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L, G. GOULD, Editor.
Juno 6, 1878.
'. The Democratic voters of Preble
. County are requested to meet at the
, Court House, on ;
Saturday, June 15th, 1878,
to appoint six Deligetes and six Al
ternates, to attend the Democratic
State-Convention, to be held at Col--umbos,
on Wednesday, June 26th,
1878. ' "
By order of Democratic Executive
M. L. HOLT, Sec'y.
Who will represent the Fifth?
Postmaster Keys still claims to be
a Democrat. He is very milky one.
Thurmax and
Wade Hampton
would make a
team. ' ' ..' -
, The Presidential fraud will be but
clay in the hands of the Potter, to
mould over. " , :
Mr. Hates declares he will stick to
hia fraudulent seat Is he trying the
game of bluff? " : -
Is it any worse to rifle the grave of
the son of a President, than that of a
plebiaih? ' ' 7 ;
How would W. T. Bishop do to fill
the Chair of the Democratic State
: Executive Committee? . ; . , .-.-':
- Since Ket's wrote his letter on the
Presidential investigation, he has
' been generally noted an ass. , "
" Senator Pendleton does not favor
, the Pottee resolution, Bays the En-
quirer. Mr. Pendleton may be
Hitss successor. '" ' ' -
Another attempt was made upon
the life of Emperor William of Ger
many What does any one want to
kill that poor old man for? : ;
" The Sunday Enquirer sold in Ea
ton at ten cents last Sunday, while
the Commercial . brought only five.
How's that?! i'i jm.'.'.; . r j wj
i It wouldn't surprise ns very much
if there's candidate ' from Preble
. county for Congress. . , He is "materi
alizing." . Lay low, boys. :: ' "
Ex-Confedsrate "rebel" Key is
. popular with the Republicans now.
Hayes and Grant had better keep
an eyeoa the old fellow. .' ; r
v. s -
Slop-tub editors are still harping on
O'Cohser.. If O' Conner had only
Stolen a million and held an office
under Grant or Hayes, it would have
been all right.
i ,. -; ' -The
resolutions of the bob-tail Re
. publican Convention held in Eaton,
are certainly a literary curiosity.
They . should have been voted . for
'with printed ballots!! , ' ,
The "bloody, shirt" , cry wouldn't
beat tbe Democracy of Ohio last fall,
now the "O'Conner Legislature" and
"Mexicanizing". the country dodge
will be tried. . Slim timber.
' ' The ' Pennsylvania' Republican
' Convention entirely :. ignored Mir.
.Hates in their proceedings and res
olutions. Just what the Ohio Re
publicans will be forced to do or bust
their Convention.
: Hon. Frank McKinney, of Flqoa,
was in Eaton on Friday morning last
Frank is a candidate for Congaess,
and without any dispargeroent to
others seeking the honor, we believe
he is the ablest man in the Fifth Dis
trict "' ,
'', Darke County has two prominent
gentlemen who want to go to Con
gress from this District Jacob Ba
ker and C M. Anderson. ! Next
Saturday it will be decided by ballot
which one will be presented before
the Convention. ' , , . '
., We doubt very much whether
John G. Thompson will be removed
from the Chairmanship of the Demo
cratic Executive Committee of Ohio.
Every year the cry goes up for his
decapitation, tut some how or other,
he don't decapitate" worth a d
: ' "
How. is it "revolutionary" to in
quire whether there were frauds in
the last Presidential election?- The
bob-tail Convention that met in Ea
ton, should have "resolved" this
question so the "irrespective of par
ty" voters could understand it '
, , We don't believe that any opposi
tion to John G. Thompson continu
ing as Chairman of the State Cen
tral Committee, arises , from his
friendship of Senator Thurhan, be
cause some of this gentleman's warm
est friends are against Johngee hold
ing on any longer. ....... .
-. i ; '
No wonder the Republican office
holders and journals, fought the in
vestigation resolutions. .The state
ments of Anderson and the letter
John. Sherhan, are enough to sink
the party into everlasting oblivion.
