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k Aj.m t.ljJUI! lMT'l'HH Waggly
Olllcial Orpin of Tlie Htilltllng Trades Council of Cincinnati nnd Vicinity
Issued Weekly
Business Office, 20-21 Thorns
Communications should be on hand
Entered at the postofficc at Cincinnati
Tlit! friendly business firms wlm lire putionlzliif; the Labor Ailvo- 4
J (.'ate and endeavoring to show their pjod will nnd sincerity through I
the columns of this aper, the olllcial journal, deservu the patron- T
ago of loyal members of organized labor, and will be remembered
by them on every shopping trip. -f
We understand that tlie friends
are usiny their inlluenee to have
Mr. Burning has heen anxious
time, but his friends persist in shoving some job on him. First it
was the Snhtreasuryship and the I'ostmastcrship, and various other
positions of honor and emolument.
But we believe that if President Wilson is going to select an
Ohioan he could not do better than to appoint tlie gallant Mr. Burn
ing, who would have the hearty support of Col. Andy Gilligan and
Col. Billy I'attison.
The movement to repeal the Civil Service law of the State should
meet with a hearty response from tlie building crafts, for the simple
reason that the politicians on the Civil Service Boards cither place
the position in a grade below the union scale, or they call for a utility
man ; one that can do plumbing, paving and sheet metal work, at a
salary per year lower than the scale of any of the crafts mentioned.
They generally make it an engineer and electrician. And as the
engineer is licensed by the State
the engineer gets the job.
The City Council should pass a law to license private detectives
and make them furnish a bond, after their application has been
passed on by the Chief of Police.
Many of these so-called private detectives are ex-criminals, who
devote their time to spying upon and blackmailing our citizens, to
say nothing of the way they wax fat on their misrepresentation of
union labor.
In Detroit the local federation of labor is urging the city council
to license private detective agencies. Secretary R. L. Reeves of
the federation's legislative committee, made this statement to the
council committee that is considering the proposal:
"The greater part of the work of these agencies is the watching
of men who are not criminals. They do a class of work that re
quires a disreputable class of people. They are irresponsible and
-hould be made responsible to some one. The result is friction be
cause of this class of men. They bring in Chicago, Philadelphia and
"ther gunmen. The prosecuting attorney has already stated that
the destruction of property in Youngstown was due to private de
tectives, and he has declared that they did the first shooting.
"Large agencies rent out men for a certain price to the corpora
tions men who will use guns if necessary. These agencies get
a rake-off between the amount the employer pays for the service
and what the man gets. Where they employ thousands a day, as
some agencies do, they get on the basis of $1 a day, and in this
way obtain thousands of dollars."
It would be well for the Rapid Transit Commission to look into
the last election in Detroit of municipal ownership of the street cars,
on which occasion union men voted solidly against the proposition
and finally defeated it.
If the Rapid Transit Commission intends to lease tlie new belt
system, it will not get the support of organized labor unless the lease
contains a provision "giving the workers the right to organize, and
for the directors of the leasing company to enter into a joint bargain
regarding wages, hours and conditions of employment."
Samuel Gompers, in the American I'ederationist, says "that if a
municipal proposition does not contain such a proviso, it should be
Building. Phone, Canal 5511
not later than Wednesday to insure
0., as second-class mail matter.
of Joseph Bcrning, the printer,
him appointed Secretary of War.
to retire from polities for some
and the electrical worker not, why
Licensing of All
To Be Urged By Municipal
Nine Cases of Consumption Found In One of Them,
It Is Reported.
Alarmed by the housing conditions
which prevail in Cincinnati, the Munici
pal Tuberculosis Committee at a meet
ing last evening at the General Hospital
ordered Courtenay Dinwiddie to draft
an ordinance to be submitted to Council
which, it is hoped, will bring effective
relief. Tlie ordinance will license and
regulate all lodging and boarding houses.
"A startling disproportion of deaths
among races" from tuberculosis was sub
mitted to the committee by Max Senior,
Chairman of the Housing Committee of
the Chamber of Commerce, who cited
figures to show that of nearly L',i,)0()
Jews in Cincinnati, only six had died of
tuberculosis during 1015. The Jewish
societies spend annually in the fight
against the disease more than $20,000,
he reported, and that, coupled with tlie
natural temperance of the race, was said
to account for a portion of the disparity.
