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nto the TeraXotta Dis
aster Continues.
Arc Given by Byroad Employes
Members of Train Crew Who
Were Jailed Give Bail.
WaBlilngton, Jon, 4,. The snout I hi
)ij)itont testimony given Tlnirptlay In
ronnoctlon with tho Investigation hy
Jho cdroiior'a Jury to determine lliq
tiaiiso and to plaro thu rcHponslblllty
for tho dlRnotrbufl .wicck nt Term
Gottn, on tho llnltlmoro & Olilo fail
rejnd 1a8t Sunday night, was that given
by M. Do Trow, who whh tho oper
ator at Silver Springs. lie said ho
waa euro that No. GO, the local cxpiors
train that wub smnohed up, had clear-
t'i the hloqk at T-akonia Park boforo
h6 dfsplayed tho whlto target for tho
"dead" train which crashed Into tiio
Jbcal. It was brought out by tho coro
ner that Mr. Do Trow was an extra
operator and had not workod at, SHvor
Springs regularly, but was Fhlftc.l
from poftt to post nrcutdlng o tho
nccdn of' tho Borvlce.
The" wjtnesa said that bqciluno of tho
fc-g Sunday night ho had taken tin
umml precaution!) to sco thai n red
light, way put up earlier than usual. Ho
testified that tho local was about 13
nilnutPH Into when It passed hlin and
font when tho "dead" train "r-amo
ttirnilgh It wa3 running about 30 miles
ms hour. i
,'Thg Indications; nro that tho coro
ner'a Inquiry will 'bu" protracted. At
'flim'fldny'fl hcbkIou eight witnessed,
"all employes of tho II. & O, lallrond.
Wfro examined. The tCHtlmony moat-
s ly, related to tho block system and tho
nigral lights. Coroner Ncrltt demand
ed that tho,. railroad ofllclalH give a
doflnlte answer as to why tho first ie
lief train for Term Cottn was delayed
at UplvorBity station for 1!1 minutes
and a fast passenger train allowed to
pass It, and why tho lalhoad company
took t upon Itself to arrange for tho
lemoval of the dead before he had
soon tho bodies. TJie coroner charges
several of thoso rnllsoad witnesses
with being evasive in their answers to
hit; questions,
Harry Jllldebrond, engineer, and
Fratik P. Hoffmlor, conductor of tho
tralp of empties that crashed Into the
Frederick local, were released on bond
by Justice Uarnard, of the supremo
court of tho District of Columbia, af
ter hearing In habeas corpus pioeocd
ings brought by HoiTmolr, who con
tended ho was held without warrant of
law nnd without any charge bolng
made, against him. Hlldcbinnd's
bond was ilxcfd at $7,500 and Hoft
mler'n at $.1,00(1.
Tho othor thieo niembcis of tho,
erow, Fireman McClollund, llralcemaii
Rultor an ItaggiiKenmutci' Norrls,
were icleased without ball.
Strikers are Sent to Jail.
Milwaukee, Jan. I. Judge Sanborn,
ot,tho United Slates district court,
Inst! night pionounced judgment In tho
cases giowing out of tho contempt
proceedings which wcro brought, al
leging violation, of the Injunction
granted tho Allls-Chnlmors Co. against
Moldors' unions and striking mojders.
jWlchaol Matscbautn, chairman of the
strike committee of Moldeis' union
lyo., 1U5, and John I.utz, treiiHUrer of
tho stilko commlttep, wore oaphjound
guljty of vlolntlon of tho injunction
and wore sentenced In Imprisonment
lii (ho county jail for !!0 days. William
Hepnlng, convletod .of assault, was
sentenced to 4b day's In Jail. Two
pickets got 110 days each and two other
s(,rlkeis got sentencos of 15 days.
Murphy Replies to Mayor .McClellan.
'Now York, Jan, 1. Charles F. Mur
phy, of Tammnny Hal, gavo out a
statement Thursday In regard to
Mayor McClcllan's refusal to reap
point Election Commissioner Vooihls
nrf president of the board, Voorhls he
Ingtho choice of tho regular demo
cratic organization In Now York.' In
appointing John C. Doollug o succeed
VooVhis tho mayn' stated that- he
wqulci "not Jongqr recosnl.o tio ex
isting control of Tnpintnny Jlnll" aud
that he could npt "tolerate liny rela
tions with ijs pesenX leador.!' jr.
