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L, G-. GOULD, Editor.
June 17. 1375.
A vote for the
means a vote for
Democratic ticket
economy nr.d rc-
The Republicans of Oiiio sort of
condemn the thlrtl-tcrjn .bisiness in
their platform, and then nominate a
man for a third time as Governor to
Sitand upon it.
- .
The Volksblatt, of Cincinnati, the
Liberal German organ, says the nom
ination of Hayes is notice to the
Liberal Germans to quit
The public school fund has never
been divided ia Ohio but once. The
Republicans did that when they es
tablished ssparate colored schools.
It is said that the reasou why
there was no temperance plank put
in the Republican platform, the Cru
saders agreed to be satisfied without
one, provided Judge Taft was not
The financial plank in the Demo
cratic platform of 1874 suits us, and
we know will suit a majority of the
people of Preble county. The farm
ers and 'laboring classes are not yet
ready for a specie basis, but want
more money. That is the ticket,
that will win around here.
"The Democratic ring-masters are
preparing the way for the Republi
Van and Independent voters to carry
this county by a majority of 800."
What are you making such a devil
of a "racket" about then ? Certainly
that majority ought to satisfy you !
Let 'em prepare and keep quiet.
We can't see why old Farmer Bill
Allen will appoint Democrats to office.
If he would fill these vacancies with
some of Grant's office-holders that
won't accept under the third term,
it would look so much better! And
then they would not complain about
him near so much as they do, and
everything would be lovely.
The Supreme Court of Ohio has
recently decided that a charitable or
benevolent association, which ex
tends relief only to its own sick and
needy members, and to the widows
and orphans of its deceased mem
bers, is not "an institution of purely
publio charity," and its moneys held
and ' invested for. the aforesaid pur
poses are not exempt from taxation.
Some of Grant's office-holders and
organ-grinders are liberal "cusses.
If they should get in a position
where there were any offices to be
given out, they would outrage their
party adherents by appointing De
mocrats ! Certainly they would ! Be
cause, look how they complain about
Gov. Allen for not giving Republi
cans places under his administra
tion ! These Grant office-holders are
.too liberal and magnanimous to live
The Geghan law does nothing
more than give all denominations
like privileges, and the only thing
wrong about it is that there should
be occasion for such a law. When
3-011 hear a man stand up and de
nounce the spirit of the Geghan law.
j-ou can set him down either as
political blatherskite ignorant of the
provisions of the law, a religious
bigot, who would make everybody
bow to his doctrine, or he is a will
ing tool to be used in tramplin
down the constitutional provisions
guaranteeing religious liberty.
For the last half century no man
has been chosen Governor of Ohio
three terms. Governor Hayes will
not be an exception. There is
unwritten law stronger than any stat
ute, which forbids it in the name
the people. The people don't indorse
third terms. Why should one man
have a monopoly of all the honors
.and good things that are passing
around? Governor Hayes has had
his two terms. There are plenty
Republicans abler than he is who
have not had the office one term.
The notorious Ton McGehan was
shot and killed in his saloon in Ham
ilton, on Sunday night last, about
o'clock. He was shot from an alley
through a window. His wounds con
sisted of several balls in the right
temple and right side of his face.
course nothing is known as to who
committed the deed. It will be
collected that it was while defending
JIcGehan for the murder of Tom
Myers, in the town of Lebanon,
1870, that Hon. C. L. Vallandigiiam
. lost his life.
"The Democratic County Central
Committee deem it unnecessary
appoint delegates." "Kase why?"
Now at the very time the editor
the Richmond and Dayton advertis
ing medium peuncd these lines, there
was an invitation standing at
head of the first column of the Dem
ocrat, requesting every Democrat
.and Liberal who could attend to
' as a Delegate." Had a call been
issued for a Convention to appoint
leiegaies, we are connuent more
.han seventeen would have been
attendance. "Ivasc whv?"
