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Report as to Hairiitlan
Goes to Roosevelt,
Is Not Ytt Ready for Submission to
the President by the Inter-Stule
Commerce Commission.
Oyiter Day, X Y July 10. Presi
dent Roosevelt on Tuosduy received
the report of the interstate commerce
commission setting forth facts and
conclusions arrived at no a result ot
the investigation of K. II. Harrlman'a
Alleged manipulations of certain rail
roads' finances.
A copy of the report has been cent
to Attorney General Bonaparte and
the statement was made by Secre
tary Loeb that Mr. Bonaparte's rec
ommendations as to future proceed
inks by the government in the matter
dbtibtlesB would be awaited by the
president before ho directed any fur
ther move.
Washington, July 10. At President
Hposevelt'a request tho Inter-stato
commerce commission has forwarded
Jo Oyster Bay a memorandum giving
the substance of the evidence collect
ed by the comniluolun In the llnrrl
man inquiry. It Is understood that
the commission made no recoihmendd
tlon to the president and that the
complete roport Is not yet ready and
may not bo for some time.
Attorney General Bonaparte stated
last night that if the lnter-state com
merce commission had submitted any
report to tho president he was not
aware ot It and no copy of it had
been received by tho department of
justice; that he had not been untitled
of the completion ot the report and
had received no communication re
garding the Harrlman Inquiry from
either tho president or the lnter-stato
commerce commission. He expressed
the opinion that when the commis
sion's final report Is submitted to tho
president It will be accompanied by
tome recommendatlono as to what ac
ion shall be taken by the department
of Justice.
Important, If True.
Lohdon, July 10. The correspond
ent ot the Dally Telegraph at The
Hague sends a dispatch which pur
ports to reflect the views prevailing
there on the Japanese-American situ
ation, which he declares to be mora
absorbing than the conference Itself.
The correspondent says the situation
is really strained, although both gov
ernments are trying to conceal tho
fact. He asserts that since June 20
tho question has entered upon an
acute phase. Japan hns been sending
the United States' notes stating that
Unless Washington is able to control
California, Jnpun will consider herself
free to act directly against California.
Death In a Storm.
LoulBVllle, Ky., July 10. One man
was killed and several Injured
In a terrific wind storm which swept
over this city Inst evening. Many
horses and mules were killed, build
lags unroofed, umnller structures
blown down and heavy danmgo done
to shade trees all over tho city. The
maximum velocity of the wind was CS
miles an hour during the height of tho
storm and the w;ud blew at the rate
ot CO miles for 15 minutes. Several
streets tiro Impassable for blocks
owing to tho trees which litter tho
roadways. Damage at New Albany,
lnd., by the storm In estimated at ?5U,
000, A Double Victory for Whitney.
New York, July 10. II. P. Whit
ney's horses won both the Lawrence
Realization and tho doublo ovent at
Sheepshead Bay Tuesday uud thus
earned two large stakes for their
owner. The Realization, worth ?10,
380, went to Dluua Ken, tho heavily
played second choice, with Frank QUI,
the favorite, second and Salvldero
third. Stamina took 11 rot place in the
double event, with a cash value of
10,000, Chapultepoc second and King
James third. . ,
Ohio Bar Association Meets.
rut.JuJflay, O., July 10. Tho 28th
annual meeting of the Ohio Bar asso
ciation began here Tuesday with a
large attendance. John C. Halo, of
Cevelund, delivered the annual ad
dress, tl I II I IH. !
Demand More Pay for the Service.
Washington, July' 10. Postmaster
General Meyer announced TuiAduy
that the North Qorinan Lloyd and
Hamburg-American lines had Inform
ed tho German postal administration
that on January 1 they would termi
nate the present agreement relatlvo
to the unulntenuuce of sea poiUoluoea
on their ateamors, because the com
pensation allowed was not sulllcleut.
