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John Street Improve
ment Association
Still Hustles to Make Abraham Lincoln D alt on Safety
Director. No Use For Free Bridges Now, That The
Saloons of Kentucky Are Threatened With Being
Compelled to Close on Sunday. Resolutions Passed
Against J. O. White's Rock Pile Idea.
Dis am cr time oh trublc fer dc cul
cred pccple ob dis town en All jest doan
no what am gwine tcr hapen. Thus
spoke President Erasttis Johnsing of the
John Street Improvement, Welfare and
General Do Your Neighbor Good As
sociation, Friday evening, when that well
known organization of colored citizens
was called to order. It was evident
that Brother Johnsing was excited and
a murmur of applause passed through
the hall. The attendance was large,
representative colored citizens having
gathered to hear reports of several com
mittees and to take action upon the same.
Continuing, Mr. Johnsing said:
De bizness ob dis sociation am done
tuck in en gone clean rong en it aint
no fault of dc members er de osifers
dat dis am de case. It am jes de oder day
dat we pints er kummite fer to kunfer
wid de pceples power league bout free
bridges en what am dc result. Nothin
aint zultcd en nothin am gwinc ter zult.
De kummite what am named fer to git
in kcrmunikashion wid de pceples pow
er white folks am poted dat dey aint
done no good. Mister Biglo en his folks
aint got nothin mo fer to say bout free
bridges scch as dey was gwine to give
to de pccple jest er few weeks back.
Pears to dc kummite dat dein white
men what was pintcd to kunfer wid
Mr. Shinkle am llicted wid cole feet en
dat dey aint ben nigh Mr. Shinkle wid
no posal to give dese bridges to de pub
lic free ob cos. Looks jes lak dis .Mis
ter Biirlo was sbnnliti nt 1n ,., :
es he mos gmerly am, when he poses
to make dese bridges fre en All poses to
have dis sociation dopt rcsolutshons to
dat effeck.
Furder, what am de use ob habbiii
free bridges ef dis here Mister Stanley
what am jes ben lected guvnor ob Ken
tucky am don got on de water wagin
en cf dc torney ginral am gwinc in fer
to shct up de saloons ober dar on dc
Sabbath day. Dis pears to me to be
jescr nudder one ob de ways what de
white foks ob dis part ob'dc ktintry
got ob priven dc culord citizen ob his
rights. Ef de sloons on dc oder side
ob de riber am gwinc to be sbet up on
de Sabbath day, what use has dc nig
gers ob dis town fer fre bridges? Dey
aint got no bizness on dc tother side ob
dc river ccpt on dat day en of dey kainl
git no gin when dey crosses dc bridges.
Ah is right here to say de colured
pccple aint gwine need dem bridges en
it (loan make no diffunce ef (ley am free
er not. Ah dar fore am gwine to git
de members to dopt er motion showin
dat we has los konHdence in Mister
Biglo en de Pceples Power League.
Fuddcr, brcthern, Ah wants ter kal
yo tention to a subjek ob nigh ekul
portancc to de members as am de shet
tin up ob de sloons cross de riber on
de Sabbath. Ah knowd when Ah hearn
dat dis Mister Edwards en Cuiicl Proc
ter done butted in on (lis police bizness
dat it want gwine to suit in nothin good,
en Ah made dc statement dat ef dese
white gemmen would keep dey noses out
VKYIOI). Washington. International industrial
competition and the disclosure that in
dustrial progress is dependent upon
education have been the motive for
school surveys abroad, according to a
bulletin of the United States Bureau of
l'-ducation on Foreign Educational Sur
veys. The bulletin says the efforts to reor
ganize American schools in industrial
and vocational ways were coincident
with a realization by the people of the
wonderful progress made by Germany
in vocational education and that nation's
consequent advance in international in
dustry and commerce.
The report on a survey made as far
hack as 18S-I on technical education ex
presses its astonishment at the indus
trial progress in France, Germany, and
Switzerland, and contains the significant
remark: "While we are of the opinion
that England still maintains her lead in
the world of industry, the commisiouers
note with concern the growth of tech
nical education abroad." The commis
sioners conclude that "if England is to
continue to be the industrial leader her
managers, foremen and workmen should
combine theoretical instruction with
their acknowledged practical skill."
