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Lost in Battle During the
In Payment for a Well Pre
pared Dinner.
Now Miss Munch Desires to Re
jiurn the Book to John Dairy of
'.This City.
tAftcr being out of Uic possession
of 'Its rlghtrul owner sJueo 13 years
ngo, when It mas lout on the battlo
field of Cedar Creek. Virginia, a
little gilt-edged bible is xm to bo
returned to John Dairy, uged 72,
ofDolaware acnuo.
jMisB Irene Munch, of Four Foim
tirinh, Virginia, has the blblo In her
possession and has written to Post
aiiasttr Diclicrson, asking bltn to
lielp her locate .Tphn Dairy, whoso
nam appears on tho fly.Id.if of the
JTho story of how the blblo came
to bo In tho ik8scshIoii of .Mifi3
lunch la ono of urtusual Interest.
Ju her letter shw itatcs that on tho
anlh or 20th of October, 18CI. shortly
after the balllo of Cedar Creek, n
Fouthchi foldlor, famished and 'ex
hausted called nl her father's home
and asked for food. Miss Munch
cdouc Mm a coou tinnier ami beih
him to his company refreshed
.After enjoying the repnst, tho Bol
der said that ho was without money
and had nothing with which to nay
the young -woman except the llttlo
Wblc, w-hleh ho had picked up on Hie
battlefield. Miss Munch took the
ttfilo and now, after liavlng It -13
years, seeks to return It to its own
er, JiPrescutcd to John J Dairy by
his -wife, Mrs. Jane Dairy. Marlon
itglnty, Ohio," Is the Inscription on
tho fly-leaf that furnished Miss
Munch with Information necessary to
tlfwl tho owner. On tho Inside of tho
ba.'ck cover is an inscription which
tells that Dairy had finished read
ing (ho last chapter of Revelations,
October 1C, 18C4. only three das be
fore tho battlo In which he lost tho
book. Dairy liad put In all of his
iro moments reading the little book
Postmaster Dlckerson Thursday
turned tha letter over to Dairy, who
ianow employed as caretaker of tho
Catholic cemetery Mies Munch writes
that all she asks for returning tho
book Is enough money to cover the
IKJBtago. l3airy wIV forward the neo
cssary money at once.
balry, when seen ut his homo on
Delaware avenue today, Bald that ho
ro3l remembercs tho Incident of his
losing the blblo. Ho iwas a private In
C company, 24th Iowa Volunteer ln
fnntry. -which figured In tho battle
oftCedar Creek.
"Wo' had received ordora to hav
oU luinpsacks 'packed and ready for
use, placed outslda of our tents by
Si ii o'clock every morning," says
D-Jry. "All of us obeyed this order
ontho morning of October 19, 18G4,
but before we hail tlmo to btrap our
knapsacks on, tho rebel b wcro uikjii
us -and forced ua to retreat Tho
Iknapsatka -were left bohlnd and tho
rebels got thcni. That's how my
fldbjo happened to fall Into tho poshes
sionSof tho southern boldler."
Clubs and
In honor of her eighteenth blrfh
dayjannivtrHary a jnrrtj of twenty
frlotfds and relatives of mIbs Emma
IM.8eltcr gathered at tor homo six
onftap south of this city. Tho oven,
dngwtis tpent -with music and games.
Kllgant light refrcshmDiits iwero serv
ed, rrjio guests wore: Misses Ponnlnah
55achWnr Llzzlo Ochlcr, Calllo Llch
ittttilrger, Katie Suitor, Katlo Bonz
aerHlnnlft Woiriugor, Emma Gannon
MJwjto Fetter and Messrs. William
Johnny 1 anr-hcr, "-Henry- Benzlor,
BfleuKert Lht!(tcnl)erger, 'Hurry p'ot
ter&nd IMul Zachtnan.
