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The Marion Daily Mirror
W y
lt I
Kurrachee, a City oi 120,000 Population Situated
on the Arabian Sea is Completely Destroyed
and Surrounding Country is Laid Waste.
Tidal Wave Follows the Cyclone and Every Building in
the Great City is Either Destroyed or Rendered Unsafe
Surviving Residents are Panic Stricken and Suffering is
Sure to Follow Details of the Disaster are Lacking but
Enough to Startle the World is Known.
Bombay, ilndla, Juno 7. Kurrachee,
a city of 120,000 population, situated
on th Araolan eca was swept by a
disastrous cyclone. Thousands of lives
aro Uljovod to have been lost. Al.
tho'i,'i the details are lacking, lt Is
-reported that practically every house
In t'i tetty Was destroyed and many
pcnxiii'3 mlro iroportcd drowned. A
tidal wavo 1b reported to have accom
panM tho cyclone, mvecplng far In
land over tho. low lying land on
His Testimony Today was an
1 What Hfc has Told Earlier
f. ; "' not be Concluded
Idaho, June 7. 'Attorney
for Haywood, took a pcssl.
nilat(, vlow of tho situation ,whon
n4clurc"bon entered court to resume
Harrj Oncltal's cross examination,
today, Darro Bald:
"JUi.'ginB by tho success of tho
'pros-aoutkm In getting Into tho caso
MxHrarijoua matter from everywhere
under true- sun, this case won't ibo fln
lBho'.'un'Ml August." The defence Is
disappointed' at the wide nango of
) etit(i')otiy admitted. Hayiwoads dc
tfondorti liavo subpoenaed about Uih
ty wltneososi Since Orchard took tho
stand, however, they havo found lt
nocesfcury to combat his btory with
persom from tho bcwios of his all eg.
ed outrages. About 100 witnessed
hiivd bren called from polats whero
Ordianl boa sworn that lio committed
On'hnrd was allowed a wide latltudo
In angering Illcharson's questions.
He fu'tiiiently ropllod that ho could
not riniembor details.
Ha) wood Is raging at Orchard's
American Medical Association
tho Controversy Qver Promiscuous Osculation
as a Breeder of Disease,
Atliirtic City, -N. J., Juno 7.
Qupld lhas rushed to tho roacuo of
imperiled lovers it ho country over
and.Ji' tho final round of a epoc
tacu'Kv battlo beforo tho great Amor.
Icon (Jfedlcal association, slow tho fa
nious laivtl-klsslng dragon after noted
H'aUI. experta had mado 'a eorlous
attqnipf to haw tho 10,000 delegates
i hero reoommeti'd a loyal ban on ipro-
""''"mlscAtoua1 Oseulitlon,
V J'.Tht)'iieath-"th.rufc as given after
tiio d'agon 'had attempted to rend
Amo ! an Hwoiothearts' lip from lip at
nearly evory meeting of tho public
health sections of tho convention .to
To-do, 0 Juno 7. Members ot tho
bar Iron association nnd dolegatcs of
the amalgamated association adjourn
ed, lio-day, without an ngrooment on
tho fcoalo. lAnother confememoo will
probably IJio J.old In August and if
there no agreement thon, a strike Is
' wlilcr. tiio city was built. Tho resi
dents wlio escaped nro In a panic and
tho iprrpcrty loss will bo enormous.
Ku.racheo had extensive Hhlpplng
lftcrosts and It Is reported theso have
ai ffcrtc sciveroly. Practically every
vesso In tho harlxir Is said to have
I ten wvecked. All along tho water
front gioat damage was wrought by
tho wind and water. Practically tho
entire population la homolcss, as the
fow buildings, which remain standing
aro trsafo.
Uninteresting Rehash
in the Trial Trial may
Until August.
story and Insists that he be nllowed
to go on tho stand and tell his side.
Ho wlJ probably testify.
The testimony this morning was a
monot' nous recital of Orchard's movo-mr-ntj.
Tho defense brought out Or
chard's gambling expenonecs, but the
prosecution objected to the lino of
quest''-nlng and tho court sustained,
:cfuah.y to hoar argumonts.
Walla Walla. Wash. , Juno 7.
' Harrx Orchard has done many
wroiifs but 1 hopie 1iat ho lias re
pented that ho understands tholr
magnitude, and that ho will bo glv
on a chnnco to lead a goid, truo and
hones., llfo after tho -proaent ordcoj
has -prised". This Is tho tdatoment
of Mi'. Frank flteuneiibung. widow
of tho former governor, who was kill
ed b a bomlb planted by Orchard.