The companies, however, liuvo mado
an offer of a rato pt which they will
continue tho oorvlce. Mr. Meyor has
decided to send Second Assistant
Postmaster General McCloury to Gor
many to make a new contract.
Orders for Ships are Cancelled.
Detroit, July 10. The Free Preaa
Bays: It Is evident that largo opora
toa will give no more orders for
building lake ships until a change la
noted In labor conditions. Orders for
eight or. ten largo ships which woro
considered as good as closed, huvu
been cancelled- Last year at this
tlrne the shipyards had orders in the
sel mills for 200,000 tons, while now
they have practically none, , ,
Tho wife of the Eiarl of lloaslyn.
Mrhiorly AUa Robinson, of Minne
apolis, lias sued him far a divorce.
The earl la living In ParlB.
It Iibb been decided to erect a
statue df Christopher Columbus that
will cost $100,000 hi tho center of the
plaza in front of the now union roll
way station In Washington, D. Q.
Kltlg Edward has granted a pardon
to Col. Arthur Lynch, who was con
victed rtf high treason In 1902 for hav
ing f ought in the Irish brigade on the
side of (hc Boers In the South African
K. nittenhouso, "tho blind
coffee man" who rtitia a coffee shop In
the front part of his residence at Chi
cago, has been appointed as a mem
ber of the city board of examining en
gineers, with a salary of 2,000 a
year. Mr. Ulttenhouso In tho only
blind mati ever appointed to a city po
sition In Chicago.
$200,000 Fire Loss.
Slldnoy, O., July 10. Tho plant oi
the American Scraper Co., one of the
largest In the united States, burned
Tuesday. Only a small section was
saved. The loss Is estimated at J200,
000. Tho fire was caused by an explo
sion. Schmltz Is Dented Ball.
Ban Francisco, July 10. Judge
Dunne on Tuesday refused to admit
Mayor Schmltz to ball and denied him
the privilege of visiting his attorneys
Competition Between the
Telegraph Companies.
Of Ihc Charges Made by New York's
Attorney General Is Given Out
, by Clarence Mackay.
New York, July 10. Clarence Mac
kay, president of the Postal Telegraph
Cable Co., declared Tuesday that all
talk about tho Western Union Tele
graph Co. and the Postal Telegraph
Cable Co. working In harmony is non
sense. Mr. Mackay's statements wore
made upon the uctlon of Attorney
General Jackson, of New York, who
on Monday asked a Justice of tho New
York state supremo court to appoint a
referee to secure evidence that the
Western Union and Postal companies'
haye formed a combination In re-
MtVnlnt of competition.
Mr. Mackay said: "If two compa
nies ever competed .In tho United
States these two telegraph companies
are competing and always have been.
At times the competition Is even
fierce and bitter. Every morchnnt
and manufacturer In tho United
States, whorover we rench, will bear
witness to tho truth of this statement.
"We are litigating with the Western
Union all ovor tho country In regard
to railroad rights of way. In fact, the
tremendous light between the Penn
sylvania railroad and tho Western
Union was duo solely to tho fact that
we gdt that biiRlness away from the
Wostern Union.
"The Western Union is trying to
axcludo us from all union depots and
have just succeeded In excluding us
from the Birmingham union depot,
which Is perhaps the finest union
depot In this country at present, and
wo Intend to take that matter Into
the courts to set aside tho monopolis
tic contract between tho Birmingham
Union Depot Co. and tho Western
Mr. Mnckny called attention to tho
cable to Cuba which the Postal Co; is
now laying, to Its Atlantic cables, land
Hues and a now route which ho said
tho company Is about to construct
through tho Nevada gold fields to the
Pacific const us evidence of that com
pany's competition with the Western
Historic Flag Placed on Exhibition.
Washington, July 10. Tho historic
banner of ntars and stripes which In
spired Francis- Scott Key to compose
"Tho Star Spangled Banner" and
which" floatod oVor Fort McIIenry In
Chesapeake Bay during the bombard
inont by the British on tho night of
September 13, 1814, has been placed
on exhibition nt tho Smithsonian In
stitution hero, Tho flag Is the prop
erty of fibon Appleton, of New York,
who has loaned It to tho government.
