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Who knows when pins and needles go, -
Vhtre all tbe buttons .stray?
- Who know when all the pennies go
That somehow get away 7
Who knows bow all the china breaka
That wunl touched at ail t
How baby geta o black a bruise -
And never had a fall?
Who knows whence all the fashions cone
And where they disappear f
Why one brief month should make a fright
Of what was noch a dear?"
Who knows how little bill can swell
To sach prodigoas size? -Who
knows, indeed, what's going on
Beneath hia very eyes?
. Who knows Just where her husband goea
When business' keeps him oat ?
Who knows when best to wear a smile
And when to wear a pont?
Who knows the time to face the fact
That she's no longer yoaog ?
Who knows how best to speak her mind
And how to hold her tongue ?
Who knows the most convenient day " -
To bring a friend to dine ?
Who knows the half of what he spends .
On clubs, cigars and wine?
Who koows one bonnet cannot last - - -
A woman all her life ?
- Who knows the woman is the same
When sweetheart turns to wife 1
Who knows why all the pretty girls " -
Are often last to go? ' ,
Bow aU the nglzwomen wed ." , . .
Who never nad a bean?
Why small men fancy wives so large,
And large men fancy small ?
Who knows, in fact, how half the world
Was ever matched at all?
Who know how far to trust a frisnd.
How far to hate a foe? -Just
when to speak a kindly yea "
And when a sturdy do?
Who knows the grim old Grecian sage
Says gravely, save thyself, .
The wisest man in all the world'
la he who knows himself. . ,
I've had a boil, got it yet in fact a
regular, old-fashioned eigh teen-carat
" bile !" WelL while I've had it, I've
kept a clean record of all the boil cores
that have been urged upon me, and the
publication thereof I hope will result in
the early cure of all boils in this part of
the universe. .
My boil came the first part of the
4.1 . . i il. i 1.
U1UUU1 JM J 1 I nuu WUU XUUW nmii OTUW
saw me limp said : - -. :
" Holloa, corns hurt you ?" -- '
' I said, " No, I've gqt a bofl. ' " ;
. "Don't savf Well, now, see here
you go right home and get some of
Dailey s ointment, and. buy live cents
worm of hut . and put it on your
boil, and it will be well in twenty-four
hours. r
. I thanked him, trot on a hoise-car,
- and met another friend who urged me by
all means to moke a bread-and-milk poul
tice, and he perfectly quiet unol it should
come to a head, " for, says he, " Boils
are sore things, and they don't like to be
jammed around much."
I thought so, too, but before I had
time to say so another friend reached
over, ana, touciimg me wiui iiia cauo,
said: ' '
" Did I hear you remark that you were
suffering with a boilr
: Yes. sir. sufferinsr is the word."
" WelL now, see here, John," says he,
" all you've got to do is just to live it
down. Live well, eat plenty of beef
steak, mutton-chops, eggs, and omelets,
and then if yon will drink a glass of hot
water before breakfast net warm water,
you know,-but just as hot as yon can
stand it you will drive all the impuri
ties out of your blood instanter." -
Beaching my place of business I found
i :i i tl
first said : - .;" . - . - -
" Now, you juBt give a quarter and HI
slip out to a clrug store and get a box of
mercurial ointment, and I'll ease you in
less than three minutes. You see it
drives the matter back in the blood and
the blamed thing has to heal up in spite
of itself." - ' . .-- . t
But while I was taking out the quar
ter another friend stepped up and" beg
ged me not to waste time or money on
mercurial ointment ; , he had had boils
from a boy up to two years ago, when
an old woman on Long Island, a friend
ui inn luuuici-iu-inn, uiu vuxeii mill
completely ; the matter mustn't be xLriv-
coaxed out of it ; if not there could be no
certainty abont the thing. , . ;
And now if you will just lot your
bov so down to a botanic dnu? store."
said he, "and ask for ten cents' worth
of red cedar berries, and take and stew
them in a pint of water and drink the
tea, youH never have another boU."
The . next man was a woman who had
listened to the last two prescriptions.
She now put in her oar. - Her husband
had had boils' all over his body, and
. what she knew about the boil busi
ness was only equalled by the lite H.
G. in -the farm line.' - There was only
one sure cure for boils i A few cents'
worth of honey mixed with flour and
the yolk of n egg would draw a boil to
a head quicker than all the salves in
creation. - : j '.- :--
My boy was standing, hat in hand,
waiting patiently to be sent for one or
all of these lotions when a Wall street
friend Hfeenped in and said v
W hv. I can.cnre you of a, dozen
boils in less than two days any time, or
at least I can on any one in the 'street.'
You see we use bears' ' grease oh the
bulls, and the gall of bulls to poultice
the bears with. Jay Gould buys all
Barnum's Museum, and keeps ten men
at work boiling-out bears' grease, and
he often draws the sorest boils to a head
- bfifnrplio fiwnpTR lrnnw it ?" hefndAfl hp
knew men who contracted for all the
bulls' galls that - came to Washington
Market. '- .-
v i saia, my jiirisnan mend my dou
is too serious a matter to joke abont,
and it's sot your kind." I was about.
-. to administer some needed advice to him
when an Irish tailor next door dropped
in and urged me to send out and get
little shoemakers' wax, and wear, it on
my boil just one day, and he would guar
antee a cure or make no charge for his
advice. : ; - - . .
I sent my boy back with his hat, and
seizing my own I started for home, hop
ing thereby to get rid of my tormentors,
who were as much worse than my boil as
the boil was worse than a life-insurance
agent .
But a man might as well expect to
stave off a chill as to free himself from
boil-doctors. Before I reached home
met an old friend who, after sympathiz
ing with me, informed me that if I would
just mix a tablespoonful of "Injun"
meal in a little water and drink it three
times a week, it would eradicate all the
effluvia from the blood, and make me feel
like a morning star. . -
On reaching home I found a Spiritual
ist acquaintance, who has a mission, wait
ing for me. I mentioned to him that I had
a boil. Said he : -
" Why, I've had hundreds of them
and can cure them every time ; all you
have to do is to wait till they come to
head, and then (it requires nerve to do it,
though) jnst take a razor or lancet and
lay it open to the bone, and cut the core
out by the roots !"
I suggested veins and arteries, and he
saw at once that I hadn't any nerve.
had no money for his mission, but on
my offering litin two dollars to help start
a ghost factory heroin New York that
should beat the Eddy brothers, he took
up his hat and left me and my boil to ths
next tormentor, who was not long in put
ting in an appearance. -
The next was a TurkitJi-balh man, who
assured me that he liad had a very bile
ons turn a year ago, and had nwea'
them out of himself by taking six baths.
" You see," he saidr " a boil uinxt bo
kept warm, and that being a known fact,-
why, the TurKish bath is an interven
tion of Providence for all Job-itcs the
world over."
1 promised to at once call on my
friend Dr. Miller in Twenty-sixth
street, anJ let him put me through
"course of sprout. I was deterred
from so doing by a friend in the ice
business who told me that one of his
neighbors had tried the baths, and in
stead ef curing him the boils came out
all over him worse than ever. " And
now," said he, " if you will come down
to our ice-house and just walk leisurely
around in it, keeping your blood cool
for a few days, you will find that all
this superabundance of heat in your
blood, which is evinced by the boil now
on your hip, will gradually pass away,
your boil will go down and you won't
have another till you get red hot again."