Mrs. Stounlcinlberg Is attending tho an
nual ertnp meeting and conferenco of
the Seventh Day Adventlate, hero.
Declines to be Drawn Int
Dr C M. Drako'a iciiolutlon to
rocotiimendi state legislatures place
"unnecessary kissing" under a legal
ban was lost in 4io confusion in an
attemp of tho delegates ito define
Dr. C. W. Irion ot Detroit wlvod
tho problem and at tho Banio tlmo
Bljily slipped cuplil his magic wand
w.'th theso wordt:
"Thro aro too many other reforns
n-eedoJ in this groat hoalth w.ir bo.
fore v,h can tackle tho kibslng , bug.
As loi.p as tho Uttlo god goos around
wltih Ids bow and qulvor thcio will
ho kissing. I move wo loavo It up
to th' kissed and tho kissors."
Bellnlro, O., Juno 7. Tho lesldcuco
of Herman Michaels, aged 50, a cigar
maker, -was destroj'od by flro this
mornir..' and tho charred remains of
the owner wan found In tho rains,
The lollco aro .Investigating a, report
that lit was killed and the building
died to hido thp crime.
K r
Ma.-'inton, W. Va., .Tune 7. Who
Jury In tho caso of Wanwlck Had.
obffo iclhlargcd with lassaitWng Ona
Bird, returned a verdict of guilty to
day. Iladcllffo was given 20 years
n tho icn.
His Bride will be Prosecuted
for Kidnaping and the
Marriage will be
I.e'jiMion, Ind., Juno 7,-Judgo Art.
plan in circuit court, this morning,
Ritnom.'CCd his decision In tho Goorgo
rihqdiub caso, declaring tho Indlana
polU millionaire insane. A guardian
vlll ''ie appointed.
Th) outcomo will ibo that his wife
formrl Wma Dare, of Cleveland,
w 1 tl hi placed on trial at onoo on a
.hurK of Ikldnaplng and tho tniax-
rlage will bo nnnullcd. Dlma Daro
took Ithodlus to Ivoulsvllle whero
sho married him and tho two went
on a Honeymoon trip to New York
and Pittsburg. The wman was ar-
icstetl at Pittsburg.
Governor Harris is Besieged
with Cornelius' Friends
and Listens to
Their Plea.
' Col Miibus, O. Juno 7. Eight hours
bcfoiM tho time set for his death
Jam.s H. Cornelius was granted a
ireprlovt by Governor HnrrJ?
Ho was resplt-'j mntll Juno 21, to
enauio tho goornor to make further
lnqu'ry Into tho caso and to give
tho attorneys for tho condonined man
an opitortunlty ito establish itholr
conLjt Lion that Cornelius, -was drunk
andi unaware of what ho was doing
on t'u morning of Soptcmobr 17, 190G
when ho Ibrnlned Ills Avlfo, Estella,
with a 'window weight.
7 y iff Npn 2 r !&C
-, .)kiSur'- A LN'V W x-f . " VR
M Ull J . -ll I . f' SIM ( 1 1 s SI 1 rs .1 I
K V X-tJ I W V
J J l 1 Jx CLsi 1 J
1 1 vas ibroughb out at the trial that
after drinking a cup of coffee, but
batXiit, no 'breakfast, ho drank a glass
of ".litcky and two glasses of beer,
Ho was a hard drinker, and tho Jury
cvhlei tly Jifdgod that tho thrco
rln''i had not Intoxicated lilm.
Governor ihirrls has devoted nil his
Hppro tlmo for days and had lost
ncpa sleep making a thorough Btudy
of the case. Senator P. M. Vandon
of Wr.yno mul otlier friends of Cor.
nolli. ibcslcged tlic governor with
plea? for clemency all yesterday.
I'h- most distressing plea was mado
by T)cnv Cornelius, iho -ll-ycar-old.
son "i tnoi Canton murderer, who was
hrvi'i'h to fho governor, and with
tea'-ij Btreamlng down his faco cried:
"Pleafcc, ao,ornor, fcuc pnpVa life."
Hivtvor, FIoreiKo tho IS.ycnr-old
8top-dughtcr and Uoss, the 15-ycar.
old ucn, liaw persistently rcfn&od to
sign he petition for mercy which rwan
rfrvMi ,Vicd IJ11 Wayne l.-ounty whc.ro
Cortiffrfus family lived.
Noted Educator Declares
Whiskey is Preferable to
tho Water in Many
Detroit, Mich., June 7. "Drink
whlslay, If you can't get puro wat
er" Bald Dean Vaughn of the unl-
vorshv of Michigan, to tho Loaguo
of Mlthlgan municipalities convention
hero "Whiskey Is less harmful than
tho kind of water many of our cltl.
zernt supply for drinking purposes.
