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Diaily Mirror.
gaawwn i
9. BURGESS Bnsinew M&naew
'MU a HOLLAND .,.. Edttar
r. M. ARMSTRONG., City Editor
tkk paper wcelvw th 6cripp-
Telegraphie New Service
Ml Market Report.
Btllgl6 COpJ --- . ...rrr-.in.r. 20
For Wek by Carrier -.....-... 10o
By Mall, per year i-00
iimi-Weekly Mirror, per year $1.00
Both Phone . No. 0
Weather for Ohio Fair tonight
end' Saturday t Warmer Saturday.
Open season for spring lamb in
iWalt street.
Undo Sam' will thereafter look
out for pickpockets when lie car
ries any monoy to Chicago.
After looking oyer his hand tho
own has determined that ho liad
better discard tho new duma.
"Now" that Congress "K gone, you
may 'bo sorry for mjuio of the
mean things ymi said about it.
Senator Foruker evidently be-
i:..,. it.nt Mm Etheonian will'
J1UIV.1 itjuv .
change his skin it the whitewash
is put on thick enough.
lAbout all it takes to recognize
a railroad thcio dny.s is a, roller
top dek in a New ork office and
a little nerve.
It pecnis unnecessary to slate
that tho Illinois man who lost his
rorind because of tho increase of
salary was not a Congressman.
When Hetty Gicen i caught
giving away her moiiey, the alien
ists will hae another job that
will attract ivoild-vvido iittcntiun.
Olio scientist lias dcteiniiucd that
the soul of a man weighs only a
few ounce.-). Thi may be a inuicl
ful provision of providence to pie
cut crowding in heaven.
Now that the country has Con
gress off its hand", it can turn its
attention tu tho investigation of
the mental condition of Harry
A iKanMis man has just married
u woman whose name and address
ho found in a packago of, cigar- J
cites, is there no end to the dan
g"ors that lurk in tho pesky littlo
whifo rolls.
Mr. Spooner will bo gcratly
mused in tho ,Scnalo Chamber, and
by no ono more than, Senator Till
man who was in tho habit of
helping him mako lib. speeches.
' Tho bearish raid which has been
, inado on tho Now. York stock mar
ket during tho past three days has
forced 'down tho markets on stocks
from nine and five eights to 21(i
1 1
points. This may givo tho public
homo insight into tho amount of
water in the stocks.
'Among tiio oxpeits butting into
the limelight, of tho Thaw case, is
aipalraist who has read tho hands
.of- almost every principal in the
icase. Can't suggest anything else
'unless they rail in a pedist and
havo their hocvfsi looked over.
j' 'Attorneys in tho Thaw case have
Vomo to tho point whero it is a case
of givo and take. Tho baltlo has
taken on tho aspect of, a light in
the roped arena. Tho closing
rounds cjro the hardest fought mid
ijip spectators nip waiting to feo
which contestant will becoano giog-
Tho Swettenham-Davis affair
bobbed a up again in v tho British
jtotlke of commons, and,, as usual,
Y' liV? ,9 given tho best of tho
v, flrfuuiuiu.. ureal. ,urnam is deter-
A luwcir to. demonstrate to tho Unit-
.! t -- .
Mprii Number
1 f Delineator
i. v,&
;: C, Q. Wiant
juw tf?ot owii.
.' . -,- , , ' ' . .
Mm I
who will
tion of the trade-mark) showrrnm above
picture. Perhaps 3011 wjll be the fortunate
little girl. f
Come to our store tefday' register your
name and get a booklet which will tell
you all about this interesting contest.
Each little girl entering this contest will
receive a valuable prize.
cd .States that she is ilicartily
ashamed of Sweltenlinm.
President Itoo-evelt has succeed
ed in making the railroad m.ignnles
appeal to him to call off the
ilo-rs of investigation and rcstoio
tho public conl idence, but so far) between the United States and Ja.
the oil tiust has 11.1t been iinhtc-',an the ,att?r w0"ld 1know1 "f
cd to bend the knrc. Jolin D.
