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Off the Unuiid Article!
About "the Homo and
Wattt-Advertise Them
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1 y 5W.r,j oan TucAcr c"
Women on Farms as Capable of '
Directing as of Doing the Drud-
gery Men Employes Foollihly
Scorn Aid of Agricultural Liter
ature Women Should Begin In
Small Way Aim at Quality
Rather Than Quantity Women
Who HavcSuccccded by Spec-
lallzlng The Knack of Display
ing One's Wares,
. J
(Cofjtlitit, liy Joreph U. Dunlti.)
(The clrver daughter of Owi. and iXtx
.lolm A. I.ctf.in unil wlfo ot t.lcut. i'ol
William TuSkcr. V. S. A , Mrs. Marj
I.Oftati Tucker. In known throughout lh
uuutry. Hho Is prominent In Washing
trtn Mdaly. OhIiik lo tho ik-Hcal" healtt
if her younger moii Jrn. Tucker lino c
ivbllnhcd licrwclf on a bruutlrul rami tr
Maryland n, fow miles from tlm mitlotm
capital. Tlirro lior liouo imrtlr-H mo (a
.inoua and tier ciops arc entirely ciulitnbli
i n-jr an u tanner ot ouuiiy.)
I Sd tnplrt Ima been the ndvanco oi
portion Into all bianchcH of trade mid
'every opening for a livelihood tlmt
women tu-duy compelled to seek tin
avenue of bclftnuppoil find grout dlf
flcully In gaining un oppoitunlty. In
tncuo occupatlomi no long considered
advautHgootiH compotllloii haB 10
duccd Iho salaries until now they nrc
below a 'living" footing This Is n
dy ot Hpeclnllsts. In every branch
tnkcu up by women only cxpeUs com-
maud salaries cominensurnto with
tho education mid ability of the col
lefeo gtaduatc, or oven thu lilgb
school graduate. Tho monotony al
plce work, tho drudgery of the
fsphool room; tha tax oil health mid
tho ueslro for outdoor llfo or n lire
having mote Independence of thought
and action, novo led ninny women tc
tfcko up occupations hoiotoforo cousld
ered tho provlnco ot men.
There aro to-duy women coopers,
Vomon ranch ownei3 and .maUngors,
women mine operators, women mall
carriers, women "molovmou," a worn
an blacksmith, und so on. Hut tic
other Hold offcis woman tho loturu,
financially mid physically, on tho can
lta.1 Invcflted, nor Gtv her the added
tlino for pleasuinblo 5ccupatIona und
mental Improvement, that faimltig
does. Women by nature aro en
dowed with patlcuco with small de
talis, u deslro to expeilmcnU and a
readiness lo adopt now Idens, which
speclnlly lit her for a successful
Tho day when woman's otk on the
farm consisted in cooking, washing
dishes, lalslng n fow chickens nnd
lurkfcys for pin money, going to the
circus or n funeral for diversion, has
DaOBCd. Trwluv mi liitnlllcmit nmn
with common senso mid piactlcal
Ideas can compote creditably with
men In the management of nnv brannb
of , agriculture Tho collcgo gnuluntc,
wun nor Knowledge or geolos;, chem
istry, .bojanjynnd tho other pclcnces,
should bo best fitted for succchh, hi
this day of farming on scientific piin
clplcsj but sho will requlro tho salt
of good common soifso to solve the
dally problems confronting hey. nnd
tho necessity of tuklug ndvnutngo of
things "nt hand" that ouy u practical
nature can grasp.
I Thoso who uro less forrunalo lu
their .opportunltlcfi sboujij not, how.
cyri bp discouraged from undflrtuk..
