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Present System Comes In For
. . Many Hard Knocks.
lPhe Ohle Tax Commission Will
Makea a Thorough Investigation of
the iUbJect Able Address of At-
i t'o'rney General Ellis.
The, monihers nt tlio, ?tntn Tn-r fnm.
i,no memuers or tno btnto inx umv
lalssloir, 'recently nppcintod by Govor-
or HnrrtB, havo a most Impoitnnt
work before thorn. They nrc nkln;
... , . .
Up to tho arduous duties that confront
thctA. ,
TJHIs commlseloh was proposed by
iho business organizations of tho
etato. At tho last convention of tlio
Republican imrtr a. ntniik was Includ
ed In tho stnto plntform nsklug for tho
appolhtmeiit of a liodrd to lnvc3tlgalo
th Important question of taxation.
Acting hnon that request, Governor
Marrln appointed n Qomtnlslson, as
follown: Wado II. Kills, Attorney Gen
eral, cbnlrmun: Atlcc Poinerene. at
torney, Canton, srerotnry; Gcorgo K
Martin, attprncy, lmcastcr; Thomas
w..., uiwivj, .V.I..VUOIVI , wivjiu.in
H. IlOgsclt, nttouiuy, Clewlaml, and
Alfred C. Cassatt. attorney, Clncln-
In tonderlng tho upiiolniments to
(ho gentfemen named, Gorernor TIar
ni wrote 10 eacn oi mom tins letter:
"In obedience to the general public
eAtlnleht throughout the State, which
tin boen expressed In the action of
various business nnd professional as
sociations, I, have determined to np-
Bfiint nn honorari (riuinilHHlfin nf flvi
ll.W.oWa citizens to examine tho ,ithrVi!?,,USSu?on,,wal,0 cm
taxation iawa of Ohio and lecommend i..,ih.i in ,, i.iii proscnted In the lasi Gen
eral At-aonihly, linor.n in tho ltbna bill.
f CUVtUND. VVT T f . tlHCINMATI. ttf
to mo for transmission to tho next sen- .
Biou of tho Genera! Assemlilv Riioh
biuu ui mo ucntrai Assunuij sitcn
uuuiiKua ur niiiuiiiuiicuiu in mo or
ganic or statute law of tho Mnto as
will adjust any Inequalities that may
exist In the burdens of taxation and
ovolve a ygteni in lino with tho best
puulla policy and with tho most ad
vanced thought upon tlio aubJect.'S
Tho 'meinbeiH of tho commission
have held two moetlugs at Columbus.
These meeting)) demonstrated that
thero Is unusual Intmobt throughout
tho state In tho subject of tax leforni. 1
Every rrfau who linb so fur apneared
bcfoip tho commission, niul tlio hun
dreds who bavo written letters to tho
members, ngreo that tho tax laws of
Ohio aro 'woefully deficient and tint
ftometblng mttbt bo dono to ornillcnto
the altoudant evils and Ineiiuulltlcs.
The las Commlbtilon bus before' It
great work. As tho date of the
nAAtlnCT nf ihn Inrlntlllnvh nnnr,,nli,
jf ItWlHecrimo moift dinicult and try.
mfi In. k tUe tt-fwmxl It iti..LM....M ... I...
1 1 the iijiin ?of tho commission to hold
eetng8flt least oucp month and
lnvUe nulilirir men who htno stutllod
A , Jm Bbbleot H attend find exhioHit
''rfdena on tiio tnomeiiloilH qiie'
t O' boo Kejui taxation, tjiih woik wi l
jh' V ,"UpWmetiteil by oxteiihlvo cone
iVftipoadecd' wjtb" experts and others
i.'l,-'fK: "FP" Inteiested In the subject
ltW(TUfl)UIII Mil tuuuii
uildtniy Gnrternl Ellis hrts trono Into
K .IWiftr'k with tbo vig0.r Hint t'linrnc
K i"'trlWB tjio; cbnduct of his Ipipprtant
Ms- vMiM. HcUinM fbo unnuailllod Htinnor.
f Viry"ro.ombor of thn commlsisnn
MUMneQDtii annual jupcllngul
Slit, Stale' Board of CommeFee,
cpwmfeitfl Dec. 1,1 a,hd 14, WW,,
r',(ral flljla vriH failed
('WirtdresH on.the subject i(
nii ., : -
I taxation, la the courso of his ie
' marks Mr. ".llls said:
' I do not J-noW Hint 1 could discuss
with you nnjlhliiK more interesting, any
thing mnrri important, anything mow
Immediate nt liny rule, tliali tlie work of
Hie Ohio Trt. C!iiiiiIkIum, '
Wo have been holding some nttbliu
meeting" and hive lioon hearing from
rcoplc Interortcd In taxation fioni nil
part of tho state We have foiinil the
profoumlrst public Interest In tho ques
tion; wo ivive found everybody throuith
nut tlio stnto who has porno In contact
vlth tlio commission In any way to bo
deeply Impressed with tlie necessity for
n serious hmlci standing of exltlittr
cVIN If such tlioro bo-In tlio tax law
of Ohio, nnd foi practical reforms.