This looked as reasonable as the bath
cure certaii ly. and I promised to be on
nana bright ana early next morning ana
try to freeze out my boil. Just as I was
starting out in the morning hadn't
limped two -yards from my house when
I was hailed by a friend, who, when in
formed of my ailment and intentions,
suddenly wheeled me about in the direc
tion of my house, saying : -
" Ice be blamed I I'll cure you." Go
ing right into our dining-room he asked
for brown soap and sugar ; then helping
me to hobble up-stairs, he made a poul
tice ot the soap and sugar, ana insisted
on my wearing it on my boil all day. .
X promised to do so : but alter he leic
me and it began to ache pretty hard, I
could not help mentioning my feelings
in the old-fashioned way, and the noise
I made being heard by a lady caller on
my wife, she at once said that she could
relieve me and cure me at the same
time. Sending out for a raw onion, she
said all I had to do was to slice it up and
lay it on my boil, and its cooling proper
tics would effect a certain cure. This
seemed very reasonable and worth try
ing, and we tried it.
Before its " cooling properties " had
got fully under way, I happened to re
member an important business engage
ment which must be attended to, and
so I shook off my doctor and onion at the
some time. Returning home two hours
later a young lady friend came to the
front with five cents' worth of flax-seed
poultice which her uncle always used,
and he never was without bails ; she felt
sure that Job used flax-seed poultice. I
said I guessed not ; I was posted on Job;
all he did was to scrape himself with a
piece of broken pie plate (Job ii. :7): and
even when boUs had evoluted up to
Isaiah s time, all they did was to make
a plaster of tics for them. But the man
who knew the boil business by heart was
near by, and he gave me the surest cure
of all cild water before breakfast. -
" Drink it freely, and its action ou the
liver and blood is such that it will cure
you just as sure as twice seven is four
teen." And he could cure anything.
He was the only man that he had ever
heard of who could set broken ribs. But
broken ribs are not boils. . t .
I now was determined to make an in
ventory of all my boil cures, and mix
them together and put on one big plaster
which would surely cure it at once.
But when I came to mix cold water and
hot water, ice and steam, flax-seed and
oedar . berries, shoemakers' wax and
honey, onions and ointment, Indian
meal and razors, they wouldn't mix : and
there was no necessity for it, for )ust
then I ran against a chair-back and with
one moderate-sized yell I found my boil
had wiped itself out. unexaa vircuiar.
'' The burglars had been very active and
bold in their operations in our city, but
as the thermometer had marked above
the nineties for several days, I had little
of value in my room. I preferred to
risk that .little . and leave my window
open, although of easy access, rather
than undergo partial suffocation.- ' -.-
If an uninvited guest made his appear
ance, and I did not awake, he would not
disturb me; if. I did awake, I could
"feign sleep and let him take whatever he
might find. ' - - "
"This class of visitors, I reasoned
with myself, " do not generally commit
personal violence, if they can accomplish
theft and make good ; their escape with-
These were my reflections every flight
Iniidressed and-threw myself on the
bed, leaving my -castle 'open to the en
emy. I had slept one night about an
hoar,-when I was awakened by the fall
ing of a small china ornament ; Btorting
slightly and opening my eyes, I saw the
gas burning, and a tall, broad-shouldered
man, with his back toward me, his face
looking over his shoulder to see whether
the noise had awakened me. Our eyes-
met, so that the plan of feigning sleep
would have been useless. .
Opposite the side of my bed, and
about eight feet from me, was the door
of my room, two or three feet from
which were stairs leading to the lower
holL The burglar must have used a lad
der in ascending the roof, from which he
entered the window. It was some thirty
feet from the ground, and isolated. My
plan was not only to escape harm myself
but to capture him. I knew the police
man's beat, and he would pass it in
short time. '
Sitting bolt upright, then, as I opened
my eyes and saw the burglar looking
very unpleasantly at me, I said, rubbing
my eyes drowsily, although to tell the
truth I was frightened nearly out
my life : " Hello, John, what are you
looking fort Can't you come into
my : room without making . such
The fellow, taken somewhat aback
being addressed in this way, said in a low
but menacing voice, and pointing a re
volver at me :
"Shut up ! - What -de you take
" I took you for John," . I replied,
with a well assumed nonchalance;
"but I didn't suppose he was after
anything valuable in my room, except
one thing, and try the way, if you
are not the umnckiest fellow u the
" How's that !" ' growled my visitor.
" WelL I have a very good watch
but if you want to get it yon must
pay a visit to the watchmaker s after
you - leave here, for-1 had what
considered the bad, but what seems the
good fortune, to break the main
spring yesterday, and left it for re
pairs," .
" You are a precious cool one I" said
he, evidently astonished at my indiffer
ence. .
" What is the use of getting excited
attempting to resist you J - ion are
armed, and you see I am not ; and
you had no weapon your fighting weight
must be at least thirteen stone, while
mine is not more than nine and a half.
have no idea of interfering with you.
If the : room were filled with dia
monds I would not lift my finger to save
them. Take -all you can find; I am
going to sleep, so don't make any more
" Hold on," said the fellow ; " where
are your keys 1"
"I suppose you want to make as much
of a haul as yon can," I said ; "
look in my . pants hanging over the
bed-post tliero, and you'll find
pocket-book, with a few stamps in it."
It was nearly time for the policeman
to pass, aud I paused to listen. I must
in a few moments put my plan into exe
cution. ....
A glance quick as lightning showed
me that the key of the door was on the
My listening expression did notes
cape the practiced eye of my grim vis
itor. It was a curious scene, no doubt.
I sitting in my bed, in my night-clothes,
unarmed, and this stalwart rnflian, pis
tol in hand,' glaring half siisi)iciounlv.
half ferociously at me, aud almost in the
crouching attitude of a tiger abont
spring upon fus prey. But there X sat,
very coolly - conversing with him,
the necessity of the moment keep
ing - my wits too wide awake to allow
my fears to get the upper hand for
"What are you listening to ?" asked
the burglar.
" I thought I heard cry of fire."
In that instant, and in the dead still-
ness of the night, I heard the tramp
of the policeman. ' It was some distance
off. .
You will find," I -said, "some
clothes of mine in the press ; they will,
however, be too small for yon. Good
night : the keys are in the middle draw
er." He turned to the drawer indicated,
and as he did so, with one tremendous
bound I cleared the space between my
bed and the door, slammed the door,
and locked it upon him.- Oblivious of
my dishabille, I sprang to the steps. I
had two flights to descend and the door
to open before I could reach the yard.
but it was hardly possible for jrim to
descend the ladder more quickly.
Bonndinc rather than running down
stairs, I flung back tee bolt and dashed
into the yard, lie was half way down
the ladder. -
Shoating "police 1" lustily, 1 seized
the ladder at the bottom, and, using all
. my power, brought it and the burglar to
the ground with a crash. The pistol he
neiu in nis nana aroppea irom ms grasp.
I made a dash for it, and he, springing
to his feet like a cat, made a rush at me,
and as I stooped seized me by the
nape of the neck. I turned the pistol
upward and pulled the trigger. It mere
ly snapped ; there were no more charges
in it. - - - - -
With a terrible oath, the baffled vil
lain wrenched the pistol from my grasp
and raised it aloft to deal me what
might have proved a fatal blow,
when there was a rush behind him
and he was . felled to the ground.
The policeman had heard my shout and
was lust in time to rescue me.
