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HOItiniMO .,
DatnrAay, - - february 3, 13GC.
A Prison Romance--A Wrong not
Tho Colombo Journal relate the parti
I'Uliim of tin) conviction of Sami'ki. K.
MiH v, of burjrlary. at tho February term
nf tho Holm County. Court, hi confine
ment In the Penitentiary, for rlovon inanth.
I In- jHTnlctiMit lunoveration of bin wife unit
liiiiny neililxir that bo wn Innorout of
thorhurjro mnl hor mitlrlnjr liiW to ob-
t.iln hi. pardon, whioh wn finally Mifpw-
fill, based on tho liwt of evidence Hiatal
tho time tho burglary wm perpetrated he
Km thirty mile 11t:iiit. Tho pardon was
lurried to Mm by his faithful wlfo. anil onn
lie omerf'od from lilHglooiny prison. In c.iti
senn clothes, froo from the eharpe of crime
Tho Journal clone It Horn with thi lan-
ruairo :
.!,. of MeCnv Is ono of tho inot
i.,iiilliir on record, ill innocence has horn
t r. ,l.-,,'l it urnvi'li Unit, tho demand for hi
lmrdnn win nliniwt universal, and with no
i nmmnn pleasure wo announoo ills restora
1 iin to citizenship, 'l'o him there 1 no ills
iff I, i.l) i-ltlllllM-IIMl V itli 1 Vnitotitinrv lite, lb
linn wronged anil thu worl.l should
l.now that tlio w roiiL' has boon niailo rijiht
Tho irrnna has unt boon made right. It is
Mill wpinti. For olovi n lotijr months nu In-
jiiu i tit ri.i.i 'i ol Ohio has worn tho brain
of a felon; Wiia deprived of his liberty;
cimi pilled to lianl labor for tlio State, in
jiiison garb; fid with coarse fuvo; tiiarohoil
i.i and fro, from roll to workshop, and
workshop to roll, lock-step with thieves.
bnro;lrs and murderers; his poor, ilis
1 resSI'll, but faithful wifo horoli ally hcar
Jn;r up under this crushin;: wciKht of wron
ni.,1 sorrow; and now tho only feature
riuhc bestowed is a tillod-up lilank from tlio
Executive nlll"C ordi r'nia tlio Warden
lire lvnilonti.ii y to tako oil' bis Ktincklc.
nnd sulVer him to v 0,lt of tlio front door!
Was lhal ample to make rijhl so pvat
innuj Will tho Legislature, jot in Res
kIoii, not appreolato how imperativoly it
ifioir duty tu voto hitn a bill of pecuniary
rWiW, that ho mav, In sniiic measuro. lie In
ilcmniliod for his physical Rullorin,
Ips family made comfortahlc, to at least tlio
oKU'nt that bis labors would bavo boon
Valuable to thorn for the period of his con
ftt.pmont? Do that, and then tho Journal
li'.ay rotigratiilato tho community on
won; beinj; mailo ri'jht.
Negro Suffrage--The Senate Canvassed.
Tho sontinionts of tho II. S.'Soiiators have
fooi'ti olassirieil, on the House bill to onfran
rlii.,o the neirro olemont in the IHstriot of
( olumbla; Tor Urn bill. 31 votos; against
It, IS; doubtful, ono.
' To several members, who railed on him
imlast Saturday, the President manifested
derided hostility to tho misi'h'ovious, meas
ure, saving that ho eonsidered that ho was
the L'uardian of tlio intercuts of tlio people
hriv ; that bo hold to thorn the relation of a
tioyenior, and that they wore opposed to
any such measure; that it would only tend
to irririitn and annoy them, wlueli was
h ronj;. Ac. ltwi)l not bo lonp before it
will bo his dm 7 to show his hand.
A "Beast" in New York.
lion. Rutler reached New York, from
Wn. hinjitnn City, the other evening and
l.uulc application for accommodation at
one of tho rhcap, down-town Broadway
hotels ; but the guests, as soon as they dis
rov.ired who he was, niado such a noise
ntiout it that tho landlord was onl'.ged to
notify tlio "evil eye" that he would have
to seek other quarters, llut'or indignantly
'Inquired tho reason why. Tho landlord
aid ho had but one to give, and that waa.
