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L, G. GOULD, Editor.
Dec. 9. 1875.
This document will be found in
full in this week's Democrat, not
withstanding it was only delivered
to Congress ou Tuesday last If the
people of "Preble county want the
latest news, let them take the Demo
crat: ' In addition to this we present
a gynopse of the report of the Secrc
tnry of War. Read them. Comment
In our next.
The Cincinnati Music Hall is now
declared to be a certainty.
One death from small-pox oecurr-
el in Jackson. O. - Een with Eaton,
Gov. Hates will be inaugurated
on the 10th of January.
Springfield '
"is" to be made Grange
head quarters for sixteen counties of
Mansfield elected " a Democraitc
Mayor by a majority of 73 ! Where
is Brinkerhoff?
. Kerb, of Indiana, Speaker; Ad
ams, of Kentuck, Clerk, and John G.
Thompson, of Ohio, for Sergeaut-at
Arms, is the organization.
"Too much money" caused Mark
narper, Sheriff of Hamilton county,
HI., to commit suicide by shooting
himself. - '-. -
Charles Avert, aged one hundred
yeears, died at the Cincinnati Infir
mary, on Wednesday of last week.
No posterity no property. '
Miss Maggie Braat, of Mattoon,
HL, got disappointed in love matters
last week,: took "cold pizen" and
shuffled off. Foolish brat
Times donotsem to be getting
any better, and the time is up for
coin to chink in the pockets of the
people. 'Nary chink! S
; The Democratic majority in Mis
sissippi foots up about 40,000. The
colored voter seems to have lost all
confidence - in the "40 acres and
mule" theory. - " '-- '
A majority of the National Demo
cratic Executive Committee have ex
pressed themselves in favor of an
early National Convention, and St
Louis the place of holding it.- -
Boss Tweed-, the great Tammany
thief and robber, escaped from prison
on Saturday evening last, and up
the present writing, nothing of his
whereabouts has been discovered.
Major J. A.i Millikin, of Hamilton,
wouWn't accept the vacancy of State
Treasurer,, tendered him by Gov,
Aixrar, for the unexpired time
Isaac Welsh, who deceased, and
Lebot Welsh has accepted.
Miss Miriam Hanpord, daughter
of Rev. Thomas Ilanford, of Hamil
ton, O., committed suicide by drowt
ing herself on Friday of last week.
No cause"fcnown for the act '
And now the use of the potatoe
pronounced as injurious to the human
family s whisky, by a Mrs. Lette,
who delivered a lecture on the sub
at College Hill, last week. Next
Where is that "honest money
honest toil," we were promised
week's after Haj-es' election.
haven't seen any of it, and we have
been doing some honest toiling.".
No gold or silver has yet jingled
around the Democrat office on
count of the election of Hayes as
were promised. Wonder if our neigh
bor of -th Register has heard
yet? .; He seems to be calling lustily
for the "rag babies" to come in.
iue -spinra oi unjust men"
playing the mischief with some
Grant's best friends. . They are call
cd "crooked" ones. If Babcock
taken his straight like the Boss,
everything would have gone on love-
The Presidential order is "let
guilty person escape," and now
confidential attendant Babcock
been shown op as the Washington
agent of the St Louis whisky ring.
We will see whether he escapes
not, aBd we may also expect further
interesting developments.
Mrs. Moulton has another "say''
for the benefit of the Beecher busi
ness. She is raising a deal of
"racket," and it will no doubt
r.ecessary for some one to squelch
this persistent and reckless female,
or the nastiness will again be bro't
to the surface.
The News, published at Washing
ton, CV H: Ohio," and heretofore
independent paper, will, in the
be issued as a Democratic jour
nal and be enlarged and otherwise
improved. Glad of it ' The more
the merrier."
