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.Are to be More Strictly
. Enforced in Boston,
VM be Put Into Effect and Citizens
i of the "Hub" are Greatly ""
tfi Agitated by the Prospect.
-. no3ton, Jan. 5. The Sunday nctlvl
fio. of the people of Boston will be
shocked In many Important va3 un-
Jof decisions renched In the municipal
yi!ur( Friday In connection with tho
JSMses brought under the enforcement
ths Sunday laws, commonly known
is the Massachusetts "blue laws."
jBwelvo hundred lesldents' of Boston
3fA.ve been summoned into court as a
Result of the oontrovetsy between DIs
Wet Attorney John Mornn and Police
tlmmlssloner Stephen O'Mearn over
6 allOged violations of the Sunday
,rTho decisions of Special Justlco
JRliff, who was assigned to try tho
rases", wero mnny and varied. Tho
Court found, for Instance, that tho
transfer of scenery and other then,trl
sal effects from theatres after mid
sight of Saturday Is not a Work of
aecesBlty, which Is permitted under
o statutes.
Tho collection of offal from hotels
'Sunday was declared unlawful on
fie distinction that It was collected,
nd because It wn necessary feed for
the swine, but because of the proba-
511ity that It would spoil and becomo
soles-as a product If not collected
3 thb Sabbath. ,
iJTho playing of orchestras In tho
tfSlels of Boston on Sunday Is unlaw
ful and must be discontinued.
Xioston must do without Ice cream
iwt Is delivered by cnteieisi'on Sun
days, as this was held by the court to
bo outside the law. Justice Duff left
fpr the consideration of tho entire rait-
Slclpal bench the far-reaching ques
on of whether the transfer of pev
standi baggage .by express companies
tfn Sundays is legal, but ruled provis
ionally that' the transfer of ii casket
on the Sabbath was unlawful unless It
was Intended for Immediate use.
The special committee on Sunday
laws of the legislature, which has
been sitting all summer, will, It Is ex
ported, recommend some drastic
change In the present statute so that
the present difficulties as to Sunday
work will b eliminated.
The general government has stepped
Into the controversy over tho enforce
ment of tho laws l elating to Sunday
work. When William Hessian, an em
ployo at tho federal building, was
called In the municipal court Friday
to1 answer to tho complaint that ho1
had broken tho Sunduy law by clean
ing the sidewalks in fiont of tlin. fed
eral butldlng, Assistant United States
District Attorney Lewis announced
his intention to defend Hessian on bo
half of the government, on the giound
that the police of Boston have no Jur
isdiction over federal property or fed
eral employes. The case was continued
until January 14.
Firebug Gets a Severe Sentence.
Trenton, N. J Jan. 5. Seven years
In state prison and n fine of $2,000 and
costs' was the senteneo Imposed Fri
day by Judge Rellstab on David
Brand, one of two men convicted of
aiding In the attempt to burn the 3toio
occupied by them here on July 2, 1005.
The" costs will amount to $3,000. Judge
Hollstab fixed $50,000 as the amount
of ball that Brand will bo required to
furnish pending an appeal of the caso
to the court of appeals. Brand col
lapsed In court and had to be carried
to. Jail by a constable. The other con
victed man, John Brand, a brother,
will bo sentenced today.
8aya Alabama's Jails are frightful.
Montgomery, Aln., Jan. C. Dr. Shir
ley Bragg, president of tho Alabama
qonvlct board, In a teport to tho gov
ernor says that humanity would bo
best served If every Jail In the stato
Wero burned. "It would bo moro hu
mane and far better," ho urges, "to
stake a prisoner out with n ring about
his neck like u wild animal than to
confine him In places wo call Jails,
that are reeking with tilth and dlsensu
and alive with veimln. I say that in
many Jails men and women remain for
months without means of washing
their faces und hands."
Cold Wave Caused Suffering.
Minneapolis, Jan. G. Reports from
Nqrth Dakota of the cold wave of tho
loat tliieo days show that the suffoi
Crg was great on account of lack of
Miol. Thursday tho temperature In
Fforth Dakota averaged 20 degteea be
low zero. Many towns along tho lino
ft the Great Northern ralhoad tell
Jtorles of citizens being forced to re
tain in bed all day to keep warm, und
at burning up fences and outbuilding i
make the temperatuie of their
nomcs bearable.