Rockefeller continues to- make don
ations, boost the prico of, oil and
Mump out n competing company
now and then.
Identically the same hypotheti
cal iiucstioiis. aro being propounded
to the alienists on both sides of
the Thaw tiinl and the answers re
ceived aro directly opposite. One
set of alienists say TbW "was in
.mo when ho shot White and the
other say hu was sano and lealized
the enormity rf his crime. All of
which tends to shake tho faith or
tlie public in expert testimony and
iccalls the story of the threo grades
of liars.
Drift of Cfmment
While there ,is not to much war.
talk about this country and Japan,
tho latter country has not ceased
her preparedness for It. If it ever
comes to war, Japan, will ho
ready. She is today the best pre
pared country on the face of tho
earth .so far as, data is concerned,
and .she is Retting better prepared ns
the sun rises and seta. Here is a
paragraph from a Manila paper,
not meant to startle .in) one, and
buried down deep in the columns,
as if it did not amount to any.
"Japanese continue to ti averse the
provinces unmolested, mapping the
reads and bridges, figuring on tho
ipopulatlon and food supplies and oe.
caslonally cultivating the acquaint
ance of naval political leaders, es.
pcclally semi. pacified former in
surgents." What would Germany think If wo
should send over there a corps of
engineers and survey her roads ami
mako maps of the "bridges and ilg
nro upon her population in the var
ious sections of tho country and
ascertain .the food supply of the In
dividuals, and hold conferences with
tho Socialists, who are supposed to
be opposed to tho present order of
things, How long do you suppobu
Kmperor William would permit such
things beforo he sent a note to this
country asking what It meant, and
what wo ultimately expected to ac.
complish, and why wo wero taking
so much Interest In his country?
The information concerning tho do
ing of thp engineers would hardly
contain that word "unmolested," for
they would bo very seriously mo.
Kquajly as significant as Is tho
statement about tho loads nml
bridges is that about tho conferences
between tjjo .Taps and tho semi,
paclfiud t'lllplnos Tho Filipinos, as
it pcclplo, arc opposed to Japan. In
uso of war between tho United
Suites and Japan many of them
would favor tho United States, Tho
most prominent Killpino newspaper,
the Indopendencia, urges In cvory
issue Hint in caso of war bot,wcon
tho United States and Japan that
the Filipinos resist tho invasion of
the Islands by the Japanese. Nor
Iws Jt any love for tho United
States. It .argues simply that Jt
would be better for tho islands to
suffer nH they aro now under tho
unwise Jaw? of,iuo United' tatos
Can You
Little Girl?
If you have noL seen
the little liuok's Range
.... 'f1 W , . '
rioV in juir
window 3ou should
sec it today. It is a
perfect store in little
will bake and cook just
like a big one.
On Saturday, May
; wc arc going to
to tne ntue gin
years old or
dr.'iw the
than to fall Into the hands of tho
Japanese. Hut there nro many Fil
ipinos who would be willing to hp
Japan tako the islands, and Japan
wants to know who they are. That
is why the conferences aro being
held with the native politicians. In
the event war nliould he declared
upon whom she could depond in the
islands. She would know his Influ
ence, tho number of followers he
had. She would know how to reach
him and where. She would know
tho topography of every part of tho
islands. She could send her armies
over the roads in tho dark. She
ecu hi tell to an ounce the capacity
of overjr bridge. Sho could plan the
campaign in Tokio, as well as in
Manila. Sho would bo prepared, and
pieparednfcs in war spells micccsb,
unless theiiother sido Is also pre.
pared,, and 'then it spells hell, long
drawn out and concentrated, all
double tllstillod, and administered In
allopathic , doges. Springfield (O.)
Ono of the wise "elder statesmen"
who havo long boon the Intellect.
mil court of last resort to which
problems of national policy havo
been appealed in Japan, said, dur.