In the opinion of Harper's Weekly
the Republican National Conventioa
next year will declare unequivocally
for hard money. The greenback
Republicans that still cling to
party on a forlorn hope, will please
make a note of this. ' ,;
When united, there is no such
word as "fa'l" in the Democratic vo
cabulary. It is only when we have
bickerings and misunderstandings in
our own ranks, that our political op
ponents pick up courage and make a
desperate and Bomet mes successful
fight. It is a scriptural truism that
"a house divided against itself can
not staDd." An army, to be success
ful, must be well organized and agree
toumte as one man in an ettort to
accomplish the object in view the
defeat of the enemy. If they fail to
4o this, and go into battle in a dis-
" I
organized condition, with jealousies I
ana uean-ourningsrauh.nug m
breasts, they will, nine times
out of ten, fall an easy prey to an
inferior but better disciplined ene
my. No body of mes, no party, can
hope to le successful in the absence
of union and harmony, and a firm
and unyielding determination not to
be conquered. Such being the case,
how important it is that those who
,f i,t .o-oinet. tl,B T..nt
' . ,
.i- i t : V Z
of these things and then act as be
comes men and patriots. In less
than one vear from this time, we will
be Called upon to deckle the impor-
Of WhO
.... .
weat. Whst Ilmnocrat or .Liberal 01
uMA ealmlv and ouietlv foid
hia arma in inri 1 iTVFOn('A 1TI St CitntfiSL
like this? Let us all fellow Demo-
r.f. iA T,ulPnpr.dent voters, con-
.v- A '
Gilaf t.IA pfinspniipnppa that will
Ur .int.v in the
taut and momentous question
shall govern ns for the preceding
four years a question which is
franerht'with more than ordinary
importance to the Laborer, Mechan
ic, Fanner and Manufacturer of the
lat Demc
coming crisis. We have the power
It is our duty, then, as Democrats,
as Independents, as law-abiding cit
zens, who have the good of the peo
ple and the welfare of our country at
heart, to cast from us all asperity of
feeling, and at once determine upon
effecting a "union of all good and
honest men," opposed to robbery,
corruption and the Money .Tower
rule, and in favor of Reform. Let
,,t thn wfcnWIo n.hhpries
and corruptions that are disgracing
the fair fame of our country and
stWf iho nnntrnl of the
" - .
thieves and the Money Power, and If
we fail to use it, we are equally re-
ponsible for the consequences that
this be our motto REFORM our
watchword and our word for it our
trinmDhin 187S will be grand and
glorious. But we must unite and
organize, and pull together, it we
desire to achieve a victory that will
forever wipe out the black stains left
upon our nation by the fifteen years
rule of Radicalism. We were not
.1 .11 . - .a it..
penectiy nnitea ana organ.zeu at iu
late election in our state, ana oi
defeat followed. This should
us to be more careful in
the future;- it should teach us a les-
son. It should prompt us to think
these things and that it is time
that efforts were making to effect
complete and thorough organization
nf "t.hi nartv an that we mar enter
... r -v
upon the contest with bright pros-
pects and with "victory" inscribed
upon our banners. ' The man calling
himself a law-abidiug and an Ameri-
ran rit.izrn. nnrt who will not assist
in displacing from power the vul-
tures and cormorants that are prey-
upon our vitals the Money
Power that is slowly but surely
winding its coils about us is un-
worthy of his home. We care not
what he calls himself whether '-hard
money" or "soft money" "green
back" or gold it is his duty to as-
sistin organizing for a change in the
administration of the affairs of our
nation. Therefore let us be up and
doin"-. Organize in every School
District and Township in the State,
and our success is certain. "United
ture, the
The Lake Erie and Southwestern
railway is to be finished to Hunting-
burg soon. -x The periodical news
work being commenced for its con-
struction through Jbaton and .on
the Lakes, is out again, but we take
no stock in it When we see some-
thing more substantial than mere
paper work, we will "stand and doubt
no longer. , Let er come. In an-
uuiur column oi our paper, we givu
snoit ai ticie nom tne r,vansyuie
Journal, on the progress of this road,
furnished ns by our friend J udgc
Haines, who is as sanguine that this
road will be run through Eaton,
he is that Boss Grant takes his tod
dy straight !
Mississippi, determined no doubt
to be in style, is moving f.r a new
constitution. . She needs a better
one than she has, badly, but it
subject to doubt whether she will
make an improvement or not.
