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Dee. 23, 1S75.
'rComJnj Santa CNtjb.
-? o RTnl?h IirIIb vet. ? i" .
Let the holiday bCiliappy.
e 5 Next year will contain 36G days.
. Last Tuesday was tho shortest day.
'-MX-Vilervv, ,merrf Christmas,", to
B;" F.-t.Larsh, Esq., ha bur thanks
r-.for jjjB court report of thisTweck. .
' Snow' 'storms have not been a suc
" ; cess fix this part oFihe country yet.
1 Young iwui! get,'! that new leaf
-;.r ready to lurn- S ', ,
JCnSvIText year lhe one. that gtycg the
" girls a chance. "V.V:-.:. ' T - ,
Our fire department ie aa efficieuU
organization. May it ever be ready
r -but never wanted.- --y -se t.
? This is the season when duns" are
-the most popular; Onr sountry ex
changes all have them bad I -The
tax-pay ing season is about clos
"'" " ed, and now comes the per cent, and
, collector. .
Times are getting no better very
j fast whoever saysraoney is plenty,'
fri ;Among the latest publication? is an
' essay on the art of kissing. It is said
'K'irto fairly make one's moutb water, -r;
"V".; Epitaph for the . tomb of American
' 3irt "A kiiid-hearted reatu"rc, but
vryery fost." j ? Vr' :J
"- 'w The suspension of one hunxfred and
; ; - eixty newspapers iri asiugle7 week,
,s3 ladiaates that publishing Wnot very
.urcroone'ratiye." " -;'f t
Jfearjy; all oiirexchangescontain
M4H4 4heir;bsa-ibor4'set
t 'atifu'V These" are "ceftofuly TSariT.times
.)fqr nt'wsf itpers.
f A girt i'fell dovn and died n the.
i.-'nrid'st of waltz, in Chelsea,' Hsbs.,
iiiid tlio'Cliels'ea ' preachers did not
' riJmrtTicirc1iahce,th4Voxt Sunday.
TVVifJ-vii Suiym.Yehiiig.ear Eu-pl!.cfrii,-i,r1ind
one of. theliest hiitl most
2ci fespoteai citizens" i if tlii , aeighbor
: .-hobd'iMlied-n "MorjilnV mojiiing last
fei'XBbv ShoCT k"iliVaV''l Cat
. on KppY'iUrauch, aboTrrfljree.quar-i
.-ter.oi nine fftsi .t-i'.vv"f
' j;.35SBfSieSrl:TeS:tilcrgtl, J J
. .I'SolneTjody saTd. ihey'he'aril someone.
I i ftbotit somebody cy .something.! There
Tinptiiing likecftirtg a' fact corner
la. - ? -(cAv
iT-yiijfllay worn tha fi hjbd stock -fr!"$tif
j'oii' wt'J'tMiisijMit'chcm-
i-t9vili.it poison genuine arsenic
f In'rfis in every b
rilli.int stripe,
i thnit williiiu yMir.pl'BUy iiiiklcs.
- i-fbi ".(lestiijhttt.itanta" differ this
jMr. : Some : sav this will be an usus-.
. . inlly cold nnf sevcre winter, others
' kiv ii will bo-nnusnally mild.; You
f-'v Vanlakc voifroide 3 ! .--
,' 1 - v
- A" WisctSn'iiN editor Boca wot like
t'iecXtrAVjigH!i!n" oCostly bsby rsn
" - rknre.', bcciTuse w4iei-he wasati infant
,t,i UirjvBsedc to linjui binvifcouiiiljby the
!iHrr f hi'tlf.J5r- ! i :
Mr. Fbail C. STppKTOSf GaU
ytsJon, 'cxsvhw.i ' tlmnlis for a
"...picloraU fojivvof ihoJTexai r
'kr,pnb!ihed at G?TeStS1irci;
x5'f.$.tleenl of ?h"cfear, we
.. 1 iion'i co4iilerJhata sulwci iber pw
ua.uiwUlijeivMue paper" year;
'".'iiiiihoieT; whiws"ibe,6jei4)o be
I!X"T?t?-yK8'"WHr"U? : .
Trifh this 1sqc Of thb. TTECRATJ
rc -disconUnviei sendili H o;ihaiiy
. pbrebmi iwhnjiya been taking it frjr
"iHStwgi 'years and longeiv without; any
vT.XTf'-iif at-c' about. tircsTof sd'qh bu-
y,": 'Air old Baltimore .b?gr5whq had
Vt migrated t:tlberi5 yenrJ ago; or.-
-iercu apuiumj .ui iiviuii b
'. '-'i-Syr'a p slioirf-tinio gofct?laXiii J that
'iiith6H"'6ti!rn ah' coia4'wre nol
fi-tquent in. Africnhe wiluld not like
j.to.bo, wlthonpt in'lii3 fiipily?- '-
'Safurdivy licit, will be" CtjrfettnMet-.-let
iveiite mak? enojlwa'rt .'Iml l.v
ionia token 6 frie'ns!iipjan(J femem
l vV"-',? und jurr' vpill.ild ranto others
I l! rf. ihA,.::lrniil,T linlrn nil.VieA tin llnlo
it' " . e .iv-u 'rC- i -.FJslieir4jabihtn!g'8
tliem, nr-xt Sattiraav will berfhe hapf
' . r-i -'-.i' m . '
s c ntr-tt-f .lintlniivi tho. worlii haa seen
.. jinc 11ie'rnorning:6tars' sinj togelh-
;.VcL'Try itv. ; , ,
VtiT'itycm . owe fovhf, .pjitpquxi for
'fliq.'past tw,o-years, yon eATi -consider
"Tf'yourself dnnuerlif we fail If Au you f
btit if yon don't owa lis for tbat pcri-
of time you arc not tho iiidlvldual
i - - - 5 . ' r i : 1 1 v..'r.n i.M:.,
- we iie tti-er, biiu wjj ituj, cif tututiis
: ta'ns " whctlre'r forgone
TTn hnnd imnn .f I fi rt rrniiflntnon in
v. .t iivw.uvuv .v cVr v' " v
Whonr we sent their accounts will la
J.4)o 'undcf .llo; imprftssiort tliat we
"T?".'noeaUi(' inotiey; yTeTive "on pbom
mi 18X8.' LBui.our paper jrnjker, landlord,
. f CJetJf, f6dcriuthcr, baker, Tnillin-
i"5 "4fMy ."-eSOt1 'tnefreliaji andlast but
OTB6tj leastj'the' fiifernaUtasncollector,
vl, All. want it. ,JIence w'fl must have the
rr:--.rtufTto'b6 happyt - i
, s ''-..-...--".. T.-; --'".'
"-iVw a"0 are always' learning something
new in onr trade. The last- item we
""-' notice ft country new ipapeo with the
editor's name beautifully printed on
its bill heads. For instance: John
: Doe t Co., Publishers.!. Jobh. Smith,
r - jr Elituri'Next we,w.ill ee tl.e ed
- " ilof's time on the hosg'billsPro-
-'"-'. - ' J- . ' .... -- v - s .
.-gressive country, tuts I ...
