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The labor advocate. (Cincinnati, Ohio) 1912-1937, November 27, 1915, Image 7

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Contracting Firms Who
are Fair to Union Labor
Contracting Finns Employing Mem
bers of Art Glass Woi leers'
Union, No. 9.
Anchor Art Class Co , 421 Elm St.
Heckcrimnn, F. W. X. Co , Murdock Building.
Riordan, G. C. & Co , 133 E. I'ifth st.
Ruckcl Art Glass Co , Sixth and Sycamore.
Contractors Who Employ
Asbestos Workers.
Armstrong Cork Co . Third and Main sts.
Asbestos Supply Co , 331 W. Third St.
Johns Manville, II. V. Co , of New York,
Provident Bank Bldg.
Kcisbcy & Mnttison Co , 528 Main St.
Kramig, It. E. X Co , Eighth and Eggleston ave.
Contractors Who Employ Union
Hodcnrricrs and Iluilding
Anders, John 1704 Harrison ave.
Avery, Win D , No 37 Builders' Exchange,
Apcsloff Ilros , 440 Armory ave.
Bucchc, I. , 1107 Kites ave.
Ilrooks & Hall, Hcrschell ave , Hyde Park.
linker X Son, 427 Delta ave.
Bell, A , Bcvis ave.
Bockclmann, Henrv S Son, 243 Klottcr ave.
Rritt, Win., 1554 Garrard st , Covington.
Bunion, Win.
Bcaklcy, Lawrence, 1025 Bites ave.
Brimstone, Bert, 1111 Columbia st, Newport.
Britt, M. S, 14i E. Sixteenth st , Covington.
nussert & Ward, 13 Grand ave. & 7 E. PIcasint
Bywatcrs, A., 403 S. Mill st , Lockland, O.
Bell St Leonard.
Cirr, John, 7GG Richmond St.
Cornetlc, George, Midisonville, O.
Clyde & Stcplians, 2570 Western ave.
Clark, A. II , No. 17 Builders' Exchange.
Douthwaitc, P., 4325 Virginia ave.
Dillon, Robert, College Hill.
Denning, Louis II, Jr, 1980 State ave.
Eaton, W. S., 112 Sycamore st.
Erd, Wm , Glenparker ave.
Hack, Theodore, 8140 Storrs st.
luierst, Robt , 2922 Seminole.
Foltz, Prank, 035 York st.
Tries, Jos , College Hill, O.
Frank & Soltze, 413 E. Second st.
Green, W. T , East Pearl st.
Heir, William, 1744 Ilirnson ave.
Htibcr, Andy, Norwood? O.
Iluerinann, II, 2823 Zcltncr st.
House Bros , 2235 Sj mines st.
Hoke Bros, 1818 Carll st.
Ilitziuann, August, 2507 Spring Grove ave.
Hcsterbcrg, J , No. 77 Builders' Exchange.
Hclman X. Hainen, 053 Ncac st.
Hazcn, II. C. Contricting Co, 2070 Reading rd.
Ilardis X Jaehnk, 431 W. McMickcn ave.
Ilarig Co , Room 48, 31 E. Fourth St.
Ilirdimau, J. & Son, 2585 Sage ave.
ITolIidit & Killm, 220 Post Square.
Jicob, II. I! , Loth and Mulberry sts.
Jones, Geo , 1019 E. McMillan st.
Jewel Si Son, John, 1012 Hopple st.
Jcyncs, James, 010 Slullito st.
Kips & Brchm Co , Dayton and McLean ave.
Kiclcy & McDcnnott, No 70 Builders' Ex
change. I arson, I red, Emmitig st.
I.aulcrbick, Chas , 791 Sedam st.
Lifckcy X Werks, 3S27 Colcrun ave.
McGirvey & Co , 907 Gcrkc Bldg.
McDcnnott, J , No 0 Builders' Exchange.
Mason, Geo , Builders' and Tridcrs' Exchange.
Mcsserschmidt, John, 1013 W. Liberty st.
Mcnnlng, Jos , 1230 Quebec rd.
Molls, Tone.
M.i)nard, Joe, 414 W. Fourth st , Newport, Ky.
Maynard, Archie G, 911 Boone St., Newport.
Moore, Chas , 735 Considiuc ave , Price Hill.
Nitterhousc, F, A Milford, O.
I'atlon & Applegatc, 3000 Paxton ave , Hyde
Piatt Si 'little, Liwrenccburg, lnd.
