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The Marion Daily
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Man Who was Navy Official During Russian War Thinks
Differences Between Japan and America
will be Settled.
New Yoik, .Time 10. "Peace-'
is still llio word which epitomizes
Admiral 'Baron Qonhey Yamamote 'a
'first interview in America. Tho rear
Admiral was tho .mikado's minister
of marine during tho wnr with
Hussin. H ar-rvdl today.
"I -wish you -would all do your
best for pence," woio his open
ing words to nowppnpor men. "T
sincerely hope and believe that ft
pcnccfyi'l settlement to all difTeren-
Information in the Hands of the Government Indicates that
the Harvester Company is the Prince of Violators
of the Antitrust Laws.
Chlcnrto. Tulv 10Facts
that tho lntonatlonul Harvester com
pany la 'the most glaring violator of
the Sherman law In tbo United States
have come Into tho possession of tlft"
U, S. government has entered upon
further Invp-itlgetlon with a view to
wiping H out pf existence
(Herbert Knox Smith, who. suc
ceeded Jamas K. Oarfleld us commis
sioner ot corporations, has had men
BHprotly at vork for some time upon
tho ' harvester combine Mr. Smith
has mado n tecen, trip to Chicago,
during widen it is nlleged' 'tha'tVio
cameby'strlkjng frtets. Ho now jins
special agents pursuing tho thread
that came to him.
.From this aggregation of fact thero
leaked Tuasday for tho first time tho
first basin Information that in now
being worked over by tho U. S. Offi
cials. 'in tbo developments that came
Tuesday It Is stated that tho mask
Suit isjBefiun in New York District Court by tho Goveru
' nient as the Result of Investigation Biggest
Octopus is Flushed,
Naw Yoiv, Jul" 10 Suit was be
gun In the diV.rl'cl court for the south
ern district of Now York, today for
the dissolution of tho American To
bacco companv fcnown ;ls the -"tobacco
trust." Tlio court is also asked to ap
point a receh ir for the concern. Tills
Is tbo climax' n a year and a half of
Investigation by expert.! ot bureau
of corporations and the department
of justice.
The cheat sea Indicate that tho gov
ernment has. "Flushed Its biggest oe
topuB," for iho petition declares that
tlio trust ha encompassed tbo entire
world with ivj tentacles, und says that
through apqultmont of foreign Inter
ests and combinations, it will abso
lutely monopolize tho tobacco business
of tbo world, i.nloss rel.ef Is granted.
Tho recital t unfair trade methods,
oppression, ieioclous competition, de
ception,, fml nnd conspiracies by
which It Is charged that tho trust has
grown since 18L'0 from r capitalization
He Tells of His Early Hist
ory and. His Connection
With the Miners'
Boleo, Idaho, July 10, Charles H.
Moyor, pred'hint of tho Western Fed
eration of'M.ners, who Is Jointly ac-
,, nM,i i ...I ' ""
will bo
reached, ho said.
Tho JiroanM-o mlmirhl will
President Hoosovelt'a guest at Oys.
ler I3ay. Friday.
Washington, July lO.-dnpaneso em
bassy nuthor'zes emphatic denial ot
tho report from Tho Hague that
Japan has untitled tho United States
that If It could not control the sit
uation In San Francisco, tho Japan
ese government would feel at liberty
to deal with California, direct.
1ms been torn from tho financial
deal through vhlch tlio combine came
to life und that behind the deal, In
stead ot J. P. Morgan nnd (leorge V.
Perkins, as has been believed, looms
up John D, .Rockefeller.
Rockefeller, according to tho state
ments, supplied tbo ?50,000,000'of live
capital that was put Into the combine
nnd Morgan nnd Porklus merely act
od ni brokers, receiving a commission
or less than $3,000,000 for their con
nection with the deal.
Of tho $50,000,000 It Is alleged that
Rockefeller loaned f2G,000,00O upon
tho securities and bought outright
from tho McCormlck combination
another $25,000,000 of other securities
that tboy had.
