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t y
,l k
-ft r
''' v i-)
-:tl:' Xp?r?
Ulion Station
- Time Card
'ITlbTIVB JAM. X, lMt.
Tta.rit " tT! "
m "
lfl9K am
,. - 'Y- ?
: ,;,,
mo. n
6. II
1:11 am
7:20 am
.-""l- " . -
" ,.- W
. 14 ?J2m
Ko. 31 atart from Mario, t ,
"Ho. II. toP l Marioa,
f; g will, 1T CoHmbw H
wi tnndy. j
4a Yqrk Central Lines
No. 10 ..
No. 21 ..
No 4c ...
fcn. 1C ..
6. u ...
tfti. IS ...
No. C ..
NO. 10 ...
No. 27 ..
No. 43 ...
16. ll..'.
No. 17 ..'.
ft'Alb trail
..................... r,:27 pm
, 9:25 am
) 12:25 pm
'.'.'.'.'.'...'..". 7:21 pm
10:58 pm
..' !z"'" 11:2C 1m
4:32 pm
" 9:55 am
1:55 pm
7:21 pm
,.,.; 5:47 am
.. 0:00 am
s dally excenl locals nnd
Nos.,G and 10.
''Phone 24.
.Effective, Oct. 20th, 1907.
a Ticket Agent.
JiFor further lnrormatlon regarding
trains, call Information operator,
cither 'phone.
Ml LROJfcf
NQ.dOflCliataqua Ex. ...... .12: 25 am
No.f, Tfftw Yorlc ES.k.r.'..3:00'am
No. 12 4:55 am
No. 4, Vestlbul Liraltoil .... .15:15 pm
.No. 16 Accommodation 12:52 pm
1N. 22 arrivci 5:20 pm
Nov 18 Llmeaccqm. Arrives.. 12 :40pm
No. 9, Chicago Espies 12:45 am
JNb. 8, Vestibnled Limited 10:54 am
bNq. 15 Kenton and Lima ace 1:40 pm
aW. 21 -..7:0P am
Ko 7, Paeifi Eiprew. 11:00, p
No. I, Cincinnati Rzprra...l:ll an
No. 3,Vestibulefl Limited 10:59 am
No. 15 , ...4:45 pm
.- Dally s Dally except Sunday.
r, i
23 TO
That's the number of ktnra
Marion is from the Exposition
Via the Hocking Valley route.
Cfiwco of , TWENTY-N1NE
different routes direct (via
Washington, Petersburg, Phil
adelphia or Baltimore) or
Tia New York.
10 DAT IMIT.... $12.00
15 DAY LIMIT.... 16.50
60 DAY LIMIT 19.25
EASON TICKET.... 21.80
60 DAY LIMIT.... $23.75
Tickets on tale daily to
November 30.-
Qn Furniture, Pianos, etc.
Small payments. Abso
lute privacy.
J! : .
lariti Chattel Loan Co
J31 1-2 East Renter Street.
oes -
m ktwvz
P" " - V jS'.'Ep'r tb ill We show a
'tl&lineof 'Wall Papers
r n. . . compriiine a taree une oi
a .-.'?. i. . i. . ' u i-u -.i. ru
t. . ' IHIliB B)BkA
It "l (CrWr BBh i ""' i i .L'LISUdJW
Lincoln J, Carter 'a new melo
drama, "Too Proud lo lleg' will
shortly bo soon at tho (Irani!
Open Houso Thursday nfternoon
and eVonlng.
Tlip play In replutwltli now
and original Ideas, pathos, aympa.
thy, ilppp heart lntero8t. with a
rch amount of clever comedy and
Ifocn satire running through It.
The plot Is finely drawn, coiiBlstont
in itH entirety and tljero Is a,n
atmosphere of delicacy, refinement
and eloanllneMii that pervades
A Kynopfria of the Btory Is ns
follows. Inspector or l'ollco Sharpe
has used hi? cloak and shield to
hide a hand of rascals In which "no
Is their ring leader. At tho open-
! lug of tho play, ho Is hard push.
oil by his Buperlprs and tho press
to hunt down the murderer of old
man l-'ullcr. the father of Nelllo
Carr, the heroine. It keeps h.lm
at his wits ends to throw suspicion
(ivny from his door and ho finally
discovers one of his detectives,
John Cnrr, tho husband of Nell,
knows the Inner workings of tho
rllquo. Sharpe traps Nell to bring
her husband's memorandum book
to him, Intimating that Carr
league with another woman
Is in J
finds In tho book whnt he has
guessed that Carr was on the
r(cht track of the murderer, un
beknowns to him, and was hound,
lng Shnrpe and his gang down.
w at 01170 used drantic measures
;ii hi ii'iLit; incaniii i-n .
