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Mariont Daily
' Tait the Injudicious- Standard-Bearer" is the
Heading of a Five Page Editorial in the Of
ficial Organ of Organized labor Publish
ed in Washington.
Some Very Caustic Remarks are Made by the Labor Lead
er Against Tafts Policy on Injunctions and the Handling
of Boycotts The Secretarys Speech in Oklahoma is the
Basis For the Conclusion That His Atitude is the Same
as When He Made His Famous Rulings-
Washington, Sept. 23. Organiz
ed labor, as leprcseiiled by Presi
dent Samuel. Uoinpers, of the Ameri
can Federation of Labor, formally
oened its campaign today against
Secretary Taft as a presidential
aspirant. In the federation's ofll
ciul oigan, Uoiuper prints a hot
lice page editorial, headed "Taft,
Hie Injunction Standard Bearer."
His remarks are based on Taft'.s
decision as a federal judge in Cin
cinnati, with 'reference to boycotts,
and his recent discussion of labor
ipieslions in his western speeches.
" Secretary Taft's contention with
lofercuce to iwhab 'he tonus tho
''boycott" would, if carried to its
logicl result" declares Rompers,
"i '" t',c dispersion and for
cr", --breaking up, by court orders
Governpr4Folkj of Missouri, Says the Prospects for a
Victory for Democratic Ideas Were Never Brighter
He Declares That Democratic Ideas Mean "Equal
Rights to all, Special
Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 23. Clover- few years ago tho privilege of law
nor .loHoph 'W. Folk, of Missouri, a lessness was defended, but tho peo
nattvo of Tennessee, was guest of ",0 wcro nwnkenert to the fact that
honor yesterday in Nashville, where 1?"'"" 11l8 '"J1 ,B,,vcr"!,lent'11 ,a,ul
, , , ' that lawlessness destroys the will of
hoiiiccomei-H are assembled from every th0 ,lcol)lo Krom . OII0 cll, of t,
part or the United States for a week n(l to tll0 otllpri t,,0 bJ
of reunion and celebration. Bclonco now ,,omnijda th(i olirorcemcnt
Last night at the Duncan hotel, at f the people's laws against high
a banquet tendered him by tho Com- im (W( ,.,ch am, ,loor
inorclal club of Nashville, Governor "Another question the Democratic
Folk dlbcusscd tho Issues of the day. ,,arty B)l0l,I(, m.,la. aa BBU(J ,tf t,
In tho afternoon ho addressed a vast rJgilt ot tuo sU,tQ8 ,,, n mttei.s ,l0t
crowd of home-comers and resident delegated to 'the fcdoral government
'reunessceans at Cuniberlandy Park. Jinny Instnnces havo iirlson ot late
where the state fair is In -progress, where tho authority or tho states to
At tho banquet lust night Governor iako and enforce just nnd reabonablo
Folk said; laws has been limited or taken away.
"Tho prospect lor the suedess of T,0 rui0 i,8 .,.,.. ,. .,,n. ti,
Democratic ideas was never brighter ,
than now, y Domocratic ideas, 1
mean these m-lnclplos embraced in the
expression 'equal rights to all, spe
cial privileges to none.'
"Tho elimination of special priv
ilege is tho paramount Issue beforo
the people of this country the special
privilege or lawlessness; tho special
privilego conferred by law and tho
special privilego of monopoly. A
Two Americans Among the
Wreck Victims in
Nantes, France, Sept. 25. Two
Americana wore badly hurt ns tho
result) of a collision on the main
lino of the PirlsOherbourg railroad
sTho Cherbourg express from Parl3
crashed Into u special train carrying
transatlantic passengers just beyond
Urevttl, tunnel. The Impact was ter
rific and tho special was telescoped.
