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The Marion1' Daily
Italian Marchioness Falls in Open Grave and in
" Darkness is Covered With
Florence, Unly, July 11. Tho search
for, Marchlon- sh Magdalene CaBtcllarc,
a, beautiful member ot tho Italian
nobility, ended today bcsldo her
grave. Tho marchioness was en
tombed nllvo with a corpse. Her
body was found today In n coffin
with Slgnor PobbI, who died n few
days ago. Her faco was convulsed
with terror and her limbs wcro con
torted with tlu frightful efforts sho
evidently mnde for liberty.
Miners are Entombed and Over Come by Gas Brave
JRescuers do Great
Wrcelaiid. Pa., July 11. While
damp Is believed to have caused
tho deaths of soven itnncrs 111
Audcnricd inino ot the liohi;h
Wilkesbnrro Coal company today.
One body lias been recovered mid
frearclicm are looking 4'or others.
Victims' arc Jumoa Lee, foivmnu.
and srix Italians.
"Men are sent into the mine every
morning to measure tho. Water.
President Appears in White Shirt, Says, "Delighted," and
Digs In Makes Farmers
Take Notice.
East Norwich, L. I.,, July 11.-?
Edwttrd Moloney, a laborer of this
villngo atiUi the help of President
Roosevelt itook ten loads of hay
from tho president' fann. At the
village posMlico Jnst night Moloney
gave tan interesting- resume of, his
day'tf woi'k at Srgamorc Hill.
"About 2 o'clock the president
camo out to tho Hold" ho said,
"he wtis dreaded in a white suit
and n white ncgligeo Blurt and
with , hearty greeting and hand
American Governmental Authorities Also Join in Saying
i Will De Viv
is Blamed.
w -
. -v .
New York, JUy 11. Admiral Baron
Yamamoto, the distinguished Japan
ese naval officer, who arrived from
England, Wednpsday, was interviewed
by a halt h tndred reportors shortly
after 1ib arrlal. 'Besides doprecatlng
the war talk, tho Admiral oxprcsBed
tho bollof vhat thcro will bo no ser
ious developments.
lie eald that no Binall Incldont could
break, the friendship which has ex
isted for, 89 many years betwion Japan
and the. Unltod States. Ho thought
tho sensational press of the two coun
tries larguly to blamo for tho war
talk. As to tho prospective tranafor
nt th ernat Atlantic battleshln squad
ron to tho Prime, that was a mattor
solely tor tlu American goyernmont
to decide, and one that did not Intor
ct?t him In the least, except In .that
It was a novol naval experiment,
Tho Admlwl Bald tntlt nnlou ,'
pendod on tl.p attitude ta'.ten by tho
press on the present situation.
' "Too much caro cannot bo taken
by the fw," continued Admiral
Yamamoto, ''or a few careleBs words
will do moro harm tlun good, There
'are many soniutlonal papors both hero
nnd In JapJn, and I ask tho editors
to make a thorough study of tho sit-
Tho exact rnture of tho accldont
can never in known. It Is conjec
tured that sho visited tho cemetery to
pray at tho giave of her sweetheart,
Count iFranchl, wandered by mistake
Into tho vault in which Rossi's coffin
lay, Bwoono.l when sho saw tho
corpse nnd fell into tho casket. Tho
attendants presumably clamped tho
lid on tho casket, in tho darkness
booh afterwards, without BcclnK that
two forms luy Insldo.
Wlion two men failed to appear,
two others wore sent in. Leo and
his iparty followed. It was then
discovered that the mine voas full
of K.TJ.
.Seveial members of tho jUrty
made their way out of 'the mine.
Superintendent Goldtnvorthy and
Dr. Farrow, who led the reseuo
party, wcro botli taken out un
co nscioius and may die.
shaking around began to pitch.
After tho iltut'Joatl was dono you
wouldn't have given 30 cents for
that white shiut. And talk about
sweat it stood out like peas.'