Peters, Chas , Dayton, Ky.
Roach & Ilrunncr, 099 Johnston Bldg.
Kind, Chas Si Bro , 2400 Spring Grove ave.
Rickter, John F, 929 Dajton st.
Ross, 1., 711 Fifth ave, Bcllcvue, Kj.
Ross, James & Sons, Bcllcvue, Ky.
Schultc & Palmer.
Stekelnnu & Son, II.
Singer, John, Lockhnd, O
Shnber, Clns , Miller's line, Tt. Thomas.
Stickscl, Nichohs V., 3207 I pworth ave, West
wood. Sweet, Gio W , Cimp Dcnmson, O.
Thompson, Oliver & Sons, Newport, Ky.
1 uckcr X Prigge, Bcllcvue, Kv.
T inIev X McKcnzie.
Wihoff X Trnoccr, 842 Belts st.
Wahl & Pfirrmann, 2828 Jefferson ave.
Wahoff, Steve.
Wcit, A . 283 Ludlow ar.
Walker. Win C, Flit 1, Hirris Bldg, Norwood.
Wire, W. II , Eighth and Monmouth, Newport
Wittc, Albert, 017 Crown ave. Walnut Hills.
H. J. CONKI.INO, Sewer Pipe, Fire Brick,
Phstcr and Lime Office and virds, Gilbert
ave and Court st. Phones, Canal 2030 and
Contractors Employing Members
Composition Hoofers' Union.
Breese Bros & Co , 1000 Reading rd.
John T Dalton, 401 Mircintilc I ibriry Bldg
B. E. Gitch, 500 Midison ave , Covington, Ky.
HARKNESS & TOW1.ER CO., Gilvmizing Iron
Cornice Works, also Manufacturers of As
philt and Composition Roofs. Rcpurs a
Specnlti 1002, 1004 Providence st Phone,
Wisr 354 1
Thorburn X Trunnell, 1421 Walnut St.
Singleton, Rurtner X. Co , Eighth and Plum sts.
F. C. Opp & Son, 1012 Freeman ave.
II W. Johns Manville Co , 054 Main st.
Witt X- Brown, 315 W. Third st.
Employing Members of the Cement
Workers' Union.
rRAINK V. fOLZ & CO., General Contractors
Concrete Construction, Ncuchatcl and Scvssc
(Val de Travcrs) Hock Asphalt for Brewer)
Warehouses, Stible Floors, etc. Davton and
rrccman ave Phones, West 1220 and 751.
Marcus Building Co.
Iluhcr, Jacob Co.
l'crro Construction Co.
Frank Hill Smith Construction.
Hoach Hruncr Co.
Ohio Building Co.
II. Gahl, of the N. C. C. Cement Co.
J. Glassmycr.
Edw. Schmcrr.
Contractors Employing Members of
Electrical Workers' Union.
Anil, Clns , 1127 Carson ave , Price Hill.
Adims Electric Co , 140 E. Court St.
Beittie Electric Co , 324 E. Fourth st.
Becker, Albert Si Son, 8 W. Sixth st.
Bcltzhoovcr Electric Co , 121 E. Court t.
Bccrman Electric Co , Litonia, Ky.
Brown Electric Co, S2S Mam st.
cil Contractors Dealers in Electrical Sup
plies Motors, Fixtures and Telephones 211
vv. l ourin st. niones, junn 3044 and Main
Enghauscr, Edgir, 934 Harris ave., Price Hill.
Fink, A. L. & Co , 2315 Woodburn ave , Wal
nut Hills
Iischcr Bros Co, 1040 Madison ave, Coving
ton, Ky.
Gem Electric Co , 120 W. Second st.
Gleason, T. J., 901 Central ave , Newport, Ky.
Grosshcim Bros , 1213 Vine st.
Hcrschcdc Electric Co , Provident Bank Bldg.
Iluhcr, Otto, 215 E. Third st.
Home Electric Co , 027 Monmouth St., New
port, Ky.
Kclley Electric Co , 427 Elin st.
Ohio Electric Co , 1547 Cutter st.
Portor Co , SOS Lyric Bldg.
Queen Citj Electric Co , 347 E. Third St.
Reutcr, Wm G, 31 E. Sixth st.
Richtcr Electrical Co , 332 W. Fourth St.
Rittcr, Wm , 65 Main St.
Rugg Electric Co , 828 Main St.
Schopper, Fred D , 512 Rice st.
