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The Marion daily mirror. (Marion, Ohio) 1892-1912, January 04, 1907, Image 2

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THE MARION DAILY MlftftOtf;' (MX 'V 'KVf 'AVaril.t
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s , ? an w , r ?J 7M i ' r " r .i fs. . J f -
SALES. ' .' I
J. Ji JIJGf 'VJlJLJix Jl jCr4iZ5 1 vji jLL-JL-
g A saving to you of 33 -c per cent, on choice, new, reliable merchandise.
i goods from Wm. Horovitz, who was located opposite the Post Office.
Its simply this way: We have purchased the entire new stock of dry $8
You all know he openened his store only six weeks ago andevery piece of $
. MdUHInA . -. 1.-.. a1 A jrnrn m -. 4V i a -.4 -. I -J am . -. 2. .4. & m. .. .. -. . -, 1 i1 1 1T ........i... ...... . - 1. -. A. . . I . .. I I. . .. . .. .. ,1 ..... .-.i. .-! !-. Ira-. l 1 n 4 fx I Ir-v tilrt It f I 4 i-ll
t t - rii-iiiaiik i i-i-j mi ii ill r l f i iii-ii !- in ii i i -J i(.ili.ii i i r r aii-rT' r t - r i-riwii ! (i aa 'liifi iiiiijii iia - iiriiiifiii i ii i i i i i b . ari
J and came- to us. We made him a cash offer for the entire stock, and he accepted. This stock consisted of Dress Goods, Ladies' and Gent' Fur- rj$
nishinga, Notions, Skirts, Waists, Hosiery, Underwear and a bjg line of Domestics. We have just moved these goods into our own store at 519 fo
fy west Center street, and we are crowded to the roof. Now the only thing to do is to dispose of this stock at the same big discount as we bought 't;hem.
jfe Mr. Horovitz's loss is vour irain. Sale begins Saturday morning. Tan. 5. 1907. Terms Strictlu Cash. Fair Treatment to Alt. &
r '. cd 'tzs j in' .--- j . r w
. . i i mmmtmmmimmmmmmmmvmmm9rvm mwiii"Wwwiiiiiiwwwwppwwwpwmwwmmww nil .1 1 1 iwt wwnw w. hmumimhw m hi 11 mt ,ww 11 mtm ! h.wii.i.mww "' ' nwi.wwMHnm in wct I "fW
" '- - ..MMJM . . . . - " II 11- nmini . I . ....- ..... ...-..-. .! p ii 1 i rilitHMIH i
Cloaks, Skirts and Waists.
Will be sold during this s;alc for less than cost of ma
terial;!. Ladies' and Minscs' Coat k Your choice of any coat in
tho Btorc for just half former price.
)J $10. CO Long CoatB, Sale price $8.i!5
$10.00 Long Coats, Sale Prico $5.00
5 $7.50 Long Ooata, Salo Prico $tt.7G
5 SKIRTS reduced like this.
2 $3.60 to $15.00 skirts rcdliccd to $2.98
& $5.00 to $6. CO skirts reduced to $3.1)8
j $7.60" extra lno skirts Teduccd to $5.00
8K WAISTS at prices that will closo them out quickly
. 5? 69c Flannelette Waists, iialo pilicc 2Cc
'4y Mohair Waists, black, navy and brown, Morovitz price
j. $1. CO: aalc price -... .. 00c
i White Mercerized Waists, black and colored, mohair
y waists, Horovitz prices $2.00; sale price 98c
$6 Whito mohair and fancy batiste waists; Horovitz price
. vfl.CO; sale prico $1.03
, yy Long Kimonas, made of gocd materials; some satin trini-
J med, worth $1.70 and $2f00, at $1.18
i Jj01,C Kimoujs, good flannolctto; salo prico 85c
MJ lJL4 U kJ
Such as never been heard of in Marion.
Poplar or Danish Cloths, 3U inches wide, black and all
the good colors; Horowitz' prico 25c; salo prico . .10c
All wool Tricot, 3old every whero at 2Gc yard; salo
price lilc
35c all wool ongw flake Tricots, salo price I.... 25c
36 inch Oashmcrcs, brown, green, red and blue "Horovitz
prico 39c; sale prico 25c
50c heavy 'cloths, brown only; salo prico 25c
25c Plaid and Mixed Dress Goods, sale prico 19c
20c Henley Serge, PWds and small checks, salo price
:" 12 l-2c
Keign Suitings, Horovitz prico 10c; sale prico Gc
Plaid Mohairs, good styles; Horovitz' prico COc;
sale price r . - 37c
50c Novelty Drdss Goods, including all our choice fab
rics; alo price' (. '.' JlJiu
56 inch all wool suitings, gocih that wo consider cheap
at $1.00 yard;, salo price 50c
51 inch fancy suitings; Horovitz prico $1.25; :salc prico
52 inch all wool broadcloth, the bt'.st $1.50 values;
rfalo prico 98c
SILKS 3(5 inch blac'r tiffnta silk, war guaranteed, tho
the best silk made to sell for $1.25; Kale price 88c
30 inch black pcau dc cojc silic, always cells at $1.00 yd ;
salo prico 08c.
