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The Labor Advocate
Olllclal Orpin of.
The Hiiildlng Trades Council
of Cliiclimiitl mill Vicinity
Issued Weekly
W. E. MYERS , Editor
Ilusincss OiTicc, 34 Thorns IluiUliiiB
Phone, Canal 0511
Communications should be on hand not later
than Wcdnesd.iy to insure publication.
Entered at the postofTicc at Cincinnati, 0 as
sccond'dass mail matter.
Cliicliiiiati, Ohio, .Inly 1M, 11)15.
A new league lias been formed
which promises to put a crimp in
that bunch of prominent and vo
ciferous Ohioans who earn their
daily bread and pay their talking
expenses by inaugurating consti
tutional amendments and invok
ing referendums. It is known
as the Constitutional Stability
League, and its avowed purpose
is to preserve at least the skeleton
of the basic law of the State from
the ravening wolves of reform.
This new organization, whose
iniiiiu is uii, ioni, give us a
rest," is only a few weeks old,
but already it has caused a
squeaking and gibbering in the
tree tops where the reformer
lives, moves and has his being.
Already some of our best known
and most agile reformers see their
annual meal ticket vanishing, and
there is much woe in their ranks.
The Constitutional Stability
League proposes to show its in
born hatred of constitutional
amendments by submitting one
itself. lint this amendment is in
tended to be the hair of the dog
to cure the bite, as it will provide
that no constitutional (iiestion
shall be submitted to the voters
oftener than once in six years.
Preposterous, say the reformers.
Why, that practically amounts to
confiscation of our jobs.
The four men hardest hit by the
prospect of limiting the submis
sion of questions to once in six
years, are the Hon. Wayne B.
Wheeler, erstwhile of Cleveland,
who letl the losing battle against
the Demon Rum in the memora
ble campaign of A. D. W4; the
almost equally Hon. "Jim" White
of Barnesville, who went down to
defeat with the lion. Wayne B.,
before the redoubtable John Bar
leycorn ; the I Ion. IJ. I lauser, gen
eral factotum of the Woman's
State Suffrage League, and last,
but by no means, far from it,
least, our own Kev. Herbert Bige
low, the foster father and wet
nurse of the infant twins, Initia
tive and Referendum.
Hut of these victims the Rev.
Herbert is hardest hit. In fact
he is hit simultaneously in two
separate and distinct places, for
our Herbert has two perfectly
trained and hand-broke hobbies.
The one he is joggling on his
knee and asking the public to ad
mire just at this time is the I.
and R., but his favorite, the apple
of his eye, is the Single Tax
amendment. The 'Rev. Herbert
has pledged his word to his fel
low' followers of Henry George
-that this amendment would be
submitted in Ohio every year until
passed. It is a doggoned shame
for the Constitutional Debility
League to make Herbert break
his word to his New York friends.
It wouldn't be so bad for him to
deceive his Cincinnati constitu
ents, but those dealt Noo York
ers I Horrors!
The Hon. Wayne B. and his pal,
the Hon. Jim White, are con
vinced that the conspiracy is di
rected solely against their pet, the
Dry amendment; the Hon. E.
Mauser knows it is a blow aimed
at equal suffrage and the Rev.
Herbert will make an affidavit
that it was conceived and born
for the purpose of swatting his
cherished ambition, the Single
If the Rev. Herbert and his fel
low reformers only knew it, they
are the real enemies of the ini
tiative and referendum. They
have dragged it before the people
until familiarity has bred con
tempt, and unless something is
done soon the public will rise
in its wrath and eliminate it from
the constitution. Then these re
formers would be in a heltiva fix.
Lebanon, Illinois, joined the
ranks of cities made famous by
gross miscarriage of justice when
Marshal John II. Wolfe arrested
himself and had himself fined for
being drunk in the street. The
case was decided on unsupported
circumstantial evidence. The Mar
shal drank five bottles of beer in
St. Louis and woke up the next
morning in his home with a slight
furry feeling on the inside of his
brain-pan and a blank space in
the section of his cerebral cortex
where the night before should
have been registered. On this
evidence, which, he had to admit,
was scant, he arrested himself
and forced himself to confess to
the Judge that he had been drunk.
Drunk? On live bottles of beer?
A Munich baby's breakfast tipple!
Impossible! Marshal Wolfe may
have been lit, mellow, in his cups,
tight, half seas over, or squiffy;
he may have had a jag, an edge,
or a bun, but he could not have
have been drunk.
