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'4 y
Daily Mirror.
J. BURGESS ....Business Manager
A. 0. HOLLAND Editor
P. M. ARMSTRONG.. City Editor
This., paper rccoivea tho Scripps
McRae1Telcgrnphio Now9 Service
and Market Reports.
Single Copy 2c
For "Week by Carrier 10c
By Mail, per year .$-1.00
Semi-Weekly Mirror, per yir $1.00
Both Phones No. 9
VEAHER-Fair boni.fit and
Saturday except snow in northeast
portiion, colder tonight, wanner
Saturday in western portion.
Riding on the water wago.n all
year with wet feet Ls pretty up
hill business. Everything seems to
be ntrninst the man who has sworn
Judge Landis says that the Stand"
nrd Oil company of Illinois must
answer ito eight of the indictments
returned against. t Eight out of a
oossiblo ten isn't so bad.
A New York man has figured out
that "7,nOO persons will die during
the present year. According to Ins
estimate there is one chance in
every 1500 that you will be one of
Uio number.
Governor Folk, an hi.s message (to
the legislature asks for a number of
reforms. Until now Governor Folk
has been giving his attention to the
boodlers in Missouri but now he
promises to branch out and do somo
other kind of house cleaning.
The Jamestown exposition man a
gers have chosen President Roose
velt to judge tho international baby
show which has been planned as a
feature of the big show. This may
be one of the means taken to euro
the president of 'his raco suicide
It will require quite a diplomat
to place the babies at tho inter
national baby show so that they
will not get to fighting among
There should bo a handicap for
tho mormon fathers in that big
baby, show at Norfolk.
Tho interstate commerce commis
sion has discovered the eauso of Uio
oar shortage which has resulted in
the fuel famine in the north-west,
but it utterly fails to .suggest a
remedy. Not much consolation in
that for the fellows who aro out of
When tho railroad magnates be
come afraid to travel over their
own lines with every precaution be
ing taken for their safety, what Ls
tho poor fellow going to do who has
to take his chances on regular
trains with only the ordinary pre
cautions. Tho young man from Findloy
who sought to astonish tho people
by, writing from it ho canal zone that
it would cril the governmen a
billion nnd a half of dollars to com
plete tho "big ditch" will have to
guess again. Not many Americans
arc expeoting to finish short of the
two billion dollar mark.
Jf reports ifrom tho canul zone
bo correct, there aro a few things
which President Roosevelt did not
see during bin recent visit, or if ho
did see them he neglected to tell
congress about it in ibis special mes
Tho Sultan of Morrocco ought lo
bo an advocate, of reformed spelling
if ho 'intends to writo many letters
and address ithem ns he did to
President Roosevelt when ho said;
'-'Tho Beloved, tho Most Cherish-
Club Prices
' on Magazines in many cases will
' save yon ABOUT HALF the regular
'-"price; submit your list and see what
we can do.
C. O. Wfam
.H poem for Coday
.Tn..0 xti txt
inCKCJ ATlUJlVi ir
By Lloyd
That my
North or south, cast or west,
Over the rim with the bellied sails,
From the mountains' feet to the empty plains,
Or down the silent trails
It matters not which door you choose,
Tho some clear tune Mows through them all, .
Though one heart "ifaps to the grind of seua
And one to the rain bird's ('till.
However you bide In the city's din
And draw your ears with Its siren songH,
.Some day steal In tho-e thin, wild notes,
And you leave the foolish throngs. .
God grant that the day will find me not
When tin tune shall mellow and thrill In vain
So long as tin plains are red with sun
And the woods are black with rain.
ed, the Most Gracious Friend, Most
Honored and Excellent President of
the Kepublic of the United States o
America who is the pillar of its
great influence and Iho director of
its most important affairs, tho most
celebrated preserver of the ties "C
true friendship the faithful friend,
Theodore Roo.sovelt."
Jus'l now the farmers in some sec
tions of the county and the Marion
County Telephone company are
making wry faces at each other.
