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In FavbV, of Universal Suffrage Wert
vpn of
Attended by Disorder and Scares
of People Were Injured Be
lt fare Order Was Restored.
Berllnj-Jan, 13. 'The determination
of tho socialists to Bocurc direct uni
versal suffrage, combined with their
Indignation against Chancellor Von
Uuclow's curt declniatlon icfuslu?
their demand, gave rlso Sunday to an
unusual scone and a monster popular
demonstration, accompanied by dlMor
dors In the stiocts of Berlin In which
40,000 organized socialists particlpat
ed, while 30,000 sympathizers from
time to time nctlvely Joined In the
One of the most remarkablo feat
ures of the uprising was the number
of women who engaged in tho demon
titrations, and they appealed even
more earnest In their activities than
thu men. Tho authorities took tho
sternest measures to pi event disor
ders and tho strictest precautions to
protect tho nrsembly and other public
buildings and Prince Von Huelow'a
residence against nn outburst of fury.
Groups In ftho streets wero dispersed
in tho most vigorous manner and col
lisions between procesblons of mnnl
festnnts and the police resulted In
In Jin y of a considerable number of
the demonstrators, but bo far us It
known no fatality) occuned In this
city. The police refrained from mak
ing arosts except In cased of ev
tierrie violence.
Notwithstanding tho police commis
sioner's warning that repressive meas
ures would bo applied, many thousand
socialists gathered In tho morning
nt tho f.00 local headquarters of tho
various districts of the capital mid
thence proceeded In groups hinging
revolutionary songs towards the eight
halls In the city whore mass meetings
had been announced.
From 10 o'clock In the morning the
entire police force had been on duty.
Two hundred men with office! s woio
hidden in each of tho (Ire stations
arid large bodies were held in re
serve nt the police stations, while
public buildings wore requisitioned,
where; the police forces were quar
tered to act In any emergency.
In the garden of tho Landtag, be
fore, which the demonstrations on Prl
day occurred, n heavy guard was sta
tioned. Street cars and other vehi
cles wore permitted to drive In front
of the building, but no groups of more
than two pedestrians were allowed
to pass on any pretext. Chancellor
Von Buelow's palace on Wlllieim
otrasso was entirely cut off by cor
dons of police, us violent manifesta
tions against the prince were feared,
whllo the environs of tho Imperial
palace, with tho square In front, were
closed to tho public. SqUnds of po
lled, both on foot and mounted, pa
trolled the central thoroughturoH.
Tho socialists showed great deter
mination In their attempts to hold
processions, although thu police mnde
energetic endenvors to prevent this.
Long before tho hour of noon, tho
time fixed to begin tho meotlngs, all
tho halls wero packed and the police
drew uj) in foico mound thu doois
to hold tho ciowds In check. Those
who could not get within the build
ings wero driven Into the adjoining
streets by squads of police. Inside
the halts tho greatest enthusiasm pie
vailed, the excitement Increasing as
the speakers denounced tho action of
tho chancellor, whoso name was re
ceived with loud booing and hissing,
Tho speakers did not advlsu violence,
but declared that if violence occuned
the responsibility would fnll upon thu
police and the privileged classes, who
refused tho people 'their i Ights.
Resolutions favoring universal suf
frage and a secret ballot wero adopt
ed by acclamation, after which tho
audiences streamed into tho stieets.
The pollco immediately attempted to
dlapqrso tho throngs, which showed
tin intention to march toward Palace
square. In most cases, tho proces
sions wero soon btoken up, tho
police displaying thn utmost energy.
The formidable columns, however,
matched as fur as Aloxander plat.,
wjthln short distance of tho em
perbr'a palace, whoie tho pollen
charged them, using tho llata of their
nabres freey nnd inlllcllng many In
juries. Eventually they succeeded
with tho greatest dlflk'tilty in scatter
ing the demonstrators.
Later some thousands of the dem
onstrators gathered a short dlstanca
from Chancellor Von Huelow'a resi
dence, nnd began shouting to be
Bhowji tho chancellor,, who had driven;
through into weiiericnstrabso. Their
nttltullo became so threatening that
both tho mounted and foot police
charged them llereely, striking light
nnd loft with thu lint of their sabres.
(Korea of tho manlfestants wore
knocked down and trampled upon.