Moloney, upon being asked if ho
we-tdd be on tho Job today said:
"No, not if tho president is go
ing to fire, thorn up as ho did yes
terday." Ho bad enough bo said although
Mr. HocKcvclt prickd him only
once with tho tines of tho pitch
fork. BOSH
irouoie Jtrreaa
untlon before writing their views."
Admiral Y.nnamoto took occasion, to
deny that on his rotum to Japan,
ho. would becomo tho leader of tho
Progressive purly. Ho ald that ho
had sorved In ono cabinet ho was
mllslor of marine during tho war with
Russia and that ho had no dcslro to
havo anything whatoyer to do with
Hear Admiral Kvans, who Is un old
frlond of Admiral Yamamoto, called
on him during tho afternoon, and
tho two sailors had a long chat to
gether. Aftir tho visit Admiral Ev-
una said tiny had sottlod tho wholo
mattor of war botweon Amorlcn and
Japan had dc'arod ppaco. Admiral
Yamamoto, he Bald, agreed with him
that war talk wits all nonsonso,
"It Is abbolutoly Billy to talk about
war botweon tho two countries," said
Admiral Evuus "Thoro Is no more
reason why tf Bhould light Japan
than thoro Ih lhat wo should fight
Italy because of Italian outrages In
this uiuntry. or that tho Chinese
Bhould decl.i.e war on us becaiiBO
some hoodlum hurls a brick through a
laundry window,"
Admiral Yiuiumoto will rotum Rear
Admiral Evans' and Captain Adams'
call at tho llrooklyn navy yard to
morrow mom lug. At noon ho will bo
given ti lutwucon at tho Holland
houBo, whoro hd Is' staying, by tho
.Tnpan society, and In tho evening ho
will bo given a dinner at tho Union
Lcaguo club. On Friday, ho will go to
Oyster l!a ii.U will lunch with Presi
dent Iloosovclt.
Washingto.i, July 11. Kiom tho
Btato department nml from tho Jnpan
cbo embassy Imro camo swift an con
clusive denials Thursdnv of tbo nr.-
enracy ot tlu Platcmcnts cabled from
llio Hnguo o tho Uindon Itnllv Tele-
gniph, and ' opt luted In this coun
try, to tho effect that .Innnii hnn niniln
categorical '.maiiiUj on tho United
States Rove;-.iment for Batlsrnction In
connection villi tho treatment of
Japanese in San Francisco, nml has
Borvcd notlcd of her Intuition in ,1I
with tho Calirornliinu herself ir tho
national government falls to do so.
At tho statu department it is said
tholAmcrlcan nubile Ih tullv nwm-n nt
tho nnturo rf all the exchanges that
havo taken oVce on tills militant, timt
thoro hns icji no correspondence of
rcconi unto, an 3 that there aro no no
gotlatloiiB In r, ogress between tho two
governments This stntmiinnf. I fniiv
confirmed at tho Jnpancsc cmbasBy,
whoro, moreover, It Is positively stnt
cd that Atnb.tHf.ndor Aokl is not going
to Japan mxt fall, as was reported
In a Jnpanoj-3 nowspapcr.
IlOtll thO .I'lllllllPHn IITnllllHUllltllf nn,l
his Btaft dv3jir.cato tlio lcccnt nows-
papor publlcn.'ons, based on lnnccu
rato or mlsliivdiig data, as to tho re
lations bclWO-n tho llnltpil Stntnu iiii.l
Japan, nn-1 havo gono to unsual
lengths In p'.!ently denying fnmi day
to uny stor'M calcu r.ted in their
Judgment to unfavornbly affect tho
iricndly rcutions between tho two
countries. "Ibis last Btatcmcnt, com
ing from so distant a point us Tho
Hague, wlic'o there Is no enoil rnmnn
to suppose Unit information nvlslu
tliat is nqt r.nowu in Washington for
lowo, is -denied as particularly
lacking In tn nidation. Tlio story ot
tho ambassidor'c return to his own
country Is legnrded as another ox
nmplo of jiro'eBs and Inconslderato
Prompt and einnhatu wiib Viscount
Aokl's denial " tho latter rnimrt whnn
his attention was called to It today.
