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4 -krofciL,
. WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 1907.
II i
I - t
fc ,
J Acm rourt
Ifcl . .... ... I. I 'I .M M
Daily Mirror.
inm' " ! n
fl.iBUROESS ...Business Manager
A. C. HOLLAND Editor
r.pl. AltMSTRONa..City Editor
, ; - .ll.iii . ,,i,iu;;..
Tills paper receives the Ocrlpps
McRae Telegraphic News Service
and Market Exports .
Siifglo Copy :..2o
For Week by Currier ,.-... 10c
By Mail, per Year $4.00
Semi-Weekly Mii-ror, per yoar $1.00
Both Phones ..-. No. 0
ri' !:-L'..i l :
Weather tor Ohio Partly cloudy,
probably local showers tonight and
. 1 1 I VI ii IIMMi PM . M
That elevonth hour stroke of Pre
Alarm Joe apparently failed to sound
tho, gong.
- Tho time-honored adage, "A prophet
Is not without honor, except In his
own country," seems to he Inapplicable
In the case of Mr. Bill Tart.
Even n coichman may get In the
public's eye merely by making love
to his employer's wife. Tom Mad I no,
Who figured In the noted Hnrtjo case,
has- jumped Into tho limelight again.
The county auditors of Ohio, who
were In seslon at Cedar Point, Tues
day, expresed themselves as being op
posed to county local option. What
other opinion could a man have while
nt Cedar Point?
Eugene E. Schmltz, the mayor of
San Francisco, who was recently found
guilty of corruption In office, and
who is now In Jail, made thirteen
appointments to fill vacancies on the
board of supervisors. The lucky thir
teen must feel highly honored.
JSvelyn Nesblt Thaw emphatically
denies that fhe Is going back to the
stage. Perhaps she Is getting a roy
alty from the "motion pictures" of
the Thaw trial, now being shown In
the' "Nlckelodlums" throughout the
John L. Sullivan, In an Intervjow nt
Columbus, a few days ago, defined
marriage as "nn oil sto.ve, n kiss, and
a cigarette." The erstwhile heavy
weight champion might have used the
parlance of tho ring and called it
"a -light to tho finish."
If that eleventh hour letter of For
aker's and his subsequent downfall nt
tho state committee meeting are to
result In his political demlso, as many
knowing Republicans predict, It is u
practical certainty that tho earthly
existence of Harding's gubernatorial
aspirations will end at the samo time.
A Chllllcothe politician made plenty
of political promises during lil ca
reer and never got into trouble. When
ho said ho would marry ono of the
women in hl3 office, and failed t,o
keep his word, however, he was trifl
ing with a serious proposition. Ho Is
now defendant in a $10,000 breach or
promise suit.
T. B. Black, tho former mayor of
Kehton, who lecently gave himself up
to the sheriff and admitted that he Is
an embezzler, says he wants to he
eentenced without the formality of
a trial. Since' ho Is nn attorney,
why doesn't ho show a little profes
sional courtesy by standing trial and
giving tho Hardin county prosecutor
a chance to make a favorable record
for! himself?
Tihe editor of the loeal Republican
panor, who has stood practically alone
In jaiarlon county us u supporter of
Fornker, recently declared that this
talt of Foraker being antagonistic
Tajt was "political fol de rol." Tho
former lieutenant governor has been
remarkably ignorant of Foraker's real
sta o of mind or has been purposely
try pe to hoodwink tho readors of his
pai jir la tbtrfact that tho senator nl
wajji did Intend to puncture tho Tuft
ibooni should tho opportunity present
"Not) Just As Good"
'out tho original L. . Waterman
Fountain Fen, which is considered
by - oxperts the highest grade foun
tain iJjn in tho world, Assorted
points and a'l fully warranted.-
JM- u show you. $2. GO and up.
fMUMJB . .
C. G. Wianl
Tk SeM sf Fott Oardta
n he nib ii w.m Invoiit wars aro sel
dom the nwn who light them out..
Who will deny thnt Mr. Rocke
feller's Ignorance Is worth tho salary
paid him?
Hie smoking out of the tobacco
trust will mean a bad 'smell all over
Jhe country.
i ,i i
Tho gentlemen who -laanched tho
Cortelyou boom will doubtless be
asked to put It hack.
