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Juno 6, 1878,
loan on first mort
gage "
June 6-1m
r Court next weak. : . . . . .-V . ....
Poll off yoot coat.'- . J
A big cherry crop. ; j
. "We cGdn't Decorate."" i
Wheat only 90 cents.
. . 'Itah for the 4th now. ;: ' K ..;
Our jail is nearly full. " '- ' ' (
School boys are happy. t
Mo news of a circus yet.; ? 5
Young squirrels plenty. ,
, Wool from 18 to 25 cents. "
Decoration day was rainy. " '
" ' We still need that railroad. 1
Have yon paid your taxes? -"!-Raspberries
have turned up. ...'
JU. McNeal sets a lunch nowv ' '.
v Big lunches at Cap. Wilson's. . i i
,' . Bring on your raspberries now. ,
t A celebrated case Tho printer's. .
?Twp foj-assent" A bridal couple.
.T The price of wheat has taken a drop.
l Bro. Dix performs stage duty with
ECLAT J. -j-'r- '- j
' Jacob Bender is fixing for a beer
:: garden. 5 . ' , . -.
Judge Meeker was in Eaton last
Saturday.-;-' ' -v.
- The penitentiary hair cut .is all the
rage here. t . . '-..' ,;' v ,
A humiliating admission A dead
head ticket- ; ' i
Washington couldn't tell a lie when
be saw it r- -".--.- - - -
. " A fool and his father' money are
soon parted. ; '.. '-,.
Every saloon has been closed np in
Castine, O. :. . . w - .: : ,
Don't forget to prepare something
for onf feir.- . f".
Crenttemenof leisure now recline
Y in the shade. ' ' -
- ..Our truck dealers are doing a good
busiuess. ' 1 r- - . .i :... .r;
Fourth of July orators are looking
' for eagles. ' -a;, -;
A fine coat may cover a fool, but
' never conceals him. ;5;i-V.
Hon. J Solomon Cox s is visiting
friends in Eaten, v . -I?
improves the appetite to shove a
; lawn mower. ' Try it. ' '
- George Washington was first in war
bi-causa he married a widow.' -''.".
, jfever fool with a newspaperman
j he may be loaded.". .' ) -1 ' ' ' ; '
AbouC seventy bushels of strawber
- ries sold in Eaton last week.
Strawberries sold at three quarts
for quarter in Ealon.wv- ?.
'-. l Spring, chickens in market at 20
cents apiece.."1 Cheap euough.
The city Hall ought to be painted.
It looks shabby.
The "Heichel House" is a' bully
hotel to "hash" at -t We've tried it
' A large number of teachers attend
'' ed the examination last Saturday.
'.There is but one vacant room in
our county prison. - Who wants it ? ;
r. A" minister speaking of that hot
place, calls it that warm by-and-by."
; ,Envious people punish themselves
-for being inferior to-their neighbors.
. y The Eagle ' Hotel, has been newly
papered and fixed up. ' Good place to
stop. ! " '' '.'f ;
It is time Charley Ross was found
again. " The regular interval appears
'. lo have elapsed. ". . : '
"Skim 'milk" wasn't used at the
: Presbyterian strawberry festival last
Saturday'evening: Tis well.' ! ' '.
: The pic-nic held at the Fair Grounds
on Saturday last, was well attended
and a very enjoyable affair.
1 The barn of Wm. MHIb," near West-
yille, was destroyed last week. Loss,
1,000 insurance, $500.
E. W. McGuire offers his desirably
residence on north Barron street for
sale. See advertisement
The Eaton String band serenaded
the citizens from the Court House
; stand," last Saturday evening. ;Very
- - ' ... r.. v-'' :'
.line.-- -. '---W i . :- . '.I.-.; .. r
Last Saturday night was t fussy
night around Eaton.- Ex-Murphys
" are getting too numerous. "Hold the
fort"-r r- - "
warnall persons to beware of
the "white wire clothes line man" who
is ubw "taking 'em in" through the
country.'; -;,'-" -- ? ;
. : Our young gentlemen who are in
capacitated for hard work, should
make arrangements for organizing a
base ball club. '
What is money? asks an exchange-
Money is the "missing link between
several hundred of our subscribers
and the editor.
The beautiful and intelligent Miss
Squebobs, of Eaton, is visiting the
adorable Miss Squashhead, of Slab-
Aboot three-fifths of the jury trials
in this country include at least one
man on the jury who ought to have
. oaen bora a snuie.- . c
' .Kicking a dress pat behind is called
? "a la'Grand Duehesse,"but"an old so
. ciety critic says ho should call it "alle
dum nonsense.'' r ' .
N ' Those of the fair sex who havent
bad an opportunity to bloom out in
all their spring georgeousness have
some excuse or being cross.
It is no sign that a lady is going to
faint when yon see her make a half
circle with her foot and throw her
hand to one side to swoop np the fan
tailed train she is only preparing to
cross the gutter. , , ; ,
The Ohio Teachers' Association
will hold their annual session at Putin-Bay
on Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday, July 2, 3 and 4.
Two runaways occurred last week.
All . . . ., .
Aiuen ueem s nurse aitacnea to a
buggy and Joo Show's to a spring
wagon. But little damage dono in
either caso. x
The fanners lose about as much
money every year from the hog chol
era as newspaper men do from delin
quent subcribers. Both diseases are
The numerous shade trees in this
place form one of the chief attractions
to strangers, and add a charm to the
place that cannot fail to attract the at
tention of all.
, A titch in time, it is said, will save
nine. If the Commissioners will re
pair the s i one steps in front of the
Court House,, they will save ten.
Now is the time for that work.
;t Almost every idea is already pat
ented; but the man who shall invent
a bootjack that will kill two cats at
one blow,' will find a clear field, and
may realize from it his everlasting
fortune. . ' : ' . V I i
"Boys, don't leave the farm." No,
boys ; just take the farm right along
with you when you go anywhere.