We always have said, and stick to
it yet, that the man who has not
brains enough to decide for himself
how to vote, is unfit to exercise the
right of suffrage. This thing of "de-
otion" and "fidelity" to an organi
zation that is rotten and corrupt to
the core, whether Republican or De
mocratic, is what" has "very nearly
played the devil with our country,
aud the sooner men bein to act and
oto independent of the party lash
and the howls of the "pap-suckers,"
the better it will be for all. We care
not what any Central Committee
says, ice say vote independently and
j-our honest convictions. When you
find that the party in power, and the
one - yoa are acting with, is corrupt
and robbing and plundering the
country, vote against it, no differ
ence by what name it is known.
When men learn to do this, political
thieves and scoundrels will ko to the
bottom instead , of floating on the
top, and Riugs will cease to exist
and to control the public funds of
States and Counties for their own
Let the political hacks and Radi
cal Ring masters, who are perambu
lating this county, giving promises
of office in some quarter, coaxing in
others, and applying the party lash
elsewhere, to drive independent and
honest men to their support, put this
in their pipe and smoke it. If by
fair, honest and unprejudiced com
parison, the voters 6f Preble county
find that the Democratic party has
not done better in its legislation
for the outraged and robbed tax
payers than the "crusading" Repub
lican party has, then it is their duty
as tree ana independent citizens to
vote against it. If the setting of the
Democratic Legislature twenty-four
days less than its Republican prede
cessor, saving each day one thousand
dollars the reduction of the taxes
both for local and general purposes
four hundred and seventy-four thou
sand dollars the cheapening of
turnpike travel twenty-five per cent.
the repeal of the Adair Liquor
Law blackmailing clause the wiping
out oCthe McConnellsville Ordinance
bigotry the. passage of the salary
fee bill and other good and whole
some legislation we say, if all this
is not better than Republican rule in
Ohio for the last ten years, then vote
the Democrats out and the Radical,
puritanical party in power again,
and take back 3our high taxes
your high-salaried county officials
your blackmailing liquor law your
McConnellsville Ordinance, and your
"crusade" against everything that
don't suit the taste and ideas of your
puritan neighbor.
The gentleman in Da3rton and who
edits the Eaton Register, has had a
great deal to say about the Demo
crats and the passage of the Geghan
Bill, and has labored industriously
to make capital out of it aud preju
dice protestants against the demo
cratic party, by misrepresenting its
purport and intentions, but has not
been yet been fair enough to publish
it. For the benefit of the readers of
that paper and its Republican adhe
rents, we will state that Hon.' D. B.
Co'kwix, Republican Senator from
this District, voted for and support
ed this Bill! How is that Mr. Reg
ister? Do you denounce Mr. Cob-
win for his vote on this measure?
Take the stand, C'oonei,and let us
hear from you. We also suggest, as
you are both citizens of Dayton, that
some fine morning before departing
from the city for your editorial du
ties in the country. Village of. Eaton,
you drop in and interview Senator
Corwin briefly, as to the Bill grant
ing any more privileges to the Cath
olic than the Methodist, or its inten
tion to disturb the School Fund,
and give the result of the interview
to your country readers. Senator
Coewix is a gentleman and a scholar,
and has independence enough to
speak his opinions, and we have no
doubt would be pleased to enlighten
his constituents upon this important
question. We shall wait patiently
for therssult.
Judge Taft was defeated for Gov
crnor in the Radical Convention,
simply because he was a liberal man
lie decided against forcing the
Bible upon children in the alphabet
and opposed the whisky crusade.
the people of Preble county want re
ligious intolerance and the Crusade
again, all they have to do is to vote
for Hayes for a third term.
If, in speaking of Credit Mobilier
thieves and ring rob';ers, the Dayton
editor of the Register considers him
self included, it is no fault of ours.
As we have never said he was in, his
violent language was uncalled for
and very unbecoming a city gentle
Gov. Ha3'es is nominated for
third term, and if elected will be
indorsement of Grant's opinion that
there is no law to prevent him from
beiug "sacrificed" for the third time.
If the people of Ohio want Grant for
a third term, let them elect Gov.
Hayes. .
As no one ever claimed to own the
offices of this county except the Rad
ical Ring, outside of that, there is
"open field for the fight" for all who
are panting forthe spoils. Put your
harness on, gentlemen.
