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Building Contracts, Contractors ana
Sub- Contractors
Residence A shingle ami stucco resi
dence, to be built iii Rose Hill. Owner,
Leo .M. Feldman; architects, Garbcr &
Woodward, Union Central Utiilditif,',
Cincinnati, O. Contracts awarded as
fqllo-.vs: Excavation, masonry and re
inforced concrete, Henry Mcirosi! it
Son; carpentry, .Max JVnkcr & Son;
hardwood floor, the Cincinnati J'"loor
Co.; rooting, lid ward .Meyer & Co.;
1 astering, V. J. I'ngli; painting and
glazing, J. Ji. Greiwc, plumbing, the
Richard .Murphy Plumbing Co.; heating,
l'ccA, llanliaford & Peck; electric work,
tiie Ucattie Electric Co.; mantels, .Moor
manti i & Ottcn, and metal weather strips,
t... C f 1" . II . i in .. .. .
iiit iiauiDL-niii .iciai weather strip
Heating System A beating system
for addition to the Lloyd Library at 30!)
W. Court street. Architects, Tictig it
Lee, Fourth National Hank iiuildiug,
Cincinnati, O., awarded contract to the
Williamson Heater Co.
Factory Addition to plant of the
Kelley-Koetl Co., manufacturers of X
ray machines, in Covington, Ky. Arch
itect awarded contract lor iron work to
the Columbia Iron Works.
Residence A bungalow, to be built
on .Muriel Court, Fairview Heights.
Owner, Aui'tist Oster; architects, Stew
art & Stewart, Hell Mock, Cincinnati, O.
Contracts awarded as follows : Rooliug,
A llrauii it Sons; brick, George Cor
nuclle; plumbing, General Plumbing and
Heating Co.; paint, 15. F. Gr'ggs; car
pentry, Fred Weber; cut stone, George
Kasselm.-mn; hardwood, J. .M. Smith;
electric, Northside Jilectric Company;
tile, Kramig it Co.; iron, William Lang
it Sou; plastering, lid Deunison; con
crete, II. I!. Steele; stairs, John Thai
man; heating, Rybolt Heating Co.
Residence A brick St. Louis flat
building, containing two l-room Hats,
with two furnaces and asphalt shingle
roof, to be built on Trimble avenue,
livauston. Owner, A. P. Isold; archi
tects, W. W. Franklin it Son, Commer
cial Tribune Iiuildiug, Cincinnati, O.
Plans completed and owner will take
Garage A 1-story fireproof garage,
to be built at am .McLean avenue.
Owners, Franz it Nostheid; architect,
A. Kunz, Jr., ur,r, W. Court street, Cin
cinnati, O. Contracts awarded as fol
lows: lirick work, WaholT it Stoeple;
iron work. Fening it Sou; plastering,
Wm. Stagge; electric work, the Schuster
Flectric Co.; concrete work, the L. Fid
Concrete Steel Co.
U. A. Walker, owner and builder, :i"."l
Mt. Vernon avenue, to build a U-story
frame dwelling on west side of Isabella
avenue, north of Paxton road. Cost,
Hotwin it Tunick, owners and build
ers, to build a L'-story brick dwelling on
south side of Eighth street, west of
Rosemont. Edw. Sloctemeyer, architect.
Cost, JUIjiKIO.
Geo. W. Wiltsie owner, Gibson
House, to alter his building at IXI-:ir
West Sixth street, into a garage. L. W.
Waldron, builder; W. S. Robinson, arch
itect. Cost, $:.,()()().
McWilliams it Schulte, owners, to
alter their huildinu at '.r'l Mrl.mii :,vf.
nue h'erro Concrete Co., builder. Cost,
John C. Wanner, owner, to build a
garage at 811!) Hums avenue. J. A. Girs
wein, contractor. Cost, $1,100.
M X-immeier, owner, .18 i:i Hamilton
avenue, to build a 'J-story brick resi
dence on east side of Argus avenue,
south of Cedar. Harnes it Tillett, build
ers ; It. Ihorst, architect. Cost, $:i,IM).