A Lvriehirifi In Alahama.
EEufaula, Ala., Jan. 5. A negro
Srhotp naifie has not been learned wus
fe-pched for attempt ut ciilnlual as
sault at Midway, Ala,, Friday, by citi
zens who. hanged him up to a tieo
ald riddled the body with bullets.
The negro had only recently returned
from' tno penitentiary.
I !.. 11 I li 1. Ill 1
Carnttle's Latest Bin Gift.
.Washington, Jnn 5, Andrew Cam
glp ftr.3 glveli, $750,000 for tlie co:.
ttilctldn 6f'a hnlidlng to be used by
the Bureau of American Republics.
Provision, for tho site hna been made
bV the Unlte-i Statea and South Amor-1
Wjin ropubllcM.
, f
W r
y -
, 1
I'AOK Tvyo
By MoCutcheon, In Chicago Dally Tribunal
ffBJyjptJ IUfiWJH&aMto -L I "STIR lAW.iMf 1
i JH jm JBf I ""fur &-' I
To muttt JT too
The man
The 600 men omplojod In the Le
high Valley rairoad shops at KiiHton,
Ph., have been notified that their
uages has been Increased, dating fiom
the llrst of the year.
Tho two masted schooner Alice T.
Boaniman, of Calais, Me., went ashoro
on Handkerchief Shoak, near Chat
ham, Mass., and Ie a total wreck. Ono
member of tho crow was drowned.
A conference of members of tho
Thaw family Is to be held within n few
days to endeavor to Induce Mis. Will
iam Thaw to permit her son Hairy to
be examined by n lunacy commission.
Inter-Ftato Commerce Commissioner
T.ano has received nu appeal from the
Commercial club, of Mohall, N. D.,
asking that lellcf be given to -tho peo
ple of that city on account of the lack
of fuel and saying tho situation is des
perate. Bclck Is Held to the Grand Jury.
Chicago, Jan. B. A coi oner's Jury
on Friday held Herman Belek, a fot
tune teller, responsible for tho deaths
of throe members of tho Vzral family
nnd Belek wa3 held to tho grand Jury.
It was declared bv tho Juiy that Belek
caused 'io deaths of Mary, Ella and
Ro30 Vzral by administering to thorn
arsenic In small doses. It Is said by
tho police that Be'ok, in conjunction
with "forti. Vzral, tho mother of tho
girls, poisoned the girls to obtain
small sums of money for which their
lives were lusurod Mrs. Vzral com
mitted suicide as soon as nho found
that tho deaths of her children were to
bo Investigated.
On Trial for Alleged Bribery.
Pltt3burg, Jan. f.. William A. Mar
tin, a member of common councils,
was placed on trial Friday In cilmlnnl
court on a charge of misdemeanor, It
being alleged that he solicited and re
ceived a $70,000 bribe in connection
with several ordinances 6f tho Pitts
burg & Tube City railroad. Council
man Martin Is also chaiged along with
C. S. Camoron, piesldent of the i all
road, with conspiracy to bribe. Presi
dent Cameron in ill and only tho mis
demeanor chnrgo was taken up.
A Famous Engineer Dleo.
Lebanon, Pa., Jan 5. Daniel Qnr-
man uiou 11010 i-riuay, aged 72 years. ,
Hrar. ,4JL!X. JU
. i - i
I- b r v iAkx rz I "-mr. 13L.
- '- i .tfjrSMI
no iwrveu .w years us an engineer 01 , BUlno anticipations. -It Is especially
tho Pennsylvania railroad, t fell to ( noticeable iu Ulapatches from tho woat
Oarmans lot to bring Presidentelect lhat thel0 wa4 ,CB3 tnna tho cmtQlA.
!lia,!"l!m "S'.ary lull in business after the holiday
... .uw., V...V...O.. ". f "u
night jouiney
from Harrlsburg
10 1
Riotous Japs are Jailed.