Grant's third term tools and organ-
grinders are opcratius: upon the
principle that a "lie well stuck to is
equal to the truth," and starting out
upon this motto in regard to the
Democrats and .a division of the
School Fund, they are' determined to
stick to it. But every man with a
grain of common sense knows that
there is nothing in this hobby, so
far as the Democratic party is con
cerned. Most of the Republicans of
Ohio who were voters in 1850, when
the present Constitution was adopt
ed, voted against its ratification, and
it may be fairly termed a democratic
instrument. There is no possible
chance of this being changed for
twenty years. Kbw, in regard to the
division of the School Fund, this
democratic document contains the
following provision :
Article VI., Sec. 2. Constitution of
Ohio: "No religious or other sect, or
sects, shall ever have any right to, or
control of, any parts of the school
funds of this State."
Is this not sufficient to satisfy
any one of the ridiculousness of the
braying asses, about a division of
the School Fund? The present ex
cellent School system of Ohio is the
work of the Democratic party, and
not a School law is on the books but
what is the work of a Democratic
Legislature ! There is not a promi
nent democrat in the State nor a democratic
journal, that favors or advo
cates such a foolish proposition, and
what does all this howling about a
division of the School Fund and
"Catholic-influence" mean? It is a
game to be played by the third term
supporters of Grant and Ilaycs, to
mislead and deceive the honest and
independent voters into the support
of them and an indorsemei.t of the
corruptions and usurpations of the
Republican party. This is the whole
truth of the howl about the School
Fund. It is not so much about
"Catholic influence" and the division
of the School Fund, that these office
holders of Grant are afraid of,, as
is of losing their hold on the public
teat. The howl was commenced too
soon, however. The people will get
tired of a regular "hash diet" made
of this kind of material, and will de
mand something more substantial
before the ides of October, to induce
them to change an honest old Far
mer for a third term. General.
The efforts of the Republican pa
pers to cast odium upon the Legisla
ture on account of the personal con
duct of two or three of the members
of the House, have not thus far paid
for the labor, for the people are too
intelligent to be prevented by such
deception from comparison of the re
sults of Democratic legislation with
that of previous Republican Legisla
tures. The people will not complain
nor be dissatisfied with a Democrat
ic Legislature that relieved them
enormous burdens of taxation hun
dreds of thousands of dollars both
for general and local purposes, be
cause two or three members said
foolish things in their personal quar
rels. While the people expect their
legislators to conduct themselves re
spectably, they look far more to the
results of legislation than they do
the deportment of the men who make
the laws. The people have had
overdose of "Christian statesmen,"
and prefer just, sensible and benefi
cial laws to promote the prosperity
of the State, passed by "men of
world," to unjust, corrupt legislation
by praying hypocrites.
Hayes declared that he would
accept the nomination for a third
term as Governor of Ohio under any
circumstances over Taft, but at
same time had his bummers hard
work in the Convention for the posi
tion. He received and accented
notwithstanding his repeated pro
tests, and that is the kind of a man
he is. Grant will play the same
game for the third term of the Pres
idency, and will succeed just
Hayes did for Governor. If the peo
ple of Preble county prefer a man
this kind for Governor, instead
the straight forward, honest and
Farmer Allen, let them
that wav.
"The Liberals of this county,
requested to fall in ' and assist
democracy in carrying the county,
but the lirst one who asks to have
place on their ticket is given to
that it i3 not so ordained.
How is that for cesaiism?" Regis
We know of no ticket nor of
Liberals being rejected. It is all
Yomust be "wormy,"
The sympathy of Gen. Grant
convicted scoundrels is unbounded,
if they are Republicans. Harris,
Custom House Inspector, who
convicted last January for smug
gling cigars, and sentenced to
years imprisonment, is the last
of his pardou. No doubt
Harris is now a blatant third-term
The Dayton editor of the Rich
mond and Dayton advertising medi
um, is wording himself unnecessari
ly over the affairs of the Democratic
party and Liberals iu this county.
Keep cool, Robert, it is several
months 3-et until the people vote,
you may exhaust yourself before
"crisis" arrives.