Tlio Inequalities, 'of course, are gener
ally udinlttcd. The Injustice, tho vnga
He of the nv.tom or luck of system
'""'or Which we have auffered for a Rood
nmnj. M.ar ,,y m,g0 pf lhn i,t or ,.,(,,
plan upon which the tax laws of tho
tni' line boe-i t.itllt tip-thoge are ml-
mil it'll i iy nvrryiHiuy. i uc rcuicruius Mir
posed hio o.no of Miotn tmlqtic, nomn of
them novel, iriort or them entcttntnint;,
but It li a ourlTiii fact that In very few
tilntiincCH do Ino'n v.ho pioikjko any re
form In tlio (a tawi of Ohio titke Into
conxldeiutlou tho IokhI nbatuele or tho
constitutional liarrlern In tho way of put
tluc Into Immediate effect the proposed
ehinKOS In tho tn law.
U K Bojiornlly ndmltteil that pernnnl
properly, whether It ought or ought not.
nt leant doon not bear Its fair share- of
tho burden of (uvolloti. It li a notorious
fart. h uc all know, that dmlng the
lout SO vonri personal propel ty ha bo
cotno more and more elinlvo, lo and le.is
open to tho lav Ktheier. nnd leal prop
city has been IncroanlnK In nlu nt a
far ureatrr rale throughout the Mate
i than personal property. Fifty yearn hbo,
for rvainplo, personal property had rt
nluo of about throo-nrths that of real
, l',P! iV'",y '' l?,.,.lb.?"K t?:.',1(l!,s- . ..
I f. ill" im uirj-mvii in iiiinni) uimiu
In poiiio puarter' that you can not uxj
pormnal prop-rtx nnd that, thorefor:
tho sOnslblo thine to do In toittop trylnir:
and thr popn.ltloti una nnido tho oilier
day bfore our romnilxlom that u
oiiht to nhollNb nil laxe.i upon personal
propel Iy: II a yfrlously nindo by a
thoughtful Kluflinl of tho taxation ques
tion. Of ram Hd be entirely overlooked
the fact that that would require a con
stitutional amendment.
nf course ll o Tax Commission hive
"pi'aru to reprownt the vions pf Mayor
' '." bo" " ' "''" """ ""out the
, JCinB n,,u u,c s:iund ta.vdupllcute of
j tho stato franchise vuluos. and pailhu-
iauy hut rranehiHes of puhllc scrvlco cor
porations Now, thin propoacd bill from Cleveland
provides that there shall be n levy for
stnto purpiMov of sl-lcutlin of one per
rent upon this frunchlan property, or
rather, upon the valuo of these stoukn
and lionils tnnt hftvo escaped taxation,
iml hero ainilii those who han proposed
tlilH measure have not taken Into consid
eration nt nil unclllior very serious eon
stltiillonul dlmeiiiiy. An sou know. It
I niakei ery llttln dlffcrenco whether
fmuvhlso i property, no a va held ta
b 1 1 tlio I ulteil Stutea tiupienio .omt In
nn Ohio case, or whether It Is held not
to be propoit, as held by lint Kiipronio
I'omt can' of Ohlot tvlirthor1 It W prop
erly oi a not piojM-ity. nhcther It Is
taxed dlieelly or Imllirotl, If It Id taxed
as pmperty. mrnlfejtly It imi.n Pq taxed
nt n nlform rate and, thrcefoie, h(.
leiillm nf onA per cent qpojl tluh prop
iTtj;, no! Ii'Iiik iiJiulfoim talc, mould bo
beyond the i.oustltutlouul power of tho
General Assembly 10 Ie,vy1
it bus bten MiiBtrcilrd that ibtt ilre?t
liiheillhiilc la.v, or. soinnthlui like, llmt
whleli wiih jiopoHled luei ivlptor; should
be lu-cnuutccj Into law, .That lW P'rom
li.ed to i'nliieu t biippojie. tspO.DpO or JtlOO,
(inn per your, )l p)6vldi forMtto per
Cent upon all liihvjtnui'tn over J3.VQ0,
and tno per cCnl Up-jtr t't lol Amount,
rthntotrr It tnlRlil jie; 'ib fnlterltaneo
lax- U o rr)vIKi taVjU' Is:rj6t a property
tut, therefore, (hern tj no mlulronifht
ttl'on tho (iMiornl Assoriibly in ibe ennct
ment of Inlieiitanco lawn to kep at a
uulfoim nile or to allovy only the oxeinp
tloiiK vihlob aro nilmlcslblo with reitard
to exemption of ieul mid personol prop
erly. Vhnt the Tax Comnilsi(oii jnowt dt
sins lo do, and In (bis It, Wants the co
operation unit amlblnift'O of all public
spli Hod ultttcu! thioughout the stato. If
lu uri'otnpltiili somo" pr.ictlcal reform In
tin? nni)l Iwatlon, We may not bo
ubli" o tteiniro at mice a loiioat, oeloli
Ilk' inelhod, ,ir tein of taxiitlgu. That
liiay bo h matter of slor growth. TM
moHt hilportant thln Is to se that
wlmtever. ktep we th whotimr.lt b
lontr or Abort, tiall ba In the right dl-
Howells ai Three
e- j
j score and Ten. J
J1K nation. Indeed the world.