Tho tobacco tniBt Is now complet
ing Us proof that It Is really an eeley-
mosanary Institution.
Phlladelullla as whin nwnlin mill nn
tho jump last week, trying to keep
up -with the visiting Elks.
It Is (lUlte nlalll that .Mr. Hnrltofollnr
has not been reading upon the oil sub
ject In the mngnzlnes.
Attorney General nnnrtnnrtn U mil.
slderlng the wisdom of applying n leg
al matcn to tho powder trust.
"Jtockefellor Is an otitlintaL" riivb
nn exchange. He has several hundred
minions or reasons for hclng one.
President Duke of the tobacco trust
says it Is not a trust. Dakota mlxturo
onh definitions Is really unaccount
able. A graftlnn public servlco corpora
tion manager has finally been landed
In Jail. Hut It was for contempt of
Attorney General Bonaparte Is after
the tobacco trust. Somebody must
have handed him one of the trust'3
The Indications, are that the men
employed on the Isthmian canal work
are moving more loo than dirt these
warm July days.
It Is reported that Senator Piatt Is
going to resign tho presidency of his
express company, but that he Is not
yet aware of It.
The young ladv rescued from :i wnt-
ery gravo by Mr. Fall-banks has re
covered from everything but the
shock of tho cold water.
The Duke of Manchester announces
that he will not settle In the United
States. A lot of other dukes will not
settle in Great Britain.
Last Monday was Senator Piatt's
seventy-fourth birthday, hut it really
seems longer than that since wo
heard tho first demnnd fOr-lils reslc-
Tho woman correspondent for a
London Journal who savs alio never
met nn American gentleman should
endeavor to get Into a little better
class of society.
Tho Toxas man who lina r.iisnri fi
lemon as big ns an ecir nlnnt. nhnnli!
forward It to Oyster Bay. A Gentle
man there would like to forward it
to Mr. JIarrlman.
TJie retirement or Secretary to the
President Loell In Mnnnmis.n.1 c...
tary of tho Navy Metcalf having
proved a good man upon vhom to
rest the 'vicarious sacrifices.
"What Is a liar?" mmrlmi 1ii -n..1ll-
more American. Tim .iimi, ..,. i.,.
tho old definition. Tho new definition
Is: "One who has n 'big slicked' and
dares to resent it."
Mr. Rockefeller advises t3m t,.,-
paper men to save money, hut ho la
maklner It difficult r.. n, . ,,
low tho advice.' Mr. Rockefeller has
f.,roa( y saved a largo proportion of
vibiuiu supply.
The Philadelphia crook -who con
fessed tO filxtV rnhtinrlau ,i..l.i -
induced to conross and refqrm by tho
fact that, try ns '.m wm.i.i i. ' ...
not hopo to equal the robbery record
of some or tho city officiate.
A. Wisconsin mnn lino int MMMi...i
? Jjtter "" to him In Norway in
1870. SIlOW tills tn vni ,lf .i
convince her that it is not your fault
..wr .uuer railed to reaclt its destina
tion in proper timo.
Thoro Is something pathetic in tho
telegraphed report that the school
children of Now Vnru .. i.t..
w.,v uin UI1I1IK
taught to laugh. A child that IooH
not laugh naturally is suffering from
wrong environment,
It Is reported that Now 'Vnrk imrhnr
Is too shallow to accommodate some
of tho big now ocean liners. If It Is
lnck of water the bailor commis
sioners might IndUfiO :JInrrlmnii fn
finance tho harbor.