[From the Wayne Co. Democrat]
The late Legislature at its regular
session ii 1S74 reduced State taxa- i
tion thrctj-tenths of a mill on the dol
lar. That produced a reduction in
the State taxes of jour hundred and
seventy-four thousand dollars. At
the time the reduction was made it
was claimed by Republican politi
cians that an increase would have to
be made at the adjourned session
which met ia December last. They
who so predicted proved false pro
phets. A further reduction of one
tenth of a mill was made, which, on
:ist year's duplicate will amount to
one hundred anil ntty-eight thou
sand dollars! That reduction made
by the late Legislature at its regular
and adjourned sessions amounts to
six hundred ana thirty-two thou
sand dollars! And it was plain to
everyone in the Legislature that the
reduction was practicable. Not bad,
is iti
The length of the 60th General
Assembly, which was Republican,
was 245 days that is the regular
session in 1872 was 120 days, and
the adjourned session in 1873 was
125 days. The length of the Gist
General Assembly was only 221 days
that is lub uavs at the regular ses
sion in 1874, and 115 at the adjourn
ed session in 1874-5. That was a
difference of 24 days in faVor of the
late Democratic Legislature. Should
the late Legislature be cursed be
cause its two sessions were 24 days
shorter than the sessions of the Re
publican Legislature that preceded
The 60th General Assembly at its
regular session m 1872 and its ad
journed session of 1873 appropriated
for General Revenue and Asylum
purposes $4,905,223 97. while the
61st General Assembly at its rcgu
lar session in 1874 and adjourned
session in 1874-5 appropriated for
these purposes only $4,381,341 56
$dZd,68Z Al less than the 60tU
Ih ,.l A c.i.nnU.1. ., ,1
the appropriations are abundantly
sufficient for the specific purposes
for which the appropriations were
made. Is this not something to be
thankful to the late Democratic Leg
islature for?
Tom Young the Radical candidate
for Lieutenant Governor is well
known in Sidney. He-printed the
Democrat m the days of disgrace,
He claimed to be the first and origi
nal Vallandighammer, and made his
paper so obnoxious to Republicans
and Democrats, that they seriously
discussed the propriety of hanging
him. lorn was frightened and went
into the army. A streak of luck pro
moted him, and he returned from the
war and located iu Cincinnati. Re
publican doctrines were dominant
there and Tom turned Radical. Mar
ried a rich widow who died and left
him much money. He secured the
office of Recorder but never perform
ed the duties. For years he has been
lying around loose picking up "fat
takes." With the exception of Doc
Williams he can and does drink more
whisky than any candidate on the
Republican ticket. At the time of
his nomination he was about as "full'
as Peter Thatcher. Tom is a strong
supporter of the Republican platform
and endorses the movement of that
party to destroy our "present excel
lent and popular School System.
Sidney Democrat.
The putting of this gentleman on
the Radical ticket of Ohio, will
course spike the guns of "rebel sym
pathizer," and all that kind of stuff.
The third-termites will go it hot on
the division of the School Fund and
Catholic influence! This is some
thing fresh for to deceive the peopl
and induce them to swallow the
"crusade" candidate for Governor
right vote
derstand any
aginary. Col
Radical rule is a. costly luxury.
In 1860 the federal government cost
the people $60,000,000 annually.
which was two dollars per head.' - In
1870 the ordinary expenses of gov
ernment, excluding interest on the
national debt, were $165,421,000.
State and local taxation have swell
ed in a corresponding ratio. Iu 1860
two dollars per head, for the entire
population, covered the whole sura
of taxation other than the indirect
cvies of the federal government
After ten j-ears of Radical adminis
tration the cost reached seven dollar
per head. Abating ten per cent,
the difference between the money
current in 1860 and that current
1870, government as now maintain
ed, costs double what it did befor
it was committed to radical hands.
If we add to the amount of expenses
incurred for the ordinary purposes
of government the j-early interest
the national debt, it makes a grand
total 01 over lourtecn dollars
head, in 1870, against five dollars
per head in 1870. That is the ditter
ence between having a military
to govern our countiy and a civilian
There is a military third term gen
tleman running for Governor
Ohio, against an honest and indus
trious farmer, and if the people want
their taxes increased for "crusade"
and military pomp and show,
them vote for the General instead
the Farmer.
cipient Allen and reduced State taxes
and no Third Term!