lug tho work, as tho rcIouIHIo 1,iioy1
edto can bo reudlly Aonulicd and our
fcoternrnent, through tho ngrlculturo
department, is carrying on it work nt
the experiment stations tho louufts
of which are bplug glvon frbi? t ihc
firmflfB and thpso In,trvestcd lt agHi
culture in a series or pamphlets, coii'
talnlrig Infbraatlon ami suggcrtliotiii
'of Inestimable vnluo and pretseutod
(n ft elmplo and moat practical ttinn'
jijitr. J'b yomLi rocendy griidilafod
rinm colleao with a nlnnf ln,lltrn..U.i
Jdeaf funilug woUUI hayo shonli
tyin guf deii ljjj ordorpd I ho aoVfiptthl
tPjriRwk.on onco ntnllbntitl;
k'MthctuHlaerid In chnrorh 't rli .,.!,
io uuy some turnips null iltivp thte
inep. ROilsUng chl (Hem Up (d Jilnhtj
i.ey lidd done wJlh the holalflbuM '
Onh ot tho gicatest obsiatjib to
. fiiLc(MiB one link tt cliiihm.l wilh Id
or hired man, who trv.t3 with con
tentfil the lltorntnliro of tho nsrlcul
t.iro department prefcirlng tho long
exploded theories and systems of his
father. Thorofoio one" it obliged tt
! '.ho modtrn systems )o dln-ct
JMelllgently, and must have, too, tho
coutngo to force her convictions nuc
Wvo through the days of doubt unt'
tmbcllot or her employes, watchln?
':ui thoy do not insist .heir demre
for her failure and thereby lusiiro her
futuro dependenco upon them.
In 18(J3, long beforo any bucIi n
'filptanee was given tho peoplo by thu
government, a woman who has elnco
'become prominent In affairs, vlththr
nld of it negro refugco and tno oi
three "hands" to help wot It nnd pick
tho crop, raised seven bales of cot
ton surpassing In quality lhat rnlsrd
by men farming In that section ot thr
country. 1'rJOr to this she hud neve
seen a cotlou plantation. In addition
she grow the hay, corn nnd outs for
her teatm, nnd till thu garden produce
consumed by her family, hiving Id
hor woll-Btocked gat den the first eel
ery ever grown In that part ot the
country. Her flower guidon vno
noted for Its rnro vmioilcs of rose?
und flowers, yot alio foun.1 lime to
tench Jior child, lior nnnio was n
fnmlll'tr one to every soldier In the
western army for her work In their
It ;ruck farming or nuy hraiioh of
It Is undcttaken, n woman, lo be
flitcoisnful, should bo willing In be
gi't la n small waytoo large Ideas
and midden 'enthusiasm nrc too often
thp secret ot the fnllmo and dlnswd
ot women with farming as n prollt
ablo venture.
; Cultivate only so much laud as you
cun direct personally, requiring but
otic or two men for tho rough uork
of plowing and tilling tho soil. Much
of tho lighter ,work can oven bo tin
dertnken by a woman herself, where
necessity demands. This need not be
done In 4i way to destroy Lny good
looks or pcthonnl attractions she mnj
lioHscsM. With proper' attention she
may htlll ptescrvo her smooth sMii
und hands which murk tho woman ol
letlncuieiit. In exchange for tho pule
llfclcbs complexion, the nut row chest,
sho may acqulro tho glow of hoallh,
tlm expanded chest of good lung do
elopniont, and the bllghtnoHs of
eyn Indicative of liupplncus nnd men
tnl activity.
To tiuck farming the larger crops
can bo added in order to provldo for
the stock nnd nnlmnls hecossary to
carry on tho work or add lo ono's
comfort li) living. Coin and grass
crops arc piofllnblp as well.
Uu entering upon funning one
must examine I ho lund or select il
with reference to tho ciop ono wishes
lo cultivate or which is most prorlt
ublo for tho market ono is to supply.
Tho question ot holl cntets most
piornliicnlly Onto nil one's plans and
pioflts, as (ho feeding nnd working of
tho soil quickly Increases or dimin
ishes tho proflttj lu expense and la
bor. Fertilizing materials or food for
the soil boyond what may aecumu
mtc on n rami wuero animals are
owned und fed aro now prepared nnd
sold by companies at a less costthnn
ono can prepaio them by tho old
methods. This grcntly simplifies the
work nud teduees tho tlmo iipcessury
to tho proper prepmatlon ot tha soil.
Then, too, they can bo nccuinlely do
ponded upou un contuluing only such
Ingtcdlentn an mo absolutely casen
tlal to tho growth und character of
your produce. While ono must be
guided by" ono'a market thoro uro a
few things which upply to till mar
kets. Specialties me better than too
many things which cheapen as the
season ndvunegs. A fnrm growiugnll
lfnds of Vegctubles rcuulres so much
labor, owing to no many things ma-
I111I115 ul ono time, thut tho profits
uro rapidly consumed.