In getting rid
of Carr before tho
latter became more dangerous.
Through a clever . disguise, farr.hlnil tho
Is enticed by Klaw, the inspector'!) ,
rigni oower. to ,an oiu uese
deserted (
oil house where ho Is pounded on
by a gaug, thrown Into tho shade,
and tho building fired. At this
critical moment, Wlllle4 Carr's lit.
Ha enn riiitMinra. nml linnrtlif? n
groan, suspects somothlng wrong
VIV JIA itlJl'viii vj ft aar v f
Willing to Sacrifice Positions for Bet
ter Players First Ambition of
Carlisle Students Is to Make Team
Coach Has' No Trouble Keeping
Men in Condition.
Why Is It that Carlisle, who recent
ly defeated Harvard, with Its handful
of students can turn out such wonder
ful teams while folfj colleges with nun.
tlreds and sometimes thousauds o)
students to choose from can only do
velop fair elevens? That Is a iples
Hon that Is united every year, and k
Is quite baltlluK to football fans. Hut
when conditions ql the Roventmunt
training school for Indians arc known
tho problem ccuscs to ho perplexing.
The Indians arc no more Intelligent
than tho palefaces, nor are they JieN
tpr equipped physically to play $he
great college game, nut the red ninn
loves football better than any sport
his race has known, and that ac
counts for Ids proficiency to a high
He plays tho gumo for ploasuro
whether hu expects to make tho
llrst team or not.
Where the paleface colleges have 50
men of their largo enrollment out for
practice tho Indians liuve 100, which
practically lncltidcsull those who iiro
physically abld to play tho gapip
The Indian Is always in Koniluhapi)
becauso he likes to keen that 'way,
It is torture rani deprivation for uo
and goes to tho rescue. Through
douse smoke, shents of famo nml'
falling timbers, ho climbs to (ho
rafters and throwing a rope 'dovvn
to Cnrr tho latter climbs up and
is, saved. Willie is dragged out
or, his perilous position arid his
fnthor sent t to n hospital whrfl
serious complications set in.
Nellie Is made to believe that
her husband ja dead which fact is
continually pressed on her bv
harpo, who pleads his love. .SliqJtUm and tho. secret, of its. sueeess
scorns him with contempt and in
revenge he steals ljer two child
ren, Carr, at this junction, mnkes
MmsoH known, fliujs, his wife Just
fn time to lose his two littlo
ones, llo loses no. tlmo In dotcct,
ing their hiding plnco, t)i rough t
series of clover disguises, makes, a
raid on the plnco and rescues his
children. Sharpe still hangs on, to
Noll and tries to drag her to de,
strue.tlon. After ho steals hor
children they are round by Carr
unbeknowns to Shnrpo and his
gang. Cnrr, whose Identity Is only
known to Xell nnd a fowo thorn
persuades his wlf,o to moot Sharp.Q
and his associates In order that
he'inay trap them all and in
lnln so persuades, Sharpe that sli"
will be, his wife that night.
Everything. wovks as planned.
Shnrpe complains of a headacno
and leaves" the room, tnrv lonuw;.
Inc. A crash outside and Carr
appears as Sharpe, obtains tho con.
fesslon of the murdor from ,tho
gang and Hess down,t behind a
t-v'v. -- ----. tT ,:
screen complaining, oi um urau,
Shnrpo enters, tied and gagged ani
. -..
coufusion is
rampant, who is ne
Kcreen.Carr or.Sharpo'j
Carr answers
this by assorting ms
pushing the screen nsldq
and proclaims the game ins. jus.
tlce is dealt to Shnrpo and his
gang, Cnrr is once more happily
united to his family and tho cur
tain descends on a very pretty
during the gridiron season.