The burglar was soon secured ; and in
my excitement l was arjout to relate
the story I . have here told, when
the policeman with a smile suggested
that X might " keton cold m them
I then remembered for the first time
since I had sprung from bed, that I was
shoeless and stockingless. and had noth
ing on but my night shirt, and I beat a
hasty retreat. With a long drawn
breath, I took my fine gold repeater
which had such a narrow escape, and was
not at the watchmaker s at-alL from
under my pillow, looked at the hour,
turned in, and after a little while feel
The above story, narrated afterward
to a jury when I was in better trim for
story-telling than I was when the police
man interrupted me, bad the effect of
giving my visitor lodgings in a public
institution, and secured me against
repetition of his call for at least ten
years. - -
A "Junnelist's Juel."
"Maiah" Edwards and "Maiah" Fos
ter are distinguished " junnelists" of
St. Louis: Majah Edwards sheds his
phosphorous in the columns of the
Times, while Majah Foster eats catfish
and exudes intellect in behalf, of the
Evening Journal. These two estimable
gentlemen are gifted in the matter of
" onah." They locked horns in the dis
cussion of the propriety of Jeff Davis'
invitation to address the Winnebago
Agricultural Association, and their re
spective "onahs" were so abraded
the discussion of the matter that nothing
but blood, and bloody blood at that, could
repair the damage. bo they went out
and " fit a deol" with " pistuals,"
loaded with actual powder and real lead.
It was a " game" afiair. Both men were
game that is, if you call a hare or
mountain sheep game. ' When the fatal
word was given Majah Foster closed his
eyes, commended his soul to uod and
pulled the trigger. .The bullet killed
cow in a neighboring cornfield. Majah
Edwards shut his eyes mentally, ejacu
lated "Good-bye, mother," and pulled
the trigger. His bullet grazed the ear
one of the seconds, who was standing
paces to the right. Majah wards de-
tyionjll n rnnna ah"-, hnl h
whose ear was bleeding, peremptorily re
fused to accede to the rentiest. unless
would agree to shoot at him instead
Majah Foster. The affair was then ami
cably adjusted, and the two gome " jun
nelists" fell upon each other's necks)
wept and rolled up their sleeves to hun
for strawberry marks. Majah . Foster
then said he would go to the hotel and
-change his trousers. The trousers
(white duck) looked as if they needed
changing. Indeed it is intimated that
the laundress charged Majah Foster five
dollars for doing them up. After bath
ing their respective honors in cham
pagne, and taking up a collection to pay
the Illinois farmer for the cow killed
Maiah X oster, the party returned to
Louis, and have spent the time since
meeting in delivering lectures on
code to the strawberry-nosed habitues
their favorite bar-rooms. InaumapoM
neraia. ' - - y
How the Girls Seared a Burglar.
One of the best incidents of the burg
lar season, an incident which occurred
early in July, now sees the light for the
first time. Just before the Fourth of
July one of our citizens left home on
brief visit with - his wife, leaving the
house in charge of the eldest daughter,
who had only a younger girl with her for
company. A hired man slept in one of
the lower rooms of the house at night in
order to afford protection. Every thing
passed off pleasantly until nearly the
time fixed for the return of the father
and mother on the 2d or 3d day of July.
Previous to the departure from the city
of the gentleman referred to he had
purchased a lot of fireworks with which
to celebrate the Fourth and amuse "the
family, and these fireworks were stored
in one of the upper rooms. On the
evening of the 2d the young lady and
her companion retired as usual, fearing
nothing, since the hired man was sleep
ing as usual down stairs. In the course
of the night they were awakened by a
noise at one of the lower windows, and.
aiscovereu. (pat a purgiar was trying to
effect an entrance. Xhe noise mode did
not awaken the hired man, and the
alarmed girls dared not go down stairs to
arouse him. At the same time they
feared to let the burglar know of their
presence, having the wrong impression
that should they scream the burglar
would suspect them to be helpless, and
so come m boldly.' In the extremity a
bright idea occurred. They resolved
to let off the fireworks. The rockets
and crackers wera found, taken slyly to
a window above the one where the burg
lar was at work, and as many of them as
could be ignited at once lighted and
tossed out together. There was a great
report, the air was full of fire for a mo
ment, and the terrined burglar
bounded away at full speed, evidently
supposing himself the target for half a
dozen revolvers I A more original way
of getting rid of a robber was certainly
never devised. . .Jsout jcepuoiv
can. .
Freckles, says the Herald of Health,
are not easily washed out of those who
have a florid complexion and are much
in the sunshine, but the following washes
are not only harmless, but very much
the best of anything we know. Urate
horse radish fine; let it stand a few
hours in buttermilk, then strain and use
the , wash night and morning. Or
squeeze the juice of a lemon into half a
goblet of water and use the same way,
Most of the remedies for freckles are
poisonous, and cannot be used with
safety. Freckles indicate a defect in di
gestion, and consist in deposits of some
carbonaceous or fatty matter beneath
the scarf skin. The diet should, be at
tended to, and should be of a nature
that the bowels and kidneys will do their
duty. Daily bathing, with much fric
tion, should not be neglected, and the
Turkish bath taken occasionally, if con
venient. - "
The Shakers of Mount Lebanon, N.
Y., aw rapidly decreasing to strength,
Weekly Review of the Chicago Market.
Weekly Review of the Chicago Market. FINANCIAL.
The demand far money and the general finan
cial market is decidedly qnieL Money is abun
dant, and for prime seourity can be bad at 6
par cent. Street rates, 7gl0 per cent Bat
little currency going to the country. Oovem
ment bonds are firmly held, and there is a mod
erate demand, -
Weekly Review of the Chicago Market. FINANCIAL. BREADSTUFFS.
The grain markets have been the center of
considerable interest and attention from snecn-
latere during the past week, and fluctuations in
values nave been ireqnenc opring wneat nas
been declining throughout, an average re
duction of folly 6o per bu being sustained.
The speculative element showed but little con
fidence in the market, and were anxious to sell.
Eastern advices unfavorable. Corn was higher
and lower, but closed abont lc lower. Oats
were fairlv active, ruling irregular, however.
in sympathy with the fluctuations in corn. Bye
and barlev were firm and prioes were higher.
The weather had a good deal of influence with
corn ana oats.
The following table shows the prioes currant
at the opening apqcioseoi me past ween:
Opening, . doting,
i "wis $ au
(31.15 J
8L12 LMJ bid
.69)$ .St
,S9 9 M .68J
.58 (4 MX - Jf!i bid
SS&ia .37 & .37
M .88 .3SS
.34.. O J4) (4
& .78 .7 .77
. .7 d.76tf
1.U 1.13 (1.13
01.10 1.11 M1
1.05X1.06 81.05
S 5 a .78
No. 1 ip'g wheat, oanta
NoJ-Mller September
No. teller uctooer..
No. 9 oom. cash......
Nn 1 oom. seller Sept.
No. oom, . October!
No. 2 oats, oun
No. a oats, seller oepi.
No. Itists, a. October.
No. a rye, eaan
No. 3 rye, s. Sept...,
No. barley, euui...
Ko. i barley, a, Sept.
No. barley, a. Oct...
NO. a DSTiey, Caen.
Considerable interest was shown in this mar
ket during the past week, and a fairly active
business was reported. Prices as compared
with last week were a shade lighter, bnt at the
same time very irregular. Cash mess pork
closed at f 21.95, and seller September nom
inally the same. Seller October closed .at
21.25 and seller the vearat 18.15. Cash lard
closed at MS.62V. sailer Bentomber at 413.56.
seller October at 13.55, and seller the year at
There were bnt few imDortant sa'es of batter
made during the past week, bnt at the same
time a firm feeling pervaded the market, and
prices for the better qualities showed consid
erable improvement. Quotablet 2430c for
extras : 19Ub-JSe for firsts ; I7(ffiltc lor seconds,
and 1416c for third. Broom corn was quot
able at i(l12c for No. 1 to extra hnri j X
10Xo for good to choioe stalk braid, and G
Bhto for crooKea. - -
' There was onlv a moderate trade in cheese.
and prioes were a shade easier. The supply
was fair, and quotations rango at 68o for
poor to common, 910o for fair to prime
lots, and 10(S10 Vo for choice in a retail way.