You will find it handy if you fail to
get a situation In the city, as you
probably will. - .., .-'
Two men went out of the Corpora
tion last Saturday in the interest or
the p. r. One of them came out with
feariuliy cusngnrea countenance'
Sud convinced that fisticuffing wasn't
his forte. : ;
If every fool could keep his tongue,
what a solemn setof owls there would'
be in the world. Eaton Democrat.
Try the experiment, Levi. Abca-
NBM VlBITOB. ,V ; ; f S..
We knew that item would be a bait
for one. ;i , '. :'. f
- These warm mornings are calcula
ted to make a man " feel lively and
frisky, and he will arise in the morn
ing, go out into the garden, gather np
the hoe and spade, put them in the
shade and go down town to take a
drink.- ...
The eccentric genius who delights
in statistics says every man eats on an
average eight bushels of wheat in the
course of a year. We could point out
men who consume at least twenty-five
bushels of corn in the same time, but
they don't take the trouble to chew it
We see it stated that the recent
Legislature abolished Coroner's jury.
We have not read (he law and there
fore are unable to state the mode and
manner in which a certain class of
persons who "shuffle off this mortal
coil" are hereafter to be treated.
It is a shame, nevertheless, 'tis true,
that there are many worthless beings,
who style themselves men and wo
men, and able-bodied' ones, tod, that
idle their time away, on the streets,
while their poor fathers and mothers
are hard at work laboring for their
support . - , , -
$1.00 kids for 50c. at the Mammoth. "
Did you ever , notice how much
more progress the young people who
read the newspapers make at school
over the ones tnat don it livery
teacher will tell you the best scholars
thoy have in the school rooms belong
to the families that take the county
paperji. - . ;
In some of our neighboring cities
the streets are kept so free from
horse?, cattle, hogs and other animals
that . there is no need whatever of a
fence. In Eaton it is different There
has to be a strong fenco'around a lot
aud theu the old man has lo be np all
night watching his garden. .
A. J. Kepler closed a successful
term of school in No. 11, Washington
township, on the 1st inst An -excellent
dinner in the grove, fine music,
conducted by Dr. Will Arrastnith,
essays and lessons by pupils, with ad
dresses by John Laughlin, Bev.' Sam
uel Huddle, Robert Miller, L. D.
Brown, Win field Freeman and the
teacher, were on the programme.
Headquarters for hosiery at the Mam
moth. - " -'"'
Stop throwing filth and rubbish in
the newly cleaned np streets and al
leys. It is a violation of an Ordi
nance of our town, and we are in
formed the penalty will be enforced
if complaints are made. The health
of our town, the pride of our citizens,
every consideration calls upon us to
be careful in this matter and it will
surely save costs.
Under a law passed by the Ohio
Legislature, all oils or products of
petroleum, for sale or consumption
within-this State, require to be of a
temperature of J20 degrees, Fahren
heit, flash test All barrels require to
be tested, and any person knowingly
nsing or selling such articles not in
spected is guilty of a misdemeanor,
punishablo by a fine of not less than
$20 nor more than $100. Be careful.
The roof of the frame building on
the east side of the jail, was discover
ed on fire last Wednesday afternoou.
The alarm was given, but before the
engine reached the ground the fire
was extinguished. The general im
pression is that some one of the pris
oners threw a lighted match on the
roof, expecting that in the excitement
there would be a chance of escape. It
Best calicoes made for 5c. per yard,
at the Mammoth.
Charles Hamilton, an itinerant no
tion peddler, was arrested last week
at Eldorado, charged with an attempt
to eoesmit a rape upon the person of
Miss Emciine Wright, living about
five miles south-east of Eaton. He
had a preliminary examination before
the Mayor on Friday last, and com
mitted indefanlt of $300 bail, charged
with an assault and battery, under the
provisions of the new criminal code,
which allows a defendant to be bound
over for a lower grade of crime, if
concluded in the Ugher one charged
The Baccalaureate address of Dr.
Hancock, Superintendent of the Day
ton Schools, and formerly of Cincin
nati,' delivered in the city Hall on
Sunday evening last, was worthy of
the distinguished reputation of the
speaker as an educator, and that is
paying Dr. Hancock a very high tri
bute. His subject was well chosen
and treated in an able and interesting
manner. The rolation of higher edu
cation to the rank and file of this busy
working world is one which should
awaken interest, not merely as one
which touches the individual happi
ness of every son and daughter of toil,
but as one which links itself to the
most profound questions of political
economy. The speaker's remarks to
the graduating class, his reference to
the home influence of an educated and
refined woman, were eloquent and
beautiful. We cannot attempt any
analysis of the able gentleman's ad
dress, but suffice it to say, that it mer
ited and received respectful, earnest
attention and hearty applause' Our
people, and especially, our Marshal,
should be congratulated for the ex
cellent order maintained throughout
the ' exercises' of the evening. ; The
choir acquitted itself with rare merit
Altogether, the people may ever re
member with pleasure
well spent evening.
and profit, a
A 'farmer's daughter, living ' near
Cleveland, answered a personal in a
newspaper, entered into correspond
ence with the "unknown," finally met
him, was married, went to the city to
live, and returned to her father's in
two months, dressed like a beggar,
and looked twenty years older than
when she went away. ' Her husband
was a gambler and a loafer. This is
a "personal" romance in a nut shell.
Eev. W. J. Peick, late of Eaton,
will preach in the Baptist Church next
Sunday morning and evening.
Every dollar spent in giving em
ployment to home mechanics, is a
dollar loaded at a good rate of inter
est : - '' ' '' " " ;
If you are the widow of a sol.lier
of 1812, apply for a pension right
away. , xou can gst it ... . :
The new tonsorial fashion - among
barbers is to sand paper the heads of
their male customers. A numberof
our Eaton boys who have been 'put
through the process, resemble embryo
pugilists. ' .'