Ho Bald: "I havo not been summoned
to Toklo, and have no intcntlon""cf
"111 addltljll. I want to h.iv. nit r
have uald time and tlmo again, thcro
is no sittia'.'iir thoi-g no 'strained
relations bctwen tho United States and
Japan. As t havo Bald before, nil
this talk of such a condition of af
fairs Is novi)-.7,cr tulk."
.Mr. Aokl r-.Pdo It clear Mint hn nut
absolutely nc faith In Tho Hncun
story nnd sal't that It was too ridic
ulous o tunc about. Ho pointed out
in tins counj'itlon how ho deprecated
tho publication of such stories, nnoiiv-
motiB in character, ami no ojio rcspon
elblo for them, and declared tbo .lap
anoso diplomats aro a carefully trained
body of mon, who aro not going
around talking Indiscriminately, but
whoBo loynll nnd responsibility tiro
to mo central government.
IMr. Aokl '.ad n word to Bav In re
gard to Dlroitor Ishll of tlio commer
cial bureau of tbo Japnnoso forolgn
offlco. whon (mentioned nlmut that
official's coming visit to tho United
Continued to Pago Four.
Jr - SI H 1 SI I
zs --JwrA & -..4diA!iv r ' Tjre'
3$$UI h W-
VVVJ ,:- -''
i rv . rzzu ii ykr
'mMin rn i
if lX fTf C rXM ri T1 ' W I I - J I "l " ' p " I ' '
(C rt3MBSd. sz-x MP "
raTT I rf Kt ")w- V 5L rtgy
- wwvw
,. i no oi
ftftJ hj-jjiaLJ-il! mix -. .
Dcnartmentof Cnmmfircfi nnd!raco track-
Labor Rules That Float
ing Pool Rooms
Must Stop.
Chicago, Jul.' 11. Tlio department
ot commerce.ftvd labor has ruled that
thoro shall "tfcMio more gambling boats
allowed to 'jjy on any of tho great
lakes. ThlsJdi't Islon wns reached aft
er tin lnveygatlon of tho "floating
pool i-ooni'VPItjbot Traverse.
fho CltyoftTravcrso will run no
moro as a-suiipiing boat," saiu ab
Blstant SccrnftoJ' Murray of tho de
partment of commerce. "There will
bo no moro" glmbllng bonts on tho
great lakes UMcss they run in dcll
nnco of the iSyJtis would a plrato hip."
This dcclsl-M'.-wos reached as a. conso-
qtiencc ot iho .Jirrcspoudonco between
CongrcB8inaa Minn of Illinois and
President ItiSosSvclt.
fc.w .
Springfield. Of. July 11. During n
severe electrical torm hero last night
an I. C. & li3.car was Btruck by
lightning and JO passcngcrH wcro
badly Bhockcd. All mlracuoluosly
escaped death.
Mrs. Mollie
owie and Son are Charged With Murdea of
Herbert Posie, Betrayed of
'.,.. i..wh -5 '"Pricella-Bowie
Paptatta, Mi'.. July 11. Calm and
stoical as a Spartan mother, Mrs.
Molllo Bowlo took tlio Htand today In
defcnso of homclf and her son, Hen
ry Ilowlo, jointly charged with kill
ing Hubor Posey, betrayer ot Miss
Prlscllla Howie, daughter and sister
of the dofcnJar.ts. Tlie tieienuaius
stand on tho plain plea ot Justifica
tion under tlio 'unwritten law." They
admit killing Posey and justify thciu
boIvcs by ol.iln.lng tho iuullonablo
right to prot-cl tho sanctity ot their
home. Tho n most unanimous opinion
Is that iMrs. 11 iwle will go free. With
her mother, sIIk PrlBcllhi Howie, with
her two-montlM old child in her arms.
Tho child ". born aftor the father
had been kit!"! because ho refused to
marry tho girl aftor betraying her.
When Mrs. Ilowlo was called to
stand, Bho .unwed" slgii3 ot deep cmo-
"How did Ilubcrt.'Posoy die?" asked
ouuscl. -'
-Jzujr" II , i -r hfh vY
g-ry1 , J1U u;"-
"k- M-J JZf i .
rli rtrnrt at nature fakir. m m.WInn U.
