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THE MAHJ()N'1A1LY MlItitOR, miDAV TUB. 1 lOof.
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7b Defend Thaw, ,
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From tcrifrh, copyright, liy Underwood 'it L(r5roo,, N Y.
Delmas, although unknown in the East, has made an enviable record (or
ihlmsejf as a criminal lawyer on the Pacific coast. He will aid in the defense
af Harry Kendall Thaw at his trial for the murder of Stanford White.
Wonderful Network of Concealed
Rooms and Trap Floors Disclosed,
Accidentally In a Raid Made
. i on a Gamblers' Den.
iloston. A wonderful networlc of
roncciilod rooms, Bcciet passages nml
tuip Moot a, sufllolent tA servo an a
hiding place ror u.scoro of men, and
probably secret mectliiB places during
I ho l'ovolutlonary war for the colon
Ists. liavo been nncaithed by Chief T.
O. Uiaulinrt of tbo Arlington jmllco as
tlio icsulL of a raid on the rumnilN old
Cooper Tavprn, on MuHsachtiHPtlH aVo-line,-
'I'lie raid followed tlio Issuanro of a
.wurrant, for a Hearch for liquor, but no
a'iUoundfiit; wcio tlio discoveries that
Chief Uupihart will contlnuo his
seal gh until ho lias laid' haro all tlio
Kecrets of (ho famous old liostehy.
Tlio illscovorlos m far show that tlio
old h'ouso Is ( literally liono combed
with secret rooms and passaBcs, In
ono of-whlcli was found a full nam
bllng layout. Barly In the laid a pa
(ml waKon full of llnuor was taken
jS$iy""'Mni tlio place and liquor of every
ii.ui.ii 1 1 (tin ciiainpaHiio io ueer was to
. pated, .'UKpjflueo was beluf; cniulitcleil
ty-'LoiilrfUnirida n'rown anil run vti-
' uYiVAn fniiliolder'B IIcoiiro.
Cooper's Tavern was built pi lor to
Ihp levolutlonnry war and was ini
niortdllzwl by the hiaityied deaths of
JalifJ! and .la.ion Wliisblp, who niadc
. ihelr Jasl sluud buhlnd lt stono win-
dows ltemiueil In by tlio Hrltlsh le-
glqn's In April, 177n. Others In tlio
UuihlliiK at tlio tlnio illHappcared, and
lflinnKiilways been thought they
, eapod by seciel recesses. '
It ell to the lot of Kaiiiblors. tlio
pollco say, to discover tlio hidden
liaiiutfi", and their knowledKo was
Kiiardcil wqjl. Tlio pollco at tlio 14I1I
' dlscoyoied that tlio foundation wall
scorned too shoit for tlio actual sup
pbit of the walls of (ho building, and.
digging down, laid baio a completo
100m small but compact, lnsplted
ly tliolr discovery, tlio police contin
ued In tliolr search, ami will not test
until tlio entlio -inside of tlio building
' '' Is torn. away.
Pete of Fairbanks First Horse In Tan
ana Valley, Alaska.
tScattlo, Wnsli. Poto of Fairbanks
Is, probably tlio, first horse In Alaska
tq bo retired nt ,tho ago, f 12 years on
a'llfo pension. Peto Is also tlio llrst
liorso 'ever taken into tlio Tanana val
lev. " ,
&1 &' .Pet0 "Tjved Injho city from tlio
' north the other day In cliargo of II.
"., K. Gardner of Fairbanks, who brought
Ihp horso down for his owner, Ed.
. llocker, of Cloary Creek, Peto was
'" " one of tlio original discoverers of
Pedro creok, tho find which made
Fairbanks and helped to found Deck
er's fortunes.
( When tho Podro and Ollmoro party
went Into- the Fairbanks country from
Circle City In the fall of 1901 Peto
i ' f was one of tho expedition, lldned as a
pack horso by Mr. Becker. For 'this
consideration, when, tho famous Pedio
creok was located a claim was staked,
for Decker, Tjils was tho foundatlqn
'of his fortunes. Later ho iichult-nri n
i 1 traction bolweon 11 and 12 on Clcary
t 'm nnlr nnrl tn.flnv Tt TCntlrm fo nnli
v ---.-
K '1(50,000. ' S
4itj-vitj in A-nniJani)o ivuui0 l UlU.