It 11 woman will select ono or n
fow specialties, such us nsparngus.
strawberries, melons, tho cnntuloupc,
colory, artlcnokcB, all klnda of lot
luce nud sulnd luxuries, lino varieties
of which uro found onty on tho lubles
of the rich, nnd will carefully lni
piovo In quality nnd delicacy to the'h
greater perfection, tho labor tcqulied
Is less nnd Iho profits aio greater.
.Should sho bo ablo to add a small
greouhouso lettuce, onions, iiidlahcs
nnd niuHhroouiH, und even cucumbers
will furultih n good toventio In the
winter months, with mi nppoi Utility
lo ndd lo thcuo violet cultuio or somq
variety of florlculturo In which wqnv
en huvo over bohit most successful.
1 Quality rather ihau (inutility (oday
plays an Important pait In tho suc
cess and prolL of market gardening,
ub ouu can comhuiud a better prlOo
for a perfect product attractively pre
schtcd than u great quantity which
docs n6t l4avo ono tlmo carefully to
ptopare f6f market, nnd to must he
uold ut iho loYost price.
This. J.00, is nnothor oint in which
wortiBjt a'ld utoro dpi to succeod than
iueti'&'u iudl-kbt ijahleneia tho appro
elation of necebstty of ntfrncttveness
?lf olio's; prodilco.' Flist. cleanliness
Ik Voj-y important: then jf tho veo
tribicK aro. of untform size nud bunched
ffllo-d InbuiuHos of enroful (ixnctnoBs
and nilt'jiito Uaskots or boxen lu leg
ula.r.arruiigonleiils, Ihoy will attract
thb eyo of tho buyer and otleu, If not
always, command higher prices
ILl?JL" the. smaller details n ft 8m-
an quleklygru3pu and which, If close-'
ly adhered to, will promote her suc
cess. Whilo these small points will fur
liter her succors n w'otnnu muut have
piaelicul business ideas or must po-it
herself fully on tho actual value of
labor, machinery nud materials and
neccsnary expenneo of cmrylugon the
work ot a farm; for I regret o say
that men nro apt to picnuni" upon
iter Ignorancu In bucIi ninttcrti tuul
Iter pursO pays tho peinlty.
A Good Excuse.
Mother I'm nsliamcd to Ihlnlc jou
can't ilo bqtlfi- In school.- Why can1!
you lead your clnsj?
vVIIHc Say, ma, jou told me mjh
iihlu't want mo over lo Do conceited,
ai.' 1 notl.e when 4 boy leads tuc
;as iio nlvay.s i,vic concoIlOii.
J - i - - 1 . . ...
Younn American Artist Achieve Great
Wflltnm IMwaids Cook, who will be
tho fliat American nrtlst to paint a
poi trail of l'ope Plus X.. Is a nntlvo ol
Independence, Iowa. Ilo now has a
studio In Iloiiie, wheio he baa lived
for a j t-ir, nnd piovloutdy had been a
pupil of .liilleu nt Tails. Mr. Cook'?
Hist fulon plctuie, exhibited In li'OI,
was n llfe-alzo portiall of tho sculotor,
(American ArtMt Who Will Paint a
Portrait of the Tope.)
Pope, of lioaton. and . tho following
j ear ho exhibited another life-size por
trait. Ho aluf has douo bo mo mural
painting nnd receU'd honorable men
tlou al tho l.a.:nr.iiH comjictlllou at
New York In 1UU5. Mr. Cook's father
Is .J. K, Cook ot . Indqpcndonco. Tho
artist studied at tho Chicago Alt In
ptltute and the New Yoik Academy 0,'
United States' Vast Wealth.
It I b' Kufo to nssiimo that tho weaUi
of tho. United States dfffein but llttlo
from thnl ot Great Britain and Russia
combined, nnd la blit;ht)y In oxcea?
In liko wanner tho rr.ijterty ot tho
United States ut the present time Is
doubtless slightly In excess of tho com
bined wealth or tlio richest? nations or
continental Kuropc France, with m
estimated valuation in 1S9G of ?f7,luC,
'583,000, and Uermnuy, with ?.19,1S0,
053,000 a total of 8t);341,14?.O0O.