3Mioriug Miss Stella Diebold, Mlfl
Ettol Krause entertained yesterday
fcttcj-jioou with a mlKcollaneouB BhoW.
ur alitor homo oil South Stato btrcot
rrp parjpru -were nicely decorated
Ju red And -whlta. Tho principal
tteclfeiUonB wore tiny red Jiearts and
jeutjSHowtors. Tho prosontB for the
&Wi;of honor "wore arranged be
MtfMa? a profusion of rod peonies on
ft cMtor table 'A dainty five o'cloc I
verwim en'eti by the itoawso.
rrL ufita Iwere Miss J)Iebold,
Wt bR
IL ffflO
son, Alias Oraeo Seffner, Mlsa'-Maudo
Thompson, Mlsa Edha Bchwolnfurth,
Miss Mao Tltu, Miss Ethel Leffler,
Mrs, Bertiia Blum, Mrs. Blanche (Mc
pherson, and Miss Florence Carpen
lcr,of Itockford, 111.
Honoring .Miss Clara fTrefz, -who
will bo united In marrlago to Mr.
Edward 0 Hceker, this month, Miss
Minnie Wanner of Peail street en
tertained -with a miscellaneous show
er last night.
Tho Interior of the home was nice,
ly dccol-ntcd (In green land white.
Tho fortunes of tho guests were told
and tho evening spent with other
pleasant social diversions. The
guest of honor received 'a numiber
of handsome gifts from faef admiring
A two course luncheon was served
by tho hostess.
.Mrs Fiank Kltzhaupt pleasantly
entertained the members of the Y.
M. II. club at her home on Pleasant
street, Thursday afternoon. 9,The
time was passed with music and em
broldlery -work, and refreshments were
served. Guests nslde from tho regiar
club members wcro Mrs Louis Ernst
Lvansvlllo. Indiana, Mrs Frank
Wllhclm, Mrs. S. T. Court, Mrs.
Bertha Kelleher, Mrs. Charles Kcss.
ler, 3Ire. Arthur iMoDowcll and
Mrs. Charles Dai'Mngcr.
Tho next mooting will bo hold In
two weeks.
:Mls3 Flo Stark of South State
stroot, pleasantly entertained tho T.i
A. Ti. club last nighl. Tho guessing
-ontcst was Avon by Miss MaudO
Frank. Misses Mlnnlo and Stolla
Stark -were tho clnb guests.
Miss Clco Cwcney, of West
Church street, (will entertain tho club
In two -weeks.
'Mrs. Hairy Barker, of Scoflcld
Hclttfits, entertained thl bridge club
this morning. Cards wcro tho princi
pal dlvcslon nnd a luncheon was
'soned by the hoatcss. The next meet
ing or mo cinu was not announced.
Toledo, Ohio, June 14. Mrs.
Lot lie 'Prissier, n patient in tho To
ledo slalo hospital fiom Hat din
county, suicided by hanging today.
While bathing In the Manatee river
near Palmetto, Fla., four negroes one
man nnd threo women were drowned.
The third cloudburst within a week
pissed over contral and eastern Ken
tucky the other night, practically ruin
Ing crops In many sections.
There was a collision at the Norfolk
navy yard between the United States
torpedo boats Whipple and Blakely in
which the Whipple rammed the Blake
ly, putting a cut In her side.
August Meyer, a shoo dealer of
Brooklyn, N. Y., was so severely
bea'ten by highwaymen that, be died.
One of the alleged assailants, Nicholas
Fennlmore, 20 years old, Is under ar
rest. The plans to raUo a fund of ?1 50,000 J
io secure lor v;nicago me two national
political conventions next year will be
laid at once by a joint executive com.
mlttee representing both republicans
and democrats.
President Roosevelt has Issued an
order which will permit the Inter
change of employment In tho federal
forest service, tho biological service
and certain employments under state
nnd territorial governments.
Progress In Standard Oil Trial.
Flndlay, O., June It. Ten wltnessei
were examined ,ln the Standard Oil
conspiracy case Thursday and mucb
progress toward n verdict made
Among the Important ones were .1. C
Donnoll, of this city, vlco president ol
tho Ohio Oil Co. nnd P. B. Squires, pi
Cleveland, vice president of th
Standard Oil Company of Ohio. Prose
cutor David attempted to show th
"npnectlon of these two companies
with the parent company, the Stand
ord Oil Company of Now Jersey
Other witnesses examined were mlnoi
o Ulcers of the subsidiary companies
Pullman Co. Denies Law's Validity,
wasningion, June 14. An answer
quostlonlng the constltutldnallty of a
part of the railroad rate law was filed
with the Inter-state commerce com
mission by Gcorgo 8. Loftus, of St.
