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C. E. Perry, Lessee and Manager
Sidrday matinee & night
Hcbcr' Ilroa., 'n10 Famous Como.
(Hans In Farco Acts, Gen 'I Shorldnn
nnd Corporal Bumgardner and
Nolsolees Burglars' after John D
ockofeHs. Millions. Leo Washburn,
tho l'romlor Minstrel In lllack Fnco
Slunta, Russell, Fox, Fasto and
HlEby. Musical specialities and
Novelties. Miss Avancll Henderson,
Tho Great American Concert Pian
ist. Tfoo Mnrvelous Hutchinson. Con
tortion' Equlllhrlsts. nobert Burns.
.. uivu iiuio in scotch past
tlnio.i and Dances. Reginald C He
ber. tho .Moving PIcturo King will
project Excluslvo Moving King will
Features between acts nnd speciali
ties and many othor features.
Trices Mntlncoi0 and o0c
Prices evening i5 3 ,ul j.0e
' K C E. Porry, Lesseo and Manager,
One Week Commencing
In n roportolro of .Standard nnd
Royalty plays, v Augmented by
Hlsh class Vuudovlllo Acts
Ladles frco on aiomlny night 'it
accompanied by a or801l uoW,n.
n Paid 30c ticket
Singing and Yodeling.
Mirth' and Melody.
Comedy and Burlesque Juggiers
E. P. Rowe will sing
First half ol week
"It's great to be a soldier man."
Last half ol week.
"The Black Lamb."
"Modern Mother'' and last part
ol week, "Life in a trade lorest."
J Shakespeare and 8urgery.
The fact that Shakesponro waa
ahead of his times Is proved by a line
te "The Taming of tho Shrew," whoro
one of the characters says: "My mas
ter bath nppolntcd me to go to St.
Luko'o to bid tho priest bo ready to
come, ngalnst you cpmo with jour ap
trettnent a
ents n weoK,
ast send me
smsmsmsmsftmffa- smsaMsaWJM
smsmsmsmsaV-Ouf lulMMAWi
smsmsmsmsmsmsiuHasmsmstBJsW I sfcrnsmsrWlsfflsmsm S
Hv asmsmsmssl9 Itsmsmasms
complete trial I and If rou should wish to continue. It ulllcostyou only about is
, Or lObS than tWO Cents a day. It Will not Inturforn with vnnr urnrlr nr .,,.i.;.
your nsnie and address, toll me how vnu suffer If vnn vrlnh. i.mi i oin ,,... .. ..
treatment lor your case, entirety tree, in nimn wranne
Msost.my Uook-"WUMAIvs oyyN MEDICAl, AUVISBR- Ithexnlunatory JllustrtttlonsBbbw
tar why women suitor, and how they caneaslly euro themselves at home. Kvery woman should
bare it, sod learn to 1
mm wuiuu 'v . ,jj,s,t"DU yuen
Mon you can Ueclde for yoursolf. Thousands of
anedv. It eurea all. old or Tounr. Va Maiksra
a, T .?e"m.lnm 7uen
ireatiaent' which aiwedlly and oftectoally cures Leucorrhoeo. Green Sickness and Painful or
srregular Menstruation In Young- Ladlea P utnpnoss and health always result front Its use.
t Wherever you ilvo. J can refer you to ladles of your own locality who Know onTwM gladly
Former Assistant Secretary of 8tat
to Be Ambassador to Germany.
Washlngton.--Davltf Jayne Hill,
American mlnlstor to tho Nothcrlnnds,
and formor assistant secretary ol
state, will bo named ambassador to
Berlin to succood Charlemagne Tower,
who Is about to retire on account of
111 health. Mr. Hill has had great
cxpcrlcnco In tho diplomatic service
Ho speaks Gorman fluently and It Is
said his nppolntmont will glvo great
satisfaction to Germany.
President Roosevelt first offered the
post to Assistant Secretary Bacon,
Am cMxmjzzz.
who declined It, as ho proforrcd to re
main In his present position at tho
stato' department. It goes to Hill as
a promotion, well enmed by his pro
vIoub diplomatic work.