Census Bureau.
Cost $1,400 to Collect $1.
Tho. most expensive member of Un
do Sam's custom servlco lu tho col
lector of tho port of tho Llttlo Kgg
hurbor (Pa,) dlsttlct. Il'u not hlu
ruult, however. Ho'b Juat as vlgllnnt
ns tho hnwks of tho grout port or New
York, wheio It coals nbqut three or
four cenln to collect one dollar of cus
loins. Dutlablo goods seldom como
Into Tuckcrton, and when 40 cent,s
was returned to Sccretaiy Slmw in
tho total ciistouiH ioccpts for thh
dlstilct, Collector Frank Willing I.eneh
didn't Bond with It a letter of apology.
Ho Just know lhat ho couldn't help It
It It hud cost I'nclo Sam nt tho rnto
ot ubout ?1,100 n j ear lo collect a dol
lar. Mr. Icach wan formerly scciotaty
lo Senator Quay. Ills appointment to
thu colectorshlp lwo years ago at u
fatilury of ubout $IiU0 annually was 11
suipilso, ror It was not known that
ho was a. candidate, llo'a willing tu
keop tho jilucc, however, and oven
nindo u fight to save hlu district, from
being nbollHhed, ns It Is likely to hi
along with a number of others woru
llio cost or colleollon Is enormously
nut of ptopoHlon to tho recelpls.
fletort Covrteous.
Ilo (mockingly! Mo.it matt llkn
"tho soft pillow of n woluuii's mind."
Hho (cutting!) Yts, because the."
feel thoy ncbd somotody olso's op!n
Ion to boliitor lUcut tip,
Parental Guidance.
To bti ticlful It thh oulv niimii of
parental victory; ,tb bp HaLclifnt vfllllo
Hecmlng Indlffe;icii(,'',l0 gtlldo wllli aa
tn tlblo hand. Luv'inla liarl.
In a Bad ytiy.
"I.ove," lenwrkB riu hrban philoso
pher, "Is blind, frequently dumf, dud,
ro tar an mivice iseoucoriicti, invnria
blT df,"-7Vshln;lftn ItMltl,
Outotrlppjnu Anything That Ever Hat
' Been Known In History Is the
Measure of Undo Sam'
Tho United States Is tho. wealthiest
country lu tho world. In tho brief
spun of its young llfo Ihlu lnfitnl na
tion of olir-,has broken all records to
luting tu tho accumulation of tlchoj,
and wo nro beginning to think ot bil
lions Instead of millions. Tuko II any
way j 011 like, njul thu nienauro ot our
nllluencc outstrips anj thing ibnt has
ever been known bcfoic, says the Now
York Sun.
Our counliy hns mote actual money,
moio gold, a" larger olumo ot exports,
gieatcr banking fnellltlcH. richer
farms, moro' producllvo mines, muio
mllllonuireB, moro well-to do tinder
men, moro Independent farmers, moro
highly paid laborers and a grcator ills
(rllmllon of tho limn lea which richer
bihig Ihau any other nation hns over
euloycd sluco time began.
One day last October Undo Sum
hud gathered Into his money ntorc
houao In Waahington the greatest
amount of gold over collected al. ono
plno in tho hlBtory of tho world
gold lopiesentlng ?S71,S93,S!)0. Thh
wnK( indeed n. high-water niurk. Wo
had thoro lu ono llttlo room moro gold
than was in circulation In Orcat LJrl
tulii. ' The laigvil receipt cyer glran, tho
grt-ateiil money, ttusl over undoilakcn
In history, wnH when thu present treas
urer of tho United Stales, Charles II.
Treat, went Into office. Ilo receipts to
Kills II. ttobcrts, the retiring treas
urer, for nil tho money nud securities
In tho vaults ot thu treasury, i total
or ?l,.,5!,598,278.Ct. II required fiom
July I to September C to count the
moucy, nud nt tho completion of tho
task the accounts balanced lo a frac
tion, Tho costliest governmental estab
lishment lu tho world Is the British
navy, upon which a billion and a hair
has been expended within tho last ten
cara. Yet threw Individual Anieil
caus Kockcfcllor, Carnegie and Clark
could havo paid tho whole bill and
still hao some" pocket money left.