Another serious collision occurred
at Jfti gfom bridge, where many mif
ferecj : Bevbro contAisIojis. On Morlta
plat in torihumsoUbroriic ahdutod and
hpotei it itll (the police "with drawn,
nrpi - fo cedk.th.em fclnto thu sldo
HUeqti. Thousands' attempted tu
react Be Hit .from tho nubuiba after
the.fneet tigs there, but found every
..thoroughfare barred.
i ,r i "
Amtrlcan Sailors Fought on Shore.
tio Janeiro, Jan. IS.-r-DIsiiatchea
frbm 'PurnaiUbuco tell cf disorders
MtuonK the sulioiH of the Anu'ilcitn
torpedo ilotllln which arrived tliero
oh January 10, Whllo on shore tho
(tailors bocuiiio Involved In u row
i among themselves and with the po-
" 'netf. who iuterferdd. A large num-
,Jler.of sailors recqlved slight inju-
tM and 20 of them were arrested
deaarges of druukenriesa, Lieut,
QvMinaader Cope had a conference
liMW-autuonues ami win prevent
r.irpuuit). Miwaiu uruy, u buii-'the-
torpedo boat Lawrence.
woiae , aua waa urowano,
'..,.' . ' " -
Whllo bkntlng on Lake Jlendota at
.Madison, Wis., t'laulc I'urdy. n stu
dent of the University of Wisconsin,
was killed by an Ice boat.
Arthur Mm tin, liged 20 years, shot
nnd piobably fatally wounded his
Wife In their apaitments lit tho" Hotel
St. George In HioOklyn, N. V., and
then killed himself.
Mrs. Mntidu Crown filed two shots
at Arthur Nichols lii n crowded com t
loom at Wuukegnti, 111., wounding
Nichols seriously nnd causing the
Jildge and the spectators to take ief
ugo In Hlght. Mrs. Ciewa was ar
retted. Following a quarrel with his wife
Elizabeth, aged 40, I-Vatik Lentzeck,
aged 4U, stabbed her with a knife
at their homo in Albany, N. Y and
then shot himself thibugh the tem
ple, dentil being almost iiibtantaneous.
.Mrs. Lent7ccl:'ii wound Is not serious.
Will Test the Bronson Law.
Lima, ()., Jan. 13 F'rosecutlng At
torney Welly announces that after
consulting thu Inw In tho matter ho la
positive the Bronson piimary law Is
unconstitutional and that Immediately
following tho request of the board
of elections he will bilng nn Injunc
tion suit, have it heard next Saturday
nnd carried to tho circuit and su
premo courts within two weeks. Wal
ter V. Brown, chnliman of the state
committee, is using every effort to
prevent Wolty's action and haa ap
pealed to thu party leaders hero.
Neweboys Assaulted Policemen.
Boaton, Jan. 13. Three" ofllcers
were assaulted, snipped of tliolr
badges alul huts and one officer and u
bystander seilously Injured In un at
tuck nuulo on tho police by 200 news
boys In front or the Boston American
newspaper office. Three of tho news
boys weie at rested. Thu troublo was
nn Incident In a strike of union, nuws
boyit ugnltiBt a local nowspapcr which
raised tho ptlco of tho paper to the
"Thompson Says"HandsOff."
Columbus, Jan. 13. Carml A.
Thompson, sccretury of stato, has or
dered tho Cuyahoga county bonid of
elections to keep its hands off tho
factional quurrel tliero. Hepoits that
the board will ignoie the older hnvo
aroused stato officials. Behind thu
move In thu determination of tho tec
retury to take the leading rolo in to
storing order out of tho chaos that
exists ninong Cleveland tepubllcans.
Toledo Doy Killed His Mother.
Toledo, Jan. 13. Mrs. John Hazel,
wife of a local railroad man, was
found dead in her kitchen Saturday
night, lying In a1 poul or her own
blood with her head pounded to n
pulp. Tho nii'rdpr was particularly
brutal. Her bon, Harvey Hael, was
nrtcsted. Ho confessed that ho had
tnurdeied his mother because tiho re
fused him money,
Taft Has a Big Lead.
Columbus, Jan. 13. Keports re
ceived nt republican headquarters
from counties that have compiled
with tho Dtnto committee's call bIiow
that Tnft has already captured more
than oife-thlid of tho 815. delegates
which will make up the stato conven
tion. Murder Surpest Is Arrected.