The Americans nro Mrs. and m!b,s
Shepard. Their Initials, family cou
nectloiin and place of residence nr as
yef unknown, both being so seriously
luirt that it Is impossible to question
of every assemblage of worliingincn of .indues to punNi alleged yiohi
howoveti innocent or lawful their .toi's f injunctions, to send them
purpose, and to the nulluicaliou ol
nil iheir agreements. ,
"The fact of the matter is that
Secretary Taft, its a picsidential
aspirant is "nfcured" ho may havo
milled a feather hero mid there
in the plume of capitalist' power.
His pailiug words are to consolo
corporate .influence and the money
power lor any uneasiness as lo his
position. Ho substantially azures I vial objeotioim to tho abu'-o of
them that if they hut give him their;rlt, iul.i mul t1(, .(,llseni1Pnt
support he will lianil over to tho Plijii oT (rial by jury in labor
tender mercies of, tho worst ole-!,..,,M. Uo s.till seeks 'to evade the
menls of the capitalists class the iae, fo find sephistical reasons for
woikingmen of the United States. I upholding- a moiistrous abne. Taft
hound hand an.l foot, shackled byj,vas ono of tho carlv injuuclion
injuiiclmns for -which ho will juiIiks nml as slateMiian and poll
stnn,', t'cian.. he U evidently determined
Taking up the secretary's speech-' l defend his record."
Privileges to None
presumntloii la in fnvnr nr ti, unv.
orolgn. Laws hnvo always been pro
Bumed to bo good until found to bo
bad. Under tho nbw doctrluo stato
statutes uro suspended upon inero ap
plication ,of a railroad or some other
Interest until It Is good or bad. The
effect of this practice Is to placo In
tho hands of special Interests power
to veto any stato legislation they do
not like."
"...... j-.-.i .. ...v -.-
them. Latest figures from tho wreck
places the number of Injured at
twenty. All uro expected to recover
lace and Head Almost
Entirely Devoured and
one Hand Missing.
Motion, Iud,, Sept. -iu, Chrlsto
phor dottier, eighty, 'was round dead
In a hog pen yesterday with ills face
and heud almost entirely eaten olt
by hogs, Quo hand vias entirely de
voured. It Is believed that while
feeding the hogs, tho iirojI man 'was
sttlckon with "heart failure; ' and
plunged Into tho non,
making lour in detail, Qompcrs Coir-
"Une of llio reasons which ho
gave I'm' advising tho people of
Oklahoma lo reject the constitution
was lha,t, in his o)iniin, it' con
tained a linil and dangerous limita
tion upon the power of the courts
lo grant and enforce writs, of in
junction. "The injunction, he deelaietl, was
oven more tlecow-ary for the protect
ion of the poor than of the rich,
and lo limit it any way, would put
more power in. the hands of tho
rich criminal. and oppressors.
"iii.. .....i..:. :.... i i.:i. i. ....
seiiously objected did not, however,
i hit in", i-.um n ii-iurii iiu nn
limit- iiiu power to issue lniunc-
lioni. It' only limited tho power
lo pnsoit for alleged contempt, of
cuiiii wiiuuin inai ny jury. j,t is
to the intervention (if a jury
between tho injunction and tho
sentence for contempt that th'e
secretary took exceptions. ,
'TJiis shown I hat ho has not
(Imaged hi. .position since his cam
paien in Congtessman Littlefield's
I . .,... , .. , , , .
listricl last year. Now, as then.
!. mnrVi (ire r,,n.lamental nml
Moundsyillc, . Va., Sept. 125.
iFniuner Superintendent Uoorgc
W. llcnvers of life postoflicu doparl
mont bureau ;"qJ!...fiilnriet juu1a-Li
p.yan3J3)ftliLi.9Plbi!eiip I'deasetl "TToni
Tlio penitentiary Hero. Heavers, one
cf the men convicted following tho
ilisccvcry ol grntt m tlie post olllcc
depart nieiil and tho general shake
up which ensued, fought conviction
and the penitentiary for nearly two
veins. His filially entered prison
Fcbrliary M. 1l0.", for a two years'
term. His period of iniprisouincnt , I(.'t!,r"luK '" "'otiMennip after a
was slightly shortened by his goodh'.IMt '" low" "UW ' when
behavior allowance.