Minister Arthur M. Benupro will bo
transferred from tho Argentine Re
public to the Netherlands to succeed
Mr. IH11, nnd Spencer S. Eddy, now
Bccrctary of embassy nt Herlln, will
go"nB United Stntes minister to tho
Argentlno Republic.
Hill Is not so wealthy as his prede
cessor In Berlin, but ho and his
wlfo have enough to onablo them
to entertain In a way to do crqdlt
to their country In a capital whore
economy Is tho rulo and an ambassa
dor Is ablo to Hvo on his pay If ho
wants to. There Is no such lavish
ontertnlnln as In London and court
lire Is not so brilliant us In Vienna
or St. Petersburg.
Dr. 11111 waa a collcgo professor nt
tho ngo or 29. Ho served ten years
as president of Duckncll unlvorslty
nnd nlno years as president of tho
University of Rochester, resigning to
travel In Euiopo and study Interna
tional law. HIb work In organizing n
hchool of diplomacy In connection
with George Washington university
attracted favorable notice, nnd In
1S98 Mr. McKlnloy made him assist
uut secretary of Btato.
Ono of tho fruits of Dr. Hill's rcsl
donco In Europo Is nn elaborate "HIb
tory of Diplomacy In tho Interna
tional Development of Europe," two
volumes of which hnvo already ap
pealed. This work has given Its au
thor an International prcstlgo.
Predicament of Georne P. McCabe
Should Please Beef Packers.
Qeorgo P. McCabe, solicitor of tho
department of ngrlculturo, had an ex
poilonco n fow wocks ago which prob
nbly will gratify tho beof packors.
McCnbo was tho author of that pro
vision of tho moat inspection law
which forbids any railroad to trans;
port meats unloBB labeled "U. S. f.jt
spectedfjnd Passed." Tho ngrlculturo
solicitor is a hospltablo man. Ho likes
nothing better than to gathor a fow
congenial souls nround his board, es
pecially on Sunday nftornoon. Ha
has been passing tho summor at Gar
rett Pnrk, Md., a suburb of Washing
ton, nnd buys all his supplies in the
capital city.
Dining a hot spell somo timo ago
ho asked a number of mon to dine
with him on tho Sabbath and told his
wlfo that as tho ico bo was low
It would bo wlso to roplonlsh tho meat
supply. Mrs. McCnbo dutifully came
to Washington nnd purchased about
70 pounds of roast beef, bacon, Iamb,
otc. Tho butcher sont tho basket to
JFree to You and Every Sister Suffering
J From Womau'a Ailments.
WW7 Vf ,
V 4
i an a woman. ls
I know woman's sufferings,
nave found tho euro.
-i-"'!?!?''..! .f ""Jclrre, mv ftetrte treat
Bent with full Instruction! to any sufferer from
womon'a ailments. I waul to tell alf women about
this cure you, tny reader, for yourself, yout
dauKbter. your mother, or your sister. I want to
toll you how to euro yourselves at home without
tho help ota doctor. Men cannot understand wom
en's sufferings. What we womon know Iron ex
pcrlence, wo know better than any doctor. I know
that mv.hopo treatment Is a saf o and sure pure for
Uucorrboee or Whitish dsehargMlyicrration.Dls.
Plscement or Falling of the Womb. Prolute. Scanty
SLP"!!'"1 ".erliworOvarUii Tumors or
arawtbst also pains 1a the bead, back and bowels,
bearing down leellng-i, nervousness, creeping feel,
ing up the eplne, melancholy, desire to cry, hot
flashes, weariness, kidney and Madder troubles
where caused by weaknesses peculiar to our sex.
I want to send you o. camnut tmiiavit.in..i
entirely Iree to prove 'to you that you can euro
yourself ot home, easily, quickly and suroly.
r. b return mnl . T mill aim o.nrt m. .u
tbo'doetor says You must have an opera-
tao'uocvor says xou must nave an opera
women have cured themselves with my home
nt iiimktu. r nin ii . tirlit..?
