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To Mr. MpCleJIan belongs the double distinction of being the widow of
one. of the generals prominent In the civil war, while she Is also mother of the
present mayor of Greater New York.
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Old Salt at Gloucester Has a Device
Called "the Jigger" Which May
Mean a Great 8avlnu to the
New Englanders.
Gloucester, Mass.' Cnpt. Angus
Hlnerf, a weather-beaten flsherniun,
has Invented a new method of captur
ing cod without bait that prtnlscB to
revolutionize the Ashing Industry of
New, England. AH along tho coast,
from tyalfje to Capo Cod, tho baltless
method of, .taking cod has bucomu n
topic of, Interest.,
For nearly, a ucoro cf years tho cost
of salted clams, liquid and eols and
Other coil halt jias been an important
factor In. xeducpg tho profits of Now
England ilshprnien.
Captains, of flHhlng schooners that
All frtoini Huston, Capo Ann and Cape
Cdd haygj kn phljgod to nil their
veasel8'',hQ)ds vth bait In barrels be
fore proceeding to tho fishing grounds.
Tho salted clams havo to bo shipped
froin Maine for this purposa. Often
days aro opont on tho fishing grounds
iu capturitig''tifhld for bait.
Capt. nines, who recently sailed In
to Gloucester- In his vcsboI, tho Annie
M, Parker, with 37G.000 pounds of
cod, a record load, created n sensation
among Hulling concerns by catching
fully hntf this cargo by means of his
latest fanglod dovlco for luring tho
cod from tho depths.
'ijapt, Hlnes, when ho started for
Sablo Island In May, carried 140 bar
rels of salted clams for bait, Hefnro
returning he tlnow CO barrels ovor-boaj-d
and gavb away 20 barrels to
other fishermen,
.This new dovlco foi taking fish has
been named "tho jigger." It consists
pf a molded fish-shaped plcco of
bhlny lend, about eight inches long,
from tho head of which projects a
pair of big hooks.
When Capt. Hlnoa nrrlved on tho
fishing grpunds at Sablo Island last
May ho discovered that tho schools
of fish vcro slow to tako tho clam
baft. Instead, the cod pcomed to bo
pursuing tho herring which lnfoBtcd
the waters,
Confronted with this problem, tho
captain set to work to solvo it. It wns
impossible to obtain honing enough
for bait, aud the thought struck him
that a dovlco mndo to docelvo tho cod
would solvo his troubles.
With a pleco of lead tho captain
fashioned a llttlo fish oyer the upper
ends of two largo cod hooks and
threw iho dovlco ovorboard at tho end
of u lino as an experiment.
A cod snapped at tho Jlggor and
was hauled aboaul tho dory, Anothor
aud another woro caught by the samo
method In rapid succession. Immedi
ately tlio crew of 21 on Capt. Hlnos'
vossel sot to work modeling Jiggers.
In another day tho men woro busy
hauling aboard scores of cod caught
by tho now device.
65,000 New Autos In 1908.
Now York. Tho automobile manu
facturers of tho country nro now fig
uring on noxt yeai's output of ma
chines. Accoidlng to Jlguros glvou
out at tho otlleo of tho American Mo
tor Car Manufacturers' association tho
total Ameilcnp piodiiction will bo
about 55,000 rrmchlnes, of which tho
association mombeis will build 37,000.
Placing tho average selling prlco of
these 55,000 automobiles at $2,533 tho
manufacturers will recoivo $139,
135,000. Bee 8tlng Penetrates Brain.
Canton, S. D. Stung on tho templo
by u common honey beo while ho was
picking up potatoes on tho farm of
Henry Tripp, Michael Oakloaf died 15
minutes afterward In convulsions.
Physicians gave It as their opinion
that (be titlng penetrated tho brain
through the knitted part of tUi skull,
-,-,- ru-LnrLru-uxnnr1j
Goes Through -Odd Fellows' Building
on Donation Day.
Philadelphia. A woman, described
as slim, dark, of medium height, and
sweet manners, has boon reported to
tho police of thu Lehigh nvenuo sta
tion as a porslstont sneak thief. Fam
ilies of that neighborhood havo no
ticed losses after visits sho made un
der specious pretexts, and formnl
complaint was lodged by a representa
tive of the Odd FoIIowb' orphanage.
Donation dny, with its customary re
ception, was observed at tho orphan
age, and tho pleasant-mannered wom
an was there. Representing herself as
1 warm friend of tho mutton, Mrs.