Buffalo, Juu. 13. A negio giving
thu names of Bowman nnd Jackson
was held Sunday by tho Buffalo po
llco ns answering tho description of
u negro who fntaily shot J. L, Car
penter, a storekeeper, in Cleveland
Irtst Friday.
An Epidemic of Suicide.
Boston, Jan. 13. A minibor of cases
of suicide were reported In Muhbu
chusetts last night, following a day
.narked by Btoimy nnd depressing
reulher. Five persons, four men nnd
one woman, took their own lives.
Michigan Town 8wept by Fire.
Thtoe Hlvera, Mich., Jan. 13.
About half din business section of
the. Ullage of Pulton vus destroyed
Sunday by n fire supposedly of jn
uendlury oilgin. Loss $ 50,000.
Blizzard Paralyzed Traffic.
Milwaukee. Wis.. Juu. 13. A fierce
blizzard swooped down on M)lwaukco
early Sunday m' continued without
abatement last night, Tolegtupli and
telephone wires ure down In ull di-
leetfons and street railway traffic is
Gas explosion Wrecked a Hotel.
Joplln, Mo., Jan. 13. An explosion
of natural K03 In the basement of the
Hg Olivia hotel lieio Sunday killed
Marvin Hoy nobis. omM 30, night
clork, Borlotialy Injured soveral other
petBOim Ktul caused $8,000 danmtfO to
1 S?. .-Si
ft -
teCSy Vf- H J TSHBvn
&f?j!W - ip. iiH
To Rio Janeiro, a Distance of 3,O0C
Miles, Occupied 14 Days Father
Neptune Visited the Ships on
Crossing the Equator.
Hlo Janeiro, Jan. 13. Tho Amerl
can fleet of 1G battleships entered
the poit of Hlo Janeiro at 3 o'clock
Sunday afternoon titter a passnge
from Port of Spain, Ttlnidnd, more
that 3,000 miles, uninnrred by serious
accident, replete with interesting In
cldents anil ending with it royal wel
come f lorn the thousands thnt gath
cred to greet tho visitors.
The fleet weighed anchor at 4
o'clock on thu afternoon of December
20 nt Port of Spain, and exactly nt
4 o'clock Sunday the vessels were
swinging nt anchor in this beautiful
harbor. All the battleships inre bote,
but the supply ships Culgoa and Gla
cier ure still at sea, not having been
able to ..keep along with tho otheis.
Tito Jloet hits now covered about
UiOO miles, about a third of tho dis
tance of tho voyugo to San Francisco.
Early in tho morning ciowds began
to guther in tho streets of Hio Janei
ro and long before tho signal hags
wore -hoisted announcing tho ap
proach of tho American warships
thousands of curious spectators had
taken up points of vantage on public
buildings and tho elevated quays.
When tho fleet steamed into the
harbor, under tho splendid mountains
that fiamo tho bay, beautiful In the
tioplcal sun, it was a spectacle in
contittrahlo to tho oye. The road
stead lay llko a glittering mJrrot
Word that tho fleet had pnssed
Capo Frio, about -if. miles out, was
received at 8:30 o'clock nnd imme
diately scores of tugs' anil other
small craft, ciowded with spectators,
Bet put to meet tho visitors ami ac
companied them to tho anchorage.
Outlined against tho hoi lzoiAho great
battleships, sti etched out In one long
line, came alowly through tho pass
ago Into tho bay. Tha Connecticut,
Hear Admiral Evans"- flagship, was
In thu lead, with two Brnlllan cruis
ers on either sldo.
Passing the fot tress, the Connecti
cut Hied ii Baluto of 21 guns, which
was responded to by tho Brazilian
warships, tho German cruiser Bremen
and the shorn guns. -Tho yards and
fighting tops wero mnnned and
cheeis were given for tho nplendld
puBimgo of t,ho flagship and her slster
ahlps. Ab soon as the anchorage was
mado, tho Brazilian minister of ma
rine, Admiral Alencar, tho cnptaln of
tho pott, the American consul, O. K.
Andorson, the commandants of naval
divisions and tho civic authorities
went on board thu Connecticut nnd
extended n hearty welcome to Alvav
Admiral Evans, his officers nnd men.