" rag MAmoy daily
Cough Syrup
Relieve Cold by working them
out of the system through a copious
and healthy action of the bowels.
Relieves Coughs by cleansing and
strengthening the mucous mem
branes of tho throat chett, lungs and
bronchial tubes.
The Original
Conforms to National
Pure Food and Drug Law
For Croup, Whooping Cough, La
Grippe, Influenza, Bronchi tit, and
all Cough, Colds, Lung and Bron
chial affections no remedy it equal
to Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup.
Children like it.
Frt via In 23o, SOo and $1.00 bottle
at the Laboratory of
B.C. DWITT&CO.,Chloao.V.8.A.
Pleasant to take
Children like it
tho railroad station and tho bnggago
man promptly declined to rccclvo It
on tho ground that It was not marked
"U. S. Inspected und Passed."
Mrs. McCabe telephoned to her hus
band; ho tried to turn tho wheels
cf government, but failed It was Sat
urday and work ceased at ono o'clock
nnd In order to got tho stult out
to his homo McCnbo had to tako It
Into tho passenger car. Upon ar
rival nt Garrett Park thero was no ve
hicle waiting. The solicitor was com
pelled to load tho basket on IiIb shoul.
dcr nnd march along a dusty road
and then through what Is called "tho
dreary woods" to reach his house.
Ho tolled for half an hour beforo ho
arrived at home, nnd when ho did
Ills fi lends say ho was In nn unBpcnk
nblo framo of mind. Ono thing Is
certain, "U. S. Inspcctod and Pusscd"
1b not half as popular in tho agri
cultural department as it wa3 before
that bfuo Saturday.
Clerks Use Roller Skates to Go to
Their Occupations.
( noller skating, which In othor cltioa
Is practically an amusement, Is used
In u prnctlcnl way hy government em
ployes In Washington. About 25 clorks
employed In tho post ofllco depart
ment who Hvo In tho vicinity of Mount
Pleasant sknto to tho office Tho
clorks formed a party Tor tholr first
appearance, for tho reason that up to
this time rollor skating has boon con
sidered tho prorogntivo ot children
and not generally indulged In by
grown people outsido of rinks.
M. O. Chnnco, chief clerk, led tho
party, which mndo Its way down Six
teenth etrcot as tho most dcslrablo
It Ib expected that tho organization
of this concerted movoment in tho di
rection of practical roller skating will
place tho sport upon a basis similar
to that ohco enjoyed by tho blcyclo.
Tho miles of smooth asphalt streets
In Washington unobstructed by much
heavy traftlcimake it an ideal city for
skating. Thousands of young mon
and women go to work in tho
departments dally and need not
only tho exorcise which roller skat
lng to tho ofllco will glvo, but the
price of car ticketB as woll.
Work for Senator's Secretary.
Every now congross brings to
Washington the meanost man In
Christendom. A western senator ar
ranged last summer for tho construc
tion of a barn.
"I want tho work dono ns econom
ically as possible," ho told tho car
penter. "It will snvo money, won't it,
to drivo ono nail lustead of two into
oach board?"
"Yes," wns tho roply. "But tho barn
won't bo as strong."
"Tltnt's all right," responded the
thrifty senator, "you go ahead with
"tho work, UBlng ono nail' in oach
When tho carpenter finished the
senator used a Western Union frank
to call his B?crotary to his homo "to
do somo work which had accumu
lated." Upon tho hitter's arrival ho dis
posed of a nuinbor of lottors and thou
"Hore are four pounds of nails. I
want you to drive an oxtra nail In
evory plnnk In that barn."
As tho govornmont pays tho salaries
of senators' secretaries It Is readily'
uppureni mat mo western economist
saved something In having him ln-l
stoud of tho carpenter drive th9
requisite number of nnlls Into the
Economical Senator Clark.
Rich ns Is ox-Sonator William A.!
