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M POP''' "" 'J ' V
VOLUME XV. NO. 1282.
I: &
Liceuse of the Vessel which
Three States so Much Trouble will be Revoked.
Washington, July 9. DraBtlc ac
tion hns been taken by the government
UfialtiBt the Rteamer City of Traverse,
orders being Issued by the department
of commerce and labor for the revoca
tion of the vessel's Balling llcenso and
tbo cancellation of her passenger cer
tificate. In complalnfB from citizens and tho
puthorltles of Chicago and tho statu
of Illinois, the steamer was branded
as a gambling den and a floating pool
room. The vessel lenves Chicago each
Week day nnd proceeds to an anchor
age on 'Lake Michigan nt the Intersec
tion of the state lines of Illinois and
Michigan. There gambling operations
of varlons kinds are conducted. He
turns from all tho nice tracks In
tho country- are received by wireless
telegraphy. In addition they may
play at faro, roulette, poker or any
other game of cards or with any
known gambling devlco.
Efforts made by tho authorities of
Chicago and tho state of Illinois to
Not Only are There to be Injunctions Against Combina
tions, but Government will Operate Business.
Washington, July 9. Hereafter, In
junctions o lestruln Illegal combina
tions will not be enough for govern
ment. 'Whfitevur. conditions permit, It
Is proposed to request the court to
appoint receiver fo operate the busi
ness of convicted corpbratlons, squeeze
out wntor, and sell plants so as to
revlvo competition.
Atorney Ooneral Bonaparte proposes
It First Class Tickets arc Sold to Negroes, First Class Ac
comodations Must be Furnished Says the Interstate
Commerce Commission.
Washington, July !). The inter
state commerce coinmltsion In a de
cision yesterday In tho mso of Oeorgiti
Edwnrds agalnut tho Nashville, Chat
tanooga and St. Louis railroad, held
that If a railroad provlued certain ac
commodations for u Hiki class passen
ger ot tliu white race, It Is command
ed by law that like accommodations
shall bo provided for negroes who
liuvo purchased flrst-uhiss tickets. It
holds that In this cuse, It is maul
feat tho railroad "has unjustly ills
crlmlnlated In hoiiio particulars
against colored pnssenr.trs," and ord
ers that whero tho rallioad provides
it washbowl nnd towels In tho coaches
for whlto paBaongors and a soparnto
Decler8 Lima Woman When
Told Arsenic Was Found
in Husband's Stomace.
Lima, July' 9. ''My God, I am In
nocent, lnno.rnnt Innocent," exclaimed
Mrs. lna L. Sneer, tho alleged hus
band poisoner In her coll, today. Sho
had just been told that State Chemist
Dokpr had lulortued Coroner Stelner
thct )9 folind traces of nrsonlc In
tl)o stomach of David 13. Sheer, tho
dead contractor.
15,000 KNIGHTS
Saratoga, il. Y.. July D-Flfteon thou
sand Sir Knlghta ropresntlng two
hundred canin,iandrles Knights Temp
lar,' from every part of tho United
ha3 Given the Authorities of
suppress tho Institution proved futile.
Finally Mayor Basse, ol Chicago, ap
pealed to tho national government.
Representative Mann 'ilf.o urged Pres
ident Hoosevclt to use his Influence.
By examination it wps disclosed that
the steamer had compiled apparently
In every respect with the navigation
laws, and In view of these conditions
It was at 'lrst regarded as Impracti
cable for tho govornmmt to Inter
vene, but after a conference nt the
department of commerce and labor
today, u telegram was tent to John C.
Ames, collector of customs at Chicago,
directing him that If the facts were
aB reported ho should cancel tho ll
censo of tho Htcnmcr
Tho action of the department was
tnkon by tho nuthorlt ot tlio Itevlsed
Statutes, which provldj that a license
granted to any vessel shall not bo
considered in force any longer than
the vessel Is engaged In the employ
ment for which she ;s specifically li
censed. It Is expected thnt the steam
er company will contest the action.
that contraccs or agreements In re
straint of trp.de be abrogated, and
that receives be appointed to sell
plants of combinations found guilty
of violation or the antl-truat law. To
bacco and yovder trusts are to be
attacked first
It Is said rhn Standard Oil company
can never . cached by tho receiver
smoking compartment, Mmllur accom
modations shall he proldcd for negro
passengers paying similar faro.