Schmittkcr, Ed E , 2010 Courtland ave., Nor
wood, O
Schuster Electric Co , 2109 McLean ave.
Spellnnn, E. C, 232 East Sixth st.
Spence, Walter, 23 Phillip ave., St. Bernard.
Wottiz, A , 1400 Linn st.
Wolfrom, Fred, 1027 Marshall ave.
Contractois Employing Union
Queen City Ghzing Co , 044 Linn st.
Contractors Employing Union Orna
mental and Structural Iron
Colunibn lion Works, Reading rd.
Covington Architectural Iron Works.
Grimm Iron Works
Contiactors and Builders Underwriters' Ap
proved Fire Doors 2070 2074 Reading rd.
Phone, North 3441.
Ling, Wm & Sons Co.
Mircus Building Co
Potthoff Co.
Rowckamp Bros , 2020 Colcrain ave.
Schrcibcr, L. X. Sons Co
Southern Ohio Iron Works
Stocknnn, Fred, 228 Stark st.
Union Erection Co (Henry Wittman).
Contractors Employing Members of
Mosaic, Granite, Terao Layer
and Helpers' Union.
J. Maurell X Co , 512 E. Eighth St.
Contractors Employing Union Paint
ers, Decorators, Taper Hang
ers and Sign Writcis.
ckcriuinn Phil, 301ri W. Eighth st.
Affclhov, Wm, 1412 John st.
Alllnnds, C , 003 State ive.
Borden, R C, 917 Fmdlav st.
Beinen, E, Gil Svcamorc st.
llnvlc X fo, E I, 1011 Cutter st
Burkctt X Kcnney, 010 Prospect place.
llrimmer, T, 4118 32d st , Oiklcy.
Ilchrcns Co . Wm F , The. 113 Girfield place.
Burl c. F. . Punting Co . 2101 Gilbert ave.
Boclicke, Otto, 22r. Slullito st.
Ilcrl, D X Co, 1030 i'oplir st
Brishcr, los , 1111 Glen Parker ave.
llertling Bros , X Co., 811 W. Sixth st.
Biechle, R W , 2010 Spring Grove ave.
Uccknnn. Hy . 1127 Moore st
Hruns, Ilv, 1772 Tnwnsend st
Ilulir, J II , 2010 University Court
Coates, R. I , Carthage pike and Canal st , St.
Courtot M , 4158 Pilte ave.
Cook Hirrv 1 314 E Sixth st.
Dnkc, II A , California O
Dixon, F M , 1990 Midison rd
Dalnmple X Youngblulh, 4715 Wilmcr st , Lin
wood. Dickmcver, Ilrnry. 3227 Colrrain ave.
Decker Puntinc Co. 1200 Harrison ave.
Dunn X Pace, Mt. Washington.
Fiscnslcm. Benj , 1119 Yale ave
I'llenberger Bros , Lincoln Inn Bldg, 819 Main
Fneclbert Jos D X Co , 29 E Sixth sr.
Fist, Otto, 100S Ruth ave.
Farrcll & Honing, 3655 Montgomery ave.
Gcrson, A , 429 Laurel st
Grubcr, John, 900 Stitc ave.
Grimm. Albert, 23 W McMillan St.
Grace, Chas P., 059 Gcst st.
Gracf, E, 1031 Madison rd
Gricwc & Son, J. H., 1025 Broadway.
Gcislcr, Harry II., 828 Kenyon av.
Gundrum St Son, 185 Clifton ave.
Ilaigh, Frank A., 711 Epworth ave.
Heckler, F. J., 20 W. Clifton ave.
Henri, John R , 2112 S. Sherman av., Norwood.
Hazcn Contracting Co , II. C, 2070 74 Read
ing rd.
Hutchcr, M , 1003 Hcywood ave.
Hcatlcy & Son, A. B , 4301 Eastern av.
Hcatlcy Bros, 4340 Eastern ave.
Harrison Bros, 302 E. Third st.
Hilton, E. J 001 E. McMillan St.
Ilocfcr, H. C, Co , 2143 Stradford ave.
Holmer X Co , John, Gilbert and Bcrcsford av.
Hasemcicr k Co , J, D , 1011 John st .
Hocnc, Geo , 907 Laurel st.
Humbrccht & Roos, 2240 Victor St.
Hcincman, Ed, 2832 Sidncv ave.
Ilayncs, Ed J , 503 Linden st , Elmwood Place.