Poitorvllle, Cal.,'Jan. G. Japanose
laborers working on tho tracks of tho
Southern Pacific loud on 'Friday n8
saultod Roy Clark. After consider
able difficulty 15 Jupanose were tukeu
to VIsalla and Jailed. During the
fracas the Japanese nro 1 spoiled to
have raised tho Jupaneio flag.
A Desperate State of Affali 0.
Jet, Okla,. Jan. B, Tho neonla of
this village aio In despei a(a straits as
a result of tho long continued fuel
famine. Wood Is unobtainable nnd I
the price of corncobs Is prohibitive. A !
few farmers nie hauling conl
Enid, a distance of 10 Iniles
,.., n --- I
diversion of the exposition to the serv-
I co of militarism" wus Issued Friday.
A Disaster at 8ea.
Chrlsllanln, Norway, Jan. 5. Disas
ter overtook tho mall steamer Llndhol-
men, off Fnrsand, Thursday. The
steamer was discovered to bo on fire.'
A gale tas blotting and tho flames
spread to the cabins. TSlrty passen.
gets hurried to got on deck. Four
wero Buffocntod In their effoi tn to gel
out. Otier8 Jumped overboard and
one was drowned. Another went mad.
Ono llfoboat was burned and nnothoi
was crushed ngalnst tho bldo of the
ship. Finally tho captain drdve the
yossol afehoie and saved the remaining
uviBory ooara rrontii, .theieby rovorslng Rh former action.
Boston, Jan, 5. A piotest by mom- Tho voto followed a vlgoious debate.
bers of tho advlsoiy boaid of the1 !
Jamostown exposition against "The I A Strike Is Averted.
muoh HUntlon to It.
pays too little.
Inter-State Commerce Commission Be
gins an Inquiry Into Its Causes.
"Washington, Jan. 5. A most rigid
Investigation of the leceut wrecks on
the Bnltlmore & Ohio rallroud at
Terra Cotta, D. C, In which more than
GO pasciigdis lost their lives, and on
the Southern railway at Lawyers, Vn.,
on Thanksgiving day, when President
Spencer and seven otheis weio killed,
was begun Friday by the Inter-Btate
commerce commission, acting under u
losolution passed by congress provid
ing f6r an Inquiry Into the operation
of the block system on railroads It Is
tho purpose of the commission to do
termlno wllethor tho responsibility
for these two wrecks should bo placed
on the workings of the block system,
or on tho carelessness of lullioad em
plojes. -Tho Terra Cotta wreck was first
tatfou up. Chief Dispatcher Dent, of
the Baltlmoro & Ohio, stationed at
Baltimore, testified that tho where
abouts of train'urG often unknown to
him for llvo or ton minutes because of
the falluro of operators at block sta
tions to comrauulcato with him when
a train passes tliolii stations.
Engineer Hlldobrand, of tho "dead"
equipment train, which crashed Into,
tho Fiederlck local at Terra Cotta, tes
tified that the "double green" light
was displayed at Silver 3pilngs on tho
night of tho accident, which indicated
that there was n work train In' tho
block between Silver Springs and Unl
voisity station. If theio was any
"danger light" at Takoma station, tho
witness said ho did not see It.
Hlldobrand admitted he had been
suspended ns nn engineer on tlneo oc
casions, once for ulloulug his engine
boiler to become short of wator, then
for 30 days because ho did not stop af
ter tho explosion of a torpedo which
ho tan ovor, and again for riutnlrig
through n switch.
The New Year Opens Bright with
Promise in Business Circles.
Now York, Jan. 5. R. G., Dun &
Co.'a Roiev.' of Trade says:
The new Year opona blight with
promise In busluos clicles, no exces
sive stocks being carried over, aand
reslt0 of I1Ventorl(?s fully equal san
.ceason wnllo bargain salos aro iap-
Idly disposing of tho modernto sup
plies lemainlug on hand. '
Many now contracts for a largo ton
nugo of steel appeared during tho past
week. Rallwuy requltoments show 110
abatoment, fow contracts bolng con
iddcicd, howovor, oxcopt for delivery
In thb last hnlf of tho year. Prlcos of
)lg lion hnve risen close to tho posi
tion of 1900, but finished pioducta aro
still much lower and at atandaid fig"
ures, although the premiums frequent
ly paid for prompt delivery make com
pntlsons dlfllcult. Meanwhile, tho
railways do not move the pig Iron as
doslied and many hiIIIh me 1 mining on
light stocks.