has Just been celebrating the
m.,iii,i ..r r.ftn..roii.v'M l.t id.
nnd now the public !. remind
v. .......,, ... ..-.. ,
ed that one Of the greatest of IIvIiik
Ameileau men of letters. William Demi
Ilovvells, has reitchcd tlteaeote and
ten, at whfeh uge n muu l.i Mipposeil to
.... .,.,.. .... ..... , t,
no uiiiu w iriuu " "ii iiiiiilii ii .- w
desires. Hut. thdip,'h Mr. Ilowellt iuts
won laurels lu plenty, bo evinces no
disposition to eease from winning
more, and bis literary output shows no
pnrtleuliu- diminution in iuantHy or
deterioration lit quality. Mr. Howells
luts tecelvcd many coiigrutubitlous on
coining to n good old nw without
serious impairment of bit mental or
physical powers. Ills place In Amer
lenu literature Is ueettre. nnd,- while It
Is too C-nrly yet to determine bla exact
rank among his contemporaries, no one
competent to Judge questions bis right
to n permuuent place in tho temple of
Mr. Howells was born ou Maich 1,
1S.'IT, and. Ill.e. so ninny other men who
have made their murk lu the world. Is
a native of Ohio. It wits In the little
town of Muijtlim Kerry that he llrst
saw the light." lie H a graduate of it
news) aper Hilllee. wlileli Is gonenilly
regarded ns duo of
tlie biMt Institutions
of learning n oiing tiiuti can nttend.
Honorary degrees havo conic to hlui
from Yale' ami IMrvnrd, (.'olitmbla iitnl
Oxford. His inherited taste for litera
ture was lutenslllcd by lite atmosphere
which pervaded bis fnlhor's printing
ollleo and editorial room, for the nov
elist's sire was n euuntry editor, and
It bus been said that the papers he Is
sued possessed ii literary flavor some
wlui t beyond the uptu'cchttlou of tho
pioneer community to which tboj were
addressed. Till chitrnctorNiia mid bis
jidvaueed abolition seiititucnls mndo
Journallbiii mi uncertain proposition. for
the senior Howells.
The future apostle of realistic Action
lu America served Ills apprenticeship
COPvniCHT my VAHarH wuiir.
at the enbe nnd aided his father in ed
iting the different papers the latter
published mid lu ItOO boeamc Coluui
bus coirespoiident of the Cincinnati
Gazette. Three je.tr lalor, nt twenty
two, he wus uppoluted news editor of
the Ohio Mtnte .luuriial. He then bad
it consuming ambition to become a
great pnel, nnd somo of his verso had
been published In tho Atlantic Month
ly. It was lu ISrp that his rltst vol
ume of poems was published. Tho
net ,vear he appeared lis author of tt
campaign life of Abraham Lincoln, and
this vvns worth writing, not only be
niubc It had n great personality as Its
subjeel. but' nls j because it brought
Howells a consulship at Venice, put
him In the way of sluJylng tho Italian
language and literature and thus bad
a potential lutlueuec upon bis subse
quent career. He remnlued nt Veulce
until I Ma. ami the Impressions of Ills
stay there worn embodied In "Venetian
Life." IfeUti, nnd "Italian Journeys,"
JSCT. On bis return lo the United
States he wus for a tlmo connected
wlib tlie New YOil: Trlbuuo and the
New York Times mid also with tbo Nn
tloli, lie served for some years ns ed
itor of (he Atlantic Monthly arid for a
half dOiCfii j ears conducted tho critical
department of Harper's Monthly called
"Tho iCillloi's Slody." Ho bus also
been editor of the .Cosmopolitan Mag
nzlue, His published works almost
equal In. utiijiber the years of ht life.
Viliou Columbia university gave Mr.