The United Stntcs Is now spending
about a hundred millions a year on Its
navy, and wc nro now at thin kind ot
cxpendltiiio. Thut wo aio not invest
ing moro than wo can ufford Is shown
by tho fact that our dlaplny-lovliig
women spent $100,000,000 for dia
monds put chased In foreign lands dur
ing the last two ij'cars. In fact, wo
nro so rich that tho sulcs of produco
nud manufactured articles that wo aro
bending abroad each, year Is equal to
a sum sufficient, to ndpport all the
navies In tho world.
When It comes In Individual wealth
wo havo a dozen cJUzons who arc
worth moro than all rthc klugs and
rulers of tho world, taken collectively
or severally. Tho czar of RubMla Is
reputed to have a grcator lncomo than
any other living man, but his private
for.luuo Ib bo mixed up with trio gov
ernmental lovcuues that it is Impossi
ble lo sopnuto them. If a distinction
could bo nindo John D. Itockelollor
could undoubtedly make a comparison
with Iho wouk-splncd Nicholas, and
show tho blggeal pile. Tho ItuoHlnu
monarch's wealth is tho accumulation
of an emplio, centurion old in the mak
ing, while tho Ohio oil magnate can
remember when he had nothing.
To say lhat tho t'otal valuation of
tho wealth of tho United States Is
?107,000,000,000 is not understandable.
A hundred billion dollars lu such a
pllo of money that tho simple mind
cannot grasp, lis moanlug on tho In
stant. It is moro than twico tho total
amount of tho wealth of tho United
Kingdom, of France, or of Ooimany;
und ovor three times that of ItiiEsla
or of Austria-Hungary." Probably tho
best way of Illustrating tho nctual ox
lent of Undo Sam's riches la In stale
that if he could convert nil hlu assets
Into money ho would havt. nearly four
times as much as would bo required
lo pay off" tho cntlro national debt of
ull tho governments hiUho world, In
cluding bin own. ".-
Useless.' r.
It Is uselcsR to try, tocodvince the
man who bna his artns arodrtti a pretty
girl that lire Is a barrel waste.
Wise Precaution.
"Who put up that tbVcplpo?"
"My iiapa." "'''
"bid ho, havo tiny .troubio?'
"I tloti't know. Mfilntha tnado tho
go out of tlio room before ha started."
-flovoljifad LcadUi
, . ..-.
With the Jill.
A MnsachuuRtt doctor holds that,
dfcipll Inbdfrn tliobH.&i bleMltis l8
the only way 16 treHtt-paticnts.
Willi or wllhdut a kiilf? y0,c
Modern Hospitality,
Hospitality If lliat sM& something
ift c6hlpl k to mArAlM6-ft periton
iU im hitti and ihhrtiUJr-ror bdr-
Mi iiiiili in dPllli f'iir'j-iS y . .
...n ...,. ...., , -.- ilL..' X
r-.. --v 1
Odd Monument 'Over Grave of Veteran
of Indian Fight,
Tho longest epitaph In Arlington
National cemetery at Washington 1
lhat carved on tho strangely shapul
monument of Captain John W'illlania,
of tho marine corps, who died ot
woundn tccclvcd in an Indian flKhl In
riorldft in 1812. Tho inscilptlon fol
lows: "lleie lies tho lcmnlns ot John Wil
liams, Esq., lalo a captain In the Corps
of U S. Mnrltics. Was born in Staf
ford county, Virginia, tho 'Jlth ot Au
gust, 17C5. und died on tho 29th of Sep
tember, 1S12, ut Camp Now Hope, In
East Flor'ldn. Tho body of deceased
wn3 removed lo this spot, over which
Monument with Long Epitaph.
! Ib brother ofllccrs in the marine corp"
huvo caused this pllo to bo orcc.ted
In testimony of his worth and in theli
mournful admiration of ills girtlnnt
"On tho Uth of September, 1812,
Captain William?, on his march with a
command of 20 men to Davis crook
block house, In cant Florida, was at
tacked townrda evening by upwards of
60 Indians and negroes, who lay con
cealed in tho woods. Ho instantly
gavo battle, gallantly supported by lilt
men, who, inspired by his animated ex
ample, fought as long as thoy had a
caitrldgo left. At length, bleeding un
der eight galling wounds and unable
to stand, be was carried off tho battle
ground, whilst his heroic llttlo baud,
pressed by superior numbers, was
Toiccd to lelicat.
