonstrated, but finally got
the ofllccr to hold his basket, while he went
alter " mine oder basket over dere." Need
less to say that he made his best time to
the Xenla desL, anil thinks he made $7 GO
by the trip.
Tovrt, Toys, Toys. Have you been to the
great Toy emporium of C. I'. Hubrrdt Hon,
at No. 2H0 Third street? If you have not,
go at eitce, and make Melec.tkias for your
Christinas presrnts. Tliry have Toys of
every description and In any quantity, both
at wholesale and retail. delOdOt.
Hi i'KiiioR Comtr. For three days past.
the Superior Court luw Ihfii engaged In
the examination of the rase of Martin
Johusou'a administrator vs. John Johnson
and Isain Johnson. The trial was to the
Court. Over sixty wIIiichkua were examined
In all. The question Involved Is wrre the
defeudunU partners of Murtifl Johnson?
Howard and Jordan counsel for plulutllf;
Craighead and Monger and Houk & Mc-
Mahon counsi,'! fur defendunta. .
Yesterday the Court announced that It
would try but two cases more this term
Huffman m. Hallanan, and Bush 4 Howard
t. Wingartuer, et. al.
This lias been a very busy term. The
Court will adjourn nu Friday or'Haturday
The next term will (jominenceon Monday,
January Hth, which will be another busy
term. There are a good tuauy cases ou the
docket, am) tho Court will be quite busy
during the winter and spring.
It's Am. Up A Dby Dayt La Journal.
Yes, It all up, this morn, and tho Journal
Is as dry as the throat of a tojrr, at four In
tho morning. " k" -
It was dry to-day because It couldn't
help It Old Bores al ways romes that way.
If tho fellow who lost four thousand
right hundred dollars at the J'hlllips House
hadn't seemed s6 dry alRiut It--fblks' wonld
have thought he was In earnest.
If the prched-np Imagination, of the
Journal rtedtr coaxlniics to vlbrat-e, and the
demand for overcoats and bed-clothes con
llniies water-falls will havo to retire un
der rover of larger bonnets than now pro
tect them.
Talking of covers a friend of ours last
night, vrapiird upco.lly in ills shawl, going
to his couch, at a late hour, wasrub'xrf, ny
the el cuts, of his top-knot. He arose
tills morning, happy, without a hat, ami on
viewing the scene of his disaster, failed to
discover Ms own rhaptou, but found three
of the kind, only black. He selected, and
is again miserable.
Merchants should not leave barrels of
oil stand on the pavrment In night time.
It a great bore. Hprrlnl night watchmen
arc congregating to dry the thing up.
Talking of dry things, market was one
of 'cm. this morning.. 1 lie door kiioiis oi
tho whisky shops were kept In a constant
revolution. Kvrry body Bremen tending Ui
moisture, and, but for the frooxu, a general
baptising seemed Inevitable. Few "alc-
sters" came out, and those whodld, couldn't
keep still. W saw a little Journalistic
looking canine yiiller-thmclng ar-tsc
on a cake of Ice, for a half hour without
the slightest partlcnl of perspiration. He
reminded Ms of a jour printer, working on
the President's Message, after nil the other
olllces iu town had printed it.
-The only place wo know that doesn't
come tip to our wean oi ary, is market
Street. Pacllle seas of tad whisky circu
late with Atlantic teinpestuoslty.
Huddun Dkatii. Wo' inn pained to !re-
cord the sudden death of Mrs. Margaret
O'Neal, which occurred this morning lit
the residence, of her son-in-law, W. H.
Kou.er Ksq., ou Sycumorc street. We
lrjtrn that while ' doing ho.r accustomed
morning work, she was taken suddenly 111
Willi some disease like apoplexy, which rer
suited in her deuth In the short space of our
hour and a quarter. We can boar williug
testimony to the many 'noble' qualities of
the deceased, and tender our kindest sym
pathies to her relations and friends In their
most sad berravemrnt.