Ulark or Montana, ho Indulged In varl
ous economics whllo In Washington!
which nttracted considerable ntteh','
tlon. Late one nluht when It was raln-l
lng cats and dogs dark etitorod at
car, his umbrella drl)ilng and tho
bottoms of his trousers Boaked. 8ev
tjia) uaaMnseiit luutw CJsk h.
mirror, airuROAY, January n,
gnn speculating " ab'6nt'"rwhat thejf
would do If they had his money.
"A carriage for mine on a night Ilko
this," obsorvod ono. 4
"A steam yacht to navigate the
streets," remarked another. t
"I would do exactly what Clark has
done," said a third. "A cnb would
cost 50 cents. My trousers could bo
pressed In tho morning for a quarter.
A Btrcct car ticket costa 4 1-3 cents.
Thero Is a clear profit of 20 2-3 cents,
nnd that to a mtlllpnatro menna some
thing. Just multiply thnt sum hy 3SG
nnd you would appreciate tho yearly
saving. Little economlos roako llttlo
millionaires." .
Only Sixteen Seedless Oranges
1879, Now Ten Million Boxes.
Mr. La Salle A. Maynard tells "The
Story of tho Seedless Orarvgo" In Tho
World To-Day. Mrs. Luther C. Tib
,blts of California obtained In 1872 four
orange shoots from tho agricultural
department at Washington, sent thoro
by William P. Judson, American con
sul at Pallia, Urazll. They were pre
sented to him by a native, who had
several shoots of a seedless orango
tree growing In a swamp on tho Ama
zon. "Mrs. Tibblts brought tho Infant
trees carefully homo and her husband
planted them In the garden. Ono died,
another was chqwed up by n predatory
cow, but two lived, and five years
later produced 1C oranges. Thcso 1C
golden globes and their Immedlato
successors pi educed results compar
able only In value to tho fatuous dis
covery of .nnothor kind of gold In
Sutter's mlllrace, and brought fomo
and no small fortune to their lucky
Tho new orango could bo produced
only by budding, nnd the Hist buds
sold nt $1 each, and later at ?5 a
dozen. One box of imval oranges was
tjrown In 1E80; slnco then tho nnnunl
product has risen to 10.000,000 boxes,
ind "the two trees which tho cow did
lot chow have multiplied to over 4,
100.000." Tho original parent tree
dvlng In W03 was transferred to the
'nrd of tho Glen wocd hotel at River
side, Cal., President Roosevelt aiding
n tho ceremony or transplantation
..ast year tho tieo boro two bushol
f choice frut, which, of courso, were
:;pr?accd to tho White House. In
southern California alono $100,000,000
H Invested In citrus fruit culture,
hlolly of oranges, and In related In
insirlcs. i
Thinks That Bears Should Be Treated
Like Gentlemen.
Tho Ksk'lmo can say that ho had a
ilcndly feeling toward all living
hlngs, notwithstanding that ho fed
1 llosh and that wild beasts some
Inies fed on him, says tho Content
orary Rovlcw. Not that he ever
alked of wild beasts, for ho had no
lino ones. He had not a vocabulary
f rudo terms nbont nnlmals. Ho was
ncllnod to credit every species with
many potentlnl merits. Tho Eskimo
n afraid very much afraid of bcarc
Vet ho Ib tho first to admit that the
)ear Is capnblo of acting Ilko the fin
st gentlemen. A woman wns In a
fr!3ht ot scolng n bear, atul so gave
'ilm it partridge; that bear never for
Sot tho trilling service, hut brought
or newly killed seals over after. An
jthcr bear saved tho llfo of three men
;.iio wished to reward him. Ho polite
y declined their offer, but If In winter
tlmo they t,hnuld sco n baldhcadcd
)2:ir will tboy Induce their compan
Mis to spare, him? After so saying
jo plungrd into the sea. Next winter
t boar was sighted end they wero go
'us to hiint him, when these men, re
nembcrlng what had happened,
lessod the hunters to wait till they
iad a look at him. Suro enough It
.ns "their own bear!" They told the
thers to prepare u feast for him, and
vhen ho hail refreshed himself ho lay
iowu to sleep and tho children plnyed
uound him. Presently ho awoke and
'io a little more, after which ho went
lown to the sea, leaped la, and was
ipver seeu again,
Its Deposits Inexhaustible, But Have
Never Been Developed.