Over five thousand houses in Phil
adclphia have been registered as wil
ling to take boarders during the Cen
tennial. At this time there are more
than five thousand persons employed
in erecting the Centennial building.
It is reported that eighty-seven
per cent of the guesses made by
prob. concerning the weather are ver-
ified. If so, his success as a guess-
ist is established and it is moved
be permanently continued
tiis prcseut capacity.
'The" Indiana Farmer is an infla
tion paper. The ed.tor cannot see
that, whoever mnv rpiin an incidental
- 1 ...
and temporary benefit from that wild
gambling scheme, the fanner inHst
certainly lose. . 1 he Speculator ana
general man of business, m'ght find
timoa livAimr nnrt nm)nrrntiiT.iPt rinr
..lvina their trade heater-, the man-
ufacturer might raise the priced ins
wares to correspond with the price
of other things, and the. cost of pro-
duction, but the farmer cannot do
tl.A enmn Tl.A , . v-i .... f Vi , l. i.rnllli
Lilt sauiCt .& uc uiiv wi uio iji vru i
is reflated by the eternal laws of
j anJ demand, and cannot be
tampered with, or artificially raised,
borne farmers can remember that Utir-
inS tne war wuen.cai co was aisiv
nn,t-a n nl onirap l l l-f start to
d many other things in pro-
i,ueir.,ort,cn wheat sold for $1,20, and
corn at forty-hve cents. I here were
lively times in those days, but far
mers do not waut to see them again.
The above we clip from the Day
ton Democrat, one among the very
' . ' '
"8". lua' """
prosperity 01 -
pers all misrepresent the Democratic
party upon this currency question,
P P equally a8 bad withhold
... ,
few democratic journals in Ohio that
is working in the interest of the New
York Wall .tmet bullionists. . and
against that of the industries and
lue lacls lrom ulelr reaeiers. xue
TYr-.,'AAwr.a .xn nnt ; n n 1 1 n ? r, ln I, n
u uu
I !n B.it..1l tlin liniirlllnlln.n Kill
honists and theirsubsidized journals
represent them they are. not for
flooding the country with irredeema
ble paper money, "but nnderthe pres
ent condition of Our finances, they
e v ; - l .
.aIHTM HIT . I.HVII1V H I.fl FWr .f VTf" 1, 1 M I.lf HI
" ir
which provides for the pubHc a suffl-
1 P
and ousiness of tlie countf-, issued
'irectly by Congi-ess, without the in-
, c i e t i
I i j
T"! - r T 1 A. ,1 I !
no interest, convertable into national
douqs oearing a small rate or inter-
A. J A. 1. 1 1 . A 1 1
C8l"nu recosirovenaDie at tne win
- , , S . '
tlonal Bank Charter. "nd retiring of
lnat currency ana supplying its place
Vtt larrnI.tan1aiQ milliia etlmnlnt
y - . " ' . . . ?"""-
lnS tno nastnal pursuits ol the
touu .'.'" u.nPS Pcs 01.
labor, until in process of time the
purchasing capacity of a legnl-tender
dollar shall be equal to that of a gold
dollar. True, as the Democrat says,
the "price of products is regulated by
the eternal law3 of supply and dc-
mand," but back of this is demanded
a healthy circulating medium, on
terms within the reach of the people
to stimulate labor and advancf nil
industrious pursuits. This is Dem
F1) s " unaereianu it. e an
a remember when greenbacks cir-
culated freely, the farmer, mechanic,
laboitr and merchant prospered, the
products of the country brought
good price, real estate advanced and
all industrious pursuits flourished
and prospered; but now, everything
is on tne decline, the value ot land
rlomniintl full- nnn Lnlf linn.lxArla
muumuuh w iwrcn nut u
ployment, and failures and suspen
admonish sions occurring all over the country;
what is the reason of this, if it
not that through the policy of Bank
of ers legal-tenders are being retired
a and resumption staring us in the
tace in the near future-' Who
profited by these stringent times?