Usjujflno horsennd Just' in li!3
jiijnto. IIo lias beoi used foj- pack
ing and odd jobs about Decker's
claims, but now his master has dpj,
cldod ,tho liorso has earned enough
Mr both, find intends t glvo him' 11
good tlmo for tho rest of his dayfj,
1'elo was tiled fjom his last long
tr!i. Mr, Gardner drtlvo the horso
37L miles, and uirlved on tho ooai.t
Just) lu tlmo to catch tho Poi.nsyJ-
'fT- 7-r.
Jxfc. ' '
vrz . vk i r
RECORDS EXPERIENCE IN DIARY.' ployed. Tho choPs ability to llnd bar-
, r, . . , ! k'Hlns In real ostalo' Is not unknown
One of Peary's Men Tells of Hardships to dealers, and It Is said ho loiows
of Recent "Dash to Pole." as much about protltnblo location as
ho does about tho last dclcctablo
Now York". Supplementing tho re- sauco piquant,
niaikable' record contained In thd little Mr. Dcckor admitted with a "show
thnmbmarked diary With vivid nar- of noncbnlanco that ho owns tho lino
ratlves, Charles Henry Chuk. 0110 of apaitment house nt 201 West Ninety
tho men who accompanied Peary on fourth street, whero ho has lived for
his ttip which resulted In leaching a long time, llo scorned surprised
"failhest north," told or the trip and that It should bo cotiBidoied unusual
his experiences In the Arctic legions, for a cbof to owh 11 homo in n lino
At ono tlmo tho paity wandered for residential district,
days over tiackless llelds of Ice. Their,
food gave out and they wore foiccd to
oat their dogs to keep fiom staivlng.
Weakened by famine Chuk wioto on
that day In his dlaiy:
"May 5, 1900, SntiirdayWo mo lost
and must dlo on this trip. I will make
peace with Clod.
Tho diary, one of the most remark
able documents over" written, contains
accurntO rulleetlon of tho honors
which assailed Chuk and his men,
Claik, whoso home Is lu Iloston, hi"
camo a member or the Itoosew-lt,
which had been built for Pearx's Aictic
dash, out of his love oT adventure. Ik
was a mechanic and enlisted as fire
man. At tho tlmo Iho Aictlc legions
wore reached ho had so proved his
woith to tho commander that ho was
chosen, with jIx other men, lo uccom
., 1 it t i t 1 an" uu "unit uiiiimuiMi in nicuy
pany Peary In tho dash ror the pole. ut tM(J lmU)1!l t)ml h
It was lils duty to c.ocl the cache. 80 l0f0HIl,i nn impression In Turkes
in advaiico or Peary s base or supplies., tnn B nol nIto lho ..,,. ,
Bed 10 Miles Long and Eight Wj.il e
Found In Utah.
Denver. Col. Dm lug 1900 wonder
I'll) lll'OL'l'eS'l WllM lll!llli nil llin inn
stiucliim or lho new Pacific coast line
or tho Denver & Itlo Oiande. Thirty-
nliio tunnels nro being boied thioiigh
tho mountains. Tliei'o Is one 7.ri-nillf-
stretch of track thai will cost $100,0011
a mile lo build. The object or Ibis
e.Vpeuilltiiro In I'onSlriictlnu Is to ohlalu
a direct and low-gindo louto thioiigh
tho tnoimtaius.
Truck is already laid from Salt
I-uko City nearly to tho Nevada stato
lino, a distance of neaily 90 miles. In
California lho truck Is Inld into Oak
land and Stockton, it Is believed the
entho lino through til lho coast will
bo lu operation by .limitary, 1909.
Amonir tho cnilotis ihlmrH enennn.'
lered ... tho construction woik is an
eiiiii'uiiiiiH uupoKii. 01 puro salt, loiinu
on tho west sldo of the Utah desert,
not far fiom the Nevada Btato line.