Washington. Statistics furnished
by Consul Genornl W. H. Mlchaol, of
Calcutta, show that thero wero 1,582.
784 tons of salt Imported into India
lu 100G-'07, nnd during tho two months
of. April and May of tho present llnan
oinl year, 190"-'0S, 393,085 tons wero
Imported. Mr. Michael adds:
"Tho bulk ot the enlt came from tho
United Kingdom, although Germany,
Franco and Aden contributed a con
siderable shaie, Tho decrease In
quantity Imported over tho pyovfoua
year, ll)05-'00, was 35 nor cent., but
thoro wu3 an Increase In value of 1.0
per cont. Tho dccllno Ib duo to the
boycott of foreign godds. It Is 'to bo
wohdered at thnt bo inuch salt Is Ira-'
ported Into India, when ono considers
tho exhaustless deposits of rock salt
In tho salt mlnos of the Punjab, and
the limitless resources of fine' salt In
the Sambhar lake In Rajputanai Wero
these natural resources developed as
they tnlght be by local cdpltal In tho
Introduction of the mdst modern ma
chinery there would- be llttlo need of
going outside of India for salt.
"Thoro were 140,000,000 pounds of
salt, ownod by private individuals, 1ft
the bonded warehouses and afloat' on
the River Hooghly August IB, all of
which was from the United Kingdom,
Hamburg, Bremen and Aden, and at
Ihe-oend of August-there waa hardly
a pound ot salt of Indian uanufactur
Hkt 'TWfl-jTY ffrlmitri. H-
, r f
East Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 11. Cat
tle 'Receipts 125; trade fair, steady,
cals Receipts 300; active, 2Gc low
er, ull to choice ! 075.
Sheo panel lambs Receipts 11,000
head; Iambs slow, lower. Sheep,
ne'lvo; steady. Lambs, 5.25 f 7.20;
yearlings, G 0.50. Sheep", 3 (fi) 0.
illogs 'Rccoipts 10,200 head, slow,
10 15c lower. All grades 4.05.
Union Stock Yards, Ills,, .Inn.
11. Catth .llccolpta :j()(); estimated
for lotuln .10,000; market iinchang.
irogsllrtelptii 28.000; estimated
for Monday ."iO.OOO; market oponnd
He low.'r-, closed strong. Light
4.10 l 40: roughs 4.10 4.20:
mixed 4.15 4.4.")-. heavy 4.2.'
4.42 1-?: 1'Iks n.fiO 4.lfi.
SheopRTolpts l,r,00: cstlmt-fi'd
for Mondn 2.").000; - market nn
chango.l. OLEVELATTO
Cleveland, O., .Ian. 11. Hogs 'Re
ceipts 7 5curs, shipments 2500; low
er; yorkers, mixed, heavies and best
pigs, 4.f0 (if 4.-15; stags and roughs
3.C0 3.90.-
Calves 'Receipts light; steady;
aood to "extra 8.50 8.75.
Sheep nnd lambs Receipts 5 cars,
lower; good to extra 7.15 7.25.
nCttlo Receipts light, steady.
Pittsburg, Pa., Jan. ll.-Cattlo
Supply lfght; market stesuly; cholco
5. GO 5.7G; prime 5.30 5.50;
good, 5.10 5.30J tidy butchers, 1.C0
5; fair, 1.00 (if 1.70; common, 3.35
3.75; fat cows, 2 3.75; bulls
2.50 4; fresh cows and springers
?3 5 ?55.