Hayes, increased taxation
Crusade and a war upon 3'our relig
ious opinions. You have your choice,
voters of Preble county.
--. .
Which one of the bright and shin
ing lights of the Editorial corps
tiie patent outside is it that seasons
his provender with brimstone
gun-powder? "Jim Jams."
As there is but one editor of
Democrat, the answer stands at
head of the first column of our edit
orial page.
The School Fund
becoming very thin.
During the da3'-s of the crusade,
Gen. R. B. IIa3-es could be seen in
company with the leaders of that
persuasion perambulating the streets
of the town of Fremont, and holding
devotional servce3 on the sidewalks
front of the different saloons of
that place. We presume that gen
tleman, in order to catch the whisk-
ote, will now go back on tliis part
of his record.
Persons may "act the fool," and
et be very wise and intelligent, and
that would be the difference between
them and the editor of the Register.
Web stcr says that a fool is one "des
titute of reason; an idiot;" and"act-
g the fool" is to "practice foil-, at
tention to trifles," so that a great
many wise and intelligent persons
might engage in spreading flowers
over the graves of the dead soldiers
without being fools. The friends of
the deceased do it through pure love
and affection; outside of this it is
cant and hj-pocris-, engaged in 03
office-seekers and old political hacks,
ho care no more for the dead sol
dier than for the barbarian that is
buried in the wild jungles of Africa,
and these are the fellows that are so
ery "sens()tive" about it, you
know !
The Democrats of Iowa, instead of
calling a strict p'arty convention and
nominating a straight ticket, have
united with the Liberal Republican
aud anti-monopoly elements, and
have called a State Convention to
meet at Des Moines on June 24.
The call invites "Democrats, Liber
als, and all others opposed to the
Republicans as at present organized"
send delegates, and that is the
way it should have been done every
where. When a party becomes so
rotteu and "steeped in infamy" as
the Republican is, honest men should
combine to put the thieves and rob
bers out of power, even if party does
go to the devil.
The Whisky Ring, the Army
Ring, the Custom House Ring, the
Washington Ring, the Straw-bid
Ring, the Navy Ring, the Land-
grabbing Ring, and all other corrupt
combinations, revolve around the
White House, and are the outgrowth
of Grantism during the last five
years. Sustained b3 the President,
they have made investigations
farce, shaped legislation in their own
interest, controlled appointments.
and actual' run the government as
if it were a close corporation. Sure
I3 it is time for a radical change.
The New York nerald, referring
editorial'y to Grant's third term
letter says: "It is the most import
ant political declaration he has made
since his accession to office. It is an
exceedingly adroit letter, but far
from being satisfactory. ' There
nothing in it to prevent Graut's ac
ccptance of the Presidency of the
third term. We shall be surprised
f the country accepts this as a sat
isfactory declaration. It is an eva
sive letter. It would have been
much bettor, for his fame and even
for the welfare of the party- which he
proposes to serve, if he had not writ
ten it. In a word, the country-
told that the President will not take
what is not offered him."
The Supreme Court of this State
two weeks ago, rendered the follow
ing important decision, that under
section 10 of the Liquor Law, to the
effect that 01113- when both parties to
a lease intend or understand that the
property- leased is to be used for the
vending of intoxicating liquors con
trary to the statute, is the lease vol
dable, and in such cases it is abso
lutel3T void.
Only 17,000 delinquent tax-payers
in New Orleans. The people of that
unfortunate city have been so much
governed b3r the Republican party
that they have nothing left with
which to p.i3" taxes. But there is
hope of a better time ahead, as the
reign of the carpet-bagger is about
over, the troops are w ithdrawa, and
peace and good order is the result.
An official notice comes from the
War Department, in substance, that
although the late Congress piled
its appropriations for the expenses
the army high among the millions,
the funds arc short, and $900,000
more will be needed to get through
the 3'ear.