x i - x -n I T'"iTi t i. i.u u n.nn. v tjv vrA;
c ' J I 'I' l & iFiifm
-3J?PP m ' wi If
!rr XK y M-i'v1 w-W.n. V , VSSiWA "I'll.
zi0mm' mmdrn .sBK&ft s w
1 ' vIIP,'!, SS0 , lf
- -SSKl
&str7 ' v JHjA
I SSrJ- BfcWlTOMffii
Wt&sJ &.&& & .' ' -V jfiVm, ' - -' Jig ?Mi$m
L && . . ; A . . J. -l v i
Ravenna Jp.. K,.pt . '25. Arlliur
Stainni, lffij't-k. wealthy fiirm
or, was &L(nd unity by a jury
Wptlnosdnyjfif euuli on his eleven
oai old .timi-ou. .lcialda Mtcnitn.
Sh'tnm'tf aufrrmx- iminediatcly ask
ed fiM a ncV 1 1 in I .
Then Jumped to Pavement
Belowiand was Fatal
llyllnjured. New YorkjgSpiii r..-i:ither in u
trance or tempore my llisuue, Harry
'Dnornock stabbed bis wife. Mulllc,
early today land jumped from tho
fourth 8tory.ilii(lw of their flat.
Ho died at Jpell mid hospital, and
his wlfo'a condition Is critical
Yesterday 'was tl.elr sixth wedding
Illie husband has been
I ...-...
111 Mild llllftlltnfTT) Wdl'l; Ilia, runtime.
iln)laV, .Mrs.apin'Ki! Goodman, was
awakened nraut daylight by her
daughter's cryffitlmt she had been
stabbed and njllibd to a neighboring
flat for assistance. Dbornock leaped
from the wfffUpw during her ab
sence, "v.
Iwo Men Refused to Throw
up 'Their Hands for
Oboiliu, 0
Si5. Miclinul
Larego. thirty, 'ur
I UiUyihijfibsJS?
from two
r Hint eiisuci
he and two
companions wcie h'yld up by three
negroes. Chester Jiiirhani, twenty
four, captured ofiflV Wodnesday
it CnuflqlJl
llftccu miles
away, is- chaigi-d With
the shoot
ing. ri-?
laregn and his' '"companion- are
workmen on the Wabash. Tliev wire
mice nugnies r.iwMllt mill order
cd, them to llnowip their liand
1 iWan
K,tkf St"
Z' 1 W ;u .. OU&llTToCE )
inmm wmw
A light followed. Due of the nc
groc, ainiel witlp a rifle, fired
on Larego. Deputy Sheriffs Graham
and Reiser jiursitcd in a biigsry,
trackinir one of tho men to Can
fleld, -whero they apprehended !)
ham. lie deiues that he look part
in tho attempted hold-up.
Upper Sandusky Sept. 25.
Itroodiin; over d'unestic troubles,
Joseph Devore of, Forest amso
Tucvlay n.oniing, wont u ptown,
got drunk, and, returning bonje,
blew out bin t)rnin.
Will be Established by Pope
for Scentific Research
Compatible with Re
ligion. Koine, Sept. ij. As his answer
to Iho accusation that his recent
' 'anti-modernism'' encyclical prove
the Human church an enemy to sci
entific progress, the 1'ope will ai
utiBO ank the Catholic World's aid
in establishing mighty institute to
further all scientific thought and
research compatible with religion.
Cardinnls Kninpolla, Mnfn nnd
Mercier, xylio mado the report out
liuiivjr the plan for tho institute,
me lo be made iUt protectors. They
recommend that no huie bo lost in
-Inrtiinr the wrlt, ntid tho I'opo
Uno already simiificd his intention
ofapproving their suggestions.
Upper Sandti.-ky, Sept. 2.1. One
' l mo-t ceirnrkab'. cacs stiewn
in Jijo,. was JLilod yoflterday in cbtn
Tiloii 7'lPits court. Dr. W. 11.