Huppcrtz, Phil, 1721 Vine St.
Ilasckocstcr, Fred W , 4148 Lakcman, Northsidc
Julian, F. M , 3312 Wcstside ave , Hyde Park.
Jutzc X Banning, Pleasant Ridge.
Johns, Henry, 322 Mulberry st.
Jolnnnisimn, P., 514 E. Twelfth st.
Kiffncr, Frank, 1022 Race st.
Klusner, Jos, 527 Oliver St.
Kcclian Co , W. II , The, 912 W Seventh St.
Kivscr, Wm L , 20 E. Third St.
Keller Bros, F. X. II., Main ave
Keck, W., 1013 Vine st.
Krucgcr, E. II., 5r,2 Milton St.
Lee X Swcitzcr, 1254 Elm St.
Lipman, II, 3481 Reading rd.
Lyford, F. L , 1010 Walnut st.
Liuck, J. J , 2110 Freeman av.
Miller X Co , Chas., 3013 Scioto st.
Maulc, J. E , 4318 Beech Hill ave.
Militancy-, R. J., 010 Walnut St., city, and 209
Pike st , Covington, Ky.
Marcus Co, M., 2017 Reading rd.
Meakm, A. G , 125 129 E. Third st.
Morton X Sons, S , 125 27 W. Fourth sr.
Nuslock X Gintcr, 1830 Westwood ave.
Nocll, Geo , 315 W. Liberty st.
Niemcvcr, Hy , 105 W. Liberty St.
Parker, Thos. X Son, 020 W. fifth St.
Peck, II. M., 303 McClelland ave., St. Bernard.
Pcdrctti, Chas. A, Oskimp Bldg, Race sr.
Pierce Decorating Co , 2500 Beckman St.
Pcdrctti X Son, 10 W. Ninth st.
Pcppcrkorn, F, 1103 Hopkins st.
Poguc, The II. Si S. Co, Fourth and Race sts.
Rudolph, Edw., 3920 Hazel ave , Norwood.
Ruchl X Co , Ed, 1018 Central ave.
Retiring, C. T., 33 Gtencoc place.
Rettig, Martin, 118 E. Fourth St.
Riedcl X Co , 1005 W. Eighth St.
Ruchl Si Co , John, 1001 Central ave.
Rchring, C. P., 2511 Chatham St., Walnut Hills
Savage, Sim'l, 80 Perin Bldg.
Sachr, Geo. P., S09 Gerke Bldg.
Schricttn Bros , 522 Main st.
Sclumpf, Louis, 2378 Wheeler st.
Splam, P , 500 E. Pearl St.
Sicck, E. II. & Son, 1011 Vine st.
Schcucrman, Chas , Rochelle & Jefferson aves
Swarz St Wurmcle, 1815 Baltimore ave.
Stem, Aug, 057 Hawthorne ave.
Stcffins, Jr., Herman, 1875 Tairmount ave.
Stcgcmin Bros, 029 Broadwaj.
Sichl. Fred, 130 Tindlay st.
Simon X Co , 1511 Linn st
Smith, W. II , 717 E. McMillan sr.
Stockman, Henry L , 204 Fifteenth St.
Schuck, Ervvin, 2011 Vine St.
Stern, Win, 1017 Wells st
Stcffcns, F. II , Decorating Co , 3152 Reading rd
Stcgcmin Bros, 029 Broadway.
Tcnnison X Son, Wm E, 3050 Grandin rd.
I hompson, E. C , 2025 CIcinvicw ave.
Frirbich, R., 1432 Mun st.
l'orbich, John, 1029 Linn st.
Thcobild X Son, John, Merchants Bldg.
Vordcrlage, Geo , 2205 Loth st
Weber X Bro , L. J , 1902 Bicglcr st.
Wiethorn, Louis, 407 Collins ave.
Wilson Bros, 1S09 Svcimore st.
Wcssels X Co , W , 912 Bets st.
Wrampclmcicr & Son, T. W, 010 Broadway.
Wissmg Painting Co , T he, 1528 Dudley st.
Wright, Thco , 1554 Baymiller St.
Dciss, Chris, 11 Park place.
Chadwcll, Harrv, 101 West Sixth st.
IlelTcrmn, F. T 119 Lynn St.
Marqua X Co , J. D , 9', W. Third St.
Mullancy, R J , 209 Pike st.
Schrocdcr X Sons, 302 Thirteenth st.