W'Jien a football coach tells an in
illcn to do a certain thing tliero Is no
Question hi the mind of tho redslclu
he-does It. An Indian who caunpt re
member Instructions mid signals Is
disgraced In the eyes of his fellow
students, and knows It. He is a
stoic nnd often tells the coach when
he thinks (here Is a bettor man for liU
T.lm llrst ambition of an Indian stu
dent Is to become a member of the
flrbt team. Ills tribesmen expect It
of him. He never replies to hlti In
structor. If ho Is not certain of his
ground ho docs tho best ho can, and
wlnm corrected never makes the samd
mistake twice.
The'ie Is no trovbl" In getting tho
Indian to adhere to the training diet.
Ho prerers that kind of food. le
likes i are beef, potatoes and. milk.
He la .fond of candy, but does uot
care for pastry.
On eveiy reservation from which,
these players are diawn tho football
fovcr is rifo. Tho old bucka, who
neither read nor wrlto, watch for tho
newspapers ilurlug tho football time
and have nows of tho Carlisle football
team read to them. This Is the at
mosphere In which tho Carlisle foot
ball recruit grows, up, Thoieforo with
footlmll success an ambition from ear
llest boyhood days theso aborigines go
to Carlisle und play as though their
right to enter the happy hunting
ground depended upon tlwtr showing.
It therefore Is no wonder that these
Carllble elevens strike terror to the
hearts of the best drilled und strong
est elevens In the country.
Wlster of- Prjncoton l considered
ono oTtho'hotft a'Hild"'r)ld'liig'ohkua
eastern college team this year.
Critics say. that Vale's rush Hup la
stronger than I'rliiceto'rt', for defense
Is decidedly superior nlso.
, 'Cooney, th6 Ilusliy" giant, iias,heei
restored to left guard at Yale." Indlca
tlons arcthat ho will lenniln t3ie.
The declaration Ik common that Illi
nois" Is winning back her ohj tlmo ,vea
tlge in football.
No negotiations for a trip to Cali
fornia hn'o been begun by the Michi
gan ANlilntle UHsoclutlou.
Tlbbot of I'Hncofoii Ih a priiintuent
candidate for hnjfbac(t oi
Alilci'lpan ieanjf
Tho highest score, inadq in onoganie
by Carlisle. iJiIk jenr was, ,t point,
against Susnuchannfj. , , ,
Tlireo changes.. ariv n'a,fflpi i'ft."'tAu
Yale lineup, sliftlng Captain ' lilglow.
in right end, and putting Td Jones at
halfback and giving quurtorback to
i voi
WJHtlOud UltBt-
kla4ive da
yve da, anl at tt ilikt ncf. Ui M
4Bi tat
rnmn pnoi
Ttfo.lrtAfMN DA.lirf. jiikftfoifrtteSTUY', NOVBHDBR '20, IQQfl
? i
Skin 'ITZZWa&L o&
? tt i. hUfWff lo try' to' ei.tro oltm
ilUcaao by otuin vile, ikmooiioim
ilrup: into Mio stomacli tliis Uiia
beeit j)ivvimI iyye.Hra of study and
cuiiei'mifutni); b.V ! the vorW'j
Siviiteat BciorttUts ami sjieciivlvHts
in Hittaneoiis flifi'iiicfs. .,
When it wjwprineil that skin, itos-;
encs yas.in m slab nUily til not
in the liloiiiT, EiUpbtion wnjj iinmeiiHn,
tely jj'iven fa. iltioover- a romejj
that woiilit euro the ilisoase by o,v(
temal npplicntiu. Years woiv spoilt
ii study ajnl espp.riuiejilintf, lnt
llually V"'. UQwiunv l. eunis, .a.
wUin sjM'ali't, of wiilo ropulalioit,
conippiiHtletl a, .rciuetta msis(ilitf of)
purely yejjctflble ingredients and aa
cU'aii and pleasant, to u-ie a pura
Water. Tlvj .infWnlly fjavo rOlie
and quickly cured the worst eaiei
of skin diseiwe. .,' This .i-emnrkMiIo
remeiU i n)led D. Tl. 1). Tnesfii'in.
is that it jruM -at., tho seat of tho
troulile, immediately killiinr tlio
norms Ihht .on.iPo llie iliOiHP, anil
loaves llie sJvii soft' and clean,
llie iH.H:ie completely etirciT.
