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i li islAN DOUMA
, 1 I I-
FirW Seision of the third (Douma was held this Morning
and Threats to blow upthe. Hall Call out Soldiers
' - whb are Stationed in the Streets and near-by
' Houses with Machine Gun9.
SL PctorsburB, Nov. 1. Tho
thirfl douma opened today ut Tou
Ido Palace. Troops 1111 all tho
streets and tho Avlndos at ndjoln.
Ins bulUHnga drc ' filled with
roops with inaclilno Bims. Tlio now
douma Is regarded as a moro tool
of tho court party ' and hand
bills were spread through tho city,
They oppose the removal of the Motto "In God We Trust"
' from the Coins of the United States ThePresident
is Severely Censured for the Stand he has taken.
New York,
Nov.' l4.Through
the expression of his own opinions
Ifluhop Totter, gave personal in
dorsement to tho resolution of pro
test against, 'removing tho motto
Hln, .(Jod. Wo' Thrust" from tho
coinauf.'asilcd by tho ono hun
drtf and iwentjvfourth annual
CpnVUdn ot the Kplscopal Dlo-
i 'vJt iofensejOf hist aqtlon as pub.
J, ' - " ' "Hahfajtln i the-eVonlng paper7' tho
bishop Jwas ' naked.
"I havc-i" bo answered.
What do you think of his dec
laration that tho uso of tho motto
op.' our cotyie promotos irroverancc
and 4riillcuie7"
We.U, was tho roply, "tho'ro
havo always been two sides to
that question. I think It applies
no moro ln thnt caso than in tho
- - public uso of sacred mottoes in
," v , " buildings or olsowbero Tho samo
t f ' nYotest might bo mado agalnnU tho
$ : ' wearing ot crosses. It depands on
fs t circumstances whether such tilings
produce Irreverence nnd spiritual
upllfj; or tho rcvorso.
ny removing that sontonco
from tho colnago tho stato takes
CJ away a nuggestlon of high ideas.
high authority and roverenco which
should ijqt bo lost."
So'hlfeh did feeling against (ho
action of Tr08,(lont Hoosovolt run
during tho Episcopal convention
nnd ot such importance was tho
subject consldorod that tho larger
part of tho uftornoon session was
d'pvoted to tho discussion of Jho
rcaplutton of protest that .was
ultimately passed r by a largo
Tho principal opposition
from thoso who hrfl felt that
waB not within tho provlnco ot
tho convention to glvo an oxpres.
slon of opinion on tho subject,
nnd did not spring from 'nny
tfrm approval of tho President's
nc.ton. When tho resolution was
finally put to a vote, after hours
of debate" and vehomont conton.
tlon many who hqd opposed
forthe former ,roason lent It their
fluup.ort. v 4
Tho rpsolutlon In full follows;
y Whoroas, It hns been announced
that In tho coinage of certain
ploces of tho inonoy of tho Unit -
eel States thero has boon omitted
tho (Words, used from tho
tion" of tho ropubllc. "In Qod
Wo Trusti'? thoroforo bp It
Untmlvnrl. That: this rohvontlort
nrote'stn against such chriTiigd -ririd11
declares that tho highest Interests
of oir Country domnnd tile! proscr-
vatlonuof ' nil itho80'll6iistofnn that
have stood for tho recognition
Ood In tho Ufo of tho people.
r i'j'bo resolution wns offered by
ney. Pr, W, M. flrosvonor, rector
q$ thp Church of tlio Incarnation,
Madison' avenuo and Thiity-flfth
atreot. Bhould bo In favor of having the
Onco during the boated dobnto motto on tho coin or tho paper blljs
that" ilmmodlntoly ' followed ltH4that thoy handle.'' -proposal,
cheors wero hoard and1 ' Jlit how about tho rich having
frequently there r was loud np-, tho namo ot Qod bofori tholr
pta(iso, uno uiRcuHBion roso almost
i f -, n tothe point of frenzy as delegate
,mv , rv .' , , ,
last nlghtntinounclng that tho as
sembly would bo blown up.