To add to tbo constornntlon, tho re
port enmo from Washington thnt tho
government Intended to ask for a re
ceiver to wind up Its nffalrs and com
pel tho company to resolve Itself Into
competing p:rtfi.
of 125,000,000 to a corparatlon whoso
total assets now exceed 275,OO0,uuu
turns u now leuf In tbo history of
American commercialism.
Tho actloa :s against tho American
tobacco company. Tho Imperial To
bacco companv, tho Drltlsh American
Tobacco company, the American Snuff
company, tho American Cigar com
pany, tho United Clgnr Stores com
pany, and fifty nlno other corporat
ions and twenty nlno Incllvl liuils con
nected with tlfin, and Is brought un
der tbo Sherman anti-trust law.
Tho attack on tho tobacco trust may
not stop with a civil action. Leaders
In tho organization aro threatened
with crlmlnU prosecution. Judgo Mc
Roynolds, tho government special
council In tho case Is authority for
tho statement thnt unless tho tobacco
moiiB legal 'cpresontatlves fairly and
promptly meet tho Issues raised by
tho government, Indlctnonts will bo
cused with William Huywood, the
union's secretary, of the murder of
ox-Governor Fteunonbnrg, took tho
stand today to testify In behalf of
Haywood nt tho lator'a trial. .Moyor
entered tho couttroom, oscorted by a
deputy sheriff. Ho looked bright and
composed, out showed tho offects of
his soventoon months' confinement.
His early examination whs devoted to
relating tbo witness' early history and
Ills connectl.m with the miners' feder
Bucyrus, O , July 10. While , en
gaged lu sawing wood with n buzz saw
William I)ah waB thrown Into1' tlio
revolving sa.v t'nd cut to pleqos,
vca bcitweep nr countries
Washington, July 10. Tho govern
ment crop I- port today shows. Corn
93,099,000 noves, Increase 1 A per cent.,
condition 80,2; winter wheat rendi
tion 78.3; spring wheat condition,
87.2; coikIUIju of winter and spring
wheat combined, 81. C. Wheat, last
years crop, Held by rinners, 0l,85.i,
000 bushels, oi 7.7 per cent,
Akron, O., July 10. Postofflce In
spector W. if. Keyes Is hero inquir
ing Into tho i fflclal conduct of Post
master h, H- Kbilght anil his alleged
pernicious vrtlclputlon In political
matters. Ho -Is hero In response to
u demand from friends of Candidate
W. D. Baldwin, who claim that
Ehrlght Is not entitled to a third np-
Assurance has romo from tho pos
tal department that unless Inrompo
touco or pernicious nctivltly In nol-
IUcb Is Bhown Hbrlght will ho entitled
to appointment under tbo president's
civil service lulo,
Questions md to leading persons at
tempt to elicit Information ns to
whether Ebrlght took an active part
In tho county convention last year
which condemned Dick In thu Lamp-Eon-Tbomas
i.intcst and tbo Doyle
Wnnnamaker judicial contest.
Cleveland, O., July in. Efforts
are being mado to secure 'he parole
of Otitic dindwirk. tho cpu'cu of
finance from fedonil prwou at Co
lumbus. Cawtio'rt health has been
very bad and it" is ftiid that tlio
prison manager will patrol her if
authonitv can bu found.
Chicago, July 10. Tho federal
grand jury today letumed indiftt
nientn against 4hu Santa Fe ,mil-
Large Pittsburg Pipe Factory the Scene of One ot the Most
Horrible Accidents Work of Rescue Begun and
Fifteen Bodies are Recovered,
Philadelphia, July 10. Thirty
forty perso'H aro reported killed In
the collapse of the Brldgeman Broth
firs' Plpo factory, at lGlh and Wash
ington" Avoiue, this alteruoon. All
umblilnncea and patrols from tho hos
pitals and jtUc.o stnttous and four
trucks front tho englno houses have
been rushed to tbo scone. Tbo work
of recoverln,? tho uenu was ueguu
almost Inline llately and at a o clock,
lllteen men wore lying on tho pave-
merit awalllnr; conveyances to tiiuu
tieni,to tho besjdtal. Wagons and
push carts weie imprfsped Into serv-
Ico, and tho wero rushed to Howard
hospital where It was found ulght ot
them wore dead und the other seven
rerlously Injured.
