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ii j, V tiiM i i ii i i '
. ' V
Daily Mirror.
i i i .1. .
art BURGESS ...Business Mnnnger
A. C. HOLLAND Editor
F. M. ARMSTRONG.. City Editor
This paper recoivos tho Scrlpps
HcRao Telegraphic, News Service
nnd Markot Reports.
Tbates or subsoriptionT"
Single Copy 2o
For "Week by Carrier lOo
By Mail, per Ycnr $4.00
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Both Phones , No. 0
"Weather to' Ohio Partly cloudy,
probably showers tonight or Thursday.
Bnnkor Itunyan'a ospcricuccs
with Mrs. Cartor recall tho old
etory, pf, Satnpsou's hair cut.
"When Mayor Scbnntz gets be
hind tho bans lie could easily pass
for a Kussitm uuuiohist.
It is about timo i'or some fana
tical girls to begin sou-ling flowers
to Herman Billik.
Japan is said to be considering
going to var with California. It
might bo bettor for her to stait
ih oh Rhode Island.
This is the timo of year when
tho busy man buys all of tho out
ing magazines mid papers ami en
joys Jiis outing at 'home.
Tho proposal trip of the fleet of
JJaMle&hfps to the Pacific has elicit
ed moro comment, than Columbus'
voyage when he discovered the
"Western continent.
Now that the President has the
(rcpoit of tho Interstate Commerce
Commission in the Harriman case
he question is; What is he going
to do about it?
1 No one iias ever advanced the
theory that Harry Orchard was
drilled i'or the recital of his story
by the mure poisons .who coached
Evelyn Thaw.
Thk Navy department has deter
mined to leave tho older men in
the navy at ihomo when the big
fleet goes to tho Pacific. That will
mako it very nice. Theie will be
men light at homo to cnticizo the
boys who are running tilings.
No one has asked Japan whether
she will sounder it a hiMilo move
upon tho (part of Ohio, to wild the
entire state guard to Canton to tho
'dedication of tho McKinley meiu-
to Tho pic t mo of Czar Nicholas has
Been stolen from the Bcilin Nat
ional Art gallery. With present
conditions in Russia ttyuie is no
jelling when pictures of the czar
Svill become iclics.
2 While tho leading Republican
newspapers of tho country arc, as
jti rule, opposed to the lenomination
l Roosevelt by the Republican par
5y, there ni.rpears to bo a sjstemutic
xampdign going on throughout tho
ftountry in favor of it. EWdenceJ
3pf, that campaign aie mopping out
in such papers as tho Wuluug
rton Herald ard the Atlanta Geor
gian, jiiid in reading matter fur-
ished by pros Ijijieaus and cor
espondents to many country pa-
eis. The plan seems to be to
uild up la distinctive RoceevcU
arty, something on the order of
jjlr. Heatist'si Independence Leaguo
which will bo able ,to sandbag tho
Republican national convention, as
Mr. Hearst's League sandbagged
fho New York Democratic Stato
Honvention last year. Tho promo-
2 A line ofen new. views of Mar
kin In a now procesY Sepia and
? Episcopal church. '
i Presbyterian and German M.
u Catholic church,
g St. Mary's school.
Y. M. 0. A.
f Methodist church.
iHuVer Mfg. Co. "i",
Opera House.
Masonic Temple.
; Christian church. """
Each 2 for 5c
25c Doz.
C. Q. Wiant
j?r Tin Houjjb of PoBt Oarda. I
tors cf this scheme arc proceeding
by indirection. Their lino of nrgii
nfcut is: illustrated, by tho follow
ing extinct from nn article in tho
Washington Herald of Juno 20,
writtcu in reply to on editorial of
tho Brooklyn Eaglo.
not engaged
in furcintr his rcnomination. His
attitudo is not at nil that of n
candidate for a .tlijrd term. Ho
lias not oven countenanced a. move
ment for his rcnomination. 'i'hero
is roally no such movement, at any
rato not in nn organized or tangi
ble form. What exists is a senti
ment, or belief, that tho President
ought to bo renominated. What if
this sentiment should dominato tho
Republican national coinciition;
what if tho nomination, instead of
being forced by Roosevelt, should
bo forced upon hlni7 Would not
such inn eventuality put the moral
aspect of the President's election
in an entirely diflorcn t light
i'rom that in which the
Eiaglo views it? The Eaglo
has igiuncd the moie probablo con
tingency for a lets probable if not
altogether impossible one. Theic is
u vital distinction between the two.