The bannor Is about 28 by 30 foet un
will bo druped on tho wall in the Hall
of History, whore it can ho viewed by
the thousands who annually visit till)
An Eventful Day for tho Kress Family
Canton, O., July 10. Boruard Kress,
aged 3 years, got hold of a bottle of
carbolic acid Tuesday, drank tho poi
son and dropped dead Just us his
father entered tho room. An hour
later tho boy's mother gavo birth to a
Harvey and Cook are Sentenced.
Pittsburg, July 10. Judgo Ewlng, of
tho United States district court, Im
posed sentence Tuesday on Thomas
M. Hurvoy and Lemort S. Cook, re
cently convicted in connection with
the failure of tho EutorprJsu national
bank, of Allegheny. Harvey, who was
teller of tho bank, wns convicted of
tnaklng false entries and waa sen
tenced to seveu years in tho penitentiary-
Cook was a real estate dealer.
Ho was convicted ot uldlug Cashier
Clark in misapplying the funds of the
bank. His sentence was five years
and' three months' Imprisonment.
TeStitaony Against Mc
Parland Is ExciuctecL
Defense Tried to Show that the De
tective Had Attempted to Man
ufacture Testimony.
Boise, Idaho, July 10. The defeUBO
In the Stetinenberg nun dor case on
Tuesday churgod that Detective
James McParland has been guilty of
an uttempt to manufacture testimony
J ugalnst W. D. Haywood, but was un
successful In getting the details of the
charge before the court and jury.
Alva A. Swain, n newspaper corres
pondent who represents the Pueblo
Chieftain at Denver, waB called to tho
stand and questioned us to u conver
sation ho had with McParland In Den
ver last fall. Senator Borah for the
state objected to tho conversation on
the ground that no foundation had
been laid for It.
Clarence Darrow, for tho defenso,
who was examining Swain, explained
that the testimony was offered for the
purpose ot showing that tbero existed
a conspiracy between the mine own
ers and the Plukertoiis to secure a
convection uud execution of the pris
oner. ".McParland approached this
witness in an attempt to manufacture
testimony," he declared, "and I be
llovo we have a right to show It."
Judge Wood said there was nothing
In the evidence that furnished a
proper foundation for the Introduction
of such testimony and sustained the
state's objection. TIip defenso took
an cxcoptlon and said they would
later make another nttempt to secure
the admission of Swain's testimony.
It was claimed by the defenso thnt
.McParland (old Swnlu that he had a
letter from Harry Orchard saying that
when Haywood paid him for tho V'ln
dlcator Job he took him to one of the
Denver banks to draw the money and
that when they came out of the bank
Swain was standing at the door uud
saw them. It Is said that Swain told
McParland that he could not remeni
bor the Incident, whereupon McPar
land Impressed him with the Impor
tance ot it as evidence and significant
ly urged him to recall It and iTecome
a witness In the case. McParland de
nies that he ever suggested anything
Improper to Swain.
Other than for the Interest afforded
by the Introduction of these witnesses
the entire day waB given over to the
reading of the Sun Francisco deposi
tions. ThO men who built the Llnd
forth flats, the plumbers who put In
the lighting system, the firemen who
came after the explosion and tho con
tractors uud their men who made the
repulrs, nil deposed at great length.
Their tales seem to favor n gaa explo
sion, but none of tho testimony was
Will Ask Mllltla to Donate Service.
Columbus, 0 July 10. Plans aro
being formulated for tho entlro na
tional guard to at'jnd tho McKlnley
monument unveiling at Canton Sep
tember 30, despite the action of the
stato -emergency board In allowing
only $10,000 for the expense, a little
more than enough for ono regiment.
It Ib held by those in charge of the
Canton arrangements thnt all tho
troops will be needed for guard duty.