'7 had ecenm anil tried (II) doc.'
toiv for Hixnoiitli," write 1 R.
Tear, banker: arid city collector of
flcpkinecjn. Iait' 'Tjiey Klii mc no
frood. t wrofi for a sample bottlo
of T). D. D'. und stavted io use it.
Jiy face niiiV iriisfWol)( were all full
of the disease. The sainplo did mo
good anil T wrcTo For a dollar liottlo
and now my face is sniootli as n
bnbv's. fy ;liead wm full of 'daud
nff and n.ya.v itflied, "" tnv linir
w;a; .Qotniu cnit'bnt lias stepped now
fliis Jio all ilis.'lppenred and I
feel 20 Vrtirn yottiigqr. T would not
be afraid to. guarantee D. I).P.
to euiy cezeuia alid dnudnifT in the
worst stages. I vouhl uIpu advise
tl'vnt all barboi-fi toll, tlieic ouMomoM
.who h'avo dmuli'tiCf io send at once
If or n. dollar bottle of D. D. D.sand
I pet i'ltred.-" '
A liiterAl simple bottle can bo
bad frt'o pcf-rpavil bv writing .the
I I). 1). Co., 112 Michiar. St.,
CJiicayo, IIU.,,cncWinjr only 10e to
iwlp pay cosV of,. 'Ptiekniro and mail-
ilijr. Or yon can .find this Avonder
ful remedy oil al6 by Kloekcn'?
l'JianhneV witere 5-ou mav iLo rct
free booklctsdji" troaliiicni and cure
of the skin,' dieliiijr; and hnth'ins:.
' ' " ' '"
.4-4 '
Coaeh Yort Believes Hie. Team Will
e Ready to Give Penneyl-
vanla Hrdiiattle. ,
"If wo had a fejy.more ganlqs and a
training table, ; would be wllllug to
stako everything I havo-that wo would
wullop Pennsylvania;" said Coacv
Yost, discussing tno p'ro.specfs ot tho
MichlKun eleven. "As' It Is, I don't
know whtt lo say. iji'bas been neces
sary to miiko so muhy ililfta tu tbo
llrio-up' that I'don't ovgriknow ticw vo
will lino up next. SathrdR); when wo
meet Wabash. 'j
''Tho lack of gnmosjs a b!: lwdl
cap, too. You can teach a uian all
of the theory of swlnimlng you want
to, but throw him Into" tho water and
hfs theory does liiuO10 .Kd; 11C
SWcA Z&4f2.
sinks. It's Just that way with tho foot
ball teapi, Threu- months' diilllng
them on ruliKs and. possible pluys Is
all rlKht.'lmt without tbo games to
give, (hem tho, actlui expnrleuco they
go into a big, gamo aid Immedlstoly
piocycd (o Iomo their heads, and when
,sqme klud, of a play coinea up that
they haven't been familiar with, they
don't know what to dd to meet It sue-
icoasCully." .
t Tlio uHlniate chaaces of tho Mich-
,lpn letiin ((opend to a Kreat'dtgrco on
,iH nnowuvk1 iimua by toe- new line-up,"
,As n resuUno( the' Case Kniuoi'Yoat
.reyQUiUontzed (hd'-eatirc-tpcraonne). of
.tbo team, mid slnco taut tlmo tho
coiubluatlon seeins W.bo, working bef
.tor. ' ,
Aqt(ye work in nreparathui for the
.isaje pi seats for" thei Pennsylvania
gamu bpyun with (be return of Kraiik
Ultghle, former astfsjiMit director of
jttiiltillcp. Ritchie, "who resigned
about a year, ago yu aceobiit of III
health, has rpiuraedto take charge
or, tl0, work attonaant upon tho r
a(.7 a
.t . v ii
VSZHUj .ti ..
earoW- Minnesota "Unlver'tl
EleVen it a Wonderful' Kicker" and
'Also Well Able to Carry the Ball
Hold Three State Conference Rec
ords on the Ctmter Path.