Don't Kah. tv Ktiectma Onb. l-esaner A
Uro- 102 Main street, have just roeelvcu
five hundred more of those cavalry over
coats, and they are selling tlicin for half of
their value; also, a large lot of Govern
ment blouses, which they arc selling ut f 3
a piece, tho original cost being t7.
Paiiiminko. The Cincinnati (lazMe. of
yesterday says : "W llllam llrown, arrested
In Dayton some time since, on the charge
of having In his (Kissession and passing
counterfeit Treasury notes, was during the
present term of the Circuit Court, convicted
anil sentenced to the Penitentiary, when'
he now Is. Hlnee Ids conviction, facts have
transpired of such a nature . as Id raUe
serious doubts iu the mind of the judge who
heard bis ruse, and the District Attorney,
as to his guilt, and mi their recommendation
President Johnson has granted him a par
don. He Is, wr. believe, a resident of Ht.
Booth andHiioks Hats and Caw. J.
F. Lenta ASon, KM Main street, are now
receiving a large ami splendid stock of
Boots and Hhocs and Hals and Caps, all of
the latest styles ami best quality. These
goods have been seliH'ted with great care,
expressly for this market, and persons In
wnutol artl.i! s In this line can not fail to
suit themselves by railing at this house,
lioth as regards tho quality of the goods
and the prices at which they are sold.
Go to I.akkk'8. For tine gold aud silver
wntches, diamond jewelry, silver and plated
Ware, suitable for Christinas presents, go
to I.afec's, Third street. He has a niagnlll
cent stock of elegant and costly goods, to
which he Invites the attention of his friends
and tho public. 1 '
Wi advise our friends to go to E. O'Krleu,
301 Heco.id street, for choice groceries,
wines, liquors and cigars..' . O'Brien Is a
clever gentleman. Ills storo Is generally
crowded with customers aliout this lime of
the year, as all the prople are satisfied they
con bo well accommodated at his splendid
establishment. ' ilec'JI-dSt-wSt
Not at Cost. II. Schwarz, of tho Eagle
Clothing Store, 1(18 Main street, one door
north of Kmcikk office, desirous of still
enlarging his already popular trade, is now
o lie ring bis entire choice slock Overcoat)
at lower prices than those who advertise at
tutl. To test this examine his stock, and
don't mistake the place. dccl!-;td
want to buy a flue toilet set, cigar m't, w ine
set, or any description of china or fancy
ornaments, suitable for presents, go to C
P. Huber A Son's. . du 10-6U1
For tub Holidays. J. V. Naurrth A
Son, Main street, kave ou 4utid a splendid
stock of holiday luxuries, Including foreign
and domestic fruits, canned fruits, wines.
nuts, candies, oysters and every thing auit-
able to give ost ami enjoyment to tho fra -
live season now at liantl. f amilies and lu-
divldiials who wish to supply themselves,
should call at the above place. .
Local Matters. R. R. & P. O. Time Table.
ooaaaifTBn sailt.
, lir.iin a m
5 in p m
1 oil am
fnHanatl Accomodation
naatcrn aipraan
Oinctnitatl Accommodation...
Accemodalion.....M.M. ......
'NRpraaa M.n M..
Uinclnnatl Mail
Srni a m
1imi a m
it ix p m
M n m
0:16 am
Dayton Aofotnmodation v;4ftpm
ISnftpm Kaalarn F.ipraaa . A-.no a m
1:(4 am Night Bxpraaa ipm
l:inam Ohmaao Man t4aam
S:00pra Ohioago and fiairoit Kapraaa... SiUKpm
II am raKiara Bxpraaa.............., TMIam
S:40 p m MafT ..-... :' a m
S:81pm M ght Kiraa. . .lepm
7. Hi am Kaalarn Kxpreea u : n m
0 'J" a m Accommodation . ft:3i p m
SUfipm Day Kxprcaa ILihii m
111 am nnilm.kv Man....; :l p m
S:iKipin Bcllnloitniain Aocommodation. S;26aoi
1:00 am Aooominodattoa o:0Upm
L.Mipm IxprHua. . t:4A a m
Paylon Accommodation arrivaa in Cincinnati al
v::m. Katurnira laavcaal : l m reaching Davton
w:,o p in.