The farmers have made demand
upon (ho company and have not ic
ceived an answer. Hero is most
certainly a chance to apply arbitra
tion. Tjho interests) of tho farmers
nnd tho telephone company aro prac- ,stlc0 of .tho citizens or any state to
,. ., , ,,,. ' , ' , "the country at large" to "the poli
tically the same. Iho larmcis need Hc 80nH) of tll0 wllolc TOHIItry.. t0
a telephone; the company is in tho "the people of the country generally,"
business of furniiliintr telephones
and is fully capabl of doing so. It
is to be hoped that an agreement
car. by reached by 'tho two parties
nnd thai threatened unpleasantness
will blow over.
There promises to be a miglity
strugglo between 'the corporations
and the people of New York at Al
bany this year. Governor Hughes
has stirred things up pretty lively
wJtli his .message- ito the legislature
and those who aro in favor of re
fonn aio signifying their inten
tion of backing ihim in tho big
fight which ho has undertaken. A
great lobby is already being formed
'to fight for tho corporations and
tho fight promises to be a very
1 ... .. i,
'resident JO0-'ell
promises to lend some aid to Hughe8
The president realizes that if the
.. . . XT -v' i . ..
corporations win jit New ork htntu,
tho home of) Wall tdrecl, them will
be liMIo use for Iho other slates in
the U'lion to hope lo nucquiplisli
imuch in tho miattor oC legislation
which is adverse to ithe corpora
tions. He piuclically fcays that wJia1
ho lieges to, aecwnplish iu the fu
ture depends largely upom what is
accomplished by Hughes at Albany
and for that reason 'ho intends to
lako a hand Jiftho game. Mr.
Hearst bus practically promised to
lend his iihsistauco iu tho fight and
wbilo ho did not have u following
strong enough to placo him in dhe
governor's chair ho wields m in
fluence which is qu'ite widely felt
in New York and with Hearst,
Hughes ami Roosevelt, with their
forces lined up against 4hoso of the
corporations, there is at least Jiopo
of, something worth tho while being
Drift of Comment
The apologists for Secretary Root's
new famous speech on political cen.
trallzatlon bavo a tremendous under,
taking on hand. Already attempts
bavj been made to explain away his
two meaning. Theeo efforts are
not successful, Thoy cannot bo suc
cessful. Mr. Root's meaning Is clear;
his purpose Is evident; his argument
Is carefully wrought out; his threat
Is not veiled. The complcto har
mony betweon his utterances and
tho avowed policies of his chief re.
movo all possibility of doubt,
iMr. Root gives a faithful picture
of the growth of national sentiment
and national habits and sketches the
process by which certain great fields
of- activity have gradually passed
-ft.T'ir uAnm TAUAV
ni ncrt.iv a xytAMLJ. j
EinitK'H music In iny heart today.
The master hand is on the keys,
Colling mu u) to the windy bills
And down to purple seas.
Let tlmo draw back when I hear Mint tune
Old to Hie ionl when Mie Htars nere new
Ami swing the doors to the four great winds
feet may waudur through.
and are now passing into tho hands
of the national government. Mr.
Root docs not regret this change,
but seeks by his argument to deni.
on-trate that it is a natural, necess
ary nnd proiicr evolution.
Hut this Is not the real purpose of
lor pci-ullnrly stnrt1inK In J,!s analysts
of recent political history. Other
- , - -,
observers 'have called attention to
this tendency towards centralization,
but usually with regret and nlarm.
The real importance of Secretary
Root's utterance comes further on.
Having fhown tho growth of the
national sentiment and imtlonal hab
its, he declares with peculiar einpha.
sis that "Every state Is bound to
frame its legislation and Its adminis
tration with roferonco to the effect
upon all its sister states." .He a p.
peals from tho sene of right and
to "the general standards of the nn
Hon" to "the general body of tho
country," to "the general public," to
"tho general moral sense of the conn,
try" and Insists that the national
sflnso of right and justice must pre
vail over any local opinion, assert,
lug that " the government control
which they (the people of the coun
try generally) deem Just nnd necess
ary they will have."
