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Daily Mirror.
IfrBUHGESS ....Buslnowi Mancr
Uu C. HOLLAND Editor
F.,M. ARMSTRONG.. City Editor
" rm n
'ItThia paper receive tb Bcripps
McRae Telegraphic Tjw Berviea
imd Market Reports.
' Urates' "ok siijscriptionb.-
Binglo Copy . . . . . .... ..........v.. So
for Week by Curries . ..i........ lOo
By Mail, per year ... $4.00
Bmi-Wcrklv Mirror, pr year $1.00
Both Phone ...wr No. 0
VKTIIKll Hn.ii tonight, Batur.
day siuwws.
A Wnnsejn man was recently
killed by a train. "Wnimconl
Juno 7th, anl we liavo had, all
told, about thirty minutes of sum
mer. ,
It did not snow the next day. but
i$ felt very much as though it
Secretary '.l.U'c vonld like to say
to Senator Kimjc. "Now look what
you went and dorcl"
Dispatchej stato that melons will
ebon bo in 'j market. "Well,
wouldn't tint gio you a pain?
i Unclo Sam and Japan are about
to go to war fir the second time
within s:k moutho.
It Orchard's eonlessions bo all
true, a number o'J mysteries which
have been hovering over tho Rock
ies for years will be cleared.
"I'm saving it all for AVillie,"
would with Roosevelt bo a popular
parody on "I'm Saving It All i
Mary. "
"If all ot Orchard's statements
nre true, ho certainly should he ex
ecuted, and if .ney bo i'also ho
bhould bo hanged on general prin
ciples. f ,
All of iho powers are wonder
ing what IvaLscr Wilholm hits up
his sleevo mat ho will nut even
talk of limiting his lighting ca
pacity. Foraker i- rfcaliy pleased over
Pennsylvania s e-i k'rsuinent of Sen
ator Knox. "Why, sure. Tho moro
the merr:r, now that tho senior
Buckeye senaiir is oat of life race.
. Now wouldn't i; oc n pretty spec
tacle to soe two nations, claiming
Jo be civilized, going to war over
little restaurant or chop suey
joint 1
" President Roo-evoit has ordered
.all tho civil horvwo moo on tho elas-
afied list Ij keep out of ioliriu.
his order shou.d ho extended to
jijicludo all younf; men. and it will
lTe, if tho proji.lcnt considers it
accessary to ear,, his point.
if Secretary int't has consented
act as trusteo of the $1,000,000 fund
.donated by a worthy Philadelphia
woman for thu cduentjou of ne
groes. That sdiot-ld in part over-
m .
tho objection of tho colored
to tno administration's it-
litudo in tho Brownsvillo affair.
tAs usual, llio dcct'Jis havo shown
their good t-ense by keeping out of
,fho anti-kiing crusade. Osculation
.probably begun soon nftcr Adam
mvoko from tint sleep during which
he lost a pieco of a rib, and tho
pract-jce will doubtlessly
uitil doomsday
fc Pennsylvania republicans havo
implicated matins by endorsing
Senator Knox foi t'jo presidenoy.
Now, whon lllii.c-j, eudorhes "Un
$e Joe," Now York comes out for
yughes, Indiana, sanctions Frur
Mnks and u to otinr states, crjmc
ttftho fro5Uri Jainrf(e soni, tho
fj$Q will hefa palfy oneHono and
tlje winner iwii rucoivn. about n
for Parties and
I Luncheons
Scts of croped dollies, napkins,
aid a vory largo lunch cloth, with
designs In rich colorings of straw
rries and cherries. Por set all
cempleto, 25c.
! C. Q. Wiant
Xbe House of Pofet Gam. . n
giT.it an o Mtiuii as did Crokcr
when hi inu' won Iho English
Japanese yellow journnlism lins
raised its voico again and :'& dc
njnndiiijr that Undo Sam bond his
knee to Iho little notion, or fight.