In figurine on the flno to ho imnnnoii
linntl Mm Qlfinrln.I ntt . t'k .
i '" " "'"""""' -" vuiiii.-niy it ia
to ho hoped that Judge Lundls will
tnko Into consideration tho fact that
Ithn peoplo aro now oxporlonclng dlffl-
Kuny in unancmg tno nee box,
iPresldont Winchell, of tho Hock'
Island railway officially unnnuncoH
that hereafter his :ompany will not
maintain lobbies nt atato capltnlK. ir
President Wlnche" menmt it h in
glvlnR tho Rock Island BO-.no very
profitable advertising. '
I Tho attention of Governor Iluilira la
called to the rac that tho rtnrirm'tnn
'haa adopted the two-cent laro all ovar
Its hugo system. Will Governor
Hughes criticise tho Burlington for
noting without Investigation and duo
The Washington Herald, noting the
attacks of Collier's Weekly on Vice,
President Fairbanks, ventures tho
opinion that Collier's Is "dabbing
around on a dead card." Wo confess
Ignorance to the technical meaning
of the expression, MiVlt-ounds about
The United -states xflbtrkitj ;fl.nitifl
Jury, Sitting In Chicago, has MniHcfed
the Santa Fo railroad, charging It
with hnvlng granted rebates to a
sugar manufacturing company. What
In the name of the Santa Fe official
who Is to he appointed to a cabinet
Tho fact, that In caso of war with
Japan the Japs would Immediately
epIzo the Philippines Is advanced by
a few administration supporters as
on argument In favor of war. Any
thing to rid the administration of that
"burden thrown Into our laps by
iWr. Schwab says: "This country can
build flvo Inttleshlps to Japan's one.
What Mr. Schwab menns Is that this
country can pay for flvo battleships to
Japan's one and Mr. Schwab and his
merry trust Mends can build 'cm as
fast ns the country will pay exorbi
tant prices for them.
Chicago Professoe Says Birds
Converse Just Like
Chicago, Ills., July 31. Sea gulls
can talk. They have u language of
their own.
Dr. John U. Watson Is authority for
this statement. Tho doctor who Is a
professor of psychology in the Univer
sity of Chicago, returned today from
a icmarkable trip, where ho has hoen
studying gulls.
Ho has been down on the Dry 'iort-
ugas Islands, off the lower coasts of
Florida, whero his scientific Inquiry
was carried on lit tho Andrew Car
negie Station tor biological experiments
on the Islands. All the time ho was
thoro the mercury climbed to dizzy
heights. During tho most of his res
idence there Prof. AVntson naively ad
mitted to a friend that ho adopted the
system of dress reform espoused by
his associate, Prof. Starr, also of tho
university, namely: The costume
worn by Adam.
"What Is a person going to do with
tho thermometer at 140 degrees In the
shade and no Bhado?" was Pro
fessor Watson's query whdn asked
about tho latest scheme of dress re
form .
j Secrecy Is being maintained about
mo details oi ,1'ror. watson'a discov
eries with roferenco to tho sea gulls.
These Tortugns birds aro a rare spe
cies of fern not found elsewhere, the
movements of which always have
been a puzzlo tfj scientists. Prof.
Watson found' that tho birds-
Have a language of their own,
which can ha. Imitated by a human
Llvo In "family groups" In specially
built nest houses.
That they really think when In quest
of food.
Glvo unusual ovldencn of reasoning
Numerous photographs of reason
ing power.
Numerous photographs of the birds
wero brought back to Chicago by the
expert In psychology, .but they will
not ho doveloped until Prof. Watson
writes a book about them for Mr.
Cured Three of the Family with
One Bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy
"I purchased ft httlo of Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Hwiedy, and found it to bo ull claim
ed fr It In tho advertisements. Three
of tho family havo used It with good
resultB in summer complaint." H.
K. Howe, publlshor of tho Press.
Jllghland, Wis. For solo by ull drug-.
fclstiJ. . , ,
The aalf r cijrtgftV .,,jHlahV , , Uttl
pills that do.trlmi.flr oken are
Dade's Kittle Liver Pills. West for
Id; headaches, biliousness and lazy
Sold by Flocken Drug 8tor;..
Dcttlo Jlnku, whoso placo of resi
dence Is unknown wll' tnjto notice
that on Jlay 20, 1900, Jesso J. Jinks
filed In the Court of Common Pleas,
of Marlon county, his certain peti
tion In caso numhor 11470, praying for
n divorce from tho uld Dottle JlnkH
cpon the ground of willful nbsonco i
and adultery and that said cause will
bo heard on and after, July 30th,
'J07v j
, If, Edmund IIUI, -Ijls Attorney.
Dated June 25th 1907.