Mary Kenuey. owner, to build a a
storv brick residence at :t 1.1.1 Reading
road II. M. Price, builder and archi
tect Cost, $12,000.
Leo M. Feldman, owner, to build a
a1. -story brick duclliii" on west side of
Rose Hill avenue, north of Itetula. Max
Penker it Son, builders; Garbcr it
Woodward, architects. Cost, SI 7,000.
Henry Rattcrman, owner, Rosemont
and Palas avenues, to build a lfci-story
brick dwelling on south side of Palas
avenue, east of Rosemont. .M. Leder
meicr & Son, builders. Cost, $1,000.
Frank Striplcr. owner,' C.ao:i .Madison
road, to add to h's dwelling at the above
address. C. C. Hobbs, builder; Frank
Ncyuay, architect. Cost, $l,aoo.
Thomas Emery's Sons, owners, to
build a brick sales station at 1101 Race
street. Roos Hros., builders; Steinkamp
Pros., architects. Cost, $11,00.
James Graham, owner and builder, to
build a dwelling on west side of Fer
dinand pla.ee. Edw. Sloctemeyer, archi
tect. Cost, $3,000.
J G. Cooper, owner and builder, to
build a aj-story brick dwelling on
south side of Van Antwerp avenue, east
of Lewisham avenue. A. E. Rest, archi
tect. Cost, $8,000.
Ed Hcckman, owner, Central and
Colcrain avenue, to build a 154-story
brick dwelling on southeast corner of
Cavanaugli and Higdon avenues. J. A.
i.. . . . m u .
fflualltatt ntrtn Mr brute.
Dirrrltt tun ffiaua gclirfrrt
Telephone Canal 1869.
Albrecht, builder and architect. Cost,
Alexander Karl, owner and builder,
J 0X1 Dewey avenue, to build two J-
story brick dwellings on east side of
Purcell avenue, north of Phillips. JI. S.
Holmes, architect. Cost, $1,500 each.
iienrv Isattcrman, owner, Rosemont
and J'alos avenues, to build a a-story
brick dwelling on east side of Jiosemont
avenue, south of J'alos. .M. Ledcrmeier
it Sou, builders. Cost. $5,200.
M. V. Cooper, owner and builder, to
build a li-story brick residence on east
side of Woodside avenue,' south of St.
Clair. Al. J-". Jiastman, architect. Cost,
John Tashinger, owner, 1021! Hank
street, to build a 2-story frame dwelling
on east side of Trenton avenue, south
of Vineyard avenue. Western Hills
iiuildmg Co., builder; Roebling Hros.,
architects. Cost, $:i,000.
Western Hills Iiuildiug Co., owner
and builder,, to build a l-.story frame
residence on south side of Francis ave
nue, west of Trenton. Cost, $1,.100.
Al. Stauveiinaim, owner, Ross avenue,
to build a a-story brick residence at :ia
Hillsdale. Joe Lang, architect; J. A.
Hioxteiniau, builder. Cost, $;i,:i;ij:
Reehl it .Maddux Co., owner and
builder, to build a a4-story brick 'resi
dence on west side of Clifton avenue.
V. .M. Firth, architect. Cost, $1,800.
S. i. Cooper, owner and builder, .Mer
cantile Library Iiuildiug, to build a 2J4
story brick residence on northwest cor
ner of Ridgcway and Milton court. C.
F. Mencfee, architect. Cost, $(i,.100.
Auto Tire and Repair Co., owner, tilth
and Race streets, to build a brick build
ing for store and six flats at northeast
corner of Liberty and Race streets. J. I'
Sheblessy, architect; Fred Schmidt,
builder. Cost, $18,000.
John Hare, owner, 2!)0(i Colcrain ave
nue, to build a 2-story brick dwelling
on west side of Loyyry, near Mitchell.
John 11. Boll, architect; Paul Schmid,
builder. Cost, $0,800.
A. Proniu, owner, architect and build
er, 70.1 Clinton street, to build a i'i
tory brick residence at 112!) Winifrede.