25c nilk ginghams, 32 inches wide; salo price ....12 l-2c
Ecat" 7c seersucker ginghams; mlc prico ...., 5c
Flannelettes and Outings.
16c flannelettes, 36 inchoa wide; not an undesirable
picco in tho lot; salo price 10c '5
Kiiuona flannels, choice patterns; never cold for less
than 12 l'2c; alo prico 10c
10c flannelettes, large assortment; ualc price ....".
Best 10c dark and light outiug flannel, salo prico.
CJncd Cm dark outinc flannol: Bale uricc 4c "55
l ... .i.!i -..,..... n 1. l ..... A -
a8 U
V &
Best 10c skoin rcilin XX Sanony yarn; sale price, per J
skoiu .....: vGc '58
30c skeins riciijhcr's Gorniau knitting yarn; sale prico, .5
per skein ., b v... '....V.. '. 2bc "'Jg
Pillows. , 3$
$l.2.ri good fcalhor pill-ws; sale price per pair ,...$1.00
$2.00 good foathor pillow.3, covered with -gootl heavy
ticking; sale pr'ico per pair '$1 .50 Jf
Underwear and Hosiery-
Nona but rcliablo makes can bo found in this stock.
?4 35c boys' mid girls' union suits; salo prico 18c
Si 50c ladies' union suit 3; salo prico 39c
& 100 mon's union suits; salo prico 79c
2g $2.50 mcn'i; fine unionsuits; sale price $1.95
$3. CO men's finest all -wool union cults; salo prico $2.75
$2.00 ladios' wool union suits; salo pivco $1.38
Ladies' silk and wool union suits; Horovitz price $2.50;
salo prico $1.08
25c children's lino ribbed sleeping garments, salo price 19c
COc extra heavy fleeced sleeping garments; salo price 39c
Hen's Pants.
$1 and $1.25 men's pants; ua.lc prico 75c
$1.50 and $1.75 men's pants; sale prico $1.25
$2 and $2.60 mon's pants; sale prico $1.08
$2.50 corduroy pants; sale prico $1.05
' sP COc mon's winter caps; salo prico 38c
5t3 25c mon's and boys' winter capa; salo prico 19c
' f$ OVERALLS One lot of good heavy plain blue overalls;
Horovitz prico 50c; sale prico 36c
gg :
Men's 50c extra hcavv fleeced shirts and drawers; v
salo prico 32:c
Men's wool shirts and drawers, a fow sizes to closo at 50c
Ladies' 35c grey and cream color vests and pants;
bale price 25c
Ladies' 50c cream and groy mixed vests and pants;
s-ilc price 39c
Misses' 35c lino ribbed vents and pants; aalo prico ..25c
Misses $1 fine vool union suits; salo prico ..- 79c
Table Linens, Towels and Domestics
Buying domestics hero during thin nlc will be jirt like getting money from homo.
A good (ic heavy unb cached mualin, during this salo d'j'ic
8c fino bleached muslin; salo nricc G3ic
10c fruit of tho loom muslin; salo price 8'sc
5c whito and colored cheeso cloth, 33I0 price olA
.Good checked glass toweling; Horovitz price 7c yard;
salo prico ." , 6c
Gocd heavy cotton twilled toweling, ,nalo prico 1c
10c -superior drill bleached linen crash toweling;
salo prico , , . . . ., 8c
Extra good large sizohuck towoh; Horovitz prico 15c
salo prico 10c
Turkish bath towels, extra largo and heavy; cell every
where at 18c; salo prico ' 12'jc
Men's Shifts.
Men's line light dress shirts, best COc values;
during this salo 39c
Men's best $1 fino dress shirts, good patterns and all
sizes; salo prico , 79c
Mon's $1 flannel shirts, dark colors; salo price .... 50c
Boys' 50c stiff bosom shirts;, salo prjco 19c
Men's 50c light colored outing shirts; salo price ....25c
Boys' COc whito unlaunilcrcd shirts;-calo price ....... 15c
. Tho Horovitz stock of corsets wcro all new fall models.