-ueavaaevery morning evcant Monnaya
F.AIiroHsliibA at Mi.lillaUiwn and Hamilton only
a'l'linaa soinu Kit on Ilia 1HA train muat urocura
., . T . V, . .
int-ir hckci in meavninn oarora aignt o-oioca.
Fi ha a 'i5 train comou'ta at Xaoia with the rilta
'airah Kxpreaa lanvin Cincinnati at 7:00 p m
J. I.'H. I."M), Auctlt.
Monetary and Commercial.
Monetary. DAYTON, December 21, 1865.
There Is a connlilerahle ilenuind at the
regular Hanks for accommodation by par
ties from a distance prliielply by parties
engaged In the pork-packing business, this
loss of pajier is closely scrutinized, and
none but parties of unquestionable ability
meet their engagements arc favored.
The out side rates for short time paper Is
unchanged, and if any thing a litt le higher.
One-snd-a-lialf and two per cent, a month
generally asked and paid. The demand
seems to bit prliielply eoiilliied to parties
who an; short, In meeting obligations that
itro maturing.
DAYTON Dec. 21 1865.
The market was jioorly attended this
morning and the supply limited. Pork in
quarterAsoldatlO(12c1Hb. Oilier articles
were so scarce that there might be said to
no fixed price. We can not seo why
With tho abundance of capital alinoBt al
ways to bo had In Dayton, that our peoplo
have every summer to dcend on Cincinnati
and other points of less note for their supply
cured meats. There certainly ought to be
brains enough, as there certainly Is capital
enough to master tho situation.
New York Money Market.
New York Money Market. NEW YORK, December 20.
Monet la mora a.-t.ve at T per cent. Sterling la
Gold ia eaaier, obcrlng at Ha?-y. adranoing to 140,
and nloaing at lttllf .
"ovemmrnL dun kr are wnnnm naciuca c.nanre.
Frel hia to LivarjHwl area farlhiog lower for grain.
Dayton Market.
DAYTON, December 21, 1865.
eeaiN ano raouooa.
riairrHr haao S4 HA I Cobn ,
.... ;ir.M4i'
. 75 I 00
.... IStt'fli
, .. 40)l4A
.... ,iltM
!.', I H
I OUnal Id
, 1 IHKrsI 'ifi
A OOfttA Ml
KMiim Hi lai Oats
Whfat, I luaikr, ..
Old II alt Hat r
New ! C't r,i llnTTun, .
iiva iiw7.'', I CsiraKMa,
oatHlKuisa aRTAiL.
Tata ts iHJrifS 'O Stabi ii. ...
Hio Oiirrr-a :i.'mh:i7i.
Hiior ..,
Touaivo, ... ,,
CNirrKK HiuiAa Mti.Mi
Java Cirri'.a. 4.,u4frfi
(Ikosiiao rluuaa IV
MoLAHaa M 1 40
raer 1 lit I 7..
, I(ui(,i'jis)i4 lie
Cnta,. S)
aaucrataa wHoi.aHAi.R,
Tata,... ST4fkai 7n,j in
Misaaaaa I 90(11 15
:errKa tiV
.... MU
.... I nait,
. u;wi
Si'OAa, U'.aIs
liHir.n Arrtaa,
hurra ,
8oAra ,
Wauav, i
area Kciias. ... IIika'ii
Caia-saii Hio.a 21
Hi. a. .
Lami, ....
...oui su
KlHM, ...
ueaix, .
Cincinnati Markets.
CINCINNATI, December 20, 1865.