The end is not yet Before the in
vestigation ia closed, the infamous
crime of the Presidential scoundrels
will be fully exposed, and the "irre
spective of party" men will see who
have "Mexicanlied"' this couctrr
Those who are in favor of Mexican
methods will endorse Congress, and
those who are opposed will insist
upon an endorsement of the consti
tution and the observance of the de
cision of the Electoral Commission.
TLe hypocricy of the Republicans
was never made more manifest than
it is by their pretence of depreciating
feeling of uneasiness and alarm as
calculated to effect business, while
they are laboring themselves to ex
cite a distrust which no sensible peo
ple feel. The fact is, nobody is
frightened at the proposal to expose
Republican fraud, but the Republi
can leaders and office-holders them
selves, hence, the above is a speci
men of the kind of stuff these pollu
ters of the ballot box are spreading
before the people, for the purpose of.
inflaming their minds and exciting
partisan strife and civil discord in
the country, that they may retain
their plundering hold upon the gov
ernment. When the Democratic par
ty submitted to the Electoral Com
mission, it did not agree to confirm
the fraud and encourage its repeti
tion by crowning it and bowing down
to it and hailing it as a blessing to
the land. ; Every member of ; the
House of Representatives declared
the result a fraud, and Republican
evidence has so accumulated to prove
it such, that not to give it a thorough
investigation would be cowardly and
a disgrace. : We have nothing but-
detestation to express for the deed
done and nothing but loathing con
tempt for its enactors, and the man
who opposes an investigation into
the frauds, is simply a political guer
rilla, willing to indorse any means
by which his party may obtain pow
er. The crime is too great to be for
gotten and too shameful to be con
doned,' and should be so thoroughly
probed as to make the history of it so
complete and authentic, that the pol
itical party which devised and con
sumated it may sink under the load
of infamy it brings. . It is not the ti
tor; that
has been settled, if not well enough
at least long enough to make it not
worth the while of the great national
Democratic v party to disturb the
country with its useless and futile
agitation. Bring the fraud to the
surface and expose it to the gaze of
the country, and if Mr. Hates' is
content to remain an occupant of the
White House, with his title reeking
with robbery and fraud, and the fing
er of scorn following him for the re
mainder of his term, let him do so,
but let the Democracy organize and
arm for the great battle of 1880, that
the fraud may not be repeated again.
Tbe individual who drafted the'
resolution for the bob-tail Conven
tion held in Eaton, referring to the
investigation as a "plot to Mexican
ize the government," is certainly ig
norant of the system of the Mexican
government, or he would have omit
ted the sentence. The essence of
that system is to permit an adven
turer to get into the Presidency by
bargain and fraud, and then to keep
him in by intrigue or force, the very
plan of the . Republican party as to
Mr. Hates. Any man with a grain
of common sense can easily detect
which party are the "Mexicanizers"
of our government.
The Cincinnati Enquirer says that
if Maj Shaw is removed from the
Superintendency of. the Orphans'
Home, there is talk of making him the
Republican candidate for Secretary
of -State.. The Board of that institu
tion don't meet until after the Re
publican Convention, so this body
will know nothing about whether he
will be removed or not If it did and
would nominate him, he would be
the best candidate ever presented on
that side. We would hate help to
beat him, but would be obliged to do
it.' ':' '
The boldest and most bare faced
communistic declarations irom any
person on the stump or off of it, were
from Wm. H. West, the Republican
candidate for Governor of Ohio last
fall, and they added much to his
overwhelming defeat, and vet the
bob-tail Radical Convention held in
Eaton, had the brazen impudence to
pass a resolution charging them upon
Democrats! We call the attention
of honest "irrespective of party men,'
to this-miserable piece of political
trickery and deception.
Hamilton, Butler county, is as pro
ductive of newspapers as warm rains
in the spring time are of mushrooms,
"The Weekly Orcut" is the last, a
copy of which is on our table. Of
course it is the regular Dr. Towns
end, Sarsaprilla, Simon pure, "none
other genuine but it,' and should be
'well shaken before taken."
Hon. F. C. LeBlond is a candi
date for Congress in the Fifth Dis
trict Mr. LeBlond ia a Mercer
county Democrat, and served in Con
gress from 1863 until 1867, and
made a very good and creditable re
cord.' Should he be the lucky man,
we can support him very cheerfully,
Is (JoNKLiNa a Democrat? Are
Chandler and Cameron Democrats?