Washington. In a suit for damages
against a street car company. Justice
Robb, of the District of Columbia Court
of Appeals, has ruled that if a passenger
leaves a safe place in a street car and
exposes himself to danger by standing
on the running board of the conveyance,
he is guilty of contributory negligence.
ob de police bizness, de niggers want liav
no kick coming. Ah said dat dis Mis
ter Holmes want gwine tcr grce to hoi
dc job ob safety drector en dat it gwinc
do no good fer dese white pcepul fer to
go nosin roun de city hal axin Mister
Holmes fer to hang on to dc job. lie
dun scd he gwinc ter quit en he gwinc
ter quit, he jes kin ob man. Dis (loan
mean dat Mister Puchta am gwine to ack
on dc jestion ob dis sociation en pint our
cmnent culord citizen, Mr. Abraham Lin
coln Dalton cs de ncx safty drcckter
but it do mean dat dar is shore a heap
mor truble in sto fer de culored peo
ple cause cny man what am pintcd am
gwinc to lire Cunel Coplin en -put er
nuther white man on dc jub. Now
Ah doan want to hah it blcvd dat Ah
has cny love fer Cuncl Coplin. Dat
am de wrong ide. Dc niggers ob dis
town aint got no cause to like him, but
Ah does want to kail yo tention to de
f ack dat we knows de ways ob Cunel
Coplin en knows jes crbout how we got
to ack when he am on de jub. Dis new
drcckter oh de safty department am
unknown to us en we kant font no
pinion cs to who de ncx chief gwine
tcr be, hut you niggers kin take it from
yo prescient, dar aint nothin good gwine
to hapen fer de niggers. We aint gwine
to git no free bridges en we aint gwinc
to need dem ef de sloons on de uder
side oil de riber am gwinc ter be shct
up on dc Sabbath. We aint gwinc to
gu no cuicreo man m dar es salty
dreckter cr chief ob polic en we jes
got to keep gwine along in de reglar
strictcd way cs wc been doin en de
proch ob de holday seson don hoi out
dc same mount ob courairment what it
did in former vers. De col weder am
comin fas en dc nigger what hols er
good job at dis time had better hoi on
to it en dem es has no jobs wil do wel
ef dey turn dey faces to de south whar
de weather am warm en whar de white
folks wil feed dem.
Dar am one mo thing what Ah spesh
ully desiahs to kail yo tention to, dis
bein de proposal to stablish er big rock
pile on de riber landin whar dc needy en
hungry kin work while dc tliemomter am
below de zero pint en dey kin cm cr
meal by beatin rock wid er bamer fer
fo hours. Dis am dc latest poposal ob
Mister White what am at de head ol)
de charties partment en Ah blebs mail
marks bout goin south whar cr nigger
kin git feed en whar it aint so powful
col, am tircly propriate es while de work
house am full ob de misfortunates ub
de Ian, dar am room fer a powerful lot
ob rocks on de landin and de nigger
what axes for charty am gwinc to git
cr turn down dar on dat rock pile cf
dis new safty drcckter lies got to git
more ob dese loffin cops fer to sec dat
dey stays on dc job en keeps on beatin
rock whilc dey ernin dat diner what
Mister White gwine ter giv em.
Brethren, Ah sec cr hard season befo
dc niggers ob dis kcrmunity and Ah
moves dat wc now dopt dem solutions
en den jiini tel nex Friday night.
Roof Rents for $300 a Month
A few years ago the only changes in
the money value of roofs in the down
town district were in the amount of
expense they incurred to the owners for
repairs. Now the money value changes
in a different way. It's a question of
roof-rental increases. A lease was made
Monday with the owners of the Picker
ing building, Fifth and Main streets,
for advertising space on the roof. An
auto tire company will i;ay $300 a month
for the privilege of placing its sign atop
the building. The safety razor advertise
ment now on the roof brings a rental
of $27."i. Roofs are getting higher in.