Only a poor aim saved the Cu
nard liner Orduna from the fate
of the Lusitania. The story told
on her arrival at New York is a
pertinent comment upon the
plausible excuses of Count von
Bernstorff and the sincerity of
the promise that Germany was to
show more humanity hereafter in
her warfare upon merchantment.
A torpedo was launched at the
Orduna without warning.. It
missed by some ten yards. Then
the submarine opened fire and
shot at her seven times, hitting
her three times before it aban
doned pursuit. Comment on this
performance is superfluous. It
was a deliberate attempt at mur
der (on the high seas, abhorrent to
every principle for which the
President is contending. Indeed,
it was in effect a defiance of the
demands he has made, a plain
avowal of an intention to continue
a policy of brutal disregard of law
and'humanity. There were Amer
ican citizens upon this ship, too,
and their right to travel on a
peaceful vessel under any flag was
wantonly transgressed by the
German commander. Is it worth
while to argue much longer with
a nation so obviously determined
to flout us? Has not the limit of
patience yet been reached?
The attempt of a convict under
life sentence for murder to kill
Leo Frank at the State Prison
Farm was a development of the
excited state created by blood
thirsty agitators in Georgia. The
mobs that sought to lynch Frank
and were only defeated through
the precautions adopted by the
State authorities also felt at liber
ty tp.take the life of a man in the
hanjls, of the law., Their object
was the same as that of the con
vict who slipped up on his sleeping
victim knife in hand. Possibly
some of them are not above ap
plauding his prowess.
Guards at the State Prison
Farm say that they were not sur
prised at the attempt to kill
Frank, for many prisoners were
hostile to him, and the murderer
Creen was the most demonstra
tive. In the circumstances, they
were guilty of amazing negli
gence. It is not usual in such in
stitutions to permit convicts from
whom violence is to be expected
to keep knives in their possession,
or to leave the. way open for them
to repeat the crime of murder
within the prison walls.
In its last aspect the Frank case
adds immensely to the discredit
that the State of Georgia had al
ready suffered because of it.
Anti-suffragists agree with the
sufl'ra'gists that man is a failure.
Not all of them. Some success
fully remain bachelors.
Prisoner cut Leo Frank's throat
in the Georgia penitentiary and a
prisoner in a Pennsylvania jail
murdered his cellmate and then
killed himself. There should be a
law against carrying concealed
deadly weapons in jail.
It will be noticed that women
constitute a large majority of t he
crowds that congregate to cheer
Harry Thaw. Women dearly love
a murderer.
Matt Glaser's Open Letter
Stirs John Street Uplifters
No Referendumer's Appeal for Peace to Rev. Herbert
S. Bigelow is a Mystery to President Erastus Johnsing
Who is Curious to Learn the Publicity Agent's Motives
"I sec by the papahs that ouh ole
frcn, Matt Glascr, who has made a
reputation for hissclf by hem' person
ally damp, if not Wet clear through,
anil professionally Dry, has appealed to
the Rev. Herbert S. Bigelow to call off
his referendum program and jine him
in puttin' the everlastin' kibosh on per
ennial elections," said President Eras
tus Johnsing of the John Street Im
provement, Uplift, Welfare and General-Do-Your-Neighbor
Good Associa
tion, at its regular weekly meeting Fri
day night.
"Matt has had more varieties of fobs
than most of us, and he is addin' to
his- collection right along. Hardly a
day passes that Matt doesn't add a new
title to his name witli a salary at
tached. Just now he describes hissclf
as the publicity agent of the No Refer
endum League.
"But the very first dash otilen the
box Matt gets in bad. He asks the
Rev. Herbert to cut out his referen
dums. Now, if the Rev. Herbert drop
ped his agitatin' fob a referendum every
mornin befoh breakfast, how would
Honest Matt and his bunch of No
Rcferendumers make a livin'? The
very object of tlteir existence would be
taken away, and there would be nothin'
fob them to fight.
And His Ki'veri'iice?
"And, on the othah hand, if the Rev.
Herbert stopped this refcrenduming,
how would he live?
"You all ain't rcadin' in the papahs
that ouh makers of war materials has
joined any peace at any price move
ment, has you? They knows that so
long as the wall goes on they will be
able to sell their munitions at a big
profit. If the wall should stop their
business would stop.
"It is just the same with Honest
Matt. If the Rev. Herbert should re
fuhin and quit rcferenduming, then
Honest Matt would lose his job, and
the salary, of publicity agent fob the
No Referendumers. Honest Matt is
usually able, to sec a salary, or a piece
of com in any foliin, as far away as any
othah person I knows, but he slipped a
cog in askin' tile Rev. Herbert to agree
to an armistice. It is just the same as
if a workman should ask his employer
to shut down the factory.