SheriT Towssesix and ; Maiblial
B" : -'Kt an ; left Eaton for Columbus on
li:; Tuesday morning last, with- the fol-
' - lowing gentlemen as representatives
'. K' fifmi this eOunty o"do State services,
as follows i William Sheaffer, 3 years
1 i Levi Schleiger, 2 yeafs.; Thomas 11c
. Caflerty, 4 years; J. Iiimmelhorn,
" yeart, and Charles rorter,'2ycar3.
;..;....,. . tut. - .i
or' two years.4y
Christmas is Here!
Tjc tocoaTiH -XeSR gt)iisjjwegi ve
Teach of "his Tittle store, some lofcen to
' t Sat arc ay next w Christmas, -and we
wisn all the patrons of the Democbat
a pleasant and joyftil S&Mofl ifit'The
shop windOjW,'pive iqdicatiQu :that,
although times are hard, therewiH be
no want of attraction jo' relieve the'
pockets of Obi and yon"hg df 'w"fial lit
tle change thpy may-Kavg left,-;; 9$ the
youngsters especially this is always a
joyous season; and to see them en
joying themselves, 'doog even an "old
foggy" good, and makes bis mind run
with the Poet-in imagination, when
heexclaims: ' T.-. :
"MothlnksI'eot toll twenty ytv taide, '. ,
And tm boy sln!"
. The holiday season is specially con
secrated iy long enstom, . to the do"r
mestic charities and affections to the
conferring of gifts and to the kindly
interchange ... of courtesies Hmoug
friends and neighbors. May :mft on
patrons- enjoy a merry Christmas
and may they lie to welcome many,
sucB.sOHs,.Ttlxout,8iT5tlirng to
;inar their, Jiappiness, or; cast a gloom
over. men?. prospects with, each return
of tlie day. ;; . -j !, :
tfbw'tlle stirring'" years" do 'fleet
away. It seems but yesterday,; as it
were, since our school boy days, -when
Christinas ancT Jie'vv wer look
ed forward to as an' epoch ; and the
events of the chimuey corner and the
angnst descent of 'San'ta Clans" were
enough 'to fill bur hearts and minds,
to the brim of intense and trembling
rapture; and now tliere ard those at'
our -.knees whose -eyes-j-dancospand
whose Toices ring out Hi glad shouts
of "laugJitetC when we tell them" 'that
oft- repeated story bf--' "
"The niglit bet'on.'CbiistauM, Vrnea 11 libra' the
trantn-1 - -'- i -.. ' .
Xot-a- creature was stirring, noi ren motm."
Christmas is" ir household word..
jTHT) (jGlitTrehVucl ffiiniestics ; fliVpar
f4rks and gdeBts yHhe traiTger"Withiii
Vulgates,? all f8lioilC fhe '"Merry
i, as the sun the
bles5ed''.sun,7rises In "splendor oyer a
world of gladness and gratitude. 1 Wq
make "glud "anothers ""heart, aud we
tiiink after all h'ow'poor (he gift com
pared' with that W'hich'lfie Savior gave
us, when ho sweat drops of blood, and
pi-ayea in nis last expiring agonies tor
the forgiveness .of his enemies, and
sealed th sneved mission of his life on
earth with the" hl'doiT W"hich purifies
the world he came to save. In all the
broad Vcalins"' wEii.Ti havb seen ! the
lightbf Chrlsliaji tbacfiiirgs in Europe,
Asia, , Amerjcn-.
r, or uie: iavored, spots
,S j 1 J h 1, l u Jv.j c ' V
ot-old uceaiksrsuiwy jlseys, ;liBistmas
isUiaile'd wifli rbvefenci and joy bv
U.e old and young; and the dignity of
prbToiind gralitude miug!e-wiUi the
gentler impulses of social HSuj so that:
religiou, ns it oiisht evor to be, 4s in-
crporstinT3 tl hbrnrfntefcturse
SV inrf '.-' f-i V ft -iV A 4 f, . ... ,
vi uie uresujp as wen as uie solemn
fif?3;5)WfetVe3artaf,"Sr thi.
Ulii,"!,1:'l5A04rJ.I?t clmP"
and the glecfof hotlts of -the merrv.
1 t' 'w'!
child with its' 'Christmas gifts, alike
bespeak, fpr the day an imperishable
importance, in the hearts 'x)f.4iisanirJ
tyi -Wc ' bless each happy1 fc'fnrn of
Christ mas-riay in ohr personal histo-i
iicsiXor ;'aside'ftom IIm- dignity of its
holiejH ihernprics, il; .i'eiilwined with
Hiose- Jear.rebotleetipnsf .'ortBe realm
of cur youthful reign, when no care-
came to; cinjiitter, the cup of our ear4
Her days:TVtf Olbss if, too, as identi
fied willi the religirni r our fathers
aiitl our counlrjs. uWe hress-il as ihc
incnioiTalv.'pf.'thb .''proclamation . ef
"npacp anf good will to men," and we
feej fti'JCinS wiS MiiUS.a'.tlyM of joy-
6n imSgining: aTmost'like'tne voicel
pOl projilietit.-viioir, -which tolls of the
omiiij years, when ''.it.-iations, peo
ples .aiid.Joiignes.. aiul lnbe" ..will
bless' the '"Mia me of the Martyr of
Mount 'CnlVsrtyaifd 'sing a song of
gralifmla upon th-e anuivcrsary of his
miraculous." adyeni.; Inspirod . ,with
snch Iiopcs-amV-chcrishing such mc
mmie; We' bRl oiir patrons and ail the
'world a ''Mf-ruymer ry Christmas,"
aiidrlaipTbcc far taehl 'rniny a happy
return of this day iii the years of the
veiled future. ,: . ;', ':: . i," ; ,
Christmas is Here! "Too Much Money."
near 'Jseanljfe
3 vv-'-iv '".,..'
nniatcd at present, wi 1 bo from $2ai
. . ' ' 1
e regret very much that we are
compelled to announce that the firm
of John LT Quinn '& 'Son, who for
many years have been engaged -in tltfs"
placo in buying Grain' aud other pro
d 11 els, have- beeu obliged ta succumb
tathe pressure of the tiiHes,nBl on
Saturday last made an assignment Jo
Jos. W. Quiss, one of tho creditors"
000 to $35,000,.with assets probably
fl'AOOO. This misfortune falls heavi
ly upon many of our farmers, but it
is aaotfrer proof of the disastrous ef-
fectof radical contraction and specie
resumption.. '" HoW long tvill tho peo
ple continue to bo-blinded by this
Radical policy? "
CJuri- Ghprehesrcmnlrirrgreat
Schools the usual . Christmas enter
tninment. Tht? inevitable "Christmas
Tree," loaded w.itrj : cheap saw-dust
dolls, ill-sl,apen of limb and tlgly of
feature, together with shrill penny
whistles and candy hosses and- sicli,
will form tho nucleus around which
tlie children will rally. ' Fortunately,
youngstew are not so linrd lo please
as grown people", and a 'gift from the
Christmas free satisfies tlieni quite its'
well as anything else would. ' This
ranst be so, or why would the schools
so rapidly fill up just beford tho ad
vent of the Holidays? -.-.'.