To these leading Republicans more
than any Democrat, belongs the re
sponsibility of investigating the
Presidential fraud. ; These Republi
cans .demanded it should be done,
and the effort to make political cap
ital" out of it against the Democrats,
is all bosh. . .
The Dayton Journal says the Trus
tees of the Dayton Asylum met
there on the 23d inst, to reform out
the balance of the Republican em
ployes, but finding the pressure for
"reorganization" rather heavy turn
ed to
Eaton Register.
We don't see the Dayton Journal,
but from the above we conclude that
Balam and his ass have both spoken
again, about the Dayton Asylum bu
siness. , We are surprised that Mr.
Bickhah takes so much pains to
bring into disrepute and cast odium
upon an institution, that is an orna
ment and a credit to the beautiful
city of his adoption, and only for po
litical porposes. If there was any
mismanagement in the affairs of the
Asylum, or any neglect on the part
of tbe Superintendent and employes,
the flings of the editor would be jus
tifiable and might be passed over,
but such is not the case, and no one
has a better opportunity to know
this fact, than the gentleman him
self. The Trustees met simply to
transact imperative business con
nected with the institution, and nei
ther to i'reform" in or "reform' out
any of its employes. When they ap
pointed Superintendent, Steward
and Clerk, according to the letter of
the law, their power in that direction
ended, and no "pressure" was ne
cessary to turn other changes over
to the Superintendent. He possess
es that power by right, and the Board
is fully convinced that, having the
warmest interest and feeling for his
patients, he will do his best to make
good and efficient selections, as he is
obliged to live with and govern them.
No employe was removed for any
cause whatever, that his place might
be filled by Democrats. Dr. Huff
desired to leave before reorganiza
tion took place, but was induced to
remain until the new administration
could fill his place.' Both he and
the Druggist leave, of their own ac
cord, on arrangements made before
the present Board was appointed.
Thej&wJEhysician. and Druggist ap
pointed, are men of good moral char
acter, and above the average of those
who have filled similar places in oth
er. institutions, ihe' iioard has
not, nor does it expect to demand of
Dr. Morse anything, only that he
run the Dayton Asylum for its own
best interest He has already shown
his independence in this and mani
fested such disposition, by refusing
to take men wholly unfit for the
places they seek, and take only such
as are worthy. Dr. Adams, the sue
cessor of Dr. Huff, has spent four
years in Asylums two with Dr.
Gundkt at Athens and no man with
the least regard for truth, can utter
a word to his discredit He was re
commended by Professors in Cincin
natr, Columbusand -elsewhere, and
we are satisfied is the right man in
the right place.
The Republicans are determined
to have a "bloody shirt" campaign
this fall. ' For the evils of bankrupt
cy of all kinds of busines, the star
vation of the laboring classes, the
stealing in the Presidency and the
plundering of the treasury of millions
of dollars,: the only appology offered
by the party in power, will be the
cry of "O'Conner Legislature," Mex
icanizing' tbe government and "rev
olution." By such meaningless stuff
it is expected : to frighten the labor
ing classes and over-taxed farmers,
to vote the ticket of the party that
has disgraced the country, and by
contraction, bankrupted and ruined
its manufactures,
. A few Republicans of Preble coun
ty in Convention assembled, baed
resolution on the declarations of their
candidate for Governor last fall, and
charge them as being "communistic
declarations of Democratic dema
gogues," and then ask tbe independ
ent, honest, "irrespective of party':
voters to come and help them ! This
is a specimen of the dishonest decep
tion that is to be used, in this coun
ty, to induce "irrespective of party
men" to support an organization
rascality and robbery.
