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Excitement Prevails in Republican Official Circles on
Account of the Uncertainty of the Political Fu
ture-Are Looking and
(Special Correspondence)
Washington, D. O., Jan. 10.
A conBldorablo undercurrent of ox.
tltcmont prevails In Republican or.
iiclal circles on account of tho un.
'certainty of tho political future.
Nearly all the offlco holders who
hold positions above clerkships are
stnf ! mi limit ftlllir ftVInnf
r::rT;rb;. " T'.r .r ::.,.
.. Ul. .UU.U, JUW, U.W ...
be superceded b other
either Domorcats or of tho Hepubll
'can fectlon opposed to the Rooso.
volt Administration,
There is, therefore, great unrest
In official Washington which is
made more acute by tho unfortunate
financial conditions Into which tho inutcito that depositors would bo
country 1ms fallen, and tho practical just M unreasonable about waiting
bankruptcy or tho United States for tholr monoy, although tho gov.
Treasury. Thero Is only six mll-'ornmont had guaranteed tho pay.
lon available cash on hand, and mont. Hence tho necessity for n ro
tor. tho month of Uocombor tho ex- Rorvo fund largo enough to moot
pondltures of tho government ox- Buch a gnnranteo, when ovorvoiio
ceeded tho Incomo .by nearly e7ght Is calling for monoy Without hero
iMiiuuu uoimra. oinco lAOcemuer
20th tho Secretary of the Trcas.
ury ha been compelled to with
draw from the Natlonnl Banks
over $11,000-000 to pay tho pressing
bills of tho government, and If tho
Sllk.COn,',nT J" th? Customs
flndv .nternal .Rovcnuo recolpts. the
j-V4t.nii(i,(i(m now on nonoslt with
thex'D?nks will havo to bo further
aopieteq, Tho banks aro not in
rondlttoh o repay any of that
unt, for the Now York banks havo
P?uc&,,f?a ia8h on hand than tho
25 perJcentv of their deposits which
TOO VUW requires, and the banka.bppn phown hv tho long hoirtThv ad-
'OuUldvof iNow York, according to
Jhey'eport of the Comptroller of tho
Currency, have'.but lc por cent re
feerye. ' ' j ,
. How to resume cash payments Is,
therpforq, tho pressing question.
,Ono of tho principal financial ex
perts of tho United States Treasury
polned out to mo yesterday tho
fallacy of Mr. Bryan's plan, for
the government to 'gaornntoo do
po'slts In National Banks. Ho
State Fire Marshal Says Parlor Match Should be
Outlawed Careless Use of Matches in Ohio
Burned 30 Children to Death Last Year.
Tho careless use of matches In
Ohio last' year llred 534 buildings
and burned to death 30 children.
fine 'parlor" match In common uso
is the greatest convenience and tho
greediest Incendiary ever Invented
by man.. In the state It caus.es 12
per cent, of all fires; In large cities
aiout 18 per cent. Tho Chicago To
port Bhaws 21.4 per cent. Tho "par
lor match" referred to herein Is In
no way associated with love's aweet
ijf all tho peoplo'wero taught tho
umiiiom wuui uim wvu nio iwoU...
nonmou9 flro.loss from Cbem. of
ou.d be reduced to almost nothing.'