Muvphy asks McClellan to liaiuo any
net of his (Murpliy's) which has been
unworthy. ,
The Prosecution FJests.
' Now York, Jan. 4 .Tho prohooutipn
In tlio ease of tho MiieAndrows &
Forbes Co., tho J. 8. Yoipiy; Co, nnd
Karl Jiiughluth and 'floward 1-3. Yoipig,
eljargcd with violating tio Sherman
nufl-triiBt law In an, attpinpt to niu
npollzQ Iho sale of licorice pasto' liV
thlscountVy, was concluded Thursday,
Annpimcoincnt that thu pinsccutlnu
wis ready to rest was mado by the
government attorneys after Judge
Hough had sustained the govern
'meiit's contention that tho casu should
gop iho Jury on all threo of the
counts fjpqcifled In tiu Indlctmeut.
If 1. !- I
' AHother Break n tho Dyke.
Avashlug'ton, Jan, 4, Tho brenks In
flftj COjloradq rjvor which havocausod
h'ucp great damage tho Imperial
VaHey In California are giving the oflb
naifi In Washington considerable con
cm n. Ropoils havo lenehod here ol
lOibthor break In tho dyke work which
lrnot, promptly attended to will prove
very soilous.
v ' Repudiated Their Liabilities,
"'ondoit, ,1'un. i.-f) the Hr)tlsU In
fllmmco cumpaujes have repudiated
tliijlr liuliilllli'H ailslug from tho eaitU
(iUHkuut Vnlpatttiijo lust year,
I I ' ' '
Not In recent yearn except In war
times has Uio United States tinny
been so badly In need of men as at
W. K. VniidnrblH eclipsed nil own
era, of roco horses In tho matter of
money earning during the season of
190C. Ills horses In Franco won
As a lesult of the failure of tho
United Stales authorities to modify
tho Chinese exclusion act. tho boycott
of American .goods, which was ie
eently revived nt Canton, la spreading
oor China.
Mrs. Lena I.IIIIe. of David City,
Nob., in tho penitentiary for llfo for
tho murder of hor husband four years
ago, has been granted a pardon by
Gov. Mickey. It was hn last olllelal
act boforo retiring from olllce.
Suits now pending In the federal
nt Topcku, Kim., to test tho validity
c tho statute dealing tho state board
of railroad commissioners will be .lis.--
missed nnd freight into reductions. ag-I
gregatlng ?l.r,00.000 annually, wll. be
mado by tho railroads In Kansas.
' .
"Ire I7c3troyc a Big Furniture Store
New Yprl
.Jun. !. Fiv destioycd
tho five-story furniture store of Cow
perthwollo & Sons last night, entail
ing a loss of $r00,nun and causing tho
SL'JF, ilnrJ' 0t f.'5 "'ompn' ,A,,n,ut
200 feet fioni the Cowi'.orthwalto
building Is the Ilnrlem police court
and pi Icon. The US jnlsoners hot up
cries of fear and wore taken from
their cells and paiaded In tho eout t
until all danger was,paBt. The Tl.lid
avonuo wall of tho burning building
fell ncioss tho elevated railroad. An
other wall fell and burled a number
of small buildings.
Shot His Wife nnd SIster-ln-Law.
Dotrolt, Jan. 4, Patrick Doylo on
Thursday, In tho Homo of tho Fi lend
less, u refuge for chlldriMi, bhot his
wife and his wlfo's sister, Mrs. Mary
londy, of this city. Mrs. I.oiuly Is fa
tally wounded. Mrs. Doylo ranio here
a wcok ago from Cheboygan, Mich., af
ter quarreling with her husband. She
secured employment and placed hoir
children In tho Home for the Friend
less. Doyle followed her to this city,
loaiued 'that sho was to vlait tho chil
dren, wont to tho homo while tho two
women weto there apd shot thoiu. Ho
was arrested,
A Mine Ablaze.
Pittsburg, Jan. I, A flro which
started fiom a minor's blast In the
Ellsworth mlno at Coakesdalo, Pa.,
near hero, caused a loss of $100,000.