The Republicans who voted for the
resolution in the bob-tail Convention;
that declared the re-districting of the
State to be "grossly unfair," don'
recollect that they approved of
worse gerrymandering in 1872, which
cut up the State so outragecusly and
"grossly unfair," that it gave them
eighteen out of twenty Congressmen
A nice set of fellows indeed, to talk
of unfairness in re-districting
If the term "Mexicanize" and "rev
olution" can be properly applied
either side, it is to the party now
power, because their President holds
his seat by fraud and against the
old and long established way of de
termining the election of Presidents,
It was unconstitutional, unjustifi
oie, without precedent and conse
quently 'revolutionary.' The screech
owl howl of "Mexicanizing" the gov
eminent comes from parties guilty
the crime themselves,
The Democracy of Pennsylvania
held their State Convention at Pitts
burg and nominated the following
ticket: For Governor, Andrew H,
Gill; Lt-Governor, John Fertig
Snpreme Judge, H. P. Ross; Seoreta
ry of State, J. Simpson Africa. The
convention was large and enthusias
tic," and spoke well for a grand victo-
V' ..."
Eaton Register. A WORKING BODY.
The work of the first session of the
Ohio Legislature, just closed, is such
as to reflect creditably upon the par
ty which elected the working major-
tiiiciciii. av uao lrccu a WOrKIUg
body, i One of the most arduous of
its labors was the revision, page by
page oi ,1,413 pages oi tne work oi
the Codifying Commission. i i
It has passed 159 bills, requiring
patient work, and the character of its
laws will meet with general favor.
To be brief:
It elected a United States Senator
in the person of Mr. Pendleton, id
harmony with the Ohio lalth. ,
t. 1-J .1 J: T : i ; - I
It cut down appropriation to the
amount of $700,000, although from
$30,000 to $50,000 of its appropria
tions were to meet a deficiency of a
Republican Legislature.'
It righted the gerrymandering
wront- done by the Republican party
by a more lair and equitable appor
tionment of the Congressional dis
tricts or the btate.
It divorced the District Courts
from the Common Pleas Courts, so
that the judge who decided cases in
the Common Pleas Courts should not
perform the farcial act of sitting in
judgment again on the same cases ia
a higher Court
It abolished the odious system or
paying laborers in orders for groce-
es at exorbitant prohts. - -
It enacted a law to protect the
hard-working laborer, from losing his
wages by the assignments of tsmpusy-
ers. making their claims to . the
amount of $300, preferred lieus.
It repealed the color clause in the
militia law permitting colored men
to organize into militia companies.
Economical, just and industrious,
the Ohio Legislature, has acted wise
ly in its work of legislation, so the
people will saA and the party will
necessarily be strengthened, n
On the whole the"" Democracy can
go before the people of Ohio on the
record of its Legislature and .sweep
the State in October 25,000 ¬
Springfield Transcript.
Resolved: 1st That the commu
nistic organizations which are spring
ing up throughout the country and
threatening the destruction of life
and property are the natural results
of the communistic declarations of
Democratic demagogues. . . ' . ' .
The above resolution wag. passed
by the bob-tail Republican OcwveD:-
won, ueiu in muw uaiue.MHui
lis t- i .1. nsv
May, and in the face of the Comma
nistic ; declarations and speeches of
their blind candidate for Governor
in this State last fall, it is the cool
est display of cheek we have witness
ed lately. ; The fellow who drafted it
should refer back to a few of the
speeches made : last fall by. Wm. H.
West, Republican candidate for Gov
ernor, and he will find he has grabb
ed the "wrong sow by the cars."
Hon. John Scott Harrison, son of
President Harrison, died very sud
denly at , his farm , residence; near
North Bend, on tbe 25th ult, and was
interred at Congress Green Cemetery,
A few days after his internuent, ,h's
son climbed into the Ohio Medical
College, in Cincinnati, to look for the
body of a friend who had died a few
davs before asd been stolen from the
grave, and on removing a cloth from
the face of a corpse in one of the dis-
sectin g rooms, was horrified to dis
cover beneath the mask the features
of his dead father! The feelingover
the discovery has been'very intense,
both in Cincinnati and at : North
Bend, where Mr, Harrison resided,
and should the guilty ghouls, be.dis-
covered, they will be
the bitter end. ' . '
prosecuted to
It is a notorious and significant
fact, that all the efforts to set aside
the verdict of the Electoral Commis
sion by ripping up Mr. Hates'" title-
Montgomery Blair's only ekejepted-
have been made by Republicans, not
Democrats! Yet Radical Conven
tions, and Radical office-holders are
howling over Democrats "Mexi
canizing" the Government! The
"irrespective of party" voters should
not allow themselves to be deceived
into the support of the contraction
party, by such political trickery and
Here is one of the best specimens
of "gerrymandering" ever placed be
fore the public, and it comes from
the Granite State, New Hampshire
In the six cities of that State 8,900
Republican votes elect sixty-two
Representatives to the Legislature,
and , 7,470 Democratic votes only
elect fourteen Representatives! ' The'
DOD-iaii convention oi ii,aton, wnicn
resolved that "the act of gerrymau
dering the State for Congressional
purposes grossly unfair," 6hould
make a note of their New Hampshire
brethren's work.