Schneider, John, 112 Bush sr, and 10 W,
chard st.
Wise X Clorc, 97 W. Seventh St.
cis Si McLindort, 00 E. Ninth St.
Covington Sign Co, Room 10, Cohen Bid.
Iliumbich Bros , 1010 Ann st.
Dictz, Chris, 013 Monroe st.
Dejoco X Co , 330 Hodge st
Living Bros, 1001 Gcrnnn st.
Hojle, Jos W, 404 Monmouth st.
llarker, W. J., l.'l W. Thirtcnth st.
Miller, A. J X Bro , 330 W. Ninth st.
Wright X Emerson, 021 Fifth ave , Dayton.
Johnson X Imville, 323 1 ront st , Bellcvue.
Employing Members of Local Union
No. 50, United Association of
Phimhi'is, G.islltters ami
Bais, John G, Madisonville, O
Bohmcr, Joseph, 144 F. Court St.
Botlcv, Win A , 3540 Eastern ave.
Cash X Williams, 2501 May st.
THOMAS CANARY, Plumbing and Gisfittmg
Tnl.l.imr nrnmntlv and nroocrlv attended to
Estimates on all kinds of work cheerfully
furnished 201 W Seventh street Phone,
Caml 2000
Cluxton, R. J 3917 Spring Grove ave.
Daly. Mirtin, 818 Mun st
Doud, Jas J , .113 E Fourth st.
Douglis Plumbing X Heating Co., N. E. Cor.
Eighth and Plum sts
Dojle X lay. 234 1 Sixth st
Dressier, Harry, 4237 Forest ave., Norwood.
Ehmann, W. II , 12 W, Court st.
1 itzpatnck, Jas J , 522 Broadway.
Felix, Ed , 055 W. McMickcn ave.
Fox, Win St Son, Harrison & Spring Grove avs
Ganzmillcr St Hcsey, 20 W. Ninth St.
Gibson, W J , 818 W. Fourth st.
Gibson Schlcmmcr Co., C33 Walnut st.
Geilcr, Wm. C , Harrison and Queen City aves.
Hamcr, F G, 811 Elm st.
Hcalcv, Dan, 332 E. Pearl St.
Hillenbrand, Wm St Co , 2307 W. Eighth St.
Hollaendcr, Walter S, 1330 Race st.
Horvirz, S. & Co , 558 W. Sixth st.
Irwin, J K Plumbing Co , 1020 Vine St.
Jacobs, Edw , 232 E. University ave.
Keck, Wm , 1003 Madison rd.
Kcidel, A., 12 W. Twelfth St.
Kemper, Wm , 3802 Spring Grove ave.
Lade, Chas , Jr., 231 W. McMillan st.
Lewc, Ben, 2017 Maple ave, Norwood.
Liquid Carbonic Co , Second and Center aves.
Morgan, Edw. II St Co., 3480 Reading rd.
Murdock, J. G , Plumbing Co , 313 W. 4th St.
Murphy Ic Ditchen, Edwards rd. and Wasson av.
Murphy, The Richard, Plumbing Co., 32 E.
Fourth St.
Nolan, E J , 009 Main st.
Nicmes, Henry, 4112 Hamilton ave.
Rcenan, Thos, 235 E. Third St.
Riestcnbcrg Plbg. Co , Harrison ave and Bar
nard st
Rvan Plumbing Co, A. J., 415 W. Fourth st.
Sanger, C , 1540 Hapsburg st.
Schuster X Wagner, 1228 Walnut st.
Schwartz X Tern, 2117 W. 8th St.
Suttkamp, H. II., 754 Clark St.
Schlemmer, Robt , 1709 Linn st.
Schultc Bros, Mills and Allison ave, Norwood
Stark, II. J., 2010 Vine st.
Schanzcl E. A., 779 E. McMillan St.
Sipple, Chas, 4050 Hamilton ave.
Smith, M. J , 717 Broadway.
U. S. Plumbing & Heating Co , 744 W. Court.
Vogelpohl, J. J. St Co , 4150 Hamilton ave.
Wanner Bros , 1230 Vine St.
Weber, Louis R. X Co , 900 Freeman ave.
West End Tlumbing Co , 8th and Depot sts.
Wiot, J 2007 Madison rd.
Western Plumbing Co , 1715 Elm st.
Weiss, Geo., 0015 Main st , Madisonville.
Attlescy Co , 819 Vine st.