Reversed Its Former Vote.
Gutlnle, Okla., Jun. C. Tho consti
tutional convention on Friday votod
against tho stntos rights dnetilnn.
. ------ - . -w . f
PIt'sburg, Jan. 5. A stiiko of over
1,000 Eteamflttors and their helpers In
tho Pittsburg district was averted FrI-
1 day whan an advance lit wnges of 25
cents a day was granted. '
Washington. Jan. B.The "omnibus
claims bill," carrying aupropi latlons
for claims under tho 'Bowman nnd
Tucker act3 nhd mlscollanooiis olalmi.
on which favorable roports have 'boon
made by tho war claims committee,
wus before tho houso Filday and -fot
nearly five hours tho merits of the
measure wero oxplolted. Tho bUl
however( hardly got beyond tho start
ing post stage wuen tno nouso au
Few Wopie Know .Bow Useful It Is
in Preservlnf Health and BeautjP
Coits Nothtnri to Try. ,
Nearly everybody knows thrft char
coal is tliu safest dml mo3t efficient
disinfectant and purlQer. in nature",
but few reallzo lis value when talc
en Into the human syetoni tot th3
same cleanolng purpose,
unarcoai is a lcmeuy inai tiiu
more Vnu fnlfn nf It Hie better: it is '
not a drug at all, but simply nb. I
sorb3 the ga3e3 and Itnpnrlttes always
present In tho stomach and Intestines
and carries hem out of tho Rystem.
Charcoal sweetens tho breath afto
nmnwlntr iiHnirtnfr nrnfter oatlne
onions and other odorous vegetables. !
OhirrW orfnrtn'.llv nln.nrn nti.1 Im-
effectually clears and Im-
miA.rinn it iio..n (ho
complexion It whitens the
further acts aa a nattnal
proves tho
teeth and
and eminently cafe cathartic,
It absorbs the lnjprloun gacej which
collect In the stomach and bowels;
Rt disinfects the mouth and throat
from tl"i poison of catarrh.
I druggists 'cell charcoal In
one foXif or another, hut p'obably
the bosrVjiarcoal antl 'he mcRt for
the monek Is fti Stuart's Clinrcoil
I-iOengos; ioy Wo composed of the
finest powdeVd willow chnrvcal, and
other harmleV k'ntlr.eptlfs In tablet
form or rofhein the form of large
plenaant tasting lozenges, the elnr.
coal being mljfcd with honey.
The daily iieo of thcan lozengei
will noon tell In a much Improved
condition of the general health, better
complexion, uweeter breath and purer
blood, and the beauty of It H, that
no possible hanri can result from
their continued use, but on tho con.
'rary, great benefit.
A Buffalo physician, In speaking of
the benefit of charcoal, says: "1
advise Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges lo
all patients suffering froin gas In
stomach and bowels, and lo clear tho ' phi,1,r,n Baw a peculiar battle, tho op
complexion nnd plirlfy the breath, ' ,ncnt9 beln? an 18 jnd n cow.
mouth and thmnt- I m l.nlinvn u,n Th0 opossum was leaping viciously nt
liver Is greatly benefitted by tho
dally uce of thorn; they co3t but
.. .-. f . 1V.UV UW..UTW
twent-flvo cent3 a box at drug stores,
ana nitnough in some sense a patout
preparation, yet I believe I get moro
ana netter clmrcoal In Stuart's Char-
coal Lozenges than In any of the
ordinary charcoal tablets
Send our name and address today
for a free trial Dackace and see for
jourself. F. A. Stuart Co., 5G
Stuart Bldg., Marsnall, Mich.
. . .
Tho Fences Must Go. .