Tho blast was sot off by a foreign
miner who failed to notleo for soiun
tlmo that tho mlno was on lire. Ho
then ran back Into th$ mlno nnd noil
lied the men at work. There was a
rush to escape, but a number of min
ers' tiled to extinguish tho hlazo and
narrowly escaped being trapped in tho
mine". .
Died at the Banquet Board.
Huston, Jan. 4. At a haniiiiot to ouo
of his successors at tho Quli.cy hotiho
last night, John II. Henderson, who
wns mayor of Everett In 1S07. wns
ntilckon with apoploxy and died with
in a few minutes. Tho banquet was
given In honor of Mayor Huynton, who
will begin a Ihlid tcun noxt .Monday.
Mr. Henduison was the Ilrst to re
spond to a toast. Ho was reading aii
, original poem when ho dropped back
Into his cli air.
Floods In Arkansas.
Llltle Hock, Ark., .Inn, I. I.t!o
Hock Is almost Isolated by Hoods. Not
until lnt evening was Iho Hock Island
able (o operate trnlns opt of Littlo
Hock ami all through trains on tio
Iron Mountain go mound I.lltlo Hock.
Many families In tho vicinity of l.lttL,
Hock havo been driven from thcli
homes mid hundreds of cattle and
hogs were di owned.
A Town Without Fuel.
Lakln, linn., Jan. 1. Thin town Ja
out of fuol. Dozena of ears oidorod
weeks ago have been dlvorted to othor
towns or used by tho vail ways.
PralSes Ohio's Antl-Truet Law.
Denver, Jan. 1. In his message to
tho leRlHlature Thursday flov. McDon
ald ndvlted Hie meiiubors to fritine
untl-ti'iiHt legislation along the Hues ol
the Ohio law, which, hu said, had
stood the test of judicial determina
tion. , ;
A Vatcran of Two Wars Dies.
London. .Inn. 4.--'il. l.irtii.-ml!
Douglass Currlo died hqiq Wednesday.
Jtp curved in 4hp Ci lineup .war uml
was cqlqpel of tho Thlrty-Hilid Noi
Yoiii Infantry duilntf (he cIVll war in
tlin UiilKiil'MlatiV.. ' i
Uio United" ftatW.
- '
To be Used by Attorney
General Jackson.
ii ii i
Inquiry Into llic Use of Money in
the Lust tlcction Will Not be
Confined to Hearst's Ads.
' .,, ,, v. ,. . . , . .
, ,'U' ! "y; V " ' ---V sleeping
'" hK iUl" ,,M ,(' , ,hu compllnnro
! ,u ."V ,,ow V01'1'"1'1 I'motlcos act by
Candida es and paity com... ttcos eon-
ceincd In the Isovombor election Is
Inonilsed by tho now attorney general,
! Wlllt.'ltn fi .Inplfunll In 'i cjtiili.nwiiit II.
1(m,(, llHt ,, Thu Btlulnui,L wua
made In explaining his reasons for
summarily revoking tho designation
by Attorney Ueneinl .Mayer on Do
comber 28. 'of Chorai.ll Davis, of New
York, to roprebont tho attorney gen-
unil In proceedings brought by tho As
sociation to Prevent Corrupt Practices
at Elections, against Wlllam H. Hearst
to romped hlin to lllo more complete
details as to tho oxpcnt.ctj of his cam
paign for election ns governor.
Tho designation of Mr. Davis by At
torney (lener.il Mayer only three dnvu
before tho expiration of tho hitler's
term of offtoo. occasioned at the limn
much discussion and speculation ns lo
whether Mr. Jackson, Mr. Mayjir'n
demociatle successor, would conllrm
'r rcvoko tho appointment. In his let
er to Mr. Oavls, tho attorney genoral
"Tho reason W this nellon Is that If
all tho woik to bo elono by tho nt tor
uey genoral or his representative' I.)
thin proceeding bo under my adminis
tration, I deem It proper Hint tho por
tion representing the attorney general
should be of my ileslguutlDii."