This singular deposit Is 1G miles long
and eight miles wldo. Excavations to
a depth of moro than six feet nro stllf
ill muni mill, i uu b.UL lliut HUH UCCn
found is sultnblq for stock, nnd can
bo readily relliicd for lablo use.
Unquestionably this section was
once tho bed of tho great Sal lake.
and oven now may f havo a sub crran-
can connec Ion with hat mystor o.m
body of wutor, 111010 than a liunilrcil
miles distant.
Unite to Drive Away Solitude Incl-
dent to Life In Great City.
,r ,
New ork, Ihoro Is no longer any
oxcuso for men or womon In this
great city to sulfor lho pangs or lone
llnoBS. A club has boon organized ox
cluslvoty for tho lonely ones. Kfghty
"lonllcs," 10 men nnd 10 womon. at
tended tho soennd mooting o'f tho or
ganlzailon 'tho otlier aftornoon.
Sovoial youilg men, unknoyn to ono
another, chanced, nt about tho samo
time, to wi Ho lotteis fo tho nowspa -
pore telling how lonely thoy woio in
iow ioru, osjicciauy on Muminy nf-
ternoon. Next theso young men be
gan wilting lo ono another. Then lliey
.. ,,,, i......i , ..l ... .,.. -
fc.ii. i.iiiuiiiirii nun inn. in innir sic-
qualnlanc. camo tho Idea of getting
1 tt? w"f ?. "i.. A " ""'l
- "! n "h., ip ii.-miy iHumr 01
wiu 1-11111 iiuia, umi ii was no wno hired
tho hall nml called tho Hint meeting.
At tho flist mccUHE appealed .Or,
Elmer l.oo, and ho took (0 lho Idea
vlth aJprvqrMjint sot It going with
wiunvvinu momen,ium.- jr, l,eo wua
I named as temporary pfesldbnt. ''
Biiylno $300,000 Apartment House
Small MaUer to, Hotel Cher.
t CatoiliiR to tho Rastronomlo fnnclrs
of Ww. York city Is certainly n
proninblo omploymont, If tho reconbi
of tho rent ostnto oxebatigd arc to
bej bolloved, snyii tlio Now York Ilor
aid. According to t,cm, Oilstavfi
TIfcker, cbof of Iho Ilollatul house,
puiehnHPtl loccntly from (,1iq (lor
mania Life Insuranco company two
elevator apartment housfs at .'100 and
.'108 West Nlnoly.fourth Moot. Mr.
Honker paid $:l0(),()i)0 for tho prop,
Wlion naked to talk about himself
aild tell )iow ho hcijiimulutcil so much
money whllo di'vlslni; dishes' with
which lo tickle tho palates or pations
of tho hotel, Mr. Docker took lofugo
bi'hlnd a modest loscrvo Which could
not. bo bioken down.
"It Is such a small matter, this
buying or a house or two," ho said.
"Why should I speak of It? It Is not
as Ir I had novor before bought piop
erty. Part or this lintel Is mine, and
then 1 own tlio house, In which I
"So many can mako money, that It
Is no great credit ror 11 cook to do
tho same. Other churn havo accumu
lated routines and there has not been
un much talk about It. It Is enough
that. I havo been lortunnto and call
purchaso a bit of land, and houses
when I soo a bnigaln."
It was learned that Mr. Docker for
somo tlmo has had n consldorablo in
terest 111 (lift lintnl Wlinrn In. lu nr...
The Miracles of Old Reenacted
Moro than 20 tons of real manna
havo JiiHt fallen from tlio skies In
Turkestan, to tho superstitious awo
of tho natives.
Tho manna fell lu a district almost
baro of trees, and It was eagmly col
lected by tho povorty-stilckou vil
lagers, who ground It Into Hour and
made cakes of It.
Ignorant or Its natural origin, thoy
regarded It as a girt from heaven.
As a matter or r.-u-t, manna is tho
result or tho burrowing or a certain
wolm in trees. It Is a regular aitlclo
or commerco In Ihn east, tbu manna
(nl 4 . !.!.. lit 1.1 n ..
A High authoilty on illbllcarnatiiral
history states that It Is lho wojk of
a 'worm I hat only produces this sub
stance under certnln climatic condi
tions, which oblaln only about onco
lu uvi'iy 15 years or so.