Sheep and lambs Supply light,
market a shade lower. Prime weth
ers, 5.30 5.50; good mixed, 5.50
5.75; fair mixed 1. 10 (fr 4.00;
culls and common, 2 4; Iambs, 5
7.70; veal calves, 8 9; heavy and
thin calves, 4.50 C.
Hosb Receipts 00 doublcdecks;
market slo'w on heavy grades and
nctlvo on other grades. Prime heavy
4.&5; mediums and yorkers, T.G0;
pigs, l.co 1.05: roughs, 3.50
4; stags- 2.75 (ft 3.75.
Chicago, Jan. n. Wheat "I-s $
1-4c lower, the weakness Into boln
or. selliug of long wheat hy for
elgnors nn tho reported taking of
gold by Argentina for tho purposo
of h.indlln.r tho wheat crip then
May boIiI between 1 ,Q, 1-2 and
l-0fi 1 2. opening nt l.ofi and
"losing nt 1,0.1 r,..S; July between
03 ,1-S and nn .l-R, oponln gnt f)o
"-Q nnd fit sine nt OR -,-S; No o
rf''1 1.01 .1 'J and i.o.l 1-2.
The vn'tmo of trade "wnR small
-nd tho market was devoid of fea
'iro nr n tojilncr rhdrneter Thorn
'' nddlllonnl fnlk of exporfnrp
'Vin-r wl.ont Ri-ltlmnrn roiwrtlne;
nvnivn Iior.f InnilH Into
ind uinro today
r-oi-n.-jA fi i.op i0Wnr on
'nnvlor rt.T.!n, n)i no,,nnM
"iv pnM lptweoi, vi 7.Q nnd (10
-! o;,oi.nr nt M 1-1 an,l Plnn
it flO: Tiilv belween jjp, -j.o nnd r,o
'-. nuonliif. nt .V) nnd closing nt
fiS ,VS: No. n whlto r,o .-fj -i.o.
Onts i. -rs0 lower. Old .May
ow. ,.lWui-ii ,,;i ;,, and fil 1-4.
!i.uiiiiiK -it di i.j nnd closing at
riH 7-; old July hotween 47 l.
nnd J7 7-q, opening nt 47 3-4 nnd
Hosing nt 47 lj. Xo 3 whU ,
1-2 ,'J2 1-2.
Provlsvis wore 2 1-2 7 1-"o
lower; May products ranged- Pork
1.1. .rM to !.V)7 -j.o Jnrd snr i-o
U2 1-2; ribs 7.27 1-2
'lolcdo, O.. Jan. 11 ,wiii!iro,oi.
1.02; May, 1.00; July 1 .00 3-1; Sep
tember 87.
iCorn Cash 58 1-2: Mnv nn -t.o.
July GO 1-2; September CO:
Oats-Cash 52; .May, 51 1-1; July
49; September 41.
nyo-Wo. 1, 82; No. 2, 81; No. 3,
Cloverseed Cn"s!i and .Tnmmw
10.55; March 10.45; April 10. CO.
irnmo alslke 40.00.
Prlmo timothy 2.25. "
Now York, Jan. 11. Uutter Re
ceipts 2,528 packages; best firm;
creamery, extra 30 1-2; firsts 28
30; por to fair. 19 24.
lEsss 'Receipts 4,701 packages;
modoratol actlvo. euiSy whlto fan
cy, 35 ? 30; do mixed fancy, 30
31; wetscru firsts, 27 1-2
Chicago, Ills., Jan. 11. Eggs-,
Extra 29 firsts, 25; prlmo firsts, 27;
seconds, 10 12.
Butter .Extra creamery 29 1-2; firsts
24 20; seconds 20 "24: extra
dairies. 25.
Live poultry mirkeys 11: chickens
hens, 9 1-2 10; chickens, spring,
8; ducks 10; geese, per dozen, $5
Turn from Grape. to Ree.