Double width
the Mammoth. '
Black Alpaca 20c, at
The Tennesseeans.
; This celebrated troupe of slave sing
ers, who have been here for the third
time, under the management of Mr.
Donavin, deserve more than a passing
notice. While the fugues still linger
along in memory there are many who
have heard them, who are puzzled to
know where; n the power of their fas
cination lies for it is a fascination, aud
nothing else. In no sense can the mu
sic be called high art; it is not even
medium art." But; nevertheless, Is pos
sesses certain occult qualities which
i ender U irresistibly attractive, not only
to men and women of general culture,
but even to those of the highest culture
in the art of music. As to the music
itself, criticism seems impotent. Its
great charm evidently lies in the har
monious blending of the voices, in con
nection with the seeming nnity of
time. Next to this, and scarcely second
ary, is the great good taste shown in
the rendering of most of their songs
These happy qualities are due in, some
measure to the natural gifts of the sing
ers, but in a far greater degree to the
thorough drilling of the master, aud to
the nightly rehearsals. Nevertheless,
let the analysis be what it may, there
still remains the bottom fact that the
negro's voice, when . correctly .used.
possesses a sweetness, richness and
power peculiarly and indescribably Its
own. Particularly was this noticeable
in the tenor voice of Frank Stewart.
His tones seemed to be produced with
perfect' ease, never forced, hut always
clear, rich and distinct in the heaviest
choruses. With respect to Mr. Thomp
son's profound baso, we are at a loss to
say whether! it is most to be wondered
at or admired. That it is agreeably at
tractive is sufficiently evidenced by the
appreciation of his audiences. Upon
the whole, it is the best troupe of sing
ers ever in Eaton, and we doubt if it is
equalled in America to-day.
One dollar
saved on a shawl at the
Notwithstanding the day was wet
and unpleasant, the patriotic citizens
of Camden and vicinity Decorated.
Speaking of the address of Mayor Ab
bott, the Camden Herald says :
We cannot in our limited snace do
sufficient justice to the fine effort of this
able gentleman. He paid a glowing
tribute to our dead heroes, w ho had
gone forth so nobly to the defence of
our glorious land, ana for the support
of the principle of ''what God hath join
ed together, let no.man put assumler."
His remarks were full of beautiful re
ferences to our dead boys from Camden,
tne enect or wnicn was witnessed by
the tfars and sobs of the great crowd
of relatives aud friends who had come
there to do them honor by covering
them over with beautiful flowers, and
to drop tears of loving memory over
their lowly resting place. Miss Kate
Clabby responded to this in a gorgeotts
Doquet quietly presented to the speak
er." -; ,
Twenty-two yards brown muslins for
$1.00 at the Hammotb. . ,
An Undeniable Truth.
You deserve to suffer. and if you lead
a miserable, unsatisfactory Hie in this
beautiful world., it i entirely your own
fault and there is only one excuse for
you, your unreasonable prejudice and
fkepticisin, wbicn nas killed thousands
Personal knowledge and common sense
reasoning will soon show you ' that
Green's August Flower will cure you
or Ijiver uompiainc, or uyspepsia, with
all its miserable effects, such as sick
headache, palpitation of the heart, sour
stomach, habitual costivenessrdizziness
of tbe head, nervous prostration, low
spirits, &c Its sales now reach every
town ou the Western Continent, and
not a Druggist but will tell yon of its
wonderiul cures, xou can buy a sam
pie bottle for 10 cents. Three doses
will relieve you. For sale by J. P.
Brookins & Son, Eaton, and J. H
Bonn, Camden, O.
Council Proceedings.
EATON, June 3d, '78.
Council met in regular session, May
or Abbott in the Chair. ' Councilraen
present G.; W. Churchill, H. C. Hill,
W. C. M. Brookins and J. T. Deem. '
The following bills were presented !
S. Shields, 7 road tax receipts, ' ; $2.46
T. Brannan, 1 " . " ; 1.76
B. Huffman, labor on streets...., 7.60
Frank Truax, " " 11.75
Wm. Krug, " " 11.88
L. H. Zeek, lighting St. lamps..:. 21.60
The Committee on Claims pronounc
ed, above bills correct, and on motion
orders .were directed to be issued .for
payment of same. . ,i r . .
Mayor Abbott, called for reports rbf
the several Committees.'
Mr. Deem, in behalf of the Commit
tee on streets, reported in contequence
of not having money in Corporation
Boad Fund, they were compelled to
use caution and were endeavoring to
use as much economy, at the same time
were having the work done that was
most needed. " -'' r- ) - ' ' ' -
The Street Commissioner was in
structed by the Council not to pay his
hands off in worthless tax receipts, as
had been done heretofore,' as it was
wrong for the Corporation to be com
pelled to redeem said receipts. . :'
Mr. Brookins reported that the curb
iug was in order and ready for paving
fronting on Griffls' property, and re
quested the Street Commissioner to
commence work on it as soon as possi
ble. ; ; ' ;' '-
Mr. Churchill called attention again
to the fact that some shade trees had
not been trimmed as high as required
by law, (10 feet) and consequently in
terfered with the light. ' ' : "
Mayor ADDott instructed tne street
Commissioner to furnish alist of names
property holders, who' had not con
formed to the ordinance in trimming
their trees at the same . time remark
ing, that all parties who had not com
plied with above ordinance were liable
to a fine. -
. Mr. Jlarshman appeared , before the
Council and made complaint that the
Corporation had neglected, to boulder
the street fronting on his property., lie
was referred to the Street Com.
Mr. Hughes appeared ' before the
Council in behalf of a Cincinnati Gas
Firm, . and proposed to put up gas
works, furnish posts, and supply the
town with light - at the rate cf $30 for
each lamp per year, wilh the exclusive
privilege of ten years,- end to private
consumers at $3 per thousand, cubic
feet lie said his firm only.nsked the.
privilege of laying their gas main the
town - would not be at any expense
said if the Council would grant them
the privilege, they were ready to com
mence work immediately, and would
complete their works within 6 months.