Eighty per cent l of tho now
douma nro Conservatives and can
bo' depended on to do governments
biddings. Tho members wero Hoot
ed and hlfaspd when they went
Into tho mooting placo.
Nicholas Homalkoff was elected
president of tho douma.
after delegato got to his feet.
Four attempts wero mado tot
havo tho resolution laid on tho
tablo and thus sidetracked. An each
failed thero was a roar of hand,
clnpplng. Fast nnd furjous tho
discussion waxed. Now enthusiastic
now acrimonious, with blttor re
crlmluntlqns nnd contradictious.
Jndofo'nso ,,of hls Vesolntlon; $)f
MrdsvenorCCtiald '". "haYabeeatofd
inac mis iurnse went; upon our
coins In tho cry and stress of
tho Civil War. Today, wo aro fight
ing wjth nil our might of body
and soul against tho powors of
nintorlalimn nnd riot. Tho proposal
to take thus from our colnB tho
hlstoricph raso strikes at my senso
of losst nyo, rouses In mo tho
deepest Indignation."
AVhen Itov. Dr. Parks, of St.
Bartholomew's .fhurch, said that
tho pnbsago s of tho resolution
would look llko a renuke ' to the
Government some ono behind him
"ItiIs; wo mean It thus."'
WWon tho resolution was finally
passed, aftpr l)r, flrosvonor declar
ing that ho was "tired of tho tim
idity of tho Episcopal Chinch Jn
always bonding things to commit,
tecs and reporting that at tho
present tlmo it is inexpedient to
do nnything about them," thq
meeting as adjourned and num
bers of tho clologatcs flocked
around him to shako his hand and
congratulate him.
Clergyman of nil denominations
In and about this city aro united
In a domaud thnt tho motto, Mn
God Wo Trust" bo restored to tho
Unltod States coins, Mapy ministers
havo declared that whoever was
, responsible for leaving oft tho
It, words was wot thy of the strongest
denunciation, nnd thnt thoy would
seo to It that tho blamowas plac
ed whore It bolongod.
Tbeso stntomonta, tho latest from
Bishop "Potter and Monslgnor Ln
vollo, of St. Patrick's Cathedral,
woro mado boforo " President
Roosovolt gavo out a letter explaln-
It , Ing thnt ho was' tho ono
.had tho motto ra-noved.
"I would rathor not talk", said
lllshop Potter, "until our church
bodios havo taken action, nnd I
( think tho question Is ono that calls
, for discussion by them nnd action
thnt will not bo uucortntn In Its
meaning. I am not so much .Inter.
steel iu having tho motto on jfrj
or .r'.o gold pieces mono. Why not
i CO Oil n sten fnrtlini' mid tinvn
ftion nil our coins. Why not J have
1 onv'tle coins of tho smallar
denominations nnd on tho dollar
b'llls? Un Qod Wo Trust" Is tho
or . motto or tho nation, and; this, whoh
all Is said and done, Is a God
fearing nation,
"iTho majority of tho pcoplo vory
seldom seo jf.10 or $20 gold pieces,
the pooror people, novor, so. I
oyes" jjr. cotter was aBkocl.
uciiiunueu on rgo 1'our '
Kronen tick, lnd., Nov, ll.i
Chairman 'iaggart, ot tho domo-.
cratlc national committee today
Issued a call for a meeting of
tho committeo at Fronch Lick, No
vember 22. 1"bo tlmo and placo for
tho democratic national convention
will 'be dlscusted, but no final ac.
tlon taken.
Street Car Company's Pxo
position is Promptly
Turned Down.'