Many French vlnoyards are likely
to be turned into rose gardens. Tho
perfume factories pay 000 per kilo
gramma for puio essence of roses and
tho demand Is greate? than the sup
ply. ' r
Dally Market Report I
i.i-i.v(-j4j ff. ih'fJ'
i Jtjgure
Tk amount- f ateaaj jro ;
5 kave lost by kaeplng your i
S spare rotnu racant 10 long. 5
A large sum is It nit? Make ;
np your mind tkat yea will
S lose money no longer In tki S
way. Havs your a4 Iniertei
S- whick will cost yoi SO MHti. S
; in The Mirror for ft week,
Yeur room win tkea be 5
rented. Cheap eommisiirt lie
S pay, is :t not?
j Phone Mis to We. C iMer
; phone. J
WjANTEb Work In private family.
Call It 1035. 1-10-Gt
WiAtNTiIJD Ladles to copy letters at
homo; spare time; good pay; cash
weekly; reliable; send stamp. Zcck
Co., .Morrlstown, N. Y.
for Rond positions whh liifc'li Rrailclirms. More
opportun tics lor competent men In tills line ih.in
w c can fill. W rite us today mating our experience
nnd we will send copy of (77i7-;cniiuininLr
list ol open position, Good openlnffii now atail
ahle for capable Salesmen, Executive, flcilcil und
Jechnleal men In All our i othecs at SimwStouo.
Service utrlctlv confidential
IIAPUOODS (Inc.). Urnltj Rrokcrs.
mis vi 1 1 r in i 1 ii fti "j u. r " s r." 7u n it
1123 Park Building, Pittsburg.
WIANTED An engineer with first
class licenses capable of taking en
tiro charge of 500 horse -power
plant, also one second man. J. D.
Owens & Son, Owens, Ohio.
WANTDD-To buy a good team of
horses or mules for general work.
John Livingston, 400 Senate street.
WA.NTDD--500 pcoplo to call and
sco our lino of incubators nnd
brooders. Tho M. M. & G. Co.,
North Prospect ttreet. l-8-:.t
your locality to represent us, exper
ience unnecessary; CO per 1110, ami
expenses. Write for particulars.
iMonroo IgaCo, Toledo, Ohio.
WANTJ0I-Flrst class man "with
good past record and experience.
Cood position for right man. Cap
able o managing general store.
Good position for right man. Ail"
drcss liox 530, .Marlon, Ohio'."
FOR RBNT Furnished rooms. In-
'1'ilro 101 East Center. l-u-Gt
FOR RENT Flvo room house, 259
v. bouner avenuo. Cood well, cis
tern, gas for heat and light. For
particulars phono R-127, or s'cc 1:.
A. Selfner, 2G8 South Stato St.
eight room house.
III bo ready for occupancy by
IMaich 1. "Tnquire of Wm. Mor
scnthnlor, 300 South Prospect St.
"" 1-10-ot'
FOR- SALE A grocery doing a good
business. Can lease room for one
year or longer. Will tako small
property on exchange. Addres S,
oaro Mirror
OR SALE a small gns runge In
good condition. Call at this office
or CC9 E. Church Btreet. Tele
phone 1491. tf
FOR SALE One good square piano,
?.10. Five organs from ?5 up; one
Singer sowing niaclilno, as good as
now, $12. Inqulro nt 125 Vino
street or Telephono 15S9.
. ' l-C-4tpd
scription In Marlon and adjoining
counties, associated with J. W.
Clark will he H. L. Protsman,
of Cincinnati. He comes highly
recommended as a stock salesman.
Has been associated with Harold
Wagoner, ono of the best salesman
In Qhlo. So wo guarantee the best
ot work In sales of any descrip
tion. Off Ico 114 Court Street. QIvo
us a trial. Marlon o.
Transfer 8torac and Cratln.
Divisions of the World.
Tlwo wore but two families In the
world, Have-much and Have-little.
V VADPockr5r
X DnrinmnisSj5iSi
Peoples' Transfer
& Storage Co, .