I"...- . "
Is this Democratic ( ?) paper?
the Farmer is the .Laborer is
Mechanic or the Merchant? No;
the bondholders, bankers and dealers
in moiiev, are the only persons reap-
mg the harvestof this specie resump-
tiou. This is plain to every man
common sense. Let the editor of
Dayton Democrat ask any farmer,
whose mind is not warped and pre-
judiced by reading such stuff as
tailed by radical stump orators
subsidized 6pecie advocating jour-
pals, it during the war, when mo.iey
was more pleuty and he received
Per hundred for his pork; seventy-
five an(l a dollar for corn; oats,
"aney ana an nis larm products
proportion, and his land worth $100
per acre when it will not now bring
$60, if -'times were not more lively"
and if he docs not want to sec them
again? Nine out of every ten
answer in the affirmative, .and it
of all bosh and nonsense to undertake
to argue otherwise under the pressure
to of the present hard times.'
A society of Germans is organized
in Sidney for the purpose of raising
a fund to defray expenses on a
to the old country. They have
a i constitution, Dy-laws, (EC, and
certain regular dues. They expect
I to go in 1877. The plan seems to
a good one,
Barnum has. quit the "show busi-
siness, and has disposed of all
splendid wardrobe and fine stud
horses and cages of wild beasts.
is certain that Barnum contributed
amusement to nrtre people, during
his brief career as a showman, than
any other man that ever entered
President Grant has evidently
commenced war upon the Pipe's
in earnest and makes his opening
through a Ca'-holicjndge in Ari
zona, whom he-proposes to remove
ou account of his religion. Grant's
own religious convictions are not
markably strong, but this sudden
o'.d earnestness and zeal is on account
of politics rather than religion,
latter being b' t means to accomplish
the end desired, and in political en
thatie in terprhes it is well-known that
President is scarcely rivaled. -
There are many noticeable indica-
: c .. ... . c j t
" " growm oi a wuuuer anu
heaitiiier thought on the temperance
question. '.- Those who believe that
evcry wil b whjcn is afflict
. . . .
M n be cnrl.bj legislation, hav
"'S V" mwnw-a u, me
test without success are looking to
different methods. Dr. S. G. Hoi
. , . . , , , ,
some clear hh subject of
la a letter to
curing intemperance.
the Woman's National Temperance
Association, which met at Cincinna
ti two weeks ago, he wrote :
'For the last 25 years I have
watched with absorbing interest the
various phases and stages or the
temperance reform. I confess that
I have not found much to encourage
me. either in the results of personal
relorm, or in the outcome of prohibi
tory legislation. Drunkards are
fore, to cure drunkenness is to cease
producing it. The only way to get
rid ol drunkards is to stop raising
them. Here i3 where woman's true
field -of labor lies, with relation to
thto great work The hope of the
country is in its children, and the
made faster than they can be mend-
ed, and the laws are neither executed
nor respected, lhe only way, there-
children are in the hands of women
1 .1 . 1
women mmmy iu ine-nome, wo-
man Til O i M 1 ! in thd C.llTl TUtmtin
mvu ...... i. ij ... w.. iniiui'if .. i.i w.
more in rescuing young men from
the vice of drunkenness than she can
i : u Annf tl.n
jj o
I A 1,- a tn M tmA
ago, little else was accomplished than
me brctiucc ui.woraaiiij jiiuucsljt
mainly in the Sunday school. I have
no great hope of your success as n
society in influencing legislation, 1
should have no great hope of the re
suits of legislation, even should you
aid in securing it,
There is practicable, sound sense
in this, it romts to tue way in
i -
which women can accomplish much
lllnnI 4- K i- . F A.irvnr.nnn
.u uuUS.,i a.a
, J , 7 , : .