Cleveland, O., Nov. 1J. City
council today rejected tho offer of
tho Cleveland electric railway to
Bottle tho street car war. Tho com.
pany proposed to try thico cent
faro for six months, to routlmio
nt thai llgurot If throe cent faro
earned six per cent on tho valuo
of tho property; if not to adopt a
hlghor rate ot fare. Tho valuo of
tho property wns to bo decided by
arbltratlon ot experts.
Tho vote l ejecting tho offer was
practically unanimous. Johnson op-
ponod tho acceptance.
Tho street railway was asked to
namo tho figure It will tako for
Its stock, tho holding company to
opornto tho llne.s.
Elyrla, Nov., 14. While clean.
Ing nn Inlerurbnn car nt tho Wel
lington terminal ot tho C. and 3,
railway. Conductor Ed. linker
found the dead body ot an In-
Tho babe had boon, killed by
a blow on the head. Tho body
wns still warm.
The pollco ato Investigating!
Sensational Charges made
( in the Trial of John
R. Walsh.
Chicago, Xov. 14. In banker
John It. Walsh's trial today, Prose
cutor Dobbs continued his story ot
tho mlsn'innagonlent of Walsh's
banks, ne .charged that whllo John
It. Wnlsh, tho honored financier,
rocolved dopqslts at his throo
banks from throngs of depositors,
waisii, tho plundoier, acting at
nlgfit In tho darxness nnd In his
prlvnto offices, aided by othors.
Juggled their millions llko n street
ear conductor piny with nlckols."
Dobbyns gavo In detail tho opora
tions which ho claims Walsh con -
tnnt under n ear. seat.tJtvraskwrap;fti?fc;vl!Omes me Delegates
SuchsWill be1 the Ohio River
with' a nine foot stage
of Water.
Wheeling. W. a., Nov. 14.
Two hundred delegates nro at-
tondlng'Hthc Ohio HIver Improve-
ment convention, which opened
hero tollay, Including two govor-1
nors an4f twelve congressmen.
'llio. morning session was taken
. I
.. Itl.r.wl.lrn.unu 1. nmW 1
Dawson of M est Irglnla, and Con.
gressma'n Sllublmul of tho First
West Vhinln district, lloth ex.
pressed llto belief that tho Ohio
Is to becofno the greatest artery of
business lit tho world with a
nlno.fooi ptgo realized. President
Vnnco declared tho battlo for a
stago of'jijne foot was already won
In congres'.
tho trial a of I Caleb Powers was called
today, tliestuto was not vedy with
Its answer the claim of tho dc-
fenso tlijjgjlylor wnB leally Oovornor,
thetoforotluj pardon granted by him
to Powers 'Js legal. The court ne-
ccssed untllthc slate was ready.
One lfuhtfrfd Veniremen have been
fluiiinionodjtfov Frldayv auu one hun-
"-" "r" .mmiay.
'. ..
Washnigtou, ffov. U. Tho Central
American peace' conference, which
Is expected tci'f.cml n)l wain between
the live lepubUqs; iegan tlIs after
noon heie. Secretary Hoot welcomed
tho delegates."'. ;lTg.iilH Audeibon, or
Costa RJr.i, wific!ocUcfl peiiiiaiient
Thaw CaseCwill Probably
not be Called ,in Court
Before January.
Now Yoik.'.Vov. u District
Attoruoy JetoineYanU jMnrtln W,
Littleton, leading, counsel 'for Har
ry K.n, Thaw, hehl n long conforenrc
on tho Thaw case, yehten'ay. Whllo
nolther patty to tho confereuco
would dlscilhS thn innrlor It lu lm
lllovpd It wns .agteed thnt tha evld-
. ....... ,. . .. - .
urn-it iiuu'ii npioro 1110 Hoard or
r 'li-wmf: .. -
(Not by SIohs. Ilnnticur.)
NOVEMBER 14, 1907.
lunacy commlsHlonors which exam
Inod Thaw as to his competency
during tils 'first tilnl should h's
opened for tho benefit of counsel
on both sides. Tho cvldonco wai
ordered sealed and has never
been seen by either sldo. It Is said
that the attorneys will Join In a
motion that it now bo opened.