In connection with thin aiiuouuco
null 1 1 or his action Attorney Ueueral
Incksou Mild:
"Tim di'blguntlon of Mr. Davis was
revoked because I lptd di'cldod the In
vestigation Into election receipts mid
expenditures ilur(ng the hist ciinipalsn
should be broader In its scope than
Jhc Association to Prevent Coirupt
Practices at Elections apparently con
templated when it slugleel out Mr.
Heai st's statement of election ex
(lenses as tho only mutter that sluJuld
!)o piobed."
Black Hills Mines are Closed.
Deadwood, S. D., Jan. I. AP tho
mines and mills nt Paid .Mountain mid
four mills at Deadwood are closed and
for tho flist time In over 1(5 years
there nro no mining operations In (he
Hald Mountain dlbtilct, one of tho
most Important, pioduclpg districts In
the lllack Hills, The mines will bo al
lowed lo (HI up with water, as neither
the operators nor iilnors will minko
my concessions.
DIsclinrfjc of Negro Troops Is Debated
In the Senate.
M Washington, .Inn. I. Aftor two
weoks if Micatlnn tho senate sat for
two and a half houis on Tluusday and
then adjourned until Monday. The
uession was dovoted alipost qntliely to
discussion of President Hoosovell's or
der dismissing tho negro troops of the
Twentyjilfth lufantry for "shooting
up" l)rown8illo, Tex. Senntor Cul
berson, of Texas, dofondod the oidt-r,
lie closed with an" Impassioned state
ment of the position of -tho south on
tho negro question, which he declined
to be tho moat vital problem before
the Amoilcan people,
Senator Fqrnkor replied In Icily, ex
pressing his Intense Interest In liming
apeedy notion pu his resolution for an
investigation. Senator Lodge piopos
ed an amendment to this resolution,
which has the effect jjf admitting tho
president's) iiuthiirlty as conunapder
lncbof of the nrniy Jo take the notion
ho dl'd, and of restiletlug flio Investi
gation to tho occurrence In' lliowns
vlllo. The resolution was given tho
right of way .Monday.
House. The house convoked pftor
tho holiday recess and adjourned ufter
a session of 1f minutes.. ( Immediately
after" tho approval of tho Jounlul two
now tnemheirf wore nworil )n. No quo.
rum was present, .' . t ,
" ft r . ' --I
in Assassin's Revolver
was Used on Himself.
In Killing the Prefect of Police at St.
Petersburg was Well Planned
and Daringly Executed.
St. Petersburg. Jan. I. The pollro
havo not succeeded In Identifying tho
Terroilst who shot mid killed MaJ.
Cen. Von Der Lauullz, prefect of po
lice of St. Petersbuig. at tho lnstltuto
of Experimental Medicine Thursday
afternoon, and who coolly turned bin
revolver nsalnst himself while he 'its
falling under the snbies of the pre
fect's escort. The authorshln of thl.i
crime, however, like the recent assas
sination of Count lgmitleff and the un
successful attpmpt lo blow up Premier
Stolypln with a bomb, bun been tineod
to the lighting organUatlou of tho so
cial revolutionists.
Tho. organization last night Issued
the customary proclamation avowing
and Justifying tho killing or Von Der
Launltz, which was accomplished with
an ease that has shuck tenor Into tho
hearts of all other ofllclals on tho
revolutionary death list. ,
Tho man who committed tho erlino
was about IIU years old, and apparent
ly belonged to the Intelligent working
class. Tho police say ho was a Jeiy.
Ho was provided with a rani of admin
slim to the dedication, but this card
bore no nnnie. The authorities havo
not been ahlo to learn how he obtain
ed this Invitation to the conmiioiiv,
which was oxtrenmly select, only t.10
Invitations having been Issued.
Pilnco Peter Alo.vindrovltoh, Duko
of Oldenburg, Is a patron of the Insti
tute. Among the guests present wero
his wife, tho youngest sister of Em
peror Nicholas, and a number of other
persons prominent at e-ouit.
Tho fact thit Von Der Lnuiilly. wan
to attend the cousi'cratlon of tho in
stitute was not geueially known and
tho Teriorlsta Jliust have learned of
this fuel i'loin sources within tin1 po
lice department. It has developed
that the prefect was accompanied to
tho church bv his usual bod guard of
secret service men, but not one of
thebo hnd the slightest suspicion of
the mui dei er, although his toll stained
bauds wore conipjetoly out or harniouv
with bis faultless evening clothes, a
garb which everybody attending olll
rial ceremonies hi Kussla must don.