Those worm casts, when drv. am
very light, ami lu tho piosont case
l,'' w.010 Umhahly caught up by a
w"'wimi ami cnnieii away to a groat
,.'linci .
, "1." fl "nR r ,l ,,,nB(, sliower of
-'0 odlhlo casts would naturally ho
,eBtt,"wl '' tho natives as a wondor.
I It Is poaslblu that, tho Isioolltes ev.
"oilenced this whllo wandering in tho
iloseit. and although tho cause was
perfectly natural, to Uinin It was in
erfect a direct Interposition of piovi
ilence In tliolr behalf.
Tho woid "manna" means In lie
brow "1 know not." In Tuikestan tho
word has a similar meaning.
in Australia manna is obtained from
'...""' .'. '.". ,l "u,i irmoriy
n mmn 1 itt nu I inn T. ..... - p . .
nZ "'
Green Ray Is 3een at Sunset.
Tho "Orcon-ray" In to bo seen for
an Instant Just at tho tlmo of disap
,ka. linr70ll
pearance 01 1110 sotting sun below a
Pror. Itambout finds
(hat tho phenomenon can bo onllrely
accounted ror by the gonornlly re.
ceived view or tho chiomallc dlsp::r.
(J Inn rtf iit ntiMnonliti.t nnJit.l...i ...iii.
c,,v; " tr 1 Jnot necc"
Ba t0 mako olaborato. expo Iments
0l. ,0 on a Hea Q , 'r
n,ianr.. ln ,. ' h .","
" '" "' -" nv- " II.MIIK II
scieen and covcilng iho focal plato
of a tolescopo, or bettor still, a 'dia
phragm Willi a narrow dlaluetial slt,
a cieen or blue flfiwli ran hn unm, nt
tho top of tho sun's disk nnd a red
fringe at tho bottom any tlmo that
I tl10 Hl,n lH m,ar t,,n 1'oilzon and tho
ob3orvatlon enn bo lepeated at often
as' deslicd. '
A Silent Hint. '
She What In your opinion Is tho
flower Hint should bo typical of wom
en? IIo Tljo morning glory.
She Thnt'd n nnnei- unlnnflnn ui...
tho moving glory?
l Ho. Decutso it knows when to shut
up. Daltlmoro American.
French Postal Economy.
On tho giound ol oxpeiiso,' tho
"" '"" "
n, ,! umi ni.r. i,
,, tho Bollomo ,- olvJ, ' ,
ly molar car In outlying country
decided to
Callcgo Bred
"Yes, she Is college bled."
"What do yon mean by
"Sho known bow tomiiko fudco,
Washington. PosL
m Pmk. m&. o?k .. .
l)iin)les nro lite eneinios of liiRic. Soino any Hl'
nrc ilit liiiliii-plico of smilcj; Dlllcr.Jhtil tlley.uro
tlio picoufsors of wrhiklw. Tint . t'illit'r"vay, lliey' nro
. the itlovilnliU siiffgostions of lnMiiovotts litimor.
Tlio woman wlio lias iliinplos inny lu tlio mosl
serioiH-niiiuleil imlividiuil. She inny givo her llioulili
clilirely. to tlio rospousiliililiiw of life nnd spell duty
Willi n capital "IV llnl.no one will credit lier with
it. At tlio slijlilost gleam of pleasure, amiability oven,
in her face, out comes lho dimple. In spite of liorpplf
sho is the cpHo-tw of mocking ilippnncp. Sho inny ho lho moil polipr of
mnids or nialrons, and with lho firrit sign of animnlioii, hehold the dimple!
Now, whether or not' tho dimple ho lho re-mll of. tho pressure of
Cupid's finger and his lingers are constantly incddling'willi other people's
nffnirs, ns everybody knows it is quite certain that the wayward depres
sion in ( the cheeks hns nn effect upon lho eye.
Possibly tho hide nnd feck methods of tho dimplo have excited the
eye's curiosity, find it is the sparkle consequent upon the excitement of the
chaso that betrays' itself. However, tho dimple nnd tho sparkle are eoinci
tlcninl 'nndVlliu result is the coquette. It is doubtless a slander upon tho
ohnritcter-jOf the victim, but few stop to analyze the total depravity of tho
dimple, To'ihe world at largo it is merely nn nceidenl of nature, accentu
ating a disposition toward the joys of life.