Alr ijrookins suggested if the Com
pany had -any blank forms of con-!
tracts, that they furnish a copy of same
for the consideration of the Cornell.'
The matter was referred to Committee
on Light. :
: Un motion Council adjourned to meet
next June lUth.
i i m m m ' '
Denims 10c. at the Mammoth. -
Real Estate Transfers.
The following are the transfers filed
for record in the Rcc&rder's office, for
the week ending Juue 1st, 1878:
James Blacklord and wife to Jona
than Shurley, 33J acres in Monroe
township, $900.': '- '- i
- George Sowers and wife to Johnson
MuLaiu, Lot No. 172, in West Alexan
dria, $130. - ,
AV. VV. Orebaugh and w'fe to Samuel
M. Pottenger, part of the north-east
quarter-of section 16, Somers town
ship, fl05.V ' - "'"-:" ' .
Lewis E. Daily and wife to James M.
S ott, 35 square poles in Jackson town
ship, $400. . -
: "Peter ' Smith and ' wife to 'Aar'on'A.1
TJngcr, east part of Lot No. 17, in West
Alexandria, $l,isd. " Quit claim.
Piter Smith and wile (quit claim) to
Aaron A. Unger, Lot No. 160, in West
Alexandria, $S0O.
Joseph S. Bennett and wife to Silas
Dusky, east part of Lot N o.
from, in West Elkton, $700. '
6, 66 feet
John W. Wampler and wife to the
Trustees of the Evangelical Lutherian
Church, of Enterprise, Lanier town
ship, 2-5 of an acre, $100. -
Joseph Fisher and wife to John S..
Ortt, Lot No. 575, in Eaton, $175.
E. W. Jones, by Sheriff,' to Oncas
Latuze, his interest in 100 acres in Gas
per township, $223. ,
Wellington Hosbrook anil wife to
Julian Loy, acre in Harrison town
ship, $25. -
Susan Marshall and husband to Mar
tha J. Davisson, 5 acres in Jefferson
township, $150. . '."'.
: You can see the . largest and best as
sortment of parasols at the Mammoth,
REUNION, 93d 0. V.
National Soldiers' Home,
Grand Excursion, Friday, June 14th,
' FROM '
Florencef Eaton, Camden
and all intermediate points. Only
$1.50 for the round trip from Eaton,
Children, half fare.' For tickets call at
Barnhart's Book Store, or on J. H. Mc
Guire,' at the Depot.' naif tare tickets
can only be procuied of J. R. McCord,
on the train. For particulars see small
bills. may30r3
The boss umbrella for $1.00 at
cashmere cheap at 'the Mam-
on Barrou street, near the city
Hall, 99 feet lront and 9 rods deep,
with eooa duelling or rooms, cup
boards and clothes presses complete,
well and cistern, wood aud coal 6heds,
stabling rnd carriage house, with
abundance of choice fruit on the Lot,
I will sell the property entire or di
vide the tot to suit purchaser, ror
terms and particulars apply to the un
dersign) u at Kicuniond, lud., or to J
H. Metuire, my Agent, at the Railroad
Depot, Eaton, O.
Notice of Intention to Locate
a Bridge.
VTOTICE hereby given that th
1.1 Board of Commissioners of Pre
ble countv propose to-locate and con
struct m Bridge across Banta's Fork
Twin creekronthe line of the Eaton
and Manchester- (or Risiuger) Free
Turnpike, in Washington township;
aud ihat they wpm meet at the Audi
tor's office, in Eaton, ore Saturday , the
6th day of July next, to hear petitions
for and against said proposed- improve
By order of the Board'.
Administrator's Notice.
THE undersigned has been du'y ap
pointed and qtalilie(f Adrpfnistrntor
of the estate of Martha Y.Remyon, late
ot rreDiiS counry, jaw, deceased, i
may30-3 Administrator
First: Rational Bank
Cash Capital: 9 100.000
B ank of Discount & Deposit
HAVING removed to and occupied
our old room in the Odd Fellows'
Building, which has been greatly en
larged and thoroughly n furnished with
a view to accommodating our business
wains more thoroughly, we do
ynA. General Banking Business,
in aJJiJs various forms; Receive Depos
its lor eitner long or short time, and
allow ISTKRK8T on T.ME Deposits as
pefspicial agreementwithpartiesmak-
ng inesame. :
- W. M. BROOKE.Cashier
C. F. BROOKE, President. ' ...
. June 11, 1874-tf ' , ; , . ,
An Ordinance,
Establishing1 the rate of levy for the
uses- of the Incorporated Village of
Eaton, Ohio, for the year 1878. . ,
- Section .1. Be it ordained by the
Council of the Incorporated .Village of
Eaton, Preble county, Ohio, that there
shall be levied on the dollar of valua
tion of the taxable property of said Vil
lage for the several funds specified in
this section, as follows, to-wit: " -For
General Fund, : 5-10 of one mill,
For Fire Department
iund, 6-10 "
For Light Fund. ' 3-10 " '
For Marshal and Police '
Fund : 2-10 '
For Interest and Prin-: i : . -.'cipal
on Publie Debt . :.' ; v
Fund, . .-. .. . 3 mills, i
Fpr Street Cleaning &
sanitary tuna,. ; -,; 2-10 ol one mill,
For Street Improve- ,, ,; .
mentand Repair,. -
Fund, l ., 3-10 - ,";
For Corporation Fund,, 7-10 , . "i ....
kc., . This Ordinance shall take
effect and be in force from and after
ten days from the date of its first pub
lication. LiC. ABBOTT, Mayor.-VFra-nk
Mitcbkll, Cor, Clerk.-.
may30-wa ! ..i.
Legal Notice.