In tho ree.'Mlng ward,; of tho How-
mwr" " ' " ' mmm m MmiMsiumwiiiiinnw
i . ' ' " " "I
g-trr '
4 zXlkiMm
IHlliVllHiJVl I TIM'f'Tl" 'iUfM'TT t'KSW II W.
mmmr tias) - -m
151 i II IMffilwfflilill HrMHnl m&h
mMm mimmmmmmmmMm mry !?,. -pw
road, alleging that it granted the,
1'iiited SlnU's Sugar and Ijantl Com
pany .fVJ:,uiiu in u chutes. These m-
diehnentfc contain sixly-livo sount6.
An iuilfetment was also voted
against ifio K, II. Stufford furni
ture company, in connection, with
furniture, trust ease. TJie concent
ii cdiarged with violating1 tho Elk
iua anti-lirust law.
Six Young Men in the Party
Drown in Penoh3Cot
.i' Bay.
Bangor, Mo.
Jiily 10. Six young
men of a party of seven wero drowned
In Peiiobsoot nay late yesterday after
noon by this capsizing or mo sioop
Ruth I). 'Jiiniuiock, ol Urooksvlllo.
Tho victims tiie.
Harry Dtuiu, aged IS, of Uungor,
sophomore In liowdoln uillego.
.Amos Robinson, aged 17.
liaymondj Smith, uged 19.
Frederick IMigwall, aged 19.
Royal 1M1 nor aged 19,' ull of Ban
gor, umJ
William Vague, aged 21, ot South
The six -Tlangor youths recently
went to thOjIJerbpy retreat at Sandy
Point to spahd the summer. Today
they were lnyitfd by William D. Vague
ot South llrookwllle, to take a sail In
his boat t lUfsboio. The sloop
hud rcachedbo point off Castlne when
she was str'tok by a Biidden squall
and capsized)
Laurent ixyinll. of Bangor, succeed
td In clearing himself from tho cnift,
and nftor swimming for three-quarters
of an hour vjfa rescued by a tug. The
othurH sank-, within a few minutes.
Tho victims -WT'ie members ot prom
inent families;
ord. Polyclinic. St -Agnes, Methodist
and other norpltala, men bleeding ami
bruised, lay on tho floor after the
cot nnd stM her "supplies had bo
coma cxliaii'-fil. '.'.Fourteen bodies
had been re elved ,nt 2:45 p. in.
Tbo seetloi of the fuctoiy which
collapKed win a four story concrete
addition' In itiecourso of erection.
Nnnrlv one mindrell' workmen, em
ployed by
tlu eoiltract'ng llrm hav-
,ng tho work lu.chnrge, wero caught
i,y tho inasn of falling uncus nnu
jnioitur, and ill received injuries .nu.
i in many easi-f proved mortal, neioie
they could ) extracted. The number
a( dead cannot bo estimated at this
hour. Ther- aio two bcoio workmen
I unaccounted Tor. whoso bodies are
'beliovd to II In tho niuunry and
twisted iron
mM S !'' x ' ypjrci i
Detiolt, AlKli., July 10-Kred Du-
chene, nlgtit clerk at Hotel Remind,
picked up a package containing ten
thousand dollars In bills, in the bath
room. Ho d'novered th.it It belonged
to Charles rim'tli, a boarder. Duoheno
banded over tho monoy and received
$C bill for '(ward.
San Frnnclhco, July 10. The board
of supervlnois Tuesday afternoon se
lected Dr. Charles Hoxtou, u member
of the boirl, to succeed Supervisor
James .1, (Pil.'apher as acting mayor
of thu city. It is understood that
the selection ot Boxton is only for
a temiwrary purpose.
.ludgo Dunno today refused to ad
mit Mayor Smmltz to bail and denied
him to tho privilege of visiting his
Sehmltz appeared In court to ask
for ball and to answer tbo Indict
ments, charging him with accepting
bribes from tho gas company and Un
united rullroMls. In tho first he
failed. The second was formality and
was carried tbiougb without Incident.