The following very sensible reso
lutions were passed b3 the Demo
cratic Convention of Richland County-
on Monday:
"Whereas, The common school
sy-stem having been engrafted into
the present Constitution of the State
of Ohio D3- a .Democratic Constitu
tional Convention, against the pro
tests and votes of the opposition par
ty, and afterwards ratified by a large
Democratic majority;
"Resolved, That we hereby pledge
ourselves to support and maintain
the present common school in all
efficiency, and that we will resist
and all efforts to interfere with
and are unalterably- opposed to any
division of the school fund, in favor
of any particular sect, denomination
or creed.
"Resolved, That we are opposed
to any union of Church or State,
in favor of the utmost freedom
matters of religion, conceding to
person the right to worship
to the dictates of his or
own conscience, without interference
or dictation from any source whatever."
Monday Evening, June 14, 75.
Council met in regular session at
Council Chamber. Present J. II.
cos, Mayor; Win. H. Ortt, Clerk;
L. Chambers, M. Filbert, Thomas
Fulton, Jus. Gable ani S. II. Hub-
bell, Councilinen. Council called to
order, minutes of previous meeting
ead and approved. I he following
bills were presented, found correct
and orders directed to be issued for
the respective amounts.
Jliehael tE son, paint, dec, for gaso
line posts and lamps, $4,80
E. Weiss, painting gasoline
posts and lamps, 8,00
Benj. Neal, jr., 1.3 days scrv. as
Street Commissioner, i'J,2i
W. II. Stephen, 6 days labor on
streets at $1,50 per day, 9,C0
Fulton & Filbert, Cistern Com.
for paying labor & supplies, 152,98
The Judiciary Committee report
follows in reference to street
sprinkling on Cherry street:
It being made to appear to the
Council by petition of citizens inter
ested, that it is necessary that Gher-
ftreet, in said village, between the
north line of Thos. Fulton's lot and
its intersection with Main street,
shall be sprinkled with water during
the summer and fall of 1S.75, and
more than one-lfalf of the citizer.s
and owners of feet front of the land
fronting on said street have signed
said petition. Therefore, be it
Resolved, By the Council, that the
aid Cherry strict, between said
north line of Thos. Fulton's lot and
its intersection with Main street,
during the summer and fall of 1875,
uutil such time as the Council
may liercalter order, be sprinkled
with water at such time or times and
in such manner and quantities as the
Council may from time to time direct,
and that the cost of said sprinkl nj
shall be levied on the land fronting
on said street betweeu the two points
above designated, according to the
aluation thereof as listed for taxa
tion, in accordance with the statute
made and provided. On motion the
resolution was adopted.
The Judiciary Committee also
make the following report in refer
ence to the Dayton & Western Turn
pike Compaq-:
Resolved, By the Council of the
Incorporated V illage 01 Jiaton, ire-
blc count3', O., 1 hat the Dayton fc
Western Turnpike Road Company
be, and thej- are required to repair
and put in good order so much of
said Turnpike Road as lies within
the corporate limits of said Incorpo
rated Village of Eaton, and said re
pairs are herein required to be made
within ten days after the service of
a cop3' of this resolut'103 on the Toll
gate keeper on said Turnpike Road,
nearest said municipal corporation.
On motion the resolution was adopt
ed. Bids for street sprinkling were
taken from the table. The parties
making bids the week previous re-
sed their bids. The bid of Jno. P.
Acton for sprinkling the streets for
sixteen weeks was $ i'Jb. 1 he bid ot
Messrs. Boner & Myler, for sixteen
weeks was $450. The bid of Boner
fc Myler being the lowest, was on
mot;on accepted upon their giving
bond and approved security for the
faithful performance of the work.
On motion adjourned to JMonday
evciung, June 2lsT, isj.
W. H. ORTT, Clerk.
SiiERiiAN, whose antecedents and
surroundings link him to the Church
of Rome, was invited and took part
in the Radical Convention at Colum
bus, and yet not one of Grant's of-
licc-holdcrs or organs have uttered a
word against his "Catholic influ
ence" on this occasion! In the lan
guage of the Cincinnati Enquirer,
Arouse ye, friends of liberty ! See
you not the evidences of a conspira
cy to chain the American people to
the bloody Pontificial chariot? What,
ho, 3-e slaves ! shake off 3-our lether-
ery in
er3' ac
cording her
With SHaing Oven Doors.