Tho case Is set for hearing Doc.
, but It Is believed probable that
It will be postponed possibly for a
month or more.
Another lunacy commission will
probably lie appointed to pass on
Thaw's sanltv. This will preceito the
trial. Thaw's lawyers say he hns
improved so much, that hn will cei-
iwm'iv ho ueciaicu sane,
II iH cx;.ected that .Martin Mttelton.
I Thaw's chief counsel, will apply for
'" c1m""0.!,f vc.ml- Jciomo Is certain
4- I.. ,. I .1 .
1 rtH,Hl ll, P'CB
Russian Authorities Btlieve
. They Have Discovered
a Dreyfus Case.
Warsaw, Nov. i4.'Jho authorl.
ties of this cljy mado several ur
less jesterday In connection with
tho discovery of a hensatlonal plot
for tho sale and conveyance of a
riuantlty of military documents (o
1110 information upon which tho
arrests were mado woro furnished
by stnto detectives. A total of 20
persons were tnken Into custod'y,
among them woro two trainmasters
of tho Warsaw-Vistula uillioad
lino and their wives.
Tho most Important Individual
arrested Is thought to bo M.
SchlHchow, comptroller of tho
printing plant of tho general start
at Warsaw, 'litis man has been en
gaged reeontly In active negotia
tions for tllO (.nil nt fu-nnfi' ,..l
""' iiimi'h ui various jiussinn ior
tlfle.itlons. SIX MEN
Grade Crossing Accident' in
Milwaukee has'Terrible
.Milwaukee, Xov. l.. Six mon
woie killed at South Milwaukee
last night when a fast Northwest,
orn train plowed across a grado
crossing near tho station.
'I ho dead; Joseph WasUowskI,
aged ,-): Michael Waskowskl, his
son, aged io; Jacob Jaszczak, ' aged
1,); Manloy Oiholskl, agod
Charles Koslowskl, aged ,-,),
cientiiied man n'eci ;)0,
Mrs. John (livens was slightly
Tho dend men crossed behind
another tinln standing on tho
northbound track and did not seo
tho last train.
All or the killed wore workmen
"t a nenrby factory.
Secretary Cortelyou says thatif the Money which is now
being Hoarded by the People were placed in Circula-.
tion, Business would be restored to the Normal
within twenty-four hours. .. , y
Xew York, Nov. 1 . George 11.
Corteljou, secretary of nho treas
ury, discussed tho rinnnclal piob
lemsof the country before tho
Mei chants Association this after
noon. Ho said tho country hnd
learned tho value of credit In
business. Ho said that when tho
jiublle know nil that tho business
men and tho government had done
to restore confidence It would ap
preciate the work, Now that tho
llnnuclal storm Is subsiding, tho
l oiler or the country at largo
should bo attended to. Money Is
needed in tho West to move tho
'I ho labor organizations wero
praised for their patriotic action
In co-operating with their 0111
plojors In tho crisis No con
Anti-Saloon League Leader
up to the next General Assembly and Threatens to fS
-bring-about apolitical
Bill is
Ilnrrlsburg, Xov. l. A stato
local option law will bo urged upon
the l'ennsjlvniiia legislature at Its
net session, and it Is confidently
believed by tho temperance work,
ers of the stato thnt It will be
passed. Tho Ilev S. K. Nicholson
stato superintendent or the ntl
snloon league, said regarding tho
proposed law ;
"Tho local option Httength In
tho stnto has heccimo too formidable
to bo Juggled wltn longer. Two
leglslntuies havo now refused to
faco tho question. It Is up to tho
next one to redeem the record of
Its predecessors or else invito a
political 1 evolution throughout tho
stnto that will not only domoral.
l.o the liquor trado but dethrone
tho politicians who havo refused
to trust tho pooplo to determlno
the status of tho saloon In their
several localities.