But teacliors who warn against tho
flro dangers In this life aro Taw,
The dangers of the "parlor" match
aro manifold. In Igniting tho head
often explodes or tho stick breaks
'and flaming chemicals fly nnd Ig
nite wastepaper, sweepings, lace cur
tains nnd tho clothing of womon and
children, 1 Tho smoker, and often tbe
housewife too, after using thq match
gives It a twirl and a toss without
oloking to see It It Is still glowing
If It Is kopt alight long enough for
the stick to bo burned through It
(Willi In two-thirds of all matches,
remain a red hot coal half an Inch
ong during an average Interval of
48 seconds A largo proportion of
matcto fires result from ono of these
hot etlcks belrig thrown upon Inflam
mable substances,
The careless leave these matches ly
ing about although ono of thorn may
be Ignited by the sun's rays focused
Upon It, by a bubble In a window
pano, by a water bottle, by a fish
globe by a apherlcal paper weight or
by grandma's spectacles. Tmjso Jn
drawers or on desks, thoy are liable
to take flre-ftram rubhing qr ablow,
On the niantlepiece they are often
Preparing for Changes a
claimed It would require a vory
largo rcsorvo fund to bo kept on
hand to meet conditions such as
now eylst and that the tax proposed
would not much mora than moot
the buijk failures that normally
occur. If tho proposed guarantee
Is to be of benefit to depositors
It must at once bo effectlvo when
nnk fniia. to wait untu
thQ ftsact8 of a bnnk cnn b() coL
,oct0(1 nn(, ,j8nose(, of uotoro tj10
Bovornniont guarantee would bo
available would glvo no lmmedlato
rellof to depositors. In times of
panic i.eople want money and tho
runn on tlio United States Treasury
for gold In former panics, would
pons tlor ntr li rv,n.mti
lection to :fr. Brvnn's
M.n I..1...... 11 . . . . . I
. , --- "-
banks. would undoubtedly mnko
'in itlonal Banks nerr-etunl and
ib'M hOB TlOt boon tlm .DnmnnrnMn
in.- ninny it would nn tn ntnfn
"n""-. which has over been to ,11 -
vorco tho Kovornment from tho
.ronnv Tower !fr Brvan's plan
, would make to the United SHti
rPRSiiry a partner of nil thn Xat-
lonpl Bnnkq. wlHinnt iiirMinntinff
i tliir nronts The Indifference of
tbe Vpnubip.in'mplorltv of rnncresi
I to tbo flnnnplal distresspp wblrh hai
iournment. when oulck loK,rtlMv,
nptlnn na nnnnaanrv ,111 ,tfhr.t
doubt heln to break down thb hold
-,- -,.. .v -' i , IMI It ll'llMlh
tho Bctittbllcan partv hns held for
tho rnst ten years Tho fact Is tho
TtenuMIcan politlolnns aro panic
ntrlrkon nnd nfrnlil tn not Tlm'
in,m,. , . i ,. , 1 - -- " .
Sliir ," , f0rlcnni1'9' but tllQ, "ow )n t,w ,umbop
III "' "' " x ?"" V"'1 ,no.ra,?PB al, not belnf workc'1 fu tlmo
irbV. 1 TV "
Hkeh to nsk somo lmnl questions
of their rorrosontatlvi.
Ignited by the- heat from grato or'
stove. They may be brushed or blown
nt nn.l lirnltn mVinil MlAlf tl 1 1 fh f f
.t ,m .b.., .. ",V ,""; :
hey may be set off by tramping upon
.n1?1' 'i . . 1,1 ii
These are not sta ements o Imagln-
ativo poBslbllltles; Uiey arc from tUo
icw.uo ui iu,uw umu jiica.
In reports of 534 fires from
less ness with matches which
curred last year tho exact character
tir'TZr ,S
follows;. Tho number In which
match heads ftjiw, or glowlnjr sticks
...,. K..1.M.1 ...iv. .uu.o.. ... u,
This fact says "clean up tho place."
'occurred In the cellar. Never a week
passes in Ohio without a house being
fired by tho uso of a match to Ilium-
innto. n rfnf . Thn .nitric nr bot
sticks of parlor matches started do-
structlvo nres by first Igniting 21
carpets, 20 pieces of clothing, 23 bed or 0a ror eay "Ire y3"' "ur
covorlncs. 23 laco curtains. 18 )"R which time nearly $dOO,000 has
couches, and G baskets 'of clothes. In
20 cases tho flro started from a match
being trod upon and In 5 from the
match box falling. A flying match
head alighting In an umbrella started
a flro which consumed n homo.
