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J. BURGESB ...Buainen Manager
4. 0. HOLLAND Editor
r. M. ARMSTRONG. .City Editor
This paper reoelvosthe ValUAPrtmi Tel,
iraphlc News Service And Marker Koportr.
Single Copy .:. .2
For Week by Carrier -.... .10e
By Mail, per Year $4.00
Semi-Weekly Mirror, per year 11.00
Both Pbonea No. I
Weather for
and Friday.
Ohio Fair tonight
Thursday, November 14, 1907.
In his nddress before tho Nat.
Jonnl Grango at Its annual conven
tion In Hartford, Connecticut '"Wed
nesday, .Master 31. J. Dachelder do.
clarcd that tho operations of tho
'"trusts and monopolies fall heaviest
upon tho farmers and they havo
no recourse Ho represents that tho
jf.'farmers are at tho mercy of the
thrust magnates because they nro
f'forccd to pay trust prices for what
j&thcy buy and are unablo to
a trust In farm products be-
of the necessarily compe
JStltlvo nature of their business,
ss . .
t-ik Llttlo reliance can bo placed In
STtho statement of a man In tho post
1 tlou of Mr. liachelder. Were ho at
&iho head of any other organization
$iko tho miners, moulders, steel
SjiVorkors, cotton growers, wool
Mgrowers or any similar organiza
tion ho would represent that tho
i?inen under him In the particular
- organization suffered most because
Mot tho operations of the trust.
The ono proposition which will
Inspection is this. Tho man
buys the most trubt mado
;$Jand trust
controlled goods and
Mho has tho least to sell to the
fctrusts Is
tho man who is most
nffucted. Tills trust opcr-
vatlon affects rich and poor aliko.
Tho only dlfferenco is that tho
ftfpoor man feels it most, It Is a very
' 'difficult matter to say what parti,
jjypulnr class of persons Is most uf
vfected. The only way to arrive at
Wa decision Is to apply the abovo
jptVpropoaltlou to each cabo and nr-
M4,rlvo nt n conclusion In that way.
There Is no question 'out that tho
TJfarmer is affected by trust manlpu
"latlon, .but It must bo romomber--ed
that while he pna tribute to
ftie trusts when ho buys most of
rtho articles ho purchases, at
tho samo time, he levies a tribute
hen ho dlspobos of his farm pro
ducts. Tho bonellts ho receives may
"Jfnot bo in proportion to tho trl
(butu ho pays, but whero, outsldo
vof tho trust circles, can you find
jjhe man who does profit by tho
'operations of tho combine J
SV It Is a vory dlfllcult matter for
Many man to placo his hand upon
any class of peoplo and say It Is
jQtJio ono moat seriously affected.
"Mr. Dacholder undortook a vory
great undertaking end wo aro In.
cflncd to think that ho lot his
-enthusiasm run away with his bet
W Judgment. ,
The one clause of the Federal Con-
i'stltutlon, which President Roosovclt
i takes seriously, and which as ho cou
jj sfrues It makes all other clauses sup-
orfluous and nugatory, Is tho "gen
eral welfare" claiibo. Ho regards hlm-
iuelt as tho solo Judgo of the general
J welfare. His "policies" aro all di
Jrjctcd to (he general welfare. Ho
; Knows nothing, and he cares for noth
"t Ing, but tho general welfare. Consti
tutional limitations upon his power or
upon tho power of Congress must be
regarded as strait Jackets, and shut-'
itfred accordingly., Fpf Jo hlnY.'w
l 1 if'
C. a Wiant
2 K .- -vJ.-'-J
'V ' I
' f w
,- -V. Ill - x
Jet t i
&:. IMU
general welfare means Roosevelt's
political welfare, tho Increase of his
power, tho destruction of local self
government, and the concentration of
all political power In his own hands
Tills Hamtltonlan Interpretation ot
tho Constitution Is nothing now in
Republican policies. It Is merely in
tensified under the present administration.