Oeorge Caprpn. tlie man wlio saved
the Gdphcrs'Of'riirn a whltewnBb In tho
recent fjnuirlth - tho Maroons by
kicking Jbreftijipalfl from tho field, is
one of the pfgttcst allnround athietes
ever uoveiopeium ine wosi, accoraing
to"' Atlnneafoils critics. In every
hrancli of nthTetfas, running, Hurdling,
umjilng. fchot putting, hummer arjd
dlsims throwlnir, bnsieball and basket
ball, drop IdeKinpr :md punting, tho -0-yoar-old
Mlnncsotan Is an expert. To
A Stent oxfnt Mlnnesota'u football
success this j ear depends on bis abil
ity to boot tlio ball. Ho has scored
every point niado by Minnesota this
'year. s
This Is. ('apron's first year as a
picmber of tho. (iopher elcveb,. nnd ho
bun made good from tbo very start.
Graduating front Shattuck In tho
i spring of f00t5, 1o cutored tlio univer
sity lii tho rail, und last year played
.on the Minnesota freshman team. This
fall hoentored (ho university sipiad
and mode (lie (earn at once, being
used 0th ay a halfbnck..aud later at
quarter, when no oUier available man
.developed, for the iwsttlon.
N'ot only has Capron always been
a phenomenal kicker, but be has itluo
bad marked success at carrying the
. '"
.w'Mli H-4.
ball from scrlmmnscn nrd from punts
and klc!;nlfj), llo Is what Is known
as a "crooked" runner, and his dodg
lug ability Is such thai ho makes
great ground In a broken field, being
especially' effective at bringing back
th n ball from the klckoff.
it Is on tlio track that Capron has
bud Jils' greatest success, and he
was 'unquestionably the best all
around prep Hc.hool athlete that tho
state lids 'luii!., Since entering In
track oven (tf lie has won a total of 33
medals; "and How holds three stato
conferenc'6 records. Not only has. hoi
been 'excellent In strength tents, but
has been a phenom In speed, contests
In sjilte of the fact that he weighed
at least 180 pounds when in track con
dition. In tlio Chicago, trials be won Ills,
heat of tlio 220-yard dash In 22 3-C sec
onds, ami has; gone 100 yards, weigh,
lng 190 pobhrfs, In 10 MI seconds,
HtagK said of him at this tlmo that
ho was the Jn.sletJt man of his weight
In track events mid won threes. firsts
the shot put and both hurdles, llq
ql.so won ilio freaunan relay race,
Last year at Minnesota ho played
left half on thu freshman football
eleven, and was nuch a player that
there was never, any doubt of his hy
ing of 'varslly caliber. Jle is live feet
ten and one'-half luchealn height, and
when ho started trtiining this fall
wo'lghed IS! JmiiiimI'.
In the physical examinations at Min
nesota last year ha broke all records
in this line and was pronounced prau
llenly perfect, lib light, leg being
slightly better developed than dilu
left.' In nl things which 'pertain to
juuunular development bo is wonder
Hvlly P'lt up, hll nerves steady and
bis oyeslsht Is especially j good.
. .-f .......
.McCoruilck ot Erliicelon Is- no of
Jjjo Biiilos (ullbacKSjiAhe game has,
oyer kuo.wu. ,
Vim-S"oK: ljylll'bo dropped .from
Ya,Vo' shcdilai Thii, tmuii pluys too
Tho'Crjrlsie. Uiiinn rnaku, l( u polii(
(u-sprliis'HiirpHiietf. Vlwn t'Koy plyod
Mloblgab at lioiiMjtt.oark years go
Hivy,l)iunjvliQfttjHQUs "wlyg uhlfi,"
ImAnfojiyisp'eftacjalarplay on i) fiiq(;
ajl,lehj; J
Yttle. niid West Point are tbo. only
X r, f '
i 'r
, .is.
Flrit Y
y if
BBB k fr
m -ihi rti-f'v f
bbbbIbbbbbbkj '
) i .rz "ZMWtyji Br '
1 L
A ' ..-.t
tl1 I u
lift rritfc!A.UnWlMl WrYfTli wliir-ii
.- rf iir . J i A .. A J i . J .