"But I doubts if Honest Matt is hon
est in his expressed desire foil peace.
I thinks he just wanted to demonstrate
his ability as a press agent by gcttin'
in the papahs. I thinks he knows the
Rev. Herbert well enough to have a
well-defined hunch that he might just
as well ask the preacher person to stop
breathin', or public speakin', as to stop
referendtuning. One might as well ask
a niggah coke fiend to stop bis favor
ite dope as to ask Mistah Bigelow to
give up his pet hobby. He has the habit
and just naturally cain't quit.
A Duiuphool I'ltty.
"I don't know who wrote the open
letter to the Rev. Herbert that Honest
Matt signed and had published, but it
quotes a whole lot of law that no one
would accuse Honest Matt of knowin'
all by bisself. But it ain't a bad Id
ler, as open letters go. The only fault
to find witli it is that it is a daiuplioot
effort to get something he can't get and
don t want.
New York. Police were called out to
disperse rioting dock builders at the new
$:!,()()(),()()() Municipal Dock. The dock
builders are members of rival organiza
tions, the International Dock Builders'
Union and the Municipal Dock Builders'
Union. The International men had
struck because members of the other un
ion had been employed on the new dock.
Nearly a score of the 00 rioters were
injured before the police separated theiu.
-f-f'f'f-f-f4-f--f--f f'f'f - f - f -
- J
"We all hopes that Honest Matt will
succeed bcttah than he wants to and get
the Rev. Herbert sidetracked on his
mad career of promiscuous rcferen
duming. If some one, human or di
vine, doesn't check the Rev. Herbert
pretty soon, he is likely to spring one
of his little hand-trained referendums
on us to decide whether we all shall
have porkchops or ham and aigs fob
breakfast. And, believe me, if the Rev.
Herbert evah takes a dislike to either
one of these staple articles of food, he
is likely to do it. And he will get sign
ers to his petition, too. There are a
whole lot of people in this town wJio
will sign their names to anything ex
cept to a check if they have any money
in the hank. Then they balks.
"It is really pathetic the way Honest
Matt pleads the cause of the down
trodden taxpayers. The awful expense
of elections, such as that on the Green
Line Franchise, fer example, when of
co'se, they is no money fioatin' around
unattached, drives Honest Matt almost,
I say almost, to tears. He just natur
ally cain't repress his emotion when he'
sees the people's money squandered
unless he is invited to help. I think
that, as taxpayers, the John Street Up
lifters should tender a risiu' vote of
thanks to Honest Matt foil his effort
to protect us from the ravcuin' refer
endumers. Some Political History.
"You all haven't fohgotten when
Honest Matt had his Republican
League in, good workin' order. It
met over a saloon on Central avenue.
Fob a long time, until dues were col
lected, there were free drinks in reason
able abundance. But one time Honest
Matt seen a chance to switch the club
to the grape juice bunch, and he intro
duced a resolution at a mcctin' declar
in' that the league was agin the Demon
Rum. The kikes and dagoes and nigh
gahs who couldn't read voted fob the
resolution, not knowin' what it was.
When they learned what they had done',
they,,imt bein .membahs, and Honest
Matt had to elect hissclf a new secre
tary and fohm a new club.
"There ain't no chance of Honest
Matt and the Rev. Herbert evah agree
in' on anything. You have got to hand
it to the Rev. Herbert. He may be
wrong, as he usually is, but he is con
sistent. He has been a referendumer
ever since the referendum was holm.
But you never can tell where to place
Honest Matt. He is tempcrmcntal and
tempestuous, likewise somewhat vari
able. He builds his political principles
on the shiftin' sand, as the Good Book
says, and his foundations are likely to
get washed out ovah night.
Investigation Ordered.
"I thinks we had. bcttah appoint a
committee to investigate this thing and
repoht back to us. I should like to
I know, fob my own personal satisfaction,
anil Ion tile goou ol tin: association,
just what Honest Matt has up his
sleeve this time. I don' say he is hold
in' out anything. But I should like to
know. We needs all the iufohmatiou
we can get if we are goin' to be a powah
fob good in ouh community."
The committee was mined, and the
meeting adjourned to meet at the call
of the president.'
Poor MUlc Iticli (Jill!
The "Girl With Million Dollar Eyes"
Has also "wealth of golden hair;"
Her figure is a capital prize,
Complexion "velvet," rich and rare.
Why don't some Romeo claim her hand?
Her being single yet seems funny;
The fact is, she's an actress and
Those valuations mean STAG E
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