Howells the degree of doctor of letters
Proi'tij,bor Ilurr'y Thurston Peck n pre
septlug it .said;
71 uoiihi bo superfluous In mo to
flhmucrnto In, thU prcieneb hls niony
tllCa"lo ovrdnilrntlon.iVrhptlicp'aB etu
dvnt oml expositor of Italian pootvy, ns
cirfavlst or as eilllo. .tVJieh vvo epchk his
nknid vvr lltnk im of nil of what h
(as nelllnvijil lie llterdturu thratiKh tho
medium Of (lotion. ItilsHiriiv In a narrow
! pernio that no '$11 It fictloK. In n.broaaer
(inn n)vr? veracioua ssnss inat netluit'ls
ns Jruo j irttth Itscjf, Thfuugh It ho hn
become, us )t ncre. tho Interpreter of his
nun cdufiti'Mncn lu thetnsohce. And 'ho
has been lumcthliig more than this1, for
Jic hrS sono doivn linteulh Ihoso purely
superficial differences and Peculiarities
nhleh wpstltunf lli (jpeo that aro called
patluimt and Ji.m N'mrcjnnl of tho ooul of
that humanity which In uilvcrsat,
Helow urn it few nujiloin quotations
from Mr Uowulls' woikn wlilelf may
m efjed us 'ltoVellslsulS;"
StnrrliiBO Is ,i peipctuul bJtdon. conccs
Mdu, itin rctidei. It's an evprlastliiB glvlntf
tipl Hint's' tin fllvlno thin about It.
Ifn 'iiK Hot tiio nf thoHd men who rush,
IIKii klr, id to pyory- empty bldce, Ho bkd
Hjf gift bf refJceiice. and tho lady who
had plunncd tho vpotuun bi'hld his slf
control with aJniirattoin t
(C.Thcrii s nothing has really s6 strong a
d4f eitlnh as love, tihd that ii vory, Itleky,
Wilrift what.,tnnnirol4 exiieritpcos lovo
""? - "
KhT Ton Hro call "for I-Uly?
Oh. my, 1'weenhitnon'-wecth you!
t chow you ull,da lucd',tb nto
An' ftlt dn bestn Wopla, too.
An' evi-atlicewr ? oir vaht. my f rand,
Ho you could know w'en you aro through
' AH thcctiK" con dat so grnnda land
Oh, my. i wcesn i rok' wtit youi
T .BV. .,,..,. bnvfor1 vnll .
fr-tl.l r.kAt T tb.H .!. t .l
I tal you all nu wnnt'rrto tab
! W'nt c cet you waell llko for knowT
Da churcha7 No; not Rome, my frand.
I tal you eer s ou want for iioa
Da fines' wans ocn all d land
You tnuita no for Napoll.
Da muilc7 You are fond of oetT
Wal, den, bayllevo m eef X Bay
' Er,"0JN'nn. p,'iv r11Brl', " 8wet'
I t'lk-o rJanda Nnpol o'p ay.
w'nt klndd. wlnoT Cli antll Oh
My frand. you must have taste of datl
Da best ecs mak from grapes dat grow
By Napoll, so boop, so fatt
Eh? Where d. besta peopht leevo?
Wal, now, I want you com to m
Bayforo you sail, an' 1 weell greeve
You names fom' frands een Napoll!
Eh? Where da prltta ladles" eci?
Ah, my! Ravenna ce da place,
Not Napoll for flndln. dees.
Ravonna girls ecs gotta faco
So sweet and teeth so whlto as snow,
So brlghtn eyes, so black da hair
Ravenna ecs my town 7 Oh, nol
My Rosa she ees com' from der.
You know, I com' from Napoll.
Dat'a how I know no mo'Och to tal
About da besta tlieengs to see;
You see, I know dem vera wal.
Eh? Wal, good day, my frand. Oh, nol
I glad for tal you w'at to do
Een Uetaly baj foro you go
Oh, m I weesh I fifon weoth youl
T. A. Daly in Cathollo Standard and
An Interruptsil Ixrlmnt.
"Tbo ntnu who Invonted the machln
that automatically milks, cows hns do-
TSC(i nn uttacbm'ent 'tbat' will utlllw
tho waste energy fn a mule's hind
"How docs it work?"'
"Ho hasn't completed his experi
ments. Ho attadbed tbo device all
right, but tho mule bad a little waste
energy that the Yuachlne didn't take
up. This excess, which was stored In
tho mule's left hind leg, was banded to
tho Inventor with great suddenness
and much vigor."
"HoW far did tbo mulo kick him?"
"As far as tbo nearest hospital, tNro
miles and a half uwajV Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
A Trade Trick.
"I'm told that Pcnnem, the author,
has gone Into tho rcnl estate business,"
remarked Large.
"Yes," replied Little. "He's building
half n dozen bouses. Curious thing too.
He's making u specialty of the base
ments." "Probubly he'o going to advertise
them ns tho six best cellars." Wom
an's Home Companion.