; ; Woman
Mm? & -I
BllllVBW BK ' jKk Mai BlVBBw flBBb .B '
, " M'XIW
hbwevcr. ii'so frauiht with drdad nain. gtiiTcrint? and dancreri thftt'tlli i V t.''vi
w vwfanin. iwuiwhuii M"V11
very thought of it-fills hor with nrcKchsirjn'nnd.lioror TheVi ii lift
Mcvuy of uo rcptiiMuiiuou m mo io, uecincr painiuror aanRerouB. . ss ipufi
Tho itsoqf Mothtf's Friend so prepares the system for the coming eVeirit , . '" . 3&
that it ia safeiytpalsed without htiySjanger. This great l rnde'rful t 5 YkM
frill At vfnnllt.' itnA
has carried thousands
W..WM ...W A.M.. J . M..M.
of women through the
trying crisis vi(Tio,u( wfty$Iv$
, Nma lor :tco cook coniunitia inrormtoon or
prlceUf tln to all expvcUnt tuoir.'M.
Till BrMlfleW nimUHr Ct., Atlaata, Aa.
'. 'IIIKX&l
m . il9D7 BASEBALL
w Li 1-
6nr OF AT-'
(irand; jbt'il' of 6,'1 36,557 Persons Wit
nested Contests In Both Lqanues,
Over 300,000 Mors Than Any Pie
voue Season Chicago Whlte6o)t
Led All Individual Clubs.
Careful, compilation of the dally
baseball at'fendancc figures niado
slnco tbo 'American leaguo expanded
to tho east shows that tho season Just
closed leads all previous ones by nir.ro
than 300.000. Tho figures, show that
tho nierleuu and National leagues
drew a grand total of i;,13U,uo7 per
sons. The nearest approach to theso
flgurc3 was In 1!)04, when jO.SCO.'.'CO
poisons witnessed the combined gunies
of the Xntloinil and Antorlcan-leagucs.
Thcuo figures arc an increase over last
year of -1 17,203.
'.I'hq American Jeaxue again out
drew the Xiulpnal, llati .lolmson's or
ganlEatlon showing. a total of :i,U!).v,7M,
while tho National';! figures allow a
grand totnj or 2,7l!7,7na; Tho Amcrl
can league drew -I60.Q00 more tlfnu
last year, whllo tho National league
shows : decrease of -10,000. Liist
yer the Ardcrlcaua outdrew tbo CVn
tiohals by lCfi,8(W; this sei(t,ou Tlio
Amerleans outdrew the Nationals by
more than 000,000.
This Is accounted for by. the uensa
ttlonal raco in thq Ainerlcan leaguo
irom start, to nnisi, whllo It Was a
foregone conclusion, before the seaao;
wurt half ovor that the Chicago 'Cubslv
wene tho best. In tho National.
Tho C'hleago White Sox led all indi
vidual clubs with a total of ii0t307.
Tho Athletics, 'Cf Philadelphia, coin
noxt with a tptal or oVi.nsi. Connio
Mack's team .drew 130,000 niOro jhan
last, year, whlo tho Phillies' figures
Bhow an Increase bf' nearly 00,000,
Lust season tbo Chicago National
imtdrow tbo Americans by nearlV 70.-
000, whllo thisseason, although tho;
nitaSox did not land tho pennant,
and tho. Nationals did, Comlskey's
team pulled 25O.Q00 rnore than (he
.Tlio figures or'tho clubs that play
Sunday ball show that mnro than ono
halt of the nttendunce witnessed tho
gnmes on tho Sabbath. Taking this
into consideration! tbe eastern cities
are tho best baseball towns, as tho
entire patronage, baa to see the games
on week days.
Th,e eastern cities in tlio National
league ouidrqw tho western towns, the
four clubs of tho east nulling 1,395,287,
WhllO thO fOllr WfKlHlti nltlna ilt-nur
li.ancoc. ' , .
This was reversed tu the American
league, tho western cities outdrnwlng
their eastern rivals, Tho four western
clubs played to 1.7G4G7, wiille (ho
four eastern clubs had an aggregate
attendance of 1,0.11,307.
The Chlcngo Natlonuls hnye the
honor of drawing (ho largest crowd on
u single day In either leaguo,, 2K.0UO
turning out on June? 5 .lo see tlio No-vM
mric uiants at Chicago..
The figures or both leagues tnd'lcat'o
that not a club In either louguo will
show A 'deficit. This proves conclusive
ly that tho public .waut two major
leagues and will support both.