While these utterances seem to
Ignoro the theory of our federal sys
tem ami to. negative tho sacred rights
of local government, thus giving
cause enough for alarm . wo havo not
yet reached the heart of Mr. Root's
Had ho gone no further and con.
tented himself with the as-ertlon
that "It was useless for the advocates
of state rights to inveigh against tho
supremacy of the constitutional laws"
i all patriotic citizens would have
given their assent, whllo regretting
" ..... . -n. ,.,...n
nQ tondenov tnu-.-ml KntV!illynMnn
But Mr. Root did not stop at this
nolnt 1,Q W not satisfied to suggest
constitutional remedies.
tin uw&Jmmyimmmtw&MK
ill X 4 y aMwwlm!IBBNBBgK, l I
rrlnft George, heir to tho throno of Servla, who Is said to bo' Insane ii
only nlueti'oii years old. Tvo years ago be ran away with a Vienna actress
I "There Is but one way In, which the
stntes can maintain their power and
"The government -control 'which
they (the general public) deem l Just
and necessary they, will have."
"If tho states fall to furnish II In
due measure sooner or later,, con-
structlons of the conrtltutlon will bo
.... .
found to vest tho power where It
will ho exorcised In tho national gov
Sir. Root Is a groat lawyer familiar
with the constitution and tho power
- or mo conns, wot a worn uooa no
x have to say about amending the con.
stltutlon and the power of tho courts.
5 Ho pccs the short cut nnd proposes to
tune It. Ho points out how tho pow-
ors of the national government havo
T boon extended In the paRt by Judicial
- construction; and, hi words which
j ha-dly veil a threat, he declares that
If tho stales refuse to obey the voice
$ or the nation, then the nation, with.
out waiting for any amendment to
I itlio constitution will nnd "construe-
tlons of tho constitution" to Justify It
x In M-Isilng powers which It tdoes not
now possess. Constructions will bo
found nnd courts will bo found or
created to declnre such constructions.
Such Is the logic of .Air. Root's doe
I trlno.
Tho apologists for Mr. Roofs nt.
.iterances must not only Justify hit
approval of the centralizing tendon
M fli's of the government nnd his re.
iJectlon of the American principle of
self-government or home-rule,
bjit they must Justify a proposal to
amend the constitution nnd break
uown mr icucrni system by judicial
constriction. Even Mr. Roofs own
explanation docs not explain. Hc
lias expounded. a doctrine which falln
In with hla, chief's pot practice of
doing things '-regardless. Thnnks to
.wr. kooi, many tninking hion havo
their eyes opined . It will not be
easy to close them again. Znnesvllle
Signal. J
to cimn i:xtr vacant wivrs.
A Paris dressmaker having brought
suit to obtain 15,800 for twenty-one
gowns supplied to a customer within
two months, the court has handed
down a striking decision on the Urn.
itntloiiB of a wife's privileges. It U
held to hove been the duty of tho
droo.sniaker to, Inquire, whether tho
ordrs given by tho wlfo accorded
with the husband's nnauclal nnd so
cial status. Tho general cau'tlon
Is given that trndesmoh should show
prudence when orders aro presented
that are manifestly extravagant or
noodle-sly repeated.
AVhllo 'tho cafe In mind Is French,
the rulings aro Idrected against weak.
nc3ses of a common human nature
The reckless running oC 'nccounU at
the dressmaker's ls not unknown at
American centres of fashion, although,
none of our Judges has tendered a
dcc-Mon In behalf of the man who
pays the bills. T
Whaf Is broadly Interesting In the
matter Is the suggestion of responsi
bilities qjite apart front those ns
suntbed b tradesmen nt largo. In
ordinary, a dealer or a maker to
order Is satisfied If tho prospects aro
good of getting his money. He does'
not concern himself with fourro of
payment. It must ninnzo him
greatly to receive front n .lodge's
bench the Intimation that ho owes
consideration to the economic, Inter.
ests of his patrons' husbands.
