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Daily Mirror.
J. BURGESS ....Business Manager
A. C. HOLLAND Editor
P. M. ARMSTRONG.. City Editor
L'hia paper receives the Scripps
McRao Telegraphic News Service
and Market Reports.
Single Copy 2c
For Week by Carrier 10c
By Mail, per year $4.00
Somi-Weekly Mirror, per year $1.00
- - - ' - -- ...
Both Phones No. 0
"WEATHER Rain tonight, pos
sibly snow in northwest portion;
colder. Friday rain or snow and
colder. I
Nqw that the bandit, Knsuli has
been captured, tourist business in
Morocco will begin to pick up.
Hicks acted all right while ho
was under ground, but ho behaved
very poorly when it earao his time
to go on .the stage.
Docs finding a railroad guilty of
murder in the first degrco mean
that that read must bo turned into
lan electric line1?
."Some one has made tho startling
discovery that if President Castro
dies, .there .will be a revolution in
.Venezuela. It is pretty safe to pre
diet a revoution down .there almost
any time.
fflio election of Mayor Scherff
was about tho best investment tho
people of Marion Jiavc made for
homo time. He draws a $1,000 salary
land last year collected enough in
fines to more than pay his salary
lor ithree years.
A Zionite, who lost all of his
oney, by entrusting it ii'n tlio
nds of "Lige Dowie" when one
uowie's closest In ends prayed
Ji the unfortunate man over his
. tho loser suddenly remembered
rtliat was not likey to restore
Sst money. He evidently came
to llio conclusion that prayers of
fered in a case of that kind, "don't
gel you anything."
Jfathvr an unusual vejdict has
been returned in Ashtabula county
against n raiilroad. A train was
found to be exceeding the speed
limit in the city at the time a street
car was struck and ono man
Tho coroner
now holds tho '
rahroad company guilty of murder ,
111 the first degree. Tho question I
win probably be, was the train
crew guilty of the crime or does
tho blame belong upon tho men
who made .-the schedule and in
structed the trainmen to mako the
Taking tho rejxut of Mayor
Sohciff for tho first year of his
administration ns a criterian, pco
plo who arc not familiar with con
ditions Mn Marion, anight jump nt
Iho coiieliLsiou that tho morals of
k dio city have been greatlv on tho
decline 'sinco ho was inducted into
office. ,Jt Is not that at all. Moral
, conditions in Marion havo been
'greatly improved during tho past
vear, becauso uf the rigid policy
Much was inaugurated by Mayor
Jcherff nnd which have been fnith
Jilly maintained by him. Rnthcr
Jio great increase in tiio amount of
, he iinCs which havo been collected
f a certain degree measured the
caning up which 1ms been dono
Never- in the history of this coun-
'ry has Micro been such a wave of
;rimcs committed by negroes. It
hatters litllo whether ithe crimo is
mimitlcd in the east, west, north
south; Micro .seems to bo a negro
ted up in it as tho principal nc-
. This condition has been more
loticeablo since tho summary action I
Club Prices
on Magazines 'in many cases will
save you ABOUT HALF the regular
price; submit your list and seo what
we can do.
C. Q. Wiant
. '
'-ft '
,!' '.' , i
H fiymn
By Alexander Pope
ALEXANDKH 1'OJ'K (London, May 21. lCS8-Twlckcnlinm,
May 30, I'll), tho grcnt English poet nml satirist, wrote a
number of moral mid religious pieces, yet no other ono
has found Its way Into tho hymn books except this, .taken
from his "Messiah," published In 171!. This selection was
printed In tho Spectator of that time. Set to tho stirring
tunc arranged from Lwolff and entitled Moscow, It
makes a splendid processional, nnd as mith It Is In gen
eral use nt collego chapel nnd similar assemblies. It
must bo confessed that only recently has tho church re
alized tho value of Its forceful, triumphant ring.
ISE, crowned with light,
K.talt thy towering head,
See heaven Its sparkling
And break upon thee In
See a long race thy spacious courts adorn;
Sec future sous and daughters yet unborn
In crowding ranks on every side arise,
Demanding life, Impatient fur the skies.