I G-26-Ct
Now Over one Million Dollars
Loss on Banr Buildings
Loss on the Contests Has
J'lKri.S&P" "'"tlivir'rf m
In live years .OjiStfire loss on
barns bus increased
Iffum JffilH905
. , ,. n
0 ve:ir 10 fi,iw.uiiii?
for u HHlo
more tlinn doubled1
Tho loss on bnfffinniihlingH is
per cent. pcntei'jVwnfid I lie loss on
lirfr contents lln.en multiplied
v tluee. The fcaVnMjiicrrai.e in the
bv tluee. The tra'n
loss on contents depends uikmi the
increased value ofarm iiroducts,
and especially ut56nuthu fact that
sinco the farm handllin.s r.iu away
to town the fniyuciUmust have a
machine J or eveitlflng from mow
ing1 to milking, vjjlieso machines
stored in I lie bu'rnre lost, for n
barn (he seldoinMi&m anything of
value but tho fouifdolion. There U
no fire dopnrtmenlKjSpto call, nor
mother with u AVafpail.
Sweating hay islbV fnr Iho mos't
(mportant cause fortphis loss, for it
produces spontaneous combustion
and draws lightning
Why does hayhecome heated and
sweat T 1 lie ceust-iniiuiy coiiiinue io
live and brentho'ffionifloine fime af
ter it is cut, aiitlltliey ali.np, in a
close mow, heal UipjJtay to a lem
perature of lRfvVddeil to this h
the heat fwm thcL'tnu'rofvopJc pores
of fungi which hifiitlniie to grow m
the blades of Jiayigduring lift ter
nie'iilnfion. tlm lrtjatgciealed by the
development of 'fuehay seeds and
the hemt of the sYinupon the roof.
ThCM' three onuses'1. 'ictuiff trjrolP-
er may heal hay thai is well packed
in a close mow spBlhqt there .is no
irculation l nirWQ carry off the
heat, to u lemperaturo of 212F.
Hint at which wulejuboils. Then the
hay begins fo elinnSiThe charcoal so
formed absorbs 'tlujSoxygen and tho
mas.-t grows still "ffiiQUcr. TJie heat
reaches 205F., UiPnf.the mass bla
zes. Brnn, grain Twl silo material
may ignite tfpontaiHjously. if placed
under similar ' eonuftions. Many
barn fires from thij , cause are re
ported "ciuseuiikimwn;' ttie whole
ban fipemed ablaze -at onco."
Tlie loss on Ohio- barns and their
content for six year's1:.'
Losrf, Loss,
Year. HinldihVs. Contents.
1001 $311,1)0.1 .$201 0J'
1002 275,8.10 2.11,100
100:i .175:404 miV,J
1001 28L455
1005 40jjV05.-
100(1 42&008
Tlio reports of lightning fires to
date indicate that lightning will de
stroy if250.000 woirthr barns this
summer. Clippings from about one
third of the newspapers of the
o I
Jockeyxlub Representatives will
Visit Marlon,
Members of tho Upper Sandusky
Jockey club started o.iit' ,Tuesdiiy on
the campaign to thoroughly bill the
county for the races. .W. B. Hitch
cock., dr.. will viiit'Kirby, Forest,
Dunkirk and other points. .lolm F.
Scheidegger left for Osccoln, Lem
ert, Sycamore, Mexico and interme
diate points, while flodfrey Sluckey
was nl Harpster, Litllo Sandusky,
Wyandot nnd other pjnee? in thnt
nilighhorhood . folonef JInghes of
Hnrpsler visited Morrnl, M'araeille.s,
Lallne and other pointst while The
odore Bnlish was in Wjmrfon. Van
lue, Ml. RInncliard and' Arlington.
George Simmons wuip McCnteh
enville, Adiian, Uenvicki New Rie
sjpI. Alvadu and Carey j The com
mittee hns alfo mmla. arrangements
lo usp novel ndvrrtliQ.njr means in
bilK'iglhe towns oCjjndlnv, Pos
trria. Tifiln. 'Biicvru.s.ninf Marion.
URoerSaiulnBky OJigAv
( .. r
Vote to Clmnee thejyt M c A
Tho board of trustees.of tho Y.