Washington, Jan. C. By direction
of the president, Secretary Hitchcock '
lmu Issued nn order to Commhir.lnnnr !
Richalds, Of the general land othco, tc
notify nil special agents aud reglstOrk
of local land offices that tho act ol
February 25, 188G, for tho sumnrarj
destruction of illegal enclosures and
obbtrnctiona existing on public landt
will bo ilgldly enforced fitter April 1
1907. This ordOr means thut ull
fences enclosing public lands In viola
tlon of law must bo removed before
Apill l If tliov aro not taken down
by that tlmo they'v.lll'.bo torn down.
E. II. Ten Eck has been solectcd to
handlo the rowing Interests nt tho
uuiiuiouj ui wisconsui, ijio now
,coach will take tho place- of Audrow
M. O'Dea, who resigned last your after
;ho Paughkeepsle regatta. Edward
Hanlon Ten Eyck will get $1,000 for
his work,. which extends from Junuary
.1 to Juno, through the laces. Ten
E)ck come3 fiom a rowing1 family, his
father being John A. Ten Ej'qk, a rac
ing man, and tho lad Is tho only
American over to take tho '"diamond
TThI. A..,... .. t.l .. m.
E. rf. Ten Eyck.
sculls" at Henley, fho son has re
ceived a broad watei' training, both
from his father and at. Pljllndelplila,
where ho has coached "four and eight
oared crews. Ho was reco'mniended
by Coach HutdifniV Andrew M. O'Dea
fs a rnrichmnn In tho far w'est. ills
resignation maikrt the end of a long
Australian taught system" at Wiscon
sin. O'Dea wa3 largely instrumental
tn awakening Intoicst jjrf rowing and
raalritalnlng it at the'' varsUy rind
working up tho eastern trips year
after year. ' ' I' v
John S,chucheeh hak boon elected
to captain tho4 Hnnopota football
team In 1907, Schuchneelit won his
"M" this season playing halfbacic, and
It, Is believed iho lias. 'U', most brilliant
cHieer uciuio iiuu, , ,
V. j
1 I
- 0L, - - . - g.v....t
P ,1
JAN. 6,. 1907
pipes that Convey., Qm to Cleveland
Burst, CaUsIng Qreat DUcbmfort to
ThoUiflndi of People.
Cleveland Jan. 5. Because It rhlh
ed,nll day Thursday and ull night and
Lecaute a big nntd pUddlb rovViOd In
Copley township, Summit county, G.' I
000 families In Cleveland shivered In
damp houses Friday mtd ate cxihl
meals; hotels, restaurants, bakeries
and business places without nunitier
wbro hampered by lack of fuel, tele
phono companies wore overwholhied
.-,in. n.. ., .1 i.,...u.. f n.... ., .. .1
thousands of dollars' worth of prop- f
rly were placed In Jeopardy.
The washout caused1 a moult In the
'llncs'of tho Ert3t Ohio Gas Co , four
! miles west of Akron. Tho wator
washed the earth from aiound the
P'PC9- laB awav Wr reinforce-
""1. The pressure of tllO gas V,Ithln
ninl-, "ie pressure or 110 gas .umi
cnlised n.couplo Of lengths to "buckle" 1
happened at 7:46 n '
n) pd T0 nov' ne of 18.,nch
pipe wont first. Tho old 12-Inch lino
burst at the Bamo place shortly ntter.
Tho bieaks threw mud and4 water GO
feet In tho air, nnd tho report was
heard for miles around,
Attempt to Blow Up n Powder Mill.
Lebanon, O., Jan. 5. Hundreds of
II. m. Yt.nl lliitunnliflii r t ifrtltAHn1 tilmili
Thursday night by a bold attempt to
blow up the entire plant of tho King
Powder Co.'n works, southwest of
here. Attention was attracted Uj (ho
exploding of pilmoro ns they wero
passing through tho tollers.. An In
vestigation revealed tho fact that 30
primers had been Concealed In a stack
of 12 tons of powder, and a clover plot
had been laid to destroy the entile
concern. lt Is thought flint tho deed
was committed by either enemies or
discharged workmen. Extra police
hare been placed On guaid.
