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He Tells of Usual and Un
usual Uses to Which
Wood Is Put.
TJCLE JOB the Btory Teller
at whittling:. When TJnola
Joe whittled he always made
something, Jim, John and
Jennie atood by, trying to figure out
.what he waa making.
"What ta it to be?" naked Jim, the
oldest of the onlooklng group ot
"Something I used to make when
I waa a boy," anawered Unole Joe.
"Yes, but It's ao small," aaid John.
"You're making it out of matohea."
"Yes, and X'va almost finished,"
rSBOBds4 nncla. "Get me the smal
lest ala you caa find and I'll show
1 you what it is." Jennie hurried for
ttie pin, and after a little careful
putting together of things, Unole Joe
held up before the .children tho tin
niest kind of a windmill spinning
rapidly around. "This is for little
Jennie," he said.
"Tell us a story," pleaded John,
about whea you were a llttlo boy."
"No; keep oa whittling; make mo
aoanethlag," requested Jim.
"Well, got a good peach stone and
a aloe, erea pleoe of pine, and I'll
see what X can do," he answered.
And. this a
TJmqU Joe'i Story About Wood.
1 "Whea I was a little boy my pa
reata aasrad away from Kentucky,
uLaevgrahdfather remained there.
My graadfather came up North to
visit aa oae lime aot long after and
the first morning he spent with us
iMiMakiaiy two older brothers and
aiyself for a walk.
"Great-graadfather had been a
wheelwright, and grandfather had
been a cabinet maker; so It was but
aatujrair.hV should stoii la at the Ural
prospect, Jan. 10. Tho Pros
pect board of education held
their first mooting Tuesday even,
lng and organized as follows; presi
dent for ono year, Wm. Flndloy,
clerk for iwo. years," M. MS. Djx,
treasurer fdr ono year A. E. John.
Bori 'Tho board consists of M. M.
D'.x,' A. F.'Wottrlng, A. E. John
son Wm. Flndlay and S. II. Gast.
Mlsa Relva and Irono Fox enter,
tslned.the Senior class of Prospect
High school Thursday evening in
a very enjoyable manner. fTho
oYonlng was spont In music and
games Including a contest In which
MHbs Etta Rlbler was awarded the
prUq. Following this a two-course
luncheon watf sorved,
Mrs. Eva Davis entertained the
T, A R. olub members and their
gentlemen friends last Tliursday
ovonlhg. A threo courBo luncheon
was served nnd tho evening was
ppont In contests and other amuse
monts. , ' ' """"" T" 'I
Tlie Missionary society of tho M.
K. church held tliMr regular month
ly mootlni? at tho home of Mrs.
C, R, Selandors on Tuosday nftor.
npop, Several papers wero road
Which proved Interesting as well as
bonoflcial. Dainty rofroahments wore
sorved , ""'
Miss Edna Stookwoll ontortatnod
friends Frldav ovonlnc; In honor of
hi.r' frlond." "Miss 'K"eno Houser of
CaBtalla.. Music and games furnlnhod
tho, amusomont after which a light
lunch was served,
Clarpnc? Iwqry, Uio lad who was
phntj by his playmate Milton Henry
last week Is recovering nlcolv from
his accident, Thn happiest boy In
town (s ,voung ,'Henry. who bv his
dnllv vJslts'Uo tho Lowery homo
to Mnoulrq,'.nftBr fits frlpnd proves
how glnd h,o a tlia.t tho ncfcldont
was pot. of a moro serious nnturo.
Misses Helen nd Ruthj Freeman
returned homef .from Toledo. Frl.
day;, accompanied by their aunt,
carpenter shop and engage In con
versation with tho proprietor. As
grandfather talked ho whittled, and,
though I was too young then f re
member what he talked about I 8tD
remember what ho whittled. And M
never will forget my chagrin whon
he passed the dlfforent things around
to us boys. For Jim he had made
a threo-bladed knife of wood, tl
blades of which would open and shut
with a snap like a spring-back steel
one. John got a two-bladed one.
But when it came my turn I only re
ceived a blunt edgy, straight baby
knife, whittled all out of one piece.
And, althout&i I was only a little bit
of r tot, I will never forget how
angry I waa at the time, nor how
greafy I longed to arrive at the
three-bladed knlfo age.