-.., ,-r -. . .-....... ... ...
taJS..,?.,,,., .
Saratoga, N. Y., July 11. Corps
representing live comnianderlos of
Knights Templars competed In a
drill for prizes u. tho triennial con
clavo of tho gran A encampment
Wednesday. Tho drill was hold nt tho
I First nrl7.n wnu rnti
i I'uok yniu nm won uy mo. tirill
corps of St. Dcrnard commandcry of
ICblciigo, Columbia commandcry ot
miHuiiigion was second, Hnplor com
mandcry, -ot Indianapolis, third, Hn
glewood, ot Chicago, fouith, and Ivun
hoo ot Jlllwaukec, fifth.
Cleveland Child Tires ol
Make Believe and Goes to
Swim in Pond.
Clovehintl, July 11. Tired of mako
believe, olovii-year-o'd Leo KIcer left
tho washtub in which ho had been
splashing around all afternoon, and
begged once more to bo allowed to
go to tho pond near tho Cleveland
Paper Co. '8 iiitint with tho other boys.
Ills mother consented.
An hour later Dlock & Wright's
umbiilanco wns cnrmtiK a littlo bodV
to their moriiii. Leo Klccr had been
drowned In twenty minutes after ho
had Mused 1 Is mother coodb
"I killed li'm," replied tho witness.
Her breast hruved us sho repeated:
"I killed him'' and Bho put empha
sis on tho "I."
Henry Borne, his son, who also
fired at Podoy, jumped from his seat
us if to exBostuluto. His lawyer
seized him aid forced him back.
"1 killed rtl'u nt Indian Head," con
tinued tho iidther. "Ho had contin
uously mudo irvo to my daughter,
and begged 'ier to becomo his wife.
Then ho dece'ved her. Sho trusted
him and believed In him. He be
trayed her. Ht admitted what ho had
dono. I told him all wo asked was
that ho should marry her. My son
told him tint wo would allow him
to get a dlvorco. Wo pleaded with
him to marry her nnd llvo with her
Just long cnaifh to savo her honor.
Ho said ho would not and then I
shot him. That's nil."
Prlsciilo HjvvIo broko down when
called to tho witness stand today,
and becamo t.o hysterical that a tem
porary adjournment was taken,
rr t
Wilder In Chleao& Record-Herald ,
In the Marion Mirror Voting Contest and Nomi
nations are Coming in Lively Manner For
' , First Publication of Candidates
. Names Saturday.
Many Candidates Have Been Quick to Realize the Increas
ed Chances of Winning That Goes With a Good Start
and are Organizing Their Friends and Ggtting Their
Fighting Legions Well in Hand For the Grand Assault
on the Prizes All Candidates Should Start Now For all
Single Ballots Count Ten Votes This Week.
EulhusluBin Is growing dully In the
gigantic $1j'JQ voting contest of ttic
Marlon Mlrnr. Yesterday quite a
number ot .n.v nominations were sent
In and wltii these added to tlio num
ber sent in prtvlously there is every
Indication th: t by the time tlio first
announcement ot the mimes Is made
Saturday, an interesting tug ot war
will bo on.
Many of I be candidates already
nominated tia doing cerythlng they
can to get fv tufflcleut number of
votes to lead their respective districts
in the first list printed. Ot course.
Just the number ot votes which will
be required to accomplish tills result
an only no guosea -xt tiws time, but
it Is a general opinion that with the
lively balloting of the week, It will
tako quite a few votes to got tho Ini
tial positions in the different districts.
Candidates are urged to get every
lHisslble vote lu by closing time Fri
day evening, lor the polls will closo
Friday evening on all nominations to
appear In Saturday's Isi.uo. Nomina
tions may be made at any time there
after, thou?'.!, to appear in future lists;
but randhhiteq whw-lsli-ln. lmi-ay..
crythlng In their favor for success In
the prlzo wl.inlng will get their nom
inations imtredlatcly. Success lu the
contest Is most certain lo go to candi
dates getting a good early start.