RESOLUTION NO? . Declaring
II necessary to Improve Paik Boule
vard front Center street lo South
lino of lot 1688 by gVadlng, setting
curbs and crossings, constructing the
necessary drains and retaining walls,
gutters nnd catch.bablns, determin
ing1 the general nature of tho pro
posed Improvement, the grado there
of, nnd approving plans, specifica
tions and profiles theicfor.
13c It resolved by the Council of
tho City of Marlon, State of Ohio,
tbreo.fourths ol nil tho members
elctced thereto concurring.
A. That It is hereby declared
necessary to Improvo Park Boule
vard fiom Contor fatrcot to the south
lino of lot 1688 by grading, .sotting
curbs and crossings, constructing
the necessary drains, retaining walls,
catch.baslns and gutters, and paving
tlKi roadway with vitrified brick
block In accordance with tho plans,
specifications, estimates and profiles
of tho proposed Improvement pre
pare,! by tho City Engineer aud now
on fllo In tho office of the Board
of Public Service, which are hero
by approved,
B. That the grade of said streot
at improved shall be as shown on
bald plans nud profiles, to.Tvlt: the
eflablfshcd grade.
C. That tho whole cost of said
Improvement, less one.flftleth thore
ni and the cost of intersection, shall
bo assessed by th foot frontago up.
o:i tho following described lota ami
pnml4 to-wit: All lots and lands
bounding and abutting upon tho
proposed Improvement, which said
lets and lands are hereby determined
lo be especially bencflHid by said
Improvement; and tlio costs of said
Improvement shall include tho cx
ptnso of preliminary aud other sur.
yeys, nud of the printing nnd pub
Ishlng Of notices, cost of construct.
Ing, together with interest on bonds
kuned in anticipation of Iho collcc.
tlon of tho deferred Installments of
otbcssnlcnts uud other necessary ex-
D, That ho assessment so to be
Jurloj Bjiftll bo paid in,' teh amiual
lustallmenls, with interest, on do.
urred payments not to nviimi' aiv-Yai
per eout. per annum prbvidfiig' that J
.". "niitiroi any property s usjesscd
uuy ut his bpU.jii, puy.such ussesa.
incut in eash or uhy nunlpor of lu-
HtpIlhimiU of the bamo at Any tliuo
aftor hucI' nBseiSsiiieiit haa been lev.
wiin merest lo tho nokt soml,
'"Tr1 ,,,1Atd.re8t ,,uy of MM uoid
5 MW!HB the (lnte ot Payment.
Bf That bonds of the Olty of
Mnrloit, Ohio, shall bo Issued In an
tlclliatlon of the collectfon of thB
hwessments by lnstallmerit and In
an amount equal thereto.
I' That the rcmalfader of. tho
ontli'o cost shall bo paid by the Is.
suauco of bonds as Mtotked ' by
Pasied March , m
-.Tfc r-
AY tfAt)ir. . iM7. S
W wy - - -
Seherff. -
by tho- Mayor,
Attest: William Flos, City Clrk.
StarV a j-irjl07. Mirror . 3 9, 1(1 JW
1 - ;" " m
itESpLUTION NO. 10.' Declaring
It necessary to improvo Grand avc.
line of tfie right of way1 of tho Cw
line fo the right of way of tho C.
C, C. & St. L. li. tt., by- grading,
setting curbs nnd crossings, con
structing ,thd necessary drains nftd
retaining walls, gutora and catch,
bnsjns, determining tho general na.
turo ot tho proposed Impro'.emcnts,
thf grade thereof and approving
plans, specifications and profiles
I)o It resolved by the Council oT
tbo City of Marion, Stnto of Ohio,
three-fourths of all tho mcmboM
elected thereto concurring:
A. That it Is horeby declared
necessary to Improve Grand avenue
from Center stroct to the south lino
of tho right of way of the C.,C,
C. & St. L. R. It., by grading,
setting curbs arid -:ros3lngs, con
structing the ileccs8ary drains, re
taining walls, catch.baslns nnd gut.
tors, and paving tho roadway with
vitrified brick block In nccordnnco
with the plans, specifications, csti.
mates nnd profiles of the proposed
Improvement prepared by tho City
Engineer and now on fllo in tlio of
fice of the Hoard of Public Service,
which arc hereby approved.
B. That tho grade of said street
as Improved Bhnll bo ns shown on
said plans andprofllcs, tolwlt: tbo
established, grade,.
C That the whole cost of said
improvement, less ono.flftlelh there
of and tho cost of Intersection, shall
bj assessed by the foot frontage
upon the following described lots
and lands to.wlt: Ail lots nnd
lands bounding and abutting upon the
proposed improvement, which said
iois and lands are hereby dctcrmln
ed to bo esivooiaiw iinn,.., ,"."..,
Improvements ,i i, "., 7, T'.u.