' Pourv, foreigners wero killed and
throo injured lu nn explosion at a con
structlon camp on the Portland' & So
uttlb road, 12 niUes south of Cheney
WaSb., while thawing dynum(to foi
Tho Teddy Hoar Makers', union, tlu
tlateut on the list ot labor orgauUa
tlons in Now York, has decided id
'nialio a dewnnd for the closed shor
Jin tho ,Tcdiy boar trade, noW that
Christmas Is eonilng on.
Tho warm foollntr the nalloi's of thr
JAnioilcan niiyy have for IJoJou Coulij
(Is shown by the gift to her ,of n
jBiivcr- loving cup. Four thousand men
iutlaihcd tp (ho Atlantic- Heel contrlb
tilted their mlto for tho oi-usent.
i Tho war .departpiept has decided tc
-graduate tho flrs class ut tpo West
Point nillltniy a.uailjniy soilio tinio, lu
February next, Instead of Waiting for
itnu regular tlmo in Juno, A Hhortogr
There's a Way
To defeat the mail order; saanls cut
throat methed ia tblo wwmunity
The way is publicity for your busines'
it'll the aame way he uses. QUI
wasvMw w wi"J f ' BBBB '.BBBBT m BV f BW " '..
I , , I. ,1, , , ' "' , ,1 IA , , 't .Xil'
f ,f,
Tjr'" -''-'
x .:. -$
r .iTTVw
V 1 l- V.i-.lfi
;JbW wiil)ttAchfie!rn ' .lt,W
- - i. -' 'f" " --. -". " , ".ni i.rwT
"mWWM astnuchsoaiuii v;' fcjK
to love th beau. f"M.- -
' utful and nitre.., " - V"
1 M'T . . ,!- '..-i" 1 Ws' r
!, Tnnrf ;tnnfhk! tnf mil ' f i SiV
vnuvvtnni V I V V rnM V UH7HI1 . . l f ... ;,
BUB mm? ' W
MWMWMM3Mr Jt .,-,
" .r rairi ixit , .T .,..
New York' and St. LoWbAmerlcen
League Teams Englhesr a,
Big peal.
This winter aoaon In baseball prom
ises (o eclipse, anything over attempt
ed before Inltlvc way of hnsoball
trades. In tho AnWIcuti league ho
magnates aro very actlvolntbo player
"swapping" line. Just which teaui
will get the, Worst of Jhe trades re
malnH to bo iieen. '
The latest (i;ama to figurcJn the
wholpshlu trailing of pjayers aro t.
Lnnls imd Now York. Mnnagorn Qrlf
fifth mid McAleer aro crfch deter
mined to. have -a vastly Improved
iiaueuaii urgani.nuon wxi J".5asw " ,
With this In view (Irlff has swapped, BT ,, ;i,
tVrrls, JuSl'SjicuycilMn a trail from
Hoston, WHllalhu :v d Iloflmnni tn' the
a trad from -
HmwiiH m excitant ror uiaiir, iiijinp- ;
hill, nnir Nlles. ,t . S "' "
Comiskey Tftho WhlfRox started
the trade wh ..Mi' tho Inie: deal was-'
made possibl When l'e s 'cured Parent
from IJostou ln o:.'.iaui; ' for Jnko
Stahl. Thu inaiuif; lcnr of tho Pll
grlniB (lion prncetU.d to trade Stahl
and FerriB- to New York In exchange
for Laporte and a null consideration.
Then McAleer'n offei- came and Grift
banded tbo threo men over In ox
change for a good right-handed pli,cti- .
er, a hard-hitting inllcldor and a -re- '
liable otit-nclder. ' '
Krom the present outlook tbls ileal,
will do n grea ileal to tmproveythe
makeup of the JSrowns and Highland
ers In 1908. dado and Homphllt have
been. In St. Loitls altogether Uxriqna:.