Cow and Opossum Battle.
Bollnfre, O., Jan. B. Nick Wagner,
Harry La Rock', Leo Crow and Will
the cowu throat and noso, fiom both
of which blood flowed fiom wounds.
Tho cow tried to defend Itself with Its
horns and would probably have, been
killed had not tho men Interfered.
.They killed tho opossum and brought
It to town. It weighed lOvts poui.ds,
Atwatsr Wants Another Railroad.
Ravenna, O., Jan. 5 Citizens of
fAtwntor, southeast of hore. aro afiald
they are going to lose tho lecently In-
corpointed C, A. & M. V. railway, and
may take heroic measures to cccuio
tho road. Several property owners on
tho routo aio holding out for ovorbl-
Innt nrlRPfl fnr holi' Innrt nml nllmrc
nre talking of defraying tl.s expenses
nf nnnM..iiiinn .,..n.ii.... 1.. i.
jof appropriation proceedings In order
10 kui u. uiuuj- riBiii 01 way uanuoipu,
to tho Yost, wants tho road also.
Sold Liquor to Children.
Cleveland, Jan. 0. Two saloonkeep
ers Joseph Dllsky, whose place Is at
2083 West Nineteenth street, and Vol
entlno Pollsky, whoso place Is 011 Co
liimbus street wero sent to tho work
house by Judgo Fiedler Friday for
selling whisky to boys 12 years of ago
and under. One after another, thi-bo
tnttt tt) gVinW ImilvArq Inltt nr tt ...If.
'hosh Btnmi timt iimv vnt inmii r,., n,,.
'whisky they purchased from tho two
Story of Shortage Is Denied.
Dayton, 6 Jnn. 5. Denials of tho
alleged colossal shgitago In tho af
fairs of the Dayton Gas, Light nnd
Coko Co. weio Issued by the directors
of tho concern Friday, George M.
Smart, soc.retary of tho company, who
Is charged with the Bhoitugo, stampn
tho story as a falsehood, and declines
to tnlk further until after a mooting of
the directors of his company.
A Crop Report.
Columbus, 0 Jan. 5. The Ohio
crop report Issued Filday gives no
figures bb to wheat, but says that cor
respondents geneially icpoit It In flno
condition. Corn In cilb Is put ut 90
per cent, ns to condition and that In
shock at 85 per cent. Twelve per emit.
Iff still unhusked and 77 per cent, will
bo fed 611 tho farms.
-Detectives Guard Non-unionists.
Ashtabula, 0., Jan. fi. Non-union
men wont to woik Friday for tho Pltls
buig Constiuctlon Co. nt tho Pennsyl
vania dock Improvements. They aio
guarded by a foico of detectives. As
booii as tho union men leained thut
tho non-union men wore at work they
called a meeting to conbldor what
steps to take.
Overwork Led to Suicide.
Columbus, 0., Jan. 5, -Becauso of
worry and overwork, Miss Atmu M.
Jones, -10 yoars of ago, a professional
nurse, who was until two jeurs ugo
chief nurse at tho Protostaut hospital,
took nn overdose of moiphlno at her
home hero and died Friday.
Flfty-five New Saloons.
Columbus, O., Jan. 5. Tho Decem
ber jeport of, Ctiyuhoga county to the
state auditor au to tho uunibor of sa
loons thete shows a not Incieaso iu
numbor of 55. There wero 22 "stops"
and 77 new ones established.
A Flood .at Columbus.
Columbus, O., Jan, 5. A froshot In
the Scioto river resulting from heavy
rains, flooded tho lowlands in tho vi
cinity of Columbus and caused a sus
pension ( work at a number of fac
torlcs Friday.
An Ingalls Senatorial Boonilet.
Columbus, O., Jan. 6,iM. E. In
galls, of Cincinnati, -la being touted as
the democrat who will rtioabuio sword
With J. B. Foraker1 or somo oth'or 10
publican til-1908 for the eouutoishlp
- -' ft..-f'i. t rf's'-
i ; y - ' HI.
, :
- x&
Half a bottle of Dr. King's
worst cold and cough I ever had.