Tho complainant, who had pur
chased a llrst-clnsu tlc.tct from Chat
tanooga, Tenn., to Dalton, Ga , was
removed fiom a car to. white per
sons to ono for negroes, and com
plained that she was discriminated
against because of her color, and
not afforded equal fai llitles. Com
missioner Lauu, who rendered the
decision of the commission yesterday
held "the expense of tbo small smok
ing compartment In tho latter (tho
car for whites) accounts for nearly
all tbo difference In cost betweon tbo
two cars "
States, marchid today through bril
liantly decorated streets. Tho occa
sion was tin pnrado of tho 30th tri
ennial conclave of tho firm id lOucamp
moiit of tho Knights Templar of the
United State3. held hero this week.
Tho rovlowlng offlcors wore Orand
Master, Moulton, or Chicago, and
Qovernnr Hughes, of New York.
Holso, Idaln, July 9. In tho Hay
wood case today tho reading of San
Francisco depi3ltlons was continued.
Clarence Darrow had a long confer
ence with Clmrles Moyor In his coll,
Moyer said no waB anxious to go on
tho stand and glvo tho llo to Orchurd,
Hudson N. T. July 9 Hurled from
their berths hy tho sudden standing
of tho Peoplo's Liner, O. W. Morse,
on bar -ttJO, the frightened passengers
started a punic early today which tho
officers had hard work to check. Tho
vessel finally pullod off ot tho bar
and the passengers lauded.
Cumberland, Jul., July . Dr.
George h. Carder, assisted by Drs.
Henry S. Wnilo.s and Wm, U.
Foa.rd. removed, two well developed
appendices from George Hieken
berg, agtid 20 years, ol' near Hruns
wick. ilo hn.s been ojwratiiijj
a sterna crnno for a contracting
linn. Tho ojeu.itkou was unu$unl
from, tho ifnet that tho man had
two njH-'ridicies, Hoth -were dis
iial. Tho regular appendix wm
jorfornted in evernl places' and tho
second appendix showed signs of
deo.'iy. Dir. Cardor lias upended
upon OJU wises of appendicitis,
but ho has never neon or heard
of u rtiso liko this one. Jtiekonbory
is on the way to recovery.
Will be Sent to the Pacific
Fleet will be a Very
Formidable Une.
Washington, July 9. -Two Import
nt decisions liavo been reached by the
navy department concrnlng tho dis
patch of tho Atlantic fleet to the
Pacific. Only the newest and most
modern ships will be sent and the
average ago of tho captains ot ships
will bo reduced from three to Ilvo
years. Tlilf" means that when the
lleet starts oat on Its remarkable voy
age, It will bo the most Tiiodern and
most formidable fleet of warships for
Its size sailing together. The bat
tleships Iowa, Indiana and Ohio will
ho kept In reservo
Only Two Regiments will be
Paid for Going to Canton
in September.
Columbus, O., July fl. Since
the ntnto emergency board iIiiik de
cided to allow only .flO.OOII, which
will not more lliau pay the ex
penses of two a'ogiment.s. it is
unite iiivilinlilit llitil. iiii'inli(isi iP Hie
Ohio Nii'ilmni (lusirds will con
Irihuto their -services and n:iv tlieir
own 'expen-ses, .in order to bo nt the
dedication ot tlio Mclviuloy memor
ial at Canton, hopiembcr .iu.
Paoininent officers, 'l'ucsday, said
that, the matter would bo put up to
tJio various commanders.
fcfc' ,
Navy .Department Crowds
WoTIcon Battleship
llarbertqitMO.. Julv 0 Tho huge
plant of .Stirling company here has
been ordymiSii run night and day to
fill rush onjffrs for In-llera for tho
United StatffSvNuvy. The boilers tiro
for battleship now under construct
ion. Hiiglin&KlJny, of the navy Is bore
with InstyjKrons to bring nil possi
ble speed. iinttbc completion of work.
St. Jos$fltf Midi.. July 0.
T.lm "TtMldJUu-nr" fad was de
nounced bjguTi'v. Michael O. K.pur
from tlUfJyJTjpit of St, Joseph's
Catholic, cjiumli yesterday.
The Pj!l l"''Id that tlio loy
beast in ffiualiand of Jif.tlo girls
was dcM.rny)Hg till instincts of
inoliierliooinjmttd that in tho fill lire,
it would Tilizeil as one of tho
moKt. powilrfiiU factors in tlio raeo
suicide onifgfi.
KM her JjS5r linked nil pnrenU
to reoleo TJltSBltill in tlio nfl'oetioiw
!f child renalflul di'ard" the Teddy
beoir forever
RoosevelUMayv Even Now
Case Before Him.