The "Unwritten Law" will probably not enter into the
Case unless the Jurors Determine to take it into Con
sideration when keaching a Verdict Many Tales-
men Opposed to Death Penalty for Women.
Washington, Nov. 14. Tho first
day ot the trjnl of Mis. Annie M.
Dindloy on tho chat go of niuiderlng
former United States Sonntor Drown
of Utah was consumed entirely In an
offoi t to obtain a Jury.
When at I o'clock (ho court ad
journed lor tho day thnt pioljnilnnry
work was still incomplete, notwith
standing slxtv-ono men had been ex
amined as to their competency to
sit in tho caso. 'Pliero wrno eleven
men In the Jury, all or them, how
ever, Subject to challengq.
fl'ho day was without special Inci
dent though the questions put by the
nttouioya ror tho prosecution and
the delonso served to deflno to somq
otent the lines which will bo fol
bvved by both sides of tho case.
It was mado evident that the at
torneys for Mrs. Dindloy will de
pend upon the' plea of Insanity as
their only piofessed dofonso If thuie
was any confidence In tho plea ot Jus
tification It was not oxpresseit.
On tho othor baud, tho. prosecution
"It Is a tlmo wnon every oitJ
7en should assume his share of
the burden. Hoarding of money
and the exaction of unnecessarily
harsh requirements in business,
retard our return to' normal con
ditions. I bellovo that it tho
money hoarded were at onco put
back Into tho channels of trade,
there would be, ' within twenty
four hours, nlmost a completo re
sumption of business.
"Dining peilods ot unrest tho
president nnd his ndvlsors aro ap
pealed to Troni all quarters with
remedies. Wo must not ho hurried
Into 111 considered legislation.
Panic in legislation Is worso than
panic In business, ror it strikes
nt tho government foundations.
Mn I-oglslntlon wo need fewer
and better laws nnd bettor en.
forcemeat "
Proposes to put the Question
Revolution uhleis?thT3p?
"That tho question ot local op
tion Is to bo a dominant Issue in
Pennsylvania during tho next
two j ears Is not seriously doubted
bv nn ono, Tho growing interest
In tho question tlnoughout tho
country nnd especially In tho South
reinforced by the nggresslve offorts
that have been mado In this stato
by the locnl option people during
tho past two yonrs and moro, have
nil conspired to mnko prominent
this Issuo Jn Pennsylvania.
"Locnl optlonlstn hnvo called
attention to tho fnct that Penn
slvnnla Is 0110 of only flvo states
which ns ct have not onncted leg
islation by which tho people, either
In tho state as n wholo or ' "n
smaller sections or tho stnto, may
havo the prlvllego of voting tho
saloon out. 'I ho other states aro
Xow .leise. Wyoming, Nevada and
manifested apprehension that tho Jury
wouiii uu liiciiiicu to consider tno
caso undor tho unwritten law nnd to
shield the defendant fioiu possible
capital punishment cm account of her
box, and tho government spared no
pains to iprocme assurance that thero
weio no linking convictions In the
Hindi, of Jurors which would stand In
the .way of awarding punishment In
acooi dance with the testimony on
inoso accounts. Many norsons worn
excused because they were onnosed
to capital punishment for women.
Mrs. Dindloy wns accompanied to
the couttroum by iier mother, Mrst
Maddlson, who loinnlneil during the
forenoon session. During eariy
bonis or the day Mrs. Dradloy ap
peared nervous and affected by .nil
tho lofeiences to tho tragedy, but
later regained her oomtiosure.
a'he courtroom was crowded, many
or tno spectators being women. DIs
tl'trt .UlnvTlfil. llnl.nn ...n .. .l.i.J
.,-., 4.i-wtiYv xiinwi yiua noainivu mv
.l. I 11 . .
iiiu I'xiuiiniuuou 01 jurors oy as- v
Continued on Tago Fdviv.'
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