"Did you ever stop to think," con
tinued Uncle Joe, "to how many
uses wood Is put? One of Its most
ancient and unusual uses was its em
ployment in 'the making of mouth
plates for the insertion of brass false
teeth, as has been discovered by ex
amination of Egyptian mummies.
"In the ordinary walks of llfo,
everywhere we go, we are constant
ly surrounded by or In contact with
wood. Take tho averago man thow
much wood does he carry on his per
son? In the first place he may have
cork nose-rests to his eyeglasses; his
pipe may also be of wood; toothpicks
and matches, the same. Hio knife
handle, lead pencil, shoe pegs and
cane are of like material. And that
doesn't Include hla newspaper, nor
tho buttons on his coat and vest.
"Newspaper is In most Instances
uiadu of the pulp of' trees. Mashed
.Mia. William Moots who will vlalt
her mother, 'Mrs. C. Hill and other
relatives, u few days.
Misses Elsie and Oracc Davis nnd
brother, Harold, returned to their
homo ut Newark Friday, aftor
a two weeks visit With relatives
at Prospect.
'Mrs Hello Wolford of .Toledo,
was tho guost of her sister, Mrs,
Samuel Trecso last week.
Mrs. Will lllnley entertained her
mint, Mrs. Hattle Kont of Urbana,
and her cousins Mr. and Mrs, ,C,
A. Curtis of Marlon Saturday.
Lawrence Flommlng. nftor spend
ing his holiday vacation at homo
has returned to his school at Or
chard Lako, Michigan,
Mr. Ilonior Smith has loft for
AHhtnhnln Dliln in nkn thn miimnn
mnnf nt iUn tf Ia.. fr. 4nlnl.nM
company of that placo. ,
Miss Mario Chllds of Perrysvlllo,
0., is visiting Mrs. fluy McDonald.
Mrs, Nolson Ablo nnd Mrs.
CarrJo Owens of Marlon wore
guests of -Mr. nnd Mrs. J. W.
Rarlck Friday. ' " ' p"
Mrs. M. A, Coleman and 'daugh
ter Birnlco of Hamilton , Ind.
"Miss Ross Straub of Columbus,
wero guests this weok of Mrs
S, A, MoCausIand nnd daughter
Rt'BS. Mrs, Coleman Is a slstor of
Mrs. Mcfaualand. ,
Fred Gabrlol returned Tuosday
night from Pittsburg whore ho ills,
posed at a good prlco of a load
of fat cattlo,
Mr. Clem lllbllenbach loft Tues
day for a trip through Texas nnd
will stop nt Fort Worth to visit
Mr. Ned Thatcher and othor frlonds
Wednesday evening (Mr nnu
Mrs, P, M. Gast ontertnlnod Mr.
nnd Mrs. Waltor Adams anil Mr.
and Mrs, T. 11. Smith nnd daugh'.
tor Gladys .
Mr, J. W. Keller nnd vlfo of
Denver, Colorado, aro guests of Mr,
nnd 'Mrs. Lewis Schmeltzer 'Mrs
Kollor Is n sister of Mrs.Schmpltz'
or. Mr, nnd Mrs, Bud Sclieneck re.
turned Monday to tholr home In
Cardlngton aftor visiting over Sun-
CI . .V ii.,nVaajUawUifc.. . W . YJ HDJf! BV MilMlM Va ... V. ..;V(? l
iiifBMiM,, rafnaHOTA&raDfuw spjgv
fully, and with the addition of water
to thin It down so It may flow, and
Bome bit of binding substance to
make It hold togethor, the pulp may
bo mndo Into a sticky stuff, which,
aftor going through strainers, sqeoz
lng rollers and further congesting
and drying processes, becomes the
ordinary paper upon which the Ink
from type Is put, that you may read.
"And, although tho present day
typo Is mostly metal, It is not to bo
forgotten that the first types, or im
prcsslvcs, were ulso mado of wood.
For wood Is the material that may
most easily be carved or shaped and
' icUlu Its. prlstlnti yualltj. Pilstiuo
day with Mr. and Mrs. T
Theo Cnim got iiulto badly hurt
insf weoif nt tho iMiirlon Steam
Miovol shops and although tho In
jury Is still very painful lie nns
returned to his work.
ifr. Dalo Criun entertained his
Sundiy bclionl class nnd teacher
Mrs. Elmer Roberts Saturday oven.