Tho name ''parlor' Is given to all
matches, except tho "safety" which
are mado without sulphur, thereby
avoiding the odor given out by tho
'luclfer" match which It drove from
tho market, Its head contains nhos-
phorous, chlorato of potaBh. rosin.
whiting and powdered flint held to-
gethor by glue. Phosphorous Ignites 'Gulf deep waterway project will not
at 140 degrees Fahr. The heat pro- bo postponed by tho present Congress
duccd by friction of tho particles of as any big general river and harbor
flint In tho head whon It Is struck .bill will be, becnuso ot prevailing
Ignltos tho phosphorous, tho chlorato financial conditions. Advocates of tho
gives tho 39 per cent, of oxygen ltduop channel down tho Mississippi
contains with explosive spluttering ivalloy expect to uriro, ngalnst any
and Intoriso heat which flres tho ros- eastern opposition, that the tax pay
In audi thoy together fire the par all n 'ers of Ulnols and of tho states from
with which? the stick; la saturated .Chicago to the Quit of Moxlco already
0 I
and tho stick Itself. By substituting
either salt-petre or sulphur for the
chlorate a silent and slow match 13
mado which docs uot snap and fly.
When the chlorate or parlor match
Is trod upon of otherwise Ignited It
sounds Its own fire alnrm this Is Its
only good characteristic.
Saltpetre is' little used because It
adds greatly to the danger of manu
facturing. The sulphur match does
not snap but Its odor bars It from
good society. Tho head of tho sul
Cutting Down of Payrolls Throughout the Middle
West Has Greatly Increased the "Floating Po
pulation" Effort Being Made to Drive Out
of Chicago the Black Hand Socisty.
Chicago, Ills.. Jan. 10. -Tho whole
sale cutting down of payrolls through
out the middle west has now swelled
tho normal 50,000 "floating popula
tion" which throngs the cfneap lodg
ing houses of Chicago each winter,
even It: lite moVi prospsroifs tfnies,
this year TcThearly 100,000. One un
fortunate from Demer, a man of 07
who had just one nickel left, was
stanlng life anew after losing $000,-
000 In o mining venture. lie had no:
had a full meal for several days and
.the throngs ho found In Chicago dls
I ...... . i i. n..-n.. r i
.courage" nil" "" u iinuiiy luiuiu
'employment in a suburb. Bach night
a0veral hungry men have been given
l. nnfrnn n.wl Pnn.ln Ipnlma ff.tn n
couraged him
ka?on stationed
allot the cheap lo
on the west sides.
cheap lodging housss ara ov-
or-crowded; tho Bridewell is filled to
overflowing by meii""who have broken
Into It rather than go ITunsry and the
County Alms Ilous.s Is full to Its
limit- Not In ten years has Hogan's
inP" tho winter resort of hoboes.
been BO overtaxed. The Salvation
Army and Volunteers of America, tho
misaionji nna ennnty lioaanuortoni are
swiuniieu .ui mu uuMiiiuuB jiui iijiji.
(hem. At this bcason usually the rall-
roads keep employed tens 'of thous-
nmla rt ninn rn t1ta vnnt nf lnli1
otf ... Some of Ulese wJ11 flll(, work
nn tlm i nnMn wIiph mittinn- lmina
nnd soniB nf thnm will no tn lnmlior
. . .. ...n. . ,-...
?,,1U , ""ve "ol uccn ulKon on I0r
iho winter work as usual. Chicago
is tho gieat laibor conter of tho United
States where tho Ice. lumber, man-
tiracturing and railioad Interests re-
emit for special undertakings and It
is expected that the money stringency
Will ROOIl lin mnillflnd en tlint thn
modinod so that tho
normal amount of employment will
bo offered nnd tho army of tho unem
ployed bo reduced somewhat. 'How
over. , tho winter or 1007 and 190S U
likely to ITo ono of tho hardest ex
perienced by men of tho unskilled
class for many years.