Enoch, sho visited every room In the
Mrs. Mnry Webb, who hos charge
of'tho sowing department, missed a
pnrso containing f 5.30 after her visitor
left; the launditss howallcd a purse
containing four dollais, in addition to
a gold cross and a gold chain, and
MrB. A. It. Graham, assistant matron,
found thnt she was no longer pos
sessor of 75 centB In money, a silver
bracelet, arid a silvor manicure set
she owned prior to tho cngnglng
stranger's call.
Inmatea complnlned to Mrs. Enoch
of tljo suspicious events following her
"friend's" visits, but whon thostianger
wns pointful out Mrs. Enoch said she
nover know her. Meanwhile the
woman escaped, hut hns since been
recognized limiting "calls" nt private
Is Copy of Famous Instrument at Ox
ford University.
Prlncetpn, N. J. Piinceton univer
sity Is having erected a now sun dial,
which will stand directly north of the
now McCosh recitation hall, recently
completed. It will bo designed after
tho copy of tho famous Turnbull sun
dial at Corpus Christ! college, Oxford,
und will bo finished in about twe
weeks, but will not bo unveiled until
early in November.
Sir William Mather, M. P., tho don
or of tho sun dial, Is a promlnont fig
ure In educational work. The orluinal
'sun dial was given Coipus Clulstl
college by Charles Turnbul) In 1G05.
It consists of 11 stono column 18 inches
In diameter and 9 feet high, resting on
a squuro base. This column Is sur
mounted by a squnio stono, on the
four sides of which aro carved tho ar
morial bearings of tho University ol
Oxfoul, King Heniy VII., tho founder
of the collego, and Hugh AJdam, who
la closely associated with the begin
nings of Corpus Chilstl.
On top or this atone Is 'a largo ball,
on which la peichcd a pelican, tho om
blom of Cardinal Wolsoy. Tho Prince
ton dial, which la an ocact copy, will
bo placed on a seiles of 'bases, tho
lowest ono being 14 feet square. When
completed tho dlul will bo over 24 feet
Mycterlous Black Bag Contained
Wealth and Evidence of Honors.
ScgulnTox. Ohm los rjenn. a negro,
has turned over to County .ludgo II.
M. Wurzhuch a bluck bag and Itu
contents which belonged to a whlto
man named John Stephen Goako, who
hud lived with him for 20 years, This
man wob nn Englishman, who died und
was burled tho otjior day. Ho was a
hermit, n iccluso nover coming to
town or mixing with peop!.
When tho bluck bag was opened
two Cilinoun war moduli! woio found,
a certificate of deposit of monoy In
bunk hero, and a consjdoiublo amount
of mining atock In Ooldflold, Nov., In
California and in Austialla. Lotters
weio found from his kinsfolk In Dun
11101 o, Cornwall, England, and tho au
thorities heio will cortespond with
them ut dnce,
Ho was qulto nn old man nt the
time of his death, which 'came etui
deiily und pululesbly,
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Undo Oam, when he undertook the tremendous task of digging the Pana
ma canal, made ample provisions to care for those of the big number of men
neceoiary to do the work who might be taken sick. Up to the time of the
beginning of the work the Isthmus was -noted for Its unhealthy climate, but
with the Installation of modern sanitary methods and an up-to-date hospital
service the dreaded tropical diseases have been practically wiped out and
Illness Is no more common than In the United States.
Jobs Not to Be Had for the Asking
Doubt as to Authenticity of
Story Regarding Upton
Now York. Until moro ovidenco is
producod na to its truth It Ib better to
doubt the story that Upton Sinclair se
cured employment as a houso servant
In Mrs. Vanderbllt's residence, "Tho
Ureakers," at Newport.
Mr. Sinclair would undergo troublo
nnd hardship, no doubt, to obtain
first-hand material for another novel
in which to exploit hin particular
brand of socialism, hut it Is uullkoly
thnt he would musqucradc an a menial
if ho could, und much moro unlikely
that ho could If ho would.
Servants for nearly all largo domes
tic establishments aro hired by paid
housekeepers who deal generally with
employment offices which nro known
to make sharp inquiry Into tho ante
cedents of the servants they recom
mend. This precaution is not directed
against ambitious authors eager to
know whnt life Is below stairs In the
homes of the very wealthy, but to pro
tect their patrons against tho ron
otant and skillful efforts of profession
aT thieves to secino servants' places In
such homes.