' if he staved under his roof another fifteen
minutes every boarder would quit. Tins
hero of Fort Fisher had no alternative but
to comply, and so ho left. The fact is, the
. lle.-isi has few orno friends left now. Every
body as he goon along, turn around to
give him a kick. Ho Is more than rcal
i.i:i tho truth of the old proverb, that
. every dog lias his day.
Truth Repudiated.
i hi Wednesday last, in the lower House
of the Ohio Legislature, M l!i'publirans
, voted against the adoption of the following
re-cdiition, (offered by Mr. llrnili.H, of P.ut
h r.) but 21 democrats for it :
It-'f'lrnl, That tho people of Ohio regard
'lain in M. Stanton, as Secretary of War,
during tiiu lalo rebellion, an ignominious
nud Instill disgrace to tills (iovernment ;
that his Indomitable obstinacy and unflagg
ing usurpations In the discharge of Ids mo
mentous and responsible duties have eon-
M ilnited in a very high degree to our Na
tional dishonor; that his obstinacy In re
fusing nnd delaying the exchange, of pris
oners, whereby thousands ot Cnion soldiers
", were causelessly kept to suffer and die In
- mi hern prisons, entitle him to the in
gi'.itituile and condemnalion of his coun
, I rymi u ; and that Ohio, the State of his na
tivity and former residence, is, through her
" representatives, peculiarly called upon to
tisttfy her disapprobation.
'; A Hepublicaii majority prevented the
" pas.-nreof the resolution, but no Hopubli-
can vote. In or out of an Oldo Legislative
body, has tho power to shield Kuwin M
, Snsr from the contempt and scorn of a
pi'ojile who have been educated to detest
in ii.ni tho very personage of Infernal
" tyranny ami abject poltroonry.
) Si:rn.KD. In tlio lower House of the
Ohio I,eu;lHhiture, on Wednesday, the Com
mittee on Privileges and Kloctiou reported
' that Klljah M. J'itch, the Democratic, mem
ber from Brown county, win eulltled to
, . . ... .. .. ' ,
nim Hcui, in inu jiiiuhu. j ue ri-jniii. nan
udopUiil. Jlr. Evan, the contestant, was
votod the per diem and mllc.tij'e of a inoiii
brr up to tin) present time, u is umal in
nu ll cane.
Properly Shown Up.
One of tho rroproRllilc, who voUil in
the House to force i-L'ro mtTrax'o upon the
District of Columbia, b Contfroinmnn j rrn
from Missouri, named U. F. Loan. As h
was elected by the bayonet influence, his
vote had to be consistent with his party,
Hut who and what Is this nia-if Is not his
character sufllrlently set forth by the St.
losoph (Mo.) Herald, an Intense rsdical
shoot. It savs:
"Hrmr.ii iiv Ciiahitt. Charlotte Iian, a
olorcd woman of about twenly-two years
of ngc. died in this city a few days ago, anil
was buried by the charity or tho eoioroil
(sople. This woman was formerly the
prnM-rtv of Ken. Loan, who misrepresent
this district In Congress. She had toiled
many a long day without compensation, for
her liiird-lie.irloil and close-fisted master,
and when she came to die. after a linger-
inir Illness. Mr. Loan allowed hero t ) lo
eared for and consigned tohor final rest
ing-place bv the contribution of her poor
olonsl friends. Comment Is unnecessary.
It is but i-lmrjcloristie of the man. He
could take tho poor woman's earnings for
voars, until Mm emancipation ordinance
unloosed her shackles, but never a rent
would he give to bury her.
Wo leave It to the decision of disinterest
ed opinion, In what kind of coin should
public opinion pay such a Loan.
Kentucky State Convention.
Some of tho very, "loyal newspapers
seem to ho no liitlo distressed at tho propo
sition to hold a State Convention In Ken
tucky, probably at Louisville, in which
shall he represented the real and honest
sentiments of the iconlo where all who
favor the reconstruction policy of Jrosi
out Johnson, the restoration of the hahms
corpus, the freedom of the press, of speech
and religion, the subordination ot the md-
Itarylo the civil authorities, nil who are
willing by their votes to demand that tlio
(iovernment he administered In accordance.
with the provision of the Constitution.
that the rights of tho Slate bo resjiootod
all who believe that the Government is a
whltn man's Government all who oppoje
negro equality and negro sull'rage shall lie
represented. The time has come for the
voice of the true friend of the I uion in
that Slate to be expressed on all such vital
Great Doings in New York —A
Dark Jubilee.