Typhi id causes 500,000 deaths annual
ly in tho Unliod States.
Burton Figures That the
President has not Com
promised in Least.
Washington, Juno 7. Heptcsenta
tlvo Burton todny saw tho President
and nftcrwvud he stated that ho saw
nothinp in tho appointment of Goneral
McMt'Hn to 'be internal rovenuo col.
lecto- at Toledo, that had tho ap
pearance of a peace offering to Dick
and l''t.iikor. Ho said McMakin Is a
good nan and no valid objections to
tho appointment were known. Tho
goner ill Iinpicsslon w that MoMakln
had dough Taft men pulling for him
ip lam. tho Job.
Phi ndelphla, Va., Juno 7. To cs-
Ifl M II lis I III
v u V'rrr' a ptxy ,.
(ljiirzlqrfirdth'mr vnledlctorlan.)
In an Interview He States That He has Found the
Party More Closely United Than Ever
Before, While the Republicans
Trusts, Railroads and Tariff will be the Issues in Coming
National Election, but the Greatest of These is the Tar
iff The Commissioner Gives Out an Interview on Po
litical Questions While in New York He is Sanguine
and Predicts Democratic Victory, Next Year.
Now York, June 7. Trusts, the
railroads and tho tariff will bo tho
Issuc in tho next presidential cam
paign In tho opinion of William. J.
Bryan, as expressed In an dntorvlow
hori1 jestorday. Ho TCgards the out.
look lor tho Democratic party next
enr us very good.
Mr Bryan Is lu New York as a
guest of tho Democratic Progrcsslo
leagua wihlch was only recently or-
In en Intorvlow ho was asked to
ghn a 1 Idea of a progressive Dem-
ocrai. and 110 replied:
"In every country there are two ex
trcir.os In ipolltlrj-tho radical and tho
consonatlve. It Is tho extreme of
the 1 ogresslvo Democrat to Bteor a
mldol courbe between the two and
to ta).o up all great measures and
iolv them Tlhls year 1 find tho
Democratic party to be In excellent
condition mud- more United than uvcr
whllo on tho contrary, the llopubli-
cans are oivuieu. 'mere aro two 010-
ment In tho
Republican party-ono '
cape death from fire Friday, flvo
members of tho family ot Isaac Green
banm Jumped from a third Ktory win.
dow. Grcenb.ium was Instanly kill
ed. Hit iwlfo and tholr children, Roslo
Abrah.im or 1 Blanche aro seriously
Dlyrla, O., Juno 7. -Margaret But
ler, ai-.cd 15, who was Injured in tho
Memorial day trolley wrcok died to.
duy of suptlc poisoning. Sho makod
tho c'fhth vlotlm.
Dayton, O., June 7. -Major
WrI tit today was hissed by tho
United Commercial Travelers, In con
vention, for declaring that Forakcr
wiaa l-st tfltteil (to -suaceod Rooso
velt. Trlgfl In Nsw Yrk Pri.
which I might call tho extremists,
''d the otlier the stand.pattcrs. who
hao f-ut their hands into other pco
ple' iHjckets and wish to keep them
Asl-ed If ho considered Hie question
of tariff reform, ns essential to tho
DemoL'intlc'phttorm for tho coming
inmpaign. Mr Bryan ropllcu.
"I hnc boon a tariff reformer for
ears. I had talked tariff reform for
10 years rrlor to tho camiialgn of
11)06. I bellovo In it now, Jjut in my
opinion dho tariff will not be a para
mount issue.
"Thf financial Issue Is not the same
now c.i It was In 1S9C. It Is not duo
to th" Republican party, however, but
to natural causes, inch as the world's
.ncreas of gold supply which has ac.
(ompllshed In a measure what I
tr'ed tt accomplish In the campaign
of 18jC.
As a n'-atter of fact wo aio all re
pudiate rs now. -iho dollar ot today jU.wltl.
nottlrt'dotWot 18U07'The dollar of
today is at least 30 per cont less in
n urciiating power than in 189(5 Tho
- ost o. living has greatly increased,
President Roosevelt and His Advisors will Counsel Tonight
and it is Believed Some Very Active Steps will at
Once be Taken Against the Great Trusts.
Washington, June 7 The president
will hold a eonfeicnto -tonight, with
his hiding oficlnl advisorb and it Is
stit-d that "tni3t (bunting" will be
th iKmo ot tho conferenco and that
ai a Rsult. tho attorney general will
l.o (iitccted to proceed at onco to tho
r-mseutlon of the hanvester, anth.
rac tp coal am1 powder trusts, under
tho Sherman anti-trust lav
1h J attorney general will also boinawf the commission's question
Wew York's New Law Promises to Work Wonders for the
State and it is Believed There will be Little Op
position to a Like Measure in Ohio.