The hullabaloo al-out a war with
Japan over tho San Francisco school
question Jiad scarcely died out when
tho Japanese, editors took up the
cry over tome alleged griovaiice be
cause tomo Japanese restaurant
wa attacked during n r'nt in San
Francisco. Japan has her yellow
newspaper, just the same n-s tho
United Stjitos, nnd .4.heso editors
are probably to mako the (prediction
of u war with Japan, which was
freely made in this country only a
few weeks ago, come Irne.
Prescient Roosevelt is reported
to he sliding down tho tree just a
little. When ho thought lio had For-akor-whipped
to a standstill ho bo
eamo very brave and threatened to
crowd him clear off tho uolitical
map. Q'oraker, howovor. showed a
disposition to resent being shoved.
He rolled up his sleeves and wadcci
back into ho thick of tho fight. The
appointment of Foraker and Dick's
choice of internal revenue collector
of Toledo, after he had explicitly
stated that tho senators would he
given no moio federal ipatronago,
is evidence that Roosevelt is not
just as sine or his- position as ho
was a few weeks ago.
Really, this Ohio situation is be
coming interesting. Should Foraker
succeed in compelling the president
to cease his fight against Jiim for
tho senate, he will have won one
of the greatest Initios of, his life
'and Roosevelt will have encoun
tered his greatest defeat.
Kaiser Wilhelm Will Not
Even Discuss Question
of Disarmament.
Berlin, Juno 7. The preliminaries
to The Hague conference have been
settUl to the Katlsfactlon of the em
peror and tho foreign office, and tho
meotlr-g 1b awaited with a tranaulllty
that dlii not prevail during March,
when some of the lowers were en
dcavo'Ing to turn a diplomatic success
over Germany, In making It appear
that Germany alone was an enemy of
people In wishing to omit tho question
of armaments from tho program.
Thi' AuBlro-IIungarlaii and the Rus
filin (government particularly havo
associated themselves with tho t5er
man view that the conference may
ro farther itaward Wlinlialliliig war
by agieeinent to extend .tho peaceful
adjustments of disputes than by de
hates upon tho extinction or curtail
ment! of armaments. Tho British
government, which was fo aotivo In
pressing for a discussion of arma
ments is disposed now, according to
information received In, tho German
foreigr offtce, to drop tho Bubjoct
.unless tho Amorlean or eomo othor
govcrrment can ho got to Introduco
Tho emperor's Instructions to the
German delegates should disarmament
(oino tc a discussion, are not to tako
part i'i tho discussion but to noto Mio
developments of the question and le-
mrt thereon.
Prince von Buelow, speaking In tho
relchstag April 30, Eald that tho gov-
oninjcnt would talo Into earnest con
sideration niiy agrfementfl of tho oth
er powers concerning armaments. Tho
government's position on this Buhject
tinds Rorieral support In Germany.
Tho Socialists .have criticised tho
govori.ment, "but all oilier parllamon-
"aiy groups havo approved of Its pol
Tho rights of private property nt
sea ars corHjhicrcd with Mio related
quostJ..nB to lio tho most Imnortant
subject .that will 1& oxamined. It
Is asinrndd that tho United States will
follow Its itiradltlonal nollcv of nf-
flrmlng that prlvato property Bhould
oo'imiiiuiio from capture.
Chicago, HI., .Time 7.-Tho nlno Co-
lumbiii children who wero liltten by n
mad dog, arrived at th Pastour in
stltutj today to undergo treatment.
Tiho cog that hit the children was
exomino at tho Ohio State university
and rcbles was found. Tho institutes
head thinks ho can save tho children,
wuiiou iouut.
Salnrday, 1 P. M. nt Wober lfotM
building, N. Stato street, consisting
of drtssers, JkxIs, Bprlngs. mattress.
es, carpets, dining room Itaibles ami !
many miscellaneous articles.
It -..GEO. SELLS. .Amntlhnii.. '
- ' -. r . . -
Bear Admiral Wlllard II. Urownsnn. who has been appointed chief of tho
bureau of navigation, has been MipiMlnteiident of tho United States Nnval
academy at Annapolis for four years. Ills experience hi the navy has been
wide and notable. He was graduated from Annapolis Just at the close of tho
civil war. In addition to assignments In varluus waters of the world, Includ
ing the command of a vessel during the Spanish American war, Admiral
Urownson has done excellent servko In deep sea Imestlgatlons.