- f -.. miu woj ui rum
Improvement shall includo the ex.
penso of preliminary and other 'sur.
vcys, and of the printing and pub
lishing of notices, resolution and
ordinances required cost r.f en.,
.Btructlng, together with Interest on
.iu 10uuU in anticipation' of the
collection of tho deferred Install,
merits of assessments and other noc-
ct-sary expenses.
D. That the assessnmnt an in i,
levletl sliall be paid In ten anflunl
installments, with Interest on defer,
red payments not to, exceed six (0)
per cent, por nnnum, providing that
tho owner of any property assessed
may, at his option, pay such nssesft.
mont In cash or any number of In
stallments of th0 same nt any time
after such assessment has been lov.
led, with Intorost to the next semi
annual Interest day of said bonds
next following the date of paVmont.
'"" o-miiib or tiio city of
-MJiiiun, unio, snail be toucd in
anticipation of tho collection of tho
assessments by Installments and l;t
an amount equal thereto.
I' That- he remainder of tho en
tire cost sliall be paid by "tho issu.
aneo or bonds ns provided by law,
Passed March I, 1807.
President of City Council.
Approved by the Mayor, Louis
Attest: 'William Fles, City Clerk.
Star 3.8-15.07. Mirror 3 9 lti 07
RESOLUTION NO. 7. Declaring
I. necessary to Improvo Glrnrd
aveuuo from Columbia street' to
Bpllefontaino avenue by grading,
sotting curbs and crjsbliiKs. eon!
struotlng tlie necessary drains ami
retaining walls, gutters nnd citcli
bchlns, determining the' general na.
turo of the proposed Improvement,
tho grade thereof, and npprOvlug
plans, specifications and prolies
Bo it resolveJ by tlio Council of
the City of Marion, stato of Ohio,
three-fourths or all tho membors
elected thereto concurring:
A. That it Is hereby declared
necessary to Improve GIrard avenue
from Columbia street to Bellefon.
talne avonuo -by gradlnc. sottlmr
cuibs, nnd crossings, constructing
tho necessary drains, retaining wnlls,
catchi-baslns and gutters, uud paving
the roadway with vitrified brick
block In nccordaiieo With tho plans,
specifications, estimates and nroillcs
of tho proposed improvement pre;
pared by the City Engineer, nnd
now on fllo In the office of tlio
Bounl of Public Service, which aro
horeby approved,
B. That tho grade of said street
a4 Improved shall be as shown on
said plans and profiles, to-wit; the
t'Biuousneu grade,
C. That the whole cost or said
Improvement, Jess oncllftjeth thore
or unJ. tho cost of intersection,, shall
IK' assessed by tlio foot frohlairo no
on tho following described Ibts and
lauds, to-wit: All Jo.ts uud lands
bounding and abutting upon tho
pro'poHed Improvement, which fcild
Iota and lands arc ioiu6y dctcrmln.
cd to bo especially bonellted by said
improvement; and that tho cobts nf
sold ' Improvement shall Include tho
expense of .preliminary and other
surveys,'' and of the printing and
publishing of notices, cost of con
structing, together with' interest on
bends Issued In anticipation of the
collection of the deferrod install,
ments of assessments arid other nec
eesary expenses, ' )
D. That the assessment so in bo
lovjed shall be paid Jn ten annual
Installments, with Interest on.de.
iitiiriwiiiWBiB, wun interest on , ae. .Approved ny tno Mayor.U Leuis 4 uvtteat .Will a4n.FJii;'fty CWrk. ,.
m tier cont. per annum, ''providing
Min'l iti., hVii.ii nf nnv tilMMrtv u-
stssoj may, nt his option pay such
assessment In cash or any number
of Installments of tho SBme at ay
tjnre after snejt asscssmn'nt haW, been
levied, with Interest to the next
soni'Lanliuol interest day of said
bonds next following tho date of
E. That bonds of tho City of
Marlon, Ohio, shall bo Issued In an
ticipation of the collection of tlio
assessments by Installments nud In
an amount equal thoreto.
F. That -the remainder of tho on
tiro cost shall bo paid by tho issu
ance of bonds ns provided by law.
Passed March 4, 1007.
President of City Council.
Approved by tho Mayor, Louis
'Attest! William Flcs. City Clerk.
Star 3.8-115.07. Mirror 3 9 10 07
RESOLUTION NO. 8. Declaring
It necessary to improve Cherry street
ftom Columbia street to Bellcfon.
tnlue aveiyie by grading, setting
curbs' ' dnd crossings, constructing
the necessary drains nnd retaining
walls, gutters nnd catch-basins, de.
itofrninliig tho gonexnl taaturo of
tho proposed Improvement, tho
grado thereof, and approving plans,
specifications and profiles therefor.