Tho measures taken against this do
not always succeed. English profo3
slonnl thloves buy or steal the creden
tials of gonulno houso servants nnd
come to this countiy to work out
schemes with them. They sometimes
The big Jowolry robbory from the
residence of the Townsend-llurdcns
was an "inside" Job as tho pollco call
It, arranged by a professional London
thlof who had secured eniployniont In
tho houso on stolen lottorB of recom
mendation, nut usually tho experi
enced employment agents sift out tho
pretenders and they nro helped by
equally oxpoilenccd housokeopors.
The foregoing suggests another
phnso of domestic employment in
which young men as gently biod as
Mr. Sinclair cam profit and dinner In
vltatlona. Many a hoBtcss has 011 her
domestic staff a young man of fashion
who perfoims practically tho duties of
a butler, nut thero nro few butlora
In tills country who aio compotont to
do tho work, so these noedy young
men of good social standing step in
and do It.
All very largo Biippors served In
pilvato hoiiBca, and very mnny of tho
largo dinners, nro provided by ono or
tho other of two prominent caterers.
Tho catoror furnishes food, drink, mu
sic, ilowois, clgniB, c(gai ottos and
service. Tho young man atuuda be
tween tho hostess and tho cntororj he
dccldca a scoro of details which a
butler would decide If tho auppor woro
a homo supplied affair; ho Inspects
tho decorations, dctci mines tho brund
of cluimpngue (and gels 11 commission
from tho wlno agent), ho oven helps
tho cateier's steward In managing tho
actual service, sees that It la prompt,
smuit'and that not too much wlno la
opened for consumption bolow stairs.
If It Is u cotillion supper ho selects
tho favois (and gets a commission),
or, If 11 Is a inuslcnlo, ho dpnla out tho
maiuigeia of tho atiiiii omplnyod nnd
gets a commission. Thu hostpBs tells
hint In n ganornl way what alio wants;
ho aeoa thut sho getn It, und thnt his
lukeoff does not fajl. Sho lownula him
hy looking to It that ho always has
enough social prominence to Insnio
him a good living ut thla Job.
Potatoes Lead to Gold Find.
Ogden, Utah. A lunchor near
Citiig, Col., dug hla potatoes thu day
aftor .1 heavy mln, and a quantity of
wot Boll ndhoied to them, Ho sold
tho potatoes nt a hotel and an em
ploye at tho hotel, an old placor minor,
in washing the potntoea saw bohio
paiticlos of gold In tho bottom of tho
pan. Closer scrutiny leycaled n num
ber of tho liny pnitlcloa In tho dlit.
This led to an examination of tl)o
giound whoio the potatoes woro
gioWn, and It was found to bo ilch In
plutoi" gdil and nssujfl very lilgh, So,
erul hundiod ucius havo been staked
$ t
' -
Heir to Valuable Estate Is Victorious
f In Suit Begun Long Ago.
Lnconla, N. II. After 20 years of
successful search and litigation, E. F).
Cram has returned from CrosHvllle,
Tonn., nnd resumed work In a fnctory
of tho Ciano Manufacturing company.
The litigation wns over valuable Ton
ncsseo property. Fiom Mr. Cram It Is
learned that nenrly 20 years ago,
while looking ovor papers belonging
to the late Robert Cram, his great
undo, a biokor In Now York city, ho
found 8omo documents relating to
Innd in Tennossco, which had not been
taken into account at tho time of tho
settlement of his unclo's estate.
Mr. Cram learned that his uncle had
pin chased of a physician, Dr. Evans,
who owned 27,000 ncies of land In
Tennessee, two trncts of 5,000 acres
each, for which ho had paid tho sum
of $5,000. Ho later aold one of these
tractB. Further Investigation showed
that tho Evans heirs, having no knowl
edge of the original sale to Cram, sold
tho entlio Evans estate. This fact haa
given rise to no end of litigation nnd
Tho heirs, CC In number, Brattered
through all parts of the United Stntcs,
and Alaska, woro hunted up, ono by
one, by Ciam, but without excoptlou
they refused to tako an nctlvo part in
the Investigation of the claim, and the
brunt of the battlo roll upon tho
shoulders of tho New Hampshire man.
Ho believed he had n good title and
fought various largo companies in tho
courts. Tho hell a are now in posses
sion of tho premises, which are said
to bo very valuable.