Ono plan Is for tho expenso to bo met
by a few men who hnve the money
and are Interested In making a com
plete succes of tho tribute to McKln
ley, The other Is to usk tho guards
men to donate their services.
France Objects to the Agreement
Paris, July 10. The government
has made its first examination of tho
tariff agreement between Frunco and
the United States which Ambassador
Jusseruud brought back with him to
Paris, uud tho impression cieated 13
decidedly unfavorable, it Is too early
to Indicate tho nature ot tho counter
propositions that, France will make. It
Is almost certain, however, tout
Franco will conclude that tho tariff
concessions asked for by the United
States are entirely out of proportion
to what sho oners.
Voted to Surrender Its Charter.
Detroit, July 10. Aftor a long bat
tle to place the order In Michigan on
a stable footing, tho grand lodge of
.Michigan, Ancient Ordor of Uultod
Workmen, on Tuosduy voted to sur
render 11h charter. In splto of u nulu
ber ot Increases In the Insurance rates
the death claims havo accumulated
faster than the receipts, In eight
yeurs the membership In Michigan
hatt dropped from 23,000 to less than
Earl Goes to the Death Cage.
Columbus, 0 July 10. Guarded by
a sheriff and five deputies, Frank
Earl, murderer of W. D. Legg, a
butcher at Sidney, O., arrived at tho
penitentiary Tuesday to die In tho
electrlo chair. Although previously i
cool and collected, Earl was ylslbly af
fected when ho was led to the death
cage. Earl has only ono arm, tho
other having been lost while he was a
convict in Joljet prison.
Meat Famine Imminent at Mansfield.
MuiiBllold, O., July 10. A meat fam
luo threatens Muuaneld as the result
of the action of the board of health
Tuesday. Nine owners ot slaughter
housos were ordered to discontinue
bringing meat to the city until the
buildings are placed In a sanitary con.
Will Not Investigate.
Columbus, O., July 10 Gov Harris
feaid Tuesday that It was not his In
tention to have an Investigation of the
affairs ot the state lilttltutlon for the
blind. He hopes that the trustees will
be able to adjust the dlfitcultles there
satisfactorily. The trustees will be
called Into his office when they meet
next Monday for a conference. The
governor has not been satisfied with
tho why tho trustees of tho Institution
have run things. This is the reason
why no successor has been appointed
to Alfred Robinson, of Ironton, whoso
term expired the first Monday In
April. It indicates thnt the governor
is contemplating n partial reorganiza
tion of the board.
An Important Arrest.
Columbus, O., July 10. Tho Btata
food department made an Important
arrest at Nolsonvlllo Tuesday, the of
fender caught being nn old ond per
sistent ono who was pursued by ex
Food Commissioner Ankertey. Ho Is
II. F. Maxwell, traveling salesman for
a Louisville, Ky., firm, whose spe
ciality Is vinegar and maple syrup.
So far as tho goods sold by Maxwell
aro concerned, thoy havo been Impuro
almost Invariably within the meaning
ot the Ohio laws. There are two
charges against him nt Galllpolls, two
at NelBOnvllle and one each at Iron-
ton, New Richmond. Mount Sterling,
Kingston and Jackson, making nine in
Hospital Nurse Tells Startling Story.
Cleveland, July 10. Deaths of -patients
havo often occurred at tho city
hospital without the attendance ot
nurse or doctor. Thnt was brought
out in tho infirmary Investigation
Tuesday. Councilman Orglll nsked
MIbs Mary Kolloy, night head nurse:
"Is there always nomo olio In attend
ance at the bedside of the dying?"
"No," Miss Kelley replied, "becnuso
wo ure frequently calk'd away to some
other patient." She admitted that tlw
number of nurses at night, eight, was
not half enough. Drug victims, the
council investigators learned, are able
to secure the drug that enslaves them
while patients in the hospital.
Got $20,000 Alimony.