. ... i . n
lng at his homo. Twor.ty.flvo wero
. , ,,.,.i ,
present am. a dellghtrtil ovonlng on-
,?'1' ,
Mr. nnd Mrs, O, J. Hedges gavo
ja dinnor .mi- cars nay m nonor
ni .ir. mm .urs, unymn ucaqes.
Thn dav was pnont In music nnd so-
elnl enjoyment and Mr. and Mrs.
Hedcos received mnny useful and
beautiful presents.
Miss Oenovieve Ptlfflor has roturn-
pd tioT" nftor nnpndlnc n few days
witn Miss Lucllo Paco of Marion
Kirkpatrlck. Jan. 10. .Mrs. Nancv
Drady, ot Indiana. Is visiting at tho
homo of Mrs. Lulsa Matthews.
Dr. nnd Mrs. (J. L. Raker wero
ho guests: ot relatives in .Marlon.
I.Mr, hurley Roberts, of Rucyrus,
...... .....vj HUUtuo, VJl IJIILIUB,
visited his farm west of Kirkpatrick
LMrs. Mggle Users and Leila Daw
son wore" tho guests of Mrs. John
Weir Tuesday".
I.Mrs. Anna Heck, nr Alrrnn nml
IMrs. Fmnk Seobach and daughter of
'Upper Sandusky, aro visiting at tho
homo ot Mr. and Mrs. A 'Reamsnyd-
In.. l,l ... ,. '
vii una Hvuit.
Misses .Maud and Hlla Rakor. who
WRrn rnn rvttnaru nr ii. n.1.1 Kr. i
.. ...
. w. w v..v n..ku.i. . .,l .1IIL1 Jtlltl.
C. L. Dakor, returned to their Rome
in Aua Monday .
Mia. Ellen Rosencrans was thp
guest of. Mr. and Mrs. F. Fnlrchtld,
soutn ot Marion, last week.
Miss Gladys Mnpos, of west of
I Kirkpatrick, was tho guest of Miss
I'MIHLo Deers northwest of Monnotto,
,u iifsuuy
....a, iwiiioa .uiuiiewB was 1110
guest of Mrs, Will Coulter bouth of
Caledonia, Sunday.
.Mrs, IvOllIsa Mat hewn wna 4l,n
.mi. uuu mm, u, u. HlOglO and I " eiui?uj u Cir, mill MIS.
family spent .Sunday at tho homo h Qvorge Img. .isslsloil W. O. Kon
Mr. and Mrs, S. Cioff northwest, of ,neJy I'1 butchering Thmsdny,
.Caledonia. Mdss DUa Iiwnilllor was sowing
IMrs. J. Linn was tho cunst of
tMrs. Charley shoomakor
1v.m Of n m t. a ..!. a .
KlrHparlck Tuosday.
Mr. and Mrs, p. Gluttorj
quality means Its 'natural best', and,
insofar as tho term may apply to
wood, means Its 'utmost usefulness.'
"Most plants that die down each
year have llttlo of wood In their com
position. Rut, most plants havo what
Is called woody fibre. Whon a trco
first starts to grow thoro Is no wood
In it. It is too soft.
"When living plant Ufo turns hard
It Is wood. Trunk, limbs and roots
of trees form wood. Leaves, stems,
tendrils and root-suckors partiko
moro of tho fibrous. oody ibro Is
not properly om'.'j'S nlcss tn. ';.'
of plants iro "-'1 exposed to light.
"In the tovu )t 'ouw Moju. ala."
daughter DImnile returned home from
n trip In Pennsylvania Friday.
Mr. Robert Rico left for Pennsyl
vania Friday evening.
IMIss Laura Splcco who Is attend
ing school In Itucyrus, was the guest
of .Mr. and Mrs. L. Spleivj over Sat
urday and Sunday.
IMrs. Agnes Young visited at tho
homo of Mrs. F. Mitchell Tuebday.
uuss Aieina niuus, ot soiiin oi
ifii,tti1, .., i!,m ,.ih ,
Kirkpatrlck, was visiting relatives
,n AUro ,ast woe
' ,Mrs- Martha Kennedy, or Rollevuo
Avcnua .Mnrlon, was called to Klrk-
iMlss A'lolna Hinds, of south ot
patrlclc Friday by the Illness of her
urotlier Mr. James Wnlton.
(Mr. nnd Mrs. .lames Walton, ot
iMnrion, wore the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. II. S. Kennedy last week,
Misses Inio Reed.T and Nolllo
cnl wero the guests ot Mr. and Mrs.