1 5ome inflated - ani . poetical Lcues
gushes iu. tliia wild strain JOlrjhat
I were yon blushing rQSfvvsliicb e'en
now thy dear hands have pressed, that
I might lie in sweet repose, reclining
on thy suowy .hcest 'It is a reat
pity he can't recline as ue wishes ;
how- would a pile o,f . sha viu-do for
tbe-pres'ent; withhij noSe Jaaplate
muslr, and his feet iatwarm w.aicr, aa
a soCt substitute.. --i ?
v. u '. I . ,. !t I V -t ' ',,!
.- Take your pumps iii ont of jtUe cold..
. ... s -
Christmas is Here! "Too Much Money." Prayer.
1 IfTteik'-after ue'x.t will be ijweek 9?
prayer all over the eouutry, fact
which we make known elsewhere in
our ppcr,- and also the special work
to be doue hy the pra.yists. ""We have
no objections to prayer, when offered
and directed to a legitimate purpose.
By this expression we mean that so
far a8"pTnycr-iffereA to soften the
hearts, better the feelings of men and
draw them nearer to the temporal
wants aiiU necessities o.f their fellow
beings, we heartily indarse it. Bnt if
it be intended to change or alter the
dispensation' of Providence, we look
upon it aa a delusion? The- order of
tnre which is regulated by the laws.
of 'GnA as' instrumental of His will,
do not 4ie withitt- the province of
man to modify or. control; therefore",.
we consider the true object of prayer
to b to soften and kindly influence
the conduct of ourselve toward our
fellow-men,' and thus better our con
dition in this onr probationary state,.!
Consequently prayer should be direct-
ed to this eud only, but when it seeks
to change the purposes of God, as di
rected by the Governor" of Missouri
against tte ravages of the grasshop
pers, it becomes a delusive supers! l?i
tion. ' Surely this . great primordial.
power is beyond (he power of man to
influence or control in the least for
either good op bad, as he is unchange
able ami governs, all things by lixed
aqd predetermined laws, and if man
could, control or change thenj-one.
"jot or title," we would have a pretty,
mnss of it here 011 earth, as tbosame
would be " yariab.le as tho .whims
and invocations of mankind. 'Thi
stato of things would uhhing the or;
der of nature and leave creation at
lobse ends," assimnlating itself here in
one phase mid there in another. As
the Opini3ii8 of men are dissimnlar,
their prayrs, of course would be va
rieut and-ebntradictory.! Conscqucut-
!ythe Silpfnie Bpihg, for wise "pur
posedj has withheld this power from
frftilman, lutliaso- constituted him
tliAt he -ma jr. is . greatly . benefitted
within himself by the ti ne devotional
exercise; of prayer.; To Tills ixtent
and to this end we favor prayer, but
as we !bav6 snkl, if it be intended to
alter or change the providenee of God
or incline. Ilis .'spirit, iii thjs pt that
way, It is a Uclnslve snperstition, amj
souriderstood by all scientifio men. :
"Spread Out!"
KJld Kris Kingle has teen -tiptlgi ng
around in this region for aeveraUIays
past, huntillg.up a location to nold his
lcVees ;dnrtng,the::holimrys, and Utter
Considerable' dpliberatioa concluded to
estiibllsir head-quarters at the Grocery
establishment of Messrs. Bhka A Kelly,
and they have "spread oi;t" Iheir stock
of candy toys and andltss of evrry de
scription and kind, sweetmeats, such as
dates, figs, pi-uens the largest aud Lat
est w$ ever Seen.ln this "njarkct, oranjr-
es lemons, Tint", jellies, tc, &c, oyr
ters of all branlsr very cheapr; Beside'
thglr stock of flolulay goods, they have
a -.large nnrt excellent assortment of
choice apnles by the barrel or the bush-
efcand jcas, Coffees and Sugars and all
other articles generally kept in a . fiist
clas. wholesale and retail house.- The
fact ef the business is, their stpek' can't
be; surpassed no where ontsitle of Cin
chinati, and if you dou't believe it, just
dro in '.heir room and take a bird's eye
VEew pf their "Bpread out?'''7'' ' ''
Oil Paintings.
Jnndditipn to Uie' almost Indescriba
ble articles for the holidays thatMossrs,
Michael Son have put Into treir drug
establishment, none have added more
bauty and richness to their room than
thd dnp display of Oil Paintings re
ceived within-the-past. week. Those
whose minds .incline "to the fine arts
slKiuld not fail to call and examine this
fine display. - - : . -
Public Installation.
There will be a public installation of
t!e officers of Eaton Roy.il Arch Chap
ter, on Tuesday-evening next, (28lh
inst.) The. publie is most respectfully
invited to be present.; The ceremonies,
and o'ther exerchws; will take- place in
tlte Masonic Ledge, ' . ' :
It is alt in my eyei as the fish said to
Ujc hook, put the. elegant gold ajnl sil
ver watches, neck, fob aud vest Chains,
spoons pure silver and plated . castors
yen wantj-cloclcs; fflAnfleprTiamentSj
vaseSjpoeket. knives,; anil cutlei-j in
enilless variety ietc.,ete", atSchJeukf r's,
is no-mistake, and '-the prices suit the
hard times..
'-Jitri "JOHN Lander ' keeps ' about as
square,' a stock of groceries, and sells
them as reasonable as any other man in
Eaton, and for the truth of this state
ment just go and see for yourselves. He
has plenty of things for the holidays.
Either Sturm or Job Woerner cau
accommodate the greatest dandy or
wisest man iu Eaton with, a suit
clothing, 'or any other article to deco
rate his person with.
Jacob Chambers has filled up ids'
show window and-stbek of goods for
the holidays, and can accommodate
all whVwill give him a call, ou the
best, of terms and t suit ,. the hard
time8t t. :-" -'-" . -" i
. BpsER-'iSv' Mtj.ERhave a very "excel
lent and handsome display of Christ
mas fixins, frQin which anytpdy' eould
flnd suitable articles for presents.
A Loud Call!
Notice is hereby given' to all who are
Indebted to the uiideraigned;'either by
note or bootaccount, that a general
settlement must he made, on or before
the 1st of January, ISTCi ; Let this no
tice be boriie in mind by every one who
is interested in squaring his account,
this Is the last call "that may Be in this
Eaton, Dec. 16, 1S75-t-2w: . f5
and Settle!
All persons keowing themselves in
dcltedto.the undersigned hy note
book,' are requested to come forward
ami square up iuuueiluUely iu order
savecoks.'t A. woril. to tho-wise
Eaton, Dec, W, 1S75 3-iy.
Week of Prayer—Union Services.
; J'he pastors of the Methodist, Baptist,
Cli'risttiui, and Presbyt rlan Churches
pi. Eaton, have arranged to hold union
servkes during theVeek of Prayer, in
the various churches, as follows each
service to begin -at ? oelock r. M.'. '-- :
-'3f outlay evening,' Jartuary' 3, at the
Baptist Chnrch". - ... . - .- -
'i'-uesday everting,. January i, at the
Presbyterian Church..' .-
.Wednesday evening, January fi, "at
the Chrfctian Church. - .
Ti u r 31 ay evening, January 6, at the
M.'E. Church. . - . -
. Friday evenine. JanuarV 1. at the
Baptist Church. - - -
: ; Saturday eveninj, January 8, no ser-
viv.. .- , .... ...