Paul, involving sleeping car rates.
The complaint alleged that the Pull
man company exacted unreasonable
charges and urged tho commission to
compel tho company, under tho re
cently enacted railroad rate law, to
reduce by an ordor tho fares charged
by the coknpany, Tho company's an
swer Insists thnt the charges are just
and denies the authority of tho com
mission to 'issqo the order demanded
by Loftus,
Earthquakes Again Shake -Kingston,
Klileslon. Jamaica. June 4 aha
,hh Interval of six webks an earthquake
buock occurred nore Tnursday It
lasted four seconds. Thore. wob con
siderable alarm, but ho dania'go was
State Paid fllg Price fop 'Air.
fiiimBiHiiK, ra jimo H. The
fi l-l . . . , . !
capltol Investigating nommlssldn
opened its public sessions here Thurs
day The report df the Aualt Com
pany of New York shbwed that the
fltnto paid $160,000 for air measure,
plcnts on the metallic taos nlHiMijbd
by the Pennsylvania Construction C6,
A metallic tablp, measuring .200
sqnare feet, was billed as 2d0 ctlbjc
imt at a total cpBt of $12&0. Thd
clibto uieatfurbnlfint JncHide'd sir
space: fdr whlch the Pennsylvania
CoHBtrdetloti Co. polloeti'd 111,40 "br
toot" (roto, Hid atdte.
t " -'- -
Butler Murries
f til iv4,.
Answers His Wile Wanted
Add in Paper.
Miss Sandstrum Fair and Buxon,
Weighing Nfearly 300 Pounds
Becomes Mrs. Buttler.
found a
A. Butier of Agosta has
wife. It's his fourth, and
Butler thinks that at last he haB
corralled his- affinity. She was Miss
Luvennla Evo 8andstrum, need 25,
and sho camo all thp way from At
lanta, Kansas, to becomo the wife of
the Agsta man.
Tho marriage of these two people,
tba igroom GO years old, and tho brldo
25, whlcii was solemnized by Ju&tlco
H. C. Thompson at Oils office on west
Center Btrect, Thursday afternoon,
resulted from n most unusual court
ship. Butler nnd Miss Sandstrum
nocr raw each otlrtr until Tuesday
when tho bride, fair hnd buxom,
'weighing upwards to 200 flighted
from Big Four train No. 3G at
Agosta after tho trip from her par
ental homo In Kansas.
They had oxchanged photographs
and BuQer at once recognized tho
rotund countenance of his Intended.
There was n greeting that was In no
way ostentatious, and . then Butier
escorted Miss Sandstrum to hla home.
It war several months ngo that
Butlera farm hand, appeared In tho
offlco of Mayor Louis Scherff and
asked Marlon's bustling llttlo chief
executive to help find somo Indus
trious young woman who would bo
willing to becomo Mrs. Butler No.
Butler admitted to thw mayor limit
ho had been married threo tlmea be
fore, his first wife havlnc died nnd
the two following -having taken thteir
departure through the dlvoroo court.
Major Scherff assured Butler that
he iwould do oMen-thlnc -Dbsslhlo In
help In finding him a fourth wlfo
and the Agosta man wtent away well
satisfied. The newsiwnors imt holrt
of the story and it Tas &eht broadcast
uirougnout tho country. i
'Miss Sandstrum, Blttltw In hor
pretty rural homo at Atlanta, road of
Butler's wlfo hunt and sho decided at
onco that she was the one to fill tho
mil. She wrote to tho Asrosta man
and thus started tho nonnmnfnn.
wblch'hns resulted In their marriage.
uuuer na nmr children by for
mer marriages. The oldest is a young
man In his twenties, but the other
threo are small, tho oldest being only
11 aa i. since being divorced
from his .h,lrd 'v,lfc, leas than a
year ago, Butler has had no one to
core for his children and It waa
this -which urged him on in his hunt
for a wlfo.