The movement was light in dried fruits, and
prices suffered a slight decatuo f or all articles.
The market closed at 9 Wo for prime Michigan
and New Xork apples ; 8(5i8c for Ohio, and
sales were made at 7o for new Southern.
Peaches quotable at lOWlOc for halves, and
blackberries at HWo. feed peas remain doll
2.UOCilu for cnoioe green, ana i.ou(m
1,75 for marrowfat. Eggs were in light sup
dIv. and during the latter part of the week
prioes were considerably firmer. Quotable
14WYa!l5c for choice fresh laid. Feathers met
with a good demand. - Game quotable
3 ncr dozen for nrairie chick-
ens, H.totot l.so lor pigeons, auyi zwo lor
mallard ducks, and 41.75(552.00 for small.
Green fruits have been in good demand, with
the exception of apples. Tbere was no change
of importance m prices, eaies lor tne ween
ranged at tl.00rSi2.00 far common to fair ap
ples, -and 2.252.50 for rood to choioe.
Peaches dosed at about C2.006t2.60 per box,
lots, according to' quality. Plums steady
tl.00(1.15 for X-bu baskets. Pears quotable
at 8.009.00 per brl far choice New York
Bartletis. and 40w70c for Michigan baskets.
Grapes t2.50 for 86-quart cases of Concords
and &3.253.50 for Delaware in the samesized
packages. There was a good demand for bides
and a fairly active business was reported
8!c for green salted, sud 6c for damaged.
There was nothing of consequence done
nans; nnnuLDie sx io trzuc ior w ibooiusih. s
cording to quality. Potatoes were dull,
but few sales were reported; quotable at about
75cfn)L0u ner brL Bait was fairly active
steady at $1.50 for Onondaga and 8aginaw
fine ; $1:70 for ordinary coarse. Tomatoes
anotable at 30(ffi40c ner bn: turnips at 75c(W
$1.00 per brl, and onions at 75c per brl
Timothy closed at 42.00(22.40 for poor
good. y2.45f?2,50 for prime and 2.55(2.60
lorBiiouxj ; Uiuiui huh inactive "and entirely
nominal -. flax sold at CI 25(al.C0 fui poor
prime. Highwines were steady and fairly
tive H avjsugut ueciine in values, yuuuiuiu
There was but little doing In the first men
uoned market during the past week, and there
was no essential change in prices. The offer
ings were only moderate. Quotable at
(oJl.50 for pork oris, i.3ori.4U for lard
tL.912.10 for whisky tela, and 4o55c
our tela. Trade was firm in lumber, but buy
ers were unwilling to oonoede to any advance
in prioes, and there was no change of oonse
quence established. The market closed abont
as follows: C7.75 for jotat and scantling, C7.75
16.0(1 for common to choice mill run boards
ana strips, 9i.wtfDi. iu ior suingies, ana iac(g
is 1.50 for lath. Taiere was but little done
wood, and prices remain unchanged. Quotable
at 8.00 per cord for hickory, W.OO for maple,
6.00 for beech, and $5.00 for slabs at
Telegraphical Market Reports.
Brams......... 19 00 SUM
Hoos Dressed 10 a 11
Kloitb Superfine Western......
Whkat No. 2 Chicago
OORH .. .........
Pobk New Mess
, 4 eo
1 21
8 13
a 5 00
1 M
9 72
O 53
4 "94
21 25 H CO
Wheat No. a Bed.
Cobs No.3.. ......
Oats No. 2.
Bra No. 2
Poaa Hess
Labd.... i
1 54
. 50
1 M
9 S3
38 & ST
75 & 7S
21 50 22 25
. 129 13
7 75 9 8 00
S 25 a 25
Wheat No. 1
- No.2
Cobw No. 2
Oam No. 2.
Bablet No. 3.
I 14 3 1 IS
. 1 10 (4 112
i 66 9 58
. 35 87
. 74 9 75
1 14 9 1 IT
Wheat New ,..
Oats. .....
1 15 9 1 35
. 3 9 67
35 9 48
Pobk IosSm...
9 su
921 60
9 14
..21 25
.. 13
Wheat Extra. 1 31 1 36
Amber .-. 1 24 9 1 27
Cobs 60 (i 68
Oats. 39 44
Wheat Extra
No. 1 White
No. 1 White
, 1 S3
. 1 21
. 1 15
1 24
9 1 35
9 1 23
9 I 19
9 1 2S
9 62
9 44
Bablkt No. 3. x -
Pobk Mess
100 9 1 0
Wheat No. 1 Red.
No. 2 Bed
9 128
9 71
9 43
Professional Scamps.
The sharpers who infest the country,
preying upon the unsuspecting farmers,
have concocted another new scheme
victimizing the people. They pretend
to be hunting for stray animals. One
gets a description of an estray horse
taken up by a farmer and claims
horse, giving a description of it as
that he owned and lost it. Usual
ly he states that he is a long distance
from home, and proposes to sell the ani
mal for much less than its value rather
than be troubled to get it home.
farmer, unless unusually sharp, accepts
the proposition and pays the money,
when the scoundrel decamps.
One of the sharpest and meanest
that has been reported of tramps recent
ly occurred in Harrison county, Indiana,
a few days ago, near Corydon. The pro
fessional scamp called at the residence
of Mr. Sims, the wool-carder, and order
ed supper for a lot of men who, he said,
would be along in a little while, with
tlireshmg-machino they were running.
Supper was prepared, steaming, smoking
hot, and remained on the table until
as a stoneand yet no threshers came.
The tramp told tho family to retire
the night and not wait, as probably some
accident hod happened. After every
had retired for the night, the scamp stole
about 860 worth of clothing, put
and has not been heard from since
nor have the threshers put in an appearance.
Atjohtntno orthographist at Wyan
dotte, West Virginia, who attended
spelling matches, all last winter,
dates his letters from Y &., and. thinks
he'a smart in so doing.
Professional Scamps. Truth Will Out---A Strange Story.
A story with several morals comes from '
Windsor, Conn. Forty years ago there
was a bank at Windsor. One morning
the Cashier opened the locked vaults and
found everything in perfect order, in
cluding an envelope that held, the even
ing before, $50,000. But the moneywas ;
gone. Detectives were summoned. They
struck what they thought to bo a trail,
and followed it straight to the house of
Thomas Emerson, the President of the
bank. The, evidence against him was
wholly circumstantial, but it seemed
pretty lear. Within a few short weeks,
Emerson exchanged his home at Wind
sor for a cell at WeathersHeld one of
those terrible 4x9 cells in which Connec
ticut used to suffocate as well as starve
their felons. The ex-President lived,
several vears within those gloomy stone
walls, aid then came out to find himself
an outcast, hated by the plundered com
munity which nao once Honored nun.