Government of corporations by re
ceivership, which was tried out hero
last week on the Chicago & Milwau
kee Electric Railway was brought to
an end mj" summarily that such ox-
MfiflmoMtp ni tint lllrnttr rt 1m n
Tho rPeolvnAiiln wan h,i on
, ivii,mon.
U HtltOk J IJ ill C 41 LO
II a Airn ff lin t nf Ainnt luimn nntn
i without notico to the company and
0 tho coniplalnt of nn unUnJn per.
l8on w"t claimed $2300 of stock In
' b com, b f
Ltof.thfader of recon, . u VM ft
mmnlf.to miMnrlon to Pl,lnnf a r.
Frosti fo-r thQ lieavy conginn
ii.ni.lr , l,,,ll.ll l. .i l..i
nwiiv ui l.uuuill lis 1UUU JIUO
waukee was carried on without letup
? ' y agency
of tho past four months and tho road
, nrocticallv pomniotPd
Tho court
iwiji.i. ordered tho rcoMvprshlii iVa.
'XeuMt tw day lafor Preston
, "var
I rJarBea ? ,we,ro, that Ul
fmy securities had been used
fop developing other enterprises. J'ho
fftc,s nro th,at f",1,8 company has not
Isued a Bl"Bl0 (lollar s. worlh ot st.ock
een extended for permanent 1m-
proyomonts ami uowcrmuiiui um ui
surplus earnings. Tho company has
ample fuifds to completo tho road and
,moet all obligations.' it sucn a ro-
celvorshlp should become n prccodont
In tho United States, It, would open
wide tno door to tho most dangerous
assaults upon tho socurlty ot ror
porato enterprise. Banks and mer
cantile housed would not bo safe from
similar thunderbolts.
There now is prospect that an up
proprlatlon bill for tho Lakos-to-tho
phur match has no sulphur in it.
lA solution of sulphur Is used Jo
,mpVognato the stick. It $s too
slow In lighting for tho nervous
American's" use.
Tho sale of the parlor match should
bo prohibited. This would be no
hardship to manufacturers bpcniise
safety lriliTches, which can be lighted
only by rubb'ng them on the box,
arc mado on tho same machine.
State Fire .Marshal.
have expended millions of dollars to
ward biich "a waterway and that it
Is thcrofoic not In the same category
with most 'projects for which federal
'aid Is sought. Tile amount which
will be asked ofiiip federal govern
ment will be much less than Chi
cago In Its sanitary canal, Illinois In
Its $20,000,000 appioprlatlon voted,
and the buuTTtCrn states already have
provided towaul a deep waterway
Tho IlUnols situation has been the
k.ey6tono"one, but now tho difficulties
and opposltloh involved In It aro
lapidly 'Co' Inc cleared up, and op
ponents of this middlemost project
can llnd fn Its no' ground"; for nrgu
mont. .It Is likely that one result of
this Illinois contest wfil be the cre
ation of a State commission to havo
chargn not only of the Chicago Sani
tary Canal but of other canals with
in tho State.
fTho New Year's girt or ?2.000,0C0
by John D. Rockefeller to I1I3 pet
Institution In Chicago brings tho total
of glftfljand bequests i ?lltutloii3
throughout the United States for tno
last year up to $152,000,000 which
breaks al records of tho kind In tho
history of the country. In 190G, $100,
2S1.000 was tho total of gifts and be
quests and ton years before tho total
was only $33,070,000. Tho Rocke-
- . .,.-
tenor ounoiactions 01 iyv uuiuuuiuu
Jta $40,000,000, of which the biggest
litem, $32,000,000, v,ent to tho general
3 or iui7 amounted
board of education. During 1907
,.-. nneii Sana mado rifts amount-
.Ing to 513 coo.OOO and Mr Carnegie's
rec.ora Was $1350,000 Dr. D. K.
Ipcaraons, of Chicago, gavo 12(1,000 to
iolRh Bmall rolleges and P. A B.