A sK'i lal telegram gives us tlio highly
important Information that on tho Inst
night of January, '-Coopers Institute" was
rowded with tho ebony elite, of both soxe
black and white to ratify the amend
ment of the Constitution prohibiting sla
very In the United States. Gi:o. S. Smith,
tho Chairman, explained the object of the
meeting, and read Secretary Skwahii s
proclamation declaring tho amendment
touching slavery had virtually become a
part of tlio Constitution of the United
Uev. Sklla Maiitin, Fiocpkihcr Dotio-
i.ahs ami others addressed the assembly.
A IIkavk Hoy. liravery and presence of
mind wore never exhibited in a higher de
gree by a youth, than is related of a lillli:
fellow named ri.Kl.AM. only ton years of
age, in ono of the townships In Klchland
Countv, Ohio. During school Intermission.
while the teacher and larger scholars were
absent, visiting a gipsy camp, leaving only
the little ones iu tho house, the clothe of
the. little fellow's sister accidentally caught
lire, while he was skating on a pond near
by. Hearing her screams, he ran to her old,
and attempted to tear tho burning dollies
from hor person, hut finding It too slow, he
caught her In his arms and ran for the
pond, whero he broke a hole through tho
ice, Immersed her iu tho water, and ex
tingulslied tho flames. A lady, living close
by, at this tlino arrived at the scone, and,
wrapping up the child, who was horribly
burned, convoyed her to her homo, whoro
she died lu a few hours. Tho bravo little
brother was considerably but not seriously
News Summary, by Telegraph.
Tun WiKKIfRiii.Ki'.nIIi'Oin:s. Gov. Cox
has doeidod that tho facts do not warrant
Executive interferon!', and tho law must
take its course, in the esse of murderer
Hughes, convicted at Cleveland, recently
for tho murder of a vomig woman ninrrlei
bv bini w hile ho had aunt her w ife living
Ilughes will, therefore, be bung on Friday,
the lUUi lust.
Tlio United States Senate vesterday. by a
vote of ill to 10, passed tho bill declaring jill
inhabitants of tho Union, except foreigner
nnd Indians not taxed, citizens ot tiio Uni
ted States.
General Sherman In answer to an In
quiry on tlio subject says, that In his order
si tting aside the Sea Islands for tho freod
inen, no intended only to have tho negroes
keep posj-esslou of them till the close of the
The court-martial for the trial of Cap
tain Frederick Speed, at Vicksbnrg, In the
matter of the steamer Sultana disaster, h is
continued his case to tho Hi I of Aliireh. in
consequence of the non-attendance of w it
ncasca for the prosecution.
Tlio Pittsburg Dispatch, of the list, says:
"Yestenlav the fires wore put out and work
ceased ill all rolling mills, excepting, per
haps, that of Lyon, Shnrb & Co and one
other. This resulted from a "strike" among
the employes, occasioned by the employers
having materially reduced the wage of
their hands. The mechanics and laborer
claim that, even at the rate for which they
have been hitherto worUnt;, they can bare-
lv nianairo to make a llvlnj. anil that tho
prcsriit u an Inauspicious time
""T "
their wage
Tho Elkhorn County bank, Wisconsin,
wii broken Into and robbed last Kcptenibor,
by a noted burglar named Jauie lirown,
who wa arrehted by a hicaiio dctectivo a
day or two ago with several of the lniiteing
The Iowa Senate bus appointed a com-
niit.tee to inventitrato tho account of the
Treamirer ol tho Mate l niverHiiy, no nav-
Injf n iKiitod a lo of nearly V s,000 Of the
Political and Miscellaneous.
ran chut their rtty oilleers l( thy
The neirm yotf' In Wvdilnj'ton, will bo
about 12.(100: .the white. 7,0i0. No V' US'
dVslr.1,; '., ' ( i V
Thn Proeldiint has deferred issuing tho
formal proi Inmnrton dorlning the pwua
tlou of the Union, until the opinion of
Generals Grant- Sherman, Meade, Thomas,
Sherlflnn.-Hk'kleK unit ether cuu bo ob
tained in relation to tlir submission of the
Southern State to die constitutional Au
thority. ' " ' " " '
A morning paper says that Mrs. Potior!