Tho story comes from -Agosta that
wire who whs divorced a voir
ngo called on Butler, only about a
week ago add sought to effect a
reconciliation. Butler, however, was
waiting for the Kansas maiden and
the efforts of his former Wife were
"I would like to have this ,,
out of the papers," BuUer said, when
getting his license from Probato Judgo
ir. -rm arrnid tho boy nt
Agosta w'lll boll me tbnlriit ..n
they learn of it."
And Butler will bo belled in iht,
good old-fashioned stvle. r m.,
the report from Agosta. Tho belling'
will como off tonlclit.
Heavy Swatting the Feature
of the Contest.
The Nebraska Indian's to Play Jn
Agosta on Wednesday
July 17th.
i w
ThecoBtdlL'hhefe.linV innV,,1 .!.'
mdd UrelJIWWerhii 'VottiiM.f
Thtiredajjifjuirjijwiand defoatod
KlUgeway,Jbya score or 18 nnd A,
A largo orowd witnessed tho imnn
the ffBllllrrjl.hr tvKII, nnr j it.ii
ting bf Yohlie- fot- Atn wt, m.i
a ijomo mh, u threo bslggor and
. . . " "" .uu
hreotwo-bagger. c, DuLton- mado
thwb twb-wase hits and Prettyman a
three MuJo'hlt. a one handed catoh
by Prettyman was one of tho umsn-
tlonul features Only eleM dnnlnc
joro playcrj.
Tho ARofem, (Cain to onlm nfiAi th
amateur championship of the. coun
ty atid ia ready for allcomera. JWy
u i uni win play the Nobrawka
In (tons'. Seme. .
KWHay ,, 0 1 l l 1 00 0-4
Was Fined $23 for Her Letters.
Columnus, O.,' June 14. Tho Village
bf Ostrahder, eight miles south ol
Delaware', has been awakened by the
arrest of Mrs. Emma Liggett for the
writing of soveral' alleged naughty let
ters to Miss Itoso Gabriel, also of Oa
trander. Attorney Marriott, on behalf
of Mrs. Liggett, stated that sho had
always borno a good reputation up to
tho time of her arrest nnd hnd been
for several yeorB employed nt the
Girls' industrial school nt Delaware.,
Judgo Satcr, because of the apparent
'grloffnnd the shamo sho had under-
Mono, Imposed thl) minimum ilne, ptj
;Z5. nor hiisnnna paid the line. -
j i
'(Gift of Tongues" Meeting Begins.
' Alliance, 0.t Juno 14. ltaln mado n
swamp of Itov. Lovl Lupton's "gift of
tonguos" camp meeting Thursday, and
tho first session was held in a house.
Ouly a few could get In and there
were no demonstrations. The camp
wns In bad shapo and the tents unin
habitable. About 400 havo come In
from out of town. There wcro 100
trunks plied up on tho depot platform
Thursday and moro coming In with
every train. Ono hundred tents havo
bcon erected at tho missionary homo
grounds, but it is thought twice as
mnny till bo necessary to nccommo
dato tho throngs.
Wooster University's Commencement.
Woostor, O., Juno 14. Tho thirty
seventh commencement of Wooster
university took placo Thursday. Tho
financial statement showed that whilo
thcro had been no great additions to
tho endowment during tho year, good
progross hud hcon mado in tho effort
to raise the $375,000 necessary to so
euro the $125,000 pledged by Jbhn D.
Rockefeller, and that $17,000 had beon
contributed by tho alumni toward
$25,000 pledged a yoar ago. It was
announced that the trustees had grant
ed President S. P. Bcovol, D. D., a
yenr's Vacation nt rail pay.
Says Government Will Have to Help.
(Now York, Jurto 14. That tho na
tional government will bo forced to
lend Its credit to llnance tho needs of
the railroads of tho country was the
statement made by James J. Hill In an
interview Thursday. "Tho public in
its exasperation," said Mr. Hill, "will
demand that tho railroads Bhall lay
certain rails and provide moro cars.