Cost, $.1,000.
liotinie-Fiiller Co., owner, to alter its
building at 017 West Front street. Au
stin Co., builder and architect. Cost,
Jas. If. Duncan, owner, Observatory
and Duncan, to alter his dwelling at the
above address. Wilmer llldg. Co., con
tractor; Tictig it Lee, architects. Cost,
Minot it Hacharach, owners, builders
architects, .111 West Court street, to
build two 2Ji-story brick dwelling on
west side of Oak street, north of Glen
day. Cost, $l,ooo each.
Franz it Nostbcide, owners, a 1110 Mc
Lean avenue, to build a brick garage at
21112 McLean avenue. Kid Concrete Co.,
builder; A. Kunz, architect. Cost, $8,000.
I. M. Martin, owner and builder to
alter his dwelling on northwest corner
of Clinton Springs and Rosebud ave
nues. W. 11. Mayer, architect. Cost,
August Schwarz, owner, to build a
2-story frame dwelling on north side of
Italtimorc avenue, west of. Yoast. N.
Voudeubrick, builder ; priva'e plans.
Cost, $1,.1()0.
II. L. Pachoud, owner, builder and
arch'tect at 1022 Hewitt avenue. Cost,
es.iulis lyr penu titoud ngl-o -buildimf
Same, to build' a 2-story brick dwell
ing at 1020 Grant wood avenue. Cost,
s witch. mux woiik i.oxti mums
New York. Testifying before a feder
al arbitration board, railroad switch
men cited instances where they had
worked II and 1.1 hours a day and fell
asleep after eating lunch, causing (heni
to lose their jobs when they failed to
'return on time. One Michigan Central
, switchman, employed at Detroit, stated
that by working three hours a day over
I time he is able to bring his earnings to
j a basis where he can support bis fam
ily. He asserted that some switching
crews work HI hours a day, 10 hours
I elapsing sometimes between lunch and
the evening meal.
! F. D. Reid, employed at the Chicago
terminal of the Haltimore and Ohio rail
road, declared that be had seen a switch
man erjing because of long hours of
exposure to the cold. Reid asserted the
man was "strong and husky," and that
icicles had formed on his eyebrows,
which interfered with his sight and in
creased the danger of his work.
T. J. llaurahau, yard conductor for
the Nickel Plate railroad, at Cleveland,
told the board that when the eight-hour
plan was tried on that road it took
seven .additional crews to put it in
force, but more cars were handled and
at less cost than in previous years.
' 2f"- 1420-1428
HJalnut &lr.
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Eiscnstcin, lienj., 1110 Yale avc.
Ellcnbcrger Hros., Lincoln Inn Court Dldg.,
610 Alain st.
Engcibcrt, Jos. D. & Co., 29 K. Sixth St.
Fast, Olto, 1008 Kuth ave.
Farrcll & Horning, 3855 Montgomery avc.
Tern, Geo. E 1S52 Elm st.
Gcrson, A., 3111 Ilurnct avc.
Gilbert, Charles, 2725 Eastern avc.
Gintcr, Wm., 1830 Wcstwood avc.
Grubcr, John, 000 State avc.
Grimm, Albert, 23 W. McMillan st.
Grace, Chas. P., 050 Gcst st.
Gracf, E., 1031 Madison rd.
Gricwc & Son, J. II., 1025 Ilroadway.
Gcislcr, Harry 11., 828 Kcnyon avc.
Gundrum & Son, 185 Clifton avc.
Ilaigh. Frank A., 711 Epworth avc., Winton
Unrig, If., Harrison Bldg.
Hauck, George, 1302 Ernst st.
Hays & Snyder, 1707 Hanfichl St.
Ilazcn Contracting Co., II. C, 2070-74 Read
ing rd.
Heckler, F. J., 20 YV. Clifton ave.
Ilimnicutt, J. IV80G W. Ninth st.
llutchner M., 1003 Ilcywood avc.
Ilcallcy & Son, A. I!., 4301 Eastern ave.