Is bruising the leailia ircMiiof Vir
ginia and the South lo Ix'.lr iioii the Pres
ident In favor of tho restoration of the Ar
lington o-tato. Dou't lot P.cn KuHor hear
it, or bo will slip down to AVa.ldngton
sonic stormy night, when honest 'oplo arc
abroad, anil steal tne wnoie properry
before morning. ' ' i '
Tho receipt of th Internal "'revenue
throughout, the 1,'ultcd Stains for the tumuli
January are about aMKi(i.oo'). 1
A roval decree has just licett published In
Cuba, disapproving of the efforts of a so
ciety to nrcUK upine yxincnn si.nc-inuiv.
The Legislature of Mnrrland. yestenlav,
appropriated SHO,0O0 making In all one
hundred and fifty thousand dollars ap
propriated to cotmiiete the work ol Inelns-
ng. grading and ornamenting, tho Ant'.o-
taui Cemetery, which-wilt be ready early
the snrit!" to receive the bodies of Mio
horoes who foil iu thnt memorable battle
Their remains, to tho number of eight
thousand, an now buried lu the mountains,
mails and lields. iu that region.
The guards on the train on the Swedish
railways are required to have knowledge
the 'elements of surgery, that In cane f
accidents they may bo able to render medi
cal assistance. An ambulance, fltlod up
with every requisite, forms part of cacti
Tim Giikat Aiitfmian Wi.i.i, The Ar
tesianwcllsof 'hicsigo have proved a splen
did snores. They tiro now discharging
considerably over a million gallous per day
pure w ater. Thov are located about
three miles from the City Hall of Chicago,
and are seven hliifrirod feet In depth.
The war preparation to guard ag.dnst
PVnhin raids 01- for Kotno other tmrnosc are
still being prosecuted In Canada. Working
oarlios of lloval Artillery aro ensngod iu
conveying Heavy Armstrong guns noni
Lower Town. Quebec, to the various works
in the L'pjicrTown.
The arn of Mr. I?. Lbert, at Illoniiiiug-
ilale, nu rage count, v. III-, was entered ny
robber on Monday night, and robbed of
$.s,000, belonging to himself mnl his neigh
bors, Including the County Treasurer,
In tin? United Stales Court, ut Albliuy,
(N. I.), on Saturday, Sarah Jtrown. lu
lii-Ceu lor nooning and div-minntf tiic cooi
tout of a letter directed lo Ilotsy Kay-
nionil in Syracuse, plead guilty, whs linou
one 1 1 i Lit" and hoii'iciici'U to three nioulus
in the Penitent tarv,
The latest Smith 'American advice re-
porlllie Brazilian and allied force as con
centrating In front of t he Psmiguiivnii po
sition on the Upper Paran. . Hotti lioet and
army of tlio allies wore lining ivmroi-oco
and an overwhelming Invasion of tho Par-
iiguayan territory was contemplated.
A committee of the Legislature of Mas-'
sacbusetts have unanimously reported that
according to the laws of that State a wo-'
man who is an ordained minister can sol
emnize marriage. . .' .
The trial of Hev. K. P. Oallaher. Catho
lic iii'IchL ut liiillu, Mu-millri, inOictcil fur
preacliiu ami Icnchliix vilhut hnviHlf ta
ken the oath of the now CoiimiliiitiDu, h.w
boon roinoveil, on a chriiijie oC vtiiiur, to St.
i.ouh uumty, mnl will De lii,-ii-'t tictnie ina
Criminal Court at iu pii'sont term.
The Hartford ( 'arju t Coinjiany has hectl
in thu habit of iliviilinj; ton" icr cent,
nm'iti it stoclilu'lilcrti. bin last August the
fllvhleiifl wn only eli;ht. ami It ha since
been ascertained that the Comiinnv had
more than thvcc-quartcri of a million of
dollars in the hands nf tflio Itankrupt firm ol
Ketchuin, Hons o." Co., of New York,
I ..... Jf
Tho schooner Xcptuno. Avlth forty-four
Mouinertt eiiii);r.int iioiiini inr iiru.u. went
anhoro on the 4th on tiio cuaxt of Cuba
twcnty-ix luilon from Jla.vna, tlie veel
.itrikin; asraiiiiit a piojci.tinj rock. 1 TUo
paMHeiior iiud crow w ere all saved. Some
innde their way to Havana, whetuo Home
went. Ui Mcxion: noine ri'turned to rTorhla,
and some to Alabama.