President Roosevelt Extends the Olive Branch to
Senators in Naming a Collector of Revjenue at
Toledo Foraker May be Induced .to
Nominate Taft for President.
Washington, Juno 7. President
Hoosmeit yesterday extended the olive
Lranca rto Senators Foraker and Dick
when be appointed Gen. William V.
MeMukcn, collector of internal revenue
at ToJtrto, O.
Fonl.er la full of fight .but It Is
declared that tho Dick contingent
favors poaco in Ohio and desires
that rorakor mako. the speech nt the
ivW,u.,,nau iiiuiiuii.u wiivviuiuii next .ienaior jjioic. rue latter was uio
year, presenting the namo ot Secre-. first -.o endorso MoMitkcn, who Is one
tary 'JVift as tho nominee for tho af tie brlgMj ommlai'nrtots (under
presldcaicy. JIo performad a similar Dick, tho major genoral or the Ohio
servi-.o for J'cKlnloy In 1898 after iNnMnrnl Guiird.
tho pesco tern.s had been nrranged. nicl.s victory in this Instance Is
Foiukor imd not ben taken into roganltd among politicians as cor.
tho coj.fldenoo of tho Dick people but Nation of .tho LiSiJertlon mado
as bo U anxious to como liack to tho jwltluV tho last day or two that Sccre
sonato It is belloved ho will agree to tary Tart, through his brother Charles
mak tho sacrifice for Taft. baB wtUlwl nepresentativo Uurloa
In announcing Uio apiKdntmont of nnd llanry M. Daughor.ty who posed
MoMnheii, tho president states that as tin manngors of .tho Taft book In
ho denied it necessary to select him Ohio, that they must not undertake
because ho is Hie choice of Senators to atUch a. Barton sonatorial lwiom
roral.ei nnd Dick, stafo Chairman as a tall o tho Taft Itlto
He Asks the Court That Certain Allegations in His Wife's
Petition be Stricken Out First Battle in the Al
ready Notorious Battle is Fought.
Now York, luno
7. TllO case of
If.... TT . n .. .
uw,. jiuwiiru uoiiii.wiio nas insLitut-
m xi.ir jor a bfwraiiori from nor
., lk ....
nusua. ii, was given Its first hearing
nror.i and Representative Southard,
'and that iMcttaken has been highly
IreoomiTuntkd by, tho officers ot tho
National Itlflo association of Ohio and
kno J.cttonuJ Glmrd u 'tl(o whole
count . .
jU'Jili IpiiR' o,xplanatioiiIs regarded
ns having been made to conceal tho
fact) that It is a decided victory for
,-tlio Ollu- tsanafors,. iinore especially
in oonn vnstnnlnv 'Mm n,.r,a! .,.
" '-.. . M 'UIIU 4IO
tie lionrlni? r nmim.ni. r,,.
" .0.....w.,.. .,,,
o." counsel for Mr
to strike
of Mrs.
out ctr.tilni
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Goal l's complaint. (Arguments of con
s'derahlo Jength. were mado for and
ngalnrt tho motion, nnd at their eoiu
elusion tho attorneys wore ylvcn uu-
111 .Atcnday to fllo briefs In tho caso.
TJio grounds on which Mrs. Gould
l suing her husband, ns Bhown by
parts of tho complaint rend by coun
sel, fo Mr. Gould are:
First, abandonment of Mrs. Gould
by ho 'husband: fccoond, tho allega
tion thnt the habits aid roiialrct of
Mr. Could are mieh--4iuit It was lm-
till t X'lll 4ll7 PIIVII- -- W ITIH1 !
prorx'C for. his wlfo o llvo with him;
has Hglectt 1,1.1 Md rdYiisWfc
prov'd i for her, extjpt thnt ho paid
for he support nt n Now York hot'jl
sFuWtl.'dt time, and fourth, that
Gould ha treats hrl Jir hr Inol hrll
crueltj employed spies to harass lior
tnusa I her mall bag to bo tampered
with, maintained lllilt relations with
wnmo'i 'of bad character and employ
ed n . ex-convict nnd several Now
York detectives to procure Impnopor
I'xhlomc njralnst Mrs. Gould.