the vice of drunkenness is acquired
J oulu, away irom inime
1 "PrtTAfl ffl I TI frl Apt. f n tho t1a ll OT1 A fr
' " , T. 7 7'. ,
an asceucism on me ou.er, wmcn
i -
the young to seek amusement away
from home influences, are among the
things that sow the seeds of intern
pcrance. In this, as in everything
else, woman has Jier6phere, in which
she can accomplish as much as man
can accomplish in his,
A large number of counterfeits on
the National B inks are now in cir
culation, and no one should take mo
ney without examining it carefully,
the following is a list of those alrea
dy detected: Fives on the First Na
tional Bank of Chicago; fives on the
Trader's National Bank tf Chicago;
lives on the First National Bank
Paxton; Illinois; fives on the First
National Bank of Peru, Indiana;
fives and tens on the First .National
First National Bank of Philadelphia:
tens and fives on the First National
Bank of Ponghkcepsie, New York;
fives on the First Nationai Bank
Canton, Illinois; fives on the First
National Bank of Aurora, Illinois.
B;ink of Richmond Indiaua. tens
Mime tne uemocraiu: paity
ln power it never levied one cent
.... ... . ...
Is direct tax lor tne support ol the den
eral Government, nor sent
swarms of tax-gatherers to spy
the land and cat up the substanceof
the people Never! It never bur
elened the people with Internal Rev
of en ue tax and Government stamps,
the nor created two kinds of currency
gold for the bondholders and "rags
tor the people JNever! Jt nereMs-
re- 8UC1 two thousand millions of bonds
exempt from taxation, and then made
them payable in gold, that an untax
cd aristocracy might live in luxury
$15 off the toil of honest labor, nor never
favored a tariff that discriminated
rye, favor of the rich man's luxuries
in against tne poor man s necessaries
lite JNo, rever: Never!
The Radical contraction party,
its apparent success
the late elections, achieved by
basest frauds upon the ballot-boxes,
is staggering under the weight of
atrocities to the grave. It will
no future save iu the remembrance
of the people to be anathemafjze'Jf.
Its infamy will be historic and
wickedness alone immortal. No
will be mean enough to write its
taph. It arose upon the calamities
of the country; itriigned amid
vastation and wide-spread ruin:
flourished when liberty was throt
tied and it will perish amid the
ultations of-a rescued people.
tack re-
Robert Schessck has been finally
exposed in regard to his connection
with the Emma mine swindle in
manner that leaves no doubt of
guilt, and for the credit cf our gov
ernment, which credit has already
suffered through him, ha should
recalled at once. Tho picture of
Minister from one great nation
another, allowing his name to be used
for the swindling of . other? people,!
and for which he is well paid, is
picture that causes every true'Ajne:'
rican to blush with shame and indig
nation. Let the poker player be
at once, and immediately
consigned to private life or devote
remainder of his days to the
of his favorite game.
Sources of Sanctification: Moody
was a street-car driver and Sankey
whisky -gauger before entering
the business of saving souls.
Covingtox, Kt., Nov. 27. It falls
to our lot to record another big brew-,
ery failure. A deed of assignment
from Henry Niemeyer, jun., to H. F.
Whitaker was lodged for record in
the County Clerk's office yesterday.'
New York, Iov.'2t. I he-. Manu
facturers' and Builders' Bank, at
Third avenue and Fifty-seventh St,
suspended this morning. The ex
citement among the depositors is in
tense. ..
There was a run on the People's
Savings Bank, Third avenue, this
morning and the officers closedxlie
doors, taking advantage of the sixty
days notice. I his bank was anect
ed, with others, by the mn on the
Third Avenue Savings Bank a short
time ago. There wrs also a slight
run to-day on the Security Savings
The Central Park Savings Bank,
a comparatively small institution, is
to be wound up by the State Supor-
ntendunt, at the request of its Pres
New York, Dec. 1. K. & P. Law
rence, heavy stationers in Maiden
Lane, announce to their creditors
their inability to continue their pay
ments. They promise a prompt state
ment of their affairs when a meeting
of creditors will be called.
New Orleans, Dec. 1. The Bank
of America has suspended, lhe
Board of Directors resolved to cease
onerations and put the bank into
liauidation at once. -
New xork. Dec. 1. ineiaiiureoi
John Thompson & Co., No. 441 Broad-
wav. aLd No. 15 Mercer stieot, hair
and fancy goods, is announced.
Mt. Vernon, Nov. 2a. isevernl
business men and farmers hereabouts
have made assignments recently.