Ing ths Russian war, that his coun
try must win Its victoiles while its
ptoplo remained essentially un
changed. Ho recognized that jiow.
erf ul influences were at work in
Japan which might soon havo a pro
found effect upon tho very nature of
tho Japanese people, their national
virtues and their piowe.ss.
It Is indeed probable. Tn fact,
tho signs that such toice3 are do-,
ing their wjrk begin to bo nppar.
cut to outsiders who have little de-
rue it
photo tst cucDitv'5T.r9st' !,Sfegiyr
G cor co W. Glover, who hns !nallhifp(l'iii.nlf rtw ir,.Uii. il.
afl'alis of bis mother, Mrs. Mary Balcor plover Kchlyfo Mffl 6e ClirlstlnD I, "r,dBT ;', Man tc'-F;a,lk '
Science cult, Is u resident of Lead Cly, B.,d: Mrtf Ipv J.r UM Sy "b Id ot V'? Wheeling, took his flrfgeh- J ,T;w (T s m
Mrs. ftldy. o is ohly about twontyjyearyminfcVthaWffi year-old .sweetheart, jrene Wler: VJ JH Jl TI"
elgbty-slx. Ills father Mrs. liddy'HirHtiiUbirnna,Wiii(Su.s lHMrtorrwrt' Ji.'VJl flLlH6 CJl M "
his birth.. ouo'y Wi Ali'lryNBMriwril(iiWjiiffv7-. VH iprrc)el with 'hot-and &MI ?$& 'j, '. ft !?.
elated wltU'bl, motlw.lnJt,vryllttl, '"He 1 Boi'aWtf fjW.f.V ., J lr faUllyr. rtUjs liHiHHl
tatted knovyledgo Apt, tho Japanese
and tficfr eiivjl'onmjiht.
lAraorlca nijd ,EuVppd can sec that
.lanan is uouiKcnugn". in me nii"s
cunent of moucrnrftnnjiiBtrIal
odcrntAjndiustrlal and
commercial organization and Is be.
Ing swept far away from tho old
moorings. A .lapaVUif factories and
mills, machinery TuiiL, big corjiora.
tlons, wealth tuchn's thn country
never before k'ncwnnd a grim Indus
trial grind ft (win go' to the Japan.
esc. Is coming lntol'exlstniice. Tlje
s(rili' and lhr'J5oiut, diss lint.
i'd and uiitiiKonlsms," chl'd labor
chained to 'tireless, machines and
dew Intensity 6ftoll( which stunts
and dillil. men and 'women-all these
thlngK.nre plnlnlyifhe fate of Japan.
In mills whlclr,!TtH0 complicated
nti'l costly moder " machinery It Is
Impossible forAlidJropeiatlvcs to
slop vmkr nowanjj'hmi, to rejolco
In the bloslsom't offnilt tiees, or fly
kites, or feed KoliVfish, or watch
chlldien at ' iiInp.Ttho old Japan of
long days or vvorkj.at Ji-nne, hriglit
oned and Interrup'tcd, by many littlo
domestic joys an'dcharms and slm.
pie reiaxatlonloir which was
spicad over a good -many hours, but
always taken ' 'lightly -h passing
away. .w'v ,
Japan has moJcin boon times.
Much real estate ,)Llv Osaka, Kobe,
and many other .cities has risen to
twice, thrlco and'even fourfold Its
termer values, within the list year
or two. . Thatt' will boon mean
crowded tenements hero there havo
been onc-story, jtcut-Hke dwellings.