"Eminently characterized by cool lu
tiopldlty, Captain Williams evinced
during his short but sevcro conical
thosn military prcioqulsitea which
pualiry the offlcor for command, and II
his spheic or action was too limited tc
attract tho admiration of tho world, II
was sufficiently expanded to ciown
him with tbo approbation of, 1iIkcoiiii
try nnd to.afford his brcllnun ln4nrnts
an example as highly uso(uI U"tjhixlt
has sealed with honor thH fffebMpa
trlot soldier." ' '""$
Cnptuln Williams monument lis an
elongated pyramid with two long nud
two Phort. sides. The inscilptlon, which
Is In Hcrlpt lcttoiing, covers all fout
sides of tho ntonc. The ytone, thoupb
It appears largo In tne picture, i
barely a foot high. It way be of nand
stone, but to ono unskilled in cuch mat
tors, it appears to bo of molded ce
Waterway Called After Champlaln
Has Now No Designation.
1 1
A namo which Samuel Champlaln
applied to n certain waterway in our
country should bo revived. Cham
plain has been called "tbo real found
er and tho father ot Canada." lie
was also tho ili3t who carofully ex
ploied tho coasts or our New England,
yi'iua beforo tha coming of tho I'll
gilm Fnthors, and acurate and con
clso was his description of tho Bhorcs
and wntors that ho followed into
Penobscot and Boston bays, past Capo
Cod and along tho south coast to Buz
burds bay. Chnmplaln was a mode t
man, but for onco In his cat cor ho gave
hl3 own namo to a geographical feu
turc that which rnnrked tho end of
his discoveries In what aio now
United Slates watein. Ho wrote:
"Coasting along to tho southwcal
nearly 12 leagues, wo passed near a
river which is very small and difficult
tp approach because of shallows and
locks at Its mouth. 1 gavo It my
Seeing this waterway fiom tho deck
Of. his robBel, Champlaln mlsappie
bended Its nature It Is uot a liver,
but Is 9, shott aud nunow Jdxnlt, wid
cuing at two places Inland and con
necting tho waters of Buzzntds ba
wllh Vineydrd sohiul. The village ol
Wooda Holo stands on its northern
Td-flay this waterway tsehnts to have
no namo.' It la Vcty clearly mapped
on tho goternraont topographic oheot
but without n nfTrno. Tho lcddlhg
gAiotleor Wys mdrely that Wodd'J
Hoto Is situated On a smitU strait..
The fact haa b6cu forgoltOh that It
,vvu named by tho great cxploi or who
wa tho filst to Ctkll dltdntloit to It.
Secret or Jewish Success.
Undo fteilcinnn. t,ha wlMtuownNw
folk hankbr aud pulUnthrbplyt. t4s
aslifld several days dgo why Jcwa tu
vaHftUly succeed, and hlft rply was:
"My, lipio keep their hrd. work
harri And "pd thIr djlr tlrh In
The World's Habit of Ill-Uslna.
"Thcuch my complaint of tho world
la new, lta habit ot lll-urlng Is voiy
ancient. Columbus Whllo In Chains.
. Within Ourselves.
Thousjh wo travel tho world over to
find tho beautiful, we must carry It
with U3 or wo find It not. Emerson.
Mortality Among Children.
Of every ten chlldtcn born In Kt is
land and Walcp, only ficvon teach th
ago of 20. In France only oneh?lf
of the children born reach that ag,
and Irolnnd shows a still moro d?plor
tbl record.
When a man succeeds through
herding the 'advlco of others he Is
always inclined to think that )ila trl
timrh wohld havo ten moio biHtlcnt
If ho had (ono his own way.
Unjon Stock Yurds, Ills., Feb. 23.
Cattlcltcc'elpts 20,000: estimated
for- Tuesday, 0,000; market Htcatly 0
ahadu lower. Prime beeves, 5. CO fj)
0.&5; poor to medium 1.10 r.r0;
BtockcrH and feeders, 2.70 ffp 4.(13;
covvo and heifers, 2.70 (0 G.13;. ean
licrs. J..G3 p 2.00; Texaniv t!