.widoncr, of Philadelphia, gavo $10,
I.a. n . i v
'ooo.OOO to found an art museum It
Is Interesting to notn that tho Insti
tutions to which tho biggest gifts
havo boon made rank as follows:
Educational Institutions ...$73,000,000
Charities -10.452,290
Religious organizations.... 9,313,892
Museums, art galleries and
public Improvements 17,247.100
Public libraries 2,913.000
In this tendency of millionaires.
'tt return to tho people the millions
iwreste-1 from thorn," as R. T. Crane.
of Chicago puts 'it, Mr. Carnegie did
not head tho list ln3t year as he has
for a number of years past.
The latest broadside at President
Hnrahan of tho Illinois Central,
fired in tho namo of Stuyvesant
Fish, tho militant former oxocutivo
of the railway, by his legal at
torney, Mixwoll Edgar, dscloscd
soma Interesting figures regarding
tho taxes paid by tho recipient of
a .-10.000 n yar salary, It scorns
that 1o a year, was Mr. llnrahnn's
oontrhutlon to tho public exchequers
levied on n porsonnl property os.
scFsmont of $200. This year nn
othor cipher was added to tho as
sessment and Mr. Edgar says It
wns tho district attornoy of tho
railway who apnoarod to ask for a
reduction for Mr. Harahan, which
tho board of review unkindly re.
fused In tho years IflO.VO and 7
Mi . Ha-.ihan received $100,000 In
salary, which holpod Romo In paying
nch taxes Mr, Fish's attornoy
uvH pow that ho expocts to havo n
mnlorltv control hv March p, and
In thot case Mr. Fish will remove
to rhlcin,n to attend to tho duties
of nrpsldent nf tho bg ralway of
wheh ho was tho head for so manv
vonrp, until tho TTarrlman coup In
'Mlnnls frjitrnl ptock co'iped him to
to bo defeated for rc-olcctlon.
Ton million letters nnd parcels
woro receUed at tlu1 Chicago Post
offlco Inst j oar incorroqtly address
ed. Ilinso figures show how onor
uioub Is tho problom which Undo
Piim workR out n handling tho
Tnnlls In this city whoro ench year
tho Innreasf In business amounts to
'i million dollars, Last year tho In
neaso of receirvts over tho provlous
yior wa3 f,2,822if)2(l. Purine tho
' , , Ugi0!0& 'I A itvibute my J
A WmAseto
mmmm i
wmmmMmxsmwjjm .
: : ' '-:&
Mr. Isaac Brock, iiq
ISAAC BROCK, a citlcn of MeLennan
county, Toxas, ha lived for 110 years.
For many years ho resided at Bosquo
Falls, eighteen miles west of Waco, but
now lives with his eon-ln-law at Valley
Mills, Texas.
Some tlmo ago, by request, Undo Isaac
camo to Waco nnd sot for his picture,
holding in bis hand a stick cut from tho
gravo of General Androw .Inckson.
Mr. Brock Is a dlgnllled old gentloman,
showing fow signs of decropltudo.
Ills family Blblolrt still preserved, and
it shows that tho date of ills birth was
writ ton 119 years txo.
Ask Your Druggist
j oar jf'JiOCO 1" currency was found
Icrfco In the mall sacks and tho own.
tih or f7.l.'j.5(j of this woro discover
ed. At ho tlmo tho nrcsont fodor.il
ulldlng w.'.m begun tho business
of tho Chicago Poot offlco nmountod
fo thhty million tons a year but
bj tho tlmo tho buildings was ready
for occupancy the annual business
vns sovonty million tons n year and
for that reason tho postil clerks
havo ben working In crowded nnd
crumped quarters ovor slnco. Thero
'oms to be hopo thnt n sup'plomen-
tnry bulbing will ho furnshed by
. ,...-, .,K, t-sR, ono near to
tho rallrond stations nnd costing,
i'.riOO.noo. Ono of tho fow post-!
offlco cmrlpes who hnvo witnessed
'its growth Is tho postmaster's
1 1 Ivnto secretary. Mlbs Bertha Duep.