He lived to be an old man: bnt his crime
was never forgotten, and he went down
to the grave with " thief " stomped upon
him. The verdict was on record. Every
one knew it. His feeble protests were
vain to shake the settled conviction of his
Tears after the grass grew over his
body, a chance stroke of a workman'!
hammer proved his innocence, and
showed that he wan one ot the many vic
tims of circumstantial evidence, xne
Cashier of the bank, the man who dis
covered the theft, died about" the time
the ex-oonvict did. The odor of sanc
tity hunsr about him. His memory was
cherished at Windsor as that of a truly
p-ood man. v In an evil moment for his
memory the uresent occupant of his old
house decided to have it repaired. While
the carpenters were at work, on Monday
of last week a misdirected blow with a
hammer sank the head of that tool into a
wall. A moment's investigation showed
that the place held the money stolen
from the Windsor Bank forty years ago.
Unless circumstantial evidence is again
playing tricks with the truth, the Cashier
stole the money, hid it, allowed a per-
. - a a . j . l v:- i:
lecuy innoceni mun w uratj uui um iuc
with the terrible curse of a conviction
for felony resting upon him, and was
afraid to ever use the money for the sake
of which he bartered his souL The
Springfield Republican says that there
is " quite a sensation " in Windsor on
account of this revelation. The fact is
not surprising. Chicago Tribune.
A Physician's Carelessness.
A ChicaRo doctor, named Oprden, met
with an accident a lew weeks since.
which for some time, from a trifling
wound, promised to become very dan
gerous. Just before visiting one of his
patients he had been cleaning his finger
nails, and cnanced to puncture tne nesn
under one of them. While attending
the sick person, a drop of poisoned
blood, as- it developed to be, fell upon
the bp of his finger, inoculating the out.
A few hours elapsed and his finger grew
to an enormous size. Xne swelling rap
idly extended to his hand, and after two
or three days to his arm, which was
affected to his elbow so that it could not
be moved. It was feared at one time
that, to prevent a fatal result, the arm
would have to be amputated at the
elbow ; but with a great deal of care and
proper treatment, after an illness of nine
weeks, tne medical gentleman is aoie
once more to attend to his professional
Wilhoft'8 Anti-Pbbiodic ob Feveb
and Aotm Tonic. This invaluable and stan
dard family medicine is now a household word.
and maintains its reputation unimpaired,
is indorsed by the medical profession, and pre
scribed daily in the Charity Hospital and other
HosDitals in New Orleans. Wilhofts Tonic
thus highly recommended by the leading med
ical men oC the country, and is worthy of foch
indorsement. Witeedock, Finlat & Co., Pro
prietors, New Orleans.
Fob sale bi all Druggists.
Wb call attention to the card of Messrs.
Tmnx waiter (t Co., bankerB ajid brokers,
Wall street, N. ., whom we are inform wire
amost reliable firm, and that any business in-
tTOBted to them' will be promptly executeo.
Thflv are lanre dealers in railroad stocks.
bonds, gold and stock privileges, and can give
the best of references; and they solicit corres
pondence with any who may wish investments
maae in wail street, eenaior tneir circular.
Base Ball is undoubtedly good ex
ercise and capital amusement, bat it often oc
casions banged eyes, broken shins and blis
tered hands. We can tell von that in all such
cases, if Jotuixon's Anodyne Liniment is
to, it will rednoe the swelling and stop
the pain.
We would not recommend the fre
qnent or constant use of any medicine. It
important to take even a good article judi
ciously. Parsons' Purgative PiUs are safe,
prompt and reliable as a laxative or cathartic.
Vegetcne. The great success of
Vegetine as a cleanser and purifier of the blood
is shown beyond a doubt by the great numbers
who have taken it, and received immediate
with such remarkable cores.
. Rathbone's Ironsides, for hard or soft
ooaL and Danntless base burner for hard coal,
have great durability and heating power, prime
requisites in hard times.
First Gbakd Exposition of
Tradesmen's Industrial Institute, Pittsburgh,
Pa., opens Oct 7, closes Nov. 6. Address.
J. Neliis, President.
How to Get a Hoke. Bee advertisement.
Ths (rest vhtos of Uns modtclas is thAt It ripens ths
BtaUsr and throws It oat of the system, purines the
blood, and tons offsets a oars.
Scbxxcx's Sea Wbbd Tome, fob thb Cubs of
Dtsfxfsla, Lhdioestiob, Etc. 1
The Ttmkj produces a hoslthy sctton of thsstomaoh,
Greeting an appetite, forming chyle, and curing toe most
obstlnsto sssslof Indigestion.
These Pais an atteratlvs- snd produce a health
boUob of ths liver without ths least danger, as they are
frse from calomel and yet mora efficacious In restoring
a healthy action of tha lirer.
These remedies are a certain once for Consumption,
as the Pulmonic Syrup ripen, the matter and purines
ths blood. The Madrske Pi lie set upon ths Uver.
create a healthy bUe, snd remote sll diseases of the lirer,
often s cause of Consumption. The Sea Weed Tonie
gives tone snd strength to the stomach, makes a good
digestion, and enables ths organs to form good blood;
and thus creates a healthy elrcolation of healthy blood.
The combined action of these medicines, ss thus ex
plained, will cure erery ease of Consumption, if taken In
time, snd the nee of the medicines persevered in.
Dr. Schenck is professionally at his principal offioe,
comer Sixth and Arch Htreeta, Philadelphia, every
Monday, where all letters for sdrios must be addressed.
Sohanak's medicines for sals by all Druggists.
dence The
Not every one oan be President,
but sll can boy
Shoes for their children, snd
i hereby lesson their shoe bills two
thirds. Also try Wire Quilted Soles.
- As the several coatings to the
Atlantic Cable, so area pair of I
ttoota and bhoes to the feet. A
sure protection from all the ste
msnts, exoept firs.
Also try Wire Quilted Soles.
ANTED AGENTS. Sueplet s Oehtr Vet
fetter faon etd. A UfULl&a iaj., UDlsaco,
ON SALARY only. Agents wanted, Jfeie mm4
Femalt. Address. O. B. Christian. MarioavOhisw
Ar An (Ofladirstontne. Samples worth SI sent
ISU tU$iUfree. brlNSOX A Co., Portland, Me.
41Q adnvsthome. Agentawanted. Oututsnd terms
P It free. 'Address TRUE 4 CO, Augusts. Mains.
aqa per Week SmlBry. Mais or Female. Clrcn
pOU free. Address Crystal Co., Indianapolis, Ind.
(P J rv - J ) C per dar Bend for ChrornoCstalsgua.
aP 1 W " 4 C m J. H. Brrrroao's Bona, Bosun, Was.
Sold try Agents. Address M.H.LOVBXU Kris, Ps.
JT AR OF THE WEST, tbs best Strawberry.
3 M lUions of trees snd plants at Pomona Nureery. bend
sr Circular. W PARKY. Ctanaminson. N. J.
and Uornblna hsbft
abaolatcly and
m: no nuhlrttv.
peedly enrod. Painlna; no
bend stsitnp for pearttaul&n. Jr.
too, 187 VVWiisum St., Chicago, 111.
A WEEK mursntoed to Hale and Fwt.h1
Oil ta.
n mmr locality, uotua mil iiiiMt
PaHitniUraFrML P. O. V1CKKRY
Augusta, Me.
S3 SAMPLE FREEendFemenrylMnL
7 .Address THE UNION PUB. CO.. Newark, N.J.
- Ijiiicbtriai. Ijthtitittx, Pittsburgh. Ps, opens Oct.
f". closes Nov. 6. Address A. J. NKLLIS, Pres. T. LI
m . Catalogue
Free. Rs
lull 4i Co.. lew N.
fh St- Lome, Ma.