Thcro Is evldontly method In the
tlHrd term inndriess. Tho Washing-
toui.Post, of October 25th, contains
Uio following headlines! "Talk of
third term. Nearly every caller at
tho White House booms the Presi
dent. Incidentally seek offices." This
seems to be putting the cart before
the horse, Ileally, these Republicans
seek offices and Incidentally boom tho
President for a third term Just to
show that they aro mean enough to
sell their birthright for a mess of
Republican tariff reformers having
studied tho tariff question Tor a
number of years havo now decided
they need two more years to find
out what to do about It. Their stand
pat brethren long ago decided that
tho reformers know nothing about tho
tariff Ibsue. Under such conditions
how can the Republican party be ex
pected to revise tho tariff, either be
fore or "after election? "
Somo Republican genius propobcs
to secure Uncle Joe Cannon's rye
crop extract tho essence of It by dis
tillation, and distribute this distil
late In bmall bottles among the farm
ers ot tho country just to give them
a taste of tho good things In store
for them when Farmer Cannon be
comes President. It is guaranteed
to make a man feel prosperous wheth
er lie is so or not
Tho recent flnnnclal cyclono,
which struck "Wall streot, may
havo had something to do with
President Roosevelt's determination
to oppose "In God Wo Trust" bo.
Ing placed on the coin of tho
Streot railway magnates havo
failed in their efforts to lure away
Secretary hoeb from tho president's
side. Their next attack should bo
among employes on the Panama
A few lessons in tho use ot 11 ro
arms would not bo out of order In
bomo (Marion homes, tills evening.
In view of tho fact that tho hunt.
Ing season begins tomorrow.
It has been somo months since
a flaro up In the Canal Zone, Aro
things running smoothly or Is It
only a smouldering volcano?
Tho open season for gamo opens
tomorrow. Hunting accident
counts may now bo expected
bo served up dally.
Now that tho elections aro over,
tho railroads aro gottlng back In
to tho llmo light with a number
of wrecks each day.
'Tho possibility of a parcels post
will give Senator Platt a further op
..rtmiHv t do some of what ho
considers his best work In tlfe senate.
tfndlanapolls News.
Now. If Roosevelt would only ordor
General Apathy out for a fifteen mllo
ride with tho "fat colonois," pernaps
the old warrior would got Bhaken up
a bit. Now York Mall.
Europe Is -getting ahead of us In
the balloon Industry only because tho
war offlco over thoro doesn't caro
what It does with tho taxpayers'
money. Philadelphia Inquirer.
Perhaps the reason President Roos
ovelt moved his camp from Stamboul,
La., is because It occurred to hlni
that Dr. Long lives in Stamford,
Conn. Too stem much Hlmllarlty.
Ohio Sun.
lAlthough "Undo Jqo" Cannon
kicked .olf in tho Galesburg game, ho
managed to get off tho Hold quickly
onough to provent his boom from be
ing damaged In the scrimmage. In
dianapolis Nows.
' Mia X preetdent's Louisiana host Is
a manufacturer of tobacco sauce.
While jhe-vjs down thero lie may
loam of a few moro ways of putting
hot stuff Into bis message to con
gress. Washington Herald,
The fifteen miles rldo failed to
disqualify tho fat colonels of the
army. There Is nothing for the war
department to do now but make the
supreme test; set them at crossing
their legs. Cleveland Leader.
With Mr, Roosevelt ,1 n the.LoufsJ
ana awamns the government can go
on running, but who in there to run
the canvass
1 of Secretary Tatt for the
republican nomination for president
No York Press.
yijfbbllevo tariff' revision is In6vlt
ableJ' ealtl ..Congressman Philip Pitt
.Campbell, w,but'I ' anl opposed to a
wholesale cutting of rates," Hooray
for Campbell and a reduction of tho
tariff that falls to reduce. KaiiBaB
City Star.
iMust havo been something tho
matter with .7. Picrpont Morgan
when he lost his temper over a ilt
tle thing like being seated behind a
post at the Episcopal conventjon.