Tho fnll of Von Dor Lamill. was
followed by a sceno of Indescribable
confusion. The Duko 'of Oldeiibuig.
who was ono ot the few men who ie
lalneil their composure, seized the as
sasnlu's' hiiiiij after ho hud tired twice
mid several succeeding shots were dis
charged Into the celling. Hut before
tho duke could dlsaim him one of tho
eillleera who accompanied the' prefect
drew'liln sabre and stiuck the assassin
a powerful blow which completely cut
out n portion of his skull. As the man
was falling ho shot himself In tho
stomach Willi the Inst bullet In bin re
volver. Ills de'ath wan Instantaneous,
but several oIIIcth continued to hark
at his proslrati- body until the Duke
of Oldeitbmg struck up Ihclr swords
and forced them lo deslM.
It was diiHug Hie tlmo (hat Vfin
Dor Laiinlt. was governor of Tambov
llmt there occurred the leiiiblu re
repression of the agrarian dlsoidei'H In
Tambov piovlnre. and It was In retil
button for thi-so repressions that
Maria Splildouowi. the Hiisslau Joan
of Arc, shot Cliler,, pf Pollro LuI.eu
orfsky, one of the subordinates of Von
Dor Lauultz. ( ''
The Lockout at Lodz.
Lodz, Hiihslan Polnnd, Jan. I. Lo
cal br.nkuis aie threatening lo eloso
their etVabllshfeiits-In consequence of.
tho refusal of the military authorities
to guaul.trjo banks from the attacks
of lobbers. The lockout of the em
ployes of fho factories is as complete
as over. Tho employers declare ihey
nro determined to remove Into tho In
torlor of Russia unless the men yield
on all points. Many emploes are
willing to return on the employers'
tonus, but tho threats of Ten mists to
murder all thew who o bark to woik
prevent n settlement.
Shively Wants to be Vice President.
Lnporte, Inel , Jan. 4. A close fileintl
it lienlnnilu F. Shlvoly, of South lloiul,
foimerly congressman fiom the Third
Indiana district, says that when the
proper tlmo nruves Mr, Shively will
formally announce his candidacy for
Hie democratic homliintlou for vice
president ot the t'nlted States, lie
was his party's liominoo for governor
In 180(1. i '
$500,000 Fire Loss.
Montreal, Jan 1. X $500,001) lire re
sulting In the deuthtflf one man and
the InJuiy of six firemen -occurred
Thursday on St Antolile street. Tho
collapse of a wall caused the death of
II. Gugium, a cailer.tand Injured tho
Fire Loss Exceeds a Million.
Portsmouth, Eng .Inn, 4. 1'lra
which bioko out .Wednesday n'Khl
among tno cmtip stprpH on Gun whan
here caused- Jl.'J.'iO.OOO loss, The en
tire equipment of aiiTiilhiy eorpu wat
destroyed. '.
Nebraska Has a New Governor.
Lincoln, Nob., .Ttin!j$f'--a(Qi-i;o L.
Bholdou was on Thureiluy lliuiiRiirnteil
govipivir sir Nnbrusktip.nilui Il.'Mlokoy'
wUiiutj after i Rvrvicq'of Tour Kara.
Sues Railroads for Penalties.
,('levelanel, Jan. I. Action by the
atftto of Ohio against tho railroads vlo
luting the safety appliance act win
commenced In Cuyahoga county
Thlirsduy. when suit was filed against
tho Dig Four and Kilo rnlhoads by
Piosecutor Me.Mnhon. These suits
were begun as a result of evidence of
violation given tho piosecutor by
State Inspector Johnson, of Columbus.
His investigations In Cuyahoga county
e'over n period of two weeks. Seven
alleged violations by tho Eilo railroad
are complained of, nnd a Judgment Tor
$100 penalty is asked for each loln
(Inn. A judgment of $100 Is asked
against the Hlg Four for ono violation.
Defective coupling appliances form
thu cause of action.
Policeman Saves a Moldcr's Life.