TJic dimple is lo the uiilliinking the indication of the Irifler, lo
whom cvqrytliing is but food for laughter." The attributes of lho will-o'-the-wispgo
with it. J I is 11 whimsical insincerity. '
To subdue it wholly is, of course, out of tho question. To keep it
even tolerably within bound's requires constant watchfulness. It may Hit
into sight'when you conuniserato vour best friend 011 the demise ofu rich
relative or, dance in and out of your cheek while you are remonstrating
with thecook for the cold potatoes served ill dinner. What U argument
in the i'accof n perverse dimpc?
And 'it it is a thorn in tho side or rnlher lho cheek of tho layman,
consider what the nrlist suffers! The dimple absolutely refuses to yield to
stage requirements.
Let nlc but relax or an instant in "Marguerite"' nnd out would come
11 riotoiiH'uimple lo poke fun at my grief. I have only one role lo which
il is happily at timed.
Ah jfcflina in "Don Giovanni" I may, assume my dimplo with my
costumo with perfect security thai il can do no damage, .erliim is a
pleasantly' inconsequent young pciv-on who may associate with a dimple
without injuring her reputation.
KOiousnosR. is'raiely conterminous with I hat o'f'lhu- physical 'consoioiisness;
'ij- ignores niucli. that lo us appears important, and m chronicling facts il
is most omlmi rnflsingly 'llidllleTPiil to conditions of lime.
These areJjViwevcr, but. the iilliieli's. the inevitable ilillieullies
whichjiallk' and iantalre the inve.-ligator in any uiiknowii Held.
What has Ijcjoii demonstrated, limes wit limit niimbor, is that friends
at 11 distance ofHliuudrcds of 'miles can and do traimmil to me, by the
itflcnny of aiiini'nalie handwriting, the most t-eeiel thoughts and conlideiue
of their he.irls'"'
Thoy are not eonreious of the use which their subconscious self is
making of my hand. Hut they cannot deny the exlraordlimry accuracy
With which iitndrmul again the contents of their inmost minds have been
1 t 1
coinmunicileil ,to,iie.
My evperieneo has sudiccd to prove lo 1110 that, providing two minds
nrc ill time, mind can' transmit Ihoimht to mind instantaneously over dis
tnnccs of hundreds or, thousands of miles. Theie are plenty of eriors in
transmission, lhivvrsnnd imperfections in the telepathic process.
But the fnctfllint iuind can nnd does trniiMnit thought lo mind across
vast spaces without, the, agency of any wire or electrical instrument what
ever is to bo almost, as well established as the fact that thoro is a postal
system, nnd that tHctlev dropped into a pillar-box in the stieel, with a
penny stimp np"on it, will be delivered in Iho course of the next day to
any addve-. within a radius of :I00 miles.
Hut my experiments have hitherto been entirely confined to the
ecqipt of messagespfrom the subconscious mind at Iho time thai the
iiibliuiinal pnnvoliiirV was communicating to me his icdas, his hopes, his
fear?, or his ncuiuU'cjtporienees.
F have, however, always believ
tho physical non&ojousnoXs as recejidvo
consciousness. jh
, Divine $pon$ibiii(y
'of Parenibood
ti 'iChlcilo.
world. That whi,eh.should stir the purest depth? of ones soul nnd fill tho
home kvilh lieo.Ypl.V -joy is pftcnthc bitterest disappointment, nnd tho
mostincouveniohi. 'circumstance. The child is almost cursed Unit arrives
in (he anus o'l'( dis-iippointcd parents. .Marriago that fears or disavows
parenthood is a' horrilife dclmhoment of tho first diviml .ordinance. It is
no belter in thoVoyMofilicnvon than an unholy alliance. Men and women
vh6 do net waiit'to earo for little children have no right to present them
selves for niarringff.'vows. Clean birlh finds its source in parental altitude.