Ilcatlcy Bros., 4340 Eastern avc, '
Harrison Bros., 302 E. Third st.
llildcbrnndt, Frank, 3815 Colcrain ave .
Hilton, E. J., 001 E. McMillan st.
Iloqfcr, II. C, 2313 Slradford avc.
Ilolmcr & Co., John, Gilbert and Ilcrcsford avc.
Hascmcier & Co., J. I)., 1011 John st.
Hocnc, Geo., 907 Laurel st.
Humbrccht & Hoos, 211 V. McMillan st.
Heincman, Ed, 2832 Sidney avc.
Hayncs & Hurkhart, 503 Linden St., Elmwood
Iluppcrtz, 1'hil, 1721 Vine st.
Hasckocstcr, Fred W., 4148 Lakcman, Northside
Jewell & Son, J. A., Western avc. and Hopple st.
Johannismaiin, F., 611 E. Twelfth st.
Johns, Henry, 322 Mulberry st.
Julian, F. M., 3312 Wcstsidc avc, Hyde Park.
Jutzc & Banning, Pleasant Itidgc.
Juvenile, Howard, 4231 Thirtieth st.
Kappner, Frank, 1022 Bacc st.
Klusncr, Jos., 527 Oliver st.
Kayscr, Win. I.., 20 E. Third st.
Keller Bros., F. & II., Main avc, Norwood.
Keck, W., 1018 Vine st.
Klein Bros., 2720 Ravine St.
Kruegcr, E. II., 552 Milton st.
I.auck, J. J 2110 Freeman avc.
Lee, Charles S., 3018 llcvis avc.
Lipman, II., 3181 Heading rd.
Lowe, F. L., 270.1 Eastern avc.
I.yford, F. L., 1010 Walnut st.
.Manic, J. K 4318 Beech Hill avc.
Marcus Co., M 2017 Reading rd.
Mcakin, A. G 125-129 E. Third St.
Miller & Co., Chas., 3013 Scioto st.
Modern Decorative Co., 048 E. McMillan st.
Morton & Sons, S., 125-27 W. Fourth sr.
Militancy, R. J., 010 Malnut St., City, and 200
l'ikc st., Covington, Ky.
Murray, Chas., 030 Main st.
Nan & Bohlandcr, 3S20 Cassan avc
Nicholson & Co., n. c. cor. Eighth and Plum sts.
Nicincyer, Hy., 105 W. Liberty St.
Noell, Geo., 315 W. Liberty St.
Parker, Thos. & Son, 020 W. Fifth st.
Peck, II. M., 303 McClelland avc, St. Bernard.
Pcdretli, Chas. A., Oskamp llldg., Race st.
Pedrctti & Son, 10 W. Ninth St.
Pi'ppcrkorn F 1103 Hopkins st.
1'fcffcr, Jack, D.iuner avc
l'istur, Win.. 22 E. Rochcllc st.
Poguc, The II. & S. Co., Fourth and Race sis.
Rudolph, Edw., 3929 Hazel avc, Norwood.
Ruclil & Co., Ed, 1018 Central avc.
Retiring, C. F., 33 Glencoe place.
Kcmcrs, Fred, Old 14 W. McMicken avc.
Ucllig, Martin, 118 E. Fnuith st.
Rculc & Gilgour, 2123 Riiiner st.
Ricilcl & Co., 100.1 W. Eighth sr.
Koeggc, lly., 2357 Clifton avc
Kiirlil & Co., John, 1001 Central ave.
Savage, Sam'l, 400 Andrews Bldg.
Sachr, Geo. P., 809 Gerkc Bldg.
Schciicrnian, Chas., Rochcllc and Jefferson ave.
Schewenc & Sons, F., 1000 Pleasant st.
Sehriclen Pros., 522 Main st,
Scliiuipf, Louis, 2378 Wheeler st.
Shields, T. A., 1121 Belvedere st.
Sieck, E. II. & Son, 1011 Vine st.
Simon & Co., J.. Merchants Bldg,
Simpson, Frank, 1305 Bajmihller St.
Smith, W. R. & Sons Co., 011 Curtis St.