' Sunday mornirie. Januarv "9. service
in separate Churches.: , . V ' .
suiiQiiy -eyennig, J;inuary. 9 union
-services in M . K Church . v P. . -
L . We hojw that all who are interested
im the growth of religious lite In this
community will be .present at these
meetings, wan eacnest," prayerrul
hearts.' and endeavor to ih ifce this week
peculiarly precious In spiritual refresh-'
ina and ecneral nrofit. - . - '
. TMUJI AS VUKIjli i t, .
? Vjt. J.. GEORGE, . .,
J,.'' " Ar J. KEYNOLDd,.
Never Known to Fall.
-j'Dr. -Moi ris' Sijup f( Tar, Wild Cher-'
ry aifd Horehound has never been
knpwir.td fail in permt'nently. euring
opstin'ate Coughs, Colds,t'roup,.Whoop-
uig lougir, uor any niSLSses 01 the res
piratory orgnn vtud it iloes It tpo at.
onceL. It is not necessary to take.lt for
a long time before j-ou cn discover its
oenetrcial eneets. Its sale in this com;
imintty ir immense, and its popularity
universal; It -should not be ..classed
with compounds, put u bt ipexperi-
euceti. nanus, it is positively euaran-
tced to be composed of the purest arid
best materials, and prepared in a seienr
tific maimer aiul io always give satis--faction.".
Do, net fail' to give, this great
and potent 'remedy a trial. It v 111 npt
and cannot - disappoint -voir. Trv it
pne$!. -Ask frr Ir. Morris' Syrup f
Tar, Wild Cherry i-nd Ilorehomid.'and
take none fcther. Trial sle10 "cents. '
Dei". 2, 1875-lm . . . . - -
- r'"
Camden Ball.
Every lady and gentleman ia; "VTest
crn Ohio and Eastern Indiana, who
we desirous of 1 Iping- Toe," art by
'iicso lew greeting lines invited to do
so, atPottenger'sHall, in Caindetiion
Christmas Kve., (Friday) Dec. 24,
1875, and the mere announcement that
the celebrated Davis, fimily will fur
nish music for the .occasion, is alone
sufficient to fill the house to repletion.
By order of the
BIJIWKa At Bunker Tlill, Ind., on
the 26th of October, Mrs. Inciiitla
Brooks, nife of John Brooks, aged 53
years. . 4 . . .
Ida RL-xsiiiN FisnEii, daughter rf
.rs. jf nMniin, was D rn on the 28th
of July, t853; ws married to Mr. Laban
Fisher n tho I2:h of Jannary, 1875,
ami departetl this life on the 15th ol
Dect ruber, 1875, being aged t the time
of her let ease, ii years, 4 months and
17 days. Funeral services were held at
St,- Paul's M. E. Church, on the 17th,
by Eev. Z, T. Sullivan, assisted by Kev.
Thomas Oollett.
Partition Notice.
Paniel Ixicke ) Prehle Com
ocke 1 Pre
, . mo!
:ke, et al.) In
. vs.
mon Pleas.
Cathaiino Ixx-ki
J Unger and Dedrick Unger, herhus-
uand, Emma Locke,- and Jacob : A,
Ixicke, who res rte In the Countv of Pre
ble and State of OliiOj widow and child
ren anu neirs at law or Jacob A. Locke,
late of said county of Preble, deceased,
will take notice that a petition was filed
against them on the 21st day of Decern-,
ber, A. I)., 1873, in the Court of Com
mon Tleas, within and for the connty
of Preble, by Dai ie L- eke, and 1 now
pending, tvlierein said Daniel Lotike tle-
m imls partition of and assignment of
tiower. in metollowlngreal estate, to
wn: auoi tne east quarter orSectitn
twenty-one, (21) Tonushln seven. f7l
of Kangc three, (3) east, containing ICO
acres, more or less.
Also, all of the south-east gnarttjr of
Section twenty-one, (21) Township sev
en, u) oi Kango three, (.1) east, cr ntain
ing niu acres, more or less, excettiug
52 acres ofr of the south end of said
last described quarter, and excepting
aisoioicy-eigtu ami one-thlrtl acres, and
one-third of an acre h rctoforo; sold and
conveyed to Willian Utz and the Eu
phemia and Sonora Turnpike tympany ;
and that at the next term of said Court
.the said Daniel Locke will apply for an
order that partition may be made of
said premises. '
Attest V,'. D. QinxN, Clerk.
Dw.2.:, IS75-WS prfJ8,00
Sheriff Sale.
Case no. 3033.
Isaac N. Velsh, ) Ordor of sale
Sterling D.Tuttlc, ctal. ,
PURSUANT to a 2d plurius order of
sale issued from the Court of Com
mon Pleas of Preble countv. Ohio. In
the above stated case, and to the Sheriff
of said county directed, I will offer for
sale at public auction, at the door cf the
Court House, in Eaton,
On Saturday, January 8, 1876,
between the hours of 1 and 4 o'clock, p.
in., me inuowtng premises, situate lu
Eaton, Preble countv.' Ohio, and de
scribed as follows, to-n it:
.! Boing in. the north patt of tho towa
of Eaton, and being all of out-Lot u lim
ner 0, as numbered anil designated on
the plat of ont-Lo;s laid out hv Pleasant1
Jenninga, a an addition to Uie original
piat oi out -i.ots oi tne said town ot Jia
ton, and on the north of said original
plat of ut-Lots. Said out-Lot contains
3J4 acres, more or less.. ,
Also, the following described real es
tate, situate in Eaton, Ohio, to-wit : Be
ing all of In-Lot number 3, as number
ed anil designated on the plat of said
town, which was laid off into Town
Lots and platted by the Commissioners
of Preble county as an addition to the
oiigiual platof in-Lot3 of tlie said town.
Also, tlie following described real es
tate, to-wit: Being all of Lots numbers
4, 5, 0, 7, 8. 9, 10, 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 13 4 14,
of Samuel iiittlc's sub-division of Lot
number 19, Pleasant Jennings' addi
tion to the out-Lots of said town of Ea
ton. Appraised at:
In-Lot No. 3, $2,500
Out-Lots No. I & 3, 110 each
"24 4,' 100 "
" " 5fc 14, 75 "
" "6 80
" 7 & 12, 65. "
" "8&11, 60
" 13, 70
" " 9, , 55
" " 10, .'60
3Jacre tract, 400
TEKMS One-third cash, one-third
in 9 months and one-third in 18 months
from day of sale; deferred payments
uear a per cent, interest, and to be se
cured by mortsragc on the premises.
Tt. TV. QL'txx, Att'y.
Dec. 9, 1875-tds rtrf H2.00
It Pays 1 It Fays!
JTT PAYS, every Manufticlurer, Mprchant, Me
diaiilc, Inventot, Farmer, or Prufeajiiuiml nxn
to keep informed on all the huprovemeut&audtlia
curerlesof Uie Ke. ' "-
. It pay a the bead of erory family to fntroVlucelnr
to his household a newspaper lliat Is Uislrttcttra,
oiih tbat fosters a tasta lor inwiiMtlou, aitd pro
niutes thought and cucoirragct dimuiiaiau among.