He It resolved by tho Council of
the City of Morion, State of Ohio,
three-fourths of all the members
olected thereto concurring:
A. That it is hereby declared
necessary to improve Cherry street
from Columbia stroct to Bellcfon.
Inlne nvcnuo by grading, setting
curbs, and crossings, constructing
the necessary drnins, retaining walls,
catch-basins nnd gutters, and pav
ing the roadway with sheet asphalt,
or hard burned brick or block, in
accordance with the plans, speclflca.
uu'"' "" anu proiucs ot tne
.1''W'1 Improvement prepared
the City Engineer and now on file
lr the office of the Board of Public
Service, which nro hereby approved.,
B. That the grade of said street
a3 Improved shall bo as Bhown on
sold plans and profiles, to.wlt: tho
eMnbll3hcd grade.
C. That the wholo cost of said
improvement, less one-fiftieth there
of and the cost or Intersection, shall
be assessed by the foot fruitage
upon tlio following described lots
mid lands, to.wlt: All lots and
lntiils bounding nnd abutting upon
the proposed Improvement, which
suld lots nnd lands arc hereby dc.
tcrmliied to bo especially benefited
b." said Improvement; nud tho costs
of said Improvement shall Includo
the expense ot preliminary and
other surveys, and of thc printing
and publishing of, notices, cost of
constructing, together with Interest
on bonds issued In anticipation or
tlie collection of tho dofcrred In
stallments of assessments nnd oth.
Or necessary expenses.
D. That tho acssmont bo to be
levied shall bo paid In ten annual
Installments, with Interest on dc.
1'erred payments not to oxceed six
(C) per cont. per annum, nrovldlnc
that tho owner of any property ns-H-s'scd
may, at big option, pay such
assessment in cash or any numhor
or Installments of t,ho same at any
umu niter such assessment has been
levied, with Intcibt to the next semi,
annual interest day of said bonds
next following tlio date of payment.
E. That bonds of tho City of
Marlon, Ohio, shall bo issued In an.
ticipatiou of tho collection ot tlho
assessments by Installments and In
nn amount equal thereto.
l' That the icmalndcr of tlio
oi'tlio cast Hjwll ho paid by tho Is
suauco or bomld a? provided by
law i
Pabscd Muich I, 1907,
President of City Council.
Approved by the Mayor, Louis
Attest: William Flcs, City Clerk.
Star i3.8-15.07. Mirror 3 U 1C 07
nutiiig names for the City Parks.
Whereas, the City of Marlon, Ohio,
having heretofore acquired real
CHtnto contiguous to the City of
Marion for park puriiosos, therefore
Bo It resolved by tho Council of
the City of Marlon, Salo of Ohio:
That tho property acquired for
park purposes lying north "of Card,
ou City Plla, siinil bo known as
Lincoln Park; that south of tho St.
Mury's Cemetery shull- bo known
ns MoKInloy par(, nmi tho tract at
tlu corner of Mndtson Avonuo and
East Center strort extended -shall bo
known as OarJluld Park.- .
Passed March i, 1907",
President riri,Clty Cohucll.
Approved by tho t Mayor, Louis
Sfliurff. , . 1 w
Attest: 'William .Flyu. City clerk.
. Sttir 3.8-1C.07' 'tMirroV 3 0 do 07
' ' '
RESOLUTION tfO. 13 ," AUthir.
Izlug tlio Marion City Water Cd
to extend Its mains on Penrl street.
Bo It resolved by tho Council of
tin City of Marlon, State of Ohio.
That tho Marion City Wntor Co.,
be and is hereby authorized and
directed to extend its water mains
on Pearl street from Beliefontalne
aver! no south GOO feof,
tThat the City Clerk notify said
company accordingly,
Passed March 4, 1007.
president of citr Council-.
f o V ' '
i ,-.
' A ljLk . U.llffA.1 l. ,-4.,. Si)....!,'.
'SJtar 18-16.07. 'Mirror Sl'iaol
OrdliifJudv N)V 30". RcbulrlB
abutting property otmers Ub pdt lit
'sewer, water nnd gas Jape dnK Gher,
rV Street, Ofand AvcMU; 'Ofrtird'Avs
cnue,. Prospect fitreot and . Park,
Boulevard. ' :"
WHp'eR the Council ot tlie City f'
iMadjRi, Ohio, has determined, to
permanently Improvo Orand Aveauo
fiom' Center street to tho Voutht,
lino of tho right cf way of tho ,C.s
C. C. & St, L. RnltroarT Company,
Cherry street from Columbia streot
to Beliefontalne Avenue, Qlrafd' Aw
enlie from Columbia' street to Sello-.
fontnlno Avenue, Prospect Street
from Wialinit street souhTi to 'the
south corporation line, and Park
Boulevard, Erom Ccntejr street ' in ,
the south line of lot No. 1088. Now",
Be It ordained by the Council of.
the. City of Marlon, Stato jf Ohio:
section l. Tiiat all the owners of
lots or parcels of land abuttlnk
upon Grand Avenue from Center
street to the south lino of tho right
of way of thc C. C. O. & Bt. L.