'Rrltchard Sunday.
air- iranK Mitcnuii was in .Ma
rion Wednesday,
iMr. ami Sirs. Alf "Clutter wero the
eucsts of W. .1 Wolr Wednesday.
i.Mrs. Lena Ripe was tlie guest ot
Sirs. Orplilo Iteeder Situnlay.
IMr. Ray Reanisnvdnr Hm
guest of Mr. Pearl neck, of Morral
Miss .Minnie Matthows Is the guest
of relatives In Agosta this week.
Mr, George Mason was in .Marlon
Mr. and Mrs. fhnrlpv n.ivina t..o
I ti ,llin LlltllltTV I.IV IV AlI'Q
! -M. McCrackon, of iilton. O., ami
, Ar....LU, .Kiel
- iwuiumvii, ut IMIIIUII, IJ,, 01111
'rs- Gcorgo, of Monnetto, spent last
yvaiK nt tho homo of .Mr. and Mrs.
loiin ueorgo.
I .Mrs. Agues. Reanisnydor, of Salom,
III.. Is tho guest of,;her brother, Mr.
H, V, Youfig. "'
I UIIss Becky Hlnnmon. of nnrtii -vm.
J.'""' w'aa Jtlio guest of Mr. aivl Mrs.
L "': II,lin'n Wednesday.
Clinrlpv TTIllnmnn ... n.. .
- - " u inu guest or
,"rB- 0irso Hill, Thursday.
Maple Grove
l-Moplo Grove, Jan. 9. Inils Gold
smith Is resting somewhat easier at
this writing.
- -" .... ui uuuuii, BJIUIII
s,iniIay the hoiiio of William
at tho homo of hor'nunt Mrs. Joso"nh
Wtvlflnnmlmi luctf lirnnli
Woldeamlor. Inst week.
'Mm. Sarah Jones, visited nt tho
homo ot T Henry Lawinlllor. last
I once saw four miles of lumber In
raft form along tho river front, with
many people living thereon. Along
shoro wero tho carpenter shops. Tho
Chinese carpentor and builder has
some peculiarly practical notions.
All rafters, beams aad supports he
leaves unhewn and In their natural
round state, claiming for them su
perior supporting strength. And, as
the avorpgo life of a Chinese house is
from 20Ovo 800 years 1A nfj? o tho
Chinese iarpusnter is yC much astray
In his oplou.
"Almos '.'1 t ar ro-n mi cord
i"u llu "f woi- cn-e, iM .;
Ir iich a v Dnrt muslli ALd .,
.Mrs 0. D. Kennedy and children
spent Now Year's nt tho homo of
her father James Fink.
IMIss Graco Camnbcll. of Marlon.
suwnt New Year's at tho home of
Joseph wcldeamalcr,
Tho ladles Aid society will mnnt.
AVeducsdny at tho honio of Mrs.
uaniura Crlsslngcr.
iMrs." Joscmh Weldcimuini' nmi
(Mrs. Win. Glathnrt worn in p.iin.
jdoiila, Friday.
O. D. Kennedy nnd fnmiiv uum
Sunday at the homo of Henry Low-
'.Mr. and Mrs. Wllllnm p.inthnrt
md .son Myron spont Now Years
,t the homo of Joseph Weidwualer
,i.a i i ....
TiimuncK wincn had a eorn-shr.od-dlng,
I ho St, John's Reformed Sunday
School held the nniiunl nWtinn o.i
elected the following officers Sun
day: Simnrlntntnlniit r t mi...
lAsslstant tiuncrlntcniipni. tPn.,i.
.Swisher; reasurer, Clinrles Colter
(Secrotary, Fern Winters; Assistant,
jGnsta Iiowmlller: Llhmrlans, Mnzlo
(Wincli and Clara Keller; Chorister
Hrry IlalilliiKer; Organist, Joseph
Martel, Jnn. O.-vMlss Iidna Prim
of Gallon returned homo Sunday after
a ueugntrni visit with relatives in
this village
IMr. A, F. Garvor and wife and
Mrs, Nor.ih Spurloclc wero cnlleil to
Lima, Tliursday, on account of tho
serious Illnoss of their father.
IMrs William Riuherford Is suf
fering with an attack of tho grip.
iCIoyd Illleinan spent Sunday with
his parents.
iMr. Clair Galllher hues .mMnimi thn
position ns agent and operator at
.Mt, Victory, with the Big Four rail
way company.