Sec barbarous nations nt thy gates nttenil,
Walk in the light, and In thy temple bend;
See thy bright nltars thronged with prostinto kings,
While every land Its Joyful tribute brings.
The seas shall waste, the skies to smoUd decay,
Rooks fall to dust, and mountains melt away;
But fixed his word, his saving power remains;
Thy realms shall last, thy own Messiah reigns!
which was taken iby President
Roosevelt immediately after the
Bruwnsville 'affair. Of course there
have been crimes committed by ne
groes ever isince tho war and even
before it, but never has there been
such a .widespread and varied epi
demic as seems to have struck the
race during the past few weeks or
There must be a cause for this
condition. Tihc negro is very much
the same that he 'has always been.
His desires arc about the samo and
his inclinations have not changed
greatly. It is also noticeable that
never iinco the days of .the war
has there been so much agitation
oyer tho negro and this bringing
him into the limelight may bo re
sponsible for his gratification of
snvao instincts. Much is now sard
about the race question and it is
po-sible at least that a spirit of
resentment and revenge has been
stined up nnd the, negro has deter
mined to give moio cause for the
ayitat'iiii against him.
H' Die present agitation of the
rail- inication and ihe crimes upon
tin- (,irt of the black men continue
during the coming few years the
ra.e fjtic-tion will bo brought to an
Usuo sooner than even ;the pessi
mists suppose.
Uoveinor Hughes has mado a
demand imcn (ho lr.mUi,,t,,i.n c...
s ue reforms which havo lonir been
recognized ns not only desirablo but
s essential to the future happiness
and prosperity of the pooplo of tho
Empire State, and tho legislators
of both parties havo been taken
completely off of itheir feet. Cor
porate abuses are tho first tilings
to be aimed at and the corporation
legislators ami hcnators will have
'.o take some action which will bo
distasteful to the corporations
which they represent, or come o,ut
into the open and show their hands.'
Anther recommendation is that the
ballots, -which were cast in ithe last
election for Mayor of New York bo
recounted. This i.s most certainlv n
niaguamiinous ithing for the gover
nor to do. .Mr. Hearst, whom Hugh
es defeated for ithe governorship,
was the defeated candidate for may
or, and for tho governor to urge a
muve iiou the part of the legisln
'.uro in the interests of Mr. Hearst
shows that he is not tuch a hide
bound partisan as lie was painted
during tho recent campaign. Anoth
er thing which Hughes advocates
is a law limiting each candidato in
the amount of money lie may expend
wide uiaknjr tho race for any of
fice .
The ifiivst recommendation is a
good ono and is nlcuig ilio very
samo lines of tho reform which is
sweeping over the country from
east ito west land from north to
soulJi. Tho second recommendation
that the ballots .bo recounted, is n
proposition which itlio legislature
will and should bo rather slow .in
taking hold of. The election of may
or in itho city of New York has
been settled once, nnd one contest
has boon waged. Tho result of ithe
contest which wns inaugurated by
Mr. Hearst resulted in n victory
for tho republican candidate and
there is scarcely a doubt but that
for Coday
Imperial Salem, rlscl
nml lift tlilno eyes;
portals wldo display,
n Hood of day.
fi f
a recount of tho ballots under tin
direction of the legislature would
have ithe same rwulti The third
recommendation, to limit each can
didate in the amount cf money he
may spend in making his canvas for
votes, is ,as bad a. .pleasure as the
Garfield law, which required prac
tically the same thing nnd whiqh
did more to make liars out of the
men who van for office than any
other measure. Tho expenditure of
money in 'a lWlilidal contest cannot
and will no,t be stopped or regulat
ed. Governor Hughes has made a
start in the right dVection, and if
he can accomplish tho enactment
of legislation which will curb tho
corporations which arc operating
in New York slate, he willl havo
accomplished a good work.
Drift of Comment
Tho American railway manager
has a world wldo reputation for "abll
ity and efficiency. His genius for
administration Is lauded at homo and
looked up to abroad as an example.
He, Is credited with having mastered
the great problems of transportation.
But Is tho reputation deserved? Is
tho American railway cxecutlvo a
success, or In the light of the facts
Is ho a monumental failure?