Wealthy Woman Accused of Inter
fering With Police.
Chicago. During the eleven weeks of
the strike of garment workers here,
$12.1,000 has been distributed in strike
benefits or otherwise used to further the
cause, it was announced today. Ap
proximately $2."i,000 of the total amount
came from New York. Mrs. Frances
Crane Lillie, wife of Prof. Frank K.
Lillie, of the University of Chicago,
and daughter of the late Richard T.
Crane, wealthy iron manufacturer, is to
appear in court today on a charge of
alleged interference with the police.
She was arrested yesterday while doing
picket duty in the clothing manufactur
ing district.
lK I'oiir Telegraphers Oppose Me
diation mid Summon Olllclnls
to Conference Worcester
Stands "lnt."
An entire morning spent in talking
iijhiii aiue issues oeiorc uic salary ques
tion was reached was the result of a
conference between General Manager
II. A. Worcester and the committee of
telegraph operators of the Big Four
General Manager Worcester opened
proceedings by telling of a conference
he had held in Cleveland with Presi
dent A. H. Smith of the New York
Central Railroad, to whom had been re
ferred the operators' ultimatum of ten
days ago.
Mr. Worcester said President Smith
was opposed to the schedule pass basis
and the issuance of annual passes to
enintMv'f.tt t-if tin. ..i!!.-.....!.. ii.. ..;
mated if this could be accomplished the.
nig njiir migiii acquiesce in some de
mands as to wage increase of the tele
graphers. After considerable talk along this line
Mr. Worcester asked Chairman Ed
ward Wbalen of the operators:
"So you won't budge from the $55,000
increase asked?"
Mr. Whalen responded: "We won't
change the figure and won't agree to
mediation. If we can not reach an
agreement the next step on our part is
to report the matter to the Order of
l...t 1 1V.1 t M
iv.uiiw.iii i eicgrapiicrs.
Mr. Worcester then said: "It's cer
tain we won't go any higher."
Talk then partook of other matters,
in which Mr. Whalen said: "This mat
ter has been handled by us as a com
mittee and not as an organization. It
has reached a point where we can go no
General Manager Worcester then
suggested the operators' committee get
together and again talk the matter
over, and all withdrew from the room
excepting Chairman Edward Whalen
and Messrs. E. P. Jenkins, George
Lavengood and B. T. Conelie of the
Conceded $2,500.
Later the operators conceded 2,500,
or $52,500, and Mr. Worcester came
hack with an offer of $2,500 in addition
to the $10,000 he had previously agreed
to give.
Chairman Whalen declined this offer
and stood pat for the $52,500.
NpitllPr ciil, nninrv fi,,-!-, .... " I -
- - .,... b..,b minimi, -wi.
Whalen said he would refer the whole
matter to the fourth vice-president, J.
J. Dermody, of the Order of Railroad
Telegraphers, and the parties ad
For Delivery There Immediately
After the War Hurts.
Xew York. Orders for copper aggre
gating about 200,000,000 pounds, nearly
one-lifth of the annual production in the
United States, have been placed by Ger
man representatives with copper con
cerns, in this country, it was announced
several days ago. As copper is quoted
at :.'() cents a pound, the cost of the Ger
man purchases amount of $3(),0()0,00).
Instances where the contracts have
been filled the metal has been placed in
storage under an agreement to ship it to
Germany immediately after the war.
The orders placed in America amount
to nearly four times the annual produc
tion of copper in Germany. America
produced 1,110,()(2,000 pounds of copper
in I '.Ml.
Within a few mouths the German
Government has been commandeering
copper wherever it could be found in the
German Empire.
Paterson, X. J. Elizabeth Gurley
Flyiin, a labor leader, was found not
guilty of a charge of "inciting to per
sonal assault" in the silk mill strike in
Paterson in February, l!)i:i.
Duhith, Minn. The first steel making
operations in Minnesota got under way
at the plant of the Minnesota Steel
Company. Fires in the blast furnace
from which the first run of pig iron will
be drawn were started by officials of the
company. Within a week after the first
pig is drawn actual steel manufacturing
is expected to start.
ixciti'USK ix wa(;i:s.