Statistics submitted at the meeting by
Health Officer Landis gave the general
death rate for Cincinnati during 1015 at
"Do von mean to say you paid onlj
$50 for" that frock?"
"Yes, but that, of course, was with
out the trimmings."
"I low much were the trimmings?"
"A hundred and fifty." Judge.
"So you think you are safe in marry
ing a widow?"
"Yes; my case is different. You see
her former husband never made half
the money I am making." Detroit
h'rec Press.
The Pessimist's Viewpoint.
"Father," said the small boy, "what's
an optimist?"
"An optimist, my son, is a man who
tries so hard to be cheerful that you
feel sorry to see him overworking him
self." Washington Star.
Ouerr Cattle.
"Itcgorra, tliim shtory writers are
the tuiarcst eratures in the world."
"An' phwy so?"
"Shure, an' don't their tales come
right out av their heads?" Boston
Now and Then.
"Gads tries to create the impression
that time is money with him."
"I see. Does he succeed in creating
that impression?
"Only when he pawns his watch."
Itirmingbam Age-I lerald.
Light on .Ma.
Little Brother Mr. 1'oseyboy, won't
jou go and stand before the window?
I'osej boy Certainly, my little man.
ISut why?
Little Brother Oh. ma says she can
sec through you. I want to sec if I can.
Tlie .Mean Thing!
"I'lillis is the meanest kind of gos
sip." "What makes you think so?"
"Because she never tells jou any
thing herself, but gets jou to tell her
all vou know."
Itelleves That.
"Do jou believe everything you hear?"
"No, but when I come to a railroad
crossing and hear a whistle 1 never
doubt that a train is coming." Detroit
Free Press.
A 1 1 ii iiry.
"but," objected the heiress, "1 have
been accustomed to every luxury."
"That's all the more reason wbj- you
should marry me," replied the impe
cunious suitor. "I'm a luxury myself."
How They Do It.
In a hotel in a certain city is the fol
lowing notice :
"Hoarders are taken by the day,
week or month. Those who do not pay
promptly arc taken by the neck." Ex
change. Ice Clan and Sun Clan.
A tribe of Indians belonging to the
Pueblo group is divided into an ice
clan and a sun clan, with an ice priest
and a sun priest. In winter the one
section is in charge and the other in
the summer time.
The Turnip.
'file turnip is supposed to be a native
of Asia and Europe. It has been culti
vated for centuries. The wild East
Indian turnip is said to be remotely
kin to the edible turnip. It is the size
of a walnut and first tasted is sweet
ish, but in a moment the taster's
tongue feels as though it were pricked
by a hundred hot needles, and he feels
like expectorating for hours after. It
is the country boy s favorite medium
j for a joke on the visiting town boy.
' Loudon Tatler.
Lodging Houses
Tuberculosis Committee.
15.4:i persons in every thousand, or 50
per cent in excess of the birth rate. The
"T. li." death rate in Cincinnati for 1015
was 2.2 persons to each 10,000 popula
tion, and among negroes the rate was
four to live times greater than among
whites. During 1015 tuberculosis, he
said, claimed 805 victims in Cincinnati.
Dr. Landis presided at the meeting.
Fifteen men, Mr. Senior declared, dis
cussing tenement conditions, inhabit the
same room in a lodging house in the
Mohawk bridge neighborhood. The
men pay one dollar a week, he said,
netting the proprietor if00 a month for
the one room.
Lodging bouses down town are the
source of particular trouble, the commit
tee agreed. Nine cases of tuberculosis
in one lodging house were discovered,
reported Secretary Dinwiddie, of the
A plan to stimulate State-wide inter
est in the public health insurance legis
lation proposed first in Cincinnati was
Animals and Flesh Kating.
Arguing against the eating of meat,
an luiglish writer remarks : "Almost
any animal can be made to eat flesh.
The kangaroo has canine teeth. Horses,
oxen and sheep may be taught to cat
flesh. Norwegian cows have been
known to eat llesh. Goldsmith saw a
sheep eat llesh. Spallanzaui has shown
that a pigeon may be made to live on
flesh and an eagle on bread."