Why didn't ho buy tho post and have
It removed forthwith? .Philadelphia
Wo do not mind Informing Mil
waukee that the time of tho year Is
approaching when Louisville's claim
for the democratic convention appears
to be more fetching than Milwaukee's
and that tho matter Is likely to bo
decided in tho winter tlmo. 'Houston
Tho press Is printing columns of
sarcasm at the expense of tho New
port society girl who rises at day
light to milk flvo cows. Certainly
It Is to tho young woman's credit
that she prefers playing tho dairy
maid to dancing attendance at mon
koy dinners. Rochester Post Kx
pross. After having spent his summer va
cation In telling tho country of the
great work done by republican liber
ators In tho time when ho was "no
spring chicken," Uncle .loo Cannon Is
now preparing for his winfor-o ,,.i.
of suppressing the house of rcprescn-
luiivua. al. ivouis Republic.
George Washington, Is In a fair way
to again uocomo popular as tho model
'o be held up to the sons of the rich.
Some nosey Individual has unearthed
a presentment against George, charg-
I g him with having dodCed his tax-es
and undervalued his belonKlncs
Nashville American. uuonB'SS.-
What Others Say.
1 ho nowspapors-sovoral of them
at least-arc discussing whether a
Physician should toll a patient
that his caso Is hopeless or permit
him to dlo in ignorance of his
true condition. Naturally thoro is
much argument on both sides, of
he question, arid Just as naturally
.v. , papers taking
tho good days when mv.nin.
stross wns placed upon tho death-
bod ropentanc ,Uian Vat-present.
. i'uii ii oy mo average
man, It was deemed tho duty of
tho doctor to notify tho patient
as early as possible that death
wns near, In order that the patlont
might "mnko his pcaco" as It
was sometimes called. Frequently
n deathbed scene was more In tho
nature of a prayer mooting thnn
anything olso. and It will not do
to minimize tho i consolation that
occasionally wont to distressed
i loved ones to know that tlm fio
Parted had finally "mado his
I tiuace " i
Cut, ns stated, at this tlmo
tho avorago person does not take
muck stock .in dcnth.bcd ropont
nnccs. There is no way of know
ing to. what extent a final contrl.
tlon, Jimt boforo deuth, may In.
lluenco one's condition In another
world, but most peoplo havo como
to bellovo that whatever Judgment
Is to bo passed upon us after
death, will bo based upon tho
nets of n lifetime rathor
than upon
ased upon
us after death, will bo based upon
tho acta of a llfetlmo rather than
upon tho pleadings of tho person
when ho finds he can not longer
live. Resides, thoro wer,o too
many death bed repontances llko
that of tho Kentuckian, who, when
ho wns about to diet callod his
enemies nround tho liedhldo, and
apologized to them, but stated
that If ho got woll tho apology
"didn't go."
Tho caso of tho 3lls80iirl mur
deror who ''got religion" whon ho
was about to bo hung Is also clt.
cd by thoso who do not bellovo
In deathbed repentances. Tho fol
low hnd cruelly niurdored bis
wHo, wlo was a good woman and
mothor, but not a mombor of a
a bad thing
when a man
got to work for
a living1.
u splendid for rheu
matism. The cod
liver oil which
contains makes red
corpuscles faster
than the disease can
destroy them. Stiff
ened joints and mus
. cles become supple.
, The whole gMMfral;
health improves.
'-'AUr-dilii Stcw-MM.
" v " I
' TVyil wm. 4
church Upon .the gallows tho
murderer said that tho only, ro-
grot lie had- was ' that as sho waa
taken away, "before, sho had time
to prepare 'to meet hor Maker, as
ho had dono. ,.