Fuel Famine In Lon Angsleu.
Lo) Angelos, Jan. 5. Los Angelea ia
ni-.TeiiiiS fiom u fuel famine. In tho
face of unusually cUd weather for.
this cllmatd, tho gas, wood and coal in
tills c(t has become almost ex
hausted. ' 1
A Sensational Lawsuit.
Jackson, Mian,, Jnn. 5. A sensa
tional petition wn3 filed In tho Hinds
county codrt Friday by B. II. Martin
nnd W. B. nrltllth. of Vlcksburg,
against the Ynoo City & Miadsslppl
Vallov Hallr0r.1l Co., tho IllluoW Con
tial Railroad Co and tho Metropoli
tan Trust Co., of Now Voik. Tho bill
sccVs to h.ivp dnclaied fi.nuliiltuit all
bonds i"jued by tho Yusscn ,CHy fr
MIsslJilppl Vnlljy Co. nlnco 1?8L The
potltloncis claim thpttho earnings of
the toad hav been wiongf.illy divert
ed and they ask for a full accounting
of all the bonds.
In a recont nuhiuor nf Collier t
Weekly Walter Camp, Yale's advisor
football coach, plckn his annual All
American loen. Walto.- Eeknranil.
captain of tlila year's University ofj
ciucago team, Id tho only westorn man
named for a place In the first line
up. Ynlo Is glien mo3t of tho glory,
four New Haven men bolng given posi
tions of honor, while Princeton was
the only other team to get more than
ono man on the Ilist eleven. Tho west
comes in' for n llttlo more lecognltlon
when Marshall Is named as an end
on the socohd team and Garrels of
Michigan as full back on the third ag
grogatlon. Seven colleges aro lepro
sentcd on tho All-America. Four Yalo
men, Foibes, Hlgolow, ICno and
Veedor put the EHb stilctly In tho.
foregiound. The two Pilncefon play
ers named aro Cooney, of courso, and
Wlster, tho end. Cornell, Blown,
Harvnul, Chicago and Penn Stato each
received ono place. Tho Harvaid man
to bo honored was Him-, tho big guard.
One of tho surprises by Mr. Camp was
In his "oversight" of tho Caillslo In
dians. Nono of tho redskins made
either tho first or t,pcond loam. Two
of them, Hunt and Exendlno. got on
tho third squad. The center petition
on thd first team Is given to Dunu, of
Penn Slate, Hochoaberg, center of tho
champion Yalo team, getting tho place
on tno second toam. "Tad
Jones, of l
ale, vns, of 00111 Be, second choice
for tho quaiter back position, and E.
Dillon came In for tho remaining
place at quartor on (ho" third team.
Annapolis has one placo on tho s'econd
eleven, which Dague, tho end, "11110,
and the We3t Point team comes In for
two names on tho third aggregation.
Mnnlor, of Vanderbllt, was lecognlsed
and put on the thlid team. Sizing up
tho now game, Mr. Camp has the fol
lowing to say:
"Tho changes havo woikOd out to
glvo us a game pleasing to the spec
tator, lessening tho number of Injur
ies, lees exhausting on tho plnyorn nnd
admitting of greator strategy and less
dependence upon brawn. It gives all
kinds of men nn opportunity. Tho
light, nctlvo ilodgor Is sought after,
but ho has not wholly supplanted tho
big, powoiful man for tho middle of
tho lino. Tho heavy-weight, who may
bo too clumsy for other spoits, may
bo just tho bulwark for tho middle of
'the lino, nud noed not ho nbnndonod
for tho greator activity of tho small
man. A fast man and a good klekor
'aro necessities; tho lpng passer Is
coming Into greater demand; thoro
jinust bo ono absolutely nitio catcher
of punts; thoro should be d drop "or
jplaco Kicker; tho iriajorlty of tho riipn
must bo good tacklers, nud, 'altogether,
arty weaknesn of.nny kind In any de
partment of tho game is llkoly to piovo
disastrous to the team exhibiting that
Where America Is Ahuadc
Only 13 per cdnt. of English rifles
under 7,000 population have trams, If
tho United States the pcicontago u
Just four times a'u large.