And' b'ur-li a brtwjK the mm si guarantee of 11 healthy, usl'ful life. The
u'hsence of siicli.parentnl nltilude is ii terrible handicap in otto's life. Many
n man was vn'ftjkoij, lieforo ho was bom. Who, then, will answer at )io
Ijiir'of n jusl toJ$;ju)itiobles task nppointed lo tiny human being is'tho
tfnrk ol rcanlqjljeliitd. . ' .
tn 3ltH lintrpr
Telepathy from the
subconscious mind has
for years been employed
by tuo for lho reception
of news without the in
tervention of the ordi
nary channels of sone.
The ilillleully of working
with tin1- siibi iiisf ions
mind lis , thai its con-
ed that it would be possible fo make
and as coinniunicativo as the sub
The demand for a
greater birth rate is time
ly nnd sensible.' Hut we
need a better and higher
grade of parents also.
One of the blackest spots
upon human history is
tbo haphazard and de
plorable fashion in which
D. D.,
r-hililrnn ni-i-ivn in ihia
- , ,
Army of 32,000 RurAI Guards Pound
Insufficient to Curb Thtm.
I'nrin An lavtHttgatton Just ended
by tlio mlnfstr o'f lho Interior hai re
vunled the fuel that In 1'iaiicn there
are 11I lean 200,000 liiuups. Against
this horde or tegular tramps the v
ei'iiiilenl hnRjOiiosed a rrglineht of 3L,
ilotj rural gonitis whose ilulv It Is to
protect life und property In the coi.u
It is pioposed to lncienne the iiitm
ber of 1 dial giinuls so tin lo chcclt va
firancy, A iciplesf from all llin de
pailmeuls or Franco biought 2U n
piles, which go to show that the mu
nlclluilltles of those departments pro
vbleil night lodgings for IfiG.OO" per
sons last year
In the :!R,000 municipalities ol
l'Ynnco. however, there me 10 he
found only :'..O00 night lefuges and In
many places the tramps cannot be
oriented because them Is no place to
Imprison them. During fast yeai "'1,
000 tramps weie anesteil. but about
20,000 or them could 1111 be held be
r.'iitse or Inch of evldenie to pnive n
ei li.e.
Columbus Man Sayo He Was Plrst tc
Enlist In Ohio at Call of Lincoln.
Columbus it now develops that
Major Henry M. Noll or this city win
the lli-t man to bo enlisted ln Ohio
under the call tor troops by President
Lincoln for tbo civil war.
Major Nell has never spoken or his
distinction until now. 'The .Mujor says
that when the messaRo came riom
Lincoln for the quota he was in fiov
error Vllllnm Dennlson's olllce.
Tho Kovoinor, who was his brother
Inlaw, lelated tho contents of the
telegram, and .Major Nell rollowed 1
saying that he could bo counted on
and deslied to bo iho llrst man en
lolled. When Lieutenant "Hob" Wll
Hams arrived fiom Washington that
nlfilit to meruit soldiers be suou" Ma
jor Neil lu as a prlvato.
Nell served In tbo short service imuI
was mustered 01.1 In ISOt, altei cm
maudlin; a battery ho had kikim1 This
honor or being iho llrst Olilonu to en
list has always been credited lo Lorlu
Andrews or Ashland, who d:cil In Hep
tcmhor, 1S01.
In the Wrong Shop.
"Doctor," said tho visitor with the
fur-llncd collar, "there's bomothlng I If 6
matter with 1110."
"Well," lesponded the doctor. "I
knew that when I saw you as Hamlet
last night, but I can't 110 anyihli'i; ror
you. Cuiing hams Is out or my ,:no."
Kast Buffalo, N. Y., Kpllu. I -Cattle
HccelptH 100; market sle.idy.
demaiul fair.
Veai'i and calves Receipts TfiO;
market active, r.Oc hlglu-r. Tlip
veals !l.7." fr 10.2.1; (;iill lo lair,
6 (Tf il.f.O. ' '
Sheep and lambs- Uemlpts i:i,.S0l);
'nmu slow, sheep active and steady
Choice l.iinhs 7.HO i 7.7.1: cull .)
fair n.in fr 7.r.0; yearlings 1; St
3.10; mixed sheep r, (f? n.fi.l: cull
sheep 2.2.1 (ft I.