Some 20 or 111010 families of the
"poor whlto" class occupy poitlons of
tho Ciam laud. Cintn says thorn Is
no intention of dispossessing theso
equatters, but they will bo given clear
tltloa to tho laud they aro now occu
pylng under certain conditions.
To Add to Romance the Bride Is an
Denlson, Tox. An elopement nnd
mnnlugo on horseback In tho middle
of tho Hod rlor, directly followed by
a gunshot from ambush which wound
ed tho bildcgioom, was thu expoilenco
of Joboph Anso, a Texas iniiger, and
Miss Annio ltunti:, a Choctaw Indian
girl. Tho bullet ahuttcicd Anse'a left
Anso had courted tho Indian maiden
for six months. Clandestine meetings
followed tho objection of her father to
Anso. He did not want her to marry
outside her own race,
Anso und' tho glil fled on horseback
lit tho moonlight. A minister, waiting
nt the Junction of tho Hod and Klmltla
rlvors, peifoimed the ceremony In
mldstroam. Tho party wheeled their
horsea to continue on their way, when
a rlllo shot tang out und a bullet biu
zed past the minister's taco and
plot cod Anso'a aim. The illlo wns
flied from tho woods on tho ilvor
Quick ob a flash tho 1 anger whipped
his ieolvor from Its holster and flrod
Into U'o woods near the spot whoio
tho flash was scoiu Fcaiful lest tho
would-bo assassin might bo one of her
tilbesmen, tho bildo Jugged at her
husband's sleeo unill ho consented
to Heo from tho apoton tho gallop.
Tho brldnl party galloped Into tho
nearest village, whbfo Anso lccelvod
auiglcal attention, v
How They Propose In .Texas Accord
ing to Latest Manner.
Elwood, Tex. Tho "Teddy boar""
ciazo. has atiuck Elwood in n now
fotnu and tho salutation of about half
of tho population of tho younger sot
lb: ''Say, peaso lot mo'bo your Toddy
hear," This caino about through a
surpilso wedding which topk plnco ho
other evening, when Clinton SIdwoll,
11 ami of li local Jowolor, and Mlsa Mag
glo llurnbtt weio man led,
Sho wua standing n front of a atoro
window 11 few woo!;b ago, seeing n
display of Todily boarB, and roiunikod
to a filcud: "l would lovo to havo
ono of tlihso cute llttlo t' lugs." SId
woll was passing and li ard tho to
markr when ho Bald: "Lot me bo
ymfr Teddy beiiiThla "broko tho
Ico" und tho wedding took placo.
-iaSfaiaHlkkikttL . .wTtZT'A
In the famous character of "Kid
which has been making a great hit at
But De Wolf Hopper Told the Young
Man What He Was Cut Out For.
At PInlnfleld, N. J., Do Wolf Hop
per was pluylng In "Happylnnd" nnd
was sitting In his dressing-room when
11 raid was sent In with an insistent
message that the owner "must seo
Mr Hopper on Important business."
"Send him In," said tho obliging
A lank, loose-Jointed young man of
a fow lnchos more than six feet fol
lowed thu enrd.
"I want to be an advance agent," ho
said, coming to tho point quickly, "und
I llku jour show so well 1 want to
woik for you und nobody else."
"Any oxpeilenco?" asked Hoppor.
"Well," snld tho applicant, "1 nln't
never had any rcnl work at It, but I
used to work In a picture frame placo
where tho agents enme, nnd I heaid
them talk, and 1 can do It as well as
they can."
"PIcturo frames!" exclaimed Hop
per, adding 11 daub to his noso. "Why,
you don't want to bo an agent you
wnnt to bo a llthogiaphor!"
"A lithographer; what's that?"
Hoppor slowly turned In his chair,
and with lino scom replied:
"I mado a mistake. You don't wnnt
to ho a llthogiaphor. No, jou don't
want to bo a llthogiaphor. With jojir
high guide of Intelligence you want
to bo an actor!"
Ocorgo Hiondhurst has completed
tho sconurlo of a play In which Doug
las Fall bunks la to "Btai" nct season.
N. C. Goodwin's tour bogina iu Hal
tlmoro on November 4 with "In Mia
Hourl." Ho will also present this sen
bon "Ambition," "An American Citi
zen," "When Wo Wero Twent-onc,"
"Tho Glided Fool," "Tho Genius,"
"Tho lllvals" and a now play by
Goorgo lliondhurst.