Such talk us this is appearing
constantly in a class of papers
which have no claims to leadership
in either puity. And it is true as
the Biooklyn Eagle says that "it
i probable tho Picbidcnt could
force his own rcnomination. Noth
ing could svo that from being rec
(gnized as a forced pioccs. It
would be s'gmatized as . violation
of his frooly. and solemnly pledged
What Others Say.
If Piesident Rotsovelt seriously
meditates sending the battle-ship
fleet to tho P.ieiflc thoro is still
ample timo to prevent what may
piovo to he a most disastrous blun
A long ocean cruise of the battle-ship
fleet to tho Pacific is whol
ly unnecessary. That much isadmit
trd in the olllcial statement from
Oyster Bay, which says: "This
cruise may possibly be to the Pfloi
fic. but might possibly bo only to
the Mediterranean or the South At
lantic." Diplomatic considerations absolu
tely foibid it. Anything that might
bo mistaken nt this timo for u de
mount ration of force against Japan
would be ill-Advised lo the point of
In reference to the en ilier report
that sixteen battleships of tho
United States Navy were ordered
to the Pacific The World printed
this paragraph on Wednesday.
After ki confeieuce of over three
hours with Diesident Roosevelt nt
Sagamoro Hill, Sceortnry Ieb re
turned to Oyster Bay and denied
emphatically that tho President 'had
even contemplated bending a. fleet
of battleships from the Atlantic
squadron to Pucific walcrs to pro
tect American interests against any
belligerent movo Japan might make.
"I have no idea," said tho sec
retary, "where or how if he story or
iginated. You can say that tho
Piesident has not even considered
tho advisability of sending any
ships to the Pacific. That is all
that theie is to be said at this
On the same day tho Times
pi jnted this paragraph:
Published lcpnrts that sixteen
battleshijw of the Atlantic fleet
oi the United States Navy wore
to bo Iransfoined to tho Taciflc
coast because of tinti-Amorioan
feeling in Japan wero denied by
William Lneh, P-csident Roose
velt's secretary. Mr. Loeb said
that such a. movement had never
been conbideied by tho President
and that its consideration was not
contemplated .
The New York Herald gave its
denial in those words:
It was announced by Seeietary
Loeb that there was no truth in
the report that sixteen battleships"
ot tlio United states Navy are to
tie aligned to tho Pacific coast and
wai sucii a trnnsior Had never
been considered by tho President.
This mischievous report was thus
stamped as fabsc by nn olllcial de
nial in words that may bo assumed
to bo the President's own. This
denial was in tho highest degreo
oredWablo to tho President.
Why was it noc adhered to both
in spirit and letter?
The New York Herald promptly
stigmatized tho Piesident's utter
auco as ono of tlioso timo worn
denials to which coveramonts in
variably resort when confront
with cmbirrass,'i)g news. In shorti
it said that tho President's plain,
diiect, personal denial "was false
had no valuo and was controv
erted by facts. It rearc-Hcd this
j futile attempt to .hoodwink tho
people and urged that. President
or no Pxeaident. tlio .fleet should
go to tbo Philippines, becauso it
thoio was to bo war it ought to
bo at Manila ond if there was
to bo peaco dt ought to be nl
Manila to prevent war.
Although itho public irnj lcgaiil
as nonsciibo tho HornldV way of
dealing with iricat concerns, it is
dangerous nonsense m those day-,
;-spocilly wiicn-tlio President ol t.ii.
United Stales begins to play with
inuuuiuetured jingoism. One ot the
great. chungtrflhal liino Juis brought
into the drauun, of history concerns
oth v?ny in ?liioh wars are mndo.
They are forced by public opinion
by i nflated state of the minds of
nations and the impulsive fury oC
popular passion. Becauso the peo
ple haw in nationfnl concerns dis
placed tho wnnll ruling "classes of
eaillei' times, thoiefoie jingo wart
have displaced dynastic wars.
Nowadays the wily lo mako war
i.s to lire the national heart. So
it was with the Franco-Prussian
war, in which the rago of two
rent nations responded to popular
passion, in spite of the fact that
all the ini'tonded reasons
for the
war had been conceded before lho e!iriy iiour this niorn'g, und a largo
wur wiis made, So it was with'miautity of liquor takcu. Tho thloea
ur recent war with Spain. Neither,
Government could control tho forces
behind it, swept by tho sloran of register containing $10') In change,
public opinion and popular passion. I OUIe Leo, a,c61orcd youth from
As the vaso stands between us Kansas City, Mlsourl, and John lrvlu,
i .in...,, .... .- r.imi.llv nntiiii Jcotorcd noitv, who worked nt tho
As for 'the American people. tlioy.'Kiloon, were rrrestoJ this morning,
.1.. ..! wnnl. wnr. mud JiiDiin. ovor -
nearly to .exhaustion, need.
iu nor wie men Know.