ThN Is a now and notable nrlnclnlo
-. t ... ..,ov .mow unman V13,
Pnn llinrn ! nn WM -,,11.,,. t
or tlirirt. U Is also .discriminative
(tabllsh a curb on extravagant man
.at the cigar counter, the haberdashery
or tho club, New York World
' t,v " i'.
i) l!D07
Negro was Hanged Three
Minutes. Before Sheriff
Received the Word
Vicksburg, Miss., Jan. i. Will
Harvey, a negro, was hanged at May
ersvllle, ."Ils3., yesterday, thrco mlnr
litcs before notice that h.'s sentence
had been commuted r 'ached the
sheriff of Issaquena county. i
Harvey's attorney won notified bf
Governor Vnrdaman that the negro's
sentence had been commuted to Ini.
prlsonmcnt for life. Ho hurried to
the telephone and put In a call fos
the Issaquena sheriff. Tho latter dirt
not teach the telephone until (hre
minutes after the drop fell. ,
Harvey was sentenced to bo hanged
for tho murder of another negro
named Pete Broncho In Maxell last.
Dado's Llttlo I.lver Pills thoroughly
clean the system good for lazy livers,
makes clear complexions, bright eyes
and happy thoughts.
Sold by Flackcn's Drug Store.
St. Petersburg, .Ian. 4. Grand
Duke Nicholas, Premier Stolypln and
two conservative cabinet members
have received a terrorist letter, con.
demnlng them to death. Jinny nr
rosts havo been ntndo In search for
the accomplices of tho aspasdn of
General Von Dor Launltz, yesterday.
The Price of Peace
Tho terrible Itching and smarting,
Incident to cei tain skin diseases, Is
almost instantly nllayol by applying
Chamberlain's Salvo. Price 25 cents.
For sale by all druggists.
London, .Jan, 4. A reconciliation
Is being efrected between Duke Jlarl
borough and his wife, formerly Con.
suel Vanderbllt, according to n report
generally credited, w. K. Vander
bllt ls said to have brought tho cou
ple together.
Washington, Jan. 4. It was an
nounced at tho White House today
that Andrew Carnegie has given
$750,000 for tho erection of a build.
Ing for tho bureau o' Amerlcnn Re
publics, In Washington. The United
States government and various South
American republics have agreed to
purchase a site. The announcement
was made after a conference which
Carnegie had today with Secretary
of State Root and President Rooso.
Pino Salvo Carbollzed acts like a
poultice; highly antiseptic, extensive,
ly used for Eczema, for chapped
hands and lips, cuts, hums.
Sold by Flockcn's Drug Store.
Tangier,- Morocco, Jan. 4. Follower,-,
of Kaisuli, ambushed a num
ber of the Tribe of .lien Mausour,
Hnisuli's former agent, who debit
ed him with h'u mien, and killed
most oC them. The ncw.s comes as
a surprise, for angier beard that
Hie bandit chief was at Zinit watch-
in-,' the deseition of his followers.!
II is said be resumed tho garb of
a mountaineer.
New York, Aug. 4. -War be
tween Mayor .McClellan and Hoss
Murphy of Tammany Hall, i,s siz
zling today. After tho inaypr'i
bombardment of Murphy rofifu'ng
lo ic-nmtoint Commissioner Vorhis,
the Tammany chioflaiu cumo back
nl McClellan loday in rod hot doc
ument which designs tho mayor . as
" liar" and "a hyprocritc."
i i
"Plneules" (non-alcoholic) made.
from resin from our Pino Forests.
used for hundreds of years for niad.
der and Kidney diseases. Medicine
for thlry days, $1.00. GunraiitfCil.
Bold by Flockcn's Drug Store.
Llttlft Kathryn Davids Dies From
Kathryn Davids, tho fivo-monthfi.old
baby of Mr. anil Mrs, William Day.
Ids, of three miles tiorthof Prospect,
died at 10:30 o'clock Friday morn
ing, Death was rduo to doublo pneu.
inonla, wth which tho child suffored
about ton daya,
iTho inner' will ho conducted from
tho homo nt 1 o'clock Sunday, In
terment will bo made In tho Prosnocl
cemeioryi' ' --
i j -
"- ' I...U.I I III
Entire stock reduced in price,
ranging 20, 30 and 50 discount.
ruary 2. Nothing reserved.
. If you want a good cheap suit or overcoat,
now is the time to get it. Don't put it off,
for they are going out fast and ther? is a good
big stock to select from now. And you can
get a good choice.