Hogs Jlpcelpts r,,niliV; market slow
and lower ror pigs, others active and
higher. Yorkers 7.25 fi 7.JI0; pigs.
7.20 g 7.2."; heavy and mixed
grades 7.25 sb 7.1I0; roughs ii (tf
ti.nO; stags 5 (f? 5.25.
Union Stock Yards, Ills., l-'eb. J.
Cattle-Receipts 2,500, csllmatcd
for Sat 111 day .100; market stiong;
prime beeves, fi (f? 7; poor to med
ium 1.15 & 5.75; htockeis and
feeders 2.80 1.70; cows and
heifers 2.75 dp 5.25; ennners 1.00 (ft
2.00; Texnns I (TT I. fin.
Hogs Tlecelpts 25.000; cstlmntcd
for Saturday, 18,000; market qponcd
strong, closed weak to 5c lower:
light (i.75 (?P (1.07 1.2; rough 0.70 ffP
G.M; ml.ed 0.75 dp 7.02 1-2: heavy
3.115 7.05; pigs 0.10 IS. 70.
hcop Itecelpls 0,000; estimated
for Saturday :,000; market steady;
native hheep :i.C5 5.70; western
sheep 3.75 5.05; native l.imbs,
1.75 (J? 7.70; western lambs 5,25 tip
Cleveland, l-'eb. tf--Hogs hlGher,
sheep anil lambs, calves and cattle
steady. '
Ilogs-ltccclpts 50 cars, shipments,
1,500; yorkers 7.20; mediums 7.10
IP 15j heavies 7.10: best pigs 7.20
& 7. ISO; stags and much, 1 0.50.
Calves Uccolpts 200 head.
Slicop and lninh-rHcrclpts 5 cars.
CatUo-Uecelpts 10 cars.
Pittsburg. Pa.. Keli. 1. Callle-
Suppl y llglit; market steady. Choice
5. &0 J? 0.10; prime 5.50 3 5.75;
good 5.15 3 5.10; tidy butchors,
t,50 Q 5.10; fair 1.10 ffp 1.50:
choice heifers 1.25 Q1 1.75; coinnion
to fair hclfors, 2.50 (fp I; bulla 2.50
p 1.25; fnt cows, 2 4.25: KO'jil
fresh cows and springers. $25 fi
$.10; common to fair, $10 ffP $20.
Sheen and hinibs Bimniy lair:
market slow, Prlnio wethnra 5.50 Sti
5,70; good mixed 5.10 iJP 5.10; fair
mixed 1.50 (fp 5; culls and common
2 .1; lamlis 5 dp 7.70; veal calves,
S.f.0 fP ; heavy nnd thin, 1.50 fp
Hogs necqlpls 20- doubledpcks'!'
Daily Market Report
Isn't il rather foolish 'to u
&!low n house lo stand !
rd!e4iitht5 citvj"wkn
there fa a real 'scarcity
ol desirable nlaces.and
..j-dnlcrs jfiro watchlnji
UUU, WAN'IT.O -for house work..
Mis., CIiihW Foreman. !CalJ nt
the Parisian Dvc Wo.ks. 'J-l-lfc
JHN AND HOYS i'lumblnR or liflck
laylng Tindo pay.. $5 to ?S" per day;
wo leach you by practical Instruc
tions In months; position giiarnn.
teed; fiee catalogue. Coyno Trail
School, 1075, llnnton Ave., St.
Loulsi Mo. 12-5-tC
hait'l by the
experienced farm
year. Addrcs II,
WANTi:iJ CarpenteOiiK or a-gen-eral
repair natuic. Inside , wo.rlc' pre
ferred. "Oir i-lbrlt in 3hoc,ondry
goods sStlte''" Inqtilic nt 252 Lin
coln Averlne 01' i'lione Citizen 2 on
075 ' ' ''"' 2-l.nt.
WANTICP .70 buy a second-hand
Cni'u ltcg.(ct,, Must be in "good
condllMn iiilil rislit In price. Ad
dress C. n. Walters, lit W.- Cou.
ter r.h ret. Marlon, O.