Louis JumcB, In his rovlviT of
Shnkespeaio'a "Tho Comedy of Er
101s," hna 1 cam ted to tho oxpedlent
of acting both tho Diomloa. Ills
method mukes Diomto of S)acuao
merry and volatile, and Diomlo of
Ephesus an obsequious drono. Ilia
acting has been liberally commended
In tho weat.
Four now plnycra havo Joined Hob
ert Mnntell's compnny. Thoy mo
Cooper Cllffo, once associated with Sir
Henry living; Miss Iieno Prnhnr, for
two years Hlchaid Mansllold'a leading
woman; Mlsa Allda Cortelou, former
ly a momhor of William Glllotto'a and
Wilson llarrett'a companies, and Mlsa
Allco llotmore, an English nctress.
Four companies aro now playing
Georgo Ilroadhuist's "Tho Man of thu
Hour." Tho original company will 10.
main for Its socond wlntor in New
York. Tho aecond company, after
four months In Chicago, is touting thu
mlddlu west.
Burns," In the "Talk of New York,"
the Colonial Theater at Chicago.
Several Who Have Made Names for
Themselves University Products.
Everybody who hn3 seen Itoboit
Edcson either Iu "Stronghonn" or
"Classmates" must lemomber tho
pnitly young actor who has contilb
uted so much to the succohs of each
of these plays. The portly young
man is Frank Mclntyre, who left IiIb
clusses In tho Unlveibity of Michigan
to go upon tho stage.
Norman HacUf-tt, who Is Jnmes
O'Neill's JcllliiB lu tho O'Nell produc
tion of "Vlrglnlus," attended school
at tho Unieialt of tho City of Now
Frank McVlcknr, who was tho best
of tho dozen or more nctora who
played Houlgan, the boss, Iu "Tho
Man of tho Hour," was a graduate v
Tilnlty college.
Homy WooduilT wns educated nt
Haivaid, but ho had been an uctor
for soeml jears hcfoio ho was sent
to Cambridge.
Itobeit Dempster, who was Inst aeon
In Chicago a3 tho hero In "Tho Itoad
to Yestoulay," Id n Cot noil mnn. He
waa prominent in tho dramatic club
at the college at Ithaca.
Alice Fischer, who Is a leading nc
tress of considerable power, used to
ho a school teacher Iu Indianapolis
Olgn Nnthorsnlo was a governess In
England befoio sho tin nod to the
stage. So was Adelaide Nellaon, and
tho latter acknowledges with cl.oor
fulness that dining her uanler yea s
alio had been n maid am van! also.
Isabel Crotheia, who wrote "Tho
Tin 00 of Us," was n school tenehoi
In Hlooiiilngton, 111., bofoio alio woiu
to Now Yoik to become 11 teacher In
a diamatlo school.
Shaw, Not Bacon. -
Mr. Heuiuid Shaw, accuidlng to a
wrjtor In tho Musical Lender of Chi
cago, is really the authoi of the plays
ntti United to Shukespeaie. "Tr.Us tho
titles of 11 of Slmkospcaio's plujs,
at range them In tho proper 01 lor and
mink tho fouith lPt(or lioin tho end
You will find that those lottoia spell
ltcinnid Shaw:
Julius CaEsar.
Coined) of EiRors.
Merchant of VoNico.
Anthony and CloopAtra.
Two Gentlemen of Voltona.
Mou'y Wives of WlnDaor.
TioIIub and QreBSidn.
Tlinon of Atllens.
Anthony and ClooiiAUu.
All's Well That Ends Woll."
Variety lp Actor's Work,'
All my llfo tho thing .which has
struck 1110 as wanting on tho atago Is
variety. Somo peoplo aro "tone donf,"
und thoy find It physically Imppsslblo
to olmoivo tho law of'continsta. Hut
uvon a physical doltclency can bo over
come by that faculty for tuklrg In
flnlto pallia which may not bo genius,
but la coitalnly a good uubatltuto for
It. MUs Ellon Terry-
Oregon Journal Welcomes It at Her
aiding the Day of Small Farms
and Crowding Out the
"Wheat Kings."
Thero will hardly be any widespread
Borrow over the new ruling of the
Interior department, which compoln
the farmers who lease Indian lands
to dwell on them, snya the Portland
Orcgonlnn. It will havo the effect of
reducing the acreage held by wheat
kings nnd of Increasing the number
of small furmeis, an advantage too
obvious to rcqulro explanation. As
stated In a Pendleton dispatch In the
Oregonlnn, "tho Importance of this
ruling may bo realized when It Is un
derstood that thero are men living In
the city of Pendleton who are farm
ing as high as 11,000 acres, upon which
there Is not a slnglo house. It wilt
mean thu cutting up of the big hold
ings Into smaller holdings and the in
vasion of the reservation by a moro
humblo class of growers and tho
crowding out of tho big wheat kings."