This sale not only includes clothing, but
also the biggest and best line of furnishing
goods in Marion.
Men's ,r)()c grade of Dress and
Work Shirts ;j)c
Men's Underwear, your choice of
.r()c grade ),)c
Men's Wool Sox, 2ic grade 15c
Our. entire Hat Stock at
Reduced Prices.
Men's Si Hats 75c
Hen's $2 Hats $l (if) -
Men's $: Hats $2 40
This sale includes every new
and, up-to-date style. Reduc
tions exactly as advertised.
-- ----
1. Marx & Sons
Passed Away While Sitting
in Her Chair Thursday.
One of the Oldest and Most Highly
Respected Residents of Marion
County Called H'omc.
While slt,tIiiB In' ber arm chair
Thursday afternoon at four o'clock,
Mrs. Catharine IJlockKom, widow of
Samuel liloclaom and ouo of lite
oldest residents of Richland township,
died suddenly, death being caused b,"
the Infirmities of old ago. She died at
the home of her daughtei, Mra. Dav.
Id Ilctteier, flvo miles south of tho
city, In Pleasant township, where sho
nan ueen visuhir tor a few days.
The deceased had been feeling voiy
well for several days and until
ibout thirty minutes before her death
had not complained of feeling 111.
While tho members of the family
were Kathoied about her, couvcrolnfi"
on ordinary subjects, Mrs. Illock
tioin passed nulctly to tho great be.
yond before those about her realized
that she wns 111.
Mrs. Ulockhom was born In Ger
many and enmo to America whon n
child. Her ptrnnt's name wa l-'elton
and wero ntnOnu tho first Hcttlcra
of tho county. After her niurrlapo
to Samuel Illocksoiu, slip lived for 00
years on a farm In. Richland town.
ship. Sho was 88 yearfj of aso,
Tho deceased was one of tho best
known women of tho santlioistern
part of the county, Sho was con
verted to tho Christian faith Iu .Ion
church and Jiaa been a member of
that church since. Until tho past
few years, kIio hud liepu vory nctlvo f
In church work, notwithstanding her
ndvonced age. Thico daughters, Mrs.
Jacob WoltliiBor, Mrs. David Itettorer
and Mrs, Samuel Hettoier, nnd two
sons, Samuel and .leremlah, survive.
riio funeral will bo hold Sunday
morning at' eleven o'clock In .Ion
Gjiurch, Roy, Mr. Stono officiating,
UHorinont. will bo mado In the Taylor
cojnotory, located on the farm whoro
.Mrs. uiocKbom spent Uio greater
P'iS't of her life.
San Francisco, Honolulu, Jan. I,
Steamer "Ventura" of tho ocean lino,
la heyenty hours overdue from Aus.
tralln, and apprehension Is foil lioin
for Uor safety.
Now York, Jan. 4. -There Ir still
no trace of the missing Etoamqr Ponc,o
now four daya oyorduo. Sho left
Ponco, Porto Ulco, ClirlstmaH day,.
wth p.1 erpw of fifty-two and m'n'iiy
IlllVil I VH V rHll'l
January Sale
:r mrt;rt imhu
Bring in your sale
checks and get your
premiums, '
Coal's, Suits and Jack
ets just Y2 Price.
All our Furs just J
. Wo havo reduced tho prico on our
entiro lino of D,avenport3 and when
wo say reduced we mean a cut in
prices that will ourpriso you. Just
to givo you an idea of prosent prlc-
cs in comparison with tho regular
price will quote you prices on Dav
enports on display In front win
POllT upholstered in finest Bos
ton Leather was $05.00 now
Frame, Steel Spring crdst'ruction
Green Velour Cover was $40.00,
now S24.7C. "',
PORT tapestry cover, Mahouany
frame. Good valuo at $4000
. 'only $22.50, - ,.;
hogany fiamo upholstered in fin
est Grcon Vorona Velour, was
855.00 now only $35.00.
BED DAVENPORT with oak' franco
mass'vn oak ends, fine Grcon Vo
Innr Oovo. a bargain at $50.00
only $31,75, ,
. McCLAltSTS '
, i'-T'
f ' -

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