e'er, who Is tho samo onorgotlc
oung woman who climbed tho flng
rtnff on tho temporary building
to rpsp 10 tho flag that had boon
'orgotten in tho hurry of romoval
t-t tho nmv building. She Is study
inn Into lit n itlrvli Inm nA, 1 .. .1 '
..,... ... ,,,MM mn m-u.nii .wui wooa avo., Marlon, O., says: "I
w.ll soon errodunto though sho dooi'iised Doan's Kldnoy pills In the
not oxnoct to practice law whllo spring of 1S99 and found them to bo
wniio nor present salary of $2rM
In thn nrtrnnl7Pfl nPPnrt wlilpli tlir,
i II i c i Vi V V,, i siaiu '""'"ness wnicii made mo weak
Italian nnd Sicilians of Chicago aro ami out 0f sorts all tho tlmo. I was
making to drlvo out th mombors so ga,i i0 flnrt thIs prompt relIot
a tho Black Hand .Socioty, tholr that I gavo a testimonial for publlca
..rgnn'z.itlon. tho Whlto Hand so. t'on at that time, and during the
c ety, has ongngod nn Itnllan dotec. flvo years since then I have not had
tlvo. who 13 famous In Europo for a single symptom of kidney trouble. I
tervlco ho rondorod tho Italian havo been recomniondln Boaii's
eecrntnrv of Stato at Romo. Ho Kidney Pills ever slnco and on one
l,t to bo n war secretary and will oicaslon. I procured n box at tho
glvo lectures throughout tho city jIi,IoclcPn' ' Pharmacy for a neighbor
on "How to detect tho password oflwno 1,nl kldnoy trouble, nnfl tho
'ho Bhelc TTnnd", "How to keep treatment proved just ns effoctlvo .s
Ihr secret that you havo tllspovowrt ,mv own cas0-"
a Blnck Hand mombor." and How For sa, by nH fcrt ''
t) rovea.1 to tho Whlto Hand what
von hno discovered without at
thosamo time exposing yourself to, lUomQmbor tho BnmoDonn.s
dmieor of vengeanco " Tho Whlto mu, l(Ufa po otnc,.t
1'nnd Society pf Chicago Is com- .
rosed of merchants nnd business yrj. j. .mbo, Piano tuner, from To
mon nin.iiuc whom nro such names ,wi0l Ohio. Is In tho cltv. Leave ord
ns Oarlbaldl "and Volnl. names that crs at C. E. Porry's otflco.
r.jo famous In Italy, Somo of tho' l-10-3tpd
Escaped the Terrors of
Many Winters By
Years Old Last Birthday.
Born before the United States were
Saw 22 presidents elected.
Pe-ru-na has protected him from !
; ; all sudden changes.
Veteran of four wars.
Shod a horse when 99 years old. f
Always conquered the grip with I
1 i'c-ru-na.
Witness In a land suit ct the ago 1
or iiu years.
Believes Pe-ru-na the greatest
remeuy or the age tor catarrhal
, troubles.
for Free Peruna
Black Html have left Chicago. Their
iu-mhers havo become wealthy and
nro deiermtred to drlvo out th
last of iho territories by whom tho
I allan colony of this city, ns well
as othors. hns been known to suf
fer. Already ten members of tho
A Bad Back is Always Worse Dur.
ing Wet or Changeable Weather
Is your back like a barometer?
nocs 'l foretell every change ot
Does every cold S3ttle on your kid
Bring aching, throbbing pains?
iDnob It disorder tho urlno?
Tho kidneys nro calling for help.
Uso DonnV Kidney Pills,
Guaranteed by Marlon testimony.
.Mrs. .loiin Potter, of 233 Gre.on-
. .
.worthy al confidence. Ono box of this
r.excollont remedy nelloved me of an
... ...
....Riiai- i,uii in i jib uacic aim n con-
t'fiiiH, iMisier-.MUDurn uo,, liuuaio,
New York, solo agents for tho Unit
ed States.