Hundteds of launches, tugn and
small boats circled about thu battle
ships until long after tho sun had
gone down. Not less than 115,000 to
20,000 persons were nbounl these
boats and moro than 150,000 others
wcte gathered on shore to colebrato
the cowing of thu fleet. Last night
tho city was beautifully lllunilnuted
and a gala occasion was made in hon
or of tho visitois.
At midnight on Hie Cth thu fleet
crossed the equator and Fathor Nep
tune vlblted tho ships. On thu flag
ship C6ntiectlcut, Neptune, surround
ed by his various assistants, ad
dressed a warm welcome to tho ad
miral In command. Novel before had
so mnny recruits ciossed tho lino at
otto tlmo, numbering fully 00 per cent
of the crows, This great number of
green hands ga"e Father NojMino nnd
bis followeta an unusual opportunity
to' put litem through tho initiation
with Inimitable spirit, Noptutle's Hag
hung nt the yardarms dtirlng. the cere
monies. 'All the ndvBpaper corre
spondents on tho vessel paid tho foot
ing with the youngor officers nnd n
nutubor of midshipmen who took the
Initiation, Tliero wus tho usual latli
firing and sharing by tho bnrboia nud
thov ducking In tho tanks, which was
administered by the bears.
Storm Paralyzed' Wire Service.
Chicago; Juu. IS, Chicago and Its
environs wero cut of? fur several
hours Sunday frr-m vvlro cominunlru
tiotiB with other polittu by a hiiow uml
wjnd storm which began before dawu
juu iaged all day,
SS&.X i, I
jMmifmx mEtms
Lk.ifair ti.' a v.x&n'..
. Mmm xwahr x nr -
x-k. r'iVf "v iibw.w n
to Establish a. public Utilities
Commission Has Been Re
vised by Its Author.
Columbus, O,, Jan. 13. Another
flood of bills is expected when tho
general' assembly reconvenes today
after a five days' recess. Tho mom
bora had little to do the past week
except to proparo bills, and n grist of
important measures la ready,
Tho bill providing for the estab
lishment of n public utilities commls
nlon similar to that In New York will
bo presented by Mr. Suler, of Mont
gomery county. Tho original draft of
the bill has been modified so as to
give tho commission the power to
limit tho capital stock of public util
ity corporations and thus prevent tho
"watering" of stock. Tho governor
Is nlso given power to remove any
member of the commission for fraud
or corruption in the discharge of his
duties, without tho ndvico or con
bent of tho senate.
Senator Hypes, of Springfield, will
lirobubly Introduce his bill regulntlng
tho location of billboards In cities.
Tho measure provides that upon tho
petition of owners of CO per cent of
the frontitgo on nny street tho au
thorities may compel tho icmoval of
any billboard fiom tho street.
Tho report of thu Btato tax com
mission appointed by tho governor un
der authority of an act passed by tho
present general assembly to investi
gate tho system of taxation and rec
ommend improvements therein will
probably be submitted to tho legisla
ture by tho governor.
Tho commission gave n great deal
ot tlnio to hearing arguments In be
half of various Interests affected by
any chango In thu tax laws nud Its
repot t lias been very cuiofully pre
pared. The recommendations of the
commission arc' nwnltod with consid
erable Interest by tho. public.
It Is scnicely to be expected that
thore will bo any lmpottant legisla
tion accomplished by cither branch
of the general assembly tho coming
week. A few minor bills may bo
reported from committees, but It Is
not likely that nny impoitant bills
will get on the calendar so soon. Tho
purpose in clenrlng the cnlendar nnd
requiring the l-elntt eduction of pend
ing measures is to give the menibeis
of the tommltteits n chance to give
all persona Integrated in the bills a
hearing ami tliero will bo no disposi
tion to ralhoad measures.
Wotd came from Guernsey county
Sunday that Speaker Euglcson, of tho
house, who wont homo to consider
offers of support fiom his constitu
ents for tho nomination for congress
against Representative Dawes, has
his eye on the republican nomination
for lieutenant governor. This has
been hinted before, but it In not
known whether .Mr. Eagleson has
reached a definite decision to Bttfnd
for tho nomination for this place.
Representative Bronson, of Frank
lin county, lias a bill ready for Intro
duction providing that In special elec
tions it shall not bo mandatory to
open more than otto polling plnco in
a ward or township.