Parisana corsets: ono of tho best $1 corsets mado;
salo prico .,..,.. 79c
Tho All Right corset; a regular $1 value; salo prico 70c
PARIS MODEL: Tho.-o is no hotter COc corset mado than
this, but wc must sell them; so. Uicy go in this salo
at v 38c
GINGHAM APRONS -Extra largo size with bib; sell cv?
cry whore at 39c; salo prico -.,, . 25c
Tire b!o?chcd tablo dima'ik; norovitz prico "60c yaul;
calo. price . 37c
lj lll'.'ll cicwu t.iuiu uwuvujk;, ituiuvu.; imtu uui; .y.iiu,
. salo prico 37c
65c dl linen cream and bleached tablo damask; 3alo Ji
prico 7 ' 59c A
75c all linen croam tablo damask, 72 inches vidc; y.
salo price .
72 icli fino bleached Scutch all linen tablo damai
v;oulil bo cheap at $1 yard; salo prico .
An extra largo size fringed bed sporcd and worth $1.50
sale price UBc. ir
$2.00 bed spread; cut wrncrs and fringed at .... $1.38 gjj
idc; f
59c 52
lamask; it 5
........ 88c &
Don't Forget the Bargains iil Oof. Baseme;
wi . .
RIBBONS 1 lot of ribbons 4 'a in.wido;all good shades 5!5 J 4r
abo black and whito, worth 10c and 12'2:; 5s
i- i.i c. Ztfi
.U'iU IJllliU t uii-.
BELTS Regular 25c values"; black, whito and fancy; 8:
salo "price 19c Ji
Choice of all 50c belts, black silk and leather, Roman
stripes and plaidsv salo prico ,..... 38c
SHOPPING BAGS at 2Cc and 48c. Ono big assortment S'd
of shopping uags, yi.'M, i.ou ami ?i.o vames, gg
clioico . ; i o . . 98c s
LADIES' PANOY NEOKWEAR Ladies' turnover col
lars; Horovitz price 10c; Galo prico 5c
Fancy laco and embroidered collar;s Horovitz prico 15c;
salo prico ,. ioc .gij
Regular 25c collars; alL now styles; salo prico lCc 5
TANCY BAOK OOMBS; all now and a good assortment1 J8
included in this sa'le; 10c up 9$
-u UI.I....L! .1 .11.1 I ?j
crowdedvfor room wo havo been compollcd to J.
to a storo room; carppnlors havo boon at &
On account of being
turn our basement into
1 ... 1.1 . 1 nni !. mi t ri an i n t vw nriil t- e rtritt t
th'n n.ln. Plontv of liKht. ' -. C-,i ?2
.... .. t -v
Floor Oil Cloth and Linoleum
Best, floor oil cloth, 1 yard, 1 1-1 yds. and 1 1-2 yards
Jj- ,wido; Horovitz prico 30c yard; salo prico 22c
Best 65c linoleums, 2 yards wide; put on your floor;
fale prico ...,..., ,"- '15.c
TABLE OJL, PLOTH J, VI yards wide; good 15c qua
v ity,; salo price, por yard ......'. lie
VjTe aoU. ? fiooiV gas mj$ua 3 for, .,..,,.. 25c
, Blankets
10-1 good heavy cotton blankets, full size;
iialo' prico, pair , : . . . . .'; 1 . , . '' ou
11-1 heavy cotton blankets; fancy striped and gfey
mixed; salo prico '!...'. -....' 88c
Wool and fino cotton blankets all at special' clqsing
COMFORTERS, $1.25 comforters, hand mado, fillcdwlth
clean whito cotton , gfl(;
$1.76 fino sateen cemforters; salo prico $1.25' '
$1.45 fino nilalino comforts; salo prico ....,,..i $140
I Baskets "
25c mnrkcling baskets; sain pric ,....,. Ific
25c willow clothes baskets; salo prico ,(! J 9c
,Fancy scrap bankets, work baskets, 33 $ pqi cent rtia.
count. . t . , - !
All our1 fine chinawaro left fiom Uio holiday season
will bo closed out vcrv cheap.
'PAltL'OR MATCHES -Big ono pound box; r.pcvial value
..; -, ,. 100
Lrice Curtains
$1.25 to $1.G0 laco curtains; about 10 different designs -S
. . r i ..: ....I.. on- fiti
tO llCIOCt llOHl, l..nu im.u, y.ui t uu Kjg
$5 to $0.50 fine Irish point Brussols net, ami cablo net
cm tains during tluVpalo, cholco por pair $3.95
It will pay you to select your curtains for spring. Aa
opportunity liko this may novor como to you again.
1 Q barn Swift's Prid p laundry soap . . . , , ,2,5c ' 5$
i. ......wi., - '" ' - S
3.K .
- - SB
v '
!,l ii
. , t t, .
1 '.S'V1. ,,. tlm'S'
fa? ,
' i ..
t. . .' i;ru,:
.. J . 'f
r .Vim f
i 'ii
fzM! m v'i, . , i .
" l - "S's'jl . ' Vfc k h'i x . . k t . . c . l tk u Ml
; 'j j
1"V .4, ' I I

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