The Pennsj-lvania Democratic Con
vention passed a-resolution declaring
for a "thorough investigation into
the Presidential fraud of 1876; that
fraud should be exposed, troth vin
dicated and criminals punished," and
wind up by saying that they are" op
posed to any attack on the Presiden
tial title. The thieves must be pun
ished they say, but at the same time
they would screen the man who has
the stolen goods in his possession
Fidlesticks on such nonsense,' ..
David M. Key, the ex Confederate
Post Master General, and who wrote
a letter some time ago declaring that
he never did think Mr. Hates was
elected President, writes another
cringing one, begging that the title
of the fraudulent President be not
disturbed. Key don't want to be
turned out of his $8,000 a year fat
position. All the office-holders are
whining over the investigation like
whipped spaniels. ' . " 1 .
Our Cavital. The Pari of Ameri
ca Potter Investigation.- Com-
mtttee-The repeal oj the Bank-
rupt Law Grant and Shields
The Family of the late Professor
Henry The Decoration Day. -
[From our regular Correspondent.]
WASHINGTON, D. C. May 29th '78.
At all times an agreeable place for
a promenade, the Capitol is never so
attractive as when the foliage of the
trees in the parks and on the ave
nues is developed in rich abundance.
The Pennsylvania is suggestive of
the Paris Bonlvards in their summer
ty of Florence, Stockholm "and some
other of the most charming places in
Europe. Bnt it is not alone in afflu
ence of nature that a pedestrian
finds .delight in Washington. : Pas
sion and taste for art can nowhere
be better satisfied than in the Cor
coran Gallery a noble gift of a gen
erous-'and judicious millionaire-
where some of the choicest paintings
ever produced have been collected.
"When the civil .war is over ". the
political : struggle ended and after
Congress has adjourned, your cor
respondent will be able to devote
more of: his. time and . your paper
more of its space to art, artists and
historical sketches of Washington as
it was, as it is and will be.
The Potter investigating commit
tee has held several meetings, but no
definite plan as to scope of its work
has yet been adopted, in point of
fact, the outlook for the committee
is not so encouraging as the men
who inaugurated the movement ex
pected. There is no interest what
ever taxen in it here, and tue most
insignificaut investigation of the Inst
Congress received -more notice than
this will. And, from reports that
have come from abroad, in the news
papers and from private sources, it
is generally understood mat the
country is as indifferent to the mat
ter as the politicians here arc. The
action Or rather lack of action of the
Democratic National Committee has
been a serious damper upon the en
thusiasm of the investigators, and
the failure to scare anybody has dis
appointed them. .Mr. rotter. Chair
man of the committee, has written
an important letter to a friend. The
substance of the letter is an indica
tion of the course of the Democrats
in the House in instituting the in
vestigation, and denying that it is
intended, to affect the title of Presi
dent Haves, or is in the least degree
revolutionary. He thinks the inves
tisration necessary to a final author
itative settlement of the question
which has caused so much agitation
ever since the Presidential election
and justifies it on the ground of pat
notism and peace. J. he letteos vers
ions and elaborate.
The bill to repeal tue Bankrupt
law, with the Senate amendments, is
now lvmg on the speaker s table in
the House. Registers of bankrupt
cy throughout the country are tak
ing a great deal of interest in this
bill, and some of them ara now here
trving to defeat it The Senate
amendment . which postpones the
date until the 1st of September, when
tbe repeal shall take effect it is un
derstood, was suggested by them and
its adoption secured through thei
efforts. Even : though the repeal
takes . effect at that clate. it will be
several years in most of the States
before the proceedings already in
stituted can be terminsted.