Splain, P., 600 E. Pearl st.
Swarz & Wucrmli, 2012 Baltimore ave.
Stem, Aug., 057 Hawthorne avc
Stcffins, Herman Jr., 1S75 Fairmount avc.
Slcgeman Bros., 029 Broadway.
Slcvans, George, 1601 Race st.
Stimlt & Son, M., 1857 Wcstwood avc.
Sielil, Fred, 130 Findlay st.
Smith, W. II., 747 E. McMillan St.
Stockman, Henry I.., 201 Fifteenth st.
Scliuck, l'.rwin, 2011 Vine st.
Stern, Wm., 1017 Wells st.
Slclfens, F. II., Decorating Co., 3152 Read
ing rd.
Tcnnison & Son, Win. 1'.., 3050 Grandiu rd.
Thompson, 1'.. C 2025 Cleinvicw avc.
Trarbich, R., 1132 Main st.
Torbcck, John, 1020 Linn st.
Theobald & Son, John, Merchants llldg.
Vordcrlagc, Geo., 2205 Loth St.
Weber St Bro., L. J., 1002 Biegler st.
Wcinhcimer, F., s. c cor. Pearl and Vine sts.
Wessels & Co., W., 012 Belts st.
Wictliom, Louis, 407 Collins avc.
Wilson Bros., 1SO0 Sycamore St.
Wrampclmeicr & Sou, F. W., 010 Broadway.
Wright. Theo., 1554 Baymiller st.
Deiss, Chris, 11 Park place.
C Indwell, Harry, 101 W. Sixth st.
Cook & Son, Simon, 315 Scott st.
IIcfTcrnan, F. T., 110 Lynn st.
Jacques & Son, Ed, 1607 Maryland ave.
Kendall, Charles, Baltimore and Vermont.
Marn.ua & Co., J. D., 05 W. Third st.
Mullancy, R. J., 200 Pike st. '
Schrocdcr & Sons., 302 Thirteenth St.
Schneider, John, 112 Bush St., and 10 W. Or.
chard st.
Thlcl, Albert P., 205 W. Sixth st.
Wise & Clorc, 97 W. Seventh st.
Zeis & McLindon, 00 E. Ninth st.
Covington Sign Co., Room 10, Cohen Bldg.
Barth & Hoffman, 1011 Isabella St.
Baumbach Bros.. 1030 Ann st.
Dictz, Chris, 033 Monroe st.
Dejoco & Co., 330 Hodge st.
Ewing Bros., 1001 German st.
Fowler & Co., Minton, 815 Central avc.
nogan, ,I. J., 020 York st.
Harkcr, W. J., 123 W. Thirteenth st.
Miller, A. J. & Bro., 330 W. Ninth St.
Scgers, Frank X., 740 Central avc.
Wright S Emerson, 021 Fifth avc, Dayton.
Brcchc, John C, 2110 Freeman avc.
Cincinnati Sign Co., Third and Main sts.
Engclbcrt, Jos. D. & Co., 20 E. Sixth St.
Freeman Sign Co., 110 E. Third st.
Hoffmann, Henry, 1432 Race st.
Jones & Co., 30 Fountain square.
Lackncr Co., 107 W. Fifth st.
Morgan, Murry & Potts Co., The, 000 Elm St.
Morton, Ph., 828 Wade st.
Novelty Sign Co., 118 W. Second St.
Ohio Sign Co., 22 E. Sixth st.
Queen City Sign Co., 012-1 1 Main St.
(luclil & Co., 233 Main st.
Roberts, Robt. J., 25 E. Twelfth st.
Saunders, II., 1010 Walnut st.
Schoenbcrgcr, E. W., G10 Walnut St.
Van Winkcl Sign Co., Cohen Bldg., Covington,
Winder Sign Co., 3 E. Pearl st.
York Sign Co., The, 0 W. Fifth st Newport,
Talbot, G. D., 429 Central avc.
Harvey, E. T., Bond Hill.
Bachmann, A. F., 1572 Freeman avc.