Illss Mary Colmery returned homo
Saturday from Ft. Wayne, Ind., nftor
a two weeks' visit with relatives In
that city.
Orion Teiinant of Maroiigo, wns tho
guest of his unole Mr. A s. rtmvn
Sifnday, ' '
Poto Jneoiby was In Rucyrus Sat
urday on business.
'Miss ."Siry Moloney of Clarion,
was the guest of lelatlves hero last
(Mrs. Georgo 'Lesher roturned to
iher homo at Columbus Monday after
a pleasant visit with relatives here.
J Forest Sharrock, of Gallon, was
Men Might Be Dressed En-f
tirely in It and Attract f'.
Small Attention. v
Wooden "Shoes -are common In many
parts of Europe, Indeed, wood aal
woody fibre admit of so many differ
ent forms of manufacture thata tnaa
might be dressed throughout thereof
aad attract no especial attention
"Wooden clocks aro famous, and
the most cherished pMsessiosrof
many of our oldest families in Amer!
loa is the 'old woodea clock
"Men engraved pictures on-tiwood
long before they did on metal and
stone, Wood carving may be said to
be the earliest form of art, and wood
engraving as applied to printing pro
cesses Is certainly the most ancient
form of art reproduction.
"Wood oil makes the best varnish,
and Cli best wood oil comes from
BurmlR. Turpentine also oomes
from wood.
"One of the finest wills ever made
was, made by a MlBeourlan. He loft
eight acres of walnut trees to his
heirs, with certain provisions. No
tree should be cut until It should
reach a certain age or girth; for
each tree cut, two should be planted
In adjoining ground, reserved for
such purposo. That man was not
only a ncstor and conservator of for
estry, but wob also a great benefactor
of humanity.
"Of lato yearB the dwarfing of fruit
trees has received much attention at
the hands of orchardlsts. There Is a
great saving of space, since the trees
are much smaller. While a quarter
of an aero will accommodate not more
than ten apple trees ot the ordinary
kind, even when the whole space la
given up to them, the some area will
give adoquate roCm to five hundred
dwarf fruit treea properly selected
and disposed. Dwarf trees come early
Into lcarlr-0 Some bear tho first
yeai they tre planted. Another Im-
r p jfc' o'nnsu Is the easi rlth
v.ilch taey may ijo manaeo l This
t i especially Important as rcards thu
homo Monday visiting his parents.
J. E. Bending has moved his
saw mill to St. James.
John Sharrock has purchased tho
Saniuol Sharrock farm south of the
Rig Four tracks.
iMr. John Beech was visiting Rucy
rus friends Tuesday,
Jacob Hurr was over fiom Marlon
Tuesday, attending the funeral ot the
lato Mr. Rutherford.
Jessie Moyer made a business trip
to Bucyrus Monday.
Caledonia, Jan. lu. Monday tho
township board of trustees and
the hoard of education reorganized
the newly elected momlmrs taking
the cnth of ofllco and thoso whoso
tlmo had expired retiring.
In the board of trustees W,
H, Xesbltt who wns serving as
a tiustco was re-elected. John
lVildingor who was dofoated at
tlm Novombor election by Xesbltt,
was given tho office ns ho received
more votes than either of tho two
candidates l.i tho south precinct.
John Stafford qunllfed as township
clerk to succeed S, E, Iroy nnd
Chostor Geddls took' charge of thi
township funds to succeed A. Will-
Philip Molster qualified ns con.
stable to succeed P. R. Atwood.
Ptlward Fisher who was olectej
ditch supervisor Tailed to nullify.
Tho township school board or.
pnnzetl by olectlnr Georgo W. Douco
rhnlrmnn and John Stafford clerk,
Iho now members to tnko tho oath
of off Iro woro G. W. Douco nnd
John Gnibor.
Rill Bono' dollvoroiT ono ot his
humnroiiB lectures nt tho town hnll
Friday nMit TIioro who hoard him
wore well pleased with his droll
Curtis TTnrrnld who Is nttondlmr
pollPtro nt Rocinn Is tho guest of
frlonds iloro tit Ifc weok
Tops worn polleeted at thn Do.