CLOUR -cVipartloa ia held -t as tiiaiT on i Bitra
7 andlamlly fancy at tt H&alli one hun-
Irad liarrala or family aolil at av :
WHEAT Pruua old Had la alaady at fl WiiSJI Wl;
and atii'lcaat II w5il'iincw la bald at fl 2W4I 7 ,
I'oritlng to quality; the eala ware sal tsiehela or
eld Raial Si; 316 do at Si ; 800 do at IIU;
la ware 840 Isiahala or prima
miiadalfl SA.aml Ha) da at 1 ai.
coKN I h rcoaipte are aeorc liberal. Mil there
a g'std deiuand for ahalledi IMI buahala new ear
sold at 63u.
OA la. la generally held ataaa, but tliare are no
isivera at ova 44e. T bey are orlarad Par future de
livery at 4' i4Se.
Hi C la held at Tie for prunr, but no aalaa, and
the aiarket iae,uiat.
UOiia. There la a good demand from Backer at
flu 40 net, bat l.olj.r. aak 0 i.IO It; Ilia uOar
inga are light, although the renetptarr larger fchaa
thev have eaan for eome ume paei.
tl'UiHjaai ad. there eoatinuaa to he a fair daaaaad
from tha Mibbitia and country lrate. wltha-it chaoaa in
the prlcea. We quota fair to ehoioa Hio Ooft-e at
mtmwo. rtaw augar atiaijatici naro ranoea a, auey
ao..o. and MolaaaaaatOOialUofor ferto Rioo.
.HKIwa wa have no ehange to re con in tne
market. There ia a far dam and al BOJaSOMo for
WeHlcrn Keaa. va and Hunuuri.
WUlHKt-fncee are inagular, and tha market
dull. Helen of kutarrela at Si al, aud M barreta at
II it; also, HO barrela, In bond.al aoe
HKKO.A sale of tuu ijttaoala of uiorar waa re.
ported al fa 10. Vlaa dull at i etl. Timothy la dull
and prioee aomiuai,
Now u tub Timb. The great rush for
clothing at the store of Iyessner tt Bro
Main street, shows that the people have
found out tho best anil cheapest clothing.
Now ia the time for those to cull who wish
to jeet good bargains. dcKslawlw.
At.HiiMa, PtntHKH, Sai-oiikiji, Wori Boxkm
If you want to Hud a inagnlthvnt stock
of Fhotograhlo Albums, Purses, SateheUt,
Ijtillea' Companions, etc, go to C. P. Huber
St Son's. doclD-6td.
.T(ik Bar M kitting, Tho Bar had a full
mooting the other night, and agreed upon
riwog for trial In January appointed com
mittees on rules, aud to report a plan for a
Har Society. There w ill be another meet
ing at the Court-house, on the evening of
the 8th of January
Lomt, a gentleman's unmade embroidered
siippur bctwor.u the Phillips House and
West Second street. A reward will be paid
j-or (caving It at the office of Uu I'tilUl)
CINCINNATI, December 20, 1865. Medical.
Compound Cedrou Bitters,
latest and Moit Important lilscorcr)
li:A ol thatlniU
ladwilhtha hiabirvot MATKKIA MXI
Tniteri HtaLaa, or mora favorably known aa
ap'.ona-rin aiauicai uiaoovery, lean tnai or
iJolin Hull, of IoiiIhvIIIc, Keiilucky
H'n inimitable nrenaratinnal BARSAFARILLA
hi-along auiodat the head el the various ooinpouuda
vi ma raiuaoie arug.
ins roMrouND op wirr ciiki.ky
O K N O Jt T II A M K I! M A .
lAitU'iocrowiiiUht elorrf Uim hfa remnfriH to It nt
tnintHi i hin ilt'ory, or rtrior mmlriMtiinri, for h
int'H mil (Ittim to iiHVat IkKftD ilt'lir4Mtf'rr oi ;uni'N,
which tthm tM-vift Af Ihf Hiltftr nnr Oflnrrff to (h
wiiitlio. Th i honor hlonK l thn nntive inhnhiUntM
of ChiiIi-hI ArnerK's., to whom tU virtu. hs.v tmn
ktiowti f'r inri than two hnndrAtl Tiri. Armfi.
with ktthft lfi(iin hlJn fleflrUice to the moat dustily
niAlavtin, nrni hAndle, wiihotit feur, Uit mom Tfinom
oiim HoriMtntfl. It It ii txihor with thnm, tht while
thi im hrttsth In th horlT, th (JfMlmii In potnt to
our, nomntitir whM thaiHtue mny Im.