Among the Republican Senators
there is an evident purpose to tax
the country about $20,000 per year
for the benefit of Gen. Crrant. ihe
motion to reconsider the vote by
which the bill to place Gen. Shields
on the retired list was defeated,
pending and will be caueu up, per
DoV Cameron is particularly cner-
g3tic in pushing this measure in the
interest of Gen. Grant. He has
made appeals to several Democratic
Senators, urging them to vote lor tne
bill when it comes up, because Geu.
Grant "actually needs the money."
This is the way he put the matter
Senator Hill, reminding the latter,
the same time, that he had declared
he would vote for the bCl if be be
lieved Grant needed assistance.
There can hardly be any doubt that
assurance has been received from
the ex-President that he desires this
"nresent" ' from the people. A Re
publican Senator stated yesterday
that the bill would be called up
soon as its passage could be made
certain by the pledge pt sufficient
votes. The requisite number of votes
will probably be obtained, as the Re
publican Senators who voted against
it before have been informed that
the measure is really to help Gen
Grant., The indications , now
that the bill will be passed, and that
Gen. Shields and Gen. brant will
both be retired. The Democratic
friends of Gen. Shields will stand
his name, and as it has been made
to appear that ex-Prcsident Grant
actually short of funds, it is not lm
probable that several Democrats will
ote to him lhis
The appointment of Prof. Baird
the Secretaryship of the Smithsonian
Institute, made vacant by the death
of Professor Henry, was a very
ting one. He had been assistant
Secretary, and, reasonably, will
more able to carry out the designs
and wishes of Professor Henry. Mrs.
and Miss Henry will remain at
Smithsonian until they leave
their usual summer trip to the moun
tains, returning to the Smithsonian
in the fall, until their new home
ready for them. It is uncertain
present in what particular locality
Washington they will purchase
permanent home. The family re
ceived a few days ago the amount
the life insurance policy of Professor
Henry, $8,000. They will also du
ring life receive the interest of the
$40,000 Henry fund, which will
amount to $2,400 per annum.
the death of the last remaining mem
ber of the family the fund goes to
Smithsonian Institute. Everybody
will be glad to know that the family
of the distinguished savan are e well
provided for.
Extensive preparations fbr observ
ing the Decoration day to-morrow
are being made. Excursion parties
in great number have been advertis
ed and prepared for by numerous
coteries. The proceedings in memo
ry of deceased soldiers will draw
vast crowds to the cemeteries near
Washington, the Soldiers' Home and
Arlington. President "Haves" and
party leave to night for Gettysburg.
At sunrise and 12 o'clock m. a na
tional salute will be fired. The dec
orations of the graves at Arlington
will commence at 12.15, the partici
pants being headed by the officers of
this department G. A. B., the exe
cutive and decorating, committee,
orphans from the Soldiers and Sail
ors' Orphan Home and those of the
public who choose to engage in the
ceremony, services in the amphi
theatre will begin at 1 o clock. Hon.
C G. Williams, of Wis., one of the
few national orators in the House.
will deliver the oration, after which
the Rev. Dr. Rankin, of the Congre
gational Church, will read a poem
written bv himself for the occasion.
The Marine Babd has been engaged,
and there will be vocal music by the
Washington Sangerbund and child
ren from the soldiers and .bailors
Orphan - Home, f The chaplain se
lected for tbe occasion is Kev. Dr.
Some Republicans say that one ef
fect at least is certain to be produced
by the introduction and passage of
tbe rotter resolution, and that is the
consolidation of their party. A few
croaking Democrats give utterance
to tne same opinion. , - ,
If the Republican party were now
performing the function for which it
was originally organized, -that of the
handmaid of human liberty, its con
solidation would be a public bless
ing. ' But, in the estimation of many
who were at some time among its
zealous members, and of not a few
who helped to establish it, the Re
publican party has Eurvived its day
of usefulness,- while numerous and
great abuses have grown up under
its long continued lease of power
which demand a change in the ad
ministration of the Government The
Republican party suffered a deep in
ory , in having a man of so much
military distinction . that he must
perforce be recognized as its leader
and head, while be possessed but lit
tle capacity for civil office, and held
extremely loose notions of official ob
ligations. Corruption can hardly be
said' to have crept in during his two
terms; of the .Presidency; for the
truth is, rather, that the floodgates
were opened and it was allowed to
rush in. -;'r ';-A ' "
Mr. Hayes succeeded Gen. Grant
by means which main' Republicans
disapprove of as heartily as any Dem
ocrats, and, besides, he seems to pos
sess few qualities to commend him
to the favor of his own political or
ganization. Under - such circum
stances there'was naturally a strong
tendency to disintegration in the Re
publican party. , .