Washington, July fl.-The Interstate
Commerce Cjiiimlsslon has completed
Its report in tne llariiman case, and
a copy of It ni-iy now bo In the hands
of tho provident.. Special counsel
Kellogg, wlio has had (.barge of the
Investigation of Harriinan railway
operations, left quietly last night, for
Oyster Bay, iin. it. Is believed that
his mission is to lay tho report be
fore tho prod. lent and receive sugges
Vmul.iln..ii Win.. .Inlv !l. Knur
-' -
children of l:.uu Field, weio burned
to death iu i t.ro. started by a guso-
llno oxplosln today, Tbo children,
who ranged liom li months to I
jears, wero i Jeep fat the tliiic.
Toledo, O , July 9 Hoy Knabenshue
the famous Toledo arerenaut say bf
will, within a week, sail his now air
ship fiom Tolndo to Cleveland, 113
miles and entry three passengers. If
Knabenshue succeeds, it will bo the
longest airship trip ever taken and go
far to provo the usefulness of airship
for passenger transportation.
Runyan is Called by His
Associates in the Tombs
as the "Dopy One".
New Yoik, July 0 That tho story
of Chester 11. Hunyon, former teller of
the Windsor Trust company, who
stole nearly flOO.OOO fiom tho com
pany. A pait ot'whlch bo squandered
on a woman w'll probably bo Insan
ity, was revealed today when Hunyon
was arraigned.
Hunyon's attorney AVIIIIam, Cant-
well entered a idea of "not guilty."
t'antwell said that lie might decide to
enter uu Insanitary plea and nsk for
commission. Hunyon's companions In
Imprisonment u the tombs believe him
insane The have dubbed him the
'dopey one." Cautwell claims there
Is insanity In Hunyon's family.
Florence M. Schench Will
fiudeauor to Establish
Her Marriage.;
New York, July 9 Still Insisting
that she wus wedded to Charles II.
Wilson, manager of Alfred O. Van
dorbllt's strlim of horses, Florence M.
Schenck onco u Norfolk, Va., belle
announced touay that sho had decided
to take her -aso Into court. Disowned
by her parents and cast off by Wilson
on their arrival hero from London.
ho girl Is ill at tbo Victoria hotel.
Wilson adheres to tbo story that there
was no marriage though ho admits
tho girl iii'coinpauled him to Km ope.
Ills real wife, lie says, awaits hlin to
Wlillo Or. I'owhatten Schenck had
disowned nls daughter when sho
eloped with W'lsau, ho Is now on his
way from Norfolk, Va, to take her
back to his ft me. Ho says he loves
bis (Inug'hfpp better Iu her trouble
than t ver 1 rco. Klorence Is on the
point of nor ).i prostration.
. tfn&
a vim
' -Bsrryman In Washington Star.
Marion Mirror Colossal Voting Contest Attracts At
tention by Reason of its Magnitude and Op
portunities it Offers the Ladies
of This Vicinity.
An Offer of Such Liberality has Never Before Been Made
in This Locality and may Never Again be Duplicated
Prizes Offered are of Magnificent Value and may be Se
cured by Ladies Competing Without Cost to Them Ex
cept of Personal Effort for Short Period of Time the Con
test Covers.
All unity considerable Interest has
been moused In tbo niinniiioth voting
contest started by tho Murlon Mirror
In Its Issuu of last Saturday, and
coinents liuvo boon freely and fre
quently made on tne magnitude of
tho enterprise and the splendid op
portunity It offers tho Indies of Ibis
section to secure mngnlllcont prizes of
exceptional vnluo.
Numerous oilers Imvo been mndp
tho people ot this elt and vicinity
In tho past, and It wculd probably
bo not over-giiessliig to say that many
offers will bo mndo them In the fu-
tmo; but Iu all its past history no
offer of such colossal ptopoitloiiB hns
ever been mndo and iu nil Its future
history such nn extraordinary offer
may never again be duplicated. The
fact that the offer Is an exceptionally
raro one and carries with it such
remarkable opportunities for tlio
ladles of this section explains why
It is attracting so much attention.
Among those who have already
manifested considerable Interest iu
tho contest are a num,tr ot tho ladles
of tho city and vicinity. Many ot
these ladles havo "shown a pergonal
Intorest In the winning of tbo prizes
and havo expressed their Intention of
trying to capture tho splendid prizes
The prizes are of snv'i an nttractlvo
nature thai It is only natural the
nilies should bo perse nally and ar
dently Inti-i ested In winning them,
especially as in winning tbcin the
ladies nro put to no exnenco whatever
except of personal oft'oit for tbo shoit
period of time tlio contest eovors.