Djcr, Thos. J Co, Third and Walnut sts
Jcnike X Bridge, 133 E. Ninth St.
Covne, Jos J., 31 W. Sixth St.
Kelly, Ed C , 422 Mam St.
Sheridan, Thomas, 1115 Madison ave
Miher Bros , Sixth and Washington sts.
Richards, Walter J., 727 York St.
White, W. W , 000 York st.
Bishop Babcock Co , 225 W. Fourth st.
Liquid Carbonic Co , Second and Central ave.
I Western Plumbing Co., 1715 Elm st.
Contractors Who Employ Union
Plasters, Lathers and lliiild-
ing Laborers.
Avery, Ed, 3S20 Kellogg.
Benedict Bros , Cold Springs, Ky.
Brown, John, 2057 Lawrence ave, Norwood.
Bunjion X Son, Lockland.
Colter, Archibald, Building Trades Exchange.
Colters X Gleason.
Dicknnn X Ortman, Real Estate.
Donovan, Jno , 2204 May st.
Dowling, Thos, 4143 Chambers st.
Drocggc, Jno , Newport, Ky.
Droit, Jake, Price Hill
Finncrtv, Pat, 034 Hawthorne ave,
Price Hill.
Fuller, Theodore, 1239 W. Ninth St.
Gcllcnbeck, Tcrd, Trice Hill.
Gundrum, Geo. Milk st.
Gleason, J., 1095 Blue Rock st.
Lcmke Bros , Northsidc.
McCarthy Bros, O'Brvonvillc.
McNulty Bros , Tittsburg.
Nealand, Al, Twelfth and Clay sts.
Pirkcr X Malone, 204 W. Court St.
Pugh, Wm , Builders and Traders Exchange.
Rardon Bros, Newport, Kv.
Rvbolt, M, Madisonville, O.
Rudolph, Robt.
Sculls M. P.
Siucr, Gus, Jr, Newport, Ky.
Shumate, John, Hvdc Park.
Standard Phstic Relief Co.
States Plastering Co , Chicago.
Stockleman X Son, Price Hill.
Scully, John P., 1009 State st.
Contractors Who Employ Members
of the Journeymen Stone-
cutteis' Union.
Barge, C , 3013 Jefferson ave.
Bucntc, I. C, 3050 Spring Grove ave.
Carl Bros, 42 lewis st., Covington, Ky.
Dauch, Grcgorv, 2924 Vaughn sr.
Gmcson, Wm , Svmmcs and Florence aves
Gcise, Wm, 1S07 Queen Citv ave
Hcnninger, Jake, Norwood, O
Ilummcll Bldg, 2029 Spring Grove ave.
Imason, I. W , Fourteenth and Spring sts ,
Covington, K.
Kassclmann, Geo, Oakley ave., Oakley.
Kcllmghain, II 1154 Divton st.
Lanlnn, Win , Brewster and Montgomery aves ,
Law son Composite Stone Co, 3233 Frcdonia av.
Ling, N. C. X Co, 2005 Svmmcs St.
Mcrsch Sons, F, 1037 Wade St.
Newport Stone Co., Monmouth st , Newport.
Scullv Construction Co , Commercial Tribune
Sterol!, II, 2150 Western ave.
Pielage X Co , II , 1013 Flint st.
Wistlikc Construction Co
Contractors Employing Members of
the Sheet Metal Workers' Union.
THOMAS LEE, Manufacturer of Label Ap
proved Metal-Clad Panel Doors, Label Ap
proved Hollow Metallic Windows, Label Ap
proved Tin Clad Tire Doors, Skylights and
Roofing; Dust and Shaving Systems, Lee
Dampcrcd Ventilators 128, 130, 132 W.
Second st.
Lemon, W. A , 917 W. Eighth St.
Witt & Brown, Third and Elm sr.
Meier, F.d, Elm and Green sts.
Harkness 8t Towler, Findlay and Providence.
Grciwc St Bros, 1128 Broadway.
Rothcr & Hccg, Liberty and Walnut sts.
Franck, A , State and South aves.
Kruckemcyer Roofing St Furnace Co , 1410 Plum
Neabry, John, 037 W. Court sr.
Kuhlman, Geo , 1207 Main St.
Kopelent, II , 2723 Vine st.
Imbus Stove Store, 417 W. Fifth st
Beckman, Wm , 1513 Race St.
Freund, Jacob, Roofing Co.
Keller, L. E St Co
Kobmann, Chas , 1919 Central ave.