Uni members. ' - - - - -
which bat been. published weekly for the lt ihir-.
ty years, tbes th is,4e ftn exteut beyond tlmt or
any oilier publication. In fad II is the only weekly
paper published hi the United Slates, devoted to
Hauulucturfcfs, Mercbautti, Invemlou and Jiew
Discoveries In the Arts and Sciences.
very uumoerls protusely illnsttmted tmA Its
contents embrace the latest and most interesting
information pertaining- to the Industrial. Mcliaor--loal.
and Seienulic l'rotrreASofthe World; Uescrip-
wowa, wiin iteamirji KliKrarlnim, ol .New ItiVt-n-J,
tlonb. New Implements, New ProeesseMj aud-MBX,
relpes. buffKestionsand Advice, bv J
ters, for Workmeu and niDlo3-ers. in all'UM vari-
, tn all Mm vari-
nuaartsi lormlnit acnmpile repertory of -Vew
ventlorts anil discoveries; containuti; a weekly re-
Cnrd JlOt Oitlv of the AHirrMt nr tho turliiMtrlal
Aru In onr own country: but also of all Now Dis-
".tnre aim inventions 111 eve-y urnncn Ol X.UK1
lieerinir, Meeiismexraiid Science shroud: -
forernOKt of all industrial publications for the poat
I'hfrty Years. Jt is the ohlent, largest, clieapest,
and the best weekly illnstrated.paiier devoted to.
niclneerln9,lecliai)lcs..Chemislry, N'ew Inven
tions, Hcience and Industrial ProKrau, published.
in the World. . -
The nrtu-tlcnl reeeintn are wetl worth ten tlmc
the subscription price. And 'for the shop and
uuiug. .win s&re many unitta me cost or suuscrip
tion. - .. - r ' . 1
" Merchants, Farmers, irechnnlcs, EnlneerAT Tn
voutors, ManufactureiSi Uhemists, Injvrs ol es.:iW
ftnee. and l'enpleofull sTofesslons; will flnd the
HcientiHc Alnerlcau- aseitl tu them: It should
nave a place, in every FamUy, L,llmry,iudv of
fice. and Coirtitina Uonni: In everv-4telidiiiir lnnm.
Collece and School... A naw volume loailn'enees
Jnnuary lat; l!i7S. : . - ' -
a jmi s numoera contain ess pngro ana jverai
Hundred Kntfrnvlnm. Thousamia of vulnmes are
preserved for blndlnir and reference. Terms, s.-.'O
year oynMiL uiclU'Uns; -post Aire, .urscounl to
Lluhs. pi
free. ShiKle-oohies niviied on receipt 0 111 cents.
tuns, special circulars
irlvlncr flur, ruin. ,sfn
Mav N' had ofall N
i Defile!. . -
1 .lit con nectiort with the
m. mm m. Mjm m. a. uoiMuifle American,
Messrs. Muss i'lVrtre Itkilaitors of American
and Foreign Patenta, and liavenhc largest estab
lishment litlie worlcfc More than fttlo' thousand
liHcaiions uave oeen uiaoe pjr-pauMiia tlirougu
PrttpntA ;ire nTUninit nntli iHt't(m. -Mrutal.
ni itew inventions and Sketches esmitievl and
advice free. ' A sneclal notice' is n.ade lu thesrien-
tine AmencsA of all llivenllons patented through
Affile)-, wnn uie mine ana resiuence ot ine.
Patentee. Patents Are often sold In purl or whole
to persons attracted to tlie-lnventlon bv such no
tice, fiend ftir Pamphlet. cdntalninff.'fuLJ direc
tions for oqtaining Patents. A bound olumsOMi;
1h1ii(tik tliePiuent Laws, Census of tlie U. tL,and
llr lnicraviuirs of mechanical mnvMipsts. Price'
S5centa. - r- -v...' ' - '
fTTN'N 6 en s. 11 . -- un - X' vA.& i, ...... '
Address Hirlhn Piiwr nrMnMrnln. Puil.
omce Cat. V antl lib ais WmnfUn. ii c.
national Bank
CashjUapitat:$l 00 .000
Bank of Discpttpt & Deposit.
HAVING- removed to and ocbnpied
' our old room Iii the Odd Fellows'
Building, which has been greatly en
larged, and thoroughly rt furnished with
a.view to accommodating our business
wants more, thoroughly, tve uo
'A' General yanking Business,
in alt its various forms : Receive Depos
its for either long or short time, and
allow iSTf.RKST on T. ME Det.osits as
per special agreement with parties mak
ing tne same.
t;. O ROO K. E, Cashier.
June 11, 1874-tf . . ..
II..C: Hiestand, I John. P. Acton,
Auurew iiiesuind, yvm.tl. Tizzaru
a 1 :. Jacob H. Foos. -
Bank of Discount & Deposit
Government and County
Bonds, Coin and Exchange-
Eaton, Feb. 4, 1875-ly -
AN be seen' at our ofllceas below
fneciflcd.. where' will alwavs be
fouutl a full stock; also, a (rood supply
of . .. . .
Silk;. Thread, ' Cotton and
".' .' ... Keedl.es. .
Everv person willing to buy a flrst
chiss; SEWINLrMACHl.Vp should not
fail to ' call and examine otir stock and
prices before'piirchasing elsewhere.' 1
We claim for this machine , v . '
A'JIIore Elastic Stitch,
and better adapted for all kinds of work
than any otltcr machine now in the
.market; and will guarantee entire sat-
"SoUl on easy terms, in' monthly
pavmeuts, if desired.
. - Supervising Agent. '
i Eaton, Preble Co.; O.
Eaton, March 11, 1875 , "
MfiftUSDftL &C0.,
Have received Irora New York'
A Large and Splendid Stock
Oii Clothes,
, Lace Curtains,
Wool and Cotton Yarns,
. .Wiudow .Shades and Fixtures,
, wimu.w,
Cottonades, : Umbrellas &
Parasols, Hats, Shoes,
Looking Classes,
Aud a great variety of other Goods.
. Our old customers and the public gen
erally are respectfully Invited to cau
and examine our goods.
Wool, Buttsr, Egg3, Feathers, Bags,
Are taken In Exchange for Goods,
Oct. 8, 1874. 40-tf
Ac, Ac. Ac.
uaJHf eh ft price Tn cash of trade, paid for
Countr v
Katn, Nnr, 51.1671.,
L. -
r . -A2JD DF.ALEU'.lS . - :
Metalic, .Walnut, lmit -
,tion Rose Wood Coffins
nd Caskots. . ' '
c " . . i t -
- constantly on bauii. vJ;
In all Atylcs. attended o On Shorty llo-'
tice, at louver prices thairthesame work
cau be hadiiuywhejeelse. ' i ,
Bodies Slept tiny Length
' '':'9fTimey.- "-.'s: '
Without cliangi? pfcolor or decay. ,
tTo Extra Charge for Long J)riv(.s
tf all iii' n fls at lpw'rafes.; -:V"-" : A ' ".
. Jarmer8 arul.trrangers. wut do well
to call. oil roe "for jL'udertakingtin' Fur-n1ture.V"-
Post Office CtiiWUi'g, EatonOh4o. '
: Eaton. Sept, 2, 1875rly -, -. .