Ttetcctlvc Hakcr'
been accused of stealing
lirlvato secretary haa
fni nil oulsiile coat. In
A woman dieil of ilronsv In North Caro
lina aflor liwlnjr In ten yciir 811 jrallnn of
Ml'llUFUKD BOUIKH llUNB. TllO llixlio
of Asa t'oll'cr, of .leircrsnn countv. ill.; JL.
E. liny ami J. It. lliwkiin, ut lwiuinvi.ln.
uiurilcreu iicju-l uuo city a lilmrl, tinni
since, liavo uikui cnt liirwaril tu tli
iriiMiu uy nxiirea. iucyi were (imilc.' in
stork, minimi! taken ailrnvcnf inukn.Soufh
to dipoo of., Ono nigtil a niunlir.v ol tlirir
mule were tnleu by micrrilim. I'uimU
wa mado anil the uuerrillii ovuiiisu'.i l ;
out mey iiiinci.' auu Killcu incir puinuors,
liim lieu witu tnu stolen rnojinriy, . ., .,
The Home Insurance- Companion of Cin
einnatl. nuuiliirinir tlilrtv-niT, in nil, re-
ported to the AiworHf the Inrrmal ov-
enue. In tha two dlHtric of llMtnilton
countv, that tlicv hail ls,n'il unllcles for
luc.r. rl,, in II... u,.,a,i , .1 ,.f
"' '.''" I". i ' ,' ............. ,.,
!Siifi.nai.tsv on wtin n tney pny lnii'mai tux
in tho amount of !?!!, (rJO. . ' i
'Tkuokp Ot'T." Kilwanl It, KoUhuni,
who wa luti'ly convictml of furirerv and
.....1 t .. n ..r .......... ....A
: . "', .' ".'.' "" ' ;"r"'" '" '
at v I I,- , i llir-t l, .t . tl'i.pl a.i 1. I
n. ....... ...a ... . . ... .. ,-. n.nf, n '
nlioo-liop ot tho .ij'kiij. It may bo that '
t ne llinai unv swe lis Inivo seen hut Lmi
hi awl I
II. Jf. llurfoe, of Aslitjihulaeouiitv. tuclc
hi wlfo t Mlililgim lust tlctobi", wfiere lie
iiiurilcrcil her In a neeluilcd fl.'lil. He I
mspccteil of hnvlnj klllcil hi Hint wife's
Both limine of the Ohio I,c:lsituve
lutve unilcr coiislilorulioii lollf lor iuiiivav
i iiiK Uw lHy of iiioniuor.'. To mkiu a thf
ihtvmti i-i u"ini, imra' i own, ui" iiimr
cut ; " 1" liwiUliolout; but for .uvu nf
1 ,ir'' nw' by inalonty nuinbcrs, UoIiik up
10;lHtatlon at (.oliiiuiiu. It would bo rxr
orbitnutlf they would work tor iiotlilnf ,
ami board thcinselvu,
1 I
Wiiat a Pt'KianMKKT ! "Traveller!
wrlto from Frankfort to tlio Cincinnati!
Ihuettt, and tiroes thl plai'tie to bo vlxitctj
npon tlio people of Kentucky : "Soinl, Mr.
Editor, ltKJ.IHif) MaKKiuhusttts tueii - to
Kentucky. Let tlieni be men who will in
change their principle to uit tlio ellniiittl,
' nnil ko will no reilccmeil. 'l o make her,
( loyal, you muat eolonl,o loyalty wilhhi'hrr
: border."
Political and Miscellaneous. New Advertisements.
W A L I h P E R S , I-
MPntncnt of (lit Nowcy. vji-n y( .
All 37EJTI JUT Or,
I ..r.ill 5,tnt
r look 'on. (T(TiK"!?,T' TAii.) :
... TATlt.V, OiOT Il.-i,
; Aimrlrsn IllaiUiufs, Vrc.Bl.iVH ' '' "
i . LACK t('JS.M5ti. n.iri it tu
Wimlnw ll.illaiiils. of ill! Color. WIMltoW Staul.!