But the
lltlllOUS niO IllliaillimtUlU wn
and the uiueslraiiiOil piomollon f pinnncd by a nilddlc-agcd whlto man,
joiiraalibtic clamor may have power,wi10 co!lxe, j;i,n nntl lrvm nto u by
to c.vcilo die people on Dot.li sines. ,,romBK to dlvldo( the loot. Leo dc
There is a war puty in Japan, elated tint ihc ieal robber was
and tho neporl tlmt we aro send-ilrcbscd In a jlne light suit of clothes,
ing a great lleet of waisliiirs to be woro patent leather shoes and fancy
ready for Japan's next move would .hoso. Tho lad ualiKtha. ho also car
bo woikcd up ito cxrito that next rlcd a flno O-cnllbe'r Colt'u revolver
move. AMiat foolish men might ,ln holster .', his side, and when
m- in Japan or what Mime roolish lh? 'efl1301 to work fast, ho would
funetionarv might do would 1,0 "thenicrd8? ana threaten to
made lho most of ,n our ri :do by,8" 2'lh,t Trv)a 8ecurcd the
shoiihl come to realize 'the recent
W, ...... .... ..-.-. -
words of Oistinjfi'islicd statesman
that "iVars arc made by newspa
pers." Acts and words based upon tho
presumption that .there H to bo
war will produce war. With this
condition befoie us wo may sec
nil the possibilities of -the flagrant
c.i iino of jiiiffo journalism.
It U 'time to halt. It is time
for ThcOttA.io Hooscvcll fo turn back
tho tide It is time for him a
President of tho United States to
aiiuouuco to all tho world that the
ballhwlups of tho United Sljitos
mve not going to tho Pacific and
that thus jingo propaganda must
i case. -New Yoik AVoild.
Clisbs and
The nioinbrs of the Youns People's
Society of Hi" United Brethren church,
wero pleasantlv entertained, Monday
ovonliigC, nt 'ho home of Jlrs. Grant
Gouts, on .tonroo nvonuo. A lut -h
was berved 'j tho hostiss and tho
evening was spent In social chat.
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vm wEams8mM&8 JaL i I
nearPNoTfoilanvnfl i?'M.,bHi,rd,,ng ?. tb. 3awesto Tercenteunlal exposition
AmLican nn;r.n?,,jTf W,,ful "P" 0' "mctuw dear to "thoJieart of tho
,vZb n ' ,S..n 'f,Productlon of tho old Independencqiliall, m putla
nniPftUI",.,1U,! C,on, lno,ltnl eo,.,sres.s ndont"rt " Doctarntfo" ot Indope d-
.mtlon lucludlng tho Kourth of .lu.y nnd
Ki B lhe buma" '" U cu',,ur or
:"7'".'" '"""! uv" '"''K "in n ci'irion message and wliur otho Amorlrnn
That's What 'la Claimed by
Ollie Lee.
Flashily Dreased Man liolds
Gun Over Robbers.
John Irvin and Lee, Say They were
Coeiccd Into'ComrnHUng Crime
for Which Theyowere Arrested.
The rear iiiirrFtife baloon ot
Miininr & ltiui'roth..o't No. 1 JO North
Min street, waf.t.brokcn l"to at an
wtre unable to rcaclf tho front part
of tho saloon, whoro'thoto was a cash
'C""rBCU wuu .iu..K xi.ui.iii . v,
)ZZ X SZllL"
Btory of
the affair from beginning to end.
l ,, unl.l ll.nt l... rnhhnrv
.lurneu mem ever to thn ntmiimr. tin
bald that thn robber' tried to unlock
the door but theKoya would not work.
The locks wtro'tlicn nrled off nn,i
entrance gained lnjthat manner Aftor
tho robbers liod'galncd entrance to
tho icar pa-t. they tried to fiet
l.roiiRh to he .wgnt of tho saloon.
However, two heavy' doors, bolted and
ocked, were In 'frefnt of them an
their efforts ftljcu
was awori; out by. Charlcn
"" '"!ft us, and tlio caae
hursflay jncibingV
mayor 'i'
Ilany Wilier
arrcslod last
eveniiiir liv niL.