Cincinnati, Jan. L Patiolman Mar
1 1n Ilieiiiiau, ex-cowboy, saved the
llfo of Harry Fortman, .".0 years old. a
niohlor, who walked over the high em
bankment of Mill creek. A crowd
gathered, but no one dared go down
the slippery bank. Mill creek was run
ning high and swift. Hrentiaii culled
for a rope. Hurriedly rigging the ropo
with u limning noose, be swung It
nbotit bis head and cast It. The lasso
poised in tho air n second mid elided
down over I'ortinan's head and shoul
ders. Foitnian was dragged to safety.
He was only able lo gas), "The noise
of that ropo wim llko music to me."
No Clue to Murderer's Identity.
Clevoland, Jan. I. Not thu slightest
clue to tho identity of the man who
shot ami killed Thomas J. Mai tin, n
saloonkeeper on West I'lftv-elgbtb
titi eel, Wcdnesdny night, has been ob
tained by tho police. Nearly a ilo7.on
detectives and patiolmeii aie trying to
run down tho murderer. Threo or
four men woie taken to the Eighth
piccinel peillce station and closely
questioned, hut without result. Two
moil, who were In Mm tin's saloon at
the time of the murder, aie held ns
witnesses. Lieut. Hoenlg has a pretty
Good deseilptlon of the murderer.
Is Pastor of Three Churches.
Chaidou. O., Jan. I. Hev. Fiank
Danu, of this county Is probably the
only man In the stale who Is the pas
tor of threo churches, two of which
ire of different denominations. Hev.
Danu Is pastor of the Thompson Con
gregational chin rh, where he preaches
everv Sunday iiio.nlng, and of (he
Hnptlst church at Footvtlle and Hie
llaptlst chinch at Hostwick, whore ho
in cache's Sunday aftci noons, ultorn.it
lug between them. On special occa
sions, however, the minister preaehes
at all three churches on a Sunday. All
tho chinches aio prospering.
Torger's Wife Seeks a Divorce
Hlyiia, O., Jan. ). Amy H. Ingiu
ham on Thiirselay began suit for in
voice Ti'oin her husband. Chailes 13.
Ingiiihniu. n former Obeilln nierchiint
who Is now serving a term lu tho peni
tentiary for foigery. His eilme con
nlsted In signing his wife's name to
notes which ho disposed or to make
up losses In stork speculation nt
Cleveland. Sho wants a legal separa
tion anil asks that ho be bane-d fiom
nil dower lights in hor pioperty.
Banker Ah3conds with $10,000.
Cluvol.uid, .Ian. I. Leaving heart
bioUen onuntivvnien who had Intrusted
their money to hlin, and a gill he had
piomlsod to wed, Colomnn Deinko,
Hungailan h?inker and general adviser
tor n large West Hldo clientage, lias
dlsappoaied. It is claimed thai at least
$10,001) Is missing, perhaps murh
more. .Much of the money was to
have been forwareled to Kuiopo for
Chi latnias 'gifts to families these.
Test Shows Invention Is O. K.
Poit Clinton. (), Jan. I. Dr. Ying
ling, of this place, has Invi-nled a pro;
cebii for shipping lish long distances
so that they will arilve In the nnm
condition as (hey were when taken
fiom the lake. He Heats the wMer In
which Ihey aro shipped by some re-
'cent piocess, so that tho fish will live
and thrive while bolng shipped In
light boxes. The piocess has been
tOBted and pioved n success.
Was Fined for Profanity,
Oborlln, O., Jan. I Ilev.
risher, forniotly of Cleveluud
lined $10 and costs In the mayor's
const Thursday for using piofano and
thieatonliig hincuago on a stieet car.
Tho complaining witness was Perry
Williams, of the Klyila Kepubllrnu.
Klsher pleaded guilty. Kishor gavo up
the mlnisto lo go em tho lectin o plat
form. Ho Is now In business, however.
Claim "Gift of Tongues."
Alliance, O.. .Ian. I.t'lalnis that
Ihey havo received the "(lift of
Tongues" in answer In pinor. use
mndo by members of a new i elisions
sect at evangelical meetings at tho
Homo mlnsloiniryt home ami training
school, two mlleu fiom Alliance. The
meetings aie In cha.go of Uov. l.evl
Laptop, an IHiieiant minister. Thus
far all tho nm verts hao been women.