Clevelaud, July li Mrs. Claire
Ilelsslnger Moutpeller. former chorus
girl, got $20,000 In a pioperty settle
ment last October from Arthur Mpnt
peller, from whom 'she was divorced,
last week, in Judge Schwan's court.
This settlement was made a short
tlmu after the wedding This Informa
tion came out in 'probate court Tues
day when his mother, Mrs. Mary
Moutpeller, na executrix of the estate
ot James Montpeiler. filed a motion
asking for authority to ratify tho pay
ment. She claims that she paid $16,
000 of the sum out of the funds of the
estate uud $3,500 out of her personal
Three are Tied ''for Leadership.
Clovelund, July 10. Walter Egan,
of Exmoor; Walter J. Travis, of Gar
Hen City, and Fro3 Herreshoff, of Gar
den City, led the field of contestants
at the end of the first day's play In
the qualifying rounds for the national
amateur golf chnraplonBhlp, each tak
ing but 75 strokes for 18 holes. Close
behind them wore W. J. West, of Phil
adelphia; F. W. Whlttomore, of Brook
line; Thomas W Sherman, of Sada
qunda, and Ned Sawyer, of Wheaton,
with 7C each. Jerome D. Travers
had 78.
Qeto Jail Sentence and $10,000 Fine.
Haltlmoro, July 10. A sentence of
two years In the city Jail and a fine of
$10,000 were on Tuesday Imposed
upon John II. Seward, of tho fiult lm
porting firm of J. H. Seward & Co., of
this city. Seward pleaded guilty to
tho chnrgo of defrauding the govern
ment by Increasing the weight of de
cayed fruit on which thore wus a ie
fund ot ono cent a pound. Seward Is
believed to have defrauded the gov
eminent out of more than $180,000
during tho past four years, and a suit
for $230,000 against him. by the gov
ernment to rocover tho amount of tho
alleged default Is now pending.
Orders Railroad to Obey Rate Law.
Lincoln, Neb., July 10. The state
railroad conuiilssluii has peremptorily
ordered the Missouri Pacific Railroad
Co. to file schedule and comply with
the Aldrlch law hs July 11. The, Aid
rich law reduces Height rates If! per
cent, on grain, ha fruit-potatoes and
build material and prescribes a fine
not to exceed $1.'00.-' The company
disregarded tho luw.
Three Men Drowned.
New York, Jul lO.jpThreu of the
crow of tho steam yacht-Yncona wore
drowned In the Hudson-river Tuesday
when a. yawl, carivlng six of the Yn
conn's crew and u dock man, 'wns cup
sized by a sailor who rocked the boat
Four of tho party were picked up bj
a tug.
Village Is Again Swept by Fire.
Leosburg, 0 July 10. Early Tues
day morning another big lire occurred
In Leesbnrg. Seven business rooms
were burned. Tho astfmated loss Is
$20,000, partly coierod by Insurance,
The origin Is unknown. About a
month ago u big the occurred hero,
School Teacher Killed Himself.
Upper Sandusky, O., i. July 10.
Samuel L. Dent, a school teacher
about GO years old, committed suicide
Monday night by shooting hlmsolf. He
hud a wife uud several children in the
eastern purt of tho statebtit ho lived
alone Just outside tho city,
Suicided by Poison.
Martin's -Ferry, O., July 10. Mrs.
Bert Hutchinson, a prominent young
woman, committed aiitcfdo Tuosday
by taking poison. Family troubles
woie the cause. Jt'
Boy Klllod by a Car Cabin Breaking
Vau Wrt, O., July ld'chrls Stein
bauer, aged 1C, was killed at a stone
quarry a? Middle PolnJpTuesday. by
the breaking of a car cable,
Zou'Pliora Brings Rellol and Perman
ent Benefit to fains and Backache
It Is a Celraln Regulator and Safe
Remedy lit the Danger
Periods ol Woman's
In the thieo danger periods in
woman's life, tho young gnl's pe
riod, motherhood and change of
life, Zoo-PJiora is tliu letnody which
luis bi ought prompt roller, mid pre
felited ser.U)i troubles later. In
tho attendant 'misery o auppieseed
menses, falling or displacement1!,
in k'ticorrheti, flooding, or tho grnvo
danger to a delicate woman in prog
litincy ov change of life, or for the
young girl just coming into woman
hood. Zon-l'hoia rclli'ves pnm and
(listless almost instantly, builds up
and strengthens rnpidly and surely
every time.