Tunnels Are Completed.
Now York, Jan, 13. After threo
ycniB of continuous work, day and
night, the Pennsylvania railroad's tun
nels under Manhattan have been com
pleted. The final blast wna fired at
5 . m. Saturday, CO feet under Sixth
avenue and Thirty-second street. It
cleared tho last obstacle in the Thir-ty-socond
streot tube, onubllng two
gangs' of tnoti who hud been operat
ing from opposite directions to gicet
each other tlnough tho wjdo aper
ture. Tho Thlrty-thlid streot tubo
had been blasted through sotno weeks
before. Much work remains to. bo
done In tho tunnels under the East
river, in tho Long Island City yatda
land approaches, and on tho Jut buy
apptonches to tho Hudson tubes.
Arrest of Alleged Dynamiters.
Baltimore, Jan. 12. Antonio Lnssa
and Alfred Goffo, his Jamaican part
ner, wero arrested Saturday night
.and charged with conspiracy to mur
der Joseph Do Golrglo and his family
by exploding dynamite under tho
Cllorglo,. resldenco early last month.
They wero given a hearing nnd re
leased on 310,000 ball each for it
further hearing noxt Saturday. Col
garo Montoleono, in tested earlier Sat
urday ok u like charge, was commit
ted In default of $5,000 ball.
Seven Committees Endorse Taft.
Columbus, O., 'Jnn. 13. ttepoitB re
ceived fiom various parts of tho statu
show that tho republican contial com
mittees of a doen counties ut meet
ings held Saturday Issued culls for
piosidential primaries in conformity
with the call of tho stato committee.
The committees In seven "counties,
Lucas, Sandusky, Mahoning, Hlcli
Innd, Paulding, Jackson nnd Kuirlleld
formally endorsed Socretnry Tuft for
tho presidential nomination.
Tottering Walls Threaten a Subway.
Now York,, Jan. 13. TJio totteYIng
walls of the burned Pnrkor building,
rising 1G0 feet above Fourth avenue,
into which' they tlu eaten' to .topple at
nny moment, have driven all trutllc
fiom that section of the busy thor
otighfaio nnd tied up Utu subway ser
vice between Potuteenth street and
Grand Central station tit Forty-second
streot. Tho tttltiB stand yearly over
tho subway tube.
Cement PlantB to Be Reopened.
Sandusky, 0 Jan. l.'l.-Atiiiounco-
intent is mado at tho general offices
or tno Hatiiiusuy Pot Hand Cement Co.
that tho company's plunts' at Hay
Ilrldge, O., Syracuse, lnd a ml nt Dix
on, 111,, which weio Bhtit doivn early
In December, will bo rco-mnad Feb
ruary 15. Tho plant at CnHtnlla will
bo opened Kebtuary to.
i -i .
) 3,000 Clrjarmakers Strike,
llnVann, Jan, 13, u 'Is'- estimated
that 3,000 workmen of .ailepoqilent
j'ignr faclnrlqiUMu now on strike, Tilt
f.ictoriiiil of thu American Tobaer.c
.. . ....ji , -,
VU. n tllOl UUCCIBU. ?y
r or?) Hio fartfunjMra o( dread
consumption,- ynini-yesin do
broki-n up and entirely cured
II properly trcntid. It is
only by rcmovlnir tlio cnuso
of tho dliortler that nn nbsti
hito.ruto can bo t-tfected.
l'lio's Cure goes to tho root
ot tho troublo and restore
tho lunitB ta n normal condi
tion. It Is n s.ito nnd eflcc
tiVo remedy.
All UruggiM 29 Vni
He Claims that Great Injustice Mas
Been Done to a Number of Colo
rado's Best Citizens.