; Ai-n k
i.'.V, "-' '""" n Norii Wvn street
I a lioiii,.fc-, t10 MBjyrfe court tlii"
"v" win. n lion Mil ...... !
...... ...,s ,ne picvKied guilty to tho
A.floi i-nin:.,.. .... . ... .
; , "-""s 'e oiii, no -was rc-
Ilnrvcy Rervo bwVie out
radavit in fho 'rnniv,,-',
an nf.
It.day, charging JfiJih,, Sweeney
with usfiul mid battery. Sweeney
spi'wjrru iHUoro lie mayor this
morning and claimed that Ilcese
started tho qunnci; lie admitted
having struck Keeo.' Sweeney was
fined H and costsimountiug in
all lo .fa.CO. ' '
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and constipation, try Chamberlain's
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, i. 1,7 0,,' h' f?om U h
"1U'"-'tu"1 " wffi I 'iHloifcnlly
fcally I
Associate ot Mrs. Carter and
up by the Police -Both
Any of the Trust
Now York July 10 Lato yesterday
tho police atrcbtcd Iary Klrkstefn,
oged 22, -i (p'egrnph operator on
n chargo of prtlng with Mrsi Laura
Carter In receiving and disposing of
15,000 Btolcn from the Windsor Trust
company by Chester n. Itunyan- Tho
complaint wt signed by O. W. Young,
of the mist company,
'Klrkstcln Is tho man for whom tho
police have been looking for several
Klrkstcln was examined by Aslsst
ant District Attorney Corrlgan. Ho
said that ha had lived with Mrs.
Carter In n flat In West Sixty-sixth
street for about u year and a half
until rcccmly Eho told him sho had
n 'rrtrtil rlilnV nii1 lin Inff Tint I
tj"w nwnrj v ... iw
un uio cveuiig oi mo j'ouriii oi
July, ho sal.I, Mrs. Carter telephoned
him to moot her tho next morning,
wllch ho did. Sho told him. ho said,
that tho "good thing" was Chester D.
Hunyan, tho missing teller of tho
Windsor Trust company nnd that ho
Japanese-American Question
me jueiogatcs to ino Hague Conference Peaceful
Settlement of all Differences is Still Possible.
London, July 10. The corres
pondent of the Daily Telegraph ut
Tlio llaguo eerds in n column dis
patoh, which .purports to reflect the
views prevailing thero of tho Jap-ancse-Amorican
situation, wJiicJi ho
declares to bo moro absorbing ithan
the conference itself.
Tho cowesjpoiulent says that ns n
result of his inquiries he leams
tho situation is really strained, al
though both governments arp try
ing to conceal tlia fuel. Ho asserts
that binco Juno 10 the question has
entered upon an actuo phase. Japan
has been tending tho United States
exticmely catheorical notes, stating
without bitterness but in the clear
est terms, the dilemma that unless
Washington is able to control Cali
fornia, Japan will consider herself
free to net directly against Cali
fornia. Nothing, however yet has
been exchanged precluding a pacific
settlement, but many of tho Japan
ese nt lho lluguo uio ot tho opm-
ion that tho Japanese government
ought to act without delay and not
gio America time to ulilizo her blood poisoning, resulting from an I11
vast resource nnd economic poten-fcctlon of the knccjolnt. Ho was
tJalitics, 11 'bundled fcld gieator .brought to tho hospital Filday morn
than Japan's, to perfect warlike Ing In a high fover and delirious,
preparations.' O"0 wcok beforo ho had attempted
In an editorial articlo The Tclo- rom,ovo 'l "oiumB cartilage fiom
irn.nl, a.iw it. ,!, ,u.t i.1nnifw
itself with the statements of its
u,.mp ro.. M x.. s, jr.-
hcving thorn to bo charged with
,....., ..,,.. .!.,, -; i rpl, I !......
uuuiiu inwjHiiiiioncy. jvt uie. same mo8t dlsastro.is resultar'
time, tho paicr contiimeR. they nro Whon ho reached tho hospital, tho
made ujoii a notablo authority nnd joint was apencd and tho pus ro
tliey cannot bo ix:ad witliout pro-jmoved, but tho structures wero so
found uneasiness. The Telegraph badly disorganized that Sunday morn-
is convinced, howevoi;, that tho
statesmanship of both countries will
bo strong enough uiiit tho instinct
of thu two grcliit nations) gano)
enough to liold mad chauvinism in
"Neveithcleisj" tho paper i ik
clareri, "it is imiiossiblo to deny
the danger of tho situation. Tho
pipsent peaco confciretico from its
opening, Jinn created disagreement
and friction, tending to mako worso
instead f improve "'tlio relations of
the powers. The last assembly nt
The llaguo W7i followed by great
conflict; wo can only pray that
tho piesontono may not bo succeed
ed by moro terrible calamities.