The bct medical authorities
speak in the highest tonus of the
medicines contained in Zon-Phoni.
Multitude of women in every stato
in the union praise Zou-Phorn for
the (rrent good it has done. So
wide liar become tho fame of thi:i
gieat medicine Hint ncnily all lcl
nble druggists now have it on sale.
You need lmiku no explanation to
the druggist, dust nsk lor Zon
Pluira uud receive tho medicine ni
lendy prepared, compounded in just
the right proort?(iiig, and put up
in sealed, sterilized ono dollar bot
tles. Full instructions will lie found
in each package, nlfco n package of
"Dr. Pengelly's Advice to Wo
men," co-itnining inloicsting nnd
instructive iuroimiitlon for women,
which will enable you to trent your
self in the privacy of your own
home and you need not tell your
troubles to anyone.
A Sure Cure.
F. Marlon Crawford, at a dinner in'
New York, attacked spiritualism. "In
principle It may be truo," Mr. Craw
ford said, "but spiritualism as It 1b
practiced to-day is a thing to beware
of. I know a man whoso wife sudden
ly developed a great Interest In spir
itualism. She attended seanco after
seance at the houso of u handsome
medium with aurk, thick hair aud
smoldering eyes.
"Her husband cured her, though. He
took to accompanying her to the me
dium's, and at every seance he got the
moBt passionate and tender messages
from his first wife."
Camphor Trees.
Says Secretary James Wilson, of tho
department of ngriculturo: "For yoars
tho department has been distributing
camphor tree seed and thousands of
trees nro now growing throughout tho
south aud Paclllc coaBt Btates. Two
yours ago a Berlous effort was mado
to dovelop tho manufacture of cam
phor from these trees. Satisfactory
reBUltB have been HoCured and a large
manufacturing concern la now build
ing up a camphor grovo of 2,000
acres In Florida, from which It hopes
to make camphor. This firm uses
more than 1300,000 wortn of cam
phor every year."
King Barred from House Debates.
Tho king of England labors under
one curious disability. Ho may not
listen to a debate in tho house of com
mons. Admission to the 'legislative
chamber, which is open to his lowll
crt subject, is denied to the sover
eign. Daily Market Report
ICu.st Buffalo, N. Y., July 10.
I'nttlo Receipts 12.1; quiet; steady
Veals and calve Receipts 150;
active and linn. Tup veals 7.75 (?t
8; cull ti fair ;i.75 7.50.
Sheep mud lambs Receipts 200;
ncivo uud htixm. Spring lambs
5.50 (u 8.50; you lings 0'1 0.75;
wutlmis 5.25 (i0 5.75; cwiw '1.25 (f
1.75; mixed hheop 5 5.25; cull
sheep 2.50 4.
Hog Receipts 11,000; active, val
ues fiisier mi lijrht- prudes, licnie-
steady. Yorkors 0.35; pijfi 0-l" r"
0.50; mixed grades H.:JU (' ;
heavies (1.25 ((i (I.;i0; louglw 5 ui
5.:i0; .stag. 4 (u) 4.50.
Union Stock Yards, Ills., July 10.