If tho testimony of the stock.tlckcr
Is taken as flnal his right to his laur
els Is indisputable. The railroad
man of no other nation knows so
well how to exploit the financial side
of railway development. 1IU genius
In that Hue hunoqucstloned.
In tho motPeV of the phslcal man.
agement ot railway properties his
record Is not satisfactory. It Is not
too much to say that It is ono of
lamentable Inefficiency. He docs not
run his trains on tlmo nor run thcni
safely. He shows himself iiuablo to
provltlo par to meet tho wants of
tho general nhlppcr or to move tho
staplo freight which Is tho basis of
railroad earnings. Grain rots he
cause there arc nql qnoiigh cars to
carry It to market and whole com
munities to sulfcr from cold because
tho loads fall to supply them with
He docs not 'build sufficient tracks
on which to move his train. His
signal devices do not work. He
spends millions on new tornilnals and
dumps a trainload or human lives
through a drawbridge rendered unsafo
by the lack of a fow dollars' worth
of repairs. Ho kills tho president of
his road In a private car with as llt
tlo compunction as the Immigrant
passenger and smashes Pullman sleep.
ers and cabooses with equal reckless,
ncss. He has made the cheapness of
life on our railways a byword anil re.
proach wherever a knowledge of
American nffalrs oylsts.
Tested by these resultu and it Is
by them that a railway manager's
ntness must be Judged ho Ik culpably
Incompetent. A grocer who could not
deliver tho goodH lils customers ord
ered and poisoned them with goods
ho did deliver would never bo esteem
ed as a brilliant buslnsn bucccsh.
Occasionally, us In Cincinnati ro.
cently, a minor railroad omployee
overburdoned by responsibility kills
I'lmself. Evldenco of a similar son.
sltlvcness to moral obligation in the
exeeutlvo offices of a railroad has not
so tar been forthcoming. Yet It Is
there nnd not In tho Hwlteli tower
or the engine cab that tho vital
weakness lies which makes the past
year's record of railroad operation
In the Unultnd States ono of unpar
alleled Inefficiency, Now York
Were nil states given to doing
duty by protecting pepplq from
icss mobs, wo would hear loss
' ' ' t - i . . I , ' ,'
Vi" . "1 ""'Ml. " r" tC, (M,w .If i-Jrt ' Mi, ' wMiL l S v r -i' ; ', " 4 HV '',''lt C r & I ' ' " '.V - 'F, !Vi-, TW ' VI ' ' ti.V T" " 't , H f -5 i . ''
raco wars and riots. Fallufo to cn
forco tho law Is tho cause of much
of the rcc&nt disorders "that have
again brought tho race (ideation most
forcibly to public attention and nils
aroused acrimony nnd bitterness by
no means confined to the Immediate
locaHtleiUjf the trouble.
Had Texas enforced Us own laws
by giving a negro corporal of tho
Twonty.Fifth Infantry charged with
murder n fair trial Instead of per.
tnlttlng his murder by a lawless mob,
the unfortunate Brownsville, Tex.,
affair would not have occurred and
the riot, pcrlinps broughtion or pari
tlclpated In by a dozen negro soldiers
would not have been followed by thOL
'.IIh.I..- -. t. ...1...1- l.ntl,.ll.. II.M
MinuimiKU ui mi' wiiuiu imiiunifii, mu
gTeat majority of whom arc doubtless
Innocent of any participation In the
lawlessness with which lawlessness
wns mcti
Whether or not the president hen
authority under tho constitution lo
dismiss scores of mru from tho mil
itary service, who are Innocent ot of.
fease, because of Inability to discover
n few who nro guilty, or whether he
Is vested with authority to summarily
discharge any even guilty men t.end.
lug such tlmo as Ihclr guilt may have
been established by proper hearing Is
mil ono id ui! iifiLTiiiiiiti ny iiru?i
Jilcnt, but by tho law, many abusfu
urn caused uy a prgceqent illlt never
should havo been established.
Speaking more directly on the sub
ject of raco Issues and the law, tho
Philadelphia Press says;
The breaches of discipline In two
negro regiments, which have Just uf.
fronted the country and prejudiced
tho case of men discharged from the
Twcnty.Klfth Infantry, would novo"
havo occurred, It will bo found In the
end, If tho officers had done their
duty by discipline. Prolonged ex
perience has shown that no regiments
are more orderly under efficient
discipline than thosu composed, of
negroes, and none lapse Into more
fatal disorder If their officers fall In
their duty.