Phones 155
$7.-10 buys CO pind JJick fancy hnrn
Km edflour. 20c buys 5 pound sacK
fancy orahnm. With wo 5 iwund
sack of Orahani will glvo you re
ceipt for baking bread. Kresh meal
per sack, 20c. Hny, straw, corn,
oats, chop, urnii, sUellcd corn, wheat,
and screenings.
1-ld-wed-satCt STORE.
iPhono If. 278".'
Simple Methods That Will Cure nl
mal of Gun Shyness.
Any tlog can be cured of gun shy
ness If ou take enough trouble and
excrclfto cm ugh patience, declares
Joseph T. Gialiam, In Outing. The
process proceeds on tho Inference
thnt, slnco ho Is alarmed bernuso of
memory or fear of disagreeable cip
cumstnncos, he must lenrn to assocr
ate the gun with tho agreeable.
It Ib best to apply tho treatment
when the dog Is on game. In prob
nbly four canes out of five, ho will
quickly learn to disregard tho gun, or
Ilko It, If you let him hunt up the
' Bnmp and chnso It, shooting when he
Is at a distance and In hot pursuit:
Olten gun-shyness disappears the
very day ho makes his first solid
point and becomes deeply Intctested
In the business, lu the midst of this
new delight, he disregards other mat
ters. 1
Sometimes tho fear Is too strong,
nnd a regular treatment must be un
dertaken. Oftcner the ownor will
hnvo a short shooting season and
does not care to tako chances on a
quick cure. His dog must be ready
Tor business when tho season opens.
So, It Is necessary to know tho syn
terns which have been successful In
dealing with this trouble.
Ono man put his bird dog to chas
ing cats. When tho cat was treed,
he would slap his hands and "slckV
tho dog Into excited attack. At this
psychological moment ho would fire
blanks from n Binall pistol. Two or
three treatments usually Mtlficod.
The Brute.
"Such an angel of a hat," chirped
tho vain woman as sho twirled beforo
the mirror. "Yellow and white. What
does It remind you of, my dear?"
The big mnn In tho embroidered
slippers looked up from his paper. 1
"yellow and white?" ho :peatcd.
"Well, now, on tho level, It reminds
mo of a fried egg."
offer on their easy payment
plan a new flvo room homo
slate roof, cistern, woll,
nleolv papered and nowly
paint d, plenty of fruit, large
lit and alley on sldo and
,ii - Ons In every room.
Nt.r Fairbanks Steam Shovel.
Wee $1350.
fl. E. Carpenter & Co,
Phone 1502.
Over Smart & We tH ell's
Shoe Store.
Now sovon room houao on JJ0IJ0.
fontaliio Avenue.
Flvo room house on Louder
Street. Q
Two flvo room houses with col.
lors on Monroo street.
Two flvo room houses on Avou
dale street.
Ono flvo room house on
Avenuo .-flO.00 down $10.00 Ior
month. ,
Ono six and ono sovon room
house on west editor street. Easy
Two flvo room houses PoiuibxI
vnnla 10.00-4.10.00 lor month ,v,
Two ilvo room houses, Noll
Avenuo $10.00 down nnd $10.00
per mouth.
Hotter tako ndvnntago of some
of theso bargains while they last
as I bellovo that Marlon will take
on advance stop Inside tho next
00 days nnd tho inboplng man
won't hnvo qulto the samo oppor
tunity to buy, as thev havo nnw
ou better pay on a home rather
than pay rent, also to tho prosij.p.
tlve huyor that has mnnnv !
or that has monov J-Snw
want to Invest. Some of the
nbovo houses that would 'make al-
"no investment.
. I
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'V ft-3
2 i
-1 . '
. . 'it
1 i1..
I .
1 1
' J
.... '!
h i
1 I
i '
? L
e ' rl
Telephone 25 131.,12.E, Centetj
. r.
1 J -
W.Jli. 'It,. V''r tV " . . V ..x
1, )r
' jiLitUik.iJL. V ;. . f. 'M l' . iU" t
t'1 ,,- ,t . fllfiiftvt.iKjL V-lSklj'J
1 -itrt 4i.-Z.iit.

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