New York, Dec. 2. The failure of
B. & P. Lawrence, stationers, Maid
en Lane, is likely to be a heavy one.
though much of the indebtedness is
to foreign houses. The liabilities of
Abrahan Bogardus, photographer,
whose failure is announced, are esti
mated at $35,000. He claims if his
creditors will allow him time he will
pay in full.
Up in Wisconsin the Prohibition
ists practice what they preach. They
made a State ticket and voted
This action on the part of the Pro
hibitionists called down upon them
some severe criticisms from the Re
publican press. Here is one from
the dodge County Citizen:
"The fanatics who foisted a Prolii
bition ticket" on the people of this
State have the satisfaction or know
ing that they have not only insulte
the Republican party, through whose
agency all political temperance mea
sures have been fostend, but proba
bly ei 'ough votes were cast for
Prohibition ticket to deieat the Ke-
publican candidate for Secretary
State, as at least nine out of ten who
voted said ticket were Kepuulicans.
The Ripon Free Fres3, a Prohibi
tion organ takes up the matter from
a pure stand point and slashes those
organs like the Citizen after this
"What a record of robbery, of cor
ruption, drunkenness, and debauch-
I It has taken one-half of
party to investigate and vindicate
the other halt The d d dutch
might have been right after a'.l."
We hope that the Hon. Jonx
McMAnos, our Congressman,
not resign his position on aecour.t
the "heavy jolts'" the third term
Dayton editor of the Ea 'on Register
is heaving at him! Th- are very
crushing fearfully so! If it wasn't
for John's "nerve," we would
pair! ; -
withstanding at
called be
vancement The National Grange at its recent
session in Louisville, recommended
the employment of lecturers, whose
duty it will be to canvass the country
and enlighten the people as to
true objects and intentions of
G range. There can be no doubt
such a plan, well carried out, would
result in great good to the order.
That Madison, Ind. man that
to eat thirty quails in thirty
days succeeded, and won the wager.
The task seems very easy, but
that have tried it say it is very
few being able to go more than twen
ty birds, after which the sight
most produces vomiting, and in
cases further eating is impossible.
Rev. R. Kraus, a minister over
St. Marys has been in the habit
going to a "bad house" Sunday
nings after his sermon, and remain
ing until morning. He was
out and brought before the church
He owned up, buff requested that
might be allowed to preach his
out ! Modest man !
The "crooked whisky" conspira
tors are all coming to grief, or rather
the penitentiary. Joyce and
are in the penitentiary,
Babcock, private Secretary of
President, will soon be. These
scoundrels deserve worse punish
ment. We want to see all these
placed in positions where
cannot rob the people in the name
The Chicago Tribune demands
the re-call of General Schenck,
England. It claims that he has
lhe American . Government,
and that in his connection with
Emma Mine, while acting as
American lepresmtative at a great
court, he had excended his proga
tive by permitting the use of
name to promote, a speculative
Deacon West and Mrs. Moulton,
are stirring up the animals in Henry
Ward Beccher's Brooklyn Hippo
drome. We say, let the "show"
The City Council last night unan
imously approved and ratified the
contract entered into by the Trus
tees of the . city bonds and the Lake
Erie, .Evansville and Southwestern
Railway 1 Compan'. The details of
the contract, as well as the action of
the Council with reference to it, will
be found in the city news columns.
The Railroad Company is to grade,
and otherwise prepare the road for
the iron, from Boonville to Hunt ng-
urg by the first of next September,
consideration of which the Trus
tees are to furnish to the Company
iron, ol a specified weight and
quality, and at the current price, the
proceeds or one hundred snd fifty
thousand dollars city bonds, rated
at eighty cents to the dollar. This
ron is to remain the property of the
city until it is spiked upon the road
bed previously prepared for it be
tween the two towns. The Trustees
seem to have carefully guarded the
ntercsts of the city, and at the same
time manifested a great desire to aid
the. road in such manner as would
secure to completion to the block
oal fields of Dubois and Spencer
Counties. At Iluntiugburg the road
will probably join the Louisville.