WhHfl Dr. HnlliH not prtfr(ii1 to fRndorntB thin x
triTHKKDt trtnUtnilon,hif m nnf orthler. Hr.tiHf.Ad from
Kthonmuh (XAtninAtion ol tha rldncA rtlAtinii to
iu Tirtuett, th -t m a remtiity Mil nrnvniiiv for nil
dii4eiU4ftiM uriiiinK from tiwur, wither to ohaneo
wiwthor or cliinL, or to tniVMini(ia lnAuoncsr.,1.
And iuattvdeaarTealhereliutaUon It haa ae loss ea
Joyadln Oaotral Amenoa and the Weal Indies.
Ami lt alendaot train or aymptoma, it acta mora like
A Oil A KM than a medicine. 1 ha, a ia nnlhliig In the
whole range ot Mateaa Medl' a that can for a moineot
be.r a otnrlaoa with It in thia dlaeaaa,
A full account of (hia won ierfu) plant may be found
tti Uia elevcnlti eiltlion ol the Uni,ad Htauia Dlapi na
alory, fiaqca i;is7 and l.Vis.
A acrica of eaiMirimcotA In which fir. flnH haa been
ftir yearn aiutagail. haa jlint bean hmua;lit Uia aliccaea
ful fcriuiiiatiiin, and lie la now enuitlad Uiollcr lo tiir
KulKicacombiiMtioiio' (KliKoN with other aiiroveit
iclca. thv whole nraacrved in the lHt iiuiildy ol
copper iliNlilleil Botirlsio Wtnaky, wliii-h ha la tM uS-
dent naaco a,iiai in mc worm.
lie might filrinali a v,i itnic or oarllflCKtea. but the
puNichavc long miiico learned to estimate such tluni.
bv Uitar true value. The ealeet elan fa, for overr our
to taatfur himaellthe virtliaa ot anew medicine.
a I V F. TDK
One Trial and !'( Will Nevvr Vh
Any iMm w.
Itla no! naceaarv lo iiiililii.h a long liatof diacaaea
for which the CKIlftoN BI'n'KH are a i-sa:iau. lo
all dlaaaaaa of the
ltrwin, IH'iH-ndlnfi upon Vriwfc-
MM'tie of tn niomnrn or ihhi'vim,
in tJout, HlwunMtlMin, and
N r u r t I a I it . and in
ftia destined lo auneroede all other remedlea. It BO
only euraa lhaae dlaaaaaa, but II pravanta them. A
wioeglaaaot ine Diuara, taaen an noiir twiore awn
meal, will obviate tha III arteclaot the moat unheellh
ellmate.and aoraan the pr fwod taking It agalnat dla-
antler the moat lryif eapoaure.
rrinolaal Orloe, sifth atroet, Louiaville, K y.
,SoI It koUut and lief nil by
J.8. FUlZIUJa, ... AUKNT,
ait Bacead.lreat, Daytea, Ohio
lluir tHarHuikHrilUi
Uiiirs Worm Itroy?r.
Hiultht Tonic Hjrup.
A commissary warehouse ls'longlug lo
the (lovcrmiient has been th!stroveriiy tiro
near Suit Lake City. Loss over I.O(Kl.(KKi.
It Is siipMiscd to liave been the act of an
liiccuduiry. Some olllct r was atixtoiis,
probably, to halanec accoimU,
The post-ofllce bulltliiig in DavcnMirt,
Iowa, has been destroyed by fire. Iihs
1,000 or ffi.000
Theclti.cns of f lido now In Waeliiiigtnn
have held a meeting. Chief Justice Chase
in the, chair, ami taken appropriate action
Will, c,r..e..,-., 1.. II... .I....H. ..1-1!.......