Now, however, we, are toTd that it
is'. to. .be ..reunited,' and made once
more compact and harmonious. This
is to be brought about by the Potter
resolution.' And what is the rotter
resolution? A resolution to investi
gate certain alleged frauds. ' That is
to re-unite the Republican party, and
the reunion is to be in opposition to
investigation. In other words, -we
are to have a Republican party ho
mogencous and solid in defence of
cheating and in support of fraud!
.-We do not believe it We have
too much respect for the mass of the
Republican party for its. numerous
reflecting and eminent men for its
great independent journals, like the
JVcw York Times to think that such
a thing can be true." 1 '.
If the Republican part'.ever be
comes united again, we predict that
it will only be after having shaken
off and disowned both Hayes and his
frauds as well as having declared
itself against the re-election of Grant
and the re-inauguration of his cor
N. Y. Sun.
The Logansport . ( Ind. ) Journal,
in speakingof Mayor Abbott's al-
dress at the temperance celebration
in that city, on Friday last, says:
"President W. H. Leedy introduc
ed Hon. Luther C. Abbott, Mayor
Eaton. Ohio, who made an address
never before equalled In th:s city,
the temperance theme. Mr. Abbott
speaks from the heart, oftimes- ap
pearing "visibly affected by his own
words and thoughts, and the listen
ers appeared to driuk in his inspira
tions as though by magic. Seldom
has a man been heurd with more
wrapt attention, or the eloquent sen
fences appreciated greater..' 'Evi
dently ' his heart-felt words touched
many a thoughtless man oi intem
perate habits. Even were the re
porter to quote the speakers words,
he could not give the spirit, and the
moct beautiful portions of tbe ad
dress would prove as a dead weight,
and would be injustice to tbe able
gentleman." .
The blatherskites who are resolv
ing that it is "revolution" and"Mex
icanizing" the country to investigate
the Presidential frauds, are the
and office-seekers who
afraid that an exposure will leave
them out in the cold. There is
danger to the country nor to . any
thing, except the rascals who assist
ed in perpetrating the villainy, that
cheated the people out of their fair
ly elected President.
The dangers
about over.
of a foreign war are
The Emperor
is in a dangerous
Commercial Block, No. 189
W. W. Jefferson, Prop'r.
yyr IIX supply the people with
Oysters in every style, ,
and by the Can,
Heals and Luncn,
C. C
and everything else in the line of Sta
ple and Fancy Groceries.
taken in exchange for Groceries. Give
me a call. -
' EatouS-pt.28,1876. ,..
N. Y. Sun. LUMBER.
flTHE TJNDEE3IGNED takes this method of returning thanks to his
JL friends for past favors and imforra them and the public that he is paying
The Highest Harket Price in' 'Cash
Black Walnut Trees or Xnmber.
delivered at his Mill at Eaton, or at any other Saw Mill In Preble County, , . -,
marU-tf ' "
&Tiiig''lOtigiit'tiie' interest
pose keeping constantly
- Also manufacturer of and dealer in ' ' v;
Doors, Sash, Blinds"
Frames, Brackets, moulding, .
Siding, Pickets, &c. A constant supply of ,t
onhand, for; 25 cts.; apiece, "by the hundred. I will
pay the highest market price for Walnut Lumber,
delivered; or will buy your timber - standing or in-
the log. - --: . - -:: --, . j
Lumber Yard near tne Depot, .uaton, kju --;. a,
':.:, ' GEO. BEECZ, Prop. ;'
Al? oersone knowing' themselves indebted, to .the firm of ACTON
DEEM will please call and settle their
. I : -
ment of our partnership business.