( rixtnrvsnritinuilnk-sUUti9rii4ivi..lcllt
j Curtain Knwts. , UM CurUnn 1'ins,, ,
' Hwl 1rur AlUfllnS, Host ui ' iu
MCilUn quatliy TalitM I.U)ua. ttukl lAUality b's,
T.lnfliii, lino. Illmiuh roul. Ir'lno
n.rH.f Xtisf pW. J7W' j"eC
illi4. Talib' aiel I'ihiui Dovers. (Hrii.T
j ; tv Ml. )l dot'irt.-iWi-fetOjIiO,!.'! '!,'!
large Kturlt of " "
. ,,. WALI.rAPF.BS, ;,, ,! ,,,
lcor;itlv -" ' ' : "l -''i"
II AMI It! KliH-liHK I.C(IPSV,, ,,
r, i :, .: , ,riCTL'UE XAlf.fi,
liKAPtRV. ClUUXi, , . ,..,,,.
miAPiaty loops,
;.. bUUGGETlxG'
"Cturfiii tatva'n-JPut Down,'
WiiuW BliaJv (iril'Cbrnl'V Jitif. mi, ami oi'tett
nthejr v ork uxuoufeou ill nhoi t nvllc. ,,,,, ',
- ' V ' 'flAYtONi OHIO.1 r.nUuK 1 i.
brick tioust! au.L ivcil i4iinvcl, btx mild fit
,ivt'iii, aiiitjtiuiig i-'lutu"'. -iL0Ki.
X l.ivcrn and ood voroA- nuvnit lit fm!lllorB-
burg- -rfi.CiO. . ..
A Hue Jvi'WtiPfl Iiv Vtllow (tyring, rt Im
pniv'l 11 H)K ' i . i
A k'"1'! hr'u k tttiuso, 8 lota roll lni.royd( In Hw-rif-htirg-
A fx.r ltito aikI bt, eU ImproTMi, da Leng
A fftt m if IfW (ifrrs, wH Ithiwivcd. rIioh t mu
m,Hh 'iflMvinn. on fv?iikp 11 harKilu tbr$ll
A Turin, S mid1 t"r ni iivtni, (if 110 hcjik, well
A fwin of 1l4 Jw'.rtWt 1 mttoiin-ftoT (inlon ln
olilTrfiv tonfI.rll lnirtviMH unt I itm bettiquiJit
of 1mv!--$'NtA ' " ' .
A fimn of 1VS ATc, wnHlinprnTtri 5milN soutii.
vct nf CoTitmm, Ohio, thu buitiand, I'ur If 45
nrrp. . i -. ; . i
r'lax fin,ti,y. owtmlnl-w Mi'tra. Davis A
u if ti mahti'iir.miil fi ncrt't. of land. t
Mini oi jf w'H, i mmt no i ru or nmwn ft bw-
tion, nn Wcntdfii H, H.,oir win ()roib, wt-M iut-
Ipv'i f lU.W.-l. r. r
A biii k httup. contiit of Itrown and Ann
A farm or w iirw. trPnvm it. f
A brick IinitC on Fifth ntitm. No. Ktri-4.4lii,
A ffirm tf f'll Kfrn. rood )mtrvnmiint
Brown Mtntinn. nn Wrtfn li. K.--JW WKJ
A frirm of 75 m'rr. nn (Jprinnntowu lik, B rniMf
rrntn Kiivton-ft'.i IMrt. - i
nnnrhr of hoime ntil lot Id difFen nt vattm
inv nty. ait 'tmih 'in fii'i'i. 1 ' .it
fVW.tr liV.y rt a a i i 111 a i r. k. a.;.
Dii.;olutioD of Copartrtftrship.
VlHiK uvi: ttnir im.li-i- Hie III tv ufttlicor Win: Vi
liriTltl .tie.. isluic!:iy d..slcil hvnintiml
I, Hi
ini.nl SanilmtiU'i' rnthin
ilnu (ii iVlll
1 l'roni ttie tmft
Kl Hi. i- imrty is authorUM to roll,-'''
111 111. , . I.- .M. V
continue tlif liuniiivnp At tliu oiil kLulU, Ko.
on. I, b.-l-wi'i'ii Muiiiiinil .li-ffii'Mill irci,'la, WhCl'P
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New Advertisements.
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rooms In ciiih trncnu'nt: nttur business, i'rii'
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Kourth Blrci'l, No., 5 anil 1. Will bu sulii ut u greul
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la aid Fouuvlry Building formerly oct
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Youghiogheny. and-Ohio Coal!