EMANUEL-MICHAEL, whose place
of residence is unknown but who is
supposed to reside in the State of Texas,
will take notice that John W. Fowble,
of the -county of Preble, snd State of
Ohio, did on the 11th day of May, 1878,
file his petition in the Court of Common
Pleas, "within atd- for the county! of
Preble and State of Ohio, against the
said Emanuel Michael and Fred Mich
ael, setting forth that the said Emanuel
Michael is indebted to him on a certain
.promisory note, dated May 23, 1877, due
in ereven months after date, calling for
the payment of six hundred and sixty
one dollars ana eighty eight cents, with
eight per cent interest from date, on
which said note tno saiu rea jnicuaei
is surety, and praying that he may have
judgment upon" said note. And the
saiu manuei Micuaei is notinea tnat
an attachment has been issued in said
case he being a non resident of the
State-of Ohio; the following real estate
has been attached, to-wit : Lots No.
46 and 47, in the town of Winchester,
Preble county, Ohioj and all the house
hold goods and personal property of the
said deft, contained in iiis house on the
said premises, 'that he is required to ap
pear and answer said petition ou or De
fore the 13th day of .Tune, A. D. 1878.
. Attest W. D. Quinn, Clerk. . ;
Eaton, June 1G, 1878. 5t.
Notice to Contractors.
N OTICK is hereby given that sealed
proposals will be received at the
office ff the Clerk of the Board of Edu
cation , of bixon township, Preble coun
ty. Ohio, until 12 o'clock (noon) on the
15th (lav of June, 1878, lor furnishing
of the material and the construction of
School House . in sub-District Iso. 8,
n said township. .
;tch bid must contain tne name ol
every person interested in the same,
anu muse re accompaniea oy a suniuieni
guaranty of some disinterested person,
that if the bid is accepted a contract
will be entered into and the periorm-
anceof it properly secured. Bids will
be received lor Dotn laDor anu materi
al, or for each scperately. ' The Board
reserves the right to reject any or nil
bids. One-half of the cost of said build
ing will be paid on the 15th day of Feb
ruary, and the balance on the loth day
of August, 1879. Plans and specifica
tions of said building may be seen at
the office of the Clerk of the Board.
By order of the Board of Education
of Dixon township.
ijr r, Wil. hi. MAKSUALIj, ..
v." , , Clerk of Board. ,
marldU "M i ; " - "
Farm for Sale.
OFFER at privatet sale the home
farm of Philip Lewellen, dee'd.,
situate in the south-west quarter of
Section 14, Township 7, of Range 1
east, containing ... .
126 Acres of Excellent Land
On said farm is a comfortable dwelling
hruse, .good barn, about fifty bearing
fruit trees, two good wells, good spring,
farm in eoo"' state of cultivation and
repair. Terms of sale will be made
easy to purchaser. For further infor
mation call on
Ex'r. of Philip Lewellen, at Camden,
01110, or
' 1 u. ABBWVV,
AttfyJor Ex'r., City nail, Eaton, O,
mayOrt .
Cray's (specific Medicine
TRADE MARK. Is especially re-trade Wi?K.
commenueu us
Sp ku ha to r-
tkxcy, and all
diseases that fol
low as a se
quence on Self
Before Takmgof'Eo.Tjnl! After Taking.
vorsal Latitude, Fain IntlieBckt T)imnM of
Vision. Premature Old Aee.and many otlier dls-
eases thnt lead Ut Insanity. Consumption and a
rreinamre urave, an 01 wnicn as ruie re nrsi
causeil by deviating from ti e path of nature and
over indulgence. The Specific Medicine is the re-
RiiltofaUfe study and many years of experience
in treuiing tneae spectai uiseasfts.
Full nnrtlculura in our uampliletfl, which we de
fiirp in apnri free hv nriil to everv one.
The Specific Medicine la sold by all Urnggistf
1 per pncte:ige, or six packages for $5, or will be
sent by mail on receipt of tbe moner by addresft
aSTSold in Eaton. O.. at J. P. Brookins & Son's
rin. iu iiierDnnics' uiock. ieirtMi. mien
Drug Store, and by all Druggists everywhere,
The great celebrity of our TI! TA TOBACCO
faaseaitsed many insitatlneis-tlierenf to be placed
on tlie market, we therefore caution all Chewers
atralnst pnrchasinv sutrli invitations.
All dealers huyluiror gi'lllHp.oU.w ping tobacco
oesTiiiK a-nara or meiailic inoci. mwer uieiii
selVes Ibibleto the Density oftbeLaw. and all
Kersons Vioiatine onr trnde mnrks am nnntshable
T fine ami Imprisonment. BEE ACT OF CON
GEES AUG. 14. 187.
CO can he distinguished by a TIN TAIIon each
lump with- the word LOKILLAND stamped
Over 7,08 tons sold In 187T. and newrty s,WKper
sons empioved In fAcrtories.
Taxes paid Onyemment in 1RTT sbont 1.500,0ee,
and during niut. 1 vimn nver aim.noa.noo.
These goods sold by all Jobbers at manufactur
ers rates. - -
The Tin Tag Smoking Tobscon Is "second
nuns in Kmma, mtioaess, puniy anoftnMtiy.
"Wall Paper at 8c, 10c., 15c, 20c, 25c, 40c,
and 50o. per bolt.. -
Window Paper and Shade Cloth at 7c, 10c,
15c, 20c. and 25c per yard. ' . -
.. Picture Frames at 25c, 35c. and 45c. each.
Large Framed Chromos, $1.00,, $1.50 and
$1.90 each.
" A Box with 24 sheets of paper and 24 envel
opes at 10c, 15c, 20c, 25c, 30c, 35c, 40c. 45c.
and 50c. ' , ;
170 Main St. , ' ' '" '
Eaton, o. 'w. 0 BARNHART.