Refuses to Give Out the Names.
Columbus, 0.,'Jan. 4. Uov. Harris
hns lefused to comply with a loepicst
fop Iho publication of the mimes of the
persons who endorsed the various can
didates for appointment to Hid com
mon pleiih judgeship In Lucas enmity,
which will soon bo made vacant by tho
retirement of .ludgo Tyler. Gov. Har
ris Isold that these endoisements wero
Columbus, ()., Jan. 4.-l3d(?ar flnr
lighty, a minor, aged U'S, was deccenil
lug in the cage ot a coal mlno shnlt at
Cannolsvllli), O , Thursday, when he
lost enuliol of the niachliioiy The
cage with Ou.rilu.hty duippeil '100 feet
hiealclpg hl light leg In two p1,soos
niiit spialplsiK and bruising his lef
limb. He was brought to U'liusnlm
huso. . - ..
...... -.v. - - w ; -.
i A Ntw Stomach
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablcta Itcstorc
Lifeless Organs to Normal
lnii u sufferer rrom Dvspcpli
Indigestion and kindled ailment or
the digestive eirgaus cimicM around
an absolutely useless stomal) .. U id
load, and a cesspool for err In " -lug
disorders. The muscle- are vein
Ingly worn out. the mucous lining
has lost its societHe power, and
Hood taken into the stonia-h ll.-s
there and torments, causing i".ur
eructations, belching, hc.iitbiirn.
dizziness and other illstre-i.Iiig im.dl
tloiiM. Many sulfereis have gHen up H
In despair until they have pcmi hi- j
diired by some Interested filend lo
try a box of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab-
Stuart's Dispepsla Tablets an- Urn i
dyspeptic' suru and only hope, i lw
are a natuial restorative of healthv
action lo the utomnch and .small In
tostines beru'uc they supply Just tin
elements that the weak stonim h
InekH-pcpsln. diastase, golden seal
and oilier digestives.
If em are afflleted with any of Hie
yiuptoms above dcFjTlbed, be assured
that your dlgcsllvo organs are losing
lower; thoy need help and there 13
no more sensible help to be glvn
them than to supply elements which
will do the work of digestion for
Stuart's Djspopsln Tablets b.ne
been found by the tCit of reputable
phyidelnns In the United Slates and
Great P.iilnln to havo remarkable dl
gestivo powers, ono grain eif the
active principle of these table's b dug
suffhlnt to tllgoht 3.000 gi.iins ei
ordinary .food. It Is plain thai in
matter what tho condition of inr
siomach, or how far your di.v a
has progressed, one only of Sum is
Dv.sDensia Tabletrf taken at m
time will do tho work gle mui.'
stomach nn opportunity to regib h -lost
imwers, the miisch's will b'1
strengthened, the glands invlgoi ii 'il
and you will bo a new man.
I. ..... ...tl.t.,. I.. ...,... .'... . I k
feelivenos.? of this cure. Send In u
free sample pii..ige today. F ,
Stuart Co. 78 Muart Ilhlg.. Mar. all
All drii','gMs sell Stirirt'i l)s
pepshi Tablets at nil e nutj u bo.
Dlcputc Over Mining Propcrtlco Valu
ed at 020,000,000 Is Settled by a
Court Decision.
Ran Francisco, .tan. I. Mines 1 1 Hi
HullfitfR legion of Nevada valued bv
the owners at ?Jii.00i).()i)u wore award
ed Thursday to H. A. Montgonn-i In
Judge Senwoll against the claims of
C. It. Fleming, who had sue-d for a half
Intel est becnuso of a db.pute o.er a
grubstake agreement. It Is ,iniel
that tho properties will be tinnsfei red
to Chailes M. Schwab, who has .iv.ult
ed a verdict dealing the tiller li-fme
closing the deal. The mines aie 1 leiwn
as the Shoshone, tho Indian .lohunv,
tho Polaris and the Ilealfy Townsito
groups. ..
The eleclslon ef Judge Sonwcl! was
based upon a question of fact iiniin'
ly, whether the oilglnal ngieeine.it rs
Istlng between ricmliig nnd .Moiugoni
cry in July. 15)02. was lu cxUieiu'e
when tho Intter located the eouii'stcd
claims In tho fall of liini. Memigoin
ei y pioved that ho had lecelved no nl
from his partner except In the sum
mer of 15101, when they bhaieil the ex
pense of a prospecting trip made byj
Montgomery In Death Valley.