Eaton, Feb. 21, 187S 3m
Having ; adopted a Strictly Cash . System Jan. Jst, 1878, we intend - to sell
gOOOS at tne 10We8t tasn rnces.
: Also, Queensware, School, and i Blank- Books, i ,.
urtaiu Goods, and a general variety of Notions. " Will pay theTiighest price
- -11 ' in cash or trade for all kinds of '.-.'"
We will seli goods much lower for Cash
. ; . - , to do wnen aowg
our goods and prices at the old. stand,
janlQ-ly " ' " ' ' ' : 'K -JV "--';'
r i ; Pealer in Ladies' and Gents' fine Gold and Silver . ; s
AS 5 - Sk; -! IrVAii " -. arl. B B I S5 ; - . ITlt 7,1 ifW. X"
Plated Spoons, Forks, Knives ani1 Com- :
; : r mon . Table Cutlery. '
: AH kinds of Watches repaired aud warranted to givesatisfaeiion, .,.
oo-ivrT-RiT?,f-;T A xJ buocic, zetotst, 6; V
Give ine a call before purchasing elsewhere, ami exitinine my goods and price. ;
March 9, 1878 - .. . -. . ; . - -- , -i ----- ;V- ''--;
- - '
' .T T. A kTSPrt TT .
of John P. Acton, I pro
on nana a fall supply of
. ; ----.
accounts, as we must have a settle-
' A J. T
i TT Will neey a ncuvjr siuvk v . ,.;
than we have hitherto been enabled
a ereau ousiness. ,, , , , - - , . -
established iu 1858.,., -. - ...j . .
', opp. Court House, -Baton, Ohio.. ;
Commerclal Block, 2d door, Main St.
AKNOUXCE to. their
friends and the pub-
Ilic that they have on. hand
and intend to keep a constant assort
ment of ,. i - ;
which they Will sell ou reasonable
........ terms for . . : (
They have an unlimited supply of al
kinds of i :. - - ': ''.-''
Agricultural Implements
Also exclusive Agentsforthecelebrated
The best of .
always on hand at the lowest marke
pric. . " EIDSON & DEGKOOT,
Feb.ll,:i875-ly : -,
1878. 1878.
mHE undersigned would respectfully
JL announce that she is now receiv
ing all the Fall New Shades of " , . ,
Zephyrs &nl Gernstswa.foslr
White and Colored Jara, Honey' Comb,
Bail Boad Canvas. New assortment
" ' (with or without shades.) '
Large assortment of Infant Hand
some Robes, Zephyr Knit, Caps, Saeks
and Under Shirts. Fine selection of
Plated Jewelries, Eardrops, Ac.
tST Indies Bhould remember I aa
headquarters for Millinery and
Fancy COOdS. I keep many
Goods that cannot be found elsewhere.
Also, a large stock of new Queens-
ware ana utassware.
I do all kinds of faney wrk oa the
shortest notice and at reasonable prices
No. 195 Commercial Bloek,.
Eaton, Sept. 19, 1877. ..v v
Michael & Son,
Druggists & BooksefFen
. Pppotfts CwjvtJTouse Eaton, Ok
Fassnacht .& Ran, : Fropr's, ,
Manufacturers of .-'.' '-f . -
Bottled and Stock Ale.
County and State,
Orders Promptly Pilled ";-
AND ''
, F. &R.
Eaton July 27,1876. , -. -
X wish to inform my
fnewds tad the ,
public in general, that I aa located ,
on the north-east corner of Main and . ;
Beech streets, (lately occupied by the
Kepler Bro's.) where I have just receiv-,;
ed a large and complete assortment oC .
Groceries, Queenswarei ! &c
All of which have been selected with,,
care, and purchased at the lowest cash,
prices, and I do not Intend to let any .
other House In Eaton sell goods at a
than 1 do..'-1 intend to sell for
only. I believe that I oan make it to.
the advantage of those purchasing fo
cash to buy of me. --. ..-!,.-;
Call and see mo.
I believe I can please you; V i i' 1
; ' -v ,-S. H. HUBBELE-
r Eaton, Dee. 81, 1876. - .
- . , -EJ- , ,v:
rBlilHl price In cmli or (roar paldtstktt
kind of .
: . Countiv Pjoduce. ;

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