Hogs ltccelpts 30,000; estimated
for 'Tuesday. 27.000: market 38c low.
cr;' light C.S0 ": rough U.S0 fD
O.l'O; mixed 7 7.10: heavy 7.03 &
7.10; pigs 0.13 0.b3.
Sheep Ufcelpts 25,000; CHtlmntud
for Tuesday, IS.000; market steady;
native sheep, a. 50 0.03; western
bhcCp :i.73 11 3.05; native lambs,
I.7B 7.C5; western Intnbf, 5.10
Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 23. Cattle
Itccclpla 133 loads; market
steady. Choice, 3.70 0; prime,
v-,50 G 5.03; good 5.20 5.10:
tidy butcher, 1.00 ft 5.15; lair 1.10
(fp 4.50; choice helfo, 1.50 gc 5;
coinmou to fair hcirerc. 2.50 (T 1:
bulla, 2.50 Q 1.50; fat eowa, 2
1.25; good fresh cows and spring
ers, ?25 Q ?50; common to fair, ?1G
Sheep aud lambs Receipts 10
loads; market active aud 15 to 20c
higher; prlmu wethers, 5.05 5. S3;
good mixed 5.5 TO 5.00: fair mixed
4.03 g 3.23; ciilla nnd common,
2 (y),a: laiubjj 5 7.00; veal calves,
9 (ff 0.50; heavy nud thin. 1.50
Hoga Receipts 10 dfjuhledceks;
market, active. Prima heavy hogB,
7.15:" mcdluniH and heavy yorkcre.
7.5(1 fy 7.35; light yorkcra, 7.53:
plga, 7.15; roughs, C & 7; stag;', 5
Chicago, Feb. iiJ.-Whcall-3
(n) 3-8o bettor but J-S nnd l--o be
low be-t price rcueJieil. .Muy sold
between 77 0-8 and 7S Il-l; opening
nt 78 ami clo'in-,' ut 78 1-J; .luly
between 78 1-1 and "U 1-S, open
hig nt 7S 5-8 mill closinj; at 7S 7-S;
No. 'J icd winter 7(i and 77.
Dulutli reported New York us resellers-
of Durum wheat tlieto tuul
early bujers hero vvetu sellers lato.
TJujI news on wheat poured into
iho pit in latfro quantities. Tt in
cluded heavy buying of cash wheat
at various points of tho world ami
largely on .Russian account. Ktig
laiul -was- also reported a bij; buyer.
L'onsiderablo Canadian wheat was
sold in .bojid in various positions.
Cash wheat was in better demand
here. World's shipments were lcs
than expected at 11,0112,000 bushel
Imt 'nearly H,000,000 bushel moro
thnu last yenr.
Corn-l-S .'l-Sc lower; lay
sold bcl h gen 47" 1-1 and ""'17 U-lj
cpi'iiiug ut -17 ,3-1 and closing at
47 fi-S July between 40 fi-S ' mid
47 1-S; opeuhijr at 47 and closing
nt40 7-S; No. 3 yellow 1J and 411
Irrogiilnr and tmscltleil. Coimid
orublp prcsstu'o was shown on hard
4i. r""18 luul lmlii "'I' lo l-'o
tii ',,1" y fioltl uot'eiiii 41 7-8 und
4j. -J, opeiiln- at jo , clo3ln
H 42,1-4; July bulween .- 1-2 nud
00 ia. opptini!,' tit 7 C-8 and clos
ln?,lll.8.r ;W; lN0- - -vvliilo 43.
. I'mvisioiiH-D mid il' l-2c lotyev;
lhv ili-odtlcts rahyed: Pork 10,00
ft id lOiSO; lithl ).7L 1-2 mid O.SOi
ribs fj.112 1-2 nnd 0.30,
tbLBDO OilAll.
77 0.1; May SO 3.1; July ail "'
ovpicpuur OU 1-S,
Coiil-Cdsh in n'i. iv i a 1 i.
J-dly j8 S.8: September 4S 7S.
0.-itft-Cnah 43 1.2: May i3 1-t;
July 30 l-i; Scplbmber 81 1.4.