HOW to keep them
throosrh the winter.
ln!onnation of great t iue in this pamphlet. By mail,
fHiOta. P- L'NDKKWLKD,UwrQoe, Kuitai,
Vn B1.R Thfe
Smith's "httaat Dreti Elevator.
of all. It is one of thoee styles that Is sure to
please, especially as it is appropriate for any
material, and requires less goods to mako than
any other suit of equal beauty. It is one of the
loll M I ooww
rrvmavt THT-t of tha
Bali WIUU suuw
Ut With Utfl "SlaV
, ator Axd tn. Toa
will Ind it possesses jnst the secret charm that '
Improves her Hjnre, while the slight or perfect
form may feci they were never so advantaifeoo sly
att.Ml The waet la the rtHrnlar tabller shape :
I Wblls pMM&C M-
I dy pUo, tod thB let
1 11 UI1, car tov kp
I I iklrt rron tli Filth.
the overs kirt is draped to ronu a w me nunc caui
. It loops thssklrt IB
s Tasteful uriVa
ArifmaMii HfsamAx. It snwt All
elds oi we sasn, wmcn may bb w mo
raow,orRrbbon. Require 16 yards of 87
inch roods for entire suit. No. of waist,
Uw fullness to th bs0K, Bftkinc ths
straight front." ItSavss mors
Tea Times Its Oost. itcssbs
3738; pattern, with
No. of overskirt, 8TS4; pattern, with
cloth model, J5 CM. Na of underskirt.
BbABCM mm use joss kuuumt.
'oizo: pattern, witn
jnanea ou receipt
IIR ttiB Partrrnw III Cloth Models ef
III be GIVEN FKEK nn PREMIUM to any arms -da
SlTlO to us, as one Tear's subscription l the
whet sen
,y prill ui j? asiiiuu,
FINE ARTS and P0UTE Literature.
: Stnarlo Cooles 35 Cents.
Subscription Price, t year, Mst-Vl4, Isdirflaa; a
, premium of Two Dollars' worth of patterns free to each
We send our CERTIFICATES tor this
unon recclDt of subscription. (TWO of our DRESS
. ELEVATORS "111 be given IN PLACE of One
Dollar t worth of Patterns, IT (leslreuj.
OF FASHION," the weir finest.
most beautiful, attractive maeaavlne
to be found In this conntry, and
every person who begins with tak
Ins; It, will NEVER discontinue It
while it Is published.
$4,500.00 in Gold
iv m win ntv. Ao nofl.OOiri GOLD
COIN to Oa persons who send us the largest
number of subscribers to our " World of
Fashion," at 8 each, before arrh t, 1876.
As follows i To the fietter.ni of the
largest Club $.'100.00 la Cold Cola.
U largest Club.... liOO.OO la Bold Cola.
S Largest Club.... 150.00 la Gold Coin.
4th Urgent Club.... 130.00 la Cold Cola
Bth largest Club
120.00 la Cold Coin.
110.00 la Cold Cols.
100.00 la Cold Coin.
75.00 la Cold Cola.
60.00 la Cold Cola.
fin.00 la Col Cola.
Oth Largest Club....
5th Largest Club
8th Largest Clab ...
0th Largest Club....
10th Largest Clab....
lit urgem in
5.00 la Cold Cola.
and ao on to tha fij.lla IilaTCetit Club.
VOTJ pet a premhun for every snbicriber yon send us. A if ctctt moscmw p-"""-BOTH
of these Gold Coin PreanUoffers will be fomidfttfoU length in the Septem
ber X umber, bemlden the name and P. O. addresses of 102 persona to whom we have
Jut pld58,13i5.00inJod, according to oor previous offers. You can write to one or
all of there, aud they will tell you Ut we do exactly a we promise
XATTT - TiTCT way to to send your own OTbecr.ption to either of oar WaparJ ies,
Y 1 1 1 I K KrSI when you will get the first number and yonr Certificate of Preminms,
lUUil JJiaJ 1 which yon can show, and at once begin getting tmbscxibere, or send
5 cents for one copy. Send Stamp tor Faablon Catalogue. . -..
P. O. Box BOSS. : . " 1 4 Broadway, Wow-York City.
It reaulrea no Instructloiis to na it
WVAJT MSM .11 -- "
eu. is. . sii.mi. qms fs TTawssaea TjtsiT.nfm
s5 -7iu BW iguL .uaus a"
Zt is 6S far ia advance of otior t5ovlaet Maclilaes ia the magaitu&e of
Its superior : raprovemect3, as a Steam Car excells la acliieTemeats
tae eld fasltioaei Statro Coaca, . ..
Prices made to suit the Times,
, - Either for Cash op Credit.
OETZLJ&m, 0HI0,: - CSICAOO, Hi, TOBS, . T,
rWrnme srlns the adnllrAliOn
cloth model, xocts.
cioui mou, ou uo
wi l" t-- -
the E NT IKK
Smith's Illustrated Pattern Bazaar
Sample Copy, Z5 Cents.
- Subscription Price, fl.10 a year, poet-paid.
One Dollar's worth of Patterns given to each sub-,
scribcr free as premium.
Coin to
We -will irlTe 3.BOO.OOIn GOLD
COIN to 133 persons who send n the largest
number of subscribers to our Bazaars' at
(1.10 sack, before March lr 1836.
As follows! To the Getter-ap of the
Urgent Clab $300.00 In Cold Coin..
24 Largest Club 200.00 la Cold Cola.
Sd Unrest Clnb.... 150.001a Cold Col.
4tk Urgent Club.,.. 125.00 la Gold Coin.
61k Largest Club...; 100.00 ia Gold Cola.
6ta Largest Club.. 75.00 ia Gold Coin.
. 7th Urgent Club ... 60.00 la Gold Coin.
8th Urges Club.... to. 00 la Gold Co!a.
' Otk Urgest Clab 5.00 ia Gold Cola.
lOtk Urgest Club....' 85.00 ia Gold Cein.
11th Unrest Clsb . .. ti.00 ia Gold Coia.
and so on to the 1 3 3d largest Cub.
In I D.
It caa not eet out of order.
r -
mimtt- I
Give Away
lief, the
A WONTH A rents wanted ererrwhere.
Basinesa honorable and first class. Par
Ucnlars sent free. Aaldraaa WORTH A
CO.. bL Louis, Ho.
Price $1.00 postpaid. Send for circular. W . S.
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THE WHAT IS IT.8omethin new. Sells at
six tit. Big inducements to Airents. Samples, tt5
eents and t&mp. Aitnts wanted. Send for Calalocue.
U. S. SPECIALTY CO., 11 Centrsi-at., Boston.
A MONTH and kLF ESSES to all. ArticleeJ
new, staple a
leastioar. bampies tree. J. IaJ-j
An maepenaent famuy newspaper, b rstrns.
Colomns of Keadlne. ci 1 er KiAix.
Specimen Copy free. CDX Fre. of poetags.
Address Tbe " Si AH" CO., Cincinnati, Unfa.
THIS Paper Is printed wtti Ink made by G. B. Kane
A Co., 131 Dearborn Street, Chicago, snd tor sala
by US ia large or small quantities.
114 Monroe Stress, Chlcsgo. HI.
liel to all in Probate Coons of Utah. Residence
tbere not required ; all publicity avoided. Incompati
bility sufficient cause. Divorces valid. Address
. W. GUSHING. Attorney, Corinno. Utah.