Rtillroad Company, Cherry street
from Columbia -trcet to Bollcfon.
talne Avenue, GIrard Avenue from
Columbia Street to Bcllefoutalue
Avenue, nnd Prospqct Street from
Walnut Street south to tho south'
corporation line and Park Boule
vard from Center Street to south
lino of 16t 1C88, bo nnd nro hereby
ordered and directed to lay all sew.
er, water and gaB taps on said
stteets from tho mains hereon to
the Inner cugo of the curb,' same to
be completed within twonty das
from .the receiptor written notlco
under this ordinance. Provided
that K said connections' arc not made,
within tho time uboVc mentioned,
tho Board of Public Sorvlco be and
aro hereby directed to cause said
connections to bo mndo and tho cost
thereof to bo assessed against the
abutting properly.
Sec. 2. Tho City Clerk bo nnd
he Is hereby directed to causo writ,
ten notice to bo given under tills
ordlnanco upon nil abutting prop.
city owners.
Sec. 3. This ordinance shall bo
Ip force from and nrtcr Its passage
and legal publication. '
Pnsscd March 4, 1907.
Prcsldont or City Council.
Approved by tho Mayor, Louis
'Attest: William Fles', City Clerk.
Star 3-S-15.07. Mirror 3 9 1C 07
ORDINANCE NO. 11. Locating
gas lights, t , ,'t .,
Be It ordnliicd by tho Council ot
tbo city of Marlon, state of Ohio:
Section 1. Tliat Tho Sun Vapor
Street Light Company bo .and are ,
hereby authorized -and directed to-lo.
cato gas lights at the following
On Fnhey Street midway between
Silver Street ami silk Street, ,j2ast
side. , i"',
On tho east side of Mound Streot.
midway between Darius Street -. and
Buckeye Street.
On the cast side of- David Street
four hundred w Teet bouth or Darius
Street. - : .V
Ono on Chester Street, East side
near second tclphono polo.
Ono on Grand Avonuo, on "EaBt
sldo SO reot fouth of Big Four R,
Sec. 2. That- tho jCIty Clerk Is
authorized to notify the -said com.
pnny accordingly. ' .
Sec. 3. This ordluance shall be
In forco from and after Its pasaagc
ui.d legal publication. '
Passed March I, 1907. ; .
President Of City Council.
I Approved by the Mayor, .Louis
Attest: William- Flcs. City Clerk.
Star 3.8-15.07. Mirror 3 9 10 07
RE80LUTrON NO. G. To con.
stttict sidewalks on Flcs Aveuuo.
Herr Street, Walnut Street, Mound
Bo It resolved by thc Council of
the City of Marlon, state of- Ohio:
That a sidewalk shall bo con.
strueted on .tho west sldo of Fics
Avonuo from presont stone sidewalk
to Bennett street, In front ' of bt
No.' 1051, nud on east sldj. -from
Bennett Street south to tho south
lino or lot No. 4557. ' j.
That a sidewalk shall bo coiistruct.
ed on the oat sldu or Herr. Street
fwin Silver street to Edwards
Street. .
That n sidewalk shall bo con.
stiiictod on the north side of Wal.
jtut Street between Main Street aiid
Uiw present terminus or sandstone
sidewalk on said Walnut street, U
'i'hut a sidowulk shall bo , con.
8 Uncled on tho east Hide oMMouiid
Street from Columbia Sircetv'sQulhHo
Uuckeyo Street, ,',V
Or tho character, and In th'e'ui'iin.
nor following: Same to ,bo' foVobt
Haiidslono sldeiyalks laid .'loathe &.
tubllshed grado and coustru'eVd In
accordance with plans and Bpeclflca.
IIOIIS Oil file in tho d.murlmon: nf
Public Servieej u ; .
That the Clerk of tho Council bn
and Is hereby directed to cause a
written notlco of- the passage of this
resolution to bo served as required
hy law. ' '
Passed March 4, 1907,
. 8. R. RAraiAUfclR, .
President of City ,Cilet;'
Approved ' by, the Mavor. Lefflg'
iHr.lia.V .' v . . - . '
V !At
l ,.I 'lv I , . i I ' i J.BBBB1
V .!
. t t" . s . ti ' i nn.fcij.i . -. ---' " it m- ;.. -x. .. . n, , im . i - . i . i i j- J-.-."-.1, r jsbbi
P-VI ..
,f f . i V .
if' t .
fc '
.:,.: ',t:an.ias:v.fhOT',i;V' -:'". w - . , . ..:..-s,-r i Wa., "t-'- ,,; ,;&- " !

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