Burkhardl, Frank, 382S Glcnway ave.
lloclun, Gustav, 1102 Harrison avc.
Bottenhorn Wall Paper Co., 1581 Central ave.
Bouss, R. N 1320 Race st.
Cook & Burwcll, 1271 Gilscy avc.
Douglas, F. W., 2010 Vine st.
(ilea son, Ed, 4701 dickering St., Winton Place.
Gunkel.Julward, Court and Vine sts,
Guy & Simcoe, 10GI Central avc.
Hawkins & Hocrsting, 913 Main st,, Covington,
Hummel, W. J., Clark and Riltcnhousc sts.
IJupperlz, Phil, 1021 Vine st. Phone. Canal 404.
Kyle, Win., 2827 Observatory rd.
Kassclman, II., 1033 Race st.
McDonald, Chas. Jr., 603 Main St., Covington,
Mitche5' Co., The Robt.
Modern Decorative Co.. 018 E. McMillan st.
S. MORTON & SONS, Wall Paper, Interior
Painting, Plastic Relief, Canvas, Burlap, etc.
125, 127 W. Fourth st. Phone, Main 405.
Ohio Wallpaper Co., 805 Main st.
Pierce Decorative Co., 2500 Bcckman st.
Plume & Heintz, Pleasant st.
Poguc Co., The II. S., Fourth and Race sts.
Rumsicttcr, Chas., 2530 Vine st.
Savill, L. A., 112 W. Seventh st.
Scales, C, W., Ninth and Pike sts., Covington,
Scliuck Decorative Co., The Jacob, 2011 Vine st.
Smith Se Son, Wm. It., Curtis st.
Strotliman, F. II., 630 Main St., Covington, Ky.
Tishaus, John, 1005 Race st. v
U. S. Wallpaper Co., 211 E. Fourth st.
Waller, Fred, 24 Southgalc avc. Ft. Thomas.
Wellcr, Geo., 1314-10 Main sf.
Wictliom, Gus, 4022 Eastern avc.
Contractors Who Kmploy Union
I'lustui'ors, l.atlii.'rs and Iiuild
iug Laborers.
Avery, Ed. 3820 Kellogg st.
Benedict Bros., Cold Springs, Ky.
Brown, John, 2057 Lawrence avc, Norwood,
llunyion & Son, Lockland.
Don ling, Thos., 411.1 Chambers st.
Droegge. John, Newport, Ky,
Fuller, Theodore, 1230 W. Ninth st.
Gundrum, Geo., Milk si.
Gleason, J.', 1095 Blue Rock st.
Lcmkc Bros., Northside.
McCarthy Bros., O'Bryonvillc
McNulty Bros., Pittsburgh.
Ncaland, AI, Twelfth and Clay sts.
Parker & Malnnc, 201 W. Court st.
l'ugh, Wm., Builders and Traders Exchange.
Rardon Bros., Newport. Ky.
Rybolt, M., Madisonvillc.
Rudolph, Robt.
Saner, Gus Jr., Newport, Ky.
Stagge S: Sons, 127 Valencia st.
Standard Plastic Relief Co.
States Plastering Co., Chicago.
Stocklcman it Son, Price Ilill.
l'liiployliiX Monitors of liocal Union
Sit. r!, Unitcil Association of
riinnlx'is, (inslittt'i'S null
Hals, John G Madison illc. O.
Ilohuier, Joseph, 111 IC. Court St.
ISotlcy, Win. A., .IS IB Eastern avc.
Cash & Williams, ar.US May st.
THOMAS CANARY, lMunihinu and GasfiltinK.
JohhiiiK promptly and properly attended to.
ICstiinatcs on all kinds of work cheerfully
furnished. 201 W. Seventh street, l'lione,
Canal icon.
Cluxton, R. J., 3017 SnriiiK Grove avc.
Daly, Martin, SIS Main st.
Ootid. James J., II1J K. Fourth st.
DntiKlas I'luinliiiiK & Heating Co., n. c. cor.
r.JKhth ami Plum sts.
I)olc & Fay, 2II1 E. Sixth st.