Tho present acaBon has offered an
excellent Illustration of the advant
ages of farming on n small scale as
compared with what Is generally
known as "bonanza farming." Prac
tically nil of the damage Buffered by
tho wet weather In the Interior wheat
fields was on tho big farms, where the
scaiclty of labor mado It Impossible
properly to handle the crop when It
wns ready. In nearly every case the
miiull wheat grower who was farming
about 100 acres and could work It
without much help, succeeded In es
caping Injury. It will be a grat many
oara before dlcrallled farming will
supplant wheat growing in many lo
ralltlcs In Oregon. Washington and
Idaho, hut a limitation on the size of
tho wheat fields will be of great bene
fit to the country. In the case of
Umatilla county It will result In a
large Increase In tho population, sothd
thing which has not been noticeable
for a long time. In fact, thero are
eomu townships In' the county whero
the steadily Increasing absorption of
small farms by tho great wheat grow
ers has insulted In decieaso In popu
lation at a time when all other por
tions of tho northwest, outside of the
wheat dlBtilcts, wero showing sub
stantial gains.
In tho Wllllnmette Valley, which 30
years ago waa producing neaily nil of
the wheat grown In Oregon,-diversified
fanning has reached a otage where
not Infrequently ten families are found
on a single quarter section that was
once devoted to wheat growing and
each of the ten farmers la making
more money out of hla amull farm
than the farmer wheat growers made
out of tho entire quarter section when
It waa dooted to wheat growing.
What tho Pacific northwest needs 13
moro pounnncnt residents to tako the
place of that wandering army which
drifts In at harvest time and drifts out
again when linn est Is over. The rul
ing of tho department will wdrk a
hardship only on tne big wheat kings,
most of whom have dnno well enough
out of tho Industry to live quite com
foitably 011 1C0 acres for the remain
der of their lives.
Baby Bear Playing Possum.
This tale teaches ua not to tamper
with dend benra, says tho New York
When tho two llttlo Alaskan cuts
thrt E H. Harrlman donated arrived
' Ironx zoo iccently, both Were
sufTi j from gnBtrlosls. Dr. W. Reed
Hlnli led the cubs on peptonized
milk ,tnd llmo water all night aim
all day, hut desplto tho treatment the
rem.ilo cub stiffened to all appear
uncos dead,
Koopora summoned Dr. lllnlr again
and all bent over the stricken ani
mal. Suddenly the "dead" bear Jump
ed to Its feet, hit Dr. lllalr a blow
with Its paw that sent him reeling,
nttucked all tho other keepers at the
same time nnd cleared the cago In
Ies3 than a minute.
Nobody was bndly hurt. Tho cub
Is still sick, but Dr. lllalr Ib certain
sho will iccover.
Shrinkage of Swiss Glaciers.
ItotnaiUblo slulnknges luuu been
going on among tho Swiss glaciers, es
pecially In tho lust two or tl.ieo years,
Tho grout Ilhoiio glacier, one of tho
bights of Switzerland at least It used
to bo has lost In tho last two yoats
no less than 88,250 square feet, arid
othoia havo been shoitened by any
where from 20 feot to 40 feet. Among
03 Instuncossa recossions weie dis
co veied, ono glacier remained ata
tlonaiy, and nlno had slightly ln
ci eased. Tho conspicuous gain was
mndo by tho Elger glacier, which
lengthened Itself 114 feet lust year,
but observers say that theso Increases
aro not peimununt.
Rescued by Yellow Jackets.
A coyoto, haul pi eased by a pack ot
hounds In tho noithein part of Clarke
county, ulong the noith bunk of Lowla
iler, ran Into a yellow Jackets' nest,
according to the Seattle Times, When
tho hounds 1 cached the spot tho angry
jollow Jackets attacked them so floice
ly that thoy turnod tall and gave un1
tho chase.
Tho hunting party In charge of the
hounds wns composed of Harry, Edwin1
and James Rowland and H. Wobb, all
of Lowlavllle. Thoy had wounded the
coyoto und weio ante of their quairy
when tho latter loosed the yellow Jack
ets on them. It was herols treatment!
but the coyote theioby made good hU
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