Cleveland, O., June 7. The public Istaic at any point. Tho two com.
utilities of New York, which Is to mlssloners created by tho act will
bo the model for similar legislation
lin Oh6o at tho coming session of
tho legislatuio, has forced a complcto
channel in tho plans for tho consoll
datlor, of tho oxtenslvo tiaiiHportatlon
agencies between Albany and Buffalo,
In wlr.eh Horace 13. Androws and
other Cleveland capitalists aro largo-
ly Interested. The now 'aw goes into
effect July 1. Tho sc.callcd public
utllltld bill wis signed by Gov.
HuBht' at Albany josterday. This
bill N probably ono ot tho most far
reaclrtng reform measures over passed
by n American lcglslaturo.
It ilacos under dliwt stnto control
'every nulbllo servjeo oonporat1on,
grea. or small, In tho state ot Now
York -with tho exception of tho tele-
phono and tho telegraph. It applies
not only to tho railroads, street rail.
way and subway lines, express com-
panle- and gau nnd electee lighting
companies doing business exclusively
In th: state, but' to tho buBlnosa with
in thiv urate of all railroads or other
comuou carriers which onter tho
so tint the face value of a dollar lo
day t'oes not at all compare with the
purchuMiig ability ot U jcarg ngo..
Mr Bryan reiterated his belief In
tho principles of tho initiative and
cfcrenuttni and municipal ownership.
In on address before tho board of
trade and transportation, where ho
was entertained at luncheon, Mr.
llryari Bald:
"There has boon a great deal of
misunderstanding between tho fann-
frs and thoso engaged In trado and
traiiBportitlon. Wo must got togeth
er. The farmer Is at the foundation
of a." wealth. Trado is essential to
progress. Olio farmors havo need of
jou, pfiitlcmen, and tho trado. But
the hold that you mmvt furnish them
rertal 1 things for a just compensation
they aw nt you to let competition Bot
tlo the amount of compensation. As
a cilern farmer I want to volco
the ccinplalnt ot tho Western farmer
again at the form of gambling la
some ot jour organizations.
"SiKiulatlng in tho necessaries of
llfo Is a serious thing, and when by
betting for Instance, on wheat, if tho
prlco of wheat Is lowered tho farmer
Is hiir' and If the prlco is advanced
the man -wJio buya tho flour is hurt..
A mini who let on the turn of a
card 'on call a iranibler. nnd Mm nnti
who r fals a railroad you call a
flnnnc or "
Tuiidng to tho question of rail,
toad' Mr. Bryan said ho was clad
of nn opportunity to commend tho ac
tion of Mr. Roosevelt In tho direction
of imi.Tond regulation. Ho said tho
rallrouu plank la a Democratic meas
ure. "I am sure the people of this land"
he said, "will never deal ns uniunt.1v-
tha railroad ns the - rallroadn
have lenlt with the people, nor will
they show toward the railroads nnv
JroadYany fair retiirn."
UlrMt Iinatlltlii -, ...... 1. .1 ,. ,.
insti.io.ed to proceed vlth tho Inves
tigation of tho soft coal carrying rail,
rondr nnd tobacwi trusts with a viow
to nclon next fall, lt is belloved the
int-n-siute eommerco aimnilfion will
ilso bo Instructed to press Its inves.
tigat on of tho Hairinun-HIll railway
system and tho gra'.n and lumber
trust Also to havo tho commission
press it caso against Harrlman in
tho Nw Yoik court to compel him to
'"' u """"' 'J''k i" s
latlnc, tho corporation affected.
Under the now law four of the
most Important stiito vommlseaons
will ppss out of existence. In their
place will ibo two boards of fivo inoni-
bors ench, all ot whom arc to hoi ap
pointed by tho governor, niidnfchesq
boar.i will have omplotM control ot
tho ircgiilations govornla? tho trans-
imitation nnd lighting facilities if tho
s-tato Ono of tho commissions will
havo Jurisdiction In tho four coun.
tics composing Orc.i'tfcr Now York
and the other -will have wider Ha
direction all tho other counties of the
Thf86 two bodlea will havo com-
plota and free handed control and
will le held to onforco tho regula-
tlon-i provided for In Kiho measure.
Am'rowB has ben in the east for
l)cal1 a week, engaged In arranging
for tho contxilfdatlon of the Now
York companies In compliance with
the new law. The consolidation pro,
(Continued on Pngo 4.)
k i
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