So that theri,dmd to bo greater, f?"- T, rtTlftTZS
,). i ui. tiM:i., At (,,. i, tho conclusion that when Bho went to
reason, In the rilnds of men why mo 8cnator.8 roon)( whlch Bne ld
a patlont who'ywao hopelessly jmrnwiifttcly upon her arrlvatf she
n patient who was hapolessly founa tncro certalh letters from Jire.
stricken. However, thero Is a good lAnnlo A'dams, the actress, tho road
deal still to be"satd upon tho sub- jnK 0f whkh greatly Incrtised he
Jcct becauseof tho effect upon tho ( she seemed then to have dlsap
sick person1 of' Bttch Information. pearcd and not to havo returned tin
It Is well known that In nearly til tho afternoon, when, finding 3If.
every caso death - Is hastened by Urown thero, sho upbraided him and
tho knowledge that It Is near. A 'finding him unwilling to marry her,
few peoplo, especially a number fired the shots which ended his lite,
of soldiers upon tho battlefield)
'""" "Z " """",tu """ "'"' JURY COMPLETED,
wore about to die and refused to wtaBhlngton. Nov. 14-Tho Jury
believe It and got well. An Ohio whch w,u try MrfJ nradlcy for thc
soldier nt .Missionary Rldgo who murdcr of ex40lmtor Drow( of Utah.
was shot "through and through" wa8 completed nt 11:20 n. m. accept
wlth a largo ball, was Informed 0d by both sides and aworn In. All
that It was not necessary to havo but tine Juror Is white,
tho wound dressed ns lio could I Assistant District Attorney Tur
not survive tho night. It mado him nor then mado, tho Stato's opening
mad and ho aworu nt the surgeon
and said ho would show him that
tho surgeon dld.not know whnt ho
was talking -about. Up to a fow
years ago tho soldiers was still
living and enjoying life. Hut such
cases are exceptional. As n general
proposition peoplo do not recover
nfter thoy tiro informed thoy aro
about to dlo. Of course there Is
good renson for tho doctor to
mnko such n statement tho chnn.
ces must bo all against i tho pa.
tlcnt or tho ntatement would not
bo mndo but Jt Is probablo that
such a statomont from a physician
would prove! fatal whether tho
dlseaso was 'a fatal ono or not.
Then, there, Is the question of
whothor It Is hotter to pormlt ono
to dlo hopolng ana believing that
ho la going to recover; thc ques
tion of whether It is not a duty
wo owe to every-sufferer to make
his Inst moments lis pleasant as
posnlblo, and not to harrow up
his feelings by informing him that
his bark Is being pusned off Into
tho unknown sea. Each must ans.
wcr the question for himself, of
course. Somo .there may bo who
want to bo Jnformed of tho prob
ablo termination pf tho dlseaso ;
many thero nro who do not want
to hoar nnythhigyauout it. If tho
physician could know how, each
porson felt ubout.lt there would
bo no question of duty his1 duty
would bo to follow out tho wishes
of tho patient wlm tho malady
camo to thepoint whero tho in.
formation could do no harm.
Usually' the patlont haB express
ed no dcBlro OBo't-ay,ortho, other
Gonorally, ho BaylieVyvants to
know tho worst, bfitoctors know
that they can not1' 'be "'govornod by
what a sinking man says Tho
problem, then, Is wholly 'n tho
hands of tiro physicians, and thoy
must uso their own Judgment.
It does scorn all' tho morn i,Mi.
tlful, howovor. to pormlt n strlck-
porson to pass" out nf ti.ip
world into
another . unconscloim
, . .
of tho fact that ho, is closing his
n"l -I ...
I'jcs upon mis good, world. Thnt
is probably pot, ortho'dox, but tho
columns of a newspaper aro not
supposed to be any, too orthodox.