IN speaking of his good health and ex
treme old age, Mr. Brock says:
"After a man has lived in tho world
as long aa I havo, ho ought to havo
found out a great many things by ex
perience I think I havo dono so.
"One of the things I have found
out to my entire satisfaction ts the
proper thing for ailments that are
due directly to the effects of the
climate. For 119 years I have with
stood the changeable climate of
the United States.
"I havo always boon a very healthy
man, but, of course, subject to tho affec
tions which nro duo to sudden changes
in inocumatoanil temperature.
"As for Dr. Hart man's remedy,
Pe-ru-na, I have found It to be the
best, If not the only reliable remedy
for these affections, it has been
my standby for many years, and I
attribute my good health and ex
trcmc old age to this remedy.
"It oxactly moots all my require
ments. It protects mo from tho evil of
foots of sudden chanires: It crlvna mn
strength ; it keeps my blood in good cir
culation, i nave como to rolyuponit
almost entirely for tho many littlo
things for which I noed medicine.
"When epidemics of la crlnnollrstlm.
gan to make their appcaranco in this
country 1 was a sufforor from this dli-
"I had several long sieges with
the grip. A t first f did not know
that Pe-ru-na was a remedy for
this disease. When f heard that
la grippe was epidemic catarrh
I tried Pe-ru-na for la grippe and
found it to be Just the thing."
In a later lottor, Mr. Brook wrltos:
"I am well ana fooling as woll an I
havo for years. I would not bo without
Yours truly,
A lottor dated July 8, 1900, wrltton for
Mr. Brock by his wlfo, Sarah J. Brock.
"Last winter I had just gotten
UP Out Of a Sncllof sickness. whn
I commenced taking Pcruna. I
imnK it improved my health very
In a postscript, Mrs. Brock adds: "lie
receives a groat many lottors inquiring
about what Poruna will do. T rtr. m,
answer them all, as I think thoy can
tjw u, uumu mm iry ji.u
Almanac for I908.
l.ving has been mado by threaten
ing doatli or dlsnster to anyone who
refused 'o contrlbuto to them just
1 form if dlvorhlon that they'prac
icod with profit in their native
land which Is not likely to remain
-. permanent Institution in Chicago.
THE C. D. M. RY.
The short and direct routo between
.Murlon, Delawaro and Columbus.
Passengers delivered In business
pait of tho cities without transfor or
delay. THROUGH TlCICUfl'S ono
way or round trip to London, Spring
field, Dayton, Clnclnatl, Hamilton,
Lancaster, Canal Winchester, Grove
port, CIrclovUlo, Chllllcotho, AshvJUe,
Kingston, and Intermediate points.
For rellablo Information apply to
A. L. NHERBAMER, Genl. Supt.
-w&c-tf Marlon, Ohio.
By means of four small pulleys, an
alarm clock, two wolghts nnd a fow
yards of cord Joseph McLean of
South Manchester, Conn., Is enabled
to sleep later mornings and to dress
In a warm room. Tho contrivance
is connected with the furnace In the
cellar In such a way that whon tho
alarm clock goes off at 4 o'clock tho
furnnce door closes and the drafts:
Rlieumalifni Cared In 24 Hours
T. J. Blackmoro, ot Haller &'
(Blackniore, Pittsburg, Pa., says: "A
(shoit tlmo slnco I procured a bot
,tle of Dr. Detchon's Relief for
Rheumatism. It got mo out ot the
houso In 2t hours, I took to my bed
with rheumatism nlno months ago
and Dr. Detchon's Relief for Rheu
matism Is tho only medicine that did
mo any good. I had flvo of the
lest physicians In tho city, but I re
ceived very littlo relief from them,
know Dr. Detchon's Relief for
Rheumatism to bo what It Is repre;
Ecntcd and take pleasure In recom
mending It to other poor sufferers."
Sold by Tho Dumblo Pharmacy,
Druggist, Opp. Kerr House.
"Meet mt at Kalwr'a Candy Bnop'
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