Pittsburg is' Visited Ijy
Conflagration Which Is
Quite Widespread
Pittsburg Pa. 'July 10-Flro this
morning destrojed the plant of the
Cream City Woven Wire company
with a low or $80,000, also the plant
of tlio aauspiiin .Machinery and .Metal
company wnh a loss of $13,000 and
spread to tt.b thickly populated ten
ement adls.trlct qiiRebecpOjstrcot, a
number of li-mses were destroyed und
at noon flro va still raging. The en
tire departim. i: wos called out to
fight tho flamrp.
The flro was controlled this after
noon. Total losses aro estimated
ubout $150,000 Several persons sus
tained Injury
Management of Jamestown
Exposition Sets Aside July
16 as Day for Meeting.
Norfolk, Va., July W. -The
manajfciiiient ol' the Jnmehli.wn
Kxjwsitioii h:v4 announced I Wit
July Kith Jias been decided upon
.is tlio National Vutoiaiib' Associa
tion of the Who and the Gray and
Uuvr ,Sons Day,, and a fitting pro
gram (for tho day lias been awang
,d. Tho meetings of tho asrociation
will ho held in tho convention room
of dm Prc Iiuilding. tlio morning
session lasting from 1) to 12 o'clock
ind tlio aft en k Kin session J'roiu .)
to 7 ut which time such business
ih the. body havo to transact will
ho ditri rased of. Thero will bo a
parade of the old veterans and their
(Otis, at which timo inuMe will bo
t'luni.vhcd by homo of tho man
liandrt htntioued at tho exposition
An entertainment will be lendeied
them in (he evening'.
Th,'1 purpose of this now or
ganisation wliich was fonncd March
2!). Kino, in Atlanta, Georgia, is
to bring together in a spirit of
hrotheily lovo tho survivors of the
armies of Grant and Lee, in or-
lcr that there may ho a recognized
union of tho people of tho Noi'th
and South. It is hoped that every
American soldier, whether ho wore
din blue or tho gray, by coming in
"ontnet with cucli other will learn
thnt sifter nil they nro both Amer
ican citizens, nnd thereby iprovo
to tho world at large that this
is a united nation, that section
alism no longer holds Bvny. nnd
that veterans of, 01-05 whether
they lived in tho North or Sotith
(tiro united many tomorrow ami
The Association h rapidly grow
ing both i favor nnd numbers,
and it is oxpected that tho moot
ing at tho Jamestown exposition
will ho largely attended by 'old sol
dlei'ts from all parts of tho country.
All Interest now Centers in the First Publication
of the Names in Saturday's Issue of the
Mirror of Those Who aro to
be Candidates.
The Magnitude of the Offer Made by the Mirror in its Gi
gantic $1,500 Voting Contest has Aroused a World of In
terest and on Every Side can be Heard Words of Com
mendationClipping Coupon now the Order of the Day
and the Ballot Boxes the Most Eagerly Sought Object in
the City
'1 ho renvirkablo and widespread In
terest that I. us been moused In tho
Marlon ..Minor great $Huu voting con
test Is very giatifying and demon
strates beyond a measure tho popular
ity of tho eulcipilso.
It Is sold mi that an enterprise of
such magnitude as tho .Mirror gigantic
offer bus been undertaken by u news-
paper In a city tbo slzo'of Marlon, and
that thu olf-M- would meet vlth tho
approbation it the people was u fore
gone concilia! in,
Slnco the fl!t announcement of tlio
contest was made In Saturday's Issue,
tho Mirror oif'ce has been deluged
with impilrl's by 'phone, letter and
In person. On every side words of
commcndatlo.i havo been heard und
the success of thu plan Is beyond
The Interest in tho contest has be
conio generil nnd the people aro
anxiously awaiting the coming of
Saturday nn:l tho first publication ot
names of those who are considered
deserving ot the .Mirror prizes, and
will lend ovc-y effort avnllablo to
sec"ura.tie m.'.gnlflcent prizes.
iMiiiuiumuui are ioumig into mo
.Mirror off Ico by every mnll und the
ballot box nt tho door of tbo Mirror
offlco is the most eagerly sought ob
ject In the r!ty. Judging from the
high class and character of the nom
inations sent In today from all over
this section, tho Mirror of Saturday
will show the names of Bomo of tho
most vnllant fighters over grouped to
gether In any kind of a raco.