Corw in. A dcleifiillon of (lliloans w ill ac-'
company I he remains to Is'lianon.
Cnplalu Scniiiies, late of the Alabama. Is
rciHii tcil to have been arrested in Mobile
and taken lo Washington lie wusnn olllcer
untlcr f icueral .lohiislon at the time of his
surrender, anil w as included in the cupll il
lation. Ily that capitulation he was not to
be molested, either bv II ivll or inililni v
The llcnentl Assembly of Kenlui kv has
adjourned to tins Kith prox.
Congress has compromised on the Mb
prox. as the iluv on w hich thev w ill meet
PlTTHiiitjid, Dec. 2f).I.ook nut for nbiv
river, it. has lieen snow ing movt all ilay.atul
it Is now raining. There is now twelve
feet and rising fast.
A disputed from llrow svllle savs there Is
twenty feet with four Inches snow on the
This rise w ill enable a large amount of
nil I to depart for the lower markets. There
is great activity among tew -bonliiicii pre
paring. A pair of final our bouts broke louse it hove
the fa mil were dashed to pieces ulioiit,
seven o'clock. No lives were lost. The
Mints contained t-I.IKIII bushels coal ilcMtincil
for New Orleans.
The House of lie fornuittini at Manches
ter, (N. Y,.) was destroyed by an' yesler-
iuj iitoiuiug; loss, 111,000. lint 131 in
mates w ere all saved.
Piiovidknck, It. I. Dcceinlier al. The
Wakellelil Mills, in South king-itnn. lilioile
Island, were burned this iiiiuiiinv. I.nxu
7fi.(KKI. Insurance light. The mills were
owned by (fldeoii Reynolds, who iiiaiiul'ac-
niretl cotton Jeans.
IIayti Moitu Thoiihi.km. There was
great excitement at Port an Prince. Itcin-
lorcements were bcinir sent forward in
Cape llavtlen, where an altai k from Sal-
nave was expected, (lefl'raril luitl sent it
Commissioner to the Sail Domingo fio
ernment to rcipiest the delivery of Salmive,
and afterward tillered IIMKIO fur his cap
tun;, ami various other urmia for iHsrsons of
his Council.
The 1'oKl'a Washlniftiii special savs Sen
ator Sprairiic has slartcd a moveinent In
the Senate looking to an Increase of tariff
on all goods that can be manufactured In
nils country. Western Ifenulil leans iren-
erully say they will not vote for a further
Nkw Yohk, December 30. 4lie Ctrtiimcr-
;ini'g Washiiiirtxiu illsnateh savs the Presi
dent's action in restoring to the Southern
States, which have adopted the constitu
tional ainciiiiment. the enjoyment of ull
their constitutional iirivllckrcsexcent rciuc-
setitetion In Congress, paralyzes the action
of the nn lieu I liepiiblienns ami produces
an intense interest. An exciting contest
may be expected, how ever, between some
11 uie ratlieal anil conservative siipuirlers
if the President.
Pniivnijt:u I!. I. lh'ceniher 'J). lion.
Samuel Allies, for leu tears Chief-justice of
helihoilc Ichtml Supreme Court, died sutl-
Icill.v tills ai'tcruooii, of apoplexy. .Iiulge
Allies resigned his ollice lost moiilh hivau.-i
l III heallh.
A lellcr from Milletlt;eville,f ieoruhu savs
tiollting of iuisiriaiiee was trau-ai ted by
the Is'gislalure dining flic Hist week of lis
Several 1uiHirlaul bills have been intro-
bicctl and read tlic II rt anil second limes
iu both Houses, hut none of tin in wi re
Opinion prevails that no e;iilalion
oiiltl Ik; valid w hile the (icueral Assembly
Is deprived of the co-oMTalion of I lit- 4 1111
stitiitional Kxeciilive. w hose official appro
val is lntlisH'Usal)le lo the legality of its
Many measures for the government ami
priileelion ol Irceilnicu have Imm ii Intro-
V Tallahassee letter savs I lie crops ol
Kloritht have been injured IV0111 want ol
care dining ilnlr growth, thougli not
it w I., kstati: a;kncv.