Farrell, Pa. An increase in wages of
20 per cent above the base rate on pick
led dip bars has been announced by the
officials of the local plant of the Amer
ican Sheet and Tin Plate Company. The
increase takes effect at once and affects
250 men.
Chicago. Mrs. Ella Flagg Young,
who has been identified with Chicago's
public schools for 53 years the last six
as superintendent retired today. She is
71 years old. Mrs. Young plans to leave
immediately for Southern California to
establish a home
The Western and Southern Life Insurance Co.
W. J. WILLIAMS, President
Assets Over $9,000,000
Insurance in Force Over $85,000,000
In our Industrial and Ordinary Departments, life insurance on all
approved plans can be secured on insurable risks. Premiums can be
paid weekly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
Low Rates, Absolute Security, Prompt Payment of Claims.
Are You Insurable? Life Insurance Eventually Why Not Now?
New Text Books May Be Ordered
Superintendent Condon Working With Committees of
'Teachers to Revise Courses of Study Big Battle
Expected Among Publishers.
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Ran
dall Condon is preparing plans which
may "put the skids" under the Amer
ican Book Company when the new con
tract for text hooks is entered into next
The Doctor has appointed commit
tees of principals to "revise the course
of studies" in the schools. These com
mittees have been at work for several
weeks, and it is safe to infer the mem
bers will listen to any suggestions
which may be made by their superior.
Hook Men on Scene.
The American Book Company has
bad the contract for furnishing the
books to the Cincinnati schools for In
these many years, and it is not to be
supposed it will be pried loose without
a fight. Its present contract was for a
period of five years, and it expires in
August, 11)10.
The fact that a number of Eastern
book men have been in' the city lately
has caused comment in school circles.
One, it is said, has boasted that he
had the American Book Company al
ready on the ropes and calling for "help.
Following action of Council Tuesday
in unanimously authorizing a $100,00(1
bond issue for preliminary expenses, the
Rapid Transit Commission will in a few
days organize its force for planning in
terurban connections.
lll'C.'K ItAIMtOAl) ItKVKXl'KS.
Washington. The net revenue from
the operation of the principal steam i
railways in the United States for Sep- j
tember was $177,140,771, the interstate
commerce commission announced. The
operating revenues were 2S5,403,34 ; I
operating income, $07, 112,103. I
Boston. Organized teamsters are be
ing supported by the trade union move
ment in their campaign to abolish the
contract system for the removal of
garbage and ashes. It is stated that
the mayor is in sympathy with the
workers' plan.
The Favorite Store for Booklovers and Bookbuyers
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Xow is the time to begin building your own library. We invite you to examine
our excellent stock of books. Our salesmen arc all experienced in the book
business and are ready to help you in making your selection.
All Standard Editions of American and English Authors. Special Gift
Books, All the Best and Late Fiction. Also Magazines and Stationery.
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or Engraving, telephone our Manufacturing Department Main 4392.
The Methodist Book Concern
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f 4-4-4- 4-4-4-44-4-4-4-4-4-4-44-4-4-4 4-4-4 4 - 4 - 4 - 4
State Fixes Price.
The State Commission of Public In
struction fixes the prices which are to
be paid by the school boards for the
books, and the local board may then
award the contract to any company it
desires, at the figures fixed by the State
Commission. The contract must be for
a term of five years.
The courses of studies in the local
j schools have not been revised for years,
which lends color to the story that Dr
V.IHK1UH may recommenu anotner pub
lishing houe to furnish the text book
to the School Board.
Dr. Condon is said to favor a Bos
ton publishing concern. A professor in
the University is said to be plugging
for a Baltimore publishing house. He
is on one of Dr. Condon's committees,
and there may be some friction.
The School Board will have to pas
on any recommendation Dr. Condon
may make, but it is also suggested that
the Superintendent would not have
acted had he not had some intimation
from board members.
Johnston City. 111. At a meeting of
managers of practically every co-operative
store in Southern Illinois an asso
ciation was formed to combine their
buying power that better prices may be
secured, as well as exchange views on
We have at
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