'olt bank Tuesday and Werfnn-
'H'" rorrnrntlnn bonnl nf pL
tirntir.li rp-rtjnnlntlon Monilnv
M'oplniT, Tho onlv now mnmbor
n the bonnl wns R K rnmlm.
w RufIi nnd O J, Hlnshor bnlnq
rim rornnrntion bonnl of eilucn
tlon reorganization Mondny ovon-i
diseases'. The trees -am'amalL, ash
dom higher than rmaa head, aaf
such work as prunlnffVaaQ aprayiaa
,1s much more easily Cone. And thoug
Hlls luoh trees run-Trthe't fruit'
than to wools, tn quality ef woo
obtained jfrom themla claims t
superior. r
"D14 you ever hear of ah embalms!
tree? It sounds queer, but then ta
such. .The tiead of the tree balaa
out vff, cupUk Tjoilowt Ji tnalto lai
the 'top, and'icreosote,,-r eruds ear
bolle acid Of coal tar ta aavrefl la,
Thwrllquld penetrates down and ea
ters tha cells ot the wood tissue, anf
soaking in, practlcallyftmbalma tha
tree, which, when out Into fsnoa
poBts, railroad ties or into any foraa
Intended for bnslaMn the earth, lasts
much longer.
"More proper names among all aa
Hons hare sprung from wood la It
various forms than from any other
source of nomenclature. From Asaa
to Woodruff you will bo surprised to'
note how many you can think of la
"The buttons oa -my ooat-ara saa4,
of sawdust mixed with other things.
chiefly blood, and powerfully eosa
pressed In moulds. Nor are asittoaa
the only articles mad ot moulds
wood. There aro many -other,"
During his talk on wood, whteti
inoluded much not her nooreXg
Uncle Joe had whlttled-wlth neat
ness and despatch. Of tha peacM
stone he , had fashioned oaikat tev
Jennie. For John n bad tnada kk
two-bladed knife, and for'JlmrsgO
latlon "throe-blader." With her tlas)
wind-mill nnd her oate Uetlabaskot
Jennie waa highly UlaHil' tad e
lighted. '
But, poor John! One tittle hoyll
lips quivered In rueful attempt to
appear brave. The strain, however,
was oo much and wltn a burst ef
pathcB hi blurtev out "I doa't sea
VL.y I can't have a thieo-b.Uuer. ocl'
lug. Tho only now member on tho
board was It. K. Combs, K. Rush
end O. L. Hipshor being re-olect-hi!
president and F, Rush, secretary.
'lho Odd Fellows lodge will in.
Hnll their new offcors for tho com
ing six months on Tliursday even,
lng January U. All members aro
requested to bo present.
Miss SubIo Ireland and Blancho
P. llollngor attenrted tho wedding
cf Miss Edith Hall at Iberia. Now
Year's eve.
Ollle Raylcs returned to Clove
land Sunday after spending tho
j holidays with friends and rolatlveB
in iiiiciiniuu a ii Elation.
Tho W. O. 'P. U, will hold
tnelr next meeting nt tho homo of
Mrs, Bello Underwood on Monday
nflernoon at 2 o'clock.
Mr. and iMrs. John Wltcra'ft
left for Green Onmp Tuesday oven.
lng whero thoy will roinnln tho
(Tiiest of relatives a few days.
Bells Corners
Rolls Corners, Jan, 10. Mr. John
Hurlds has moved west ot Essex on
Mr. Georgo Parish's farm.
Mr. Herbert Lauer has Just re
turned 'tlrom Cleveland, whero ho
sold a car of tat stock.
Mr. John Redd, who has been un
der tho enro of tho doctor for som'o
tinio Is no better at this writing.
(Mr. Charles Coulter Is buying bal
ing and shipping hay in our vicinity
at present. .
'.Mr. Adam Lnuor Is repainting his
house, which helps tho looks of his
residence very substantially.
Mr, Wells Holt, who Is taking a
course In the Ohio Wesleyan Univers
ity ot Delaware, has just returned to
his books 'again after spending his
vacation at tho homo of his parents.
Protracted meeting commenced at
Essox last Thursday evening with
Rev. u, F. McKlnnon In charge.
IMr. Charley Qiuinz and wife of
Marlon, Kaunas, are the guests of Mr.
William' Rrady, south of Bells Cor
ners "this week. It lias bpon 21
years slnco their last visit horo and
after vlsirfig" relatlvos In Marlon ami
Now Jersey, they will leave for home
tho last week In February. . 4
wr. jonn Htiruis lost a valuable.
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IMr. Clem White, of Marlon, ta
visiting his mother at present. M
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