It Is tho move beautiful to think
that tho good mangono closed his
oyes In peacoful bliss, ignorant
of his dopnrturo from this world,
to open thorn In nijotlicr and hot
ter world. No frIghtV.no nlarm for
tho safety of tho voyagp, 116 pangs
or regrot at having, accomplished
so little', no sorrow for tho suf.
ferlngs of tho loved ones loft bo
ll Ind to oncumbor tho passacb over.
Just a plain sleop,V closln up
of tho earthly account EnH,ifin,i
wilh tho day, unconscious of tho
morrow, Ignorant of. tho beginning
or llfo, hopoful ,of tho ending
such a death wouliT-Room to bo
tho bettor death tho moro sensible
one.Sprlngflold, Olifo. Dally Nows
Contlnuod from Pago Ono,
slstants Turner and-Glven and Mr.
Hoover mado all inquiries in Mrs,
Bradley's behalf. H1b partner, Mr.
Wells, and Judgo Powprs, sat with
and prompted him, ''
Tho chargo upon which Mrs. Brad
ley Is being tried ls,hat o deliberate
ly murdering former k United StateB
Senator Arthur ltrown of Utah In his
room at a hotel In J this city, Deo. 8,
190(1. Mrs. Bradley has admitted
tho killing and thoro vw II bo no ef
fort to show that ills', death resulted
from any other cause than the uhot
ired by her.
It Is probable that, sho 'will be put
on tho stand In her? own dofenso
with thd liopo of Influencing tho
Jury in reaching the'k'concluslon that
hor mind was so' grisettled by tho
long continued wfonw- which It Is
alleged ho had Buffered that slid
was not vresponsIble,tfor her acts.
ne naa never .matfe any state-
m" , ' , . J"'T7r-. .. rinoyio snow mm now dangerous
Z,Brinn?i.hi59t'"8h f r ,twai Ho. asked If twas.Joaded
appearance In the (room when the ! 4'u ...!. .. ...- '...
tragedy took placerad there 1b no
L,- 11..1 Jl mi..
ent at that time. It Is known, bdw-
ever, that while the tfwtlng occurred
at 4 o'clock In tbe 'afternoon,' she
had arrived in, h elly parly that
iiioniiug, naving cowe airect from
er homo 'in Salt &' Ujt,
fThe wou'nda'on'flnTBeiaitor'a' bodv.
.'AnA SfcF lwi.lAl rtaM Mjlkf. t.. ..!
'one of phlcJi yaa, qkla hand aud
v-...i. Tt:c . .
mat two, anois nau "' "iu y
these tho" latter" prdvod fatal Within
five days. ,
Putting such Information together
8 "i?" . ". " " ,v... T ,
.address. JIo said
v,3rr's. Anna Dradloy went to
cx-Sonator Drown 'a ofllco in Salt
Lake City thc weeK boforo ho
enmc to Washington, armed with J
n revolver and thren toiled n
kill him. For days boforo that
sho had sought him nt his homo
for this purposo. Subsequently ho
camo to Washington, whore sho
succeeded, Wo proposo to show
this shooting wns deliberate and
premeditated, and tho verdict
should bo murder in tho first
Mrs, ltrudley broke down com
pletely. Team camo to hor eyea
and sho dropped her face Into hor
hands. As tho narrativo progressed
hor anguish incrensod and her
slight framo was shaken with
Examination of witnesses then
began. Thp story of tho murder
was retold by tho sorvants at tho j
hotel. Ab tho pistol was presented
for Identification Mrs. Bradloy
shuddered and closed her eyes.
Continued from Pago Ono.
Whereat tho Bishop smiled and bo.
gan ovldcntly to recall tho' camel
and tho cyo of tho nccdlo.
"Oti," he said, "keep tho motto
on tho gold coins, but lot us havo
it, also, on tho other coins ot all
denominations. Lot us havo tho
motto boforo all the peoplo. If it
Is' good, lot us havo It constantly
boforo us. nhd not hido it nwrty
on tho $10 and '$20 gold pieces.