With Sliding Oven Doors.
, . Fatentad reb.,1863, ud 8 2,1869 '
Tin &. Sheet-Iron ; Wars !
r ' AtSO- '. ' ;!' "' '
Galvanized Work of all
V-w';;-'''''! '';'::." j.;
i V .)' . ' -SUCH AS ' ' '
Window Cape, . ' ' '.
V r,- ' - Cornices, . ' " f'.!
; Brackets. :
":;.:V' :'",:;BaiustradA8,
crestings, &c:, tc. :
' tBepairinjr promptly and neatly
Old Rags A Iron Taken
tn Exchange.
Shop on Barron Street, oppcsite the
u.urt nouse.. ,. , .,
Eaton, May 21, 1875-ly ' . . ; .; ..
;' ST. O;ir jLi:..7 ;:
Commercial Block, 2d'door, Main St.
SyjJ ' A N BOUNCE to their
-i- friends and the pub-
tiitaaJlic that thev have on hand
and intend to keep a constant assort
ment ot
which they will . sell ou reasonable
L.-. . ternls for -'
; o -l s ii.
They haveaii unlimited supply of all
aiuus ui - -
ACTicaltural Implements-
Also exclusive Agents for the celebrated
' - ' -' Theliestof ; -;
al aya on hand at the lowest marke
pne . EIDSON & DEGltOOT.
iaton, Teb. , 11, 1875-ly
rjlHE un lci'slgned would respectfully
L inform the citizens of Camdeti aud
vicinity, that he has opened a
In Camden, On Main Street,
lie offers to the public acorrpletc as-
. sortment of.
. PAINTS. OILS. . . .
LAMPS 4 rixxunES.
Choice Cigar f Tobacco,
me Wirjes - and, Liquors,
for medical purposes, and all the Pat
ent Medii ines of the day. '"
Presi riptions carefully compounded
aiaii nuurs, uay or nignt.
particular attention given to fill
ing Family Keccints. tFJ
Also, iiave on hand a choice line of
.: btaply and Famy
Family Groceries !
All of which will be sold at LOW
PRICES. He would respect fully so-
iieit a snare oi puiiuc patronage.
X. B. Parties desirous of niirehasinor
riAiNUS and UKtiANS will do well hv
iS on mc Dciore purcnasms. J".x-
ira lnuucemenis oncred. J.r.W.
Camden; June 10, 1875-ly
Gents' Furnishing Goods
A choice assortment of
Cassimeres, . Broadcloths
and Doeskins, .
ready to he made up to order in Gents
Cuitliiug. Al-o, a ia,rgc stock of
of diflcrent styles, which he will sell as
low as any house hi Eaton. IIATW
and CAPS of every style at small
profits. Call at the old stand, 2 doors
east oi cnerry street, in his .New lilock.
Eaton, O., April 22, 1875.
Michael z Sons,
Druggists & BookselleFs
(Opposite Ccnrt Ilonxe, KAlOx 0
ii'A Repository of Fashion, Pleat-
' we, and Instruction. .
Harped Bazar.
Th Barar Is etiititl with a comb'.uatloD of tact
anil talent that we seldom find lu anj-Jonitiaitjic
tlie journal Itself is the ori;aaof titvreat world 01
Jii.H(i(on.noiin Traveller,
The Uanar uimmpntis it.1 J 1 evrv memBf rof
the hauacliuM to iliffcl.il.iren by droll nnd pnMtv
filctiires, tntli yoiiTif; IiidtCT hy lt tnHh(tu-pii.ui
n cndiPM-rartety, ft t.ha provi-Icitt mm run by lit
paeirns for thp hil'lreu'a cloth.', to ptfrfumi
IIjls by it tableful tf?liis for crabruidfred s io-
S&rsatid liixiiTiuuAdresiing'jTowns. titii tu reatl-iK-matter
uf the Hzaris iiiiifitrtiirr of urenti-x-ct'UtiKe.
Tlie i r ha acquire.) a with' poinlitr
Ity fortbf! Hresidti enjuyueut it RlTurds- Y.
Evening Post. - v
Iu Hi wny there . notutn? liet. Frpb nnd
tmstirvorihy a a fnsl.li.ti tfii.h?t Itsiorien nd e-i-anys,
iv potnrT aiu) "ifjibs. are till iuvigoraiUng tf
tlw m tad. Chicago Evening Journal
- T E RRS S : ';" " .'' ;
Harper'f IJazar, one year ... ...i.?4 M
?4 oy fnaludca prepnymenrof U.S. pofltaK by
Uie publishers. '' -J
r aubsiTiptJous to JT.-irpr-t-V Mwzine, Vt'wfcly,
ana fiaar, to one ad"drs ftr one y-ar, i fmj nr.
two of liarpcr'B rpri'HlIcais, toon .diire3s fur one
An Extra Coty of e'thrfhe MaTazIno, Wflklv.
r Hft7.;tr. will be minoiieVl if i util('op errx- :ltih ni
Five Subseribfrs at twici. in One remltianr-e:
or. SCx-CopesTbr JiiJ w, titiiom -exira copy; jioji
jvick nuniDprptTKnicuwiHipa at nny lime,
"Tlte Annuul Volnnet Harper's Kazur, tn at
cloth binrtini? will bae.it by c-prtis freeofi
ppriiie. for ?J each. Acomplete i(w:Mpr-iii
FiffJit Volumes, aent on Teceior of rash at flieriln
of fi 25 per to!,, freiichi nt exiensc.oi uorohn;er.
Pronnhent attentitMi wIM he fflveu . Irt f irv r's
Bazar to mirti t:iusiTBtlon of the Cfnten xal in
ternational Kxp4w)(lonii5 hajiyta pV.cu'.arlv ap
poprtr.te to lt crolnnins,. r : i
r NewsVapoM areTioi ttirjonvbls'ftilTrt'Sefli-nt
witbons the express order of Harper S; l!rut,brs. 4
Address . . ; . - .
A Complete 'Pictorial History of
th 'Times."''The be3t,Jtrieqp-
st? ami most ,.svccessfub -:
Family' Paper in ihe-Vi
-. Union." H. A -'-'
? -NOTICElibpTllE FP.PS -.
irnraer Wwklv lt tlie Jil'oat ami mnt nnTrcr-
fuUil.i?!trarrl perforllrnf pthl(slittl In tM5 c;' n -try,
ItseJitorials nnr h.-iUrlv and cinvlii''fiiS
ana carry mtipii weltr'.it. In IHntr;itio:i of cur
rent event" are full ani ft-es'i, jinrl nre pr.'p:fi!.i hy
our best designpm. Wiih a clrcnlatioD of 1.0,1,,,
fwm, and.itH liiflimucc as an orm of onionis
simply tremen lont. Th& Weekly ntnimainsTft
me wwkijis r-na ny aiieist ntvu a innii-in in-r-
Solitical od asocial problems. Louisville Courivr
iHtrnal. ' "
positive position, an iOTpres.se ochiea vien-; on
it articles are models ofiurVtonea" diHTriMiin,
and its pictorial illustrations are oft- n corro6-r-tivejrifumenta
of no small furce. N.Y Examin
er Riicl Clironicle.