1 I -)M '
FOR ItKNT-Uoom over our fitoro
15x00 feet. Ohls Decorating Co.
FOR RI'.NT Tlnce or live room flat.
Inquire of A Lelfter at 2,S2 H.
I'lospect SI 1-31 .0'.p 1
FOR RUNT- tlr.ind Opera House
hall and looms sultalilo for lodgo
or club room purposes. Apply to
C. IL Perry. 1.23-Ct
FOintllNT ()mr rurnlshed room,
with inlvllego of llglit housekeep
ing. Addicss K, en re of llrnir
office. 2-l.3ti"dli
f75U SAlTITi niodei n liouscaj' on
Olrard Avenue (east side) heUvceti
Deliefontalne Avenue and Columbia
street. Inquire 117 1-2 South
Main street or Citizens' Phono
auctioni:i:rini;-.t. w. ciarit
will cry salon of every description
al lonsonablo rates. Satlsractlon
miarntitced. Your interest my
interest, orrice rooms, Court street.
Iloth phones, Marion Ohio.
INC-McClaln'fl will pack, nhlp oi
store your hosM.old goods, quickly,
safely, economically. Either phoa
338. 7-monfrtll
market active. Pi hue heavy Imgs,
7.15 fp 7.20; mediums, heavy y'jrk
ers, light yorkois and pigs 7',25;
nillghs 5.50 fp 0.::.'.; sings I. M)" ft
5.50. '
fliicnso, Fell. 1 . Wheat 7-8
le lower; May -.old between 77 7-8
ami "S 7-S;"ojiei.is at 7S .1-1 and
olo,ing- ill 77 7-V .inly between 77
.'!-! and 78 It--, oivenin-,' at 7S1-2
ami cloinr at 77 :t-1; No. '2 led
vv inter 7ll l-'J.
1 t orn l-v.u..-rf lower; iny
sold lietvvedifWlQ irJ?aml -17, open
ing al -III -V.S faif:r c.osiii" at -10 :i-S;
.liny nui.vvcwLJiL.ajiil.-JlJ 1-2; opou
ina' at -II! 1-j Yi"eTi)siujr at 40 1-8;
Nro. :i yeiiov ffii J-'i ((( -i;i.
Oais-l-i!i0jiiiil, 3,Sc lower; Mnv
sold Ih.iWBW.TI) 1-2; opon
inp: at :l!) l-lfVTos?nsr nt .10 1-8;
.July between .111 ,1 S and .10 1-2,
niu'iiing- tft .111 l-l nml dosing at 10
l-S; No. 2 while JJfl l-l fj? .10 1-2:
I'iovmoiis AYoro iff 7 1-2 and
17' 1-2. TJie maiko was tinder pres
sine. May products ranged: Poik
17.1(1 lo 17 17 1-2, lard !).(); to
0.S0; lib,, i).7."i lo 0.00.
Toledo, Fell. 1 .-Wheat-Cat-h
77: May P0 l-S; July 70 1-2; Sep
tember 70 l-l.
ii 1-2; Seplniilier -Ia-1-2.
O.ils-Cash -ID ', f; '.May 40 l-l;
July 17 r.lHltV'Otttrilior .11.
.W-Xu. . ..00; No.
2, (17; No. .1
or.; v .5 SlA -
('lovertfil J-fnli ?niil
S.17 l-2;(MaivhSr.r,; April 8,40;
niimo niMKO ;"ir,
riime fjlruoUi-uao. ;
New YOlli l',0.n,ttfl . Ekks Iln. .
ceipts 3,yiij! weaker; nearby wiiile
. . " . "
fllllfiv !in ffTl !ll .fli Avlrn ,nU-v.l noft
: iK
........ .. ,, .... ..... .,.... .,At-
op 2fl; west on
rii Tufost 20: do flrHts
1 1
' .4
2C 1.2; southern 21 if 25 1-2,
,-w- '(
a 1 ,?
!, H
! K.'f
ifflr' '.
HVfffin -
L ns. -s i ' ,? ,
Ut ,f' t' ' .(lit
. .C,lK',' it. .v-l' . " ' "
.Hi A,
j tar.

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