Tho plan nt 'ho contest has been so
arranged ami every detail so carefully
considered tint tho candidates who
havo nnd will enter the raco may
rest assure that tho utmost fair
ness will characterize every part of
tho contest. A perfect checking sys
tem has linen arranged and every rec
ord will be arranged go as to assure
i "square deal ' for all. The candi
dates or their friends n-e cordially in
vited to visit tho rontr-tit department
ai any ami nil timci. and ask any
For Miss or firs
gjjLZ2b Tins ballot to bo
carciuuy irimmeu arounu oouieraim
deposited in ballot box unfolded.
Great Britain Sees a Loop
Hole in Treaty by Which
She Can Keep Out.
London, Jjlv 10,-Kngland today
acknowledges tho possibility ot war
between the Ut Ited States and Japan.
A confession of this bellof Is signifi
cantly evident In preparations which
ura bolng mado by die government
to prevent .Vent llrltnln being drawn
Into such a iMtifllct, despite bor treaty
with Japan. A dlllgbnt btudy of tbo
treaty has '.ound a loophole whereby
question concerning tho enterprise, or
inspect the tottng or have the sys
tem used In connection with thu con
test fully explained to them.
Tlio Minor has engaged competent
contest iiriuugerp und assistants, who
will bo" in charge of thee outest until
tho lliiish, to assist ail candidates
jbut In tin Impaillul manner
The handsome new "Rco' which Is
to bo the gi.iud prize lias been ship
ped from the factory and Is expected
to arrive In Marion the latter part of
this week or the first of next. When
tho machine arrives It will be placed
upon exhibition in tho riudnwof tho
..Mirror office for the inspection of
Jtho public. Words aro lnudeounto to
express the leauty of design, thu dur
ability ami il'. around completeness
of this handsome automobile. It must
be seen to ue appreciated.
iWould it 'lot he a gracious thing to
nsslst somo friend in winning ono of
the hand so no prizes offered by tbo
Mirror? Tho mere clipping out ot a
ballot will serve to place a lady lu
nomination and securo for her tbo
prestige that goes with n good hegln
iiing. Clip out the single ballots
that appear lu each Issue of tho dally
and semi-weekly Mirror and vote for
your favorite now-at once.
After the flrt announcement ot the
names of those who are to Ira tho
candidates apf cars In Saturday's Issue,
tho names will bo published dally
with tho number of votes thnt each
candidate recitves. Wntcb for tho first
publication of tho names and cast
your votes immediately thereafter for
your favorite. Thoso who are In tho
contest shnu'd he getting their friends
In lino for iheir assistance. Let them
know that you aro In the contort to
win, and tbev will belli you In many
ways. Tho ixperlonco and pleasuro
gotten out of a rontest ot this kind
is not an o-Tyday occurrence, and
when there aio such liberal prizes as
a $050 "Heo" automobile, six band
some (llaino.i 1 rings, sevon gold
watches etc . it Is especially Induclve,
$1500 CONTEST.
counted must bo
JULY 13.
Rngland maV evade. On a technical
gIMng nssis'iice to hei ully except
In contingencies too rotnbto to con
sider. For tho flr JtniQ biura tho, dispute,
between tho nutlono nyme.Engllsh
newspapers tpiiay ppeuwoi ,wnr as ,
possibility, lly discussing tho ulti
mo which Qre.it Brltiiln must assume.
In tlio event ot hostilities, they show
tholr real f.vr. ,
Dollefontalmj O., July 10.-AVllbur
Reynolds, tbo blind, deuf and dumb
child, refpsid by Various stato Insti
tutions and ."ounerly an luinuto of tlio
Logau Cottirr Children's homo, baa
been removod from thu Clark tnfirm
nry, where ho was taken when laBt
deserted by his mother, and Is now
being cared lor by his aunt, Mrs'.
Kllzabeth Cite?, of Sptlngfied, where,
bo baa a good homo. "
I j
, r

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