M. C. A. met last ovening in tho
Association parlors. Tho attendance
was fair. Aside frofii considering
business of a rouliiiq i nature, the
hoard oteJ favoniblyi ftpon re
vision of (ho constitution ( tho
effect that the fiscal jar bo chang
ed lo end the fi,st oMMny instead
of November 1, "
Thirty daya ireatment' for kidney
bladder troubles and r&umatlBin for
fl.00. Your money refanded- If not
satisfied. Plneules contain no alco
hol. Do not deranpuhi th atompou.
Eocy to take.
Boia by i-'iocken Dru tar
Goes up in Sraoko Annually
is 37 per cent Greater While
Beea Multiplied by- Three
fitate' show: Barns struck, 10!);
hurtled. 74. Other hu'ildings Ktruck,
J47; hurnetl, 1)8.
SU'nntiiin lintf jltnaru. lurtif tiititr
7,tius. Mojture is tt good conductor
of electricity. The moisture from
sweating' hay arises rapidly because
il is heated mora rapidly than tho
moisture from tho fields, which .rises
and forms rlnmU. So, over tho
barn is n funnel-slmpcd shaft of
vapor .reaching up to the thunder
cloud, and Jt constitutes a fairly
good lightning rod. Unlortuniitely.
this txxl is grounded in the liny.
Unles n better conductor is run
from moist earth nlomg tho bnrnJs
comb and on down, with proper
points nbovo it, electricity which
shoots this chute w'lll Arc tho Jiny
At a recent- meeting of officers of
the 110 j'nrm mutual insurance
companies of Michigan it was fig
ured Hint their lightning losses Inst
summer wore $.100,000. The stnlo
association of farm mutuols of Iowa
reported 75 per cent of their lows
to have been from lightning. So,
Ohio is not Ihi only sufferer, nor
the worst.
Last year the lightning rod com
njttco of the Ohio Association of
Farm Mutual Insurance companies,
whicn carry two hundred and eighty
tluee, million dollars insurance on
Ohio farm buildings, examined sam
ples of tho rods made by each of
the six mnuulncturcito of rods- made
in Amoricn, they having been sent
for "that pur'Miso ito tho firu inar-
suml's ollice. This commitleo was
made up of men who see tho light
ning rod at work. They found thnt
each manufacturer was making rods
wlrieh were nmplo protection from
nil ordinary thundcrliolts ns f-hown
by1 experience. Membcro of ' mutual
companies who hnvo- rods ''up 'de
mand that their neighbors shall use
the samo protection or bo given
harder terms in their, policies.
In 500 lightning fires investigated
by the fire marshal department last
year no building had a modern rod
on it. Tho .nly ro'dded building ro
liorlrd struck this season was ono
in which a ro,l up 30 years had
been struck. At my request the
owner dug up tho end of Iho rod.
Ho found it in Iho ground but three
feet and resting on a ledge of rock
which would drain moistnro away
from it. This article is written with
the facts in more than 4000 barn
fires beforo mo.
Stale Fire Marshal.
BRADY At his Into hojno, two
miles west of Marion. Simon L.
Brady, on of Jackson and Elizu
Brady, departed this life at tJie
advanced ago of seventy-one years,
eleven months and twenty-ono days.
He was bom in Big Island township
August Dth. 3835, was united in
happy marriage with Miss Mary J.
Hulstend, April 10th, 1853 To
tliein were born nine children, four
of whom preceded tho father in
death. Tho aged widow and Ihe
following named children remain:
Elrw C, Albert J Princess A.,
Perry D. nnd Michael II. Fourteen
grand and five great-grandchildren
and many other relatives.
Ho was a man of great physical
endurance, industrious nnd eco
nomical, made nnd retained many
friends. Two yenrs ago ho fell a
victim to paralysis, receiving in all
'three strokes of this disease, Until
nt last despito medical skill nnd the
best of nursing ho passed beforo us
into the "srrent bevond." Fnnnrnl
feorvico. wero held n't tho lofe home
Jlondny afternoon, attondod by a
ungo nuiucncp. Aiusio wns ron-
1 ilfivd by 'tho Campbell quartette,
v.nt "ffalcrtnnfn;" Rel-1. "J. 'A'. "Sutton
West Mansfield. Ohio, hv ronnest
of Hie dee(san'.,H'omc!oMd'.ll"'Tlirt
tlinnkn of 'din .bereave rirrj,:tli'(is' ex
tended lo all their neiglibors ond
friends who ko kindly visited, aided
and comforted lliem; also for tho
nmfustnn of lovely (lowers ipresent
nd. Amid many tears his form wns
Imid lo linnl rest in Iho Morion
Chicago, III., July 31. Albert Wnlsli
uged 23, a draughtsman, was shot
dead in his homo by a burglar early
today. The robber escaped.