Old Aunt (on her deathbed) I am
just making my will, my dear llcin
rich. 1 know, alas, too well that you
are not religiously disposed and have
no desire to promote the cause of
Nephew (hastily) Beg your pardon,
aunt ; (ante the contrary.
Aunt Heaven be praised I Then you
will be glad to hear that 1 have left
all my property to the church !
Swift meteors become visible at an
average height of eighty-four miles
and disappear at fifty-six miles, while
the very slow meteors come in sight at
about sixty-live miles and fade away
at thirty-eight miles. Of the very slow
meteors those that become visible at
the greatest heights come twenty miles
nearer the earth than those of very
low radiant.
The Itesult.
"His wife made a man of him."
"lie looks like a homemade job."
Baltimore American.
Accord! tig to Signs,
"Little Johnnie is rather cross this
morning," said the doctor, "but then
that is a good sign. It shows that he
is convalescing."
"According to that," said Johnnie's
mother, "my husband must be recov
ering from a severe illness. There's
just no living with that man." Ex
change. A fount of Inspiration.
"My wife," said the celebrated pur
veyor of indifferent sellers, "can't be
made to understand that a writer has
his off davs."
"She thinks 1 ought to be able to
write freely as long as there is ink in
the fountain pen." Louisville Courier
Journal. I'ii'i'iir.
Ignorance has no light, but Error fol
lows a false one. The consequence is
that Error, when she retraces her steps,
has farther to go before she can arrive
at truth than Ignorance. Coltou.
These .Modern Days.
"They have money, haven't they?"
"1 don't know: haven't .seen them
for about a year." Judge.
.Many of Them Do.
"Did you say he lived in New York
day in and day out?"
"No, day in and night out." Judge.
Sort Defined.
"Is that a chip of the old block?"
"Why, no. He's only a little shaver."
Baltimore American.
A steel horseshoe magnet can hold
in suspension a weight up to twenty
times its own.
(iloves Willi Fingers.
It was in the twelfth century that
gloves with separate fingers were first
A Syrian Custom.
In Si'rm cL'V liliio ic tllp nimirnitio' i
color, indicative of the assurance that
the deceased has gone to heaven.
Paid For the Advice.
Old Hunks (meeting a physician at
the club) Doc, what ought a man to do
when he has an all ovcrish feeling as
if he were going to have an attack of
the grip? Crusty M. D. lie ought to
consult a good physician about it. Old
Hunks Well, that advice ought to be
worth a dollar anyhow. Here it is.
I'll go and hunt him up. Chicago Tribune.
"On what grounds do you desire to
withdraw the plea of 'not guilty?'"
"On the simple ground that we are
guilty. However, we must call the at
tention of your honor to the regrett
able fact that the statute of limitations
lets us out. Too bad we were not ask
ed about the matter earlier." Phila
delphia Ledger.
Her Kasy Job.
"Yep, 1 got a job cooking fer a day."
"Gal, you don't know nothing about
"Don't have to know nothing. She's
a bride and I am her first cook." Kan
sas City Journal.
Opportunities are very sensive things.
If you slight them on their first visit
you seldom see them again. Ruskin.
Air AVe ltreathe.
I Two thousand gallons of air is a
grownup person's allowance for twenty
I four hours.
What is defeat? Nothing but edu
cation, nothing but the first step to
something better.
"Old Glory" Whiskey
Long May Wave
Capital $1,000,000 Ruourcei OYir $5,000,000
Second National Bank
Ninth and Main Streets
!I Percent Interest on Savings
Alain Stare nnd Onlce: 942 Monmouth
Street, Newport, Ky.
Phones: South 2957, 1IG!)
facturers of
all Kinds
1018 Midison Ave. Phone, South 3644
S. E. Cor. 7th and I'allerson Sis. Hume, South 2619-Y
203 W. 6th Street CINCINNATI. O.
l'lioncs, Canal SOU, 5012
Telephones, Canal -M'iS ami -l.i'Jft
210 E. Ninth St. Cincinnati, 0.
Union-Made HATS
1120 Main Street
PAINT. It dries perfectly fiat without
lustre, washed and cleaned like tile.
Color folder free. Buy it from your
dealer, or
Pearl mill .Main Sts., Cincinniiti, O.
Be ThanKful
I j
I -f .
Dealers AJmiwCT'
Choice CjHHSIL Sau
Meats NP sages

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