For overy undeveloped rate, nnd
for every developed race the one
remedy for racial disorder and for
all other forms of social friction Is"
tho off'clcnt discharge of law. Ra
cial friction mako things worse. But
at bottom the race Is-ue Is one of
equal laws and their just and effl.
dent enforcement. Enforce the Jaw
In any Foul hern or Northern State
and tho vexing Isues of race, of In.
dustrlnl difficulties, of mobs and or
lynching would all end.
Not ono of the various race lsstie3
which havo suddenly darkened tho
dally dispatches for n week, but rest
on a failure to enforce the law. The
duty and burden of this enforcement
rest o'n tho States. If .they do not
discharge It, sooner or .later, as In
the contempt caso now ,bcforo tho
Suprero court and In the' Twonty
Klfth colord Infantry, ;the Federal
authority will bo Involved. 4" ' NO ono
desires this. All dread It. Every
American believes In both our States
and our Union. But tho oao nnd only
erriclent remedy and ' protection
against either raco Issuso or a change
In our system Is that tho States do
tiielr duty In enrorclng their
lawH. Mansllch'l News, nt
Usually when 'an orator or n writ
er wants to call nllcmimn'' lo some
thing that will cniliiie, he refci lo
monuments or bronze, or granite.and
many u peroration "has been built
upon such firm foundations. Hut
neither bronze nor granilo were en
(Inning enough for i we. turn lawyer
when lie wanted lo tell of the :'in
pwlanco of 'the ailificial waterways
Mia; am being constructed in lliiii
part of Hie couplrs'.
DAILY HIHAOR, TOmDAY, JAlf, 3, .1007
il dflsssiBlt n
nfv,!"!!!!!!.,!.1, .00.flJp e.cou'
I court. JlassnehimnffJ ,.ni i,.. ... ...,... . ."!" ....'" ",D..
hpniB oiiver v m,i ":.. r?. "':" ron5 '"!u" trlDun.n1' ' oth
LAW. Inirv. MnS. i, , Vot? T,"." '" ,J"MM! J'T iu.' fll."J ?vas b0 nt NW-
tiiPlr luiiion, icin iV ""','i" '" ikii"iiu m uarvaro and una Ueen in public life
rneir since 1890. (n wns Un (mi s'nfna iinti.ir.t- ,,it..,... ,.. .' ' "c
inn?. '.. .-.,. .....:;" ." ' '" j nt n ? en u, eoiiKressmnn
about 'general since July l.'iooi. mi imm,, i ,.r irvrr,in "" Ulue' I ' iiPVt v
.-.. i .... nu, ji-iiin. BUITCII'V or.lllll linvv for 1vn v.uii.j .....l i .. ' m I , t i. ,
.---- -v,, - ,--. ,...,. ,r .-.- mmm mm HMrai -r,
The occasion was tho itrinl of the
ease Wtwccn lwtma.s and Colorado1
The United StftteS gpvcrnmeht tind
intervened., to ascertain the rights of
t'.ho Btatcs to divert the water ofHhc
Arkansas river. David O. Iknman of
'Jcnver was retained by the state
of Colorado, and his brief was to
show the rigid of that state, to mo
rlhe waters of the river for irriga
tion purposes. Ho closed his case
by quoting a paragraph that for
dignified eloquence has seldom been
equaled by a writer:
"Although the tomb of Moses is
unknown, the traveler of today
stnkou his thirst tut itlie well of
Jui'ob. Tho gorgeous palaces of tho
west and wealthiest of.' nmnarchs,
with thciir cedar and gold nnd ivory
and oven the grcUt tcnipMo of Je
rusalem, hnlowcd by T.ho visible
glory of the Doily Himself, nro
gone; bill Solomon's reservoirs lire
as perfect as ever. Of the magniri
iijiii and costly urchiteo'uro of llio
Holy City, not one slone is left upon
another, but the mwI of Delhesdn
commands the pilgrim's, reverence
nl the jircscnt day, The columns of
1'erscpol.s are iiioh',i uur into dust,
but its cisterns and aqueduct re
main io challenge our admiration.