Only One Way to Secure a Clear
In most Insulin eh a bad cumpb'xloii
Is due to neglect of the liitle things
III life that are obseullul lo tho pr ;.
ervaUon of one's own natural biiuity.
All manner of hiiggr-iiioim hae been
olfered by bklu specialists, bin .ill
agree that ho only suio wn t i-e
visit a dear, healthy compleMon l
to (S)nfioin closely ns possible to lb.'
laws of uatuio. To picsTvo mr
tieshuess and beauly, you hhould 11 c
simply, take plenty of ou'-door ii
else, drink quantities of w.iier aud In
careful of your diet. Iteniembei, loo
that beauty I.i good deal more than
skin deep. It Is blood deep, and
depends also upon our Iher; yo'iu
kidneys and the activity of your
bowoU, J'or nearly two years now,
they have been tolling the Pnlles of
the bonellelal effects' thai la.vik I'i
Tonic Tablets have on the skin, The
principal ingiedionls lu thoni are
casnirin and dandelion and con
ductor knows that these lemeilles
start the liver giilng, drive out im
puillles, encourage the action ot the
bowels and help clear up tho com
plexion. Floeken's Drug Stoic will gladly
paj your 23 cents back If there lit
tle tablets fail to thoiouglily bonellt
you. 12-ll.frltf
llci- IHiit-rli'iii'C
The prctly -widow had llunlly Induced
the bachelor lo propMo.
"Diiillmr," he salil, "I fear lhat I am
not wort by of you,"
"Oh, dou'f let a llltle thins like that
worry you," she lepllcil. "Vou'll ,got
over It a few weeks alter wt't aiv mat
'leU." llotislou Post.
&Vj&4MBHHMffiN 1
THE FLOUR by the use
inti of which you ijct
value received. It is be
coming more popular
ftvery day because it has
all thu points which go to
malic a B'ood Flour and
the price is right.
$1.15 Per Sack
al all grocers made by
folnrtnn fifliinnr &
SU16I1W.J XllllUU M.
Grain Co. J
P-asgregEaresRS KBgzasaaii.yjjifuflF
Low Trices oh Clothing
Wo aro making exceptionally low
prices on all winter weight cloth
ing .iml I'urmt-iiings. January clear
ance prices all over the store. Como
in ami see for yourself.
S. n. Hayfer.&Co.
Clolhlnti. rurnisliinti Goods. Shoes
Opp Lower 10c Barn N. Main St.
There is one thing
this concern
makes m extra
I Whatever is best in
u coal mine produc
tion we make ac
cessible to oyr pa
trons, with prompt
est delivery.
A special coal for the cheery
tj grate lire.
H Tho best nnlhincile the Lehij'Ji
H Valley can turn out
n Tlie soil coals of Ohio. Wnsl
M Virginia and Kentucky.
M v.. .,. i . i.ru i
ij i uu aL i;uui ;miu:mi;uuii nerc,
n and it costs no more 'than elsc-
i where.
l I
$ Boilinfj Meat from 4 to 7c, ft
lSeei Mp.Uv lor 10c, lie and
$ 12c because I do not havo g
any expenses. g
Citizens l'honc !)17
lui Street Meat Market
tho Most Successful Com
mcrciul School in the state
Shorthand will enable you
to cam a largo salary and
give you a piofc3f;lon that is
not crowded. No school in tlso
country trains such a largo
per cont of Its btmlcnts to
hold good positions as tho
Lima Business College. Wo
chaJlouso comparison. Fifty
students placed 3inco Soptcm
bor 1. Now terns opcn3 Janu
ary 2. Employment furnished
to moot oxponsos and ono-lialf
of tuition,
Tor information, address I.
F, 0LEM, Secretary Lima, 0,
i w v v- v- sm m
ci vuifiiietiv m
t ri
. '.3 j
' 1
$ts&fii .,.. u
"" MK J ' W, .
IW -i-V '...-, V
',viv 'ril.
. ' V .
l . f

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