Now you sec tho tiroad, field tha,t
presents itself..
"A big question has been opoii.
ed up and it must bo vory so-1
rlously consldorcd, but, no mutter,
what mistakes may bo mado, no
matter what tho individual or
the fow may attempt, the nation
remains and will continue a
country God. loving and God-fearing
with one motto forever, Mn God
Wo Trust.'
Mgr. Lavojlo, or St. Patrick's
Cathedral, Bald; "Thoro can bo
no two waya about this question.
It was wholly wrong and Ihdofen
slblo to omit tho motto from tho
coins. Thoro can bo no excuso
for It, and ono of tho first
thing:: wo should do is to fix
tho responsibility. I certainly
should very4 much llko to know
who It wns that allowed the. mot
to to bo left off or authorized
tho Issuing of these coins with
out it. It was cortninly a piece of
presumption, to say tho least.
,(Tho omitting of this motto Is
really n gross Insult to a IGod. fear
ing nation. You may talk, It you
will, of tho materialistic ago and
al! that sort of thing, hut I
know h my heart that tho pep.
plo of tho United States nro a
God.loving peoplo, thoroughly nnd
deeply rolglous, nnd thoy will not
tolorato' any intorforenco of this
kind with their IclonTs. 'In God Wo
Trust' Htands as T soo Dr. Stlres
says, for tho religion nnd tho
patriotism of tho peopjo. and' all
creeds and nil denominations' will
Join In tho cry against thts'sac
rllogn. '
"'Tho act morlts tho sovnrost
condemnation from tho peoplo from
end to end of tho country. You
cannot offond tho religious feel
ings of n people with Impunity,
It will bo a bad day foV the
country whon tio peopjo cast away
their motyo, 'InvGod'Wo Trust.' "
Plain City, 0-, Nov. 4.--Prof, Itay
Klsey, superintendent of the schools
Jot Jerome township, Union county
was Killed, ny careless Handling of
a shotgun,
Eluoy took
tho gun from tho
boy to show
?," , i
that instant the gun was . dis.
charged, tho load hitting Elscy In
the ch0Bt; ,cau8lnK Injuries which
reBuuou in niu aeatn uororo a
Physician could arrive., '
, "" ' uumo i m mm ciiy.
Js survived vbv
$r ) . ' tl
tho other In ills amtomen, baotbq
.' Spoclal wim
ii iT?y------l--BF' y r '' i
lBSlS-9-Sr l)u I"
I-H J X. iL
We wilt sell table (like cut) solid oak, M
42-in square top, 5 fluted legs. The
regular retail price is $18.00. Friday '.
special price $10.50. basy payrnents.
r ' ' ' Y
Louisville, Ky., Nov. URy a
voto heartily In favor of tho propo
sition, tho union employes or tho
Loulsvillo Hallway company last
night voted to strike. Tho tlm'd
jfor putting tho strlRo in effect was
left with nn executive committee,
but it Is understood that tho men
whb number 850 out of noo cm
ployed, will quit work today or
Tho men won a partial victory
a strike last April, which last.
ed a weok and was attended by
scenes of great disorder, but thero
hn& been constant friction since,
due, to claims tl)at .tho company has
not lived up to tho terms of tho
agreement, and that tho officials
havo discriminated ngalilst union
men. '
iHoom for CO boys and girls in choir
loft at Epworth church at 25c to hear
Dixie Jubilees. ' It
Plqua, O., Novv 14. Afterhaylng
threutuued tho" ljfoof anyoif6 who
stepped '"botweon"' him atldAjla'b6l
Llidwlgp -MUrry Vllsoif, ' Insanoly
Jealous of Charles McClurof a rival
In tMiss Ludwig's ttltcctlous, last
night stabbed htm in tho right
chest, inflicting u dangerous wound,
Tho persons Involved are too
young for tho pollco to act, and
Wilson's offenso will bo referred
to tho probnto court.