Tn!! CAI C Chicago 8abnrnan Lots at 9100each,
rUll OHLClttodownandSomontblyfOrbalance.
aitbin a short distance of City Limits, with bonrly trains
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14S Laaalis-st,. Chicago. I1L
for the fsstttst.
tuuig rJUUK
rev nnl.llsl.as
Bond for cirrrnlavrsi svrwl mr airsa toarrrao M A
TiONAij PUB. GO- Ohieaso, UL. or St Looia, Ma
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Dracxiata, Grooers and Dealers fur China and Java
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chests Grmctr pries. Send for circular. The Wtui
Tka OOMFstHT, al Folton-st.. JS. Y., P. O. Box 460).
Mlllturr Aetvlrtny, ChrRtyr, Pa. Opt-n
Knalih and
alilitaiy Aii tbotoagby tanht. 'or circalara spplyto
ijol. xiiisu. ill a. i, arTaaiaanfc
Geo. p. Rowell & Co.
1 9 ej a il iVioXla miinafaotiireriiT Solid Gold
JKWKLKY of fiery d.criptn. The stcklslanre, very
choice, and is ufforeil at rvtall at trad; prices to keep oar
workmen soiny. Billfi nnrier $ P.O. order in adTtuice.
Orer 8 1 a, C.(
'. pririleee to examine. Catalogues free.
Wanted to learn Telegraph
ln snd take onioes on now
lines which we are fnrnlxlv
ins with onerators. RaJarv
frotn C40 to ft00 per month. Partii-ular mailed free. Ad
dress N.W. TlOrtORAr-H INSTITUT. Jaiisille.Wi,
Yon want to make
Sellimr the best- article
erer offered to A rents.
One A ire lit matle
m uree n'jors. r y n. Aoarea.
HOOD si JOSKPli. Indianapolis, bid.
At! men ont of employment ean make large wares sellbut
UathelCt Map, Chart, Pictures and Framea. The latest
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tet-aelUntT Prize Pack.
age in the world. It con-
txina l.'a Khivtl Psranr
1." Knrelopee. Golden Pen, Pen Holder, Pencil, Patent
Yard Metaturti. and tt. Pwm nf .TftavaJi-v SlnU Piyits
with elegant Prize, post-patd, 5 cents. Circular tree.
BKIDK A CO.. 3(3 Broadway. New York.
ed New Uaflalo BUI Kevolverl U I W V
With 100(Janridire", $3.00 ;aMWso(1 ; every one warran
".d ;ivr.tisfsctingaaranteed. Illuitraifi Cnlnlnque .
IVESTtUN GI N -UORKS.Chicnco.nl.,
Xearborn-st., (McGormlcklUoukV
Thla new Trass la worn
with perfect oomtort Bight
and day. Adapts Itself to
erery motion of the body,
retaining rapture nnder the
hardest exercise or severest
train nntil permaneoUf
cared, bold obeap by the
Elastic Trnss Co..
NO. 683 Broadway, N. Y. City.
8sntbymatt. Oailorssndfot OtrcuUr ahdbeciind.
A S T l'oH
Rich SoU, good Olimate, ezoelient Water, growing Settle
menta, good Schools. We of! or the Lands of the Skaag
0117 and St. Paol R. B. and ths HoOragor and Mimoaii
River R. B. at S4 to H per acre, on easy parroeot
Two ysars rsnt a-ul bar f.rra. Apply to
- a a Uod Ofioa Sibls. OscsslaOo. Im.
ft l n j
tv a in w w
liiiiafiiVr' 'Vv-'fl rket, between Waab
ifl72rv(a tngron A Mdifon-sta
'.'ailjfciU1 1'AEWG KB
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Sr. J. C. EECZ, 112 Joia St., Cincinnati, 0.
To Obtain It!
X3T "Seek sad job Bad."
- Circulars containing
neceseary Information
be sent free. Address,
Bos tm, ST. LOUIS.
J37" No Agents wanted.
' ' Beadr tot the Braak.
f jSend for Sample Card.
Brmnota Offices tnd Fucto-
;i rtea ous wetreer.
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- Bt. Lonls Mo., 83
riles lAfUIB MX vs. on
, Van B uren-s t,CMcago4U,
F. P. ft tr Co. Qrorm,
bjto,'titr: "Yonr Sea Fosmgitas
perfect mi tisf action. It iseiceUent.
ovnrlU a jlmforrl,
f,I'r'rtiiiK,iI, i. tag;
Sa YrmxH is wnmlerful. Onr
im immrnfe. Everytxtdy praises
it maknn Breed Richer, Lighter,
Whiter, Purer. Sweeter, and Mors
Vi'h'iUwiPie than any ether way."
The greatest tbir to cell yoa
amr. nA st once for tjiroular to
170 Inanc St., New York.
Smith Organ Co.,
These Standard Instruments
Sold by Music Dealers Everywhere.
Sold throughout the United States on tb
Thai la, on a fiystom of UmUilf Psjw.ft
Parohaevr should ask for tbe By rr Am KBcaii Oboajl
OUlOfttst sod (all paxtioijlaf on akaiaVoa,
Tie Wonders of MoaemCneiLustiy-
SarsarjarHlian aid Its Associates. ' :.
Changes as Seen and Felt as They Daily
occur alter using a few uosesoi .
; DR. ; ;r
Sarsaparillian r ;
: : : Resolvent, p
. Good tnlrita. dteappeuum f wwfcnf, btifruof f
neUncboly ; bxrreamiM and hvronev ot ueta and mm
Strength twrnakflra, svppetitn tmproTM, relish for'
food, no itvom sbotxr enKUitioiia or watertoraah, icood dl
arofttioa, calpi umI aiulitarbed aimep, awaken fresh anor-
loiMppeannM of cpota, blotcbva, ptannlea : the skin
looks clear and health. Um urine changed from ila tur ,
bid and cloudy appearance to a cler fcherry or smbfil
color; water passea freely from Uie hiaddat launuffh the.
ttrethra without pain or acaldlrig.Uttla or no swdhaaolr
no pain or weakneea , . -
- 4. Marked dimtsatlon of qntfitKr frnfl ftMniOlM cf -bTolantarr
weakenina; dischargee (u atfiicted that way), .
with certaiiitr of pennanent core. Ir.eraed atrrnjrtli
exhibited in the eeeteting glanda,ad fimclional hax
Bony restored to the aere erfraruL .
6. Yrllow tine on the white of the eye, end the war
es ear .Bunf tlask stir its. erunsail In at minor
U1T. HUniO lUircoisAivw -- ,
ana neaii riy owm.