Rich and Poor.,
Parnrtoxlcal as It may seem, th'a
man who marries a rich wife often
eats a Door on. Sornervlll (nnv.
Fire Eats up Entire Busi
ness f Section of
MIllersburK. O.. July. 31. -Nearly ull
of the business portion of Klllbunk
wiib destroyed by flro last night. Stag
er's dry goods Htore, Day's drug
store, Duncan's hurdwaro store, bo
sldes soveral other smaller .business
places nnd some dwellings wero
burnod. The loss Is $25,000 or more
nnd was partially Insured. The cause
of tho flro Is unknown.
County Auditors Also not in
Favor ; of County
Local Option.
Sandusky, July 31. Tho County
auditors association meeting nt Cedar
Point, while not taking formal uc
tlon, Is giving expression to the posi
tion of those official!) on a number
of Important mutters. About 3fi aud
itors are lioro. Open opposition to the
county local option law Is expressed,
on tho ground that It will reduce the
compensation of uilditoi-B, tho salarlo?
being based on tux receipts.
Tho auditors also opposo tho plan
of general county elections on the
ground that it is expensive to taxpay
ers to have all county offices changed
nt one time. They also demand moro
compensation for appraising railroad
property, since they must, pay their
own raluroad fare and other expenses.
Held by Sunday School Classes at
Lincoln Parle.
The Sunday school of the Ftce
Bnp'.ist und tho 'classes of Mrs.
Pintt and Mrs. Redinnu of, the
Central Christian church' enjoyt'd
a picnic at Lincoln park Tuesday.
The members of tho two schools
soon became intimately acquainted
and all jrined in enjoying tho
games and pastimes of tho day.
At no'in a picnic dinner was
served nnd Urn icninitider of the
day uvn spent in outdoor spoils nnd
social diversions.
Statesman Silent Three Years.
During three years of his early Ufa
In parliament Sir Henry Campbell
Baiineriiian nevor onto addressed tho
Mrs. MarcolluH Kerstctter, 257
Lincoln Ave , 47,397
Miss Mario bur Ito, 2S9 . Hollo-
vuo Avo 1,407
Mrs. Harry Faulkner, 243 N.
Oreonwood , . , , )8fi
Mrs. Thomas Dwyer, 512 N.
Greenwood , 930
Miss ,Cecella Mlnoujjhnn, C34
Ballentluo Avo 913
.Mrs. Dennis Drake, 309 N. Btato
f ,
Miss Lizzie Schoochlo, 283 Ilelle-
VUG MlltlllllllllMUMIMtll
Mrs. Leltoy Zachmun, 507 N,
Miss Nelllo F. Gll, 138 N.
Grand . "..,..'
Miss Mabel Vuughan, 419 N.
Stato 150
Mrs. 11. A. DlRford, 22C Leader 10,119
Miss Mario Stubor. 243 N.
il'rospect 3,321 '
Mis Ermol Ulow, 449 Silver .... 3,284
Miss Irono Roldenhuugh, 300
in rrospect .,... 2,079
Miss May Swecnoy. GUI auver.. 2.244
Miss Anna Hanloy, 807 Leader. . 1.0C4
Mrs. Thomas A. Brooks, 335
tfcrantou Avo. , . 1,443
Mrs. L. E.Nobergall, 709 North
wain ;.... 1.2C8
Miss Ilnttlo Wertu, Garden City
Miss Agnes Haunlgau, 229 N.