I Mil, would do rll torH, m 1 tavc aiiitf a iium
our of arMi4!ioni tor hoiiatc and hti mtiiociy
fvpiliTat lucn iiiritarvai atins i"M iu tiiiiv'ij
tinm viry T.liihU lioiiMt- nnd lot Hi rftirr
Mimni i;ly thai will anlt rheatp hvt
iof tti IhshI imnrorcd ntnn in Montcni
mill nnd M 11
mfu Homaof iht iwft inurord
ry potinty. (tr if ou iaotiaNa tvrBia. Alto a
its at iniT iioiiivi'ti in mr i ht.
JAMro KKl l.T Heal Ft-Utr htf ,
NoMhiultnr. Maiuand M KtrirftH,
imyioo, uhio.
1U.AL Nti'l lt'K.
Jm-4Ii C, Stiver. rtatutiH,
Ufjkru- Homer aiidCathtriDa llnrner, of I axraiiKeCo
luaiana, aatlHarah 1'. Hurerand l.ewm A b(i-r, o
at untgom ary o.( Ohio. Ieiandi.nia
tfurior Court of Montorory t'o,t Obio.
Tha ahoto named ilxtt4anta wilt Uke noliit
thatlat'ohO Ht !', on the afcUh dtty of (.4-itiiitr,
A. !., Hied hm ietittoa in the Hupenor Court
nf Mont(oinry County. Ohio, a-king that art it Ion
he made of the following devriud iireniinea, and
dowar aAa.'itned tharei to aatd Harah I. Hnver, aawt
prfvrnifMti beinc aiaaty acre in the eouth aaet eonier
of tha north weat auarter of aMftton number nine
teen 1 town four (4). range tour (4), eat, and ilmt at
ttif liajeot-miartr lenn of aaid cour', aaul ftistinuO will
tvl. thataaortlr lie mat I a for tha artiiiou of aaid
iinrmiaeain put nuance ch iim muiui.
(.. W MtYKK. AUorney.
or (13 vaw
To tha Pihj,aa Court of Montmary Oo. Ohio.
lieoalf Pwyer, Adm'rof Win. folay.dao'd,
Mary Foley, widow. Daniel Foley of th- Stale of
Iowa, Kllea Foley intermarried with aitlllf aa of
thaHtatoof Mahuett. Marv Foley intermar-
led with John harrett of Canibrtdaa city, KUte of
Indiana. John Foley of the Htata ofludiaoaaod Cor
nllua Foley of tha county of MoaLxoniwy, Ohio,
and I he unknown hetre of aakd Williain Fuley, dVd,
ara twrtij Iniurnted that on tha 16ih day of 4iteni
Ivr, lauA, aai4 a4tmiaiMtrMor (.led hia petition in tti
Protat0urtof M(inUfmert county, tlhio, tha nti.
eot and prayer which relilioa ia (o ohiam an ordr
Met. on the l tft ttay of January, )NM for the ajaiirn
nienlol ilnweroftatharine Koly, lit widow of Mud
Willtam Foitay. dtfto'd, and ftr the aale ol the Mlow
inf real etat, aituat-! i Uie eounty ot HhHhy, In t)a
Hlateot Obio, ofwhwh thaaaid dtnaair. J dud aaited
to wtlt
Tha aouth half ofhe waat hall of the aouth eaet
auarter of aatHMva No 4. town, hi a $, H. rrntf tiMut,
ooauuniafi frv acre iartrw ur t-ea, to pay Ua dtaU
DKNNm 1'WYIK. Adm'r.
o.Wn. Foley, tteo'd.
4 a4w

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