Dressier. Harry, 42.'I7 Forest avc, Norwood.
I'.hmann, W. II., 12 W. Court st.
Fitzpatrick, Janim J.. 522 Ilroadway.
Felix, Ed, fi.W W. McMicken ave.
Fox, Wm. & Son, Harrison- and Spring Grove
Ganziniller & IIcscv, 20 V. Ninth st.
Giddis I'lmnhiiiR Co., fills Madison rd.
Gihson. W. J., SIS V. Fourth st.
Gihson-Sclileitiiiier Co., 033 Walnut st.
Gcilcr, Wm. C, Harrison and Queen City aves.
Hamcr, F. "!., Sll Elm st.
Hralc. , D.m. 332 E. l'earl st.
Hillcnhrand S Co., Win.. 2307 W. Eighth St.
Hollacndcr, Waller S 1330 Kacc st.
llorvitz & Co.. S.. BBS W. Sixth st.
Irwin l'lnmbiiiR Co., J. K., 1020 Vine st.
lacohs. Edw., 2.12 E. University avc.
Keck, Win., Ifi03 Madison rd.
Keidcl, A., 12 W. Twelfth St.
Kemper, Wm., 3S02 Sprinii Grove avc.
Eailc, Chas. Jr.. 231 W. McMillan st.
I.ewe, lien, 2017 Maple avc, Norwood.
T.iliiid Carbonic Co., Second and Center aves.
Morenn. Edw. II. & Co.. 3180 Kcadinc rd.
Murdock Plumbing Co., J". G 313 W. Fourth st
Murphy & Ditchcn, Edwards rd. and Wasson av
Murphy Plumbing Co., The Richard, 32 E
Fourth st.
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Phone Canal 420
Gut Flowers and Floral Designs a Specialty
803 Vine Street, Cor. 8th St.
A, 1. Anderson, President R, K. Anderson, Sec. &, Trees.
Wholesale and Retail Oysters, Fish, Game and Poultry
Phi,,,.. Oer Den!., Canal 2273 138 W. COURT ST.
n" f Office . . . Canal 2274 CINCINNATI
Let Us Place You in a Home of Your Own
Various Location
Popular Prices and Easiest of Terms
Phones M.2I30 & w. 233S 309 Mercantile Library Bldg.
"Quail y Only"
Bernard H. Attermeyer
Dealer in
All kinds of SHOES
Repairing neatly and promptly done
at the shortest notice
1003 State Avenue
2nd door from N. W. Cor. Gebt and State Ave.
Phone Canal 2021
Successor to Wm. Goodall & Son
Office and Works:
Pale and Old Lager
On Tap
Celebrated Beer
Bay Horse Exchange
GUS SCHMIEG. Proprietor
216 E. Fifth Street Cincinnati. O.
Telephone, Canal 4380
Prompt n J efficient terflcc for lh Iraaiporia
II on of patience to and from homei, huipllali, or
the R, K. itallonr. Careful attention. Nothing
like It In town. Impecllon ln?Ited.
Eighth, Near Broadway.
Phnnx! Cmul I Mil and 1811.1. Woodburn H37
-..- 4
DANCING -Prof. Wright
Fourth and
Beginners Class Now Open
f!ln I.f.Ainnft. Mondav and Thursday. 8 P. M.
Private Lessons, 10 A. M. to 0 P. M., dally.
MUSIC- Piano, Mandolin, uramatlc Art.
Music by Queen City Ladies' Orchestra
The Busiest Place in The City
Niemes' Cafe
Restaurant and Billiard Hall
9 W. 5th St. GUS DOLL, Msr.
Phone Canal 3174-K Hot I.uneli All Day
Strictly Union House
rr E
1324 Walnut St. Cincinnati, O.
Headquarters of Vim llooster C lull
Hat Cleaner
For Men and Women
1007 VINE ST., Near Court
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i 1UIl.l It! 4 UU1VIIIII.VU 1
llizh Gride Sweet Butter soil Fc'ri
2519 Vine St. Phone, Avon 31 16
Established 1874

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