There is ,i special reason for send
ing lu nomiiiatlous tit tb-- present time
for nil of I ho single ballots appear
ing in tho Marlon .Mirror this week
count ten v!cs. After tills week,
they will only count ono vote. By
giving ten votes on each special bal
lot tills week. It makes It possible
for a lady ctmdldato who desires to
enter to get n big total vote for tho
first list which, us has been un
I'ounred, will be published Saturday.
Ono of the particularly pleasing
eatures of tho contest so far is tho
l umber and high character of iiom-
natlons mad". It foretells a struggle
or tho splendid prizes which will be
i's friendly as It Is s- Irltcd and as
For Miss or Hrs.
This ballot to bo counted must be
carelully trimmed around border and
deposited in ballot box unfolded.
Authorities Think Some One
Is Trying to blow up
Big Drydock.
Manila, P. I., July 11. Tho au
thorltlcn are closely watching tho
great floating drydock Dowey at
Olongnpo. Thoro have been unsub
stantiated rumors that explosives wero
recently founl on tho Dowey,
It Is known Unit a net of plans for
the drydock was stolon sevorul weeks
ago,. ,
spirited as '.I Is friendly. Some In
dication of the splrlteducss of the
contest will no doubt dovelop as the
days pass is shown lu the quickness
with which many of the candidates
livc entered Mie lists, and the ability
they aro showing In quickly organiz
ing their frlnui's and getting their
fighting lcl i 's lu hand for the
grand assault en the prizes.
' It is tho g'jt.vral concensus of opin
ion of those who have seen the hand
miiiio dlani.ii' l rings and the beauti
ful gold wat.las that they aro fully
worth all th battling necessary to
win thorn. DiGplayed to the public In
tho window of the local Jewelry
establishments if Nelson & Sons nnd
C E. liurris and G. W. Bowers, these
diamond rings nnd go'd watches are
exciting the lu'inlrntlon of all who see
them. Additional interest will no
doubt be ahown when tho stunning
IC50 Iteo nu'oniobite Is shown. It la
expected that the car will be here by
Saturday, when it will be placed upon
public exhibition In tho window ot
the Marlon Vnror office. '
Those whj.a.ro Interested for them?
Pelves In Uin contest and havo not'
yet- snt- In.-their nomlnatlonB.-'should
clip the sluglo ballot from tho Ma
rlon .Mirror mid send it in lo the
offlco of tin Contest Manager In the
.Marion Miror offlco nt once, that
tho name th appear in tho first
list publUi.-l. Those who arc not
personally into'csted, hut are inter
ested for it rr'cnil, shculd likewise
clip the single ballot todaynow
and send It in that the chosen can
didate may bo entotcd lu tho first
list and gafi tho prestige and In
creased ehati'-fs of winning that goos
with a good M.rt.
Complete d.'tnlls upon which the
contest Is being conducted may be
found In tho largo display advertise
ment which Is printed In this Issue
of tho Marin Mirror.
Anyone lnt.-tstod Bhould call up by
'phono or wnto tho Contest Depart
ment of the Marlon MJrror, Marlon,
Ohio. ,
$1500 CONTEST.
JULY 13.
The Parlfllc I'ostroyor flotilla has
been ordorol from L'avlto to Olonga-j
po for what will probably bo a. long
stay. All the vessels will bo put In
first-class .:o'iilItlon. J
Oncomowo.', Wis., July 11. Gilbert
Kenyon, who is said to havo saved
tho Union rmy from defeat at the
battlo of Shllul'. was killed hero yes
terday by tri'ln.
! Kon vim wis a memner of Comrianr
B, Slxtecn'.U WiScoiiBln Infantry, and
nt the tlmo of the battle was acting
as scout. In his endeavor to gather
information, bo accidentally got
within the Confederate lines. During
tho night ho mado his escape and re
turned to rev 'quarters nnd Imparted
tho Information ot the closeness of.
aonoral Johnston's forces, which act,
It Is said, nived the Union forces
from defeat. ,., .

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