Prospect C50
Miss noso Haiiowe, 330 Sliver, , 480
Miss Fern 0. Noll, 289 N. Pros
pect ,, 395
Mrs. Frank Paddock, 123 W.
i' arming 00
Miss Winifred English, 324 Bll- .
vor , 10
Mrs O. Of. Myers, 377 Pearl ...41,317'
Mrs. J. Iteldenbaugh, 377 Wind- v '
Bor 31,153
Miss Gertrude Gibson, ti& Pas-
ant ..!'.. .,,., 3,351
iMIbb Edna Miller, Dennett ,.,,. 1,270
If you have a home to
furnish it will pay you to
buy now. If it's u ques
tion of terms tell us
what you want. You can
have a whole year to pay
if you want it pay by the
week or mouth or even
two weeks. Get our prices
compare them w i t h
what others ask.
"Chapped" Hand Caused Death.
An iuqubst was held recently t&
London on n woman who died from
blood polson'ng caused by the infec
tion of n "chapped" hand.
Home Grown
Thoy aro now starting,
and though wo are only get
ting a l'jw every day now,
we are promised a good sup
ply of blackberries within a
few days. So g& your orders
in early if you don't want
to be disappointed . We will
make tho prico as ftw as
anyone clso wl.L'ii wo fill tho
Robinson's Grocery
Phones 39. 209 L'. Center St.
Agency tor Woods Boston Coffees
Kenton will Send 500 to Labor Dap
t Exercises.
Tho union organizations of Kenton
at' u big mass meeting held Sunday
made arrangements to attend tho La
bor Day exercises at iMarlon In Sep
tember. It is estimated that COO from
this city will heln Marlon celebrate.
Another meeting wus called for next
Sunday when further arrangements
will bo made. The wutchword hero Is
at present, "On to Marlon." Kenton
Dally Democrat.
Miss Ilerdlno MlUI&or, 451 S.
Main 1,215
Miss Maymo Ityan, C42 W. Co
lumbia 1,008
Miss Jeauetto LammorK, 314
Orchard ...i... 920
Miss Margaret Wlxstead, 214
,earl ;... 873
Ml'sn Sadlo Humo, 320 S. Pearl.. 420
Miss Lena Warner 420
Miss Flossie Shurz, 201 W.
Church 290
Mrp. Ida Jlanly, 909 Wood .... 105
Miss aertruda Converse, W.
Church 70
Miss Itosetto Knapp, 2C3 Mt."
Vernon Ave 13.883
Mrji. Ella Wllllnmn, 010 Dela
ware Avo ,, 1701
Mrs. Howard Shaw, 304 13.
Oliurch i.ncn
Miss Anna Schoenluub, 234 3.
Greenwood r.nr
Mrs. F. -M. Tavener, 730 ,10,
'"Church ' -. fiio
Mra. .las. A. llutler, 834 13.
.V"",:" 300
Mrs. .1. nowo. 888 U. Church.. . mo
jr- If. 13. Peters, s. Grand St.
Mrs.-Ed. Hoas, Prospect ..,.,,. 3,283
MIssTheo Cast, Prospect sen
Mjss Wlxstead, arcen Camp
jjiho -....., Rin
Mrs. Wulter Dlbler, Morral .... 5.198
Mrs. Floyd Terry, Inun oQ1
Mlsa Ethel Johnson. LaTiiin . 0'
iMIss Gladys Rusler. ABosta ... 280
.,.01. vm otiuiHUII, 1.U11U0 880
Miss Huzol Schultz, Morral .... 7)
.u.o. Uii iiiomaBson, LaRuo .. f,7o
Mrs. Thomas Cromly, LaRuo . . . C70
Miss Dale Hortoil, Agosta cii
Miss Carthy Boll, LaRuo ..... 230
Miss Lucy Wosserheelc, Bowling
Green 'nvp mall LaRuo mo
Utb. Mae Mitchell, Marion It. F.
'! No. 8 '
Jllss Maud Decker, Caledonia'., si-m ,
Miss Anna Plttmnn. Raieinni 1 ',n '.
MJbb Edith Albright, Caledonia ,m ' '
MIhb Florence Avlt, Calefjopltt,. 350
miwH uoBooicmun, Waldo ..mXVsoo
Mrs. AddlVnrd, Wahjc X'o
Mrn. Dennis Pyeon, PrVpecfi; jl j
niSTmhTarrl """nf
' cal,

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