. arnfravfnar flTM wMa Of lilMtated tmtt OT
tubercle will realize great benefit in ejpect?ratiJiff
freely the tough phlegm or raucous f irm tbo Innjr.i ur
cells, bronchi or windpipe, throat or bead ; dtounihioff .
toiTMagbooi the aystem; stoppage of nichteweaU and .
pains and feeling of weakneas aronnd the enklea. legs,
shouldera, etc ; ceaaaticvn of cold and chills, arnse of
suffocation ; hard breathing and pnMymtsof cmutbon .
lying down or artsing in toe roorniuK- ' " C4
tasrssar. HMgiinkinl sntttrnrnr ruxitth will STTOeaT : SS tb
blood 'improves in atreogth and purity. dsae will rli---'
ntnien, ana au ,omfu1 impiirp iCA ZA '
fcUlUUrS, CsUirtsi, uuu iuiuw, bsa, w
(he nnaound made sound and health y ; ulcers, f evpr
ores, cyphilitlo net, cimmic akin dieaae fftadiail ,
msappear. t . .t
B. in eaeea waera av mjvwaa om umi sHaiTsw, ..e.
Iffsasrsr-tm OnlnksrilvM-. fVvtni Kahltmavte. (th DrtleCW
pai ormstitrrent in the advertised Sarsaparillaa, awioact
ed in some cases with Hyd. of Pot&asa) bare accTnnulat-..
ad and become deposited in the bonee. joints, etc..
causing cartea of tb bones, rickets, spinal carvatnresa'
Drmtortions. white swrtJllnga, aricoee Teins, rtc., tho
8 RS A P A KJ Lia A N will resolve away theao de-
poaita ana uwaunaw ute vixua ui vw fjTvmno wu v
a If tViae wlaitaktaKthseiBedietoM
of Chronic, Rcrofuloos or 8:
ivTihtlitio diseases, however
ms ha thisa mra
feel better." and find their fRn- :
i v. l.u hai AoahiTMi Btmiirrit lncieasuur
or even Keeping us own, uv is a buiv BU iaaas.
prorreetang. In these diseases the patient either (jets-
Ci7A. rrvasa-IhA sHma at th diaeBSe Is DOt inactive
If not arrested and driven from the blond. It will spread
and continue to nndermine the ooMtitation. As soon!
aa the S.RSAPARIL.Ia1AJ makeathe Itocntv
leei oetier," erery nour jotj wm siuw -
Toe great power u au iju.i aa. j
ai a. tn f ViTMinmntion of the Longs and
Tuberculous Phthisis. BcrofuU, HyphiloM I
W SStlllK. lCPneraVKMA, 'VA aAisa.u,aa
Diahet Stoppcage cT Water limUneega rohef af. ,
forded where catheters ha to ue "W, uw
with the painful operation of M"W mHilM? P?i
dissohintrttone in the bladder, and tn U CAsesof In
liajnznauon OI uw uiaatier awii'vi
eaaes of Leucorrhea and Uterine disease. " ' - - '
In turnors. nodes, hard Iximps and syphiloid olcttrs; n ,
dropsy and venereal sore throat, ulcers, and in tubercle '
hi mercurial 'deposits it is in theae terrible forms O
disease, where the hitman body baa become a com plet
wreck, and where every hour of existence is trturt ,
L. 1 tWL. -hollangnasl tl.AB satrmUhrlinti '
and admiration of the sick. It Is tn anch cases, when. vv
all tne pleasures or eaastence appear cat on inns urn
.mfoxtanate. and by its wonderful, almost enpemataral
ageney, it restores tbe hopeless to a new life and new
existence when this groat remedy tauda alone in its
might ana power. - - -
In tbe ordinary skin diseases that erery crie i toot or
lees troubled with, a few doses will In most cases, and-a.
lew doiuqs in we more aggraTatea lonna, worm a per
manent cum. - -
Those afflicted with Cehmne dleeases should ptrKhasej
per tvzen, oi 91 per uau aoxen dovuos, or si. per dov
tsle. Sold by drngjrirta, - -. .
the appllesUon of tbe HEM)T REMEFto tlw
part or parts whore tha pain or diincouj exists . will
afford oaae end comfort. -
Twenty drone in half a tnsnblerof water wfll, in s few .
Traverers should always carry a bottle of KAIA"
WAV'S RELIEF with tbem. A few drops In water
will prevent siokness or pains from change of water.
Price 50 Cats. Sold by Xsrsaggista. ,
UsUuujUsajLuiu Aijujuiy
Perfectly tsateJeea, e4e,rirUy ooated with sweet iram, .
rrare&regnlato, pnrify, cleanse and strengthen. HAD-
WAV'S fHjUt lor the en re oi alt OIsotcIots of ttn
Stomach. Liter, Bowels, Kidneys,, Bladder. Nervnus
Diseasea. Headache, Constipation, tstivooeae, lndigtc
tkm. Dyspepsia, Piilonaneas, Billons Fevet, Inflamma
Hon of the BowelaPilea and all DeraiigQinenta of tha
Internal Viscera. Warranted to effect a positive cum.
Purely Vegetable, containing no mcrcoiy, minerals, or
deleterions dnurs. '
EVObserve the followtTig syrnptoms resniting front
Disorders of the Digestive Organs :
Cktristipation, Inward Piles. Fullness of foe Blood in
Che Head. Acidity of the Stomach. Nausea, Heartburn,
Disgust of Food, Fulloeas or Weight in the Stomach, .
Boor RrncUtiorta, Sinking or Fhitvtenng at the Pit' of t be
Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Harried and Dif
ficult Breathing, Flattering at the Heart, Cboauna or
Suffocating SenssUons when fai a Lying Posture, XHnr .
ness of Vision, Dots or Webs before tbe Sight, Fever
and Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency Persplratton
Yellowness of the Skin and Kyea, Pain in tbe Sid.
Chests, Limbs, and Sudden Flushes of lieat, Buning i
A few doses of RADWAYS PTLTaS wffl free tb
aysMna nvm a ura aoove namea uMoruure. rrac m -CenU
Send one Vnctertamp to R ADWAY cV CO., tlo.
33 Warren Street, New It urlA. Information
worth t hrnissnrts will be sent yog.
Explnna-torT Cirenlar.
how SKI to 500 invested1
in Stock Privileges, hae
psid snd wilt pay J .ar
Profits. Railroad Stocks,
Bonds and Gold bought on
jilurKinH. j merest
Per :entaIlowed on
aits sobyaot to sight drafts.
km' sk, w x iiiivn n Dsnacn nn .
Brokers, Ko. 1U WmU Stieet, Rtw lorst.
' Bands arc iudorsed by tbe
- most eminent physicians Ur
. theornrldrorthocureofrheo
. matisni.oeurt.pajlivrffOsr.
Dlaiut. dyspepsia, alianey ais
' eeachrs. pai ds. nenr o iw 1
and otlier chronic dieeaeee i
kidneysnnd blood. Book with
- fu Heart icu tarv irwuy voi-t
Bf.lt i'-o., i.iJrHuikBrUf Ohio.
Wm VCRY OOOK ACSNT e isad wkM as
jjr icestigd(arixcBlaia(4Uidttto
cisvsWuay book of travel publiibed. Aoms WuniD Rvsar
whsss J 00 batrtiriil il.Tixtnaoaa. Tinted pper. KlTnUy '
Iroiiria. rrlcs low to taetl Iaw ubms.
rl ITClT CDrC to all thaX wB
to sll that wiB work. Writ Tor Ulna- -
Lrsted Circalara, and large terms, tansarew afoca. ytoun,
btLMJJf CO. iaarViirst, CL, Oitagt, ML, sr Omsiimti, a
Volcwnie lWMIciHe whlrh CenvnlMtlw,
System by their violent Catharitio action, most not be
tikm for (oaaUnelgtosL. The miM.aottiainc and "i
Operation of -
Tarranl'j CfferreScent Aperient iy-,.
is wzaetly what is reqttired, and will speedily osrn the
inost clironic cases.
T please aay jrow aavr tbe ajj crtlartaeaar
In UUa paper.
kaV I sfsf
U-J i . I n . . .fciSirN.;e
3- TgK '3 5 g-rj 3f
;; - 2 S S ' ft fT & Hp
S a C - 2 O- p fcnaa-
ISe "3 yJ b M o S c 5 '
5 2 e-a a f '
6 s s j,, 3-g. Ifj -w3 e.CSi.
H t-f f . . -. .Ia. Q h r'.
O. . O. ' ' Ko.39 '

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