Do I.ancoy Nlctill, who nrgued the
caso for Mr. Gould said fiat every,
al'egatlon nsalnst Mr. Gould will bo
denied when tho nnswor to tho suit is
filed He maintained that tho charg
es to -which ho objected did not tend
to supnoso tho allegation of cruelty
He crucially objcolcd to tho charge
thnt fo: thrco years Gould had main-.
!fhlii'd Illicit and Immoral relations
vlth -women1 of bad character, and
had conducted himself in this respect
In an open and notorious manner.
He declared that the charges we.ro
made for tho purpose ot putting tho
defendant In an embarrassing position
and that In other cases whoro such
allegations b'avo beenIntroducc,d tho
court has utrlckcn them out.
Th allegations are decidedly
swooping," said ho.
1'hi! plalntlfr does not mako any
specif cations, montion any opeciric
cases or even tell exactly what mis.
eondii'- the defendant Is charged with
Thero lb Absolutely no reason for such
charges in the complaint for separa
tion on tho ground of cruelty."
In .replying to Mr. Nlcoll's argu
ment Clarence Shettrn, counsel for
Mrs. Gould, sail that If tho defonso
would ask for a bill of particulars
fpeolfic charges would bo mado of
so seileus a character that be would
not p.'csume to merttorcthem In court
In the cour.o of his argument.
"Wo havo tried to mako this caso
ns llttlo scandalous ns possible," said
Mr. Sliearn, "and I do .not want to
TOlake itlilo jbmplaint an tmoro
DKoiric An open court. But it itiho
allegation that tho defendant for
I'biW'l yelai3 nvi In taints! (tlKc'U Jand
Immoral relations with women of
lad character nnd conducted himself
notoriously and openly In this re
spect Is so general wo will mako It
ore specific. It is truo that wo do
rot sa;. whether tho defendant's at
tlons wero ndutorous or worse, but
avo will .lie glad to submit a full list
of particulars if it J9 asked fori."
(Coiitimied from Pago 1)
ccdnrc is mow entirely different from
that which ihas been plained by tho
eompunles. Bvery step taken by the
tomrciiiles In consolhhllng must bo
Biibulted to tho state commission
for approval.
"I l.eliovo the public utilities bill
na ived in Now York will provo
to be an excellent law ilioth for tho
pcoi)'(. arid tho corporations" said
Andrews. "I bellevo that such a law
as I i.mlerarand is now being worked
out for Ohio will provo equally bene
ficial to tho people and corporations
n thi. stato. ,
"Ui 'er tho terms ot tno Now York
bill the commissions are given tre
mendous and almost unlimited power.
The successor tho law will depend
largely upon tho mnnnor In which
it Is ndininisltbrcd. if it Is adminis
tered wisely nnd broadly thero can
he no question about tho lieneflclal
"Th experience of a year or two
will r ovo most valuable If the law
is to imrsh and rcstrlctlvo In nnris
iu nor esc nusiness ondeavor t.hn nn.
plkfliion of tho measuro will speedily
show up its defects. These can bo
remed ed at tho noxt session of the
legislature. Tha fact that tho Neu
York law goes Into effect somo six
mouthn in advanco ot tho meeting ot
tho Clilo loglslaiuro ought to provo
beneficial lot-ally in ,Vow of ,ti,n nm
posed legislation In this stato. Somo
real kr.owledgo ot .the oxact effect of
tho law dan lo obtained during tho
six menths It will havo been in on.
orailon In Now York prior to the
Ohio leglslallvo session.
' r dp nqt Veyo, hlq public, serv-
I . "v nMl, u'vyo, nq public, sen
" . AW JfieWatlon ,1
tuio. TJioro cortalnlv.wm .im.. .