The ?30 Heo automobile, which Is
offered as tbo grand prize. Is of course
tho main prize to the winning ot
which tho efforts of all candidates
will be directed. An automobile Is
110 doubt ono of the most desirable
prizes which could tin offered In such
u contest as the Mini :i Mirror con
test, nnd of the au'omobllcs most
suitable tor offering In such a com
petition tbo Heo stands lu the front
tui.k. Tho lteo Is ono of tho drat
(iiLl:ty cars of tbo day; Is strong,
roomy, 1 tndsomo, comfoi table, easy
I'ltllliL,', end Tor artistic outline mid
beauy ot design -is unsurpassed by
any if the cars of the presont day
Tills car Is an Ideal ladles' car Tor
either useful or pleasuio-glving qual
ities, unit the lady in any of tho dlf
feient districts who gets tho largest
voto ot the entire contest nnd lu that
way wins tho stunning llttlo car will
be doseiving of tho highest congratu
lations. While of cnurso tho forclblo Intorest
centers in tlio winning of the auto
mobile, much popular Interest will be
concerned lu tbo winning- of tbo six
magnificent diamond rings. These
diamond rings nro of the very purest
white qunllty. absolutely without flaw,
and Tor sparkling brilliancy are un
surpassed. These diamond rings will
bo given oin each to tbo ladles who
at tbo closo of the contest stand first
In tho different districts, with the
exception of tbo district which wins
tho gtmid prize.
The seven beautlfu'. gold watcher,
which will also be ulven are prizes
For Miss or Hrs.
This ballot to be counted must be
carelully trimmed around border and
deposited in ballot box unfolded.
lllllilllllHillllWIlWMM Wnwt
well worth the winning. These gold
watches are of standard, quality; four
teen knrnt Jas Boss cates, carrying
twonty-llvo year guarantees; move
ment full-Jeweled mid cither lClgin or
Walthmn ns winning candidates may
choose. These gold watches will bo
glvuii 1 ne each to the ladles Iu each
of tho different districts who stund
first In tbelr districts nt the closo of
tho coi test,
Fu'l-'r particulars of the prizes and
the m..iiner In which they will bo
gheii may bo obtained from tbo largo
display iidvertlsement printed on an
other lujre of thl papei
All ladles, who conteinplato entering
the (onlest should commence their
camp ilrfii for votes and subscriptions
Imm-sll.itely. An early start Is a
prime factor for success; It secures
tbo oxduslvo elTorts of tlio candidate's
fricn Is, and enlists tho greatest
amount of energy and enthusiasm
at the time v nel tho Held Is cleanest
for tho caiw.is-i and will produce tbo
greatest icsults. Complete details ot
the conleiit, explalnlnfj who may com
pete, :fi.d how the competition r is
curried on' may be obalne'd' from tho '
large d'Fplny advertisement printed
on m it he- pago of this paper. '
Any Inly desiring to enter should
look up tho largo display advertise
ment, dotetnilne which, district Bho Is
in, tli"ii clip the single ballot from
tbo pap"r, and send It In to tho con
tost TV lartrrvnt of tbo Marlon Mirror
with V"1 name and nddtess and num
ber if the district lu which sho re
sides, nrlttei. on It.
To ttlmuluto tho candidates Into
innkl va an eaily star, all slnglo bal
lots ,ir itd In tho paper this week
vvlll cj int- ten votes for tho candi
dates for wbont thoy are voted. After
this first week, howover, theso single
hallo's ill only count uu ono voto.
All 31-H.l ballots are good only for
ono wvlt nil must be voted within
that li "f In order that tbelr value
may not be lost.
Announcement of tho names of can
didates lumli a tea will bu mado next
Saturday evening; so all who contetiv
plalu ent.-rln tho contest should get
as miiy vote? us possible and havo
thoiu tut in iniiiiedhtely. so that,
they inuy malse n good showing lu
tho tlibt list publish d. Ladles en
tering thoulii make every effort to
head tbelr dUlrlcts lu the tlrst lists
publlai 1.
I.adl -s im'tiing the contest muBt
enter fiom tluj district lu which they
losiiH, Lit thoy are peimltted to go
nnywhiv.- to get votes. To enter tho
contest It is i.ot necessary Tor a lady
to ho m tubrcr'bor to the .Marlon Mir
ror. All InUots should br. sent lu or
brought Into the Contest Department
f tho Mario 1 Mirror whero a ballot
box for their reception is now ready.
Tho nflc i.f tlio Contest Manager
Is In the biiil.iess office ot tlio Marlon
Mirror whero ho can be seon at any
tlmo relative to matters concerning
tbo 0011 test.
Anvil Interested should call up tho
Contest Department ot tho Mirror,
'Mm i 111 ')'ilo
$1500 CONTEST.
JULY 13.

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