Its Dfioem uom existent o'lestlOTis auri Its Inim
itable cartoon help to moithi the sctuiuiuuts of
theconniry. PlttburK Comraerrial.
Jlurner'8 Weekiv Rtand! at the hnid oftlltistrat-
iionai aoiuty, nno pictorial illustration. lauicV
... -THE UNITED. STATKS. . ....
jTarner's Weekly,' one yar L ?i o
'It U0 Includes arenavmenL of D.S. nostase bv
the publishers
Suistcr,ntlons to Hn-per' Mmrnr.'ne. Ve-kly,
HndUa7.tr, to-one nd.lress for one y-arj $1(1 00. or,
two of Harper's Periodicals, to oue atldr..-i3 for one
year, 87 W; pottage fn e. " , .1;
An KKtrai'o.'iy of eithertho Macsnine. roel;ly.
or Hamr will be siipnifefl ciTitl- for everyriirb of
Of'. Six rnfoi fririit J wttln.nti nvtra rnrn" nnot.
five fiiuenDers-ai tt ii ncn in one rt-mirrancb:
sre free
jiacn numoers can oe suppneii at nny tune. ,
The Annual" Vnlnmnii or H-trner'?- Weefclr. In
net clotb bind in ?t Hi It be sent by exnretjs. free ot
expcn-e, fori" no each. A C'iniTJ'te St, cmpnln
Nineteen Votnro1, new on receipt of cash at
the rate pf fi 25 per vol., Creiglit at cipouse of pur
Frorament attention -will be -Iven in -Hnrper's
feeKiy to tne illustration or tne onienniAi
wrtiaiionai t-Jximi Men.
News;ianer trn nol tn rnnv thliiitrcnkpmpnl
with-mt the express order of Harper it Brotbers.
, HARPER BROTH E 13, Ndtr York.
Unquestionably the' best sustained
- work of the kind in the world.
Harper's Hg&rine.
The eTor-inrreftsliifl- rirrriilntfnn nf rhl viol
lent monthly proves Its con t limed adaptation to
popular desires ana needs. ludeid, wlij, we
think into how many ho-nes it penetrates every
moittii.we must conoider it as oiie of the educa
tors as well ai the entertaluura of the public
mind. Boston Globe.
Thecuara ter which this Maeazlne possesses for
variety, enterprise, artistic wealth, and literary
culture that bas kipt pace with. If H has not I el
tit- times, shuuld caue its conductors to regard it
with JustlflRblf complacency. The Magazine has
done good and uui evil all the days ot its Uie.
-iirooKiyn raie.
Some of the most oonnlar of modern ntisrela havp
first apiear.'d as serials in this Mnynzi .ie. In all
respects, it ts an excellent periodical, and fully
deserves its great success. Philadelphia Eedger.
run uAutusTams.
Harper's Magazine, one year ..$! Oft
?4 ou includes payment of L. S. noace by tlie
Subscriptions to Harpers OTafnrlne. Weekly
nd ltazar, to one address for one year, I0 00; or,
two of Harper's l'..riodicul3, touni; address fur one
yer, fl W; postage free.
. An E.tra (Jopv of either the Miarazlne, Weekly,
orBnxar will he eiipolied icratis for everv ('lob o!
Five .Subscribers al it (M each, iu on remittance;
or, fix-copies tor fzu w, wunoui extra copy; poai
are free.
Hack nnmfprs can be supplied at any time.
A tionipit-te jet of llariifr's llacazin.' now com
prising 51 -Voiwnea, in ueaxoioili bindintc, wiil be
sent by exprt-s.", freight at expenscof purcliaser,
fortt ptrvoHiBie., female voiumeaft-by mail,
postpaid, 3 00. Cloth cases, for bindhis.t8 cents,
by mail, postpaid.
A Complete Analytical Index to the first Fifty
Vol times ot Harper's Mneitzine bits just been itnb-
listied, renderinic available for reference Uie vast
and varied wealth of iiif'.rinatfon which const!
tutes this periodical a perfect 'illustrated HTfMry
cyclopediit. nvo, CHotb, 3 OU; Hulf Cult, 2s.
Sent posLajro preiaid.
A scries ut papers unrtcr the tUle of "The Tirst
Century of the Kepuiilic," contributed by the nwn
eminent American nubliclsln, Is n- v binc pub
lished In ilarper's Magazine. This serlesofover
twenty papers Rives a comprehensive review of
rropress aurmu tne renin ry now closing, jo evry
department of onr national life.
Newspapers are not t- copy this advertisement
without the express order ot Harper & Urolliers.
Nov. 21, 1H75
A nromlnent New Yorit i-bvsician late:v com
plained to iiUXtA lJiCK fit CO. atom tue.r rii.n-'
dalwood Oil t'att'Jli-a. siatiiu thut sonietlmea tliv
enred niiraciilotiy, hut thai a pntieni of his hud
taken tnem wHUoiit e:irct, Un oeins iniurnied
tinit several Imitations were sold, Jie iii'j:iJ.nd a:d
toHidlii piitieut had nut been tiikins JUNlA."i
hanjri.ed o other. au.i IjU.SDA DICK fc CO.
What nu.jeieci io in's pnysiciuu may nave
lake tliis method ofptttiectin p!iy.ieuns, d,-nr-irisioandttiemsetvei.
and prtvi-ij.l ".tiff Uit ol sjan-dalwoo-l
from coining imo :li-;rpiite.
Vlll l i .'.- wno niicf preecriiti? mo (..iprnies
wilt CONTINUiS TO iX) S'J. for tii.rv cont:i;n liie
PUHEOiln tneHKf Alt i C U KA l't.ni form.
DUN DA H DiCKftC). use more Oil i.r.S-tnual-wood
than all the Wliolsuli and Kt.iil DruKKHrs
d Perinmers In tne United stntscomoncl. a,n
this 13 the HOLK reason why the. I'tiitK OIL i
sold CHEAl'KKIn tlitur Caiules llii.ii inaio"
ntUfr fiimi.
OIL OF SANDALWOOD in fast anpernedinc ev
trv other remedy, six ty Capsuk'S ONLY beiitjtr re
quired to IrjS'irea jafi-and certain c;Jre in x
elfrhtdiiy. I roin nooihcr uieutclne can tin.' re
suit hA hft.l.
Dt'l J.-!s mL-rv e u -tirt uArM uv.wsoive
the prohlcm, htny considered oy eintneiii physi
cians, ot iiuWo avoi'i ine nausea ano otatm ex
nprienceri in swallow f tic. wl.icn are well known
detract from, if not destroy, the good effects
many valuable reniemes.
M-iir Canuleiare out un in tit;-foil and net box
es.iliirly In each, and are the only Capsules pre
scribed by pnvsiciatm.
manv other nauseous m diet nes cun be taken eas
ily aid safety in Dt'N DAa DICK A C0r8S0t
r" These were tup oniyuapsuia aumitieu
tnuiO't runs t.ip.isimm.
SOU) .VI. ALL UUtU SlUlir Jl tlU'i.
Oct. SH. ITi -
Price Twenty-flve Cents. . .