Wickhnm ot Sycamore has a re
Miauably 'iright boy of 10 yeais.
He wad in tho spring promoted
by the superintendent of tho Syca.
1-I.1. 1 t ,l. :...!. t
III..IU 11111 -.l.. Il.l .IHO HIS! II lO,,)y tnem Qf U8Ur,,lnB ,le 0W(,r f
the wvi-iith grade, ihe grodo, t ;tnc board of (llr0l.tol.g U8lng thp ,)rox.
seems, i much nliove that of liia ,os SDfumi by blm for his own por
mrc. and tlie .board of education Konni ends, of breaking a quorum to
declined to let him cuter that grade, defeat the otitis of the dlroctors, of
The father asked for a writ of
mniidmnus mid the same was gmntod
by Judge llabst. Tho case will bo
heard Thursday.
Executive Offices of the Government are Moved From
Oyster Bay With all of His Trappings and Clerks,
Secretaries, Guards and Accompanied by News
paper Men the Start was Made this Morning.
Oyster May, X. V., .Sept. 2.".
His summer vacation ended, li evi
dent Roosevelt t-ok the 10 a. m.
1 1 inn today for Washington. lie
n.j.ved typical "Ifotwevolt weath
er." , r.iined oat and dogs near
ly all nijrht and even The widest
clam digger and oyster men pre
dicted a continuation 'of the storm
today, but the clouds rolled away
befoie the sun roo and when tho
villngei's had gathered at the sta-
thm' to bid their disliugui-licd
He Makes Public a Part of a Letter vV hich Charges Fish
With Having Loaned the Company's Money to Him
self on Securities Which Were Not Gilt Edged.
Chicago, Sept. 25. President J.
Harahnn, Tuesday, struck back
Stuyvesant Fish In a statement to tho
stockholders of the Illinois Central
which created a sensation in the rail
way and financial world.
Ho also makes public a half letter,
In which Directors Auclitivloss, Astor,
doolot, Ilnrrlinan, Hnrahan. Luttgen,
Peabody nnd Vanderbllt of tho Illi
nois Centra) served on Mr. Fish when
they notified they would dofcat him
for tho presidency and giving the
reasons therefor.
Tho letter of tho directors to .Mr.
Fish plainly chnrKod that thoy dared
,1.1 tfitirr.it fttiat ltltti Tin 1u nnillan.1
" ""- """v ....... ... ... i..
entcrliiR into nn adreemonl by, which
he secured possession of proxies, of
vIoIntliiR the nsreemeut with the dl-
rectors and casting the proxies of tho
stocktioKiei-s to elect nis individual
cnudldnto of the directors. iclty of New York and his undivided
In his statement. Mr. Uarahnu says: (Interest in the estate of tho late Ham
"Tho statement in the circular Is- .llton Fish,
sued by Mr. Fish to the stockholders I Out of consideration for Mr. Fish,
that the Illinois Central nccouuts 'such conveyances wero not placed on
havo beon padded, or In any way I record. The director making the
manipulated, Is absolutely untrue, loan carried It for several years, until
Ilo Knows Mint there Mas been no
chango whatever in the relations of
tho Illinois Central with tho Union
I-aclfin' and Southorn Pacific.
"Ills refereucp to alleged domlua-
tlon by Union Pacific Is merely an
effort to play upou what ho supposes
,to be current prejudice, to further
his own Interest, and should not do
colvo anyone. Tho attack mado by
Mr. Fish upon tho character ot his
ollow directors and noon the operat
ing, accounting and traffic of fleers
of t tin eninnnnv wnrrnntn n 'nil Kfntn-
jniout to the sockholders of tho rea
sons way .Mr. fish was not intrusted
with tho contluued management of
the property.