It will mean lesaalr, Ies3 bathing,
less spaco for gardens, less whole,
some conditions' of life. It must
have a had effect upon the health of
tho Japanese nnd, their physical
BOtindncs as a pEOp'ib. Japan Is to
encounter tho diseased, enfeebled
slum-dweller whero the next great
armies are rjcrulted for the Mika
do. .lapaneso rollon ' mills and other
hit; Industrial .concerns aro making
extraordinary .profitH. One great
company In Osaka paid 40 per cent,
in lOCii and IjO'ilipVMe.ont. in 1006
A big cotton fjau'ncl mill In Kyoto
paid 39 pcr"fynV."!ln dividends last
year and Increased its surplus
laigely. Such ihllls uio bringing a
new, haul, grinding industrial life
into Japan. They are fattening
their profits by destroying tho vital.
(ty and vljbr Jalld ''bilgUt'ng the
lives of the children .who work loug
hours for a "plUance. That will
cost the JapanesefnatIon the Inev
itable price,, lnpliysical and mental
deterioration. .,
The vyhole color," of .Tapaneao life
li changing., Woatli Is making itbelf
the ustml object of woi ship In In
dustrial and commercial nations.
Wjll Its votaries and the victims pf ji
mi uuier rivaine" mo unman sac.
rillccs" ot,"weal'th4 'abused and mis
directed omulat'6 the feats of arms
which amazed, -th'o world In the siege
of Poit Arthur and the groat bat
tles from l.lao Yung to Mukden?
Vorlly, Micro is a now Japan. It
will' bo more Hko othor gieat na.
tfons in Its w eaknesses 'as wellras
itrf BtreugUi.-tClcvclanil Leader. .
Cincinnati, O,. March 15. Thomas
Morgan mid -Motormnn Orili'in wero
fatally Jnjuied In a car accident
this morning, and .several passengcis
hurt. The motornian wa3 sick and
as tho car started down stcop grade
ho was unable to control it. Ho
hit ,tltc car curVo and landed In u
vacant lot.
Floods in China Add to .tiitf
Suffering From Scarcity
of Food,
' .Shanghai, Jlarch 35. -Tho fol
lowing message was posted yestor
diiY on tho bulletin board of; tUy
North China Jlcrnld: -i
"Distress and sickness increases.
Scallered condition of tho populace
makes mortality statistics ungel
lablo. Everything couters nround
hurrying ol rrlioi. Demand for ad
ditional distributors hard to meet.'
In nddition 'from fho back coun
try comes word that tho floods
havo broken up tho lefugees enmpj
and tho loss of lifo Jias been be
yond telling. On tho aivors whero
the people are thicl est the hanks
fell in for mile's at n time and of
ronrso thcie vviw no hopo f rescue
The scenes at Pio breaking up
of tho campM at Tsingkinngpu,
Yangchovv, Chinkiang and Nanking
vveio piiinble. At 'JVingkiangpu,
where 500,)()() people veio galhoted
into a closely ettled sweltering
pestilence Dr.'j'liii.r mass the suf
fering was ternlile. A few conts
a day was doled out to tlfo rcf
ueees with whtcn to buy food un
til tho entire supply wsv exhausted
and sickness be van to sptend.
Revolutionists Worst Bonil-
las Forces ard Nicarguan
Forces are Victorious.
Managua, Nicaragua, March 1C
Tho Honduran revolutionists yes
terday defeated ths forcc3 of Presi
dent of Bonllla of Hondmas, near
Tegucigalpa, after 15 hours fight.
Ing. Tho revolutionists captured
70 officers' and boldlods. Many men
wero klllod or wounded on both
sides. Tho commander of tho
Honduran troops wa3 Minister of
War Uarahonu.
Managua, Nicaragua, March 15.
Tho following dispatch has been re
ceived here from President Zolnya
of Nicaragua, dated Sanchez, Hon
duras, March 13.
"Tho onemy was completely de
feated at Maraltn yesterday after
two days' fighting.
"I havo confiscated at Coilnto a
thousand ilfles destined for tho Hon.
duran government."