Washington, Jan. 13. In a persona)
letter which ho haa addressed to the
president nnd vlco president, Speaker
Cannon nnd nil membcr-H-of congress,
the justices of the supreme' court,
members of tho president's cabinet
nnd tho Washington nowupnper cor
respondents, Hon. George W. Cook,
republican, congresstimn-nt-littgo from
Colorado, Bovetoly nrralgns tho admin,
istratloil for its course in proaeuiitltig
alleged infractions of land laws In
Congressman Cook Insists thnt
great Injustice has been dolie to u
number of Colorado's most Honorable),
upright and luw abiding buslnuRU
men In that they haw! been Uhneces
Hurlly branded mt criminals tlnough
over-zeulouiuiesB of the government In
ordering indictments without furnish
ing proper evidence. Ho cites the re
cent decisions or, Federal JUdgo Hob
ort R. Lewis, at Denver, lit which he
quashed Indictments agulnst no me 30
clllens, to show thnt government
piosecutors were ovot -active In thdlt
efforts to punish laud frauds.
Among other things Mr. Cook nays:
"Our citizens ato tettdy to mod the
Issue raised by thu Impulsive ud
ministration, but ut to the purpose
on tho putt of the latter 1 cannot com
prehend, utiles? It Is to continltu In
the limelight and thereforo tho coun
tiy will be saved from the bureau
rats' point of view.
"The utiptcLcdetittjd nud dictatorial
enetoachinent of the executive,
against the legislative and judicial
departments of tho government is al
most nTdrilly threat to tho pence and
prosperity of the republic nnd should
lid kiHieked on the head by a de
cision ot tho supreme coutt of tii
United States."
Preacher Convicted of Counterfeiting
Springfield, 111., Jan. 13. Hov. Jn
A. Knye, of Ouk Park, III., charged
with having in his possession moldt
witli which to counteifelt government
coin with intent to defraud Hio gov
eminent, was found guilty by a Jutj
in tho United Stntcs court Saturday
Judge Humphrey sentenced him t
two years in the penltentinry.
A Conference of Military Men.
Doston, Nov. 13. At n confcionco
of military officers nnd men tepre-
sentlng a national organized oluti-
teer foico of moro than 100,000 mom-
bets and an unorganised constituency
of 11,000,000 available men, to bo held
In this city during the next three
days, effoits will bo made to ncr-oni-
pllsh a closer union of the amateur
and professional BOldlers of tho coun
try. OfllcetB representing tho wnr de
partment will also bo ptcsunt. Tho
occasion of tho gathering is the tenth
".initial meeting of the National Guard
Association of tho United States. Tho
convontlon will bo hold in Old Fnneull
Half a Million Fire Loss.
Now York, Jan. 13. A block, of flvo
story tenement buildings extending
Horn Ninety-third to Ninety-fourth
Btreots on First avenue nnd Which
had been remodeled for factory iur
poses and were occupied by u half
dozen enterprises, wub burned Sun
day, causing u loss ot about $500,000.
Sixteen Children Killed; 40 Injured.
DaniBloy, 13ng., Jan. J 3. Sixteen
children were trampled to death ami
40 others, soveral of whom cannot
live, wero injured in a mild rush fur
butter BeatB at nn entertainment giv
en in a hull hete Saturday,
Colored nets will tnko tho place to
a considerable extent of chiffon for
tho construction of tho soparato walBt.
They ato moro satisfactory 'than
chiffon becauso tho costume idea of
making thp wulst of a dlfloient fab
ric, but of tho samo color as the skirt
and coat, can thus be cat tied out at a
ptico which will nppeal to women of
moderate liieans.
Thoro Is moro Catarrh In this sec
Hon of tho country thnn all othor
diseases togothcr, and until tho
last fow yeaara was supposod to
bo Incurable. For a great many
years doctors pronounced It a local
dlseaso und prescribed local romo.
dies, and by consLintly failing to
euro with local treatment, pro
nounced It Incurable, Sclonco has
proyo1,1! catarrh tp bo t cojiqtltutlonal
disease and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Halla
Qatarrh Cure, manufactured by
1 .T. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,
Is tho only constitutional euro on
tho maj-kot. It is taken Internally
in doses from lo drops to a tea
spoonful. It acts directly on the
blopd and mucous, surfaces of tlio
system. fl'hoy offer ono hundred
dollars for any case It, falls to
cure, So'nd for circulars and tostl.