! eni'STi! OO 5.1 0 2 TB'TSI'T
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1. V !' "' f'fi'Oil u Jiff ii, or at
ill i r. 1 1 . 1 1 1 I- X . , - w ' ,- 1 ' 1
AliiiviajCro.'jri' Iifio Store, " j
" . -L ' ' No. Si."! Kiftll rnt,
1 9t ih u.j. 'utt(jn-tyi jJLif cfi:ij r i
1 Jim at fltf , - .1 ..i.i, 1 .,,,'.,,' I
. J. KUNIlKI. VVOIM) liKSlM'.trC-
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Anir I'lUnlK at o. . Clur t nut, U.UHI Homo time In
uij. ; Utr wlfuri.liii wiU oui o hi.. Injlitntd at Xo. IW
inal- , J, .... JT, ' " '- ' 'I ll ,
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all glrui Trluly HU UMI'liiK
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fr.intto, Di, Circle Ml reiK O.ili-nuv Jl" .-ml
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llnorH oiin ill i l Ovci-tnvo l.'i 1. M.
Kvca nfnnirV iinnoov.-J Ailiiiliiitaii Uh uiiui,
Gold and Silver Goods.
i . v ijvjo s . . .. i .
: V L A F E J5 , , . , '
Xo. .120TMM HtrrM, llnyfim,' Ohio, . ..
4- niol , ii'T..,.,,,, , 1., . , . 1 , ii.
VOUK, 1Vl Hirirn rk Mni'i) .l.,l).,t' i;oiils In
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TlinM' wfm in-ii iu''nriinU' 1 Ith liis c'rowm "
i'itnrri nnt lninit t lnim1. htv uviyv that no'
jowtjirr, Kiisl nr WF(,u .tl'oid l't it'll Oik tumifl
iH-nilts. inr,iftiftiitw--r4,Mi-n:At1.' for thn
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liftvc liccti m niiml'Mfsly mot. - Ilito ij tiiata
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'I'll 11 suhsi-riticr Blso wif. ainojiu oilier superior
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AUu. the lllUat Ktylc of Kri-nrli M.itill,, 1H!rM, fltiw
IfiU iu mnl cmiuiiie. Ci'iMs wurnintrdii vil'l.
ilt-i'l-ilftw-Jnl '.) .H. A.,,AH'tli.
' ,' i k MillillllltllirTH if , - i r , , ' )
Xii'i V.i - 1 ;lll't:IJiH, .JuCkton,,
sPKmawicoKii- .
" si.Ei6nfi, Afev Ac. ' " ' ,
irtsr nrif a finest workmjnship -
SV. W. I'kllljs' old ulnint, onfl. (1 A IB fc. 4th Ut.
' T' ' Tl V'rll, lllllll. lli . i t
JtejHtlHuff IMrHfitl'wmipUH tV Xeatly.
t4iuiUfot.Ili:IiolJ, l:;ihnuin A Cn'i. Ytrr ml
llnrifliir 1'rout Hnt'i's, iiiul Sctioolpv' Refrl&nrntnr-
nutltf ' ' ' - 18 MA IX BTBEKTV-'
''utnufth"vrBB. .r. .1,
tlio l itiicin ofTinvton n'firl TlrtnrWm' l
opiinoil a hho ou 'I'liirU trlroct. next iloor to linn
nrt, NnnTA Co'h. SUi Uion', wbrro lio will rupuir
puaiTITURE OF ALL KINDS, -Frorrtptjy
and at short Notice.
1rlTriitln11l'iil anil VriJ-hL Chain (let
caineil anil M tifli' ut Iti-uajrintr. iluno.1 All or
ilcl'b iWU ' carwlullv filut oniin ptlv aUrmlnl to,
imuI ikon lri t&tiif will riillLiiiilo tin. wmk ul redC
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ihiW-Vltr T HDWAItll'HHUIt.
' Grtjatofct Iavpii ttijn of tlio Age.
fliiitn in uf iiniw. q.jinfi''.iy mtiiih'v
offortintr P ; whilv tUu fcrnu'ilting )inM-,rl
lnwiuHlittU.vilt'ounlli:iit od tcpitniratiit-c,
nA.ii'diiUvii'i'f aicitm-r vrri hi
i i?i 1
INtilt for tho oven, nnd tho MTtiiUitv of tht ro-
fliiltH in tllrfut'. 0'l'(rtif- ipi-ratun nut
nn1, nnil c-in.