FEtentod Pel. 2, 1888, ui Bpt i, 1888.
Tin & Sheet-Iron Ware
tin n, mam i mm
Galvanized Work of all
Window Caps,
Crestings, &c, &c.
Cg-Iiepairing promptly and neatly
4 Iron Taken
in Exchange.
opposite the
Sliop 011 Tlarron Street,
Court House.
Euton, May 27, lS7i-ly
aiAjrcFACTrr.F.rc axu deat.krix
les. Bridles
And all goods generally found in a first
class Saddle and Harness establishment.
Fine Harness a Speciality.
March 4, lS73-im
ets., $1,00, $1,25, $1,40, $1,00, $1,75; worth . $1,50, $1,75,
0 ets.,
Shirts at 95
$2,00, $2,50.
Summer Undershirts at 30 ets., 40 ets.,
00 ets.: worth 00c. to$l. .
Socks 4 ets., 7 ets., 9 ets., 1H ets., 15 ets., 18 ets., 20 ets.; worth 10 to 35c"'"
Gents' Necktie 3 ets., 5 ctg., 8 ets., 10 ets., 20 ets. .
Gents' Scarf 50 ets., 65 ets., 75 ets., 85 ets. .
Call and satisfy yourself that I MEAN BUSINESS. A big stock of
Hats and Clothing at very low prices. JOS. WOERNER,
April 29, 1875-lt Barron St., Eaton, O.
' rr..r?....y
Special attention given to the lilting ot Prescrip
tions and Private IZctipes.
Chromo & Picture Frames of all Styles made to order
Painters Supplied al Wholesale Prices.
Eaton, April 22, 1875-ly
Is prepared to furnish them on as reasonable terms as they can be
bought anywhere else, as he is buying them directly from the manufac
turers. -
Eaton, March 18, 1S75
Just 2? ecsived and for Sale
Rough and Dressed;
Timber, Joists and Scantling;
. ill & MM FLOORING;
Cedar, Oak and Iocnst Fence Posts.
Iaih and Shingles.
kinds of Finishing
kinds of Building
Ijumber cut to Order.
Ejumher cut to Order.
East TanglKgkj, CmpH's Crssk ani Canal C2AL.
Agents for the Studybaker, Milborn, and Mitchell
Farm Wagon.
H'ghest price paid for Walnut, Ash Lumber, and Timber.
Office and Yard Opposite
Eaton, Ohio, Slay G, lS75-(im
the Depot, Eaton, Ohio.
P R O D U C E E SV3 P C ' H I U M.
TXVITF.8 cpocial attention to bis
-tinkoC FA 31 1 1 A t:KOfKKl ICS &
VKODl'CK, of whii-h lie k'-'t-ps a full
and complete stock at liis old stand on
Baron Street Eaton,
lie flatters himself that lie can sell
as low as any other house in town, and
will keep always on hand the bestbrands
provisions, vfoftaei.es, almonds
s suoaus. svj:i-I"s.
coi-kek. i:aiin.
A r.so
Salt by eke Barrel.
The patronage of the public is solicited
Jan II. U7i yl.
JLumber! Lumber !
. To The Public.
PINK. POl'ULAB anil ASH Floariiie. Dressed
Vino .inrt Pnmilnr Sidetne. lrpssol AtsU Piue and
tl'Ori.AUFINlSHlNU l.CMBER, . .
Are also prepared to furnish
Factory Boors for $2,00 and $2,50.
noons, "window framks.sasit panel
r.ti.l P.iiU. '.i Dimrs anil to SAW up, SIOCM) OR
H'ltN I.UM l:i:u to order. We lutrml In make it
W I'-.o interest of those needing auyllitug iu our
lin.-todealwiUi us.
E,aJon, Aprill.lSTi. tf
llicliael Sd Sous,
BrMists & Booksellers
in limine,

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