drees F. J, Cltonoy & Co,f To-
it-iti-, unto,
fiojd by Druggists jrjo.)-,
'taico nail's
Family Pills fop
COBStlaUOB. r , y I
DeilgnCertalnfy Offers the'
Most Conveniences. ,
6t nl) tbo many different forms In
whlchiln'cdBhlons'are made, the obi
long 'mattress shape, thorotfghh' well
sLuffcd, Is always no of the' most suc
cessful, possibly (jecaiise It can be
utilized for long hat pins as .well us for
pins jsf a smaller size, These mattress
cushions look very pretty covered
with detachable linen cases, which
cait, easily bo removed for washing
frorn tlmo to time. A mattress cushion
of this kind Is shown In our sketch
covered with vory pale "bluojlnen, nnd
adorned with a wreath ot "wild roB03
nnd foliago worked in pnlo shades of
pink nnd green ; a polo gt con cord out
lines the cover. The snmo Idea can bo
carried out, of course, In linen of any
shade, or In Bilk or satin, If preferred,
embroidered either with flowers or
with Initials.
Models of the Past Season Still
main In Fashion.
For novelty's sake, It is well to have
ono or two frocks or separate bodices
made, with the long, close, wrinkled
sleeve, but the short bodico sleeve,
the. threequaiter alcovo and all tho
tost of near-elbow models are aB mod
ish as they have been for a year past.
Gloves will be a question of interetl
as long as tho discussion over sleeves
continues. Tho smattest models arc,
as usual, of glaco or Bdedo In palo
grays nnd fawns and In crenm and
white, it is strange that, despite tho
purple craze, comparatively little is
shown In this tint In fashionable arm
wear. Where oue la faithful to tho
ono color scheme to tho minutest de
tail, of course, tho gloves follow tho
color scheme of the gown, and the ef
fect Is very pretty.
Among the serviceable gloves for
ctteet and walking use aro waBh leath
er mousquetalros, with pinked edges.
Far moto long than shott gloves nro
shown thin season, and Borne in coffee
brown and copper ate worthy of mon
tion on account of their dainty color
lug. These aro after the mousquetalro
models, with elastics or wrist straps
lit liou ot buttons.
- i
Tho voguo of tho short skirt has n
great deal to do, with tho stiong de
mand for attractive footwear this sea
Bon. Though tho shoes nnd hosiery
shown for tho long skirt are peihaps
moro elnbotato than they have been
for seasons, yet tho woman In tho
short skirt Is moro particular about
hnvlng her footwear faultless.
A surprising number of smnttly
gowned women aro displaying high
French heels nnd sheer silken hose,
lth gowns of anklo length, whllo oth
ers profer tho Cuban heel and hoso
a trlllo moro substantial.
Low shoes will bo worn as long ns
tho weather permits, and, from ono
extreme to tho other, tho high boot
will tnko Its place.
Suede boots haying 15 .buttons aro
shown and aro one of tho sensational
innovations for winter, v
Judging from the display In tho cus
tom shoemakers' windows the ex
tremely high Bhoe will bo tho fancied
stylo during tho wlntor season.
Simple Corset Cover.
In these days of tho lnce, not and
lingerie waist one's corset covers
must bo pretty and vo)l fitted. Tho
Bllpovdr cOrBet covor is one which
nujts many figures nnd it Is easy to
Tho ftont is mado without any tucks
and tho fullness is obtained when tho
corsot covor 'la tied in front and at
tho waist. Tito neck and sleeves are
finished with beading anil lace. The
back of tho corset covor reaches -just
to tho waist and is fastened in a belt
made of strong embroidery beading
through which ribbon an Inch wide "Is
Thp front of the corset coyer
reabhos a llttlo below tho wnlst lino
nnd Is hohl Iri plnco by tho ribbon,
wlIch Ih tied mound thp bolt. Th!ij
corset cover Is mado in two pieces',
front and back, As one can tell by it
name, it slips over the head and has
no opening either ftont or back, ,
Old Sideboards.
-A i now use for thu old CJilppondalo
sldopuards, that are now considered
)po small to servo in tho capacity for
which they wero originally intonded,
is to convert them into dressing tnbloa,
nnd most attractive and serviceable
dressors do they make, with tholr
tows of small drawors at eacl sldo
and, tho largo space on top" for ho, In
nufuorublo fcllver and Ivory Jars, boxes
nud flasks thnt are so necessary for
milady's toilette, A glass top can bd
fitted for this dreBsor, if desired, ami
laid over a cover of flno filet lace and
embroidered linen, or else placed di
rectly upon tlio wood jf, it Is of partic
ularly handsome uarklpg.
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