A playing chntlgo every so often does ,
a great ilea to nuikoa player wake
up,' nnd It Is quite probable they will
be nble to nlny a vastly luiprqVfcd,
stylo .of gairio In Tjow York ', utfffprimi.s
Ferris, Holtninn and Wll lams "will.
bo hblc tp?fl.lNiii handJU'o forj.,the
Hrowns. it is McAlccrfa Intendorfntb
uo,ForrlB inirfotilh'eld; wlthWH
llains nt scconil. -j
These aro not nil pf'the trades thtv
ore under way. "Conilske wHI again
got busy when tbo Ameiicaj league
.magnates gather at thes'iinhual.tnei
log, in Now York In "Jitnuury,, Alaiit
jiger Jones" w;jll ho on hand to .talk-.
over (hp.,poHslbIelltiri(tCH;wltb his, bijift,
and it is quite probable that othjer 1
now ones besides Parent will beue'u
In Whltq Sox uniforms n?xt sprthB-'a
It is n well-known, fact '"that the
Highlanders are to get several star
players of tho VYuyJilngfon team. Ctt's
Patten nnd Al(U6i''i)rilfe''Seiu)tOraiira
New York possibilities, flip Athleft
Ics nro Illjoly'di. janil lifg .lohn Ander
son from the samo team. Detroit will
probably be kept Intact .. Mtk.
Bilious Spells
A( HABIT. ,; s j,
11 Year alter year you lujtei (ton attacki l
bilioui headache, indigeition, conilipationa)
terrialing with looteneii ol the bowels duti
nesu deipondeney and ill temper, until yotar
ItoubU become a habit, ot .develop into
Bright', diieaiejbl the kidneyi.. ,
You can break lh!i chain ol bondage by
iKe'ute oi . .
Dr. A. W. Chase'
Kidney and Liver PilU
They cure bili'outneit and conttipation by.
reaion oi their direct and specific action yi
the liver, eniurinihe filleting ol tin bileltoert
the blood, where it it poison and parsing it into
' the intcitines where S ii neceuary to ajd di-
geition and, regulate the boweli. Thl gteat
medicine.! backed by the (kill arid iniwty
oi the (arhoui Receipt Book author, A. W.
Chate, M-, D. Opo'pltl adote, 23 ceaU; a'
box, at alt dealtli pr'PtA. W. Chii
Medicine Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Mr. S. M. Watkln., Lowell St, lonU
Mich., atate t t
'1 had gicaJUwitleVulr my kidney, tofpjd-'
ity ol the liver and biliouuwji, and have (oiad
the uio of.Dr, A VW, Cbie.V,Kidney and
LiVer Pill rnoit gratifying. 'They retored jhe
organs to normal and heiltliful action and
made me well.'" j,
Fpr salo in Marlou; Ohio, by Flock
u'b Drujs Store,
tBlf fornnB
of mueona am
- raiiiuM, aa
gin i or foikboiu,
Mlk'UUha(dteulikU(rrf ' '
tlEa3liaafaT tULSf '
MA NT Kt,. cwr no Tk rPmnttttf. V
outer, out kana tainp for - K' AJtW .
iLiuimua iwot-mim. iikitm IbV , ' iafv
wsm '
M Mtwiiiin
Vl If till
rr , r:-VSh
m 9r- .t .. ,tn,
.ij- t h 2 :m
v t,
4 T r
: i
. ".
A Ivl
- -yr A
1 1 ' v '
BrBfil ''
i-fiftr v .PMternS in ail graoes lor .' rangements VoV hoVjtHi. ' Rat'ptTp Mcniu it '.'.nvo kept thol$ r we faMe way Mm m i,.M-9rW.i.-n.inBi - jrf$
'-f' 'It.UP to the fine imported H.lte man to "be tn-tralhltig." ThQ ftPT gitin n - 'ANVTrMt. ,anmwnl for W?m , JoaUlU seA.?u -h . h WW 1 Tow jttitawi tbt WSBfiW&tMQ. ' W-
"a'vkSuj" only sacrlllco tho Iiidlan makes Is with- "I'tT lilKRlRll bVf -''iV'! " . M UaMi hjw W-fwM pnMUIty you ned. . , qTlWPtWVgSlSSwU .1W
'' T ', VPE? '- P tobacco, lie.' sipokcs c(garette 'UL I IflnHRIlBU V.' N Iftal-RwirM. Voosidefabl sntlnieit' fpr itbnrisbl'ug , rp 1 ?,, ; ',' ' ' . jfr- V m
?i-. ll,Wjpor ,$&&$& p m(fim'fUi wc.gj-. jij
$:L -. . ...;.; ':.-.. .,-'.?.k:1- N fb;

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