The railroads will answer thnt they
cannot; that their credit has bcon
ruined. Tho government will bo
obllgod to step In and.lond Its credit
to supply this deficiency. Tho situa
tion might lead to fcbvfcrnmcnt owner
ship of railroads. That woi!d bo tho
ond of republican government."
Mathuet' Peek Causes a Sensation.
Harrlsburg, Pa .June 14. A sensa
tion was caused he'rojThursday by tho
discovery that William L. Mathues,
former state treasiiror, who figures In
the new capltol scandal, was detected
looking over tho bobksjof itho treasury
department late Wodnesday night
with one of the clerks of that depart
ment and a political lloutcnant of
Mathues from one of the other de
partments. Cook Is Convicted.
Pittsburg, Juno 14. "Guilty as In
dieted" was tho verdict of the Jury In
tho caso of the government against
Lehiert S, Cook, n real estate dealer,
In connection with the failure of tho
Enterprise national bank. Cook was
charged with abstracting the funds of
the bauk and aiding Lee Clark, the
cashier who suicided, In tho rchypothe
catlon of the collateral securities of
tha hank.
Carrie Pays Fine No. 29.
Washington, June 14. Mrs. Carrie
Nation was fined $25 in police court
here Thursday on tho chnrgo of cre
ating a disturbance at a local saloon.
She paid tho fine and said it was the
29th penalty that had been Imposed
upon hor by the courts of the country.
Woman's Life Sqved
Not Ono But Thousands.
Kalamazoo, Mich. "Ioklng liack
ivcr nearly thirty years of medical
bervlco rendered to suffering hu
manity, it Is ono of tho most ploas-
ng reflections of my Ufa that (by
Wroful research and study, I havo
beon enaibled, not only In gtJierttl
practice, but by sprial remedies, to
bo Unstrumcntal In vlng life, pro.
moling health, and bringing happi
ness to thousands and thousands of
suffering mortals." Ittor. It. rougolly
M. ID.
Inquiry at' Kclumazoo IMIeh., dis
closes tho fact that in mentioning
special remedies abovo, Dr. Pengel
ly referred, to Ihls expedience of
moro than twenty years of nctual
pravtJce Un the Uxtmont of the. ds.
eafeca.or women, during which tlmo.
no vanapiyi proscribed Zoa-Phpra
thpyw.o.ll-known "Woman's Friend''
and 1,rofiulfttor, and whfch lias found
rcady-.Biilo amonc tho rollabl ilrjr.
glitif of the land. If you urto slclc
or ailing; you will undoubtedly do.
filro to (est tho merits of thin vni.
uablo soman's medicine. Just ask
your druggist for Zoa-Phora. No oth
Or explanation will bo ncedod. You
will gbt tho liresorlptlon used so buc.
cossfully by Dr. Pengclly, nl ready
prepardd and compounded in Just tho
right proportions, and put up In seal
ed cterJIzed, one ollnr boVUca.
'In each -pejokago will ho found a
copy of "Dr. Penccllv'M AvU in.
Wdbon," a medical booW giving in
Urestlng and Jnstruotlve Information
mMi ll the. defiws of (Wo-nieu and
lueiway to attooessfully tnMt Ujcjn
ill tllO llHVaftV fit i-nn'y nrun 1.yil.t
wjUiotifcany publicity whtver, (Kdi-
fiwffip' ft '
Not tlic kind
wearing a stout mnn'4 size when you require p. suit of moderate propor- j. vJrA
. rajwaiai ' j. &&A
Clothcraft Clothes do riot do these thinks. Clo'thcraft Clothes' Vive WWa
you nn appearance- of style because they fit perfectly a 34 Inch waist
measures 34 inchca, first and last; tite arm sizes do not cut or pinch
because the 'tailors know how to cut, shape and sew to prevent these
fauttSt and thcro nra lio wrinkles In tha coats where they don't belong.
It Is details like these that show, the superiority of CLOTHCRAFT.