The gulden hoitwe of Nero is a mass
of ruins, but Mm Aqua Claudia still
pours iulu the cily of Home ils lim
pid stream, the 'lemple ol Ihe tutu,
at Taduior in I lie w'-Mcriiess has"
fallen, lint its fountain spatklcs in
llio rays of tic morning as when
'hou'ands id' worshippers thronged
the h fly colonnades. Aid if any
wmk of Mih generation shall rise
iivcr Mic deep ocean of time, we may
well lu'icvc Hint it will he neither
a palace nor a lemple, but .some
vnl aqueduct or reservoir; and if
any name shall ' heicaftcr flash
hrtehlcsl through (he mist of nn
Mquily, il will pmhably be that of
'he man who in his dav sought the
liaiYini's ri ins lellow
linked his memory 'to some huc'
work of national utility or bencvo
Jcnce" Springfield ' O;, Dnily
Thru were seventy-two lynehings
in the Una cd .States in HlUli. This
was seven more Mian in 1!)0.', but
fifteen lo'.s than in 11)0.4 and'
lhirly-two low than in M)0J. In 1!)()1
there were 1 .'lo lynehings and in
1!!02 the number was ninety-six.
Fourteen Stales were represented
"'il last year's H.st of lawless exeeu
tioiH, Maryland being .the furthest
north. Tlii! distrihit'iou of lyncli
ings was as follows:
Alabama 5; Arkansas -4; Florida
Cr, Georgia l); Indian Territory 1;
Kentucky li; (Louisiana fl; ilissis
sipv 13; Maryland 1 Mi&souri U;
North ('aro'.ina fi; .South Carolina
0; Tennessee '2 and Toxas 0.
Of the victims of mob vcnegniiec
according to a summary prepared by
the New Orleans Picayune, ono vtt
killed because lie carried a pistol,
one for s'callng a calf, one for
stciiliuir a silver dollar one for dis
crdeilv conduct, one for robbory,
one fir ini)iopor projiosnls and civ
of nrscegenation. , .Murdeiw and
ii'K.iults, atleiiipleil and achieved,
wore charged in Ihe other eases.
Sovo'ltv of Ihe vici'inis wore negroes
one rf (hc'.n being a ..woman. Tn
Norlh Carolina and in , loiiisinnn
each a wliilo man was hnuged.
An indicating the influence of Ihe
weather on the mob, it .is uu'ed Mini
ten IviiclMiys occurred in August,
and only one in Pecciuher.
The while man hanged in f.ou
" nssocinto justice of tho
kiana was n murdoi'cl' Avh'dsolcaBe
lind come to n mistrial moro thlhi
two yean after fiho crime Dissat
isfaeliui with Mm court proceeding
here moved a mob to leiibcratc ac
tion'. Passion dlto to raoual feeling
k . at .11 1 , it i.
is traceable in uno lyncnings xor
trivial causes'.
Criminal assaults by .negroes fur
,niy,'i llio gravest provocation to
summary vengeance, xet only lour-
teen of the scvcntyitwa lynehings
were for the "usual crimo" while
nineteen were for nlcgcd attempts
nt criminal assault. More than half
of ithe cases of mob viohuco hnd
unfiling to do wilh nttackw upon
women. Now York World.
Spanish-American War Vet
erans will Ask Congress to
Take the Matter Up.
Washington, Jan. .'J. Yards qf
petitinns, bearing the signatures of
ncaily every nieiiibur of the Spanish-American
war veterans, will be
dumped into congress in llio next
week or so, praying for n restora
tion of the army canteen. Captain
Mitchell, (Secretary of Ihe" organiza
tion intends to, push Hie mailer ig
oioiisly. TERRIFIC-
Southern Russia is Storm
Swept and Hundreds of
Persons Have Lost Their
Odesa, Hussiu, .Ian. .'I. Enor
mous loss of life and immense dam
age to property has been wrought
bv terrible blizznuls which 'are rag
ing throughout Southern Kir-sin. In
one province J(i() dcaMis occurred,
due to the .storm, and life death list
will run equally hijjh in other prov
inces. Huge drifts of snow now
block the railroads and highways.