New Albany and St Louis Air Line,
and the Cincinnati, Bockport and
Southwestern Roads.
Evansville Journal, Dec. 3.
As the third-term business is be
coming pretty lively, it may be in
teresting to give Grant's letter on
the subject, published some months
ago. It will be found to read about
as . ell one way as another. Here it
is: .
"Now for the third term. I do not
want it any more than I did at first.
would net write nor utter a word to
change the will of the people in ex
pressing and having their choice.
rhe question of the number ol terms
allowed to any one Executive can
only come up fairly in the shape cf
a proposition to amend the Constitu
tion a shape in which all political
parties can participate, fixing the
length of time or the number ol
terms for which any one peison shall
be eligible for the office of President
Until such amendment is adopted
the people can not he restricted in
their choice by resolution further
than they are restricted as tr age,
nativity, &e.' It may happen in the
Yfutitre history of the country that
change an Executive because he ha
been eight years in office will prove
unfortunate if not disastrous, lhe
idea that any man could elect him
self President, or even renominate
himself, is preposterous. It is a re
flection on the intelligence and pat
riotism of the people to suppose sue!
a thing. Any mail can destroy hi
chances for the office, but no one can
force an election or even a nomina
tion." -
To recapulate. I am not, nor
have I ever been, a candidate for re
nomination. I, would not ac cpt
uomiiiat.on if it were tendered, un'
less it should come under such cir
cumstances as to make it an impera
tive dutv circumstances not likely.
to arise."
The most significant evidence that
Grant is the inevitable Republican
candidate for lhe Presidency next
year, is found in the fact that
other candidate dare assert himself
for the position, nor have the friends
of any any hope. The opposition
Graut is slighi, and he will go into
the Conversion with enormous jkiw
er. The opposition to every other
candidate is bitter and malignant,
and no other man will enter the Con
vention with any but a local force
behind hiin. He is doubtless
strongest man before the people
Republicans can nominate.
tempted those
Donald and
A correspondent of the Stockton.
(California) Herald, writes as
lows: .
"I herewith append a recipe which
has been used to my knowledge
hundreds of cases. It will prevent
or cure the small-pox, though
pittings are filling. When Jenncr
discovercd cow-pox in England
world of science hurled an avalanche
of fame upon his head; but when
the most scientific school of medicine
in the world that of Paris publish
ed this recipe as a panacea for small
pox, it passed unheeded. It is
unfailing as fate, aud conquers
every instance. It is harmless when
taken by a well person. It will
cure scarlet fever. Here is the
as I have used it, and cured
children of scarlet 'ever; here it
as I have used it to cure the small
pox, when learned physicians
the patient must die, it cured;
of zinc, one grain; fox-glove
(digitalis,) one grain; half a
spoonful of sugar; mix with
table-spoonsful of water. When
roughly mixed add four ouiicjs
water. Take a spoonful every hour
Either disease will disappear
twelve hours. For a child smaller
doses, according to age. If counties
would compel their physicians
use this there would be no need
pest houses. If you value service
and experience, use this for that
rible disease."
bers they
graced the
J will offer at private sale my farm
163 ACHES.
The land is in a good state of cultiva
tion, good improvements, and situated
in Gratis township, 1'rchle tiounty,
one mile soul li east of Winchester.
Price, 6,500 f3,000 cash, $1,000 in
rear, anil the balance in live years;
$500 a year without interest. For fur
ther particulars address the unite sign
ed' at GratN, P. O., Preble county, O.
t.. JI1U11A1.I .
Eaton, Die. 2, 1875.
Estr jyed.
Estrayed from the pasture ofj.
Deem, near Katon, on Saturday,
20th jnst., one Bay Gelding, IS hands
high, near front and onhmd foot white,
no shoes or halter on, and tail platted
Also, one Brown or Dark Biv Mare,
about 15 hands high. Any information
concerning these horses w.ill be ttiauk-
muy recuvcu ana rcwnnieu "v
Eaton, O.