Its makers perfect tho many points that most tailor overiook they know
how to make clothes fit tho man the thin man and stout man and do
not depend upon the man to Hi the clothes. Then add to this care the
selection of always nil wool material, the careful shrinking, the up-to-the-nilhulo
designing and you havo Clothcraft the clothing which exhibits
real clothing knowledge, and which should lead you to be a Clothcraft
Arid CLOTHCRAFT wearers are not only well dressed, but they are
not required to waste money. Thorough system and care have enabled
the makers to keep their prices low.
A Fatal Collapse.
Canonsburg, Pa., Juno 14. Two
men wore fntnlly Injured nnd 400 min
ers were imprisoned In the Manifold
mine, near hero, for threo hours
Thursday by the collapsing of an en
gine house roof which broko tho nlr
compressor connections. The two
Injured men wore pinned beneath tho
Law Drives Out Ducket Shops.
TJoston, Junn 14. Tho nntl-buckot
shop bill which was passed by tho
present session of tho legislature be
camo a law last night. As a result
nearly 40 -so called bucket shops In
Boston with their various branches In
tho stato closed up their business.
Bigamist Reynolds Is Paroled.
Columbus, O., Juno 14. Tho board
of manngers of tho Ohio penitentiary
last night granted a parole to Harry
Reynolds, of Cleveland, who was sen
tenced to three years for bigamy. Ho
was recolvcd at tho institution Juno 1,
1900. Ho was charged with mairj'lng
Mno Smith nt Norwalk, while ho had
a wlfo living In Cloveland. Reynolds
Is a mechanical engineer and has
been a valuable assistant to the super
intendent of construction at tho pcnl
tontlnry since his Incarceration,
Saloonkeeper 8ulclded by Poison.
Cleveland, June 14. Peter J. Lass
man, saloonkeeper at 800 Droadwnv.
did not long survive tho legal proceed
ings begun by tho Cloveland Homo
Growing Co., which resulted in closing
up his saloon Wednesday. Lnssman,
with financial ruin staring him in tho
face, walked about tho deserted nlaco
during tho afternoon, then lato Wed
nesday night entered his mother's
loom and announced to her that ho
had taken arsenic. Thursday morning
ho died.
Secured $2,500 on Forged Deed.
Tiffin, O., Juno 14. A man claiming
to bo OPorgo M. Snyder, of Pennsyl
vania, filed an nllegod forgod deed to
Flnley Itlnglo's farm of 120 ncres In
the recorder's offlco horo Tuesday. He
thun gave n mortgngo on the property
to Nicholas J. Welter, n wealthy farm
er living near Tiffin, to socuro a loan
of J2.B0O. After securing tho loan ho
disappeared and tho swindle was not
discovered until Thursday.
Kosher Meat Dealers Surrender.
Clovolnnd, Juno 14. Partial victory
was won bythe insurrectionists In tho
koshor meat riots Thursday. 'So vig
orously did they pursuo their cam
paign of spoiling tho meat, preventing
delivery of salos and interfering with
customors that after a few hours' bat
tlo, iu which the pollco made several
arrests, the butcliors hoisted tho white
flag and closed tholr shops.
Boy waa Fatally Burned.
Coshocton, 0 Juno 14 Wnltor, the
12 year-old son of John Kekolborry, of
Adams Mills, wns fatally burned
Thursday as tho result of playing with
powdor Ho nnd another hoy set fire
to a quantity of nowdor and tho'Rck.
olborry lad failed to get far enough
away irom it wnon u Hashed.
Farmer's Wife Suicided,
i j Wooster, O., Juno 14, Mis. Mary
HuBhoiir, wlfo of a farmor living near
A)p!e Crock, molancholy through
Brlpf over tho ilriath of her mother,
committed .sulfide .Wednesday. i.mlght'
bY lh rnV PlBpn mjito.is Stools .nun
Sen. er' WnMlMMvolk
Rope Jumplnh Caused Death.
Cleveland, Juno 14. Rope Jumping
io believed to have causod tho death
of Katharine Schmidt, aged 13, daugh
ter of Loronz Schmidt, head of tho Lo
rain avonuo Bible mission.