Eaton, April 4, 1878-W4
V .."ft"'
Time is Money f
Therelbre avoid att IftiD ROADS (and sochBatl
Boadi aa ara composed matoly ol tbe tame arti
cle) and take the OLD BELIABLB HANN1BLB
tk ST. JOSEPH,' wblob U the Nations Great
Highway to wealth and happlnna. For the bene
fit of colonist , and the traveling public general
ly, this line la now.' sunning . through care from
Chicago to Kansas City, Atchison and St. Joseph,
RAILROAD, and from Toledo, Ohio, to the same
points, over the WAP ASH BAIL WAV, WITH
OUT CHANGE. - - -i-'
For through . ntes and time eonsnlt the Ticket
Agents of connecting lines, or the following offl-
cert of the Company. , -- - . "
... J. A. S. SEED, Oenl Agt.,
' M Clark St., Chicago.
C, W. BOABDMAN, Sxnth-eastern Pass. Agt..
i . Docator, III., or , .
,-- T. PENFIELD, G. P. A, Hannibal,
jan 1T-1878 . ' . ..... . I . ' .- -v
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St, Louis
May 19th, 1878.
Train leave Richmond as foliates:
So. . j
11.01 am
11.41 a m
No. 10.
8.10 p Dl
7.16 a m
7.51 a m
S 32 a m
J.00p n
3.40 p m
4 5! p m
Camb'xe City
K.n irnistown
10.03 pm
11.00 p ml
3.20 p m
10,10 am
Terre Haute
St. Louls.
i.sz a m
7.30 am
No.-s S and 10 rnn dally No.'t 4 and 1 except
Sunday. Sleeping Cars through to Bu Louis on
p o.'s and 10. . .
No. 10.
11.00 p m
10.17 pm
If .00 a m
3.00 a iu
7.60 am
Leare Richmond.
Arrive Anderson
1.20 pm
J.00 p m
Logansport .
1 Chicago ...
4-W p III
8.30 pm
K o. t and 18 daily, except Sunday.
No. 1.
7.18 am!
10.34 a m
No. 6.
No. 7. '
8.40 p Bl
10. p m
Leave -Richmond.
8.05 p m!
4.16 p U)
6,'io p m
Arrive Plqua. .....
4 Colnmbus..
it.te p ml
7.25 p Ol
112.50 am
No.'s 1 and 7 daily No. S dally, except Sn' riay
hrouffh .leenlnv oars on bo. 1 and 7 n-onl
Richmond to Columbus. Pittsburgh, l'hiladeluhia
ana Mew xorK. .. . -
LeTe Btcbmond.
7.10 p m
Arrive Dsytxn.
" ' Lomlon.--
" Columbus
Trains leave Klchmond for Dayton and Xenla
aauy, except sunaay. ....
I TM. ml IIKninl
Q 3& a m .25 n tn
I11.48 a ml g.40 p mlll.Ml p m
112.40 pm' MpmiMim
Iowa, California & Northwest
Or Kansas, Texas & Southwest,
Trains leave Indianapolis as follows:
1 Aft I II Train baa Throngh Cars to Gales
D.yy Ai Mt bnr;t cnnnecllng for all points In!
IV III VII tow- NAhwulc-v f'ftllfhrnla. and th
niack Hills, via Sid ner and Cheyenne: arrirlnr
onetrainjn advance of any other Hn, and Sav
ing one Jigni-8 ttiae. j nis train aiso conneciB ror
Iecatur. SurlntTfleld. Jacksonville. III.. Louisiana
and Mexico, Mo.; and via Qulncy, or Blooniingtoii
iur xv a. 11 runs iuy, Aivuisiin, oi. rfuocpu, Awitver,
and all points t n Kansas. Colorado aud the South
west; via Hannibal with M. K. fc T. Hallway for
Moberly, Ft. Scolt, Parsons and Ibe Neosho Val
ley, ana via BloominRton for EI Paso, Mendota,
Dubuque, and all points in ifortliern Illinois and
3.15 F. I Mm ill Tesis Spscial.
Han a Throngh Coach from Indianapolis via Dan
ville, Decatur, Springfield, Jacksonville, Qulncy
and Hannibal, making NO CHANGE OF CARS
TO KANSAS and but one change through the
Indian Territory to Texaa.
Xo other Line can offer this Advantage.
Train has Reclining Chair Bleeping
Car with BUte Kooraa to peoria
n.nii rpnraliM flps.hti nr. "RiirllnsT-
ton, Ottnmwa, Rock Island and Davenport la ad
vance of other lines. Tills train also connects via
Burlfne-ton or Bocic Island for all points in IOWA
NEBRASKA and CALIFORNIA, and via Bloom
ing! on for El Paso, Mendota, Dubaqne. Hloux
City, Yankton, and all points In northern Illinois,
jowaanaioe ulalo. i.Lii viaiauitiuu auu
Ft. Pierre.
This train also makes direct connection via
Danville to Decatnr, Springfield, Jacksonville,
Qnincy. Kansas City, Atchison, St. Joseph, Leav
enworth and all Intermediate points. And via
Hannibal for Sedalia, t. Scott. Parsons, Denlson,
Houston, uaivesion, ana an points in rexas.
Special Notice to Land
Hunters & Emigrants.
ir yon want a Land Exploring Ticket or reliable
Information about lsDdsIn the West, or if yon
have boucht a home there and want to more with
yonr nuiiity, household gooda and stock, address
tlie uuueisigiieu auu get our ntiv. lira lunp..
JNO. W. BBOWSr.GenT Pass T'k't A(t't.
- ; i,-; ,'t - - Germantown. O. .
' W. M. SHAW, Gen-1 Ag't..
lis Vine St., Cincinnati, O.
March 1,1877
can make money faster at work for us than
at anything else. Capital not required; we
will start you. f 12 per day at home made by
the industrious. Men. women, boys and art r
wanted everywhere to work for us. Now lathe
time. Cosily outfit and terms free. Address
TRITE & CO., Augusta, Maine.
Cincin, Eaton & Richmond R, R,
Passenger Train' will ran on tHs Boad, leafing
the M-aral Stations as follows:
No. 18.