hot ef vf w
mm ciuuHiofcj ujji iui ovrrv liinurT Tionnnfs
ti'verai liottrH, uuit 1 then very um-orUin in lu
ri-iiit!- . e ' i 1 j ' -r
li'c'iifttlty tht' rri.';uK"t thnt wvrt for Ikiumi
liol.t ivori-OMA f A(1N( TMUtT- i'MtVNT, in
buUuf 4it! ijf'K S '"'J JauWiir' the rniTht nuiiorior
broiul, lirht jttry,' fake, xmfl'iliif, dumvlinKM.
iMtU r uuj KntULfo rk,, et., wilu mucli younomy
of hw and tnt-unl.. s. ? 'i . . ! y. '
t iix'rtitni for m'injr, affAnnpunyiMg iiach PftCK-
r or Hiuu in suck a or ny rnp nnrri
KftiHtti lrtHit. hut 'Ut ot Alnln. Iaytm. Ohio.
rTrtH hH orrit'rBtaoiLUlliWilreeH!tt. ... . ( 1
A Good. Opening for Business
cuMjptiiiK of Jrr,4ooibi, UriK'Urt,tf, Ciiii'UkHtnt,
llunlwuru anil iivuoiHi vtuiuiy ut GM'hi usually
k. t in a wiUirlry tun. Trto man wJiu Iiuvh tho
ntth-k will hftvo tho rjriir;il of the inom, ti In a
itAjuJUuuiUuiv :u,i.ni t nun' lor hiint-.- in tho
well Know Hint t'lih-i j.irii-liii; llttlo Uiwn of Oi-ImTiTjo,
(., 4tpuil t, Ntt- Qi. 1 A C nud A. ti. W Kail
nuirt. rot fui rtn'rMnfiirmnfion rjlf at thft sliro of
11.LKK, 11ATIMKK A ( .
,.Ju nawil if . uji, Main ntroct, Du -(.. O.
Ttirrrrr- waus t fifir iv"' Tit-
I 7..
m-ylTEIt A VI) HAVfll MKVKK. In Hid ( lolh.
tcj r-iiK. l lij ion, nn.trr he rmno ot 7 tiHip
It n.j'i'.'r ,t r,. . h rii.nlrH ti.f mntinrl rowieiii.
Slll.l KIOpflT I'OlltilllllM tlU' llllKiilt'iCl III till) "III StHIHl
Oil 'I'hilll llTi'l't, llll'l Will HI tllO UI' till' )illilH!!.H.
At! rlMitr.i rtnlltut th. On ulif.'iM lw pwiNin-l lo
li.Htot'ii AI444 prrbiMlt iuilvLiliMt tothn ilnii will
iiiiMMimii uini in v up. I'll i i.i i' i; r. n'ri;it,
.' .ii. llAVli) Kit.
.luanf M, WW. i
1 :
tho 15111 of Jvtunrri on tl.f t'lvin,,t.,n Pike. S'
niili't nortll bf IiHVlon, niliirk lt.iv .Mimi. with
. iii.Il wliite l"t on hvr li.ii'k. BlMtit ihlrlr i.n humlt
llli;h, 8lliiOK4'.l Lullll III Oll il or loiirl,'," I i-iii m ol.l.
1 ho on ni l 4j4iiiU4ii'g io p.iy 4ji:n iii.ii lukv
i ' . . , ' i .Mill K II II. till
1 III' Oil lltf E4I41UU
1 will pay Ui iny Ihjrutv r iiioihIh'V of the Mi'illcal
I'rttAfnilly, Itiv ituiu ol $lgi tor unv ouiitiiu4 tlmt
pWHinWU mirmt)lll('lllt! U'UHM AlIiiiMUiiiit'UlAr
er Umu alifittlor'a iKib liiiUM. ., . A
it , ,i .,n.U. MlSltLKU. Pr.)r!(?tor,
8. K. turner of tt'nwr 8tinrr
I will tmv A I Oil HAAid Atr tha iiMSrtf mf luv
tiUMiiciUitt pi-i)tuiruutin ini can ruw a Mt'HUt ra
nwj of couii'lwit.Ut tUi Mikhlor I.Uoi,
8. K. Cornurof C'niu i h-uur.
l'JiVly ri '. r XlUit'tUtttir. J1,
. L ; tl -. A i ' I ' -' ,
IfcuovAL.-Wi.' " ! ' ;. ; z
ll. MiwAi'i will remove to HHohUm lib fit Apii
m hit mora eoramodiotti botlitt.

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