State of Pennsylvania will
Take a Hand in Scranton
Typhoid Epidemic.
Scrnntoii, Pa., Jan. 3. fl'Iio city
water siipply, owned almost entirely
uy w. w. Scranton president of tho
Scranton Gas and Water Company,
ha licen seized by tho state, which
for thu present, will asduinu jurlsdlc..
lion of the plant, valued at $12,000,-
Thirty-one now casc3 of typholJ
were roinlrtcd and U tho opinion that
the epidemic Is utlll Hpicadlng In an
ulurmlng manner. T.lio city now has
ul cases and.lt Is presumed many
more liavo not been (officially report,
oil, Tlicio seems to bo grave danger
thai tho opidciuic, great as it I la
only in Its Infancy.
iloffuixni tily, Mo., Jan. II. In
Governor Folk's message which was
sunt to the legislature today recom
mends among other things, the reg
ulation get-rich-quiek ami fake
mining concerns, riid life insur
ance laws and the cliactnient of a
'2 .per cent railroad rate and state
primary laws; alo the adoption of
A GOOD START Is half tho vic5ory. Begin 1907 with us and you'll,
havo a wholo year of rejoicing.
Is over and wo aro now in a position to again tako caro of
your watch repairing. Wo do tho finest watch work in tho
city. Mako old watches 'as good as new and guarantoo absoluto
satisfaction. If you will allow us to put your imoploco.in or
der you won't need to ask your neighbor the time of day,
Givo us a trial.
C. E. Burris
Jeweler nnd Optician. 134 West Center Street.
$Ssd1u(li?fls akliig.'oingrcsl? o.'Mtl'
n rmlt rminti fni Mih nnhnnui nf
.prtqKtfling nriieinthienls to "tin nnt-
lohaK constitution.
Prospective Bride Walks
Twelve, Miles and Files
Suit Against Man She
..was to 'Have Wedded.
Petersburg Ind., Jan. .'!. Foot
sore and weary, Miss Ida . Whito
aged IS, of Wasliingliyi, Indiana,
arrived in tin's cily, yesterday .ev
ening, from llighbuiiks liidiaim',
.vhei.e the had gone to be married,
NciW'Year's day,' lo Hoy Jackson,,
aged '21, a fawner. A dor llio girl
arrived, the would-be groom decided'
lie did net want to iifnrry j and
through the mud and ruin, she walk- 'm
ed twelve milis to this cily, and
filed n stiit for breach o,f promise '
against Jackson in the suni of .
ft lUllO . ;ir ' (.
They Refuse to Make Loans
on Cuban Crops, if United -States
Troops are , . v
Removed. f ,?
Havana, Jan. !!. The possibility
jf the withdrawal of the United
.State tuops frnin Cuba at no .far
litant date, has so greatly nlarm
sd the bankers, throughout the is-
!nud, that they have issued anan-"
nounccment Mint in the event of the
withdrawal of Uncle Sam's protec
tion, they refuse to make loans on
crop3. American troops are neces
sary to insure the stability of such
security, they declare.
Washington, Jan. 'll.-The Nat
ional Pel; oleum Association wilh
"icndpiarlers in ClcveiAnd, today"' oi
l.red a complaint before the intcr
latr coinnerco conmiission; against
tho Ann Arbor nnd other roads on
the grr.und of discriminatory rales
wrnnw' fie momuers ol tne as"Cia-
Oil '
nnd in favor
of the StnnJard
January is always a
time when we make
especial low prices
on many pieces of
Furniture that we
wish to discontlntfe.
or close out. You now
have the opportunity
of owning some ve'hy'
pretty pieces of Fur
niture at wholesale
1 1
y k-
Xj . ,V 1 s T P h Xit 0
-) .
rattp.r.0. t Mp- .p. ...,f &,, ' .' WHjafff-:.. - i ..... W .. , .?... , i. -Jl .J'h' .,." ' I'" S'U . . ' '' " it ,,'.- J , ,
i rr i.. .ijaa.' . v.i?. , &&, ft. vsr1 r ' wiupmiii'm ' ' -r ! -- -- " ' ' ' - --'--'- -'wtj . j . i ... . .k, t. . . , .'.i-. r

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