!.;,T L
British Foreign Secretary
Pays a Tribute to the
American Officer
London, March 15. Tho incident
Involving Governor Swettonham 'if
Jamaica and Rear Admiral Davis,
U. S. N., at tho time of the Kings,
ton earthquake, was brought up In
the hoiue of commons yestorday In
a hypothetical question by Jesse
Colllng.3, Liberal Unionist (who
was In Kingston at tho time of tho
disaster), which, brought out from
Secretary Groy n generous tribute
to the American admiral.
Mr. Colllngs usked if it was In
accordance with International law
and International etiquette for an
admlial of a foreign country to laud
ni armed force In a British colony
without tho permission 'of the gov
ernor. The forolgn secretary, In re.
piy, said; ..
"No; and I may add that no such
rights were claimed In tho Incident'
referred to. What. I nm rmivini
ocs that whllo in tho presenco ot
siieli a. catastrophe, thero naturally
waS! a certain amount of mlKiuidor-
omiiimjB,-tiiiej Amonoan admiral' 'wnii'
inspired Jby (s-inglo minded motives
nnJ a desire 10 relfeyo suffering.
Any outer construction placed on
hls"hct!oii Is most unworthy And un
it ue." '
Tho foreign secretary's tribute tit
Iteur Admiral Davis was heartily?.
uiecreci- ny tno mombera nf. tho
LJ t . ' t
1 m a n v
Dckvvnre, 0., JIaicli 3.rj. The
sensational .2r,000 daniago Miit
which was filed against Dr. Silas
V. Fowler, a iirominv'it physician
in which Perry Davis-, n funiier,
charged tho doctor with the alien
ation of his wifo'.s affections vva
brought to an abrupt closo yester
day nvllen the plaintiff's attorneys
tiled papers of. dismissal in the
edso iukI paid tho costs of the
TliU action completely ntlionor
ates tho ijiliy.sician.
Fmm Iho dnciiinoutnry gvidouco
which (ho defendant hud hoymed
and which he hripod (o divulgo in
couit it is .said that J10 has been
luadu the victim ul' nun nf 11m
I110H ccntumptiblo blncknmiliiiir
.scheiauw over porpolraled in tlii7
part of, Iho stale.
Notice of Attachment
J. 13. Schaeffpr, plaintiff, vs.
W. H. Johnson, dof'endant.
.Bofoio C. 11. Coiiley, J. P
of inrion Township, Adu'ipn Coun
ty Ohio.
On tho 28th day of February,
1(107, .said .lusliee :'Usued an qrder
ot attachment in tho a)ovo action
for tho sum of thirty-four (.f34)
Dollars and costs.
Mai ion, . Ohio, 'February 2Sth,
Jfl07. ,
C. ir. CONLEY,
Justico of tho Pence
' 3-8-3tFri
i vi
t mJittm
M 'r-SliI
! 'lV .
y.MIflWMl ,
lllliifl MiiiuA
?Ma&m i, $
- Wm 111
dSiife iff
m &. w a . tB b m m1 r
fe Jackets Sal
l3clifd ITif ml Jl
" U
) tf
Easter will soonj
be here.
We've got just
what you'll need to
wear the best of.
everything, at pri--
ces that will just
ere are'
. $7.50 to $25 .
'mkn's shirts'4-'
50c to" $1
25c suul 50c
jc crvrvT c-
Yelisavotgra(, Russia, MuVch 15.
An estate in this vicinity vvn
attacked by robhois V'steiday, who
bound and decapitated the pioprfe
tor, five , laborers niit),'ii woinniu ,v
Two wilncssos of, tlio,ulaii''Iiter. '
soldier who hid in-a-Miay stack,
adl a child, lost their reason..' Tlm
soldier subsequently died in n hos
pital' in (lolirium. Tho Iwoty so
cured by (ho robbers, amounted to
Leav3 your
for your tpripg
suit at Job Voll's,
I 2-15tf
Our Window Display
of Green Vegetables
is the best In the city. Every
thing new1 and fresh.
Sis Deliveries
Both Phones
N.E. Cor. State & Centsr SU.
Vv ''J
, '-' f.'i
ir .

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