In conclusion, after a full discus
sion of .tho points n f tUlIcircnoe,T.ho
Telegraph declares it Is not n color
question but fundamentally tan .
oconomic question. It snj' further
"Wo trust our allies will tako
it at that laud realize that the point
of, national ihoonr has been acoiden
tally caught nip witji tho problomi
but is not pcrmiaiieiitly involvetl in
it. Any lattumpt to settle the ques
tion by nrmi whatever the imme
diate ifcsmo would mean, fjooner or
later, la Jiundrod yeais' conflict."
Kew Yoalr,; July lO.-TJio Cunard
linor Carmniiia waa reiXTted off
Fro island late Ust night nnd is
expected, to ireaoh her lodk in
this city beiforo 8 o'clock today,.
On board .tho Oarainniu is Admir
al Dairrai Ynmnmoto of tho Japan
ese navv mini n pnnty of .Tfipaneso
huvhI oITlcers who oa-o on tho way
back to Japan after a trip through
a Sister of Hers arc Picked
Deny Having Received
Company's Monoy.
had given hor' $5000 which she had
In hor ban J jag.
Klrkstcln .uld ho advised her to
tako tho money lo tho trust company
nnd tell tbo officials whore Itunyan
was. Sho ror.lled, Klrkcnstoln says,
that she wou'd return tho money to
Itunyan' and then glvo him up. Ho
did not see the money and had no
Idea whether sho returned It to Itun
yan. Chicago, July 10. Florcnco Wood,
a ulster of Ms. Laura Carter, who
was responsible for tho arrest In Now
York city a fow dayri ago of Chester
n. Itunyan, who, was v. anted for tho
Itipft. nf MR linn from llio WhwlRnr
Trust Compaily of Now York, was
... ..... . .
jarrestcd hero last night, upon, advlrc
frfim flirt linlfni tt lm nnutnft. .llv
fmm .,. ,.,, . ,,,. .; ni,v
Tll0 Woo(l wnnilin Wda fouml , ft
rnBi.innniiin iIMv.iinv i,n... in utini..
icnn nVcnito. and whllo ndmlttlnp- hnr
Identity declared that
sho hud not
taken any Df tho monoy which Hun
yan had given to Mrs. Cat tor.
is Discussed at Longth by
Europe. 'Admiral Yaraamoto 13 ono
of the most distinguished of Japan
ese naval ollieers and was minister
cif marine during the period of war
with Russia.
The visit ot IJ10 paily lo Amer
ica is entirely unotllcial. They will
visit a number of the largo ship
building yards,
It is understood that President
Roosevelt will receive the party at
Oyster Bay.
iAmstcivlam July 10. The Ilan
delsbhul iublisicn an interview
with 0110 of tho Japanese delegates
lo The Hague peace conference,
who suggested that instead of boy
cotting all A111ericr.il goods, Japan
nvght rostiict the boycott to the
San Francisco ttnde.
Columbus, O., July 10. Dr. V. C.
stnknnv. ot Kl bourne. Dolawara
county, Is lying nt Grant hospital In
a very precarious condition from
",s "'" K,1M3 J0""- l"'K "l'"'"
ntlon under cocaine anesthesia nnd
.without any assistance. Ho fal'ed to
rcmovo the object WKiught, but
lceu(lcd , Snfcf Ung 10 Joint
Ing after a consultation, tho leg was
amputntod 1ml abovo tho nffectol
Iniprovomsnt In his condition was
'Promptly manifested, and his recover'
Is now oxpootfd. JIo Is 51 years old.
a graduate of tho old Columbim Med
leal college, find n prominent phynl
cal college and a prominent physi
cian oi Doiawaro county.
Tho floating cartllago which tho
doctor sought, was found whon the
Joint was openrd,
Clovoland O. July 10 Eighty ono
automobiles today stnrted on tho an
nual Olld'ha tour. Tho nutolsts will
cover 1.G00 .idles boforo tboy wind
up In Now York on July 24. Tho tour
ists stop 'at Toledo tonight thon to
untcago back
thougn Columbus and
ani0 to Pltuburg and then east,
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