"I Inclose herewith n copy of u loi
ter addressed by eight dlroctors or
the company to Mr. Fish under dnto
of November 7. 1000, uettliiK forth
spcclflrallv somo of the reasons why
they would not vote for bis re-election
us president. There were othor
leamiiih ni a i ontrollliiK character
wbli b wi-ie reicm'd to In general
teni'- but out of loiihideration for
They Expect Much From
v Taft's Coming Visit
Warm Welcome
. Awaits Him.
Tokyo, Sept. "io. Figuring . that
Socretury of War Taft's "world's
tour" s at least semlillpIouiiUlc In
Its character, Japanese statesmen are
hoping great things from tho Amor-,
lean's coming visit to this county,
lloth In offleial circleH and In tho
uattvo class speculation Is rlfo con
ncmlihor tiiiiUpecd,
conditions weru
pel feet.
Two express cms containing
pi-eideni ' hor-e, carnages, olllco
imiapheiiinlin and other bnggngo
lett Ovsler Hov about an hour ahead
of Hie pi evidential party.
All the member- of the execulivo
-olllcc luice, the secret srvic guards
who lunu been on 'duty at Wagamoio
Hill mid tlie newspaper correspond
cutH Htalioned at the sumnier capi
tal ince June 12. accompanied
the pnwiilf-ut on the special out of
i ()vter Hav.
I.Mr. Fish were not specifically mou
.tloned In that letter.
Hie most conspicuous of these Is
that while .Mr. Fish was president ot
your company, nnd as such the vir
tual custodian of its treasury, ho
loaned to himself, a sau Individual,
about $1,100,000 from the treasury
of the company upon the security ot
his own selection, which proved to
bo Inadequate and unmarketable.
"Mr. Fish. befiigunnble to repay
tho loan, or to satisfactorily sceuio
it. thero woro various consultations
among his friends on tho' board of
directors mid negotiations designed
for tho payment of the Indebtedness
and the protection of tho credit of tho
company, as well as Mr. Fish's rop-
,u tat Ion.
"After it was demonstrated that
Mr. Fish was unable to reimburse
the company a director individually
loaned him the money necessary to
tcpay the company
"In order to secure this loan Mr.
17fuli TrilAilfrntl tint nli 1irt im i n rl'ot -
i inM J'-rt4t4'Cti nut wmij uii. HIIIIIUIIH.V-
able collateral above mentioned, but
,aib) conveyed ins residence in tlio
Mr. Fish wns able to liquidate It.
'Furthermore. Mr. Fish, who was
a member of the executlvo committee
of the Trust Company of the Repub
lic mid was very acthe In Its affairs.
.deposited a targe amount of money
of the Illinois Central company In
that company after Its ccrdlt was Bcr?
lously Impaired, and nlthough this'
was ultimately collected the process
lequlred several months and dm lug
that time the risk was a cause of
grave anxiety to the directors,
"Moreover, he loaned to the presi
dent of the Trust Company of tho
Hepiiblic, Individually, money of tho
Illinois Central Halli-nad company up
on inadequate security, with tho re
sult that the railroad company was
nimble to collect tho entlro amount
and suffered n loss.
"It Is duo to the officers and direc
tors whose motives and conduct havo
been lmpunged, nnd to the stock
holders, to whom Mr. Fish has ad
dressed an appeal based on hlft
charges, thut these fncts should bo
cerning posslblo negotiations on ctu-
iKTutlnn, naturalization and a bun
died other quoBtlons.
Tart's reception will be u very warm
one and the general opinion is thrtt.
the result of tho anticipated negotia
tions will bo to roinoe the friction,
whli li has recently characterized rela
tions bet won the United States ami
the Mikado's government.
Dynton. Sept. 25. lu a do?;,
porn to linlit for lioedoui, Williiuu
u. lluich, of Olendalo, u led oral
prisoner on route to Cincinnati in,
custody of Deputy Marshal Sander
xon plunged head foroino.st from a
fail flying Uinclntuili, Hamilton and
Dayton train iicar bore. Ilin neck
was broken and death was instiltw
4 $
?! "fc,
-A j.ait
'yl m-d

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