McClurd's chances for recovery
nro remoto, as ho has a hole
hi' his chest HO(Oraf inches . long"
which Ib deop and""clo8o' tov an'
Newark, O., Nov. 14'. Mortis'
Wright, ugqd 32. has boon ualcop
tlireo months and cannot bo arous
ed. Food in given him trough a
tubo, but iio has fallen' from 160
to less than 100 pounds.
Wright's sickness dates from,
tho tlmo o( his .discharge as a
Spanish Amorlcan soldier. Mo
lms suffered fronr slight nttacks
boforo, but novor of such long du
ration, Tho enso baffles physicians.
Kaler's for fine candles. Hnvo you
scon tho new store? . Visitors wol-
como. .. . , .
KALEIt'8, West Center St,
Cincinnati. Nov. i.j..Freil Hal
tor und Oeorgo ltckman woro
killed In an oxploslon of a copper-
tank In tho prcsorylng jilant
of J, Weller und company today,
Tho men wore liberally cooked In
hot applo buttor.
Hear Dixie Jubilees tonjgiltt at Ep
worth church; COo, t
LAYS.'OFF 3,000 MEN.
Cincinnati, Nov. l4. Tho Jjit
Jonul Cash Jtoglster company 1 fbf
DaJ-ton, has laid off 2.000 of 'itsj
4.000 oinpioyi-8. 'Tuo, mou 'nro" laid
off for two weoks.
"Meet me at Kalor'a Candy Shop,"
Hanosville; 0., Nov. i4.Tho lo
calvblast furaace of 'tho Carnegie
fMeel company dosed today for an
inuenmte ponou. . I
inueunlte portod.
We have a fine lot of. kraufcj
cabbage, all nice .solid heads
delivered any place In 'the
city, at ' , ' ,
90c per hundred,
Also wt have just opened a
new barrel of kraut'at r,
10c per quart , '
Robinson's Grocery
Phones 39. 209 E. Center Stf
Agency for LlntonsTeas.
Attractive Jewelry
A wide choie for your selection.V
. A splendid showing ol the let?,
est imported ideas oi daintythWi
for this season. Ornaments for,
hairt neck and waist are here in.
profusion combs, hat pins,rbelt
buckles, barrettes, veil pins, of,
chaste design and exquisite worki1
rnanship. Take a ewminutfjl
to look In here Vnd seet'the?rt1
Iractfve' things on display, fSJK
Jeweler Optician.'
. Our line of fresh merits are
most complete and our prices
are pleasing to thc pui-se.
We serve you promptly.
A grftiluutc of Anicrlcftn School of Osteo
pathy, tho only Osteopathia Physician In
the county, c cept Ur. K. O. Uugau, who is
a graUualo of tbe samn scli(0),
Kormorly Di.C'rUwell's Offlco, 11 W. Cen
ter Hticet. City Phdne R 1075.
Olllcellouru Tuenrtay I0-I2n.ui 1 Bp.tn
nnrt Thurtidny 10 la n, in, 1 ftp m
Days tnturduy 10-lVo. ra.l 6p,m
On Furniture, Pianos, etc.
Small payments. Abso
lute privacy.
Marion Chattel Loan Ci
131 1-2 East Center Street.
Gift Jewelry
W'hay Buy bf.vli-
f1 thlas,- Ttry ittltaU
ISTOETmR1, IT,?0 1
gifts, par Hm or yatchi
art asasHMdat tht law
prices w cm naaif yati,
Wtwaaityaji tOMt thtat.
J. B. Ovenjs
NtW Wt.t, Erf wtlW$
i.l -i
. M
i V
, '1
. X
-. -1"P
j. -si
" -Hl
? Sd 7
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X" v"Td
VJI:' '
fe,r: 'fly, .
Vn.i I . -(JT . V I,
"V Airy.v''v , , .,
iIj 1 , . 1A iw. .- ' y.

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