Cattlo-KecipU 20.000; estimated for
tomorrow 0,000; market steady, 10o
lower; prime neoves, 5.90 U 7.30,
poor to medium, 175 5.80; titoik-
eru una teeners, a.sa u &.2ij; iwn
and heifers, 2.7G 5.90; cannorn,
1.70 2,70; Toxaus, 4.70 0,
Hogs Receipts 32,000; estimated for
tomorrow 21,000; market slow. 2 l-2o
lowor; light, 5.30 tf 0.12 1-2; rough
5.25 5. CO; mixed 5 70 (JD 0.05;
heavy 5.05 5.92 1-2, pigs, 5.40
Shoop-RojolptB 20,000; estimated
for tomorrow 11000; market 10 25c
lower; native sheop, 3 75 C; wost
ern sheep, 3.75 w u; native lambn,
5.75 7.75; western lambs, 5,76
Cleveland! July 10. Hogs Re-
The amount of money yon
have lost by kgeplu your
spare rooms vacant bo lone
A large Eiint is it net 7 Make
up your mind that you will
looo monoy no longer In Ibla
way. Havo your ad insertod
In Tho Mirror for a wook,
vlilch will cost you GO cents.
Your room will then ba
Tented. Cheap commission to
pay, Is it not7
Phono ads to Mo. D tltB.tr
WANTED-Work by the Marion
Foundry and MachHe Co., founders
of light and heavy grey Iron cast
ings. Olflco mid fnctory located
on llarnhnrt and Erie It. it. Tele
phono 1. 7-C-fitpd
WANTED Glrln for Itubber Fac
tory. Good wngeu. Reasonable
llonrd. Steady work. Tho Fuult
Iphh Rubber Co., Ashland, Ohio.
WANTED-For the U S. Mailno
Corps, men between ages 19 and 35.
An opportunity to eo tho world.
For full Information, apply In per
son or by letter tn Recruiting Of
fice, No. 107 13. Centei St., Marlon
Ohio. 7-2-2C1
FOR SALR A general grocery stock
and fixtureo, at right price, or will
trade for u good property. 809 W.
Center. 7-G-3t
FOR SALI3 A Fox Terrier og "at
C07 N. ProKvoct St., or Citizens
'phono l-KJ7s. 7-10-lt
Go To Relatives For Advice
But come to us for money. We loan qulcllly and quietly on
household goods, pianos, etc.
131 1-2 E. Center St.
(.eiptg 2j wire; shipments 500;
steady, pricoe unchanged.
Calves Receipts 75 head; steady
Sheep mud lambs Receipts 4
care; steady.
Oattle Receipts :i cava, steady.
Pittsburg, T;i.. July 10. -Oat-tie
Supply light ; ninrkct stonily.
Choice 0.40 11.05; pr.ine I. () (q)
0.40; rood 5.85 0.15; tidy hutch
crs 5.00 (it 5.H5; ftiir 4.75 (it 5.35
good fresh cowt, a d --piingers $25
in $50.
Sheo'p and lamb- Knpplv licht;
innike strong. l'.rime wpIIiwh 5.50
(d 5.00; good mixed 5.2U (i 5.-10;
fair mixed 4.50 5.15; culls and
common 2 (7) II; luiiibs 0 (it) fi.25;
veal calves S.)50 ((i 0; heavy nnd
thin 4.50 Qi 5.20.
maiket metivo on light grades 10c
lowor on heavy ciudee and strong
on others. Prime heavy 0; medium
0.40 IP 0.45; henvy yoikers 0.45
(ii) 0.50; light yorkers uud pigs
0.55 8 0.00; roughs 5 5.20;
stags 4 (o' '1 -".
Chicago, Ills., .luly 10. Wheat
1-8 ? 3-8c off to 3-Sc up; July sold
between 01 "1-s nnd 02 1-1, opening at
92 1-1 and dosing ut 92 1-1; Septem
ber between at 7-8 und UG 1-8, opening
ut 0."i 7-8 mil closing at 95 3-1; No.
2 red winter. 92 1-2 93 1-2.