Emotion and thov6reuth.
People breathe less when they nro
concentrating their minds on study 0
work, nnd also 'hou under thb lnflv
encd of doDresslns ewUlori. ' Oh fV.A
other hand, they bwthe more when ,
-- .rl 1-1 lllAn.llki.s -! n-.-i(.n
miumvuu uj ijiumui huu uihuu ,
meat. .,
s .
YP tf
tftj' wh
' - . -..J;...J.. . -
1 t . I
and COLD
New Discovery
J. R. Pitt, Rocky Mi
I rust Magnates Not
.So, Bad. AftM
T wan Now Yeai's eve, raid tho"rret
trust magnate, thoroughly tlreil
out from cutting ooupous and
counting his money, hud gone to bed
early, And na hu slept he dreamed
that hundreds of women nud children
of worklnginoii ciowded about his bed.
tjome ineuuced him, some shed tears
f oortow, nnd thu walls of 4 others
wero llnglug In his ears ns he uwokb
wlth 11 start. The dicani wns so vvlil
that hu peered mound the rootn jij- (
most doubting that ho vn3 nvake,
and ns he recalled the bitter wordj
and bonowful looks his conscience
wns awakened.
"Have 1 been too grasping 'and
avaricloii3V" lie asked himself as he
wiped tho cold perspiration froui.hls
foichcad. "Well, peihnps I have, bjjt
I did not think so. They turealeuea
me; they cried out agAlust me, but I
will show the world that I am not the
base nud heartless creature I am said
tofbe. Yes, there Is yet time," ho con
tinued as lie looked at the clock and
saw that It lacked half nu liour to
midnight aud begun to dress huriledly,
"I will start tho new year by doing
something to be remembered by man
kind for mnny years to come." t ,"
Ten minutes later he wna nt the tel
ephone and giving the following order
to his manager: "(live each man, wom
an nnd child In my employ a package.,
of chewing gum as n New Year's gift'
and let It bo known thnt they cuu look
forwnul each year to u prcjuut of tbia
And then ho icturucd to bed and
hlept ho soundly that It took four serv
ants to get him up next moinlug.
A teacher In one of the public schools
of Baltimore was one day Instructing
her pupils Iu the mysteries of etymol
ogy w hen she had occasion to questlbu
11 boy pupil with reference to tho word
"As uu example," said the teacher,
"wo will take the case of your futho'if.
Ho Is, of course, a hard working man."
"YoVra," assented Cuu 1 ley.
"And when night comes .he feturno
home tired nud worn out, doesu't-ho?"
"Yea'm," In fmther nesont'W&m
"Then," continued teacher, "It beng
night, his woik belug over aud ho be
ing tired aud worn out, what; dobs he
do?" xT
"Tlujfs what ma wnnta to know,'.
said Chat ley. Harper's Weekly.
Whi'ii Me Wu Wroiiff.
Tills story In to'd of a co'lego pro
fessor who was noted for hlo concen
tration of mind. ' ',
The piofeasor wns returning limine
ono night from a scientific meeting,
still pondering over tho subject. JIo
had leached his room In siifoty, wljen
hu hen id a noise which scented to come '
from under tho bod. 1-
"Is somo one thoro V" ho asked.
"No, professor," answered tho lu
trtnlpr, who know of tho professor's pe
culiarities. "Tluit'11 strange. I was positive soma
one was under my bed," commented
tho learned miiu.-Judgo's I.lbiary.
'lime Unougk.
lie BrokoHnjv old follow there was
a t,mo W,,0I y promised to share'
' r.inp Inaf iltllt ...UK .rt
tllll lltl llf-MIII- Al'lTII 1T11- '.'
r r-r t v --- .. mw, - j
rf t-v iwiiii ttiiii iiiu,
.De, lWch-Thafs ull fight, i-havou't"
'udt doft-n to It yet,-Pueblo Chleftatu'..
V - - 'Hi. ' ""
V H .
f if
"V r
eXme or
, fI-rrr K ')
C5-i--,aii' ( I
- L - .i - i. - .. L ., .,r'v -'." . - '

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