Cnntalnlnffit comnlte list of :tll the towns In the
Vni ted Slates, the Turritorii's and the Dominion
Canada, Iiavintra population greater than b,'W
acvordinic to tlie lasi census, logrther wiih ihe
namesol'lbe newspaper Uavtng the largest local
circulation in each ofthe places n:tmed. Also,
catalogue of new4Hpers which awe rerommended
to advertisersairivini?frreatet value in prujvtr
tion U prices clmrced. Also, all newspapers in the
TJultedStJtesaiid Canada printiiiTr over 5,I0 cop
ies eacn isne. aiso. nu i nt ivKiiiiiunn. Afiru-iiiiur-al,
8cientlfi and Mechanical, Medical. Masonic.
Juvenile, Edurat'oual, Connuprcial. Insurance.
Keal Estat-, Law, Sporting, Msslca!; Fashion, and
other special clas onrnuls; very complete lists.
Toce'Tier with acompiHelist of over 3'K irerman
papers printed In the ITnitr d States. Alo, an es
ay upon advertislne: many tablea of rate, diow
inKthecostofadvertlslnc in vartons wewspnpers,
andf vervthlntr -wbicb a beginner in advertising
would like to know.
41 Tark Itow. New Tort
Oct 28, IS7S
To sell Dr. -Chase's Peeipe?; or In
formation for Kverybody,in every coun
ty in the United States and Canada.
Enlarged by tlie publisher to 648 past
It contains over 2(100 household reciprs
and Is suited to all cla?se and condi
tions of society. A wonderful bookand
a househ Id nee.sitv. It sells atsljht.
Greatest inducements ever offered
book agents. Sample copies sent
mail, nostnaid, for $2,00. Exelti.-ivc
territory given. Agents more than dou
ble their money. Address Dr. Chase's
Steam Printing House, Ann Arbor,
Xov. If. 1373-im .
- FT. C
TXVITES espeeial attention jto bis
I -toekof FAMILY GKOCEr.lES &
PKOUCCE, of wliieli lie keens a -full
and complete stock 'at liis OU'stnujl qn
esaron street sMjiiion, rio.,
He flatterB himself tlint 'life' rari Bell
as low- as any otlier hoiUc in town, nd
wlllkeep alwaysou hand the betlliriiBuit
of .... . - , ., -r .;
racm. '
- TBA-. "
. - UL'l 'tJER; ;
. .' CBE'.;r . -
AM 11. 1 t.Ut.'li(
The p.-itrnna?" of tlie public is solieited
4an 14.1iyl? . ' t -' ?-
' . ' ii at bcr ! JLxtntie r
'INli. ItOl'i;i..Ml aui Atflt VlinriDL- nr.1,1
Plnf nri'l roiMiI:,r'i,j;..;n'-( l)ns.'l AslLVmcjud
sr A7u u a llcsti; us. xew j:jTrnsts ,i c
Are also preptirftd to'fi'ii iii-V' ..'
. c loor. for t4.(Ki n:i;f .
anl Kutten Ildirs nnl tn SAW .11?,: MiUI.L ill!
TURN fjtf.xniBB toor.lvr. We liUt-n l L" .-.'ilir.i!
to ihe.lnti-re.it or those neading any.tltli - (H 'alr
linetotte.il with tii. . ... .
HIGHEST-TKARKT' rrfci'iiATP 'k'bii
' Barton, April l.isr.-tf , , -,')i -1t-' '
X m" , ait ders oJ
MAsrwcrunra Asp deat-Eiiin
And all poods encruliy foiiiuUii a nrt
class Sa'W leant! IlariieVstsbibliflimciit.
Tin Harn25s a Saeciatity.
1. t.'T t.vn'l
HAVEojtchb a lioefSli6p;ftwf'Loftj;
uecker's Grocery; and do),-icV;r4f!ii'ie
of' the puMity pHitroimiif IWe wH 'Srie
clal attention to-our tuatuili.ikrdd Sdv
ed Boots & Sliocs. '
All WorkVSFrnted.,
to 'fit and suit. Jleiiditiij duije' Hvitlr
ueiitness and tlespaniil ,-;H'M' rv-
,: . r . : DUOVvX S; tor:
Eaton. Oct. H. 1875 .-.:.;
RAILROAD TIME TABLE. Cincin, Eaton & Richmond R. R.
Passenger -Trjiaa wil. raroajtMa $ot&fcsviog
tho severHi istations as follows : rfohui
' - T' 1 "
: ;t--Clnelnnstl
Jfo. .14 . j
A ceo in. , ,
i T m.
sai p m'
M p; m
30 p ni
as p - m
8 -J" .p ni
No. iff -
CluCHJfO J3i
7 (. - ni
g ttr p m
8 34 p " m
8 44 4'U m
9 IU n m
8 35 aim
& 11 a m
8 21' a m
9 4? b m
9 i7 V
Itlciimond J
or. s m
Xo. 17
So. 37
6 Co am
7 (W tn
T t m
8 til ,a m
Oliicago- Rc
Ci Ft; W.I
6 411 j pt ni
7 07 p tn
7 p Jtti
7 49 p m
7 f9 n tu
r lorence . ..
aloa it..
OW L, lit.
4 20 " a m
8 M a . m 1
6 '.j a m
7 02 m
U i u
9 35 a L.i
" am
tt MD
9 W
p m
y m
I. AVILLVVXS. Gep'l Sqpt.
DEAI.K.U -IS ' -"
'' CAKlbs&IrnCHlO.
TT'EEPS constantly on hand arfcill
J.V. stock of all kinds of Stovr, 'Tin
and Sheet-iron Ware; - ?.-.-ut .
Roofing Guttertny jnfilSp&ntfng,-
promptly attemlrtl to on call,'t6eiicr'
with repairing, elieap. :' '- -
c. a Trr uor1
CSlore in- Oa-rd's eoinfr'Dn' ifdln
street, o; piir?ri? the Dnnscr House
ot ne it), tsjaiiy ?
Barron Street, Eaton', Ohio
KEEPS constantly pn,. hand ii;irgo
staek of flrsUasifi'i '.',.; -BOOTS
which lie wiil sell -at rtMi.sonaliMririoes
for c:i.-h. ' lie wHI !o allikit!(lsf Ro
Dairins; promptly antl pji'tbe most
liberal U-Vms. Givo him m.i'll. - , ..i.
... ,. j lu JIICiIAL-,
Christ. Brown's oltl stanJr IJajfon
St., E ton, O. ; .....it St"''
. t.-.a.'v.a"
m 000 WORTH OF!
Readj-Made Clothing !
f.::t v!:i" .
' i.
And offesed at prices that willi jEuit 11
. purchasers. :-r.vY.
Trunks, Hats Capjs, &c.
Tlis Largest Stock Ever, in Eaton l;
And v ill be sold (Jowh to; tlie lowest
figures: ""
- . ' '' V.j jil
And the only way to io it tliefitiliard.
. t nies .s make Uiem, :
for everyone' to buy .i lKow. Is'; J,8i..
. ''' ..'".;,.''.
... -' -: H -'v 1 I.'."" 1 '-
Jfy st( U bofore purchasing leuhee..
O-'posite Jai1. Stephens' Block ta-.
ton, Ohio. , M.STUHM
K aton.July 1, TS73-ly mA ,...A .

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