Rye No. 1. 72 1-2; No. 2, CD 1.2:
NO. 3, 07 J. 2. 1
OloverHctuUCash 8 February,, 8;
Mai'flll 8- Atll-ll 7.RD- nt-lilit, ntli lln
i,te. e
Daily Market Report
Primo ilmot1)2.20. iG'T,; ,,' "
Tho amAtinc of money you
havo lost by keeping your
spare rottms vacant so long.
A largo tntmiu it not? Make
up your mind that you will
loso money no loiiRcr in thU
way. Havo your ad inserted
in Tho Mirror for a week
which will cost you GO cents.
Your room will then bo
rented. Chord commission to
pay, is it not?
Phono ada to No. 9 cither
ANTED An experienced farm
baud by tho year. Addrwa It,
Mirror. l-28.tfd&TT
WANTDD-Clrl to do tfmicral house
woik. Permanent. 502 S. Stato
" "ot. LIthor phono S3 or Boll
038 It. 2-0.tr
WANTKD 23 g'wd bench' or floor
tnolders Steady eniployjueut ind
good wages. Zanesvllle Mallcnblo
Co., Zanoavllle, O. 2-20-Ct
WANTED Position ns farm uaud
or manager. Om give referenced.
Am married. C. D. It., Dox 223
Marlon. 2-20.6t
WANl'ED-Wnshliig to do at Lome!
uMrs. Cochrum. No. 2 Kenton At.,
Phono 2 on S19.
WANTED Sewing ot all kluds.
First class at very reasonable
prices by Mrs. G. T. Klngcry ,'at
C07 North Prospect or by Citizens
phone, 1.107S.
FOR SALE-3 modern liousea ou
11 hard Aveuuo (catit side) between
Bcllcfontaluo Aveuuo aud Columbia
street. Inqulro 117 1-2 South
Main street or Citizens' Phori
FOR SALIS-A No. 8 cook btove.
good as new, coal or wood. Juit
half price, CG'J E. Church, or nd
dress S., euro .Mirror. "u
PUULiIU SALE 1 will offer ut public"
sale Thursday, Feb. 28", four mlle3
west of Marion, ou Gurley pike,
horses, cows, 'sheep, farm utensil?,
hay and grain und other articles.
2.23-3tpd JOHN M. MARKKA.
FOR SALE-8 room hoii.se. Inquire"
at 23!) Dlalnc Avenue.
qulro at 107 W. George Street.
ING McClaln's will pack, ehlp 01
storo your hosehold goods, quickly,
safely, economically. Either phont
338. 7-monfrttl
will cry sales of every description
at reasonable rates. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Your interest Is my
Interest. Office rooms, Court street.
Both phone?. Marlon, Ohio.
Your Real Estate or Business
No Mattor Whoro Located.
Properties and Business of all kind
old quickly for cash in all parts
of the United States. Don't wait.
Write today describing what you
have to sell and givo cash price 'on
iny kind of Business or Real Ka
tato anywhere at any pries writ
mo your requirements. I can saw
you time and money.
418 Kanaafa Avanii. .1
Chicago, Feb. as.-RggaIktroa
30: firsts 27; primo flrsl3 28.
Mullor-KxtrdH Hi cicaniory, 32 1-fi
jiino extras 2? l-2ni-r
Cheese Twins 3 3-2; yoiinii
AniorlritB, 14 1.4 ft 14 1.2. " '
Iilvo noultryTurltei'a. bonit llr
clilckchs, hcus, H; . duct 12 'goose,
per ooscn, 70 g ii.oy.
Now Yorkf I'abj 2&J-Ebbs-R.
eblpls 8,503 paokUgost lowor. Near
by whlto fancy 32 txtra nilscd.s.aa
G 30; wstoni flhril, tJS'lilif flMl-l
28'j wlitliOrh 20 eP'SS. ' ' ' ' ' ,
' c
1 jttSf fe
ssssIL I.4S1 El
lilF' '
I, )
1 &.,'- "'' ..
Jr- V '
-a v
'1 .
i ..' "-.y. j
;,v "' B. .'. .;( " M.'. .
' . ' l i . , - j . 1 1 t l -' -l .. KlL
.1 t -, . ' . li. ' 'I 1.1,'' .. 1. '',.
1 "fts A,; d iiWjn' Atr V--'"- - 1
., V

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