Cincinnati Cornice Works, 037 W. Court st.
Meyer, Edw., Elm and Green sts.
Edwards Mfg Co , Fifth and Eggleston ave.
Peck, Anderson X Peck Co, Court and Svca
Kruckemcver Roofing & Turnace Co , 1416 Plum
Imbus Stove Store, 417 W. Tilth St.
Peck, Anderson St Peck Co , Court and Main.
John Van Range Co , Fifth and Broadway.
PECK', ANDERSON & PECK, Engineers, Con
tractors and Manufacturers of Furnaces,
Steam and Hot Water Heating Apparatu?
Court and Svcamore sts, Cincinnati, O
Phones, Canal 23 and 201
Phillips, H. X Co , 523 W. Eighth st.
Advance Sign Co, 322 Plum st.
Cincinnati Sign Co , Third and Main st.
Engelbert, Jos D. X Co , 29 E. Sixth st.
Freeman Sign Co , 116 E. Third St.
Hoffmann, Henrv, 1132 Race st.
Jones X Co., 36 Fountain square.
Ohio Sign Co, 22 E. Sixth st.
Perfect Painting Co , 3S1S Spring Grove ave.
Quick Sign Co , 1002 Central av.
Roberts, Robt., J , 25 E. Twelfth St.
Saunders, B , 1010 Walnut st.
Schocnberger, E. W., 010 Walnut St.
Van Winkel Sign Co , Cohen Bldg , Coving
ton, Ky.
Windei Sign Co , 3 E Pearl St.
York Sign Co , The, 634 Monmouth St., New
port, Ky.
Talbot, G. D , 429 Central ave.
Harvey, E. T., Bond Hill.
TORS. Employing Members of Local Union
No. UV-, United association oi
Plumbers, Gasfltters and
Bachlcr, II L.
Cincinnati Heating Co., The.
Conners, John
Conners, T. J.
Crane, M. A , Estate.
Douglas Plumbing and Heating Co.
Gcenn Bros X Co.
Lange, L. A.
Love, Picker X Nulen Co.
Morlidee X Co, G. E.
Meyers, T W.
Niemes, Henrv.
Nichol Co , Thos. J.
Peck, Anderson X Peik Co, Court and Svca-
Schulthcis X Son, Michael
Schlemmer Co, Oliver.
Schutthei Co, Edw.
Vance Lucke Co , The
Vogelpohl, Jno J , Co.
Winters, Trank M
jr Union TIlo
Foj X Starr Co , 902 Main st.
Kraimg Tile Co , 430 E Eighth St.
CHAS. 1.. SHANNON & SONS, 17 E. Canal st.
Phone-., Caml 311 and 344 "Tiles for All
Purposes Where Tiles Should Be Ued "
Shirmer, A. X Co , 432 Reading rd.
Bichinann, A F., 1572 Freeman ave.
Burkhardt, Frank, 1603 Western ave.
Bochm. Gustav. 1102 Harrison ave.
Botlenhorn Wall Taper Co , 1531 Central ave
Bouss, R N , 1320 Rice st.
Cook X ni.ru ell, 2024 Vine st.
Doughs F W., 2019 Vine St.
Gleason, rd. 4704 dickering st , Winton Place.
Gunkel. Fdwird, Court and Vine.
Hummel, W I , Clirk ind Rittenhouse t.
Huppcrtz, Phil. 1921 Vine Tel. C 404.
Kyle. Wm , 2S27 Observatory rd.
Kassclman, B., 1033 Race St.
S. MORTON & tONS, Wall Paper, Interior
Painting. Plastic Relief, Cinvai. Burlap, etc
125, 127 W. Fourth st Phone. Main 495
Munnmghoff X Schoeck, 109 E. Ninth St., New
port, Kv. ,
Ohio Wall Piper Co. 805 Main St.
Plume X Hcintz. 1605 Race st
Poguc, The II X S Co , I ourth and Race sts.
Porter, M. X J II . 2S27 Colerain ave.
Rumstetter, Clns, 2139 Vine sr
avill. I A.. 112 W Seventh st.
Schuck Decorating Co , The Jacob, 2011 Vine.
Smith X Son. Wm R.. Curtis st
U S Will Paper Co, 214 L. Tourth st
Wellcr Geo , 1314 10 Mun st.
Wiethorn, Gus, 4022 Eastern ave.
Mitchell, Robt , 620 Race St.

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