S 30
Sii p
4 S3 p
4 43 p
(00 n
Iti p
US p
No. 28
Chicago Ex
C. Ft
iw p
or. p
8 41 p
8 Si D
7 00 s
8 30 s
9 07
9 18 mm
m4, 15 p
40 s
9 3 p
9 16 p
in in
1010 s
No 19
No. 31
No. IS.
Chicago z
C Ft. W
mclimon .
Florence . -F.ntos
6 uv m
tit tt m
7 00 p
7 P
7 38 p
7 68 p
8 08 p
8 43 It
10 40 am
11 03 a
8 58
7 08
7 40
8 60
11 30
II to a
11 6 a
is sr. p
I 40 p
Ho oo p
L. WILLIAMS, Gett'laupt.
business to can- engnge in. 95
per day msde by any worker
either sex, ngni in-tneir own local
ities. Particulars and samples-
worth S free: Improve yourspare time il this
business. Address STINSON - CO., Portland,
Maine. marl4-78
a week In your own town. $d Outfit
free. No risk. Reader, if you want
business at which persons' tf erthe
sex can tnske great par all the tlmej
ty work, write pr parin-uiars i n. it.vi.-
LKTTACo: Portland, name.
victorious ;
i From St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Highland, Ills., May "4, 1878." ' '
i There was a grand field exbibitiun ot
Self-Binders here to-day. In both green
rye and wheat, the McCormlck, Marsh
and Osborne participating.1 The Mc
Cormlck won a decidqd victory ovor Its
competitors, being the favorite for cut
ting, binding, and especially for clean
work. Five McCormick's were sold on
the field. , , . .. : ..:
, . . I Bkllbvillk, III., May 9, 1878. .
In trial with Woods' to-day, complete
victory for McCormick.
' Farmers in want of Machines, either
Self-Bimdrra, Harvesters. eIf
Rake, combined or otherwise, Irp
ptr, combined or otherwise, or Mow
er, call on Agent before purchasing
and learn prices. '
'- THOS. FULT02T, Blacksmitli,''
. may 23-6 i ' .1 Eaton, Ohio.
obtained for Inventor, in the United Sialet, Osaoda,
and Europe, at Tcdum&rala. With our principal
Office located in Washington, directly oppotHc the
tailed Stales Patent Office, ccart abletoaUend to all
Patent BusincsswitligieatcrpromptnessaHit dcsjiatch
and less cost, Arm other patent attornciis, tt-AO arc at a
distance from Wasliington, and tchr, have, Viereore,
lo employ " ast-ociate attorneys" We make prelim
inary examinations and funiitih opinions as lo pat
entability, free of charge, and all vilto are interested
in new inventions and Palcntsarc inri'etl to send for
a copy cf our Gtridnfor obtaining patents" trhich
is sent free to any wldruf, and contains complete in
structions liote to obtain Patents, and other valuable
matter. We refer to Hit German-American National
Hank, Wasliington, Ji. C; the Huyal Swedish, A'or
mgian, and Danish Legations, at U'aslUngton ; Von.
Joseph Cnscy, late Chief Jurtice V. S. Court of Claims;
to lite Officials of the U.S. Patent Office, ana to Sena
tors and Members of Congress front every titate.-. ,,;
Address: LOUIS BAGGER ACoSoUctlort
of Patents and Attorneys at Lais, Xe Droit BuHding
Washington, I. C. , ,- ....;
i.,U. hUDWW, Dentist.
TTTOULD announce to the citizens of
YV Eaton and surrounding country
that he has permanently located in Ea
ton, and would say to all who are real
ly desirous of obtaining first-class work
at reasonable prices are respectfully in
vited to call and see him. He has for
several years been engaged in success
ful practice of Dentistry in the city of
Cincinnati and . . t .. . .. ,.t
Challenges Competition..
All who have failed in receiving full
satisfaction fkom any cause, are espe
cially requested to call. Teeth extract
ed wtthont pain by the use of pure
Liquid Xltrous 'Oxiede or Laughing
OFFICE No. 108 Barron St., a few
doors north of Main.' " - -' .. .
IiV3 Agents Wanted
To sell Dr. Cli's Beclpers; or Information
Everybody, In every county In tbe United Slates
and Canadas. Enlarged by tbe publisher to 648
ages. Jt contains over sow itoasehOHi reeipes
d Is snilcd to all classes and conditions of soote-
, A wonderfal book ana a nonscDoia neceasity.
bp I Is at sisbu Greatest induce luents ever offer
ed lo book agents. Sample copies sent by irrair.
postpaia. lor as.uo. imtosive territory jciven.
Aeents more than donble their money. Address
Dr. Chase's Steam Printing House. Ana Arbor,
Michigan. , , ma-1878
CALL at my office for your Under
J takinsr. Finer work j and lower
Drines. Bxlies kept any length of
time. Also, a nne carriage lurnisnea
Post Oiliee Building.
may9 '78-Iy - ; -i ;
fpHE undersigned, ' formerly cf Day
A. ton. Ohio, iiave opened a
at the old stand of Henry Ressler, de
ceased, and are prepared to build
on the most reasonable terms. ' . '
Carriages and Buggies
of their own manufacture will be kept
constantly on hand.