Position If tllO legls atlim en olf
rii'wrr rr"ii w
tl.n I- -. . - . Of" I "" I
... yum 01 iirammg such a bill In
jiri' ot fairness,
i no efforts of corporations in '
nw ironc wore confined Ito rostrlct
Ing llndlatlons In tho .bill tha twould
havo unjustly as well as sevoroly
bandlfapiwl 'tho (organization ami
open Hon of 8rmt legitimate busi
ness enterprises, onterprlses of a
nature absolutely cssoritlal to tho
commercial growth and welfare of tlio
Utah . Tho practical suggestions frcm
tho corporations wero rocolmj In a
spirit ot fairness .hy j,o dominant
forced Jn tho Now York legislature.
"Por lustaneo as Uie hill was orlgi.
nally drawn It prohibited a nubile
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service corporation from issuing a
slng'C moto without first pbtalnlpg tho
appixnal of tho commission. This
woul I havo Inovltably restricted busi
ness ,ln an unnecessary and severe
manner. The section was changed to
rsa.l tint on yir wlthoitt sub-
mlttlnjj tho matter io the state com.
mission. This is but an Instance of
iho manner In which tho bill wan
worked out In New York."
Every Man Hii Own Doctor
Tho averaco nun cannot nftonl to
employ a physician for ovrry slight
anment or injury mat may occur in
n:s family, nor can lio airord to neg
lect them, as so slight an Iriiurv as
tho scratch of a pin has been known
to causo tho loss of a limb, llciieo,
every man must from necessity lio his
own doctor for tills class 6f ailments.
Success often doponds upon prompt
treatment, which can only bo had
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hand. Chamberlain's Hemeddcs havo
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Diarrhoea Itomedy for bwwol com
plaints. Chamiberlalns CqiiRh Itcnjcdy for
"rtiislm, colds, croup and' whooping
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"Woodhurn. Ind.. .limn 7 t.hv t
day, "jieffgnioni effected wi entranco
o a local storo and liegan looting
tho p.uce when tlmv'vmi-n .iinnn.-..,.
el. Coliurtbus Ij. r.mv ii.. i...i.i
attemited to cantnrn tlm m rnl.'
ycggA.ii shot Croy th rough tho heart
....-, uiim. Tno mon thou mado
their escape.
Tetter Cured.
IA lady customer of nun i.n,i i,.r.-
fered with teUer for two or three
years, it got, so bad on her hands
that Bho COllld Tint, nltnn.,1 i.
housohold duties. One box of fihnm.
borjaln's Salvo cured imp. r.i,n.i.,
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faction In this community. M. II.
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by all druggists.
ChldttO. .Tnnn 7 wi,n ...
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yoiei.i juipp wlien tho market oponed
.his niorniUlsr, on tho strength, or.
an oxpcekHl rcjioifc or tho poor con.
(Won of wheat In Kansas. Tho ro-
lOrt V, tlS thnt. t.hn or.n,llM,.. .,... i
only fo..1 per cent, as against 82
j ei edit in tho goveriimont report,
Jlay ',. Thnt wnnlil Imllto '..ii..
f alj-iut half ot tho "iiormal. Trad-
v.n wviu wiki' ovor tno inarkot.
Oentlv Ifinvnn ITin hn.i.i. . ..
tno. same limn ninn. .. .
t- v"i mo cougn.
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uiu xiuiiey anu Tar. No opiates.
Best for CouehH. rnl.ln -.. ...
whooping cough. Satisfaction guar.
anieou. unimren Ike It. Mothers
Indorse It,
Sold hy Flockon Drug store.
Politicians Shrowdnees.
It was relatod ot a shrewd politi
cian who onco represented In congress
ono of tho lower wards or Now York
city that ho always addressed his rag
god, coatless constituents urrayod in
evening dresH, Tio unwashed appro
elated the compliment and cheered
tho louder for "Fornandy -WdtfU'
Sunday Magazine.
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morning .luno Dili nt 8 o'clock to
make jcesAOy iropairs. To avoid
ncchla.'ts ho suro to turn oft, ( gas
foelxre going away or leaving prem
ises. If economy is practiced thero
will likely iho enough gns in lines
for cocking purposes v
It Uy M. A. uMIckley, Agent.
Will be supplied with the
best of everything in the
vegetable and grocery line
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