Steamships Collided.
St. Olalr, Mich., Juno 14. The
steamer Australia and hdr tow. tho
Polynesia, and tho stoatnbr iiethje
hum wore In collision Jn the St Clair
Uyr Thursday hnd as a reiillt 'ht
two steamers are ashorei each badly
damaged. The Polynesia was hot
ilaliii'Kiid ulid no one 6n the hoU wan
thnt give you fits or give you
The Manhattan
A Black Hand Outrage.
Wnshlngton, Pa., June 14. What
la believed to be a Black Hand out
rage occurred early Thursday at the
homo of Jnmes Kofover, a farmer of
Zollursvllie, near horo, whon a glycer
ino bomb exploded, partially wreck
ing thd building and tearing a large
holo in tho ground. Nobody was In
jured. Last -weok Kofover received
a lottcr from an alleged Black Hand
society demanding $1,000 to provont
the destruction of his property.
Missouri Railroads Secure Injunction
Kansas City, Juno 14. Judge Mc
Phorson on Thursday granted tho pctl
tlon of tho 18 Missouri railroads for a
tomporary ordor restraining tho state
officials from putting Into effect both
tho maximum frolght rnto and tho two
cent passenger rato law.
Only Ono Way to Secure a Clear
In most lustanoes u bad complex
ion Is duo to neglect of tho little
things In life that are essential to
natural beauty. All manner of sug
gestions havo been offered by skin
specialists, but nil agree that tho
only sure way to Becuro a clear,
healthy complexion Is to conform
closely as possible to tho laws of
naturo. To preserve your fresh.
ncB and beauty, yoju should livo sim
ply, take plenty of outdoor exorcise,
drink quantities of water nnd bo
careful of your diet. Remember,
too, that beauty Is n good deal more
than skin deep. It Is blood deop,
ami depends nlso upon your liver.
your kidneys nnd tho activity of your
bowels. For nearly two years now,
they havo bcon tolling tho ladles of
tho beneficial effects that Laxakoi.i
Tonic Tablets hnvo on tho skin.
Tho principal ingrodlonts In them
are ca&cnrln and dnndellon nnd ev
ery doctor knows that theso rem.
edles start tho llvor going, drlvo
out Impurities, oncoiirago tho ac
tion of tho bowels and help clear
up tho complexion.
Flookon's Drug Sloro will gladly
pay your 2D cents bock If theso lit. !
tio tablets fall to thoroughly bene-
" yu. 12.14frltf
If You Want To Save
Buy Vour
Photw-sCltteM,, lJ7i.
y. M d. A. BnlJdin.
;'. r.i.:i.r:aw ,' , iv, , .
That Satisfy
$1.25, $150, $225, $3.00
i 1 W.&
the appearance of
His Face for the Pie. ,
A socn-y ear-old whp, nt dinner,
without a thought of tho dessert, had
eaten not wisely but too wel, re
UiirkedJ "Gee! I'm full up to tay
neck." His mother said: "That's
too bad, ft,r we arc going tohao pie."
Undaunted, ho replied: "Urlng It on;
I'vo got my face fbr tho pie."
Good juicy steaks aro a
great dolight to tho cook,
who takes tho troublo to havo
tho best sho can obtain. Get
them at either of our mark
ots and you will bo pleased.
1 rl C 9 m m v
North Main E. Center
Both Phones.
Extraordinary Shoe Sale
Tho most extraordinary
sale that over took place in
Marion. You will find values
offorod positively astonish-
.$3.50 and $4 shoes at $1,08.
I. ffl. HAYFER CO.,
212 W. Oputor Truo Blook
Why not
Legal Tender
You say, "I do not know
about it."
Wo will tell you. It Is a
high-grado flour mado from
()tho best of wheat in such a
way as to rolain all tho
natural flavor of tho grain.
Wc guarantco you will bo
'pleased if you try it. For
salo by all grocors and mado .
only by
Marion Milling fr
Grain Co.
id in u vjiuin
(Call ;.at4 OHf'.oflicertaiHletffl
8rijO'iUi.Sa18 torX

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