Messrs.' Huggiss & Weaver are prac
tical workmen, and warrant all their
work to equal any iu tlie county or
Particular attention paid to Repairing
April 18, 1S77-JI
UF, ..., frop'r,
Good ffrrrrishetl rooms. Meals at all
hours of day. - Good stabling attached
nov22, 1S77 .
iitaj -. at Law U'stirj Plid
Office in Odd Fellows' buildine,south
west corner, np stairs. . . . . . -
t" Legal busiin ss promptly attenp
edtov. . , IAug.26,'7
Mt. Carroll
Incorporated in VI 852; opens it 25th
school year, under the. same Principal,
September 13, 1877. Iotation delight
fol and eelebratetKor ithealthltrlne!s.:
Easy of ; access on, theTV i5, Ji. the
termini of which are Racine and Rock
Island. A new building just complet
ed doubles the accommodation.' -Frir-.
nished with modern- iniDroverrtew
fnrniccs ventilated on the mostappjoV'
ei system - liirhtedbii jrjiss , batitf hoi.
and cold, etc., etc. n . . ... , , .-
onr courscs-HvonjiffiATiE, a ohma l
or TKAtHKRs Mrsic and PAiSTixi,- ir
each of which nrrumAS. are conferred.
and to those excelling In tbe last): two,'-
medals are awaroea. :
CoLLKoiATE CrrK9R is eitendcd and
thorough. , Art DEriHTMrST far fn al
vance of similar institotrong. -''M nic
department alone employs-from five Us
seven professors and teacher Advan
tages are fully equal to- tLe-bcs inuci-. -cal
conseivatnries. while 'exDeiiVi-s.ni-H
tniich lessr Ei.occtiox rccel'M spci'Iiil .
attention; 11 Peccnisrt aiil- riveii ; l
those needingit and wtrthv. -MaxpaL .
labor given thoe wbo"1woildL rcono' '
mlze expenses. LAxqE Iiiscocntj ?iy-
Si.oNARiES. -Tuition frekto daiightkhs'
op soldiers who died in the. a- rvice.; ; - .-
I To aid in elevating 4ue i standard of
PUbliC S'jllOolS. TUITION FREE is given tO
one teacher from each . county jn lliia
state.. Students from this schoorarrKiiiir
the first to secure the best' sitiiationev
Twenty-five of those lit attendance : th
year just closed are now teaching..'
1 Rev. J. A. Smith, D, D.. editor ofthe
Standard, Chicago,- nays: We feel'
warranted in pronouncing tl i school, '
for all the highest purposes of education '
one of the best in otr knowledge.- IVu
regard it as unsurpassed 111. tiie wo,
Whether as regards tbe jiidicioiiHnes
of discipline or the' substantial value of .
instruction." (Dr. Smith attended the ,
laft commencement, and can be refer- ;
red to at the office of the Standard.)
AnoUier savsr "Tills fwii ol stand.
the peer of any ' similar institution iir ;
tne west .?:- .
Says a - report of -examination and -
commencement exercises of the-'year
just closed :. : "The school. Jias never'
been luiier, nor nas it done itseir more
oredit than at the close of -the present
year." . For an Oread, the school jour-,-.
nai, giving mil particulars, .address ,
Mt. Carroll Car
Aug 9 Iy
H. C. Hiestand.
'Jobri P.Actbn
"Jacob II.FooSv
Andrew Hiestand
Josiah Campbell', h'
h; c. hiestand & w - :c
Bank of Discount & Deposit-:
i, - iijfcAU
Covernment and 1 Cdunty ,
Bonds, Coin and Exchange-:
t MONEY , TO; LOi-N , )
! . -.;.: OU. LIBERAL TERMS' V 'i '
Mortgaged Paper Negotiated. A-
: Persons having good mortgaged note"
to sell, or wishing to purchase, -can be- -accommodated.'.:
: u; in . i-. ; -. .
Foreign Exchange, or Letters, of
Credit, on all parts of Enrope csa br
dbtalned of us In any tm reqotred.
: rgTho Business 'Management of the
Bank is in charge of H. C. Htestax,
who will attend to all matters pertain
ing to the interests of the same;1-' ;'; "
Eaton, Feb. 4, 1875-ly - 5 , v '.. '
- i -r:- r. y,'. - - ..y :' -; . : ?Ti
rr. c. hill
INVITES especial attention to5" Li
PRODVCEv of which h keepg a full
and complete etoek at his old Btand ou -
Baroti Street Eaton, O
He flatters himself that he can sell
aglow as any other hoase hi town, and
willkeepalwayson hand tfie beotbrands
of : :' ' " . ' ' -'
S StfJARS."':
! RAM'S,
. ,, 8HOUIJEBS.-
CORN MEAL, ., ASlCtf ,
Salt by tlie Barrel
The patronage of the public la solicited
an 14. 1B76 yj. . -.. r -
Loan and Insurance Ag'ti
'' ' retheseXts '' ' .' . "V ' .' ) '.
Fire Insurance Co., of New York ' -
Capital : 1,500,00(J
Fire InstH-eance Co.,- of Glas ' ' '
gow, Scotland, Capital, -: $6,250,000'
PBCPLES'.; .. :,
Firelrsurance Co., of Slow'T' 1 "
ark,' Mi J;r Capital,-? $ 300,000
Fire tnsnrance Co.'of Cin- . ' "'r
cicnati, O., AssetRy-i - $300,00(
Rates in abore Cotcpanres' as low as
those of any other 'flrst-ctas Compa- 1
nies. bosses honorably and speedily ''
adjusted and all pay loss by lightning,
whether fire cusnes or ot. Agent alwi
Unicn Centraf Life tne Co.,
of Cincinnati, 0., CapHal,''f 1,400,000, '
which Company makes loans -on farm
property to persons insuring Willi
them. ; : -
Office at the First National Bank,
Eaton, Ohio. ; - , --:r: :J;--. -.sv..
taton, Oct2.i-ly, -. it v-i
SAVE your W0NEr K;T
" . BY BUTISO- of ' ." ' j .;.
Gents' -Furnishing Goods
A choice assort mo nt of, V;
Casslmeres, Broadcloths
ana uoesmns,
ready to be made jip to order in Genta
Clothing. Alo, a largeatocK of - -READY-MADE
of diflerentstTles.' which he will sell air
low as any house lit tHton. -ILATK
and CAPS of every' aryle at snmlP :
profits. Call nt the old stand, 8 xlonnr
east of Cherry street, in Iiis New P.lock,.
- f M. FII.BEKT,
aprii 32,: -; r. .v;

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