Eaton, Xov. 2o, 18T3-3t
mm r
is Embracing an immense variety of
Gr lint's iiiriiisliiiig" Ooods. r
Please remember I agree to sell First ClasB Goods cheaper than any
body else. Therefore it will be to your advantage to call and examine
Goods and Prices before purchasing your Fall and Winter supply. Don't
lorget, "The proof of the pudding is the eating." JOS. WOERNER.
Barron St., Eaton, O.
Is prepared to furnish them on as reasonable terms as thev van be
bought anywhere else, as he is buying them directly from the manufac-"
urers. . '.
Eaton, March 18, 1875
Just F eccivsd, tad for Sale, . -
.Rough ar.d Dj essed;'"--' -7- v-' : -r
Timljer. Joists and; Scantling;-5
Cedar, Oak and Locust Fence Posts.
Boors, S&sb, kafh and Shingles.
kinds of Finishing
kinds of Building
Lumber cut to Order.
Lumber tut to Order.
M Tisgbgbj, C,spoll's task-&nl Cs,aail . COAL t:. ;
Agents fcr the S'udy'baker, Milhcrn,- and . Mitchell
Farm w agon. , . ; .
Hghest prlco paid fcr Walnut, Ash Lumber,
Office and Yard Opposite the Eepot,
y.. ton, Ohio, May 6, 1375-Om . ; - - -'
and Timber
Eaton, Ohio.
cipe my
phate tea-
J. P. Haushman. I W.J.Wilson.
A first-class Kestaurant, 2 doors
' iii rth of the Eagle Hotel, on Bar
ron street, Bator , O., where
A Cood Square Meal,
ini'ludiiig Fresh Oysters, Hot Coffee,
Sandwiches, both ham and Snitzcr,
Boiled eggs, Cheese, Beef and Bologim,
Hani, Eggs, iSfcc, can be I nd at all
hours. In addition to which n cosey
Dining Koom has just been fitted up ui
stairs, where parties desiring to be serv
ed to a
Quail. or Oyster Supper
on short no'.ice c:.n be accommodated
on rca-onablo terms, bwi.zerand I.iin
brrg all lhe time. Pigs Feet and Tripe.
1. S. Ciish paid ir Quail, Rabbits,
riqtii' rels, &c. Pop in.
Eaton, Nov. 25, 1275.
dialer in
Clocks and J aweiry !
Silver and Plated Ware!
&c.f &c, &c.
Main Street, Eaton, Ohio.
Call and eee the finest selection in
Eato l.
C3T Allkinils of Repairing promptly
attended to and warranted.- gf
Eaton, April 3!', 74-6m.
This standard article is com
pounded with the greatest care.-. . .'
Its effects are as wonderful and
as satisfactory as ever. -; ' Vi .'
It restores erav or faded hair to '
its youthful color. - -
It removes all eruptions, itching
and dandruff. It gives the head a
Annlintr avtthincr Bondnlinn ff orrpftt
WU....J,, B
comfort, and the scalp by its use;'
becomes white and clean. ".
By its tonic properties it restores - '
the capillary glanels to their normal .
vigor, preventing baldness, and mak- ;
ing the hair grow thick and strong. -
As a dressing, nothing has been
found so effectual or desirable.
sayer of Massachusetts, says, "The ,
constituents are pure, and carefully
selected for excellent quality ; and :
I consider it the Best Frepabatiok -
Price, One Dollar.' - ' -
Buckingham's Dy
This elegant preparation may be
relied on to change the color of the -beard
from gray or any other un
desirable shade, to brown or black,
at discretion. It is easily applied, ,
being in one preparation, and quick
ly and effectually produces a per
manent color, which will neither
rub nor wash off.
Manufactured by R. P. HALL & CO.,
Sell J7 n Bnggiiti. ai Bultn a XtUciMi. .
O I Gr -A- I"t S'.
-WboleMUe K.uufactarerm A DetUarftlB
Main Street, Eaton, Ohio.
January 15, '74 ly.
Attorns;; it Lot & I'oiiry Futile.
Olllce in Odd Fellows' building, south
west corner, np stairs.
tSXegal buslui as pronirtly attend
ed to. Aug. 21, 15,

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