Corn July n Id between fit nnd CI
1-1, opening at 54 1-S nnd closing ut
51 1-8; September botweon 54 3-8 nnd
55, opening at 55 and closing ut 55:
No. 3 yollo.v 5t 1-4 51 1-2.
Oata l-S ff' 3-Sc higher; July nold
between 13 1-? and 43 7-8. opening nt
and other points on one Excursion Ticket, do one Route Return
Another Long Limit.
Atlantic City
Train or Chicago and intermediate pointa loaves Marion 12:10
P. M. arrlvci Chicago 8:10 P.M. connecting with all pointa west.
BOSTON, July 25 to 28 Now England Old Homo Weok Stop
overs at Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia and New York.
PHILADELPHIA, July 12 to 10-B. P. O. E. -direct or via
Washington, with ctop-ovora at Baltimore nnd Washington.
SUMMER TOURIST PARES to Ocean, Lake and Mountain re
sorts and to Colorado and Pacific Coast.
For full particulars consult G. M. Knauer, Ticket Agt, Marlon, O.
paqe seven :
FOR JM8NT G roomoi house on Da-
vidn street also C roomed house In
West Mnrlon near shot a. J. W. Ja-
coby, Cltlreti Phono 839. 0-27-tf.
LOST Gold urn spectacles In case,
BOlnowhere between the postotftce
and George ftreot on Main or be
tween Main and Prospect on George.
Finder leave nt Bowling Alley, next
to pOBtofflco 7-9-2tpd
TO LOAN -Monov In eumn of (SOD
to $4000. H. It. Hauhatuer.
UCriONEfCHlNG-J. W. Clam
will cry sales of every description
at reasonable rates Satisfaction
guaranteed. Ycur lutert la my
Interest. Office rooms, Court it mat.
Both pbonts. Marlon, Ohio.
Wo can movo anything movable.
Transfer work i'k our specialty .,
Citiyons Phono 70(1. Hell 170 K.
Your Real Estato or Busines
No Matter Where Looated.
Properties and Business tf all kind
sold quickly for cask in all part
of tho United States. Dtn't wait
Write today describing what yoa
have to sell and rfvt cask yrlct u
any kind of Lusiness or Kial En
tate anywhere at any prlct writj
mo your requirements. I can mi
you time and money.
lib Karieaa Avanun
Oitizens" Phone 980.
13 C-S and .'losing nt -13 7-8; Septem
ber betwemi I!9 5-8 und 10 3-8, opening
at 39 7-8 und dosing at 10 3-8; No. 2
white nominal.
Toledo, O.. luply 10. Wheat Cash,
uud July 94 1-2; September, 90; De
cember 99 11.
Corn Cidii aud Jul fiC; Septem
ber 5G 7-8; Drt-ember 5. 1-1; May 61
OutH Cusn and July 45 7-8; Sep
tember 10 1-1; December and March,
8.40; prlmo nlsiko. 8.00; prime tim
othy, 2.25.
' Rye-No. i. 81 1-2; No. 2, 80; NO.
3. 77.
Now York. July 10. Butter
Receipts 18,770; Urai. Creamery
extra 25 (tf 20; stale daily tubs
finest 21 24 1.2; imitation
creamery flrsta 21 22; fnctory
fiisU 20 23.
Bj"-leeipts. 12370; choice
firm. Nem by white fancy 20 1-2
21; do extra mixed 10 (n 10 1-2;
western firsts 1(1 tf? 10 1-2; houth
oni 14 T II 1-2. ,
Chicago. July 10. Butter, eggs
and poultry linn. Hutter Exlnai
in creamery 21. tiggs Extras 10;
fiists 13; 'prime firsts 14. Poultry
Tjiukuys, hem?, 11; chiekons,
hens 11 1-2 12; ducks 8 nnd 0;
geio 7 (i? 12. ,
Washington, July 10. Treasury
statement: Receipts $2,530,510; ox
peiiditmvs '1,